The Failure Of The WICB As A Modern Slave Plantation

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Embattled former West Indies captain, Chris Gayle

At a time when the peoples of North Africa and Southern Europe are seeking to shake off the hegemonic imperialistic structures of oligarchy, humiliation and despotism the black elites of the West Indies Cricket Board of control are presenting a brutal plantocratic image that equals or dwarfs the worst expressions of the slave system. As part of a wider neo-liberal initiative of illegitimate sporting bodies, it is destined to failure.

This brutal institution under the guise of having an interest in the development of West Indies cricket seeks to limit the internationally recognized civil and human rights of players and the union that represents them in the most perverse and Kafkaesque manner. It argues that it has a right to control the private behaviors of players. It believes it has a right to characterize the private thinking of players as ‘antagonistic’ and ‘unrepentant’. Its leading Zionist oligarchs assume the right to decide who the players’ union representatives should be ahead of negotiations. It acts in ways that limit the ‘freedom’ of cricketers to contract their labour under market conditions using petit nationalism as the last stronghold of their tyranny. The WICB believes it has a right to dispense privileges instead of a recognition of basic human rights.

The irony is that the West Indies cricket board of control has itself failed in its alleged mission. It has a well known history of mistreating players for decades and this includes some of the very people who now administer its structures. It has mismanaged cricket since the end of the Richards years and produced only mediocre results. It has failed to ‘develop’ cricket in what could arguably be its largest market. The board is accountable to no one, except possibly the ICC, and has externalized much of its physical development costs to member countries. The clear exception to this generalized state of failure is the Worrell-Lloyd-Richards paradigm. Still, the board refuses to see that the oligarchy of the captain is more likely to succeed than the plantocratic business model of the WICB.

Given these circumstances, it is clear that a number of radical actions must be taken. These may include the dismissal of the current board and the dismantlement of its structures. The forensic investigation of the operations of the board. The setting up of a new institution with public accountabilities and player centrality.

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  1. The WICB has not always acted in the best interest of the players and moreover the cricketing public. I think it has to do with power. I remeber during the era of the packer series the WI Board acting maybe on insturction made LLoyd and the entire team leave during a series with Australia. It was the one time we could have beaten
    Australia five nil but we did not through their foolish idosyncracies.

  2. The WICB has dropped the Control but it retains it even stronger that in the 70’s and 80’s. I think these administrators are jealous of the money these modern players can make. The talent is there but the motivation is lacking.

  3. A cricketer’s shelf life is over, even when he is a relatively young man at 35-40 years, therefore he must make as much as he can while the going is good. It is foolhardy for any player to allow a few jealous minded bigheaded men to decide what money they should have. I’m glad Chris is standing up to their colonial mastership mentality, just like Clive LLoyd’s men did, Gayle will make it better for the youngsters who follows. Chris you are my hero.

  4. The lil tin pot dictators at WICB will eventually accomplish what our adversaries have failed to do in 80+yrs, the DESTRUCTION of the WI team.

    If these jokers were properly organised there would be an IPL window and all contracts would clearly explain how potential disputes are to be approached and resolved. They have had a long time to adjust to not having English Country Cricket for players to gain experience and yet our regional players are still NOT involved in at least 20 games a year with several other Nation’s A teams involvement to ensure high standards. The batsmen continue to have serious difficulty with spin bowling when intensive clinics were necessary BEFORE the WC. This would be a comedy show if it was not central to who we are as West Indians. Dont they realise that cricket is critical to the cohesion of the islands.(Guyana has plenty water around it)

  5. My thoughts exactly. The WICB continues to expend more energy in its attampts to emasculate the players than in develping West Indies cricket. The whole bunch of them, especially Gibson, Hilaire, Butts and Hunte, need to disappear from Windies cricket.

  6. everything said on the issue does indeed have merit and yes, over the years the persons charged with the responsibilty of directing the fortunes of west indies cricket even in our glory years have not done a good job in doing so and have continued to maintain control because of an apparent ‘scratch me back’ attitude among the hierarchy. that said, however, it still begs the question- can players be allowed to do as they like irrespective of the importance of their services.

  7. Balance has a good point, that it is not just the WICB who have demonstrated a lack of discretion and discipline at times.

    While I am also of the belief that the Board structure and accountability needs changing, rather than being a law undo ‘gosh knows’ (one cannot even say unto themselves, as the decisions are so peculiar at times), it is also clear that players have behaved unruly and in an unacceptable manner at times.

