The Silly Season Is Upon Us

Harry Husbands, DLP Candidate for St. James North and VOB talk show regular Verney Hinds

Even as the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) continues to be consumed by internal squabbling, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidates we understand have been beating the campaign trail. Can we expect Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart to announce the date of the general election soon which may catch the BLP with their pants down?

Above is Harry Husbands, the candidate for St. James North, who used the talk show with good effect to propagate his popularity. His strategy seems to have worked when popular octogenarian Verney Hinds, a regular caller on the VOB talk show solicited a promise from Husbands to build a culvert on a piece of land he has an interest.

We now declare the silly season open!

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  1. WTF!!! Only y’day Mr.Hinds was on Brasstacks and promised to vote for Harry Husbands if he built the culvert and by the next day Husbands presenting a fruit basket and taking a pic?

  2. I am indeed happy to see that finally the DEMS are doing what needs to be done to capture the St James North seat, as was seen in the Sunday paper last weekend that even the out going representative was aware of the state of neglect he had left the constituency in over 14 years as the Government and he as a minister he failed to whip up the energy to get anything done in the area, it is really a very sad reflection of the style of politics that made up the BLP.

    It is indeed very pleasing to see a new face and a new vigour and a new energy making himself available to the people and serving the people of St James North and from what I am hearing he is moving with great haste and without the fuss and the clutter that is normally associated with getting work such that he is already done and still doing.

    Senator Husbands keep up the great job that you have begun and continue to do it for the good people of St James North as Rawle himself said it was badly neglected by his own party when they formed the Government.

  3. If I were ever to be a cndidate in Husbands situation, I would never be caught dead with a fruit basket and posing for pictures the very next day!!! Mr. Hinds made it clear that his vote was FOR SALE!!!!

  4. Buddy don’t blame poor Mr Hinds for your problems he only reacted to the power struggle in your party and he said he did not like it and would stay home rather than vote for either Mottley or Arthur, what is so wrong with his opinion ? It is no different to the rest of the Nation’s opinion that says that the BLP is fighting like cats and dogs, nothing more nothing less.

  5. @ Just Asking for what?

    Mr Roleric who for St Thomas?
    | WED, SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 – 12:00 AM

    I noticed Donville Inniss taking Owen Arthur to task over Mr Arthur’s attempt to “cherry-pick a safe seat” for Clyde Mascoll.

    Would Mr Inniss please confirm or deny that the same cherry-picking has occurred within the Democratic Labour Party in the constituency of St Thomas, without so much as informing the branch before ratification? At least Mr Arthur has displayed more respect by putting St James North on notice.

    Members of the St Thomas constituency branch and several members of the constituency have written letters to the executive venting their anger over the naming of Mr Roleric Hinds as the candidate to contest the St Thomas seat.

    Mr Hinds has never visited the branch nor has he ever been seen in the constituency.

    We the voters of St Thomas have been working with Hal Martin, who was one of the candidates in the nomination process, and we see him as our only hope in saving our young men, and really helping the people of St Thomas.

    We the constituents of St Thomas became aware of Mr Hinds’ selection when it was reported in another section of the Press. It is clear therefore that the general council was misled into ratifying this candidate.
    The executive council is only given the authority to select a candidate after it has consulted with the branch. The Prime Minister has made reference to this process already.

    I ask, therefore, what went wrong in St Thomas?

    Is the Prime minister or Mr Inniss aware of the disrespect suffered by the electorate of St Thomas? And what has happened to Mr Inniss’ conviction that a candidate “needed to get into the trenches and work”?

    And, most importantly, how soon will this matter be addressed?

  6. More importantly when is it likely to see Arthur and Mottley hugging again ? If you can’t get them that close at least speaking at one another again ?

  7. The BLP not only fighting like cats and dogs , they don’t have any money either. The BLP HQ in Roebuck St. is a mess because they don’t enough money to maintain it.

    I am suggesting that they return some of the monies they have stashed in the overseas secret bank accounts and help themselves with it.

    George PAIN with his foolish talk when they were trying to stab their long knives into the back of MIA AMOR MOTTLEY cause all of this . When the elders in the BLP were trying to mediate in the dispute, he shot them down by saying that the BLP Constitution made no provision for “elders” and he proceeded to ingnore them. The elders promply stop wrting cheques to the party. I don’t know how they are going to win any elections with broke pockets.

    Gline”wuk fuh wuk”Clarke insulted the White people with his RACIST REMARKS in Parliament. Some white friends have told me that they don’t have a cent to give to the BLP this time. The BLP will have to paddle their own canoe. How nice!


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    If this true it will be mind blowing. It will turn Physics as we know it on its head.

  9. How shameful! A fruit basket? For what?. For whom was this event staged lol.
    Mr Hinds is being made to look like some peasant seeking a handout and Husbands has been placed in the “buy-a-vote” category.
    Mr Adamson, where are you?
    Mr Commisiong where are you?
    Political patronage is SHAMEFUL and degrading!

  10. Pssssttt There might yet be a Husbands vs Husbands clash in St James North.
    In typical Bajan style, a friend told me that he “heard for a fact” that the “other Husbands” has or is being courted by Owen Arthur.
    Talk about a repeat of 2007 (Mascoll’s move) is in the air.
    Now that would be cat piss an’ pepper!

    • PM Fruendel as luck would have it has another opportunity to claim advantage by calling the date for the next general election now.

  11. To Freundel Stuart:
    do not mind people like Carson Cadagon and others playing you to call elections now because they perceive some turmoil in the BlP. You could end up losing your seat. Kenny best is not strong; Todd is not strong; Carrington is not strong; Ronald Jones has been losing ground each election, could be beaten; Lowe is in trouble; the hammy la syndrome is over; Boyce better watch it; Paul is very weak; all of the seats that the BLP now hold they shall retain. All else is for you to lose. Call back Peter the spy man Wickham; do not believe every thing he says; cause all his assessments must have Mama Mia in the middle. and he cause a whole parrty down the islands to lose the elections and not once. Poor thing!

