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Hartley Henry - DLP Political Strategist

Dear Reader, very often one comes across a piece of correspondence that absolutely floors you. In cricketing terms, it’s called an unplayable delivery. You simply do not know what to do with it. You are left dazed! In such circumstances, I have opted over the years to simply pass it on; share it with others and hear what they say. See if their reaction is similar to yours.

The following is a piece of correspondence that was shared with me by a fellow writer at the Barbados Advocate who also was floored by the sincerity and forthrightness of the author, whom none of us knew and who, to this day, remains anonymous. It does not matter who the author was, what matters is that out there in Bajan country, are persons who are sitting up and taking note of the downward spiral in Barbados journalism.

Dear Reader, I shall share the contents of the correspondence, which came in the form of a Letter to the Editor, and offer no further comment…at this time.

Dear Editor:

Thank you for preserving the dignity of the Prime Minister at this most distressing time.

While your neighbour and competitor seem to thrive on classless, insensitive journalism I want to encourage you to continue to take the high road. Less than twenty-four hours after our Prime Minister did what none of us would ever wished to be faced with, the electronic edition of the Nation Newspaper launched an opinion poll which posed the question, and I will paraphrase – Should the Prime Minister reveal to the nation the nature of his illness?.

What I wonder has informed this question. Is it not enough that he has told us that he is ill – so ill in fact that he has asked us to continue to pray for him and craved our forbearance while he attends to his health? I emphasize ‘continue’ because I know as a people we Barbadians always pray for our leaders.

Does the public’s right to know trump a fellow human being’s right to dignity – even if he happens to be the Prime Minister? If we find out the detail of what ails him will that change the course of the events that have unfolded so far? Is it that we wish to ascertain whether the illness that has stricken our Prime Minister is contagious so that it is in the nature of a threat to public health? I think not? What will we be asking for next – what medication he is on or what diet has he been following?

We must resist the unfortunate human condition which tends to gossip. I would expect our media houses should feel a sense of responsibility in making sure that while they fearlessly and impartially report the news they do not lower our common standards of decency and propriety which I hope we still hold dear.

Unfortunately, the Internet poll was one of three offerings from the Nation which I found particularly distasteful. The second was the image of the PM on the front page. Again, whether or not his current state was plastered on the front of today’s paper, the revelation of him handing over the reins of government to his deputy is already newsworthy. This is not a question of the public’s right to know – we know – PM Thompson laid bare his condition on television just the night before.

The dignity of the man, as husband, father and leader of this nation is what is at stake. Why can we not use the ‘official’ photos of our Prime Minister even now? Do you think we will forget that he is not well?

Equally disingenuous to both the Prime Minister and his Deputy – at least in my view – was the cartoon depicting the PM taking a step down and his seemingly gleeful Deputy stepping up to the top tier of a podium. How absolutely uncalled for! Has the Attorney-General won some hard-fought prize? Has he ousted his colleague and leader from power? Absolutely not! This is not a power struggle that has been determined.

I sincerely hope that this brand of journalism is not in an effort to boost sales. I expect it is not a secret that the Nation’s current circulation is enviable. Can we please put ourselves in the PM’s shoes and follow the oldest maxim – love one another as God loves us. In our speech, in our actions and especially in our reporting let us treat our Prime Minister as we would wish to be treated – especially in this time of illness.

Congratulations Mr. Editor in handling the Prime Minister and your readership with the dignity and respect we deserve.

Dear Reader, what can I say? I do not propose further comment at this stage…but, rest assured, further comment will come! The backdrop to the foregoing will be shared with all Barbados…in the fullness of time.

But I find myself humming to the strains of one of Mighty Gabby’s classics: One Day Coming Soon…the people will wake up!

Hartley Henry is a Regional Political Strategist. He can be reached at hartleyhenry@gmail.com


  • David wrote “You haters of HH ”

    We do not hate HH. We only hate foolishness. Surely you are not telling us that they are one and the same?



    In which law or constitution does it say that public servants must disclose all specifics relating to their health, or any other aspect of their personal lives, to the public? Is that an unwritten law that you and others like you made up?


  • ac wrote “Owen Arthur was sick morally. The PM is sick physically. Don’t you see the difference.”

    You know that it is possible to be BOTH morally and physically sick?

    I used to think like you until I was in the hospital one time and the woman in the next bed had had a breast (cancer) and a leg (diabetes) amputated the same day.

    Yes it IS possible to be sick in more than one place at a time.