    Remember Chris Gayle indicating that he really had not much interest in Test cricket? Then that he was unavilable for the first English Test?

    Is that showing a committment as captian? Then the Board appointed him anyway and bent over backwards.

    We have had such individuals with ripping talent but allegedly and reportedly belligerent and violent behaviour as …….at least three come straight to mind.

    We have men who reportedly are more concerned with hitting on sweet chicks the night before a major event, rather than having a good rest for the world cup match of the day.

    This is foolishness and displays a lack of pride and committment not only as a player generally, but as a professional sportsman first and formost.

    You think Lance Armstrong or Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps or Nadal in a club till two in the monring chasing skirt, the neight before (same morning) a major event?

    Gotta be joking.

    I remember Viv Richards making a comment about South Africa tour some years back when he was manager, he expressed regret that he could not send two or three players home for indiscipline.

    My point is that there are multiple culprits in this, that while I fully agree the Board needs changing for not having got the appropriate player training, selection and management structures right, hte players too have exhibited arrogant and ridiculous behaviour, that should not be condoned.

    Then too, we clearly have political interference and bias brought into the mix.

    When one looks at the fixtures for the Pakistan and India tours, they were set up badly, with lucrative countries who have spend immeasurably into cricket over the years, not getting Test matches for certain legs.

    Idiotic. But then again, because of the poor display by Windies, it ended up irrelevant anyway, because ven in Barbados and Trinidad, usually rammed venues were practically empty, due to disenchantment.

    When one ignores the signs of a filing sport, that this itself a display of a lack of understanding of the issue.

    And no one ha shighlighted the empty seats at the multiple venues. That should already have been writteninto an article asking ‘why’?

    But we like to sweep things under the carpet, as if it did not happen.

    I guess the attitude is if yuh dont print it, it did not happen. Instead of addressing the dying Windies cricket by publicly asking the Board (management must always take responsibility in any organisation, they are the leaders), ‘what went wrong’, we are content to let the patient suffer and just give it morphine to hide the pain.

    Problem is, the Board will probably say, that as we drew the last Test we have success, I would have to ask, since when is success measured by a draw?

    Our batting failed miserably. Why?

    That is a quesiton for the Board.

    The second question is.

    How do you the Board, plan to address it?

  8. errata ‘When one ignores the signs of a failing sport, that in is a display of a lack of understanding of the issue.

    • Of importance is how do we trigger the change and transformation required?

      We can over-analyze all we want but if the board demonstrated the courage to recruit a son of the soil to coach he must be given the support.

      To undermine what he is doing in the way that is happening now puts them back to square one.

      What little we know, it appears the players are not entirely innocent in this matter.

      The WI players comparatively speaking are very well paid.

      Gibson has gotten involved in WI cricket coming from a background of success. He must be given a chance.

      One senses that if Gayle is allowed to comeback without yielding to the terms which Gibson has laid out he will probably resign.

      And here we would go again.

    • The structure of the WIBC breeds insularity as well.

      There is currently an unwieldy looking board made so because each island wants to be represented.

      Not an efficient way for a board to function.

    • We now find ourselves in a bad place where the first option is to defend wrong when to condemn appears to be the obvious.

      Take for example the recent ‘drop kick’ by a local basketballer, his club has taken the matter to court to seek to overturn a life-ban for the action.

      You be the judge.

      We have a situation where WIPA head drives a luxury car and probably enjoys a better lifestyle than most because he is being handsomely rewarded for his acrimonious representation.

  9. It started with Lara on a tour to England and has gone downhill ever since. Anyone, anyone who has played in team sports knows that individual team members who think that they are not subject to any level of team discipline will eventually destroy the team. Gayle is no exception. That his arrogant, self-centred and anti-establishment behaviour is supported by so many West Indians says more about the society than it does about cricket. But then, after all one is a reflection of the other, and in much the same way that the West Indies is not progressing as a society, neither will its cricket.