  12. To tacicus:
    Tacticus, my boy girl or what ever you are. I had to say that because when one associates with Mia Mottley, your sex, thoughts, determination in life and most other things do not come out straight. So tacticus my thing, all of our leaders have come drawn by those same urges and desires for power that you so ably put in script, but like richie haynes, people are of the COMPLETE OPINION that Mama Mia is too damn POWER hungry and is not good for Barbados.

  13. @Enuff

    And I thought you had a stronger stomach! If you keep banging on the desk people tend to ignore you.

    Did you find the following “vomitous”? During the lead up to the World Cup the Gov’t decided it had to spruce up some houses in the vicinity of Kensington Oval and appointed the candidate who was running in that area as Supervisor of the operation. In other words a candidate was going to be responsible for doling out Gov’t largesse to potential constituents. I would call that bribing the people with their own money.

    In comparison a potential candidate giving a fruit basket out of his own pocket to a potential voter is peanuts (these DLP candidates are so small time).

    Next time take an Alka Seltzer.

  14. Enuff
    Dem lost de whole fcuking election ya idjit. stupseeeeeeeeeee. Evva time you open you mout, silly-season does start. bet you din kno dah.

    Congrats Mr.Harry. Ya marrid ta one a my frenz from lil-girl dayz. Hi Maxine. A real swoiteeeeeeeeeee girl she is.

    Only blp yard-frogs would got a problem wid dis. ‘
    “Drowning men does ketch at straws”.
    Wunna nit-pickin at evry shoiteeeeee. wah nex?

    Looka,sen one a dem fruit baskets by Donville or Freundel fa ma do. stupseeeee

  15. @Sargeant

    Enuff does suffer from memory lapses so pay he no mind. I am surprised that he remebered that the candidate lost, and that was the said candidate that David Thompson wanted to give a big pick to?

    As for the lemuel, i thought i left him still in the guttar licking those wounds that i inflicted on him. I see he still taking jabs at my bright girl Mia.


    What I would like to see happen is a change where election date is fixed: that is every five years. Our West Minister model puts too much power in the hands of the PM. Futher, the PM has to consolidate his positions by getting things done in his constituency and he has to do something about the cost of food; that is expand the basket of food for vat purposes before any election is called. Further, the floating voters will determine if the DLP will be given a second chance or if they want to return the gang that have soo much in theor overseas bank account. In addition, wont you want the intergrity legisalation on the statute books before the next elections?

  16. @Bonny

    I am going to have to muzzle you, dont let them mek yah curse, use some sarcasm and low blows and dah does hurt duh moh and i know you can do, casue i see how yah does relate to tacitus or whatever he name.

    I gine bring you a fruuit bakset made of breadfrutuit, oranges, apples, avocados, lime,soursop and i gun put donville and freundel in the middle and the chief justice at the side and i kbow yah gun like dah, yah too disgusting doh.

  17. Under its present dispensation, the BLP is operating like ‘a party of deals.’ And, it does appear that if you are unwilling to ‘play the old-boys game,’ then you will be shut-out or put-out. Mia Mottley now knows this and it explains the new BLP Standing Order. The Gag Order is on! Barbadians do not like to see people get unfair and therefore agree that there is really insufficient time between when Mia Mottley learnt about the provisions of the “Gang of Five’s – manipulated Standing Orders” – in relation to the date of the up-coming annual conference and further agree that those Standing Orders make it impossible for her to now table ANY resolution to get the general membership of that Party – to address the prevailing corruption within the BLP, which she seem to be very concerned about and wants desperately to rid that party of – hence (it would seem) the tremendous opposition to her.

    In short – if you thought last year’s conference (2010) was the most disorderly and disorganised in the BLP’s 73 year history – then this year’s promises to be the most pre-determined. It will be a political non-event! Those attending should not expect any buzz or excitement. And already, many are saying that the BLP’s 2011 Conference could really be cancelled, especially since there will be nothing new to report: The BLP does not even have a full slate of candidates; its promised public meetings are yet to get off the ground (despite that party having launched its general election campaign four months ago; the Public Accounts Committee never met and even though the BLP alleges: “Bees Ready,” that party does not even have a functioning Shadow Cabinet.

    Based on new Standing Orders, there also seem to be a new way of determining who the Officers of the BLP will be. It would seem that instead of actual votes cast on the actual day of polling at its Annual Conference (said to be held on the last weekend of October this year), everything has already been pre-determined where – based on who were hand-picked from branches as delegates, precise knowledge of how many votes any person seeking Office will actually get – is already known, hence the disclosure: “The Incoming Chairman.”. In Nigeria, I think they would describe such a scam and such electoral fraud, as: “rigged democracy.”

    There seem to be a four-step plan to “rigged democracy” within the BLP: (1) Pad the voters list by paying to register as many persons you can afford – to join a branch, as reported to have happened in 2010, when Rawle Eastmond from its St. James North Branch – sounded the alarm that someone had paid BLP headquarters $560.00 to register 56 delegates for his branch, unknown to him; The second step in the “rigged procedure” seems to be to: reduce the number of delegates from those branches, which are not likely to support your man. Three: hand-pick all delegates from all branches and only select delegates who you know will help you execute your plot. And, four: change the standing orders to disadvantage your opponent.

    Perhaps this explains why, as out-going Chairman of the BLP – George Payne was able to take-out an advertisement in the newspaper, saying that he knows for a fact, that Jerome Walcott is the: “Incoming Chairman.” Still, curious onlookers are saying that were it up to party-members (hand-picked or not) Mia Mottley would beat anyone but with a list being padded with “rented voters from outside the BLP” who cannot be identified – Mia did not stand a chance! The “Gang of Five’s second plot having been executed – it would seem that they along with their other co-conspirators – are now hoping that this issue too, will “blow-over” quickly.