    Sometimes life’s a *itch



    If you’re concerned about the PUBLIC’S FUNDS then you should be discussing the passing of Integrity Legislation which was one of Thompy’s campaign promises…but promises are not written in stone are they? If you’re not satisfied with Thompy’s performance then vote him out if he’s still PM come next election. That’s what I would do.


  • And if you doubt me ask the Prime MInister (legal advisor to CLICO) to explain how come my teacher freind who is waiting to get her $80,000 out of CLICO so her son can get the university education she worked hard and saved even harder for, ask CLICO’s legal David Thompson to explain to the woman how soon she will get her money so that her son can get an overseas education as good as David Thompson’s

    Wunna people got to stop mek’ing sport and trying to fool the people.

    Ya can’t fool all the people all the time, and right now ya ain’t even fooling much of anybody.

    Wunna t’ink we is damn idiots?


  • Dennis Johnson wrote on // July 8, 2010 at 6:47 PM …@BAFBFP
    Saw the Express article. Asked how it was that the Express published that story and no one here made any reference to it.

    A Trini buddy sent me that article the moment it was published on May 18. We help out each other. I’ve posted it her on BU at least twice since then.


  • Atman

    Public servants and Politicians are different animals altogether. Please let us have an intellectual collide here… OR

    Leave me to f’k alone…



    Well if you don’t understand that a PM is a public servant providing a public service then we really shouldn’t be having this discussion. Get lost! Oh sorry…you lost already.


  • @J

    Could you please post that link one more time for me, I didn’t have the opportunity to see it as yet. Would appreciate it.


  • Georgie Porgie wrote “In 1980 he gave my ex and I our first loan to buy a house”

    Tut!!, fut!! and this from a man who boasts that he was first in English at HC? By the way I don’t believe that first in form in English at HC statement at all.



    In 1980 he gave my ex and ME our first loan to buy a house.

    Or to make it easy to understand:

    In In 1980 he gave (my ex and) ME (our) my first loan to buy a house.

    Don’t thank me. Thank those who taught me English at St. Elsewhere (as John Blackman like to call those other schools)


  • i believe that it is time that we really understand that the PM is very ill. We all need to pray for him and his family. We cannot use it as a political football rather we should see it as a chance for us as a people to come together. i am a supporter of the DLP and if it was Mr Owen or Ms Mottley I would expect the same respect would be paid to them and their family.

    There are some BLP pimps like Tallboy who have no employment need to lay off the CLICO issue, leroy is gone, Thompson no longer is the legal advisor. Terrance is now in charge and he will turn things around. Guess tha pimp tallboy dont have william layne to pass on info to him.


  • Atman
    THE PM IS A POLITICIAN. Exactly which part of that sentence do you find difficult to absorb…?


  • Nitey nite GP.


  • J

    GP gettin’ all de women ’bout hey. At least dey are a couple who are still available.

    By the way J, I am a gynecologist… cardiology was never something that I thought profitable enough…


  • @dmc

    I keep hearing about this character Tallboy on the call-in programme and I’m wondering if he is the brown skin midget fellow who lives in St. Michael. Would you be able to tell me if that’s him?


  • Tallboy he is the man that Mr. leroy Parris fired from CLICO



    You’re an idiot…so I won’t waste anymore time with you. Maybe somebody else will convince you that politicians who are paid by the taxpayers are public servants. Now go play with yourself.


  • @dmc

    Ok…well I suppose that’s a different Tallboy to the one I know.


  • Atman

    Please please man let’s play.. I like toys (my fault, never grew up…)


  • I’ve checked and the Express link is no longer there. I’d saved the article as an email because I know enough abut how people try to manipulate the news to beleive that it would disappear from the Express site. But I saw it with my own eyes on May 18th. A Trini friend sent me the link within minutes of when the article was publised. The article states that “Reliable sources close to the government’s hierarchy…” Clearly those reliable sources must also have spoken to Barbados’ media, so why the hush, hush?

    Bajan PM flies out for cancer treatment
    Tuesday, May 18th 2010

    Barbados Prime Minister, David Thompson, who is believed to be suffering from colon cancer, is expected to take time off and leave Barbados for a few months in order to seek treatment this week.
    Thompson made the announcement of his impending absence at a press briefing at his official residence last Friday.
    In his absence, Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General, Freundel Stuart, will act as Prime Minister.
    Reliable sources close to the government’s hierarchy yesterday told the Express it is suspected Thompson may be suffering from colon cancer.
    The Barbados Nation reported on Sunday that at Friday’s press briefing, Thompson said he had undergone tests in Barbados and New York to identify the cause of the illness. He did not disclose the illness, but said in the next two weeks Barbados would know the nature and extent of his illness.
    Thompson, who has lost weight, said initial tests and others were going to continue and it might necessitate him being out of the country over the next month or for a longer period.