  10. I see our batsmen with poor technique, the sort that I coach out of youngsters. I see our bowlers not being able to bowl decent lines and lengths, again due to poor technique.
    Gibson has an established track record, the reason being that in the England setup the players were prepared to listen, learn and put into practice what they learned. I see the same in the English county setup at all levels, even with under 9’s being coached so that by the time they make the Under 13’s squad they are well prepared.
    Fitness is also an important part of the regime and includes such elements as lifestyle and diet.
    For players on the way to achieving Test Match status, by 13 years of age a solid foundation should have been in place for them to build on.
    Yesterday I saw a young lady playing for a Under 15’s team and remembered I had on one occasion asked her to pad up for the net I was coaching – Under 11’s, all boys and the 1 girl. She said she had a one on one session booked. When we finished she was in another net with another coach facing a bowling machine when she fished outside off at an away swinger – the coach yelled “Come on Lee-Anne, did you have to play at that?” Lesson learned, the transformation was immediate. That I don’t see from WI players at any level.
    Remember Rudy Webster remarking that at the Academy the players worked hard, learned lots, then went home and went back to their old ways.
    Another acquaintance who repatriated to Barbados told me how he went to watch a match in his St. Lucy locality. He asked, “Excuse me fellows, what’s that going on out there?” The reply, “Cricket man!” His retort “Cricket? I know Cricket and what I’m seeing out there isn’t cricket”. He also mentioned a player bragging about his performance to the point you would think he had scored a big hundred, his score was 27 runs.
    Fix the fundamentals and performance will follow. Fix the attitude of players – A conversation went thus, “Coach, I can’t figure out this spinner”, Coach – “You are planting your front foot which means you can’t move forward on back if the length calls for it”. At the end of the session – player “Thanks coach that’s been a great help”. Comes next week and the player is back to his worst and when the coach pointed that out his response was “I’ve been playing that way all my life and I’m not changing now” – that was a player in the BCA.
    Here in England we’ve recently had a player newly in from Jamaica and the bowler pointed out a flaw in his technique and met with resistance to his suggestion. The bowler had to tell him that when he first arrived from Jamaica he too had the same fault and had to adapt.

    Fundamentals, Fitness, ability to learn and make learned techniques a part of your game, thinking ability and exercising judgement has to be inculcated from early. Lacking any of these and at best mediocrity is the result. Achievements as we see are far below the standards needed at Test level.

  11. @Crusoe

    Excellent agrument. Fair and balance.

    The problem with our cricketers, when they just make the team, they bacome stars to themselves, become selfcentred and forget that it is a team sport. As I continue to say, no man is bigger than the sport.

    WE have allowed some of the cricketers with big egos to hold us as hostage.. I beleive that the board needs to look at itself, as well as regional boards. I also believe, that we should move forward with out gayle. The caoch of any team must be resepected. I further hold the view that Sarwan heart is not with West Indian crocket anylonger and he should move on to managing his business, if he does not improve. he has been given too many chnaces.

  12. WICB, LIAT, UWI, Civil Service, Government of Caribbean, same damn t’ing… Big salary at top, no respect earn from bottom … Big money no result! … no?

  13. There is no doubt that the players have bad attitudes BUT in a properly run organisation provision is made to communicate and handle these errant types from day one. Is this not an essential function of management?

    Very few with such attitudes should be making it through to the island team far less the WI. The Bdos team, which traditionally was very mature and successful, seems to produce fellas with questionable attitudes like Sulie, Ryan even one pacer who came to the ground 5 mins before the start of a regional game because he had to massage a female’s …….

    It seems to me that discipline is lacking at the very top of this organisation and they have failed to communicate exactly what is expected and more importantly to take appropriate action when properly set rules are broken.
    Should there not be set procedures for resolving most potential problems?

  14. past west indies players have always partied hard, foop nuff women like anybody with status in a slave society -the overseers fooped many black girls- and people like the mayor of b’town had nuff children. my grandmother tells me that some men in cricket used to drink hard , come in at 3 oclock , go out on the field and take 5 wickets, score double centuries and take athlectic catches —these players , they had ability—

  15. @Tina Roach: “…and people like the mayor of b’town had nuff children.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but was not the Mayor of “b’town” (Bridgetown) phased out by 1969?

    Only shorty after independence (1966).

    Why then, I must ask, do you bring up old news?

    Unless, of course, it is useful to you and yours….

  16. Crusoe,”You think Lance Armstrong or Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps or Nadal in a club till two in the monring chasing skirt, the night before (same morning) a major event?
    I don’t know Crusoe. Ask Sir Gary what he tink.

    Moneybrain | July 6, 2011 at 9:04 AM | There is no doubt that the players have bad attitudes BUT in a properly run organisation provision is made to communicate and handle these errant types from day one. Is this not an essential function of management?

    Fair comment and I would go further.

    The WICB no longer has to manage the West Indies team well. They get millions for TV rights even with this current crop of bottom feeders.
    Therefore there is no need for the likes of Chris Gayle so they will continue to play batsmen who can even score 10 runs on a good pitch.