    The BLP’s engineered leadership firmly believes that Bajans have short memories and will easily forget and over-look this “internal BLP corruption” (as happened last year) and will go on to the next issue. One gets the impression that the BLP feels that Bajans are stupid and will never be able to see that people who “thief” or are “dishonest” in Opposition (facilitated by a very accommodation leadership) will be unstoppable, if allowed to become the Government.

  18. @Obediant | September 23, 2011 at 1:48 PM |
    I gine bring you a fruuit bakset made of breadfrutuit, oranges, apples, avocados, lime,soursop and i gun put donville and freundel in the middle and the chief justice at the side and i kbow yah gun like dah, yah too disgusting doh.

    Don’t accept this crude offer Bonny. Three to one is murder, not in the sense that you can’t handle three at a time, but in the sense that this is unsafe and dangerous. And don’t forget that the Government running out of funds for their HIV programme …… the World Bank ain’t coffin up no more funds!

    On the other hand, if you feeling adventurous as usual, go ahead with OBEDIANT’S plan, but remember to invite “PORNVILLE” AND TELL HE TO BRING ALONG HIS CAMERAS. You could at least make a little money from the deal. In any event, Pornville would in turn make a few millions offa your pictures. What you think about that Bonny? (LOL)

  19. But wait BONNY! Somebody just tell me that “PORNVILLE” ALREADY packed in the fruit basket for you, cause they claim that ” PORNVILLE” and DONVILLE is one and the same person! But wuh is dis I hearing at all?
    BONNY? BONNY? Wuh gine down hay?

  20. @Bonny

    pay maddocks no mind, a shorten he name deliberelyy. he just envious of the three men, that you gun have particularly donville and dont forget yah gun get them eyes that yah like in he fruit basket and it is on its way by express sh
    ipement and i know you gun signed acceoted with pleasure, so ignore maddocks and he writing he is tacticus first cousin so yuh know where he belong to also.

    according to the market vendor yah hear and look out fah yah delevery and tell mah when yah get um.

  21. obediant
    LOL. but why ya doan want ma ta cuss? Man telling ma ta doan cuss is akin ta telling ma ta doan breave. ya gotta buse summa dese mudda-fukkas man.
    I hay pun me frunt step waitin fa de ‘basket’. Doan k how you arrang my 3 menz in dah ‘basket’ causen I ‘lickin’ dem frum top ta ‘bottom’.
    Mek ‘aste n bring de dam basket, dis sun hot as p-hole.

    As fa you, I does pick my fights just like I does pick my menz n you in nun a de tu so back off. N when you fine out wah did in ya myrrh ‘basket’ dat she get from PORNVILLE ya cud lemme kno. N fine out hummuch money she mek at de same time. Aaightttttttttttttttt?

  22. @Obediant

    Agree with you. A fixed date would put pressure on the government to ‘breast the tape’. Any way it looks like PM Stuart is of the mind to serve the full term come what may.

    • @Enuff

      Maybe so but you have to admit until the rating agencies perform their assessments the comments from the JMMB broker is highly speculative.

  23. Enuff

    Those BLP supporters who believe that we are doing so badly better has start to believe that we have been managed sensibly up to this point and the government should be given some praise for doing it. Mr. Owen Arthur and Clyde Mascoll who keep saying that the government is doing a poor job should make their services available to the developed countries to stop what this headline is predicting on

    Investors fear governments can’t stop new recession

    By John W. Schoen, Senior Producer

    Global stock markets fell in lockstep this week because investors all share a common fear: The world is slipping back into recession and governments around the world are powerless to stop it.

  24. @Bonny

    Some that claim they aint political and dah does mek me get mad, becasue when yah rread carefully the mouthins yah could tell that them is liars masked up, but then again, they does only be fooling themselves. I have analysed a lot of the mouthings and can tell you which side of the fence the on, so them can go to hell and back and stop pretenfding.

    Girl a hear grieving, ah had a funeral today and got two more next week, mah friends gine long fash and furious, but the lord knoweth and undersandeth. A hope uah enjoy yah basket and svoiur some of your fruits for over the weekend and go to church and pray that i send yah more goodies.

  25. @Clone

    I with you.

    Those BLP supporters believe that owen and mascoll have a magic wand. Barabos relies fx investment and tourism dollards to drive our economy. A lot of vat meone was wasted and insted of diversifyying our economy we pushed the the service sector and what has happened, those sector are heavily impacted.

    Our manufacturing and agriculture sectors were not given the level of assitance as mascoll and owen decided that out lands should be sold to the highest bidder to raise fx investment. The economic order which mascoll and owen touted all along is in chaos and thank god we have been ablt to weather the storm, despite the gloom and doom preaches by the blp nostrdamues. Barbados has allways been blessed by good leaders from both parties and that why we are the envy of the caribbean.

    The gov will ride out its full term and those who are hungry to get power should wait until atleast 2017. What is their hurry for power, it is so sweet that they will do anything to discredit this government, Barbados is a society and not an economy. If the slave masters had recognized that the colonies were societies and not econiomies they would not have had so much revolts and that is why barbadians revolted in 2008.

  26. I continue to be utterly amazed at the crass political debasement, that CBC DLP TV (Alias ” The Cabinet Broadcasting Corporation” ) continues to subject itself to, night after night after night!

    In the primetime “News” lastnight, it was the turn of St. Joseph DLP hopeful, one HOLDER, to have his chance to shine in CBC DLP TV’S current electioneering limelight series!

    HOLDER was featured visiting, AND ACTUALLY CONDUCTING THE CBC DLP TV INTERVIEW of the wonderful new Centenarian Mrs. Millicent Trotman. The manner in which this report was done would suggest to the average viewer, that the popular incumbent HON. DALE MARSHALL, did not have time for dear Millicent, or indeed had not even visited on such an auspicious occasion.

    OH NO …. it didn’t happen that way CBC DLP TV! Take a look at BARBADOS TODAY ONLINE, PAGE 18, and you will see that DALE MARSHALL DID PAY A DUTIFUL VISIT TO HIS BELOVED CONSTITUENT MILLECENT TROTMAN! WHAT A NASTY DECEPTIVE UNBALANCED SPIN, CBC DLP TV! Even going so far as to involve a decent senior citizen in your inappropriate political schemes.

