Peter Boos Pushing To Make Barbados Entrepreneurial Hub By 2020 – Is He Fighting The Political Ghost Of Sir Lloyd Sandiford?

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Peter Boos

The idea that Mr. Peter Boos has of making sure that Barbados becomes the No. 1 entrepreneurial hub in the world by 2020 – is one big bogus idea.

Such an idea needs to be put alongside that of another big flawed, foolish idea – one which was often bandied about by the last BLP Government in the early 2000s, and one which by mid 2000s had become utterly meaningless  – the bid to make Barbados become a developed country by 2020.

While the PDC has no qualms whatsoever with Mr. Boos’ voicing  support for the development of a strong entrepreneurial culture in Barbados in the long term, we have great difficulty at this stage with this attempt of his to “play” with the minds of many people in this country, with this illusory notion of Barbados becoming the No 1 entrepreneurial hub of the world by 2020.

Furthermore, whereas we do not have any problem with this goodly public figure espousing values consistent with the achievement of a better entrepreneurialism for Barbados, we do have fundamental misgivings with he and his group (Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation) having held a useless ineffectual two-day Barbados National Entrepreneurship Summit in the expensive plushness of a Needham Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel, decorated with “flashing lights”, and interrupted with “pulsating music and snazzy slideshows” ( pg. 15 Monday, December 6, 2010, Barbados Business Authority), when, at a point in time of increasing, great hardship and misery for so many thousands in Barbados, he and they could have made use of the ordinary comfort of some community centers, some schools across the country, to put forward real effective ideas to help solve many of the fundamental social, political, material and financial problems presently facing the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country.

What a spectacular dastard shame!!!

Indeed, what Barbadian history has so far told us – the PDC – is that with contradictions such as those remaining unresolved, there will be bound to continue in this country, a  sufficiency of social material conditions that will gather along the way that will provide the triggers for great social political conflict in Barbados in the foreseeable future, unless popular intervention takes place in this country, in a country that is well under way to becoming a second rate so-called Third World developing country – a tale of two Barbadoses – the rich continuing to live in luxury, and the poor in pure misery.

Yet, against the backdrop of these well known contradictions, Boos mockingly writes, in a very Lincolnist way, in the said Barbados Business Authority edition, “that the push for Barbados to become the No. 1 entrepreneurial hub was born of Barbadian people for Barbadian people and can only be delivered by Barbadians, and that success will require the spirit and innovation in all Barbadians to be unleashed; no single group can succeed in this significant national challenge. It is better than each of us”.

Hence, Boos can rightly be accused of getting off to a bad start with this idea of his already,  in terms of his falsely playing to the hearts and minds of the people of Barbados, with  open-ended emotional and vague ideals. Also, it is very clear by his actions that he is NOT prepared to walk – literally, metaphorically – alongside of  many of the ordinary people in this country, who he believes have to be among the main recipients of his ill-directed distorted message – as well as the other main recipients being many of those among the local and international elites!!

But, how can Boos expect to help create a new entrepreneurship culture for Barbados, and, in the process, start off with such an elitist conservative agenda, when at the same time the soaring psychological  heights to which he wishes many of our hapless poor middle class workers in  government, in the traditional private sector, etc. to ascend to, are out of sync with and are hindered by the realities of facing up to daily struggles to redeem a very high cost of living that is helped up by the old entrepreneurial business class in this country?

And, how reasonable can he be when he sets about imagining the creating of such a culture without  defining properly for the public what he means by an entrepreneurial hub?; without saying exactly what he means by Barbados becoming the No 1 entrepreneurial hub in the world?, and without stating exactly where Barbados is right now positioned within the context of any understanding that these types of deficiencies in rationalization really exist? and within the context of an assumption that there is this   “mapped trajectory” that would really take Barbados towards this “goal”? – indeed, some of the types of colossal intellectual political errors former prime minister Owen Arthur made with his references to Barbados becoming a developed country.