  17. @All…

    Alan Shepard (the second human into space) had this to say to his handlers while he sat on several million kilograms of explosives under his ass: “Why don’t you fix your little problem and light this candle?

    Might we dare to be so brave?

  18. What slave ever made thousands of us dollars in match fees for consistent non-performance? A slave’s reward for constantly producing was NOT TO GET HIS/HER ASS CUT by massa. Somebody please drag this Jamaican idiot of the stage do!

    I am no-fan of the WIBC; since 1993 I had signal the demise of west Indian cricket and laid blame squarely at the feet of the board; however, I will not side with non-performers like Gayle in their fight with the Board. Cricket is a team sport and I am hard press to find Gayle on a winning team, consistently contributing.

  19. Yes the former greats did have members who were notorious in their nocturnal exploits, some of those guys trained on alcohol. I understand that BCL himself took the boys out late the night/ morning before the 2007 WC game in Guyana vs SL and the only fella that objected was Shiv. The problem is the majority of our players are no where close enough to being adequate performers even with normal rest and sans alcohol. Sobers himself would fire a stiff Brandy just before the toss when hungover, but he was Sobers.

    Gayle is still a savagely destructive batsman! I believe he would be a reasonable chap to deal with on a professional basis BUT NOT if you are trying to take advantage.

    I thought Foo-ping was a town in China?

  20. west indies cricket would continue to be in the doldrums until this policy of sharing the fatted calf among selective recycled representatives with nothing to offer in content or substance from the various boards across the region can be put to rest. our own association tells the sorry story and i daresay it is so among the other boards throughout the tregion as well. what is the answer? where can we find committed representatives with ideas and the appropriate skills to take the game forward who will not be shut-out or undermined by the scratch-me-back old boys network system.

  21. Well said Wake up !Chris Gayle is a spoilt brat with very little brain power.He is nothing more than a toddler running around in long pants parading as a man.He needs to grow up ,and I would suggest that all those who agree with him should immeadiately put him on a diet of breast milk ,and to teach him basic commonsense.The problem with him and the Board is not about IPL ,the Big Bash and making money,it has to do with his telling off the capt.,the coach and administration,and still expecting to be around them.Basic commonsense would tell me that if I cuss people or anybody,that I AINT GOING AROUNG THEM !,furthermore,if I am in a leadership position,anybody would cuss me or disrespects me,I DONT WANT THEM AROUND ME EITHER ! so all yu who are in support of Gayle,WOULD YA ALL WELCOME SOMEONE IN YR HOME AFTER HE CUSSES YU AND DIRESPECT YU ?

  22. “It was simply a case of players feeling so invincible, drunken by the numerous occasions on which they had gotten away with whatever behaviour they chose, that they can act with wanton disrespect for the game of cricket.” Julian Hunte, from his annual report.

    Players exhibit bad behaviour, team managers submit reports of such behaviour, the WICB hide the reports, fire the managers and retain the players.

    After criticizing the coach (calling him a user), the captain, selectors, and the WICB, Gayle wants to walk back into the team and be accepted with open arms. We should remember that one of the criterion for playing in the IPL is that prospective players must be playing for their home teams or have retired from cricket. Can this be the real motivation for Gayle wanting to play for the West Indies?

  23. “With no disrespect to Mr Gibson, I searched eight of the books on cricket in my library and could find only one reference to him, and it was to his limited statistics. The reverse is true of Christopher Henry Gayle, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan – all targets in his incumbency. The Board in choosing him, must accept this responsibility and his inconsequential contribution to West Indies cricket.”

    Charles R Ramson (Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs) letter to the editor, Stabroek News, July 6, 2011.

  24. @ Michael
    Suppose you were Gayle and you were disrespected publicly for playing while injured and while performing adequately in that situation?????????
    ie WC2011!!!!! Is it CG’s fault that the WICB is disorganised?????

    I am not saying that everything CG has done is right BUT it is interesting that the WICB has been critical of and having problems with all 3 of their most experienced batsmen (Shiv, Sars,CG) simultaneously. Surely these 3 gents have very different personalities and one would expect them to be the backbone of the team for a few years longer. Problems with one is a fairly high probability but with all 3???????? Something smells! I wish I had all the facts BUT I dont, YET this seems like poor management from what is obvious. I have no way of declaring any or all of these players totally innocent however!