  • However I believe that the article must still be widely available in paper copy at public and university libraries, and archives that subscribe to the Express (including UWI, Cave Hill? I don’t know)


  • C’mon people.Steve Jobs is not a leader of a country but has share holders to please.Shareholders like ordinary people like you and i and he came on television looking gaunt and frail and told the world he had pancreatic cancer then announced that he was leaving Apple Computers to the second in command.I thought that was a responsible thing to do if I have a few hundred thousand dollars tied up in an entity that depends on his leadership and creativity.Is not a country like Barbados the same in a lot of ways?I think that it is irresponsible for Steve not to tell his investors he is not well just like it is irresponsible foe the PM not to tell us his problem.I think he should do like Steve,say what the problem is,what needs to be done to fix it and go get the problem fixed.Take whoever you want with you,stay as long as you have to but get it done.Dominica lost two successive PM.We do not want that to happen to ours but we should be given more info than we are having now


  • The Express newspaper is offline completely. The article has not “disappeared”.


  • Wishing In Vain

    Boy Harltley stuck a cat among the pigeons with this article this week, well done my boy, so much for the comments that your article only receives 20 comments.

    Keep on keeping on my friend, and continue to prod the Nation to drive for responsible reporting, something which they know not of.


  • Wishing In Vain

    Boy Hartley stuck a cat among the pigeons with this article this week, well done my boy, so much for the comments that your article only receives 20 comments.

    Keep on keeping on my friend, and continue to prod the Nation to drive for responsible reporting, something which they know not of.


  • The live broadcasting of the prayer session is pure PR!!!!


  • Steve Jobs concealed his problem for nine months! Get the facts, guys. Check the situation with one of the Opposition Leaders in Canada who has prostate cancer. Thompson says he is ill. Are you a doctor?


  • People, when a man goes before the voters and asks them to place the destiny and management of their country in his hands he begins a relationship which requires disclosure if at any time he is unable to fulfill his part of the bargain. So I commend the Prime Minister for coming forward. However, I think that he deserves some privacy for both himself and his family and that he has hit the right balance between our right to know and his right to dignity.

    As for the Nation closeup. A newspaper is not there to pretty up facts when they become unpalatable. The Prime Minister is ill; he looks it and HE chose to give access to photographers. I commend the Nation staff for not doctoring the photo and for once doing their job as a newspaper in this country.


  • So, playing devil’s advocate, if the public has a right to know every detail of the PM’s illness, can we then also say that the publci has a right to know if any other MP’s, whether Government or Opposition, have any chronic diseases that may affect their performance?

    Remember the MP from the last administration who went on a tirade and the then administration blamed it on diabetes?

    Also, and somewhat more pertinent, are there any MP who are or EVER have been treated for addiction to drugs, prescription or other?

    Reason for this is not only the effect of drugs on judgement per se, but the possibility of someone having a ‘hold’ on such a person.


  • @ DMC Stay focused. Parris is not gone. He is still a director on the CLICO boards, he only resign as chairman; still receiving $1m per year in fees. Thornhill will not do anything without Parris say so. Parris still chairman of CBC WIV/HH you should be worrying about that. Thompson Associates, Thompson’s firm is still lawyers for the group. Thompson and his family will continue to benefit from its profitability. Don’t think conflict of iinterest exercises our P.M.s mind much or DLP supporters. Corruption is anything Bees do, not a label for Dees.

    The Clico issue is not solved, 40,000 policyholders would disagree with you, and that topic will get hotter later when they realise they really will NOT get benefits from investments; hotter still when taxpayers understand that they have to pay the bill for PARRIS ERRORS; and hotter still when they realise NIS lent millions of dollars to the Public Workers credit uniion to buy the mortgage company, mor epensions of poor people.

    That will please AC who said owen morally sick but Thompson physically sick, implying he is not morally sick. Like Jesus on the cross putting aside his concern for his mothers care; Thompson while sick and seeking treatment was faithful to ensure that his friend Parris problem was still taken care of. Not yours or mine.


  • @J

    Do you believe Prime Minister would take 2 months off at the height of a recession when the 1 year forecast is bleak unless his health condition posed a danger?

    Did you listen to the press conference? Did you not hear the Prime Minister state there is a possibility he will have to understand a very complex surgery? What is the inherent danger to undertaking any surgery simple or complex?


  • Bubilot said

    “However, I think that he deserves some privