Dead Man And The Sea

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We asked world famous occult medium, Mr. Abdul Qadir Awami Badami, to connect and communicate with Osama bin Laden’s soul, to ask him what really happened on the night he was shot dead in Abbottabad …

Mr. Osama, can you hear me? Mr. Osama?
Bubble … bubble … bubble

I think I have made contact with the departed soul. Mr. Osama, can you hear me?
Yes, where am I? Is this heaven?

No, sir, you are at the bottom of the sea.
Sea? Hmmm … yes, it does seem that way. Am I dead?

Well, yes. Kind of.
Hmm … how did I die?

I was hoping you could tell me that.
All I remember is that it was night and I was waiting for the Kakul guys to get my dinner, and then I heard these ’copters and thought maybe the Kakul guys were throwing me a surprise party or something and I got very excited, and …

The Kakul guys used to give you dinner?
Well, yes. Biryani on Mondays and Tuesdays, chicken chowmein on Wednesdays, steak on Thursdays, mixed veggies on Saturdays and Sundays …

And on Fridays?
On Fridays I used to call them over for dinner. One of my wives makes a darn good Yemeni stew.

I see. So they knew you were hiding there?
Of course, they did! They’re my wives!

I mean the Kakul guys.
Oh. Well, according to their intelligence reports, I was some rich Arab camel breeder and exporter.

Really? They didn’t bother to cross-check?
Let’s just say, I was not on their radar.

Must be the same radar that failed to pick the American ’copters …
I tell you, my men have better radars, hehehe … bubble, bubble..
By the way, you said that I was in hiding?

Weren’t you in hiding?
Not at all!

Then why did the Americans take 10 years to find you?
Those fools don’t know much about caves.

But you weren’t hiding in a cave, sir.
My friend, let me tell you, all of Pakistan is one big cave!

Then did the Pakistanis really know you were in the country all along?
My friend, they wouldn’t have been Pakistanis had they not known. Hehe … bubble, bubble.

Never mind.

So you are saying they knew?
Well I was … excuse me, I think I have a fish stuck in my ear. *Plop!* Ah, a red snapper! So, what were you saying? By the way, what is your name, brother?

Abdul Qadir Awami Badami
That is a strange name. Are you by any chance a Hindu?

Hmm … I guess I will have to kill you anyway.

But you are dead.
Oh, right, of course. Then I guess I will kill some fish instead.

Are you a seafood fan?
No, I just like killing infidels.

Infidel fish?
Yes, you have a problem with that, you idol worshipper!

How can fish be infidel?
Look at them! Swimming in the sea, all naked!

But they are fish!
And stark naked! Shameless.

Whatever, tell us about your stay in Pakistan
It reminded me of home.

Saudi Arabia?
No, Afghanistan, but with better cars and escalators.

But you’re a Saudi.
I’m a Muslim first. The best there was. And if you disagree I will get you killed. You are a Christian Crusader anyway.


Human being.

Any difference between human beings and Muslims?
Of course there is. That is why we only kill human beings.

But you and your al Qaeda and Taliban friends have killed thousands of Pakistani Muslims.
They were all bad Muslims.

How can you say that?
I don’t say.  I blow!

No, you say, while others blow...
Those who blow have true faith.

Even the small children and infants who have died in these attacks?

So people who blow themselves up in mosques, shrines and markets are the only true Muslims?
It is much more complicated than that. A very complex concept.

Please explain.
You see, only those Muslims who blow themselves up in mosques, shrines and markets are the only true Muslims.

But that’s what I said.
You did?

I see … you Hindu!

Why did you say that?
Because you worship idols.

But to some, you are an idol too.
I am an ideal.

A pretty violent one though.
Yes, mashallah.

But I’m not forcing my beliefs on you.
That is because you are a chicken!

So I should impose them on you?
Yes. Come on, I invite you to convert to my faith. Where is your suicide jacket?

Where’s yours?
I deal in suicide jackets, not wear them, fool.

I know so many Muslims who are nothing like you.
They are not Muslims!

Then who are they?
Human beings! Ugh!

But I thought a good Muslim also meant being a good human being.
Jewish propaganda!

Well, as I … excuse me, I think I see a shark approaching.

Why don’t you move from there?
No worries. You know that red snapper that got stuck in my ear?

Well, I trained it to become a suicide bomber. It just exploded over the shark’s head!

But the shark did not attack you!
But it could have.

You’re sounding like George W. Bush. He, too, was into pre-emptive strikes, remember?
Ah, good ol’ Bushy. He was good for my business. But this Obama guy turned out to be different.

Different, how? In policy and in strategy?
No, in colour. He is black.

A human being, nevertheless.
That is the problem. The whole world should be Muslim, instead.