    The WICB has chosen a fringe player as captain which is dubious in itself. We are led to believe that they want to tell Shiv how to bat in detail and so if the coaching and management are going to be in such control why dont they have 3 designated FLOATING Captains?????? Surely Sammy is NOT good enough to command a spot all the time, regardless of playing conditions. (DS has bowled very well recently) We have enough evidence to seriously doubt the WICB management capabilities.

    So you agree that the WICB is not managing well since the President that you quoted confesses that bad behaviour has been rewarded for a long time. WHY? Procedures should be in place to solve these types of problems!


    —-This is part of the issue, the Windies team does NOT BELONG to the spoilt brat and incompetent Board either. I called them spolied brat because their egos should be left at the Boardroom door, when making decisions for West Indies.

    I agree that players have done nonsense and continue to do so, but that, as I noted earlier re Viv Richards comment, lies solidly at the feet of the same incompetent Board.

    We are left with an incompetent Board, incompetent players and what do you get??

    A crappy result.

    The Board should not be in a shouting match with Gayle and Chanderpaul they should be negotiating as reasonable men.

  26. Michael Holding: “Cricket is our passion…”
    Yes it is passion, we aren’t using any common sense whatsoever.
    Michael Holding: “When you face one of us you face all..”
    Yes, and all of us together, we’re as disorganised and divided today as we ever have been.

    WI cannot perform as a unit unless there is an over-riding factor that unites. With the Lloyd/Richards WI dynasty it was to show the world that the all-black cricket team could beat the best of the rest of the world. During this dynasty I witnessed Barbados defeat the ‘Rest of the World’ side at Kensington. These guys could play cricket.They knew cricket, they didn’t just boast that they did.

    Is there a difference between the WICB and the team itself?
    Boards run WI cricket from an office in the British Virgin Islands. The Board is seen by the author above as high handed.
    WI players publicly ridicule supervision, party at night during tests, and disobey coaches. Witness how the first 3 batsmen threw away their wickets yesterday? Needlessly, with shots that a boy should know better than to make. They seem to want to make cricket hard.

    Both the Board and the players are concerned with their financial welfare, they are no different from each other.
    The fans cannot understand why neither the players nor the Board do not perform.

    Neither the Board nor the players master themselves for cricket’s sake, the Board and the players are both laws unto themselves, they are one and the same in this regard.

    Increased money has brought increased strife to WI cricket. More money has resulted in lower skill sets.

    Where is the political core issue that causes WI cricket to master their technical weaknesses and their emotional weaknesses? It is this weakness that defeats WI, not the opposition teams. Money isn’t doing it for us.

    Sir Hilary, checkitout. Maybe its time you brought WICB back to Barbados.

  27. @ Z. Oligarch | July 7, 2011 at 5:57 PM |
    WI cannot perform as a unit unless there is an over-riding factor that unites. With the Lloyd/Richards WI dynasty it was to show the world that the all-black cricket team could beat the best of the rest of the world. During this dynasty I witnessed Barbados defeat the ‘Rest of the World’ side at Kensington.


  28. @Georgie P

    True, I was a kid at Kensington and while we did acquit ourselves well we did not win although we probably could have on a really good day.

  29. I enjoy watching club cricket when I am in Barbados. I even watch club cricket on saturdays and sundays here in Toronto.

    However, I will only pay to watch West Indies play Test cricket if the best players are selected to play.

    I don’t care if Chris Gayle is a don or donna. It is the responsibility of the WICB management to negotiate with him while he is still the best batsman in the West Indies.

    I don’t want to see Gibson or Hunte or Hilaire or Garner bowl or bat.

    I want to see the best available players playing.

    So I will have to settle for more Big Bash and IPL pay per view.
    Oh and you tube videos of real cricketers like sir Gary and Lara.

  30. balance
    During the game Sir Frank Worrel died and most of the players were drunk! or drunker than usual. This contributed immensely to the result.
    that 1966-67 team that played the rest of the world was one of the greatest Barbados teams ever

  31. yes, the barbados team that played the rest of the world comprised many great barbadian players but your reason for the thrashing is mere speculation dear georgie porgie. at least, oligarch should realise by now that it was not during the the lloyd/richards dynasty that barbados played the rest of the world.

  32. First steps:

    1) Cut the board numbers, down to four, plus the Team Manager who will be part of the Board.

    2) Have the Board accountable on a three year timetable. Board is not automatically rehired, but must be appointed.

    3) Reassess team contracts for coaches etc, to a two year timetable.

    4) Reassess and restate player rules and discipline procedures. Make them clear.

    Improve selection of young players and create a larger A Team pool.