  27. @BAFBP

    as stupid as you may think he is, he has a vote and one vote can male a difference to the outcome of an election.

    Each according to hiw own and he devil can cite scripture for his own purpose..

  28. obediant
    Check de time. I jess get in from a dance man doing de samba, rhumba, pasa doble, meringue, foxtrot, n a lil wukkup betwix n between. you kin doliance doe?
    Anyway, consida yaself lucky dat you atten ya frienz funeral n not de udda way roun. ya kno it appointed unto man once. N um is one ting dat share fare. N jess rememba, ya alwayz got a frien in me n I will try ta briten ya day when all seem lost n hopeliss. doan frown, smile.

    Man I tawt dat Verney was a woman not na man. you sure um is a woman? A fella pun dem call in shows does remine me a you sumhow n he does gih dem moderators bare blasted troubl. I does tink bout you whenevva I hare he mout. nuff trobble, jess like you.

    Get a life n stop nitpickin na man. Sus crois. CBC has alwayz bin n will alwayz be de way um is, a political football. you kno dah too or you suffrin wid early onset a alzheimerz? be careful.

  29. @ Clone

    * The credit crunch started in 2007
    * Maize, rice, wheat and oil prices were on the increase before 2008

    Why promise what you could not deliver, now blame the same global conditions that you dismissed prior to January, 2008 for your failure?

    Corruption was another platform message. Yet, to date no promised Contractor General, no declaration of assets by cabinet members or MPs, no FOI. Are implementing these promises dependent on a healthy global economy? To add to this, in today’s Flyin Fish:

    It seems the days of novices getting building contracts is still with us. From what Cou Cou was told, a businessman known for his allegiance to the ruling party was recently awarded a contract to build houses. This man is not known to have ever had anything to do with such construction projects in his several previous entrepreneurial endeavours, yet he has managed to land this plumb pick. But the plot thickens. Reliable sources tell us that the land on which this insider will build houses was once owned by another party affiliate. It seems the land was up for sale for some time but no one wanted to purchase it at the asking price. However, Government has taken over the property, the land has been subdivided, and now houses will be built. The whole affair has technocrats shaking their heads in dismay and saying “the more things change, the more they remain the same”.

    I am still waiting for someone to tell me what this government has achieved that says they are worthy of re-election. Unemployment up, cost of food up, VAT up, road taxes up, fuel up, electricity up, land taxes up, bus fares up, professional fees up, rum shop licenses up, drugs up, water up, telephone up, flooding up, foreign reserves down, and tax free allowances for travel, credit union and pensions gone.

    • @enuff

      “* The credit crunch started in 2007 * Maize, rice, wheat and oil prices were on the increase before 2008

      Why promise what you could not deliver, now blame the same global conditions that you dismissed prior to January, 2008 for your failure?”

      Why did the people vote for the DLP on this promise if the world prices were being increased anyway?

      It is all the same. Both paries have conspired to kill integrity legislation again.

      Barbadians will have to decide if they will continue to take this bullshit from both parties.

  30. I am still waiting for someone to tell me what this government has achieved that says they are worthy of re-election. Unemployment up, cost of food up, VAT up, road taxes up, fuel up, electricity up, land taxes up, bus fares up, professional fees up, rum shop licenses up, drugs up, water up, telephone up, flooding up, foreign reserves down, and tax free allowances for travel, credit union and pensions gone.

    What a mouthful !
    The DLP has achieved a lot by correcting the ills left behind by Owen Arthur & Clyde Mascoll.

    What says you ?

  31. But I wonder…

    Will the BLP really want to get back in power in the midst of a recession? Recession means no money…and BLP want money! I think they’ll toss this election just like they tossed the last election…because there ain’t no more feed in the trough!

    DLP are fighting for scraps, in this global meltdown…and trust me, BLP don’t want none of that!

  32. @ David
    Well the last time I checked they had the majority. 20/29 is more than even 2/3.

    @ Fractured BLP Party
    I listed FACTS, you ought to do likewise. Where are the achievements?

  33. Enuff
    These may not satisfy you or you will say that your party had already planned them.
    Here are some of the achievements which may permit me to vote for them if they pass the integrity legislation to prevent you from getting back to doing what you were doing before being voted out as read in flying fish.
    1 Free bus fares for children so as to ease parents, you may not understand because you have a car.
    2 Built the houses at the corner of country road after you left the steel there rusting for over five years when you had a lot of money.
    3 Stuart land houses were built after you promised the people of St. Michael south central for ten years
    4 Built more houses in three years than you did in 14 years
    5 Built one new primary school in Christ Church and a new school for the deaf and dumb
    6 Kept all the civil servants working as against doing what your party is insinuating but not saying it, that is cut government expenditure. Well to cut government expenditure drastically it means sending home civil servants.
    7 Keep the poor people children in summer camps and feed them for the vacation because their parents have to go to work. That is the DLP philosophy that Barbados is not only an economy but a society.
    8 There are other things in terms of laws passed but will have to research them

  34. @ Clone

    I am a bit confused with your “Barbados is not an economy, it is a society” jargon. When Barbados was confronted with an economic recession in the early 1990s, the island was faced with decreasing government expenditure. The then prime minister, Erskine Sandiford (Sir Lloyd) opt for the IMF policies and cut decreased the civil service, while cutting the salaries and wages of those who remained by 8%. Sir Lloyd eventually lost the elections as a result of those policies. However, a few years later, according to party supporters, parliamentarians (including members of this present administration) and Sir Lloyd himself, informed us that he was vindicated because his policies were responsible for the good “batting wicket” that the BLP inherited, as well as a vibrant economy.
    Barbados is currently facing another economic crisis, and government expenditure has again come under scrutiny. The present administration has not gone the route of Sir Lloyd, but has decided to borrow funds to pay civil service salaries in an effort to keep persons employed. A noble idea, especially when you add the “Barbados is a society bit”.
    Was Sir Lloyd thinking that Barbados was only an economy back then? If the members of this present administration agreed that Sir Lloyd’s policies were successful in enhancing the economy, why do they not follow his methods now? Are they afraid that if they do they may lose the elections? Is this why they are using this “society” thing? Is there not some contradiction here; how come the policies worked then, but cannot work now? So can we agree that “Barbados is not an economy, but a society” is used conveniently to show us that they care, when in actuality all they care about is not losing the election?