But, who would believe that  nearly twenty years ago, at a time of great economic financial crisis in Barbados, this “same” Boos was at the forefront of major criticisms and attempts that were being made by certain people in Barbados to get the rid of the then democratically elected Sandiford Government – but  which ultimately then was something they succeeded in doing some couple years later on?? So, in 1991, he and many others esp. within the Barbados Private Sector Agency/the Barbados Labour Party, and the BWU/NUPW trade unions had accused the Sandiford Government of gross incompetence in the management of the economic affairs of the country, and had called for Mr. Sandiford (now Sir Lloyd) and company  to go – publicly and privately. Thus, Boos  had sought a demagogic political solution to that particular problem.

Now, twenty years onwards, and with Barbados being in a far worse material financial position than at that time, a now retired, less combative individual, sees entrepreneurship as a primary political business financial solution to the country’s economic performance. Perhaps Boos, is now fighting the political ghost of Sandiford, with his seeking to conjure up a PRIVATE SECTOR counterfoil to another equally flawed joke idea that Barbados is  not only an economy but also a SOCIETY.

But, in his piece in the said Barbados Business Authority, he is reported as saying that Barbados requires a new entrepreneurial dynamic that will transform our economic performance. What trash!!!

Clearly, entrepreneurialism, or entrepreneurship, cannot be reasonably seen by the PDC as the solution to what are some of the very big deep-seated political material financial problems facing this country at this stage, and moreover as one relates this question of a solution to  the fundamental issue of countrymen and women doing the right things to reposition and restructure the material productive distribution and financial affairs of this country – when entrepreneurship is already a major problem itself in Barbados. He just needs to ask a former President of the BCCI, who some time ago suggested that too many business people depended on government for too many things!!

Furthermore, what has also made  Boos’ idea to help make Barbados become the No 1 entrepreneurial hub by 2020, so untenable, so wretched already is that he has so far failed to speak to the fact that entrepreneurship (the entrepreneurial function)  is just one of the other major factors of production existing within Barbados (the others being land, labour, capital, technology, managerial capacity, etc).

So, for him to theoretically rig up five so-called pillars, that he says are so important in helping to create the conditions necessary for entrepreneurial success in Barbados – Finance Availability, Government Policy, Business Facilitation, Education and Talent, Mentoring and Networking – although good in themselves in any bid to bring about  entrepreneurial success,  at the apparent expense of the development of the other four or so main factors of production that  exist within Barbados, and at the expense of the milieus or conditions within which they are found, is/must be an example of an old envious publicity seeking chartered accountant whose best attempts are with the promulgation of very old myopic unstudied ideas.

And what will surely undermine if not derail his thrust in pursuit of this ignus fatuus idea is that of the old archaic planter  merchant driven entrepreneurial culture and spirit that way back in 1991, needed to be dug up and remoulded, but which was not then done so, primarily because he and many others wished to extract short term political capital/gain, and as such the dangerous parochial effects of such a culture and spirit which continue to be ignored by him and  henchmen for strong remedial action.

Also, would Boos not have previously thought  at any time before,  that this brand of Quixotism of his would be hurt by his or his cronies’ in Barbados, being in no position whatsoever at any time to control the rate at which other entrepreneurial hubs in this world would be growing and developing? and hence these kinds of factors signifying that he  and they would be in no position to determine whether Barbados would be no 1 by any particular time?? Also, for him and his cronies to have previously mused on the smallness of and the untold imperfections and inadequacies found within the goods and services market spaces in his island, would have been a little more than enough to tell them that these kinds of considerations would be far more important than seeking to generate public passion and enthusiasm on the basis of this very flawed idea of his?

Meanwhile, in the said Barbados Business Authority edition,  a Mr. Randolph Sandiford, in  presenting a very contrasting side to the “issue” of whether Barbados can become the No 1 entrepreneurial hub by 2020?, does  make it quite clear that he believes that Barbados’s ability to become an entrepreneurial hub is more dependent on political will than on sheer research and analysis.

He also suggests that with the type of slow-moving bureaucratic obstacles found in Barbados, this  idea of Boos becomes  largely still born.

While Sandiford is, to some extent, accurate in those and some other views on such a question, it is discomfiting still that he has left open the possibility that Barbados can indeed become an entrepreneurial hub by such a time, once the requisite political conditions that would lead to a type of authoritarianism would be present.