Yes, just like Bush wanted the whole world to become American.
Ah, good ol’ Bushy. Those were the days. Right, I guess I’ll kill you now.

But you’re dead. Buried deep in the sea.
They buried me here?

Yes, the Americans buried you in the sea.
Wow! Has Obama converted to Islam?

What do you mean? You were a Salafi, right?
Yes. I am amazed. How did he know we didn’t believe in marked graves?

But some of your fans around the world are criticising him for not giving you a decent Muslim burial.

So you are happy that they buried you in the sea?
Of course! Otherwise bad Muslims would have made a shrine at my grave. We blow up shrines, you know.

Yes I do. But this is amazing. You are actually happy at what Obama did?
Yes, but minus the shooting-me-in-the-head part, of course.

So you do remember that you were shot in the head?
Well, I really do have this bad headache and … well, I’ll be dammed! There’s a hole in my head! The buggers did shoot me!

The Americans?
Yes, who else? The Pakistanis?

So Pakistanis weren’t at all involved in your assassination?
Well, their only contribution to this was that on that fateful, tragic night they delayed my dinner. Buggers.  Had to be shot on an empty stomach.

But the Taliban are blaming them and saying that now their top target is Pakistan.
Really? What was our top target before my death? Guatemala?

You tell me.
Hmmm … better warn Mullah Omar.

Why, is he hiding in Pakistan too?
Follow the dinner trail, follow the dinner trail …

So the Pakistanis did know you were there, right?
Pakistanis don’t know where they themselves are, forget about knowing where I was. What is the Pakistani media saying?

Some of their TV anchors seem shocked and sad.
Yes, one of them once worked as a cook for me and another used to give me great massages.

Can you name them?
No. Don’t want to give them undue importance. Let the ISI do that.

The ISI gives them importance?
Sort of.  They give the ISI great massages too.

Can you be more specific?
Yes, I can. I. Want. To. Behead. You. You. Hindu. How is that for being specific, you cunning Jew?

Human being.
Same thing.

Chicken! Come on fight me, you Buddhist coward!

I am disconnecting from you now. May God deal with you in whatever way he thinks you are to be dealt with.
Darn. I almost forgot. You are right. Now I will have to meet the maker. Do you think he likes seafood?

45 thoughts on “Dead Man And The Sea

  1. Vhat are you saying, dat de intelligence serwices of my country are corrupt? How dare vue allege such a thing. I am velly annoyed.

    In any case, ve have helped the man bin laden get his 72 wirgins.

    All like now he is arollucking in the garden vith dem. I am not sure if they are men or vomen, but they are wirgins anyvay.

  2. Sitting here watching Bin Laden’s crappy 16 inch tv on my new flat screen tv.

    Cheeze on bread!!!

    I can’t believe that Osama was a billionaire’s son and he couldn’t or wouldn’t buy himself a new flat screen TV; or that one of his friends would’t buy him one

    Or didn’t have any freinds???

    And it seems that inside his palace is cold, ya mean the Arabs have so much oil and he couldn’t or wouldn’t buy enough fuel oil to provide himself with some nice central heating.

    An what’s with the wrinkly sheet? Ya mean tto say the man had 3 wives living with him and not a one of them would iron the sheets.

    A buncha useless women!!!

  3. Quoting Not a lotta al-ysheba “but they are wirgins anyvay”

    They may remain virgins for long too, because as far as I know there is no Viagra in heaven and Bin Laden as a 50 something man may have needed a little of the Big V to get the BIG, BIG lift.

  4. According to some top US generals and officials 10 years in a deep freeze gives you one hell of a stiffy.

  5. all u who commented above a lightly make sport of that situation with bin laden still have to face the same God, he’s facing now and i hope when u do, u’ll be covered in the blood of christ. we all assumed that he died a muslim but no one knows if at some point in time light dawn on him and he asked the true living God for forgiveness of his sins. if he did then inspite of his past, he’s with God. u would all like to believe he’s in hell but u never know, time fortunately or unfortunately will tell

  6. @smooth chocolate………”all u who commented above a lightly make sport of that situation with bin laden still have to face the same God, he’s facing now and i hope when u do, u’ll be covered in the blood of christ. ”

    Which God ? Make some sense woman. You all Christians are very confused. The Muslim Allah /God is not Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the God to many of you Christians. Many of you follow a faith that you don’t even understand, you all just mouth words and try to sound pious. What a load of crap!

  7. So Christianity Is the way…..all others are lost??
    Why should Bin Laden change his beliefs and even so (big if) what chance would he have had…lol… minute he is lying down with wifey, next second he is double tapped with a Navy Seal kill shot…lol.
    The last thing that went through his mind, other than the bullet, must have been simply……WTF?!?
    IG246….you are correct, what a load of crap!!

