Protecting Our Youth From Adults

Barbados Underground is committed to cover issues which often escape the full attention of traditional media. It is a nasty job when one has to peer at the underbelly of anything on a frequent basis. One of the negatives emanating from what we do is the tendency to get bog down by all that ails Barbados and the world.  To be honest members of the BU household get depress sometimes when we have to update the blog with some of the content. The worst feeling we get is when we have to write negatively about issues affecting young people.  This blog is one of the hardest we have had to produce to date.

At a recent youth forum in Barbados BU was made privy to some of the conversations between the parties. For obvious reasons we have sanitized the exchanges to protect the first, second and third formers who participated many who wear the label of problem children. The forum discussed teen pregnancy.

One of the second formers described how she and her sisters participate in sex with grown men. The men contributed to the household. One can draw their own conclusions. In another case a third form student spoke to the relationship which her friend has with a 39 year old married man. Money is exchanged with the full knowledge of her parents.

Enough is revealed in the two cases to paint a picture of what we have to confront as a society. BU is convinced we are not talking about isolated cases. Who should we deal with first, the parents or the children? Before BU is accused of being complicit in a crime be aware representatives from the Child Care Board were present and we have to assume by now appropriate steps have been taken to address matters arising from the alarming revelations.

What purpose does it serve to play down the condition of the underbelly of Barbados society if it is in an advanced state of decay because the expedient thing to do is to be ‘balanced’.  All over Barbados in many working class districts the scourge of drugs supported by undesirable sub cultures have taken root. Many of our journalists need to infiltrate the bloc circle and connect with the underground society which middleclass Barbados wants to ignore.

Another matter to raise concern: recently a man was arrested for being in possession of a rifle, BU understands he and his wife have been importing a drug plant food and selling to young children. The effect of the plant drug is that it enhances the sexual desire of the person who ‘licks’ it. It has been suggested that a recent kidnapping is linked to the same plant drug to acquire nude pictures. Simply disgusting!

Another happening which has grabbed our attention, an enterprising Barbadian concern has launched a website and started the process of soliciting pictures from Barbadians engaged in sex scenes. A check of the website shows that it is is being regularly updated with pictures allegedly of Barbadians.

The depressing scene which has been painted does not mean we don’t have positive young people in society, what it means is we have some negative elements taking root which could act to upset the apple cart. We need to act now.

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  1. David/BU:
    These revelations should come as no surprise. This is simply a wake-up call and a reminder that some of our youths are going astray due to the direction of our adults. How serious are we as parents and adults willing to pull back the range, or is it too late?

  2. “Some” people have lost respect for everything in society, the belief has taken root that people are entitled to do as they wish. They are often ecouraged – certainly not dissuaded – from taking that attitude.

    One of the the most disturbing examples, was a recently posted photograph of a young person who was fatally shot; as he lay curled on the ground in full public view, there was a nonchalance exhibited, that was offensive to most decent thinking people.

    When we have lost the ability to show respect to fellow human beings in death and exhibit as little concern as for a dog by the side of the road….everything else can be expected.

    Harsh but true…to be over forty five and make a comment about morality, is to invite severe criticism.

  3. @David

    The frabic of Barbadian society has been undermined for a long time because of the drug sub-culture and the sexaul explotation of the less fortunate in this society.

    What I have been concerned about overtime is the boldness of Barbadian in openly using drugs. I believe that we have been underestimating the the social consequences of the use of drugs on barbadian households and in schools. I could recall on many occasions childrens attending the prestigous schools being caught with drugs and it being swept under the carpet.

    Baeause a number of barabdian household find themselves in vunerable positions, men who have a little maoney manipulate the household by having sex with the mothers and underage girls and boys, and sometimes they are allowed to get away with them when they come the fore. In some instances strings are pulled and the matters are swept under the carpet.

    The matter of incest is greater than we believe and this, along with sexual abuse such as rape leave a scar on the victims for the rest of their lives.