Well, for us, though, what we must tell Boos, Sandiford and many others in Barbados, is that there will be no such entrepreneurial hub that Barbados can at anytime time ever become unless – great causes such as the Abolition of Taxation, the Abolition of Interest Rates, the Abolition Motor Vehicle Insurance, Abolition of the virtual Social State, etc. are realized, and the “right” people centered democratic social, political, material and financial  systems, and the “right” strategies structures to support such systems put in place, to help make sure that Barbados becomes a world class society in an increasingly integrative, competitive increasingly globalized environment.

So long.

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  1. What a load of utter rubbish spewing from Peter Boos a person who talks a lot of long talk but what really can one extract and use from his airy fairy mouthings ?

    Is there anything that one can hold onto and ah yes we can make this happen ?
    Never so with Boos, as before this is merely a method of gathering campaing funding for his beloved Owen and Mottley.

    This is the same person that authorised a monthly payment of Barbadian Tax Payers Dollars to one Brenda Pope to the tune of $ 30,000.00 per month as a salary ? For a non descript entity called Legacy Barbados another nonsense idea and who was at the helm ?
    No lesser a person that the same Pewter Boos.

    If so he has some gall to be collecting money for the BLP again from the people of this island.

  2. Another useless article from the PDC. Not only is the PDC a non-sense but clearly it is irrelevant to virtually the entire country.

  3. Freedom of information legislation are rules that guarantee access to data held by the state. They establish a “right-to-know” legal process by which requests may be made for government-held information, to be received freely or at minimal cost, barring standard exceptions – Wikipedia

    The excuse can be made that Integrity Legislation (IL) is a hard nut for the Barbados government to crack. The smooth implementation of IL is regarded as challenging for small countries like Barbados where nobody is a stranger. The same can’t be said for implementing Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation. Three years into its term the government of Barbados needs to deliver on FOI to be assured of some credibility before entering the gearing-up period for the next general election.

    The benefit when FOI is implemented will be to arm the general public with the right of access to state data/information. There is an urgent need to replace vacuous commentary on the Internet, radio and wider society in Barbados. The cynics among us may hold the view that enforcing the legislation will prove to be another hurdle to overcome given the lousy track record of archive management in the public service. Last week BU was able to publish the list of entities who received monies from the Tourism Investment Relief Fund (TIRF). By making the names public some Barbadians were able to ask pertinent questions about the closure of the Silver Sands Hotel. Unfortunately the traditional media has not been able to determine whether the TIRF List is newsworthy.

    Barbados participated in the hosting of CWC in 2007. The legacy of hosting CWC2007 was promoted by the former government as the major benefit to justify spending millions of dollars on the project. The jury is out on whether it was a good decision, in light of the current global recession, we may never know. CWC2007 may yet be recorded in history as the project which yielded minimal return on investment compared to all other government projects, the exception being Greenland!.

    Many Barbadians may not be aware that Legacy Barbados Inc (LBI) was established in 2006 to pursue legacy opportunities associated with CWC2007. The original LBI Board was comprised of Peter Boos (Chairman), Chris De Caires, Stephen Alleyne, Lionel Weekes, Harold Hoyte, Margo Hewitt, Keith Miller, Peter Odle and Keith Marshall. BU recently reviewed information which highlights the pressing need for FOI to be proclaimed in Barbados so that Barbadians can see up close how tax dollars are spent. BU has to be guarded as always to protect our sources.

    Until the information is made public we invite former Chairman of Legacy Mr. Peter Boos a few questions. Let the record reflect we have not accused anyone of wrong doing but it is the public’s right to know how tax dollars are being spent by public Boards!