  8. Random Thoughts

    Hi sweet thing, what you doing tonight …? You feel for a li’l somet’ing somet’ing …?

  9. These are faces lying conniving sons of bitches and the jackasses that follow them …! This world’s got a real BIG problem to tackle … what a bunch A’ssholes

  10. Smooth Choklit
    stupse, ‘go n sin na mo’.

    murdahhhhhhhhhhhh, ya baddddddddd.

    what will becum of you? (shakin my head)
    ya hopelist.


  11. Any wonder conspiracy theorist will live on?

    Top US Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag (confirmed!)

    May 4, 2011 posted by Veterans Today · 97 Comments

    Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations Steve R. Pieczenik

    says he is prepared to tell a federal grand jury the name of a top general who told him directly 9/11 was a false flag attack

    Paul Joseph Watson

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    “Bin Laden had already been “dead for months,” and that the government was waiting for the most politically expedient time to roll out his corpse. Pieczenik would be in a position to know, having personally met Bin Laden and worked with him during the proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan back in the early 80′s”

    Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents and still works with the Defense Department, shockingly told The Alex Jones Show yesterday that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job.

    Full Article

  12. i can’t believe people would give credence to above article. (1) IF bin laden was dead since 2001 why did former president George Bush never decided to tell the american public WHEN he was leaving office, why pass it on to Obama knowing that it would lift Obama further up in everyones eyes? (2)the videos of who appears to be Bin Laden looking at his own videos, look very recent not 2001 videos. (3) did the SEAL just decided to purposely destroyed their fighter jet just to fool the world? (4) because the US decided not to show his death pics does not dictate that they went into pakistan and killed 5 people to fool the world.

    “Steve R. Pieczenik says he is prepared to tell a federal grand jury the name of a top general who told him directly 9/11 was a false flag attack”
    Does that make sense? somebody ‘told u’? anybody could say anything, that’s so elementary” if he wanted to make a profound statement, then he should be talking about he witnessing such and such. stupessssse.

    i think all who’s looking for a red herring will find one but you can NEVER prove or change the facts that what Obama said took place did. IT WILL NEVER BE DISPROVE

  13. It was a (stealth) helicopter that they destroyed, not a Jet!!
    (BTW….. Those pieces that were carted away may /maybe in the hands of the Chinese already…….Pakistan’s ally)

    See how you made a mistake already?…..goes to show how these inconsistencies do occur eh?….lol.

    …….’Does that make sense? somebody ‘told u’? anybody could say anything, that’s so elementary”

    Are you listening or rereading what you are typing?
    This is exactly why we have to ask the ‘alternative; questions……because they can say ‘anything’ and people would believe…..not to mention the fact that they have openly confessed that they constantly lie…..duh?!?
    Stop being so ‘elementary’ Smooth Chocolate…..say no to the next glass of Kool-Aid.
    Have an open mind and accept that these people lie and cover up for their agendas, to do otherwise is to insult your intelligence and suppress your conscience.

  14. The US searched 10 years for Bin Laden and finally brought him to Justice ( they claim).

    @ People like smooth chocolate……questions:

    How do you feel about the US invading a sovereign country to carry out an assassination of a known (they say ) terrorist?

    Who would you blame for the millions of deaths of innocent people in Iraq, who were killed because the US went to war on lies?

    What do you think about the fact that Louis Possada, the known terrorist mastermind (CIA operative) behind the Cubana bombing, was free to live in his ‘mansion’ in Miami untouched until this day?

    What are your thought on the CIA selling heroin in Harlem to secure funds for the funding of rebels to overthrow the DEMOCRATICALLY elected Government in the Contra scandal?

    When you have seriously answered these questions, then ask yourself, honestly……can you really trust everything the y say?

    Not believing a known liar does not make you a conspiracy theorist…….

    • @Techie

      It is interesting to listen to for Secretary of State Colin Powell on the bin Laden capture.

      How about juxtaposing his WMD position given his absolute trust now in the US government?

      Interesting observations that’s all, nothing wrong with asking questions at all.

  15. Yeah! thefirst casulty of war is the truth and both sides used propaganda to influencethe public into beliving what they want them to believe. Then we have the conspiracytheorist with their own version of the truth and an agenda to sells books and to do so they have to keep the flames of half truth and conspiracy theories burning .

  16. Why no video of a resisting and cowering Bin Laden?
    Was the unarmed Bin Laden a martial arts master that he could not be controlled and captured by elite Navy Seals?

    The American government has shown that it has soldiers that will go anywhere and do anything they are commanded to do, including killing innocent people.

    The last authenticated Bin Laden audio message was his denial of involvement in 9/11, in which he pointed the finger of blame at forces within the US administration.