    However, I believe that teachers are the ones in the best strategic positions to help discover some of these abuses, but I am told that they are fraid to have their car tyres slashed or their houses burnt. I have heard of teachers discovering from essays what is happeing in households by allowing students to write freely or chosings topic such as how was my weekend spent .

    What are the solutions to this growing menace. The child care Board need to preoscute parents for selling their underage cildren to the drug dons and sexual predators.

    I am not familiar with our laws relating to this matter, but if there is a staute of limitation on sexual crimes it should be removed.

    There should be a hotline where abused children can call in to talk about what they are experiencing and solutions offered.

    Schools need to work closer with the Child Care Board and the Welfare Department in addressing the social issues of sex and drug abuse.

    The Ministies of Education, Youth and Familes and the RBPF need to work together to either re-establish the DARE Programe or re-introduce it to the schools and youth groups.

  4. From where we sit what we are witnessing is not good. It seems the those who should know better are more concerned with safeguarding the aura of respectability of the Bajan society rather than pulling out all the stops and use the scalpel to remove the rotten underbelly which is now beginning to stink.

    Who says we are building a society again?

  5. The relevant authorities should have taken immediate steps to investigate and remove those children from the homes, and press charges against ALL the adults involved:
    By adults I mean the degenerate, pedophile-enabling mothers and their equally degenerate male partners-in-crime & rapists who are living under their roof.
    Nothing surprises me about Barbados any more. I do find it difficult to read social justice blogs like this one because I feel sometimes that too much rot has been allowed to set into our society and how can it ever be fixed at this point?

    But I think it is important that we be made to feel uncomfortable because only then will we be inspired to actually DO something other than complain about the horrifying issues currently affecting our young people and society on the whole.

    Is it possible to write an (anonymous) letter to the Child Care Board outlining what took place at the discussion and urging them to investigate urgently?

  6. @Nia

    As stated in the blog the Child Care Board officers were present but you should feel free to write to them and minister of families Lashley.

  7. There is a seedy dark side of society that many would like to dismiss and pretend that never happens in this little island. This has been going on for many many years. No one has had the guts to expose these perpetrators. Our libel and criminal laws are to be blamed for perpetuating these atrocities on our young people. Until we become our childrens’ protectors and teach our children to speak out we will never know the magnitude of this type of corruption. If the DPP can blame a woman for changing her mind before having sex as provocation for murder we have a long long way to go. Many men in this society do not have any respect for themselves nor the children they rape and defile, they see nothing wrong with what they are doing. Many mothers who introduce and encourage their daughters into a life style of prostitution should be jailed. Teachers in primary and secondary schools should be trained to identify quickly, signs of abuse, sexual and physical. For too long we sweep the dirt under the rug and hope that it will go away. This silence has to STOP!

  8. It is beyond me how men can consider interfering with a child, or the child of their partner. Sick as ass. They look to us for protection not exploitation. I teach my boys to be men, real men. I don’t hit their mother and I don’t interfere with women, I got my own.

    As a society we will have to start fresh with everybody and start with manners back to morality. We men must involve ourselves in this process and not let these disgraces to manhood stand as the standard for who we are. Will not have it.

  9. none of those children involved are to be blamed for the decay in our society, it is the adult male who’s have sex with the underage girl, the mother who knowingly allows her child to have a relationship with an adult male, the couple who sells those enhancers to children etc. in all these cases, adults have started the ball rolling, not the innocent children. if we want to change anything, we have to start with the adults.

  10. Has it dawned on any of us that we have a sick sick society? Children are exploited every day and yet nothing has been put in place to rescue these children? What use is the Child Care Board? Are they only there for welfare payments?

    • Part of the problem for the Child Care Board is the sluggishness of the Courts.

      The two have to work closely to ensue swift justice.

      Also there is not family court system that we are aware of.

      By the way we understand serious work in our courts has virtually ground to a halt.