    1.On what basis was Brenda Pope, a partner at KPMG at the time seconded by you (Boos) and paid BDS155,250.00 by LBI for the period Oct 2006 to Feb 2007? Can the public see the terms of engagement?
    2.On what basis did you agree to pay the London based company pmpLegacy the amount of BDS82,226.87 which was part of a larger contract? Our information indicates the agreement was signed off by you (Boos) and Peter Mann of pmpLegacy without the approval of LBI Board and before legal vetting was finalized by the Solicitor General’s Office.
    It is reasonable to expect that a man of Boos background should be able to answer the questions posed without undue stress. BU congratulates him on his recent appointment as Chairman of the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation. We hope he is able to stay the course this time around which would contrast with his tenure at Invest Barbados and LBI.

  4. “that Barbados becomes the No. 1 entrepreneurial hub in the world by 2020”

    Another catch phrase of equine effluent.

    Actually Barbados is already an entrepreneurial hub except it is limited to buying and selling.
    Street vendors are entrepreneurs.

  5. @ Opposition at Sea

    You asked for Hartley Henry’s terms of reference and job description? Further, what was the ‘one Brenda Pope’, a B’dos Scholar, being paid as a senior partner @ KPMG since she was seconded?

    This is my issue with FOI that it may just be a vehicle for people to malicious in other people’s business and as such will deter the best and brightest from getting involved.

  6. Flowery chatter with little real meaning or something that one can quantify.
    Listen to me this is nothing more than Boos finding a channel to muster campaign funding for Owen you remember his close ties to IB and Legacy Etc, Etc ?

  7. @Enuff

    Your position on FOI is questionable. It guarantees a situation where decisions will be open to public scrutiny and by necessity should clean. Why would any honest citizen not want to operate in such a condition?

  8. @ David
    My position is questionable and you are being naive. Just look at the malicious way in which ‘Opposition at Sea’ sought to portray Ms. Pope for your answer.
    Is it simply about honesty, what about personal privacy? B’dos unlike the US etc is 166 sq miles, the likelihood of being known or seen by all and sundry is far greater. If the woman Ms. Pope got seconded from her senior partner role at KPMG to Legends why must that be used to ridicule her and Boos? Who takes on a seconded post that is less than what they earn?
    What is even more stomach churning is that such a commentary is coming from someone whose party paid Mr. Henry $100,000+ per year from the public purse as a political advisor while he remained employed by other governments throughout the Caribbean.

  9. Boos is merely building a war chest of campaign funding for the BLP under the guise of this nonsense he is touting.

    And extracting from good corporate citizens but it is nothing more that an avenue thru which he can collect monies fro business houses and redirect to his pal Owen at election time, it is nothing less it is nothing more but a money gathering operation being managed by their bag man.

    Simple and plain.

  10. @enuff

    FOI facilitates a transparent system. With all the speculation about why Brenda Pope was paid 30 thousand access to the terms of engagement document would have cleared the matter up.

  11. @ Enuff | December 11, 2010 at 9:03 PM |
    “will deter the best and brightest from getting involved.”

    What absolute shite are you talking. What brightest what ..!

  12. @Boycott – use your common sense and do some reading, Barbados is nowhere near what we call “entrepreneurial status’ yet, you can’t even call the Ministry of Commerce for help in getting something patented, you are told as an enquirer to get a patent lawyer, name me one, please we have a long way to go. What Peter Boos and the like should do is to put their money where their mouth is, take a group of financiers and entrepreneurs up to Switzerland for a couple of weeks at first, let them all see what those business houses are doing for the entrepreneur and what the entrepreneur is doing, go to Singapore see what they are doing, take some lessons from them.These two countries are leading the world by a milestone when it comes to entrepreneurism so Peter Boos you only trying to sound sweet but you talking bare rubbish.

  13. Ms Pope’s value to any entity, as does that of Dr Roach who was drafted at last minute as a “Cultural Consultant” , after she was relieved of her CBC posting needs to be justified. Malice my ass …!

    I will not get past this “brightest and best” sentiment …

  14. @ BAFBFP
    Haha because Pope and Roach in your opinion are neither the brightest not best does not mean that such people don’t exist.

  15. PDC article talks of *great causes such as the Abolition of Taxation, the Abolition of Interest Rates, the Abolition Motor Vehicle Insurance, Abolition of the virtual Social State*

    And you say Boos is talking trash?

    Y’all maybe opposite ends of the same boat…to nowhere…


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