    The subsequent video message, where an actor claimed responsibility for the attacks, has proven to be a faked, broad faced man, wearing jewelry and using his right instead of Bin Ladens natural left hand to write a note.

    This was all in late 2001. There has been no video messages and only sporadic audio messages that even the CIA do not claim to authenticate, from Osama since then.

    The real conspiracy theory is the American version of things.

    A billionaire religious zealot goes on a worldwide Jihad and demonstrates remarkable skills in espionage, networking, planning, implementation and evasion for 10 years! Plots so dastardly that he could organise the absolute destruction of the twin towers, hit the headquarters of Western military command and not be captured or killed until the 10th anniversary of the attacks!?

    If you believe that you’d believe anything.


  17. @ David……

    I am sorry but IMHO, nothing that this house nigger says will come across as truth!!!!

    This man stood up and made a case for the invasion of Iraq, knowing full well that he was telling lies . How then can I even start to think he ‘might’ be telling the truth now?
    he says that some will think the pics are Photoshopped…..he should know, he used fake pics to justify a war that killed thousands, if not millions.
    Where are the WMDs… us the link between Iraq and Bin Laden.
    Colin Powell will go down in history IMHO, similar to Oliver North!!
    …..and he now wants people to take him seriously?!?….stupse!!

  18. ac | May 8, 2011 at 9:34 PM |

    Yeah! the first casualty of war is the truth and both sides used propaganda to influence the public into believing what they want them to believe. Then we have the conspiracy theorist with their own version of the truth and an agenda to sells books and to do so they have to keep the flames of half truth and conspiracy theories burning .

    If I am to follow your first sentence, then the second will seem as a blatant contradiction!!
    After BOTH sides used their propaganda, what then is left for the so called conspiracy theorists?

  19. @ Peltdownman….


    What not answer the questions I have asked rather than dismissing them as propaganda?
    At least try 😉

  20. @Technician

    I like smooth chocolate choose to believe what the US government reported as fact. u people are alway looking for conspiracies. You should do what u told he/she to do. Stop being so ‘elementary’ .say no to the next carbonated drink. Kool-aid does harm than the coke you consume. in spite of what all the conspiracy stories, nothing has ever been proven, nothing will, so grow up

  21. ….like moths to the flame they come 🙂

    @ me….
    Are you daft or plain ignorant?
    What conspiracy have I ever brought up?
    I challenge you and any other to deny anything I have posted as lies, try answering the questions I asked with an open mind (if you can).
    As soon as you don’t follow blindly, you are called a conspiracy theorist when the hypocrisy and lies are there for all to see.
    Sorry to disappoint but I don’t drink Kool-aid or carbonated drinks guy.
    It is people like you who make the world the place it is. You are the ones who help to perpetrate the lies and the deceit which those in authority tell us.
    You would have anyone believe that you can’t see the double standards and the hypocrisy in the world?
    Your only defense is to label anyone who thinks differently and has another opinion as conspiracy theorist…..stupse!!
    Try answering the question I have asked above, let us compare the answers, discus it and see where it leads……somehow, I doubt you have the testicular fortitude to even free you mind for a second.

    …….’in spite of what all the conspiracy stories, nothing has ever been proven, nothing will, so grow up’.

    That we can agree on, as the same goes for what we have been fed for years…lol.
    I am grown, just not gullible 😉
    So instead of labeling, point out the lies in the questions I have posted…… game?

  22. Some people hatred for america make them blind deaf and dumb in addressing the diferent issues. When a person approaches every issue as being the same it is hard for them to reach a fair and justifiable conclusion based on the facts and the issuesat hand. Every issue is different andshould be approach on thefacts . Comparing the war in Iraq while at the same time addressing the 911issues and using the WMD to justify americas involvement in 911as proof is confaluted and disingenious , Even though 911 may have been a fallout from the war which Bin Laden and AlQeada use as turning point. People are n ot stupid I for one kn ow about the dark sides of america. However on this issue I would side with america rights to protect its people and country from terrorist the likes of Bin Laden who on his arrival used terrorism not to shake one country but to invade the personnal lives of every person that walk this earth and as a result people basic rights are being trampled upon everytime they travel. To me this is personnel.

  23. @ac: “Some people hatred for america make them blind deaf and dumb in addressing the diferent issues.

    I remember a Soviet woman speaking about why she believed her country was wrong…

    “Yummy yummy yummy, I’ve got food in my tummy…

    She noted that it was impossible to express such happiness unless one actually was similarly satisfied….

  24. @Technician | May 9, 2011 at 2:44 PM |
    “….like moths to the flame they come”

    hahahahaha. I am a young female, i don’t a rat’s bottom about you or anything you post. you covertly pointed to ‘conspiracy’ ass. don’t bother responding, i have no interest, ABSOLUTELY NONE.