  35. Given the events of the past month, it would seem that ‘the indiscipline BLP’ qualifies as one of the local entities, which are susceptible to the alarming degree of deviance and anti-social behaviour taking place within the wider society, in the form of: “bullying.”

    While there is no doubt that the Police have things under control in this country – it does not help when the Barbados Labour Party gets caught in the ‘indiscipline-and-deviant-behaviour-net.’ Clearly, the on-going injustices being meted-out to former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley – has to be regarded as “political bullying,” as well as an unprovoked attack on the Barbadian middle class and the Barbadian woman.

    Many feel that in the same way the Police intervene to restore good order within our society, given the open hostility within the BLP – it may need to do similar there, especially given that the BLP receives an annual subvention from the State. Based on media reports, it is not just “bullying” within the BLP, but vote padding; electoral fraud and electoral corruption – in the form of manipulation of the Standing Orders.

    While some within the BLP may think that the rest of the society is over-acting and that the unacceptable and on-going high levels of electoral corruption taking place within the BLP is none of their business – Barbadians are aware that an opposition, which promotes bad behaviour and turns a blind-eye to bullying, can hardly be said – to be a political party that is fit to lead.

    The crux of the matter is that the BLP is clearly not ready and it is resistant to change. Already long- standing BLP members are so turned-off that they are saying openly on the radio that they will be voting for the DLP next election. It is also not difficult to see why the BLP only scraped 553 votes in the St. John by-election. Even its ‘support-base’ is split; turned-off and dwindling.

    The BLP purports that it wants to rescue Barbados but lacks the will to sort-out its own violent internal squabbles, which is already having a negative impacts on its membership and the wider Barbadian society. Simply put: the BLP is a bad distraction, which Barbados cannot afford at this time.

  36. Artaxerxes

    The thought that Barbados is not ONLY an economy but a society seems to be giving the BLP the Tissick if that is a word. Your party only speaks about money but cannot equate that there are other things that you must consider.
    You quibble about 6 million for summer camps but invested 2.5 million in the corruption capital of the world Nigeria and that is now loss. Do you see what I mean now, nothing is wrong spending money on your people.

    Fee bus fares you quarrel about but I am hoping those people whose children can go to school every week do not vote for your party. That is sociological thinking not economics.

    I recognized that free school meals are now offered in secondary schools for those who need it. That is thinking about the society.

    I believe that if this party had to send home civil servants to save the economy they would do it, the party seems to always think about what is best for Barbados not like Owen Arthur who believe in selling the land to the highest bidder.
    Owen never took an unpopular decision in his 14 years in government but was voted out because of his greed and arrogance.
    If he and Mascoll were that good they would have seen this recession train coming and restructured the economy so that it could have withstand the shock better.
    Don’t tell me about any foreign reserves because most of that was borrowed and that debt is now killing us.

  37. Is Tacitus really Jerome Walcott? The homophobic and homoerotic mixture seems right… Arthur objects to Mottley for her Lifestyle which she now has reigned in, yet he promotes a queer like Walcott who spreads cheeks more than a proctologist?

  38. @ Clone
    “If he and Mascoll were that good they would have seen this recession train coming and restructured the economy so that it could have withstand the shock better.”

    You have not answers my questions, but have chosen to give me a political speech. Answer the questions. It also seems that if one chooses not to support some of the decisions of the DLP, you are labeled a BLP. A rather naïve thought on your part.

    As it relates to your above quote, you have an excellent point. However, any opposition party worth its salt would usually have persons shadowing ministries. The ministry of finance and the economy are very important, then surely the DLP must have had an economic shadowing these important entities, but monitoring the regional and international economies as well. The current economic recession began to show its signs in 2007, and if the DLP had persons monitoring the economy, they would have also known that a recession was on the horizon. The proposals outlined in the manifesto for the 2008 general elections has led me to believe that (1) that the DLP’s economic team were not monitoring the world economic environment, hence the proposals in the manifesto, or (2) the economic team was actually monitoring the economic environment, but it was all about winning the elections, and then use the current economic recession as the reason for not being able to implement many of the unrealistic proposals as advertised in the manifesto. Additionally, the DLP had 3.5 years to restructure the economy, but have chosen to blame the BLP and the economic recession for their inability to do anything.

  39. Hyppo-critique Oath “spreads cheeks more than a proctologist?”

    A – for comedic value.

    Bottom line is this.

    Homosexuality does not impair a person’s intellect and should not impair their judgement.

    We need to forget about politician’s sexual preferences and deal directly with their competence.

  40. @ Clone

    “1. Free bus fares for children so as to ease parents, you may not understand because you have a car.”

    “Free bus fares you quarrel about but I am hoping those people whose children can go to school every week do not vote for your party. That is sociological thinking not economics.”

    Let me give you a little scenario. Miss Browne works for $450 per week, and would have had to pay $20 per week in bus fare for her two children who are attending secondary school. Thanks to the DLP she does not have to pay bus fare anymore, and for a 14 week term she has been able to save $280. However, let us look at her income and some of her expenditure for a fourteen week school term:

    For the fourteen week term Miss Browne has a total of $5,663.70 to spend ($450 – $10.10% NIS = $404.55 x 14 weeks)

    Thanks to the DLP she has been able to save $280 in bus fare for her children, and she is happy. But the increase in VAT to 2.5% and associated retailer mark-ups has caused her some worry.

