EMERA WATCH: Pay Up Or Power Down

Photo Credit: Miles Howe

Nova Scotia Power tacks seemingly arbitrary “security deposit” charge to customers’ billsWatch your meter closely, or you might be in for a surprise by Miles Howe

Having trouble paying your power bill? Be careful: don’t fall too far behind on the wrong day, or you might just find a pricey surprise in the mail. Nova Scotia Power (NSPI), the Emera-owned monopoly power provider to almost all of Nova Scotia’s 921,000 citizens, has at its discretion the ability to add a lump sum equal to up to three months’ service, known as a “security deposit”, to its customers’ power bills.

The decision to add a “security deposit” to a ratepayer’s bill is measured on a vague series of guidelines, which no one at NSPI appears able to explain fully. What is clear, however, is that a customer with errant bill payments has a good chance of being slapped with an added charge worth up to three months of average power consumption.

Receiving these startling bills in the mail has roused some Nova Scotians to take action against NSPI, with mixed results. The following two individuals received added “security deposit” charges on their power bills, and chose to fight back. The reaction of the power provider differed greatly between the two cases.

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0 thoughts on “EMERA WATCH: Pay Up Or Power Down

  1. These companies are legalised racketeers. In the UK they raise prices very fast but only give token reductions if ever they do when prices drop.
    It’s not only companies, government is just as bad and the legit loan companies are worse than the loan sharks and get away with it.

    Sharks in sheep clothing the lot of them.

  2. What many people fail to understand..the sale of BL&P shares ,.. was a cloaked ” inside trading” deal…that illegally benefited ..a select few …who saw this as the perfect opportunity….when Barbados politicians INTEGRITY level.. was at it lowest(dead king etal)….UNLIKE Alan Sanford or Mazeoff…these diatoms….knew they would get away with this corporate evil.
    Emera …just facilitated….we bajans now pay.

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