Baird's Village Aquaponics Project, A Case Study For Homegrown Success

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Baird's Village Aquaponics

Many of us are of the opinion that our little island is in need of good leaders (not saying we don’t currently have any). The Barrows and Adams type leaders who had a clear vision and the will power to give us what was needed for 50 years and even beyond. Our new leaders have so many problems on their plates I can understand why it seems as though there is no medium term plan. This makes it imperative that each of us do more to guide this island in the right direction and not leave such a heavy work load on our leaders.

Looking at the most advanced societies and economies worldwide to see what we can aspire to be, we see they are mostly industrial. Unfortunately Barbados cannot be an industrial based economy because of the obvious lack of natural resources and our small size. What we need is to look forward to a post-industrial type society. In my recent quest to get a glimpse of this almost “utopian” world of what Barbados could be, I came across Ivan Illich. In his work he refers to the concept of a convivial society and explained in some detail the prospects of what the next level of society can look like. Such a type of thinking is based on a Euro-centric view but can apply to Barbados in my opinion.

We are hearing a constant call for more small businesses to be established and greater innovation shown. Our leaders recognise the need to harness the people talent/power to make this an efficient society.

The Internet has turned a world that was once run by the elite few who controlled the knowledge, to a world were a guy from Baird’s Village in Barbados can master* Aquaponics with the help of  Australians who reside on the other side of the continent in real time. The result,  I have a system currently ranked in the first 75 worldwide. Knowledge no longer “trickles down” to the masses but it is now readily available to whoever wants to know.

As technology is fully integrated into society, we are moving from unskilled to skilled in every aspect of work. A vital skill which we need to better cultivate is to comprehend and implement information. This shows up a critical flaw in the current education system, It teaches us to conform and not to use homegrown  individual solutions to take Barbados to the next level. We need to encourage and exploit that individuality then we will see great leaders rise up from the masses.

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  1. Ready Done
    How does one get in contact with you? I mentioned your work (based on what you have previously put on BU) to a friend who may be interested in purchasing an aquaponics set up from you.

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  3. I agree with this post. Most of us are still living by the rules of the Industrial Age and the Industrial Age is over now. I don’t know where I would be without technology and / or the Internet – it has opened up a whole new world for me. It is THE great equalizer. Many of us will spend endless hours on the Net researching foolish things like who celeb slept with who, and completely refuse to capitalize on the truly useful information that is available on the Net with just a click.

    Related to this, may I also mention that PayPal has finally been made available to Barbados and most islands in the Caribbean. This means that any person in Barbados and the Caribbean who has access to the internet and has created a web-based business can receive payment from anyone/anywhere in the world straight into their local bank account. All you need is a Visa debit card and a PayPal account which is easy to set up. It is a great opportunity for Bajans and Caribbean people to start small businesses and reach customers from beyond these shores.
    I have a small web-based business and have received orders from Singapore, Romania and Sweden among other places. And I only do it part time!
    I hope Bajans/Caribbean people take advantage of technology-based opportunities like,,, etc.
    The same way we in the Caribbean buy up everyone’s products from the rest of the world – many of which have no value, benefit, or relevancy to us as a people – the same way we can and should create our own products/businesses to sell to the rest of the world.

  4. @ RD


    I am dumbfounded as to the mere “TRICKLE” of commentary on this piece…

    @ NIA*

    As my daughter’s name-sake you must be a pretty awesome person… Great INFO* on paypal, elance & others…Clearly, you have proven that brain-power is something that you cannot waste!!! Keep up the good work & be blessed!!!

  5. Agree with you TB it exposes where our interest as a people is located. To Nia’s point which is a good one it should inform some discussion on refining literacy :-).

  6. Good afternoon, is this up and running? If so i would like to talk to u about some potential investment. drop me a line at 233-4917. Thanks

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