  25. The former head of intelligence in the British government under Tony Bliar made a statement broadcast on BBC radio Today, that his department was pressured by politicians to make a case for war with Iraq by basically lying that Saddam had the capacity to launch WMD in minutes. He went on to say that the intelligence agency had no evidence to suggest that Iraq had WMD but still fabricated information. And some say there is no conspiracy within governments?


  26. Look up more on the case for war by Britain on the website and check out some of the messages from readers. A great deal of people are calling for war crimes tribunals for Bush, Bliar and others.


  27. The BU family predicted it would happen, it will likely occur outside of Pakistan as well.

    Pakistan ‘Osama Revenge’ Bombings Kill 80

    10:15am UK, Friday May 13, 2011
    At least 80 people have died after double suicide bomb blasts at a Pakistani paramilitary police training centre, claimed to be in revenge for Osama bin Laden’s killing.

    Pakistani Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the attacks, according to Reuters news agency.

    "It’s the first revenge for the martyrdom of… bin Laden. There will be more," Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said by telephone from an undisclosed location.

    The atrocity has been condemned by Pakistani PresidentAsif Ali Zardari and British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

    Full article

  28. BAFBFP | May 7, 2011 at 6:04 PM |

    Thanks for sharing.

    Salutations my bloggers collective
    By the comments by some of you, not much of a RED PILL day for some, so sorry!. You rather go back to sleep in the same old dribble of lies and deceit perpetrated by these well paid WORD SMITHS -oh dear. Well gnash at the teeth if you must but today is RED PILL DAY -so wake-up or go back to sleep

    The Osama Bin Laden Saga -Episode final!?
    The dots to connect on Osama: Bin Laden (wow even spell check accepts his entire name, hmmm, spy-check?) saga are many and spreads all over the media accessing outlets of the world.

    So what have these dots been telling us? This is just my analysis! But first, the history lesson.
    Osama: of the Bin Laden family:-
    1. Was a Saudi Muslim
    2. Was a CIA agent
    2a. Was said to be in a US military hospital having kidney dialysis treatment on the day of 9/11. Hence having access to his blood and DNA wasn’t difficult, let alone his capture!
    3. Brzezinski et al recruited him against the Rusian vs. Afghanistan war.
    4. He was a small meat and potato amongst his peers -a nobody but could bring money to the table
    5. Risen to world notoriety after 9/11
    6. Adopted the name al-Quaeda after 9/11
    7. Al-Quaeda translation reference to toilet
    8. The late foreign secretary Robin Cook in the UK House of Commons exposed Al-Quaeda as a database in use by MI5, before his untimely questionable death.
    9. Several official photos of Osama prove later to be fake just like the many birth certificates by Obama aka Barry Sotoro. Evidently Not enough photoshop savvy could conceal both their un-authentication.
    10. Several voice and video recordings turned out to be yep -fake.
    11. Several individuals were posing as Osama Bin Laden -why and on whose payroll?
    12. Benazir Bhutto made claim that Osama was killed; and by whom shortly before her untimely suspicious assassination.
    13. The FBI did not have Osama: Bin Laden on their most wanted list for 9/11 -Why? perhaps because they knew he had nothing to do with it?

    So do any of those dots paint a picture for you?
    And to all you designated haters of people who like to use the muscle between their ears and you label them Conspiracy Theorist?
    Well I say this. I will stop being a Conspiracy Theorist when I stop getting COINCIDENCE OVERLOAD! I digress.

    In the psychology of a bad situation it is logical to make claim of a great evil for so not to be exposed of a greater evil. In other words pleading guilty of theft to avoid being charged for murder seems like a logical move is it not?

    Here is where I am going with this. Like I have said it is just my analysis! Ok you prefer to Just wait for the 30 – 50 yr rule -Democratic right to withhold the truth for thirty years, to rule it out entirely. Well I don’t. I want answers. Moving on……..

    Many of the monstrosities perpetrated around the globe by the UNITED STATES corporation has been on the premise that it was in pursuit of Bin Laden -the mastermind of terrorism who brought down the Twin towers and reign terror upon us all. Additionally that same corporation has played their hand to another agenda, to bring the people of the USA and subsequently the rest of the planet to their needs and be captured by the New World Order.

    But they under estimated the people and will subsequently fail, due to the fact that on March 30th 2010 the lawful de jure government was re-installed. Hence the Obama de facto government; defunct and broke/broken, liking it or not must wind itself down and get out of dodge. I bet none of you saw that coming well neither did the New World Order vipers.

