Prime Minister David Thompson Succumbs To Cancer At 48

Late Prime Minister The Hon David Thompson QC MP, 1961 - 2010

BU is saddened to learn of the passing of  the late Prime Minister David Thompson MP QC,. He died about 2.10 AM (23 October 2010).

We join all Barbadians in extending sincere condolences to his family – wife Mara, mother Margaret Knight, children and close family members.

In this moment of sorrow the Lord I’d in our midst and consoles us with His word. Month eye has seen nor ear heard, nor the human heart conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. Blessed are the sorrowful for they shall be comforted. Into your hands O Lord, we humbly entrust our brother. In this life you embraced him with your tender love and opened to him the gates of heaven. The old order has passed away and you welcome him into paradise, where there will be no sorrow, nor weeping nor pain, but fullness of peace and joy with your Son and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever Rev Guy Hewitt

130 thoughts on “Prime Minister David Thompson Succumbs To Cancer At 48

  1. @islandgal246 | October 24, 2010 at 9:46 PM | Je ne sais pas, mais toujours j’ai pense que c’etait Andy Williams. I will try to find out.

  2. @Islandgal246. Can’t find anything about Elvis, but it was written by music legend Tom Paxton. There is surprisingly little about this work available online. However, my information as to how it relates to John F. Kennedy comes from an imperfect memory of over 30 years ago when I read the sleeve of the Nana Mouscouri recording. As I say, my memory is imperfect on that, but I seem to recall that Andy Williams recorded it as a tribute to Kennedy and sung it at one of the events surrounding the Kennedy funeral. I cannot find any confirmation on the web on it, however.

  3. I don’t know much about barbados history but I know the Hymn – Safe In the Arms of Jesus would be fitting for the beloved former Honorable Prime Minister, none other than David Thompson.
    Rest comfortably in peace.

  4. Condolences to the Thompson family and all Bajans at home and in the diaspora.

    I love Nana Mouskouri too! I saw her in live performances only FOUR times. Even if she sings the same songs, I always went to see her when she came. Beautiful voice, excellent phrasing, great sensitivity and tone. Her singing is almost orgasmic!

  5. @Pat
    You wrote “I saw her in live performances only FOUR times”

    I have never seen her in concert so you were very fortunate to have heard her live 4 times. I envy you! The purity of her voice is unmatched. She is phenomenal!

  6. @Pat, Islandgal, Bonny. Careful – we are showing our age. Yes, I am an admirer of Nana. Saw her live, but only once.

  7. @Amused
    I think Nana’s music will appeal to any age once they are exposed to it.

    Re “Outward bound” this reminded me of a really beautiful final farewell, people in the North of India perform for their loved ones. The make small boat out of the rushes that grow by the river in which they then place the ashes of their loved ones. The priest or elder who knew the deceased would recite some verses , family members would have a bath in the river and allow the boat to start its “outward bound” journey.

  8. My computer crashed,therefore I was unable to extend condolences to the family of our dearly departed former Prime Minister David Thompson . I do so now with heartfelt sympathy from my family.
    The death of former Prime Minister David Thompson is a tragic lost to this country and indeed the Caribbean.
    We had some tragic occurrences in Barbados this year.Tragic death of those six young ladies in the Tudor Street tragedy,the recent floods and now the death of our beloved former Prime Minister David Thompson.Is an omen descending on Barbados?
    Bonny Peppa my darling I did not know that my sweet heart & sugar plum was sick.Oh dear my gorgeous, I hope you are feeling better now.If this Negroman did know that my darling my was ill,I would have been there at your side nursing my sugar plum back to good health.

  9. Amused
    My darlin, you are so swoite. I am fifty sumting. De ‘sumting’ is what i doan rememba. LOLLLLLLLL ya sweet thang ya.

    My honey-comb, soon to be hussy, you are my cheese in a salt bread wid a red Ju-C. You are so romantic and tender like a good sirloin, you make me whet all ova n blush like Revlon. muahhhhhhhhhh. De flu hit me fa six and now my PM’s passing hit me fa sixes man. I was really sad on Saturday man. My son woke me around 3 or so and told me that he just heard and that he was taking an officer, who has no trans-p, to work at that time after it happened. I could not go back to sleep a’tall. stupseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  10. @Bonny and Negroman

    LOLLLLLLLL wunna got me brekking up! I want an invitement to de wedding yuh hear? Wunna got de ring yet? Bonny I know yuh got expensive tastes soh doan le negroman choose ( I tink he might be a Jack Benny).

  11. islandgal
    girl, even if my suga-suga is a Jack Benny, he doan hol’ back when it cum ta me. He does ga de hole 9yds. why you tink i marridin he? he lovin, lovely n lovable. it gun be a garden weddin jus like back in Eden girl. I got de ‘serpent’ reddy ta temp he wid. Chawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  12. Mr. Thompson has gone now, and no longer suffers. May his widow and children find comfort in their love for each other.

    Mr. Negroman recalls Mr. Thompson in his own, special, BU-Family way on Barbados Underground:

    The same Prime Minister is in the back pocket of rat catcher/mango seller Indian who brags that he has the cell number of our leader and every weekend he carries pork,beef,mutton and other foodstuff for our Prime Minister.

    Mr. Bonny Peppa congratulates Mr. Negroman on Barbados Underground:

    Negro My hero, ya got ma cryinnnnnn. Almost fall offa ma chair man. Ya names got ma bawlinnn. Rat muncher. I missed you so much …

  13. @Bonny peppa

    “I got de ‘serpent’ reddy ta temp he wid.”

    LOLLLLLL yuh aint tink yuh got it sw udder way roun?
    AIN’T HE DE ONE DAT GOT DE SERPENT REDDY TO TEMPT YUH WID?………….. ah cryiiiiing wid laughter. ROFLMAO

  14. islandgal
    no, no, no, in dis luv-story, is me dat got de serpent. you talkin bout de bible story? dis is de udda serpent-story. murdahhhh

  15. Emily Dickinson
    Are you Robert Frosts’ conjoined twin or his duplicate? Which witch is which? stupseeeeeeeeeee

  16. Best condolence yet ….

    “My country is mourning the death of our Prime Minister, The right Honourable David John Howard Thompson. He succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 48. He passed away in the early hours Saturday morning. He is survived by his wife Mara, and his three daughters. My sincere condolences to his family. May they have the strength to endure this trying time.

    P.S. I have run out of room on google online albums and I am looking for alternative free storage. Any recommendations?”

    Ah, such sensitivity …

    • The three names are one and the same.

      Sometimes it is good to let people expose themselves, some more. We all know David ‘no ball’ Speller is that way inclined.

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