  11. I am very angry to see that after all these years that young boys and girls are still being taken advantage of with out serious consequences being taken against the person, or persons; This is so sad that anyone can just take advantage of a child and live a normal life; If any man who claims to have love for his mother can do this to a young girl. Then this man is less than a man, and really have no love for his mother; When a parent can pimp they own child for drugs or anything else; That parent should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; I strong believe that the **CAT A- TAILS** should be brought back as a form of punishment to people who commit crimes against women and children; The Figure Heads in Barbados needs to step up and see that this situation isn’t going away, and a message should be sent through serious enforcement towards those who commit crime against women and children; Try making this as important as torisum. It’s time that they step up and really do something to resolve this crime against women and children; I remember as a boy if I was given anything, I had to bring it home and tell my parents who gave it to me before I was able to do anythung with it;
    Some of the young people who are allowing material things to be of such importance. They are willing to sell themselves in order to have what they want. This is so sad. How can any young person who’s still under his, or her parent’s roof, come home with anything from any store and not having a job to support them, and the parents says nothing; Pay attention to your children. Question them when they come into the house with anything; Try being more of a concern parent, and less of a friend; Place rules that must be followed. Have heart to heart conversations with your children on a regular basices to learn what’s going on in their lives;
    We have to take this situation very serious because it has gotten out of hand; Children needs to be children. Treated as children, dress as children should dress. Teach them real values, and show them love and understanding; Try not to be too busy not to listen when they need to talk to you; A teacher can only do so much for your children. And many will be afraid to even speak up; So the burden comes right back on the parents. Men, if you aren’t in you children’s lives. Then you need to man up and at least help them mentaly when, and if they need you;
    These young people who are going through this situation need to speak up, and allow it to be known that someone did what shouldn’t have been done to you; But most of all, parents believe and listen to you children when they try to complain about in being molested by people who you think you know and trust;
    I remember as if it was only yesterday. This man who I will not name worked for the electric co at the time; He had a vey beautiful daughter. One day she brought him lunch, and one of the guys payed him a compliment on how good his daughter looked; His wife was in the hospital at the time fighting cancer; He went home and asked his daughter if she was sexually active. She said no, and he told he what the guy said, and told her that he was the provider in the house and he should be first; Needless to say she got pregnant; When his wife came home and saw her daughter pregnant and found out that her father did it; She almost went crazy. But it was kept a within the family for many years; But he got drunk one night and told on himself; Pay attention to your children **PLEASE**;;

  12. This is nothing new. And it will continue to happen as long as we have ‘sick’ men patrolling our streets daily looking for their next ‘victim’. They do not understand that sometimes children need to be protected from themselves. If a girl is ‘hot’ it is your duty to ‘cool’ her down with some positive advice not with your ‘tool’. I overheard a man, well on in age, telling another man about his ‘school-ting’. He was so embarrassed when he realised that I overheard him that all he could do was give a sheepish smile. It is disgusting and irresponsible for any adult male or female to engage in any type of sex with underaged children.
    I like to use my cuss-words but when it comes to children, I don’t play. My sons could attest to this. I get really angry about these things. I know some school girls might think that they are ‘ready’ for the world and that they know it all but the adult male should act more responsibly. These same men would killl any man that dares to go near his daughter.
    And to the mothers (not mummies) who condone and encourage this behaviour because of a financial kick-back, at the expense of their daughters, should be burnt at the stake like Joan of Arc.

  13. It is going to be really hard to protect our youth from adults when even our laws are designed to promote sexual abuse of minors.
    It would appear that our laws were put in place by old men who fancied their chances with little girls. How else could you explain the anomalies that are allowed to exist in our laws as they relate to the age of consent and adulthood.
    A child can legally consent to having sexual intercourse at age 16. However, if that child contracted a venereal disease or HIV, she cannot obtain medical treatment without the consent of her parents.

    Our Laws have determined that a child between the ages of 16 and 18 is too immature to seek medical assistance on her own or vote, in an election for a representative for the House of Assembly, but that same child is not too immature to have sex. Why are we not changing the laws in that regard? My suggestion is that the age of consent should be increased to coincide with the voting age. I know some old men might abuse me because they are already waiting on some 14 year old.