    By the way, all this talk about Conspiracy but do you really know the definition of the word? Do You? Because this is the problem with most of you. With all due respect you are like programmed indoctrinated lemmings, and often times you don’t even realised it. I take it as fact what the US say/ I am on the US side. Uh? Please! Because based upon so many discrepancies in information and double speak that stinks to high water. I will not side with this evil cartel. But yet again I digress

    So what does Conspiracy boils down to. let me keep it simple. It is two or more individuals planning something amongst themselves in secret/private. There it is so oops, that makes ever one of us a conspirator; with your wife, your mate, friend, church group etc….everybody.

    Now the word “Theorist” is also misused imho. Well a Theory (in the investigative sense) is a proposition that lays out certain conditions or circumstances (known as hypothesis) for validation and is asked to be discarded or recognised as fact, based on the repeated evidence upon which the conditions or circumstances stand. If there is no repeating of the evidence then theory, it never was. So the joining of the two words Conspiracy+Theorist are just manipulative propaganda. So please enough already. Anyway again I digress.

    So to avoid exposure of further fraud and illegitimacy they must put Osama Bin laden saga to rest. Now how do you kill an individual that has been dead a long long time? Well you get a patsy on your payroll and set him up to be killed. At this point think of Harvey: Oswald. Did he get to tell his story -no he was whacked before he could.

    So here is how the Bin laden patsy would tell his story -given the chance. Because dead people can’t talk -this is the point. So here goes.

    I was approach by some men and was asked to be a double of Bin Laden. They confirmed to me that he was dead, but they needed the world to think that he was still alive. I was told that I would be paid x sum of money and all I would have to do is do some photo shoots (no pun intended) and will be kept in a safe secure location with all necessary provisions provided.

    It was a lot of money and all I had to do was lay low do what they say and it would be ching ching for me. So I took the offer and did as they asked and was moved around from time to time, until I ended up in an inconspicuous location in Pakistan. Everything was going great. I remained there with a grin on my face knowing that the world could think that Bin Laden was still alive, and it was because of me, hee hee.

    But man I was tricked. I was there laying low as usual then all of a sudden helicopter appear from nowhere and guns started blazing, and you guess it I got whacked. Man I did not see that coming and now I am the world’s latest patsy.

    The conspirators aka Obama aka Barry Sotoro et, al.
    We can’t let the body be examine it would expose the lie. Well the body is on its way back to the US so whatever we are going to do we need to do it before it gets here. Am he is a Muslim and they are very sensitive about bodies being bury quickly after death. Yeh but we can’t give a burial here. That would give opportunity to examine the body and the public won’t be that sympathetic to the Muslim traditions of an assumed terrorist. I know, how about dumping the body at sea? We’ve got some of Osama’s Blood and DNA due to his visits to our bases, to deal with his kidney problem. But the blood has to match that of the scene of the hit. Don’t worry I will let one of our sweeper team take care of that and delay any media until everything is in placed -they have dealt with this kind of thing before -there are well trained for this kind of damage control.

    So what shall we say was the reason for dumping the body? Not dumping, we shall say that out of respect for the Muslim tradition and fear of reprisal that we give Osama’s body a burial at sea. You think they would go for it? well regardless, it is better than all the other alternatives. That’s right, give the orders. Ok!

    The soldiers
    We were given orders to go and extract the enemy know as Osama Bin Laden which intel told us was hiding in secret hideout in Pakistan. Things happen pretty quickly and soon we were in a fire fight but they were no match for us US marines. We subsequently took possession of a body fitting the description of Osama: Bin Laden. We were later given orders to release the body to the sea. So we let the fishes have what remaining of him, Horaah!

    The truth is often times stranger then fiction.
    So that is my picture of analysis. Perhaps you got a better one? but please don’t ask to accept the so call official story because the cognitive judgement the all mighty blessed me with will not allow it.

    Take care of yourselves and each other!

  29. @Myturn2speak

    You have said a lot there!

    Some time ago BU questioned Pakistan’s response to the US invading its sovereign space to extract/assassinate bin Laden. The consensus was that the US had to do it that way because Pakistan could not be trusted, Pakistan had to be quiet about it because of the 1.5 billion in aid it receives annually from the USA. How much does anybody want to bet it wouldn’t dare do the same to Israel who receives tons of aid? Here is a story which suggests Pakistan has changed its sheepish position.

  30. BAFBFP & Myturn2speak, assuming that you are correct, what, in your view, in simple terms, is the objective of the group(s) behind these events? Is it simply a desire to accumulate the world’s wealth and pass it on to their descendants (given this short life), who are programmed to repeat the same or is there a more meaningful objective? Our lives occupy such a minute portion of this world that any man’s contribution, good or bad, seems ultimately irrelevant to the total.