    In order to develop A Team talent, create an A Team match schedule, such that in the off season the A Team plays clubs acroos the Caribbean on a regular basis.

  33. Lance Armstrong, Usain Bolt, Tyson Gaye and all other athletes represents THEIR country, there is no country called the WEST INDIES. This team was formed during the old colonial days and the administration still see themselves as colonial slave masters. During the recent test match in Trinidad, I told Tony Cozier sarcastically remarked that he wondered if Chris Gayle sailed down his yacht. I don’t know if he has one or not but look how many other athletes/ sportsmen have; why can’t Chris have one too? Cricketers are just protraying the culture of the caribbean society, look at the many problems facing the Caricom leaders, they all want their pound of flesh, i saw Richie Richardson ignore a W.I cricket flag to protray his country’s flag at Kensington when we beat S.A in that one off test match. I now see T&T and Jamaica trying to dominate the caribbean, do you expect any different from the cricketers. they are ALL trying to make as much money as possible with little or no pride. Right now there is a move afoot for T&T to try and go it alone as a cricketing nation

  34. GP

    During the game Sir Frank Worrel died and most of the players were drunk! or drunker than usual.


    Excellent memory, however the part about the players being drunk is funny. About being drunk are you saying that the Bajan players had a history of drunkenness or was that a trait of WI players? I also remember the genesis of that game was the attainment of Independence status for Barbados in 1966 and since Barbados was known to have produced many great cricketers someone came up with the idea that a Barbados team against the ROW was a good idea.

    Many in the WI including Worrell was against the idea as there was a school of thought that it would lead to fragmentation of WI cricket.

    As history would have it Worrell died Worrell died of leukemia in Jamaica at the age of 42 during the match.

    I also remember that Worrell was not much celebrated in Barbados as a cricketing hero until after his death, but Worrell was also the first “black” captain of the WI cricket team and was considered an intellectual.

    Of the 3 W’s two lived in other countries, Walcott in Guyana (BG at the time) and Worrell in Jamaica and contributed much to the development of cricket in those territories.

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  36. The Bdos team that played the ROW was indeed very good and because Sir Frank et al had reservations about the effects on the WI relationship they purposely did not take the game too seriously. In those days there was a game against each major terrority before the Test match and touring teams used to say the “real Test” is when we play Bdos! WHY???

    When they batted it was facing Hall, Griffith, Edwards (Prof), Sobers (OMG I wish we had them today) Batting… Hunte, Bynoe, Nurse,Lashley,Brancker Sobers…Wicked team far better than today’s WI team!

  37. Sargeant
    The game was sponsored by BANKS BARBADOS BREWERIES, whose Brew master and general manager was an Englishman and an ardent cricket fan and promoter of cricket in BARBADOS. .
    He used to watch lots of BCL cricket and offer young promising chaps work at the Brewery once they promised to play for BANKS. Thus it was that their cricket teams were started, and quickly entered the first division.

  38. G P
    You are right, I think the Englishman who was Brew Master surname was Clark, I don’t remember his christian name. In those days barbados had as much as nine (9) players in the W I team.

  39. Is West Indies cricket subsidized by the Caribbean Governments?

    If so call on them to fire the WICB board,management and specialist bowling Coach.

  40. The Pavilion at Banks is named after the Ian Clark you note above.

    Well Done to Kirk Edwards, now I hope he ignores the negativity and challenges himself to see just how many more that he can make.

    It is time Kraigg Brathwaite was placed into number 3 or 4. Do not mind the early issues. We already know that he has tremendous talent. He can do no worse than Sarwan or Samuels is doing right now.

    Give him a chance.

  41. Indeed the highest WI score for the tournament so congrats to young man. I wish him to encourage the team in what is need from now on.

  42. The ambition and drive and determination with which Kirk brought to the field yesterday is obvious, This is a man who hae not yet felt the warth of the WICB he is in essence fresh and neutral . What he brought is missing from the team through indifference and continuous in house fightingand egos out of control . a house divided would eventually fall.Congrats Kirk.

  43. Wait, Edwards made a century? Not according to the Nation which was delivered to my Inbox at 4.08 am this morning.

    Under the caption “Kirk Edwards leads WI Recovery”, the report states “BARBADIAN Kirk Edwards hit an unbeaten maiden Test half-century to lead a West Indies’ recovery at tea…..” it goes on to state that he was “not out on 62”

    I guess no one can say that the Nation doesn’t deliver the news, it just delivers half the news sorta like a “maiden test half century”

    I’m lucky to have other sources of information

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