    In many cases when men are caught with their pants down (pardon the pun) the agencies that are supposed to protect children fail to do their duty. Officers of the Child Care(less) Board make fancy speeches and quote figures but are too ashamed to quote the figures for persons prosecuted for having unlawful carnal knowledge of minors.
    When a little girl gets pregnant for an adult, the old excuse that the child would not identify her abuser is no longer available to the Child Care(less) Board with the advent of DNA testing, but we are not seeing the prosecutions. We all know that money can buy anything, but is it buying off prosecutions of dirty old men who abuse little girls.

    Abuse of little girls is not a new phenomenon, when I was a boy at primary school, a teacher got one of the little girls pregnant and he was allowed to mount his motor cycle and ride out of teaching with no other adverse consequences. When I was at secondary school in the 1970s I knew of a head master that impregnated one of his students. His punishment: he was given study leave to go to Jamaica to do a Masters. (By the way not my school). In that case the abuser had party political connections.

    More recently, the husband of a very prominent lady got one of his students pregnant and took the child for an abortion. He was caught, lost his job as a teacher and the wife divorced him. He was not prosecuted.

    This country needs to confront and exorcise the demons that plague our society, but who will initiate it. Certainly not our political class, they are too busy trying to find ways to promote things like condoms in prison and gay rights to further decline the values of our society.
    Please excuse me but I had these things on my mind for a long time and needed to vent.

  14. @Bonnie Peppa: These sick men patrol the homes as well
    @CC Sr.: love the passion but i fear we are too far gone in some circles
    @DAvid: Inter agency cooperation and a seriousness about the issue would help. Alas this has not and will not ocur
    @me and Bajan Truth: How do we realistically start with the adults?

    Fact: We have a generation of emotionally, psychologically and sexually unstable young people.
    Fact: A large majority of persons don’t care, half of those that do don’t have the time, resources or energy, the other half has yet to grasp how serious this is. most are just glad it hasn’t affected them……yet
    Fact: none of our development, educational or policy documents speak to a need for widespread rehabilitative counselling, increased social profesisonals or direct social intervention strategies. It’s more rhetoric and economics
    Reality: We are too far gone left. Getting back full right is impossible. Best hope is for a “positive social revolution” and a shift to the middle.
    Reality: Money is poured into making more money, not helping a socially and psychologically depressed generation that may or may not generate income.
    Reality: The full true impact of child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse, tainted child development and value/moral degradation cannot be quantified. We’re seeing the tip of it and I fear worse is yet to come.

    Our nation/culture is slowly being over shadowed by our sub culture and what other countries take as “normal.” The powers taht be need realistic, honest, feasible, thorough and continuously evolving solutions if we are to save this segment of our society. Sad to say taht calls for vision, cooperation and sacrifice….three things that are lacking amongst many of our leaders.

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  16. One day coming soon our children will be the rulers, and our children will change the laws, and our children will remove the statute of liminatons on rape.

    And our children will charge, convict and imprison those of us elders who raped them when they were young and helpless.

    One day we will be old, and weak and powerless and then out chilren will do JUSTICE.

    One day our children will get their REVENGE on us.

    And we will deserve it.

  17. We don’t need a UN Charter to tell us about the need to protect the rights of the child, it is commonsense and instinctive. We protect our young and we benefit from a stronger society.

    We talk about building a society yet we protect the powerful over the need to protect our children. What a farce.

  18. Many years ago as a young boy, I went to the races at the Garrison Savannah, and bought a forecast on two horses. Romora & Woppit, they came in first and second as forecast.

    I believe the money paid was about $79.00 an absolute fortune in those days. I collected the money, stuffed my pockets and then me and my friend ran all the way home. I was excited and as my Mum sat at the table. I emptied my pockets. The notes and coins tumbled out. I expected my mother to be delighted, but she gave me a cold hard stare.