  31. @ BU Bloggers Collective
    I hope you had a wonderful and productive week. Love and Light to you all!
    @ David | May 14, 2011 at 7:20 AM |
    Sorry late-ish response to your posted comments but was tied up with the business and family duties.

    David your above link didn’t work for me. Has it been moved?

    “…Pakistan had to be quiet about it because of the 1.5 billion in aid it receives annually from the USA…”

    Well as you know Money talks -Bullshit walks -and Conscience takes a vacation!
    In Pakistan’s case, this is politics as you well know with different special interest. Also there is ego in politics as well. So Pakistan now has to tussle with being in accord with their Muslims and still look tough on terrorism as you know. Time to get out the damage control spin and bolstering-ism manual 101, on chapter how to save your tush while your pants is on fire.

    Furthermore, in this arena this is how political will is bought through aid and funding. However I have a different assessment of Is-ra-el. I have a view that Is-ra-el has more voice in this world than the US. Laugh if you will but I feel the money from US is bully payment.

    For some time I have notice there is one rule for Is-ra-el and another for the rest of the world. They can do no wrong -or be accountable in this current political forum of injustice. Just look what they did today. Ten Palestinian stone throwers dead at demonstration by Is-ra-elis soldiers with guns. In the case of putting the dots together, in my suspicious opinion Is-ra-el is also Machiavelli central. But as always I digress.

    But back to your point with Is-ra-el and US -of course. The US wouldn’t dear. But I must respond at the nonsense I heard on the UK radio today. They want to arrest Ghadafi on human rights charges. What about the constant US and Is-ra-el human rights violations. What a bunch of corrupt hypocrites the UN is. (I am not going to list those violations here -they are well documented). I call both US and Is-ra-el the Untouchable duet. At least in this legal system of things, because they do not act within the law (any sane individual can see that) nor do they have to. Because Legal and lawful are like chalk and cheese. But THANKS to some brave men and women however, THE LAW OF THE LAND IS ON ITS WAY BACK.

    Oh how often do I observe the justifying and rationalising of wrong doing on humanity? It has become a blatant sophistication on our psyche. But the remedy of wrong doing is not complicated. I am not on a soapbox here, but these are the fundamental arcane knowledge that we must quickly get to grips with.

    But tell me David based upon all that you know and what long historical evidence there is -some of which I may have now affirmed with you, regarding Bin Laden -is my detailed proposition less persuasive than the official story? I mean even in the medical profession of diagnosis, when there one or more anomaly symptoms in the mix then the prognosis for treatment are rejected for a new one. The official Bin Laden story is laden with holes (no pun intended) and suspicion. Why? Because additionally, the actions took by Obama (aka Barry Sortoro) et, al. was the behaviour of someone having something to hide?

    But in defining where one stands on the matter, it will come down to whether you believe Bin Laden was long time dead or just met with his timely demise. I think I have divulged my position at length. Love and Light to you!

    A. Freeman | May 14, 2011 at 8:19 AM |
    “BAFBFP & Myturn2speak, assuming that you are correct, what, in your view, in simple terms, is the objective of the group(s) behind these events? Is it simply a desire to accumulate the world’s wealth and pass it on to their descendants (given this short life), who are programmed to repeat the same or is there a more meaningful objective? Our lives occupy such a minute portion of this world that any man’s contribution, good or bad, seems ultimately irrelevant to the total”.

    I am constantly speaking about moving our thinking away from the WHAT towards pursuing a greater understanding of the WHO and WHY.

    Your posted article is doing exactly that. Thank you so much for sharing. Love and Light to you!
    It is one thing to read an article but when you observe the very things exposed within being played out in your neighbourhood right before your eyes -it brings the words to life. Anybody who reads that same article and still not grasp the type of minds we are dealing with -Need a check up from the neck up!

    We have born discovery of late -a sinister organisation called Common Purpose which has brought the kind of manipulation within many of the UK establishments which the article highlights. Common Purpose is highly secretive yet is with an unchallenged charity status by officialdom, which is a violation in terms. So the rot is everywhere. And when you dig deep into the research of this kind, you acknowledge that the focus of the taking over of key areas of importance is one of their key steps in the Communist handbook.

    A. Freeman, I am in accord with your analysis questions with a few exceptions. Reflecting back on your question, it is often never simple -But let me take a butcher’s at providing answer.

    They are a psycho-pathological bunch. I mean take some logic for a sec. Like you I have considered they wanting to secure the wealth for their offspring. But then look at it with a few questions. Asking the right question is always a leap step towards solutions. So it was as follows.

    1. How much food or drink can they consume on a daily basis?
    2. How much clothing, jewellery, cars, houses, trinkets can an individual utilise?
    IMHO it is more sinister than that. Because if it was just the above then why would they observably do everything to create scarcity on the planet? No! We have become their trinkets and things. It is about power and control of the farm and we are the livestock.

