A Mad Decision By The DLP Government

From the Facebook Page of Agyeman Kofi

The Barbados Labour Party spent $30 million in Greenland despite the protestation of lone wolf Richard Goddard. In the year 2011 money is still being spent on a project that will not happen.  Dr Denis Lowe and the DLP is about to commit folly in burning $400 million to burn garbage in a Waste to Energy plant in St Thomas. Now would you believe this is the same government that wants to promote Community recycling? Would you believe this is the same government which is getting millions from the IADB for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency?

Why speak about the environmental issues and now decide to set up a plant which will produce fly ash, Dioxin and acid rain? Imagine I had a discussion with a minister who is framing this decision and he had not a clue on what is recycled in Barbados. Let me tell the population of Barbados who care that six months after the Nuclear Incident Japan which was not suppose to happen high radiation levels are still being detected. In January 2011, residents of Checker Hall and surrounding areas where seen sweeping up tons of Ash from the Arawak Cement Plant after their Scrubber had broken down. Do any of you recall hearing anything from the Government or Environmental Protection Department.

How many of you know that Waste to Energy plants just like Sugar Factories need adequate feedstock to work around the clock? Where will this feedstock come from? My calculations tells me less than 300 tons may be available for this energy hog with the Transfer Station and Recycling taking as much as 70% of collected waste.

I long for the day in Barbados when politicians are held accountable for idiotic decisions they make. Are our politicians guilty of being wined and dined and then unable to think rational?

Let me be bold enough to apologize to DLP and BLP operatives who may be offended but I am Bajan!

Is it true the Environmental Protection Department is in the dark on this Waste To Energy Department? Why is the government is so secretive with this Waste To Energy  Plant details?

Barbadians need to tell the DLP government we don’t want to be Guinea Pigs while friend smile all the way to the bank. Where in Barbados can persons evacuate to that 50 miles away should scrubbers breakdown and there is a dioxin spill?

Vilify me all you want I have a 10 year old son and I am Bajan! As at August 31, 2011 the number of person on Facebook stood at 121,000.

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  1. greenland landfill was a fiasco. They should spent the money on recycling plant. WTE plant may turn out to be a bigger fiasco. As government maintenance isn’t something anyone inspires to i fear they plant would break down in short order and we see how bad the pollutant can get.

  2. Where can I find more information of this WTE project proposed by the government?
    Am I hearing correctly that it will cost $400 million USD or BBD?
    Who is funding this?
    Is this the same type of project that Greenpeace bitterly opposed some years back and the OECD has question marks about?

  3. We appoint Czars to champion any and every cause nowadays, why not do the same to represent the environment? Someone who mirrors the qualities of a Richard Goddard who by their actions over time gives credibility to the words they speak.

    We have ministers who have failed to execute policies which resonate with any significant part of the population.

  4. I recently bought some bottled Zephyrhills water recently with is so wafer thin I could taste the plastic. Thus I no longer buy bottle water

  5. again your slip is showing david. the blogger is dealing with the impact on the people of barbadosof a current issue/decision by the preset administration not about the folly of greenland by miss thompson for which she paid the price

  6. @Balance

    Have you heard about the concept of collecive responsibility? The whole Cabinet of Barbados is responsible for the Greenland folly and not only Elizabeth Thompson-McDowal.

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