    Her children’s lunch money has increased from $20 per day ($1,400.00 for 14weeks) to $26, or $1,820.00 for the 14 weeks.

    Personal items have increased from $50 per week ($700.00/14 weeks) to $65 per week ($910.00/14 weeks).

    Groceries have increased from $100.00 per week (1,400.00/14 weeks) to $125.00/week ($1,750.00/14 weeks).

    Her light bill is usually $65 per month; for the 14 weeks (3 month and 2 weeks) the total amount is $227.00. Unfortunately, as is the case of everyone, her light bill has doubled, and for the 14 week period, she now has to pay $455.00.

    Her water bill has increased by 60% from $40 per month ($140/14 weeks) by an additional $24 to $64 per month ($224.00 for 14 weeks).

    Miss Browne’s bus fare has also increased from $15.00 per week or $210.00 for 14 weeks to $20.00 per week ($280.00/14 weeks).

    For the fourteen weeks inclusive of the children’s bus fare of $280.00, Miss Browne’s expenditure was $4,357.50, deducted from $5,663.70, left her with $1,306.20.
    With the free rides granted to her children, she does not have to worry about bus fare, her woes have now gone into the ever rising cost of living. From her total income of $5,663.70, due to the increases, her total expenditure is now $5,439.00, leaving her with $224.70 for the 14 weeks. Her total expenditure has increased by a total of $1,361.50.
    Miss Browne has been eased by the $280, but has been hit hard by the rise in the cost of living that your government has been promising to bring down. In this instance, does Miss Browne or anyone in her position care about sociology or about economics?

  41. Artaxerxes

    Since you are so good at the math can you please do a comparative analysis with her same salary for 2007.
    Do not forget to subtract the lunch money from your analysis under the DLP because her children can get free school meals in the secondary schools if they ask for it.

    You cannot keep feeling that bajans are idiots they know what is going on in the world and so would care about any government that sets about to help them out where ever it is possible while taking in taxes to maintain the social services that have made us the envy of the Caribbean.

    They have family in New York who send barrels for them and they know that cost of living in US is high too and so it makes no sense buying certain items in New York because they are cheaper here.

  42. @Enuff
    “I am still waiting for someone to tell me what this government has achieved that says they are worthy of re-election”

    Therein lies the rub.

    But, the counter rub would be, what has the opposition shown (either when in government or opposition) that says they are worthy of election? is 6 still half dozen?

    You continue to trivialise what the average person is feeling “personally”. What happens around the world or the magnitude of the greater good or grander picture do not factor in the minds of Joe Public when they have $200 – $1000 less every month. Granted though, given the prevailing climate, Barbadians must try to adjust their accustomed way of life,

    Case in point, Sandi’s policies at a time when the world was reeling and the situation wasn’t our fault, may have saved the country, BUT, it cost him the government. Never underestimate the power and potential backlash of a woman scorned, a voter ignored or a public who is feeling personal or financial pain.

  43. @ Clone

    You feel that I am an idiot, because I am having difficulty understanding your reply to what I have stated. What does New York and barrels have to do with the situation? Not everyone has that privilege of receiving gifts from relatives abroad, so that is nonsense.

    As silly as it may be, in 2007 NIS, VAT, cost of living, and bus fare were less, what is your point. Subtracting school meals does nothing for Miss Browne, especially taking into consideration that the prices of food and utilities are increasing often.

    Free school meals, free health care, “bus fares” free education, and other free social services provided by the government are all part of a mixed economy system, where government use taxes to finance the social safety net. These social services are not gifts by any government, all citizens have a right to these privileges. However, you must bear in mind that, although voters are always in favour of having the government subsidise a product, or even provide it free, because we think that it is a good idea to avoid costs whenever it is possible, such policies do not remove the cost; but merely transfer it from one set of persons, the consumer, to another set, the taxpayer. Hence, whenever a commodity is provided free by the government, the costs are met by taxes. So by giving away everything free and saying you love people, will we be in a position to sustain these activities?

  44. @David
    The backlash and resentment of the public, coupled with the push of the opposition and a poor PR and explanations on the government’s part would have led to his downfall (deja vu anyone?) . Hall, Trotman et al. were just pawns in a bigger game. Plus too to be honest Sandi didn’t exactly run a tight ship anyhow so his political demise was inevitable.

    The substantive point though based on Clone’s “comparison and cause-effect arguments,” is that problems may not be your fault…you can do a fair to good job of managing maybe even solving them….but, if the average person feels too much “pain” or the average politician is able to latch onto that “pain” you can still lose a government.

  45. @clone

    i realized that you dont want help with this nincunpoop. A society is bigger than an economy, that is why those blpers dont understand the concept of society. They are so myopic that the only thing that they can see is $$$$.

    If the govt didnt increase those taxes, we would not be able to service the debt that owen and mascoll inflicted on barbados and aslo continue to provide the level of socail service, again the envy in the caribbean.. The govt can reduce its wages bill by attrition. The poweful south africa has an umenployment rate of 26.4%

    Look at the great america and the europeans, they are having a grand time scoping with thier economic woes. You forget to tell the joker that we are one of the few countries in the region that have free university education, whereby students dont have to maortgage themselves and be saddled with it for life.

  46. I have not heard a single word out of the blog owner or the BLP jokers on this blog about CLICO lately.

    What happen the cat got your tongue?

  47. @obediant and clone

    What happens if the society (at all levels) is already “lost”? Does your logic and argument still hold??? and at what cost(s) should we attempt to “get the society back on track?” any? some? none?

    I agree social factors are important and deserving of attention, time and money but we are sooo far gone (in my opinion partially because of the BLP), simply putting plaster on these major social issues will do nothing to solve our grander problems. The effort is worthwhile, but it cannot be politically trumpeted as a primary “cause/focus”, when in truth and in fact the attempts to deal with it are only half-hearted and not aimed at the ROOT(s) of our problems.