    That is why I know that they are sick in their heads of the clever kind. -a clever madness if you will. It’s the kind that would look straight through you with no remorse what so ever.

    They need us to be convinced that we need them as our masters -that without them we will be vulnerable and afraid. Hence the constant manipulation of everything around us. They are the ones creating a crisis, where there was once harmony.

    As I have constantly said before, the remedy of wrong doing is not difficult but you have got to be operating within the LAW. The world is in ADMIRALTY (sea law) and until we get back into the LAW (common Law of the Land), these people can do most of whatever they like with impunity.

    On the other hand there are clever minds on this planet right now, that if let loose will provide abundance of everything for mankind to enjoy. And that is Pro facti. There has been an abundance of everything on this planet of everything for a long time but it is the distribution process that is divisive. If we change that then we would have changed most. Which brings to mind? The world over-population argument is for the cognitive deficient. You see the DUALITY aspect of these issues is -when you know the answer to what work; it also reveals ways of making it not work. See for yourself why everything we hear is indoctrinated nonsense. IGNORANCE is truly a lazy occupation.

    But this evil carries many heads or tentacles as it were.
    On May 1st was another Illuminati birthday (hope there was mice in the cake) as we’re told. And here is what they would have been reminding themselves of:
    1. Monetary and sex bribery will be used to gain control of men already in high places and roles of government.

    2. Cultivate and recruit the best minds in the education arena by illuminating educational sympathisers of faculty.

    3. Influential students, especially those trained and control by the brotherhood will be placed behind the scenes in positions of government, religion, and financial institutions and will be used as agents.

    4. Secret societies will gain absolute domination of the mainstream media, so that all news and media will convince the mass population in that a one world government is the only solution to our problems

    5. Employ all resources in place to initiate military coup that would overthrow all opposing (Sovereign?) governments and put the world under one global government controlled by the illuminati.

    I would say step 5 is well on its way in an uncanny fashion wouldn’t you say?

    There are some of you bloggers collective who still think that world events are mere coincidences. really? Well is there any politician credible enough to tell you differently? How about this one?
    “….In politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way” Franklyn: D. Roosevelt.
    Like I have said ignorance is a lazy occupation. We need to start pointing fingers and make people accountable.

    Back to the article, I must stress of a very important factor that was laid within its sentencing. We must recognise the distorted use of some of the sovereign words in their definition such as the Crown and Monarchy, Federal Reserve etc.

    We must reach resolute that UNDER TODAY STRUCTURE they are not representing true sovereignty at all -they are private entities sucking the life out of sovereignty. This is one of the biggest world deceptions in practice. Another area of trickery is the central banks of countries.

    What we are discovering is that these banks are in fact owned by very hidden oligarchy enterprise -not the SOVEREIGN citizens. Only time will tell if Barbados’ is one of the exceptions. But imho (I could be wrong) there are tell tale signs. If it is worded as the Central Bank of Barbados instead of Barbados Central Bank can have implicated consequences.
    Anyway this stuff is not a bed time story at all -yet many of you are asleep- It’s time to wake up from the nightmares.

    Let’s have a bit of questions and answers. The UK Recently had the Census and I am still outrage by the insidious and invasive questions asked.
    Let’s see if a consensus can be reached by my fellow bloggers collective shall we?

    Question 1. Why did the US enter a Sovereign Pakistan the way they did?
    Answer 1. The Pakistan Government give them permission?
    Yes Go to Ques 2 No? Go to Answer 2
    Answer 2. The US don’t ask permission… it has been doing this kind of thing for years. Don’t you remember Noriega?
    Yes! Go to Ques 3 No? Go to Answer 3
    Question 2. why would they do that?
    Answer 3. Because Pakistan is on their payroll and who dear to bite the hands that feeds them.
    Yes! Go to Ques 3. No? Go to Answer 4.
    Answer 4. Bin Laden was too hot a potato for officials of a Muslim occupied Pakistan.
    Yes! Go to Ques 3. No? Go to Answer 4
    Question 3. Would that still not be a big risk for Pakistan?
    Yes! Go to Ques 4 No? Go to Answer 5
    Answer 4. Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it’s time for a beer.
    Answer 5. Only if they get caught or expose for doing so, but their choices were limited on the matter.
    Yes! Go to Ques 4 No? Go to Answer 6
    Answer 6. Your guess is as good as mine. I think you need another beer. quit or Go to Ques 4
    Question 4. Sorry that’s enough questions for today, however we can all keep asking the right questions or head to the fridge for a beer. Ignorance and gullibility/stupidity seems like bliss after a few.
    Problem though, what if you don’t like beer?

    Take care of yourselves and each other!

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