CARICOM Consumer Sentiment Survey, 1st Edition

The Department of Management Studies at UWI Cave Hill first quarterly edition survey of consumer sentiment across Caricom - Click image to read report

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  1. Given that several of the countries surveyed are almost entirely dependant on tourism and FDI the Customer Expectations Index 67 for the Caricom compared to key source markets UK 38 is surprising and Canada, 67.5 .

  2. A partial explanation might be that levels of unemployment in the Caribbean while high have not increased in the last year to the same extent as in the UK and the USA.

  3. I am somewhat surprised that government policies got such a low rating in Trinidad & Tobago and St. Kitts & nevis.

    I am also surprised at the high rating in St. Vincent & grenadines.

  4. You have to love Barbados. While consumer survey has been a one day half of a story in BIm, I have been bombarded with licks and praises from St,. Kitts where the consumer sentiment survey has apparently been generating quite a bit of controversy.

    I am sure you can guess which sides of the spectrum the licks and praise shave been coming from.

  5. Don’t be surprised Dr, key stakeholders prefer to push agendas which make more noise to the constituents they serve. The media, the consumer organizations, the media and social commentators should be so glad for the quantitative data now being provided to inform the debate on cost of living and the important issue forcing a change in consumer behaviour, more like forcing the genie into the bottle we know. These are the ones who are the first to say we don’t hear from those on the Hill.

    BU makes no apology of late for referring to Bajans as educated fools.

  6. Reading this study the Barbados public does not seem as unhappy with the government’s economic policies as some of the other threads on BU suggest.

  7. Does anyone have a sense as to why the Trinis are so unhappy with their government and the economy?

    Is it just that incumbents everywhere (including Obama) are having a tough time due to the effects of the recession now compounded by the rise in oil and commodity prices?

    Exactly what are the vincis so pleased about? I got the sense from the media that the country was quite unsettled.

    I wopuld like my journalists to do some digging and fed me some real analysis.

  8. If we look at the Barbados situation objectively (as I was taught back in the 1940s you should do) after a long recession we have had two quarters of growth over 2%. We thought we might be on course for our bonds to get junbk status, but S&P just affirmed thye credit rating. I think unemployment also fell a bit and the fiscal deficit fell by $100ml.

    I hope Stuart continues to keep quiet, there have certainly been improvements while he has been quiet.

  9. One would have reasonably thought the government of Barbados would have jumped all over this report to use as a defense of its stewardship of the economy during difficult times. Maybe the DLP needs to bring back HH.

    Regarding St. Vincent’s confidence maybe it is not only tied to the economy but their spirit and self belief that they will find a way to pull through. Often forgotten is the mental toughness of Caribbean people from the EC forged out of natural disasters they have withstood.

  10. Where has the Bajan spirit gone. We have come through this crisis reasonably okay. Nothing has happened that we cannot build back.

    We should not the people who miss the largesse and living high on the hog from government projects shpae the agenda.

  11. You might be on to something though david. Maybe persons in Guyana and SVGb still know how to cut and contrive, and appreciate what they have.

    I hold no brief for the DLP but I lived through 1976, 1981, and 1991 and to me this has been the easiest recession on the average man, but its some of the most bawling I have ever heard.

  12. David wrote “One would have reasonably thought the government of Barbados would have jumped all over this report to use as a defense of its stewardship of the economy during difficult times.”

    Maybe the DLP knows Bajans really well. They don’t like too much spin bowling.

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