    “Where did you get all this money from boy?”
    She asked.
    “I won it at the races.”
    I replied.
    “Can you win money like this at the races”?
    She asked.
    “Me and John -not real name- were at the races ask him”.
    My mother took me by the hand to our neighbours and asked John’s mother if he was in, he came to the door.

    “She asked – say Yardbroom- said you were at the races”.
    He excitedly replied.
    “Yes and he won a big forecast.”
    My mother smiled, and said.
    “He was saying what a good time you boys had.”
    We returned home.

    I felt deflated, my excitement had left me. She put her hands around my shoulders and almost in tears said.
    “I had to know where you got so much money from son…I just had to know, it is important that I do”.

    At the time it was difficult to understand, being a small boy but now I understand what it was all about. You can be poor and still have values, and know what is right and what is wrong.

    As parents we should never forget, that the little things we do can have an impact on the lives of our children.
    We “construct” the society in which we live, and we are the guardians of its values.

  19. ………………………. I keep telling you guys that CARICOM is not the romantic vision that Calypsonians have. It is dog eat dog and the dislike of BARBADOS is deep and unyielding. I know this but know too that CARICOM is the solution to us all but it is a FIGHT not a LOVE FEST.


  20. Barbados is truly First world adding all the nastiness and twisted behaviours that we are accustomed to reading about or seeing on North American TV.

    This was taken from a Nationnews report.
    “Students are reportedly self-harming through tattooing, piercing, cutting, burning, embedding and tablet overdosing. The tools include razors; blades from sharpeners; compasses and dividers from geometry sets; matches; long, sharp fingernails; and hairpins.”

    Lawd havest mercy!

  21. It seems there are fewer Bajans who care about others than when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s.

    I was fortunate to have a wonderful mother,grandmother aunts uncles and cousins.

    In my neighbourhood you had to respect your elders and you did.
    There was always somebody who would keep us in check if we were out of order.

    In my neighbourhood people cared and that is what kept a lot of us from succumbing to the natural wreckless impulses of our youth.

    Sadly it seems Barbados is becoming a Nation that has too many uncaring perverts and the children are suffering for it.

  22. Quoting Hants who is quoting the Nation ““Students are reportedly self-harming through tattooing, piercing, cutting, burning, embedding and tablet overdosing. ”

    And the Nation went on to say “Many of them do not know what it means to have positive peer relationships, a family support system or a solid spiritual connection and relationship with God ”

    I have dealt with this behaviour. And it is not always caused by what is stated above.

    Some teenagers have good family and spiritual relationships and yet…This behaviour can be a symptom of depression.

    Depression can be organic. Some families have a history of depression just as some families have a history of diabetes, or hypertension.

    In the case I knew of the behaviour was triggered by something as “simple” as a move to a new school, where the teenager did not know anybody and the new school was not welcoming.

    However the behaviour was extinguished by a few visits (about a dozen over an 18 month period) to an excellent psychiatrist who was able to verify that there were no serious underlying problems of physical, sexual or other abuse.

    The psychiatrist diagnosed that the behaviour was caused by a brain based depression coupled with a feeling of exclusion at the new school. Sometime we adults forget that teenager value peer relationships as much as we adults value marriage relationships. A teenager will feel as badly at being excluded from peer groups as an adult will feel if their spouse left them.


    What can guidance counsellors do? They can “look out” for the new kids in the school, especially if the child come to a school where he or she has no friends. The can counsell the current children and ask them to include and look out for the new children. Especially they should loook out for those children who move to new schools for lower sixth and may be the only child from that school who has done so, and look out also for those children who migrate and move to new schools at different time as the mass of other children.

    This behaviour can become deadly, but it does not have to become deadly. It is amenable to treatment. But no beating or punishing the child for this behaviour won’t work, having an amateur pastor counsell the child won’t work either. No the child is not possessed by the devil, the child is not the victim of obeah. But expert psychiatric care will work, and it will work long term. And a god psychiatrrist will counsell the whole family as well because this bahaviour will undoubtly deeply distress ALL family members, aand they too need to understand how to manage thier own distress.