  48. What is silly about the fact that the woman would have been hard press spending the money in 2007?
    You are missing the point of the barrels. I was trying to explain that Barbadians have family overseas who are telling them that the cost of living in those countries is very high also and that some items can be bought here cheaper. For instance a tin of corn beef in New York maybe 5 or 6 US $ but a tin here may cost 4 or 5 Bds$.

    I am not trivializing anyone’s pain, but for too long especially under the BLP the people were fooled to live too far beyond their means. If you get free school meals take it and stop spending $40 a week.PM Arthur told the people he wants to see a car in every garage next to a house. Every cent in foreign exchange earned is used to buy cars from all over the world. He was never a PM who understood sustainable living.
    Now answer David’s question about Mia

  49. @ Clone
    You fell right into my trap, as I knew you would have difficulty listing ten. Of the ‘8’ listed number 8 makes no sense so that leaves 7 out of which 3 were about house building. So you in fact got:
    1. House building
    2. Free bus fares
    3. Free summer camps
    4. 2 New schools
    5. Keeping civil servants employed

    House building
    Thankfully the BLP had those housing projects READY to go. The only housing project conceptualised by this government is the $5 per sq ft programme. How many lots have been made available and how much was paid to land owners including a subsidiary of CLICO for the land?

    Free bus fares
    Artaxerxes has done exactly what I was waiting to do to destroy this ‘achievement’.

    By the way you forgot Constituency Councils, the only NEW piece of legislation, which are now donating cricket bats to primary schools!!!!

  50. @Art

    If revenue is falling and there are fixed debt payments what does the govt do?

    It can cut expenditure by reducing the size of the public service which has balloned to this size thanks to owen. If govt reduces the size of the public service it means less money will be in circulation, less NIS, less PAYE etc. The Govt and the Social partners have reached an accord where they will try to maintian employment,

    By the way you remember owen having legislation enacted that public officers salarie/wages cant be cut, yet he wanted to change the constitution to gurantee appoitments for his lackies to place a futher burden on the treasure. Also, you remeber the the 2007 public service act which setablished all those uneceeassy posts that he and his lieutennants had temporarily created initially. Well those post became established and persons were appointed to them if they had acted for three years continuously prior to dec 21 of passing of the act. Expenditure such as this is what the govt has to cope wiith.

    Further, i would wish that every unemployed person could be working for 450 weekly. In addition, you need to factoring that the children could have been paying two sets of busfare daily. What have you down to show miss browne how to cut down on lunch money, prepared the luch for the children, show her how to grow vegtables in pots and pans and exchange with your friends. By the way i just plucked a breadfruit from the tree at standing height.

  51. @ Carson Cadogan

    You mean that $365 m worth of assets can’t be found, Duprey was being paid $90m per year, the forensic audit or that what Mia Mottley called for 2 years ago is now being done?

    • @enuff

      Despite all the arguments and counter-arguments put forward there is no silver bullet if we were to survey the economies all around us.

      You may include the economies of the developed world as well.

      Sometimes we mouth off as if there is a known prescription for our economic ills caused by the worst global economy known.

  52. @Clone

    Dont pay enuff no mind, i can conceptualise something and dont have the ability ti implement. Do u remember all the fanfare liz had about cheap houses and couldnt get one built

    Sabdiford had reduced the public service to about 18 000 and owen took it back up to about 26 000 thus the huge wage bill govt is saddled with.

    Ask him what owen do with all the vat money when kellman told them that they had collected more than they bargain for.

    ask him about. all the money in overseas accounts that was built up over fourteen years.

    I will help u deal with them, if you so desire. Dont be dismayed, i am here.

    Ask him who destryed the use car business in preference for the nascos, ti simpsons etc.

  53. 0bserving

    i realized that you are struggling with your argument, so I will help you from a socilogical perspective. The family is the bedrock of any society first and formemost. We are born into a family and the early socialisation in most cases will determine how we turn out. Most socilogist have agrred that
    the first five years is important to a chil’d socilisation. If the child is raised where there are laspse values you dont expect him/her not to exhibit what he or she has been aculturerised to. The scholl plays a very important part as well, that is to say the haome and the schoold are responsible for a lot of the socialisation, notwithstanding that peer pressure plays a part.

    Thus if we are too far gone, who do you blame? Our value system, we have become so materiaslistic that we can only see the economy and not the society aspect to living. We cannot take a defeatist attitude, and it is up to us adults to ensure that the values that keep society stable is intsilled in those under our charge.

  54. House building
    Thankfully the BLP had those housing projects READY to go. The only housing project conceptualised by this government is the $5 per sq ft programme. How many lots have been made available and how much was paid to land owners including a subsidiary of CLICO for the land?

    What a stupid response if ever there was one.

    You mean to tell Barbadians that for 14 years the BLP had a housing policy that it could not get execute ?

    The TRUTH

    While the BLP lied about a land bank…the truth was these lands were never vested in the NHC.

    It took Michael Lashley to come in 2008 to get these same lands vested in the NHC , get the plans drawn and the finance to build over 600 houses so far.


    I guess you and other BLP jokers would try to claim that you were serious about Country Park Towers that the steel was rotting away for over 5 YEARS since you started it AND there was NO Economic RECESSION……but it took the DLP in 2008 to restart that project during the worst GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECESSION known to mankind….and completed it without COSTS OVERRUNS and to the satisfaction of the tenants.


  55. Obediant
    Thanks for the help but I left him with that expected reply that they conceptualize everything but build none during the time of plenty.

    As David keeping reminding them they are speaking as if there is this magic wand that Owen and Clyde will wave and Barbados economy will rebound to the good old days.
    They are really dreaming and intellectually dishonest in their arguments

  56. @ David

    Tell the Dems so not me, they had ALL the answers as is evident in this statement by the late PM Thompson regarding cost of living in his Budget reply of 2007:

    “What are you in power for? Use the offices you have to produce outcomes that serve the interests of the people who elected you.”

