6 thoughts on “CARICOM STOCK REPORT: 2011 REVIEW

  1. I quite like this review its very useful information. Where can I get a broker to take a closer look at buying some guyanese stocks?

  2. I would like to congratulate the team from the Department of Management Studies, for persevering in this effort. The team could have easily kept all this useful information in an attempt to grow personal wealth, but has selflessly stuck to the goal of ‘BUILDING WEALTH ACROSS THE REGION’ , and for this I am very grateful.
    Yes we are reading, yes we are learning. Thanks

  3. But david you know its most interesting what kinda posts seem to draw a lof of comment on ths blog.

    A post like this one which gives some quite good info for potential investors has passed by the wayside.

    • @Businessman

      Barbadians are financially illiterate the high literacy not withstanding.

      Pardon the paradox.

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