    We should not be ashamed to see a psychiatrist if we are depressed because after all if we have diabetes we go to the doctor, we don’t ask the pastor to pray the diabetes away, neither we don’t beat ourselves for being sick.

  23. Hants | May 28, 2011 at 9:00 AM |
    It seems there are fewer Bajans who care about others than when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s.

    I was fortunate to have a wonderful mother,grandmother aunts uncles and cousins.

    Not forgetting those who were our Godmothers and Godfathers, who in many cases wielded more discipline on us that our parents.

    • We have all agreed that to better our so called standard of living we have to change our lifestyles e.g. moving away from the village etc.

      We have simply not gotten it right as far as filling the void which the village and extended family provided.

  24. I hope all a wanna remember how ‘bad” the youths is when wanna wucking up on the streets in underware this cropover.

  25. [i]The depressing scene which has been painted does not mean we don’t have positive young people in society, what it means is we have some negative elements taking root which could act to upset the apple cart. We need to act now.[/i]
    These things have been happening for a long time, they are not now taking root, they are in full bloom. They took root ever since the ZR and dub culture began, and has been growing since then. Some mothers who find themselves is desperate economic situations have been encouraging their school age teen daughters to get sexually involved with grown men for financial gain. . .this is not a new revelation. We should have acted on these problems a long time ago, but instead we allowed them to go from bad to worst.

  26. @ReadyDone | May 29, 2011 at 7:38 AM | I hope all a wanna remember how ‘bad” the youths is when wanna wucking up on the streets in underware this cropover.
    Good point.

  27. On the issue of using drugs openly, almost every morning and midday I see employees of Oran (Harbour Industrial Park) sitting on a bench by a food seller smoking weed openly. Amazing that young men would openly smoke weed at the side of the road in front of their workplace and nothing is done about it.

  28. What do we expect when we have replaced our national motto of Pride and Industry with Do as I say and not as I do.

  29. @Observing
    I know that things can be turned around through collective help; But what I am reading from this site and from Barbados Today is that the younger generation has made a serious change in values; I don’t live in Barbados,haven’t been for over 46 years now. But I will **ALWAYS** be a Barbadian regardless; The values that were placed for me to live by, and to understand; Will never change. And I have passed these values that my parents gave to me; I didn’t come from a rich family, but my parents were able to do what had to be done for me; But any extras apart from the basics were only given when you were deserving of them, and learned the value to what were given to you; But now it seem that Barbados is no longer interested in really improving the value system we were raised by. It seem to be all about the DOLLAR. It seem to be more important to worry about something not looking right for the tourist, or something happening to a tourist coming to Barbados; But what the figure heads are missing is that the young people of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, and we have to instill better morals and values in them, along with the protection they need form those who take advantage of them; I know that some of these young people does things not only because of need. But also to fit in with others; We as older people has to take a stand to make it our business to educate the youths on these things that will allow them to walk with pride in knowing that they made the right choices to turn their live around; But all Barbadians have to step up and be heard by whatever means necessary that the laws should, and must be change to protect these young people who are our future leaders; It’s never too late as long as breath remains in our bodies to make the changes that are needed; I have done what I had to do for my children to know that everything that they see others with aren’t meant for them to have; I refused to raise my children to believe in the Easter bunny, Santa Clause, the stork bring a baby. I have taught my children that the time they took to believe in these things that aren’t true, they can use that time for greater things; We have to change what we call traditions which are really the so called white man’s traditions; Every day is Christmas as long as I am able to provide for my family; Fantasies can create problems in many cases; I will continue to hoping and pray that something get done to make a difference in Barbados in regards to the younger generation;
    I think we should teach only TRUE and FALSE and do away with FANTASY;

  30. In Barbados we are seeing the rot every day, take one example:

    The absence of an extended family means that parents from all across Barbados drop their children to the gates/compounds of many schools across Barbados as early as 7AM Monday to Friday. These children for the most part are not adult supervised, sometimes the lucky ones get to be shepherded by the ‘sweetie woman’.