    @ Obediant
    But they were able to pay the extra 8,000 plus re-instate the 8% pay cut. How many the Dems added since 2008? How many are consultants ( who were to be eliminated under the Dems) getting $7,000 and $8000 per month?
    FYI government’s tax revenue for 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10 and 2010/11 were ALL higher than revenue recorded 2004/05 to 2006/7.

    Show we the accounts please!!! I gave FACTS and asked for FACTS. lol It is clear the DLP operatives having problems defending their party’s record and are left to resort to claims of corruption once again. This is depsite it being proved time and time again that the DLP is no less corrupt. Wait what is the status of the $10m loaned to Clico Mortgage Finance? Did that factor into the purchase of CMFC by BPWCCU with NIS funds?

    If the Dems continue with their policies more than used car dealersships gine get destroyed. This is nuff jokes.

  57. “While the BLP lied about a land bank…the truth was these lands were never vested in the NHC.”

    If there was no ‘land bank’ where did the lands Minister Lashley vested in the NHC come from? Out of the sky? The Ministry of Housing & Lands is government’s landlord as far as I know; therefore any land that is ‘banked’ would be owned by this ministry not NHC. The failure of the government to vest land in NHC does not mean there was no land bank.

  58. The failure of the government to vest land in NHC does not mean there was no land bank.


    I knew you were not as dishonest as you sound…..yes the land was there but the BLP never vested it in the NHC to HAVE developed.


    If you want to see wastage and thiefery under the BLP go to Bulkeley Meadows and Coverley Phase 1 projects and you would see how BRILLIANT Owen Arthur & Clyde Mascoll are !

    Up to now those land / home owners cannot get their properties.


  59. @poor enuff

    How much debt your governemt left for the dlp to repay? They were able to continue to pay the 8000 persons becasue they were borrowing and borrowing and borrowing and thus left this country with massive debt, And also encourage barbadians to live above their means by giving the imprssion that there was unlimited supply of money. What have your govt done with all the vat money it collected. It is a pit the party does not have money after so much steel in there according to serander. You can preach and preach, you have another six years in opposition. So be patient, barbadians understrand the internatonal economic environment and glad that they still can get something to eat although it migh cost more.
    Dont you think that this govt would have had to close the gap by increasing taxes. Compare our revene to expenditure over the last 18 years and tell me what u have discovered.

    How much money was owen woman who late becane his wife paid. How much money was shirley king paid, Hinkson, mackie holder, the scantleburry man these were all owen’s personal staff. Please bring it on.

  60. Tell them BLP CROOKS Hants……as Kid Site so accurately sang this year…..RECESSION ALL OVER THE WORLD……So please left Fruendel and the DEMS for me.

  61. @ Obediant
    Every time I refute your claims you resort to personal attacks and name calling but I refuse to go down that road.
    On the issue of debt–the DLP on demitting office in 1994 also left debts behind for the country to pay including the well known Japanese bullet loan. Moreover, since coming to government in 2008 the DLP government has borrowed MORE money in FOUR years than the BLP did in FOURTEEN.
    Furthermore, the BLP did not borrow to meet recurring expenses like the current government is doing, the borrowing went into capital projects and, as you claimed earlier, to shore up FOREX.

    @ Fractured BLP Party
    Of all the projects started or completed so far, the current administration only needed to vest land at Coverley, Constant and Six Roads. Instead of relying on the 2008 strategy, you should focus more on building a plausible list of achievements. Be warned free summer camps and bus fares will not suffice.
    When one uses FACTS, there is no need for one to be dishonest.

  62. @ Obediant

    “You can preach and preach, you have another six years in opposition.”

    The DLP retained government in 1991 even though the economy was struggling, but we all know what happened thereafter. So history may very well be repeated.

  63. @obediant.

    “Thus if we are too far gone, who do you blame?” — All of us

    “it is up to us adults to ensure that the values that keep society stable
    is intsilled in those under our charge” — what happens when our leaders, political class and clergy neither display, promote, encourage or push for these values??

    when we say we are more than an economy we are a society, what type of society are we? what type of society do we want? what type of inputs are we willing to make to get the sociological outputs that we desire? what sacrifices are we willing to make (leaders mostly included) to show our society that we are truly SERIOUS about helping, shaping, guiding and improving them in a wholesome, visionary, productive and self sufficient way?

    I honestly believe the late PM had a vision for what/where he wanted to go with this “society” mandate. I fear that none of our current crop is able to build on that vision.

  64. @Observing

    The problem with some of us we lookk up to ploticians to set the values for us, as i have said before if we dont establish values that will keep the society in equlibrium, all the politicains do is exploit the situation. No one man can chart the path for the restoration of values that would disrupt the harmony in society. Society must fire on all cylinders starting with the home the the school, the church etc. Those micro structures from the society.

    I am happy that you seem to accept the concept society is greater than economy.

    Until we move away from seeing eveything in $ and cents we will not get anywhere. We have to become our brother’s keeper and not their exploiters.l

  65. I’ve never and will never only see things in dollars and cents. But, we cannot absolve our politicians and leaders for the damage and havoc they have wrecked on a younger generation’s perception of what is right, wrong or acceptable. Saying that home, school and church has to work together sounds great, but, WHO pulls them together? WHO sets the vision? WHO lays out the framework and path by which almost every individual who wants to, can see an opportunity for personal satisfaction and development? Society cannot fire on all cylinders without the right trigger, gunpowder and at the very least a competent shooter.

    “if we dont establish values that will keep the society in equlibrium, all the politicains do is exploit the situation”

    The politicians (both B and D) and other such leaders are part and parcel of the very reason that the society is in disequilibrium. They maintain the status quo at all levels so that it can continue to be exploited. The problem is, in this information and interaction age our young people no longer live in darkness, ignorance and with the folly that is handed down to them. Different times call for different leadership and different methods. If we spout society as a main focus then we must be prepared or show some preparation for the chickens as they return home.

  66. Not that Verney nor Harry are any friends of mine, but in truth that culvert needs to be build. I am surprised that as yet no car has run off the road there a killed a few people.

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