    Who are we fooling?

  31. David | May 31, 2011 at 6:21 AM |
    In Barbados we are seeing the rot every day, take one example:

    The absence of an extended family means that parents from all across Barbados drop their children to the gates/compounds of many schools across Barbados as early as 7AM Monday to Friday. These children for the most part are not adult supervised, sometimes the lucky ones get to be shepherded by the ‘sweetie woman’.

    Who are we fooling?

    For some primary schools , it is a relief of sorts that parents, mainly mothers, drop off their children at the school gates and then leg it.
    Some years ago ,one head master was up in arms with the mothers who remained on the school compound, before he erected a fence, vividly discussing loudly the blue movies watched the hight before.
    It is things like these that have contributed to the position we now find ourselves in. Little by little we have succeeded in hacking away the good and accepted morals of this society.

  32. @David
    I remember as a boy we didn’t have any day care to go to. But we had little classes which we had to start learning at an early age; Barbados advancing to what they call the modern times has eliminated all the good values that were taught at an early age; Here up North isn’t easy when it come to the young ones either; And Barbados is following right along foot to foot with the life style; Children having children isn’t accepted by the mothers who has them that easy. I think it’s hard on a grand parent who is up in age to deal with a young child that has been taught a whole different set of values by its parents; As a boy I could even be around adults when they were in conversation, let alone voice my opinion about anything dealing with what they were talking about ; I couldn’t take anything without asking, or saying thank you. Just about everything was yes please, or no please; This seem to have all died a slow death; Some young people look you right in the face and refuse to speak. And if you speak to them first some will either say, or look I don’t know you; I was taught that manners make the man,never the material things in life. I have passed this on to all of my children, and I will take this to my grave. I thank GOD each and every day for the two parents that HE gave me, and I wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the World. They are both gone to a better place, but will live on in me for the rest of my life;

  33. the economy is one of the reasons young girls sell their bodies for money, many of these young girls leave school with little or no education, and jobs are hard to find. I read a couple weeks ago of a young boy who was asking people for money in exchange for sex because he wanted to buy school clothes. I think the government should help school kids with free clothes and free books, and vouchers so they can get free lunch, but I see a kind of denial in Barbados,that all is well,, and some people hate to hear or accept the truth. These are some of the reasons girls will sell their bodies and single mothers will look the other way.

  34. to charles Codagan’s comments, those were the days when parents will tell their kids, you must be seen and not heard, you know how hard that was on a child to be seen and not heard? and some adults would lie on the kids and because the child could not say a word in front of an adult, the child could be reprimanded because the adults told lies, and also thats how so many kids got sexually abused both physically, mentally and sexually because they could not speak while an adult is speaking, and they should not be heard, so I am glad kids speak up today, and let an adult know they are wrong, regardless of age, that’s why people like Sandusky was able to have sex with young boys and those boys could not tell their parents, so its not about manners, its about the bad economy. I am sure when you were a kid, you spoke to an adult passing the street, but that adult never answered, but would tell your parents you didn’t say good morning, and then you got some lashes for something you didnt do, or a neighbor had the permission to give you a slap, so those days were not as good as you are saying, adults can be devils too.

  35. good point Zack, but many of these people wucking up are teenage girls also, and what are the morals women is creating for themselves when they dress in outfits similar to a bra and an underwear and dance provocatively for kids to see,, then those kids as young as 5 will think its ok to dress like that, and how about all the perverts that think its a free pass to disrespect women, and demoralize them more and more.

  36. I was surprise to see Barbados adopt holloween and other American traditions, Barbados should adopt their own style and refrain from being too Americanized, that’s what have some kids confuse because opportunities and options are limited in such a small country.

  37. This proves that more advocacy is needed by those who represent children and the youth in our society … Save the youth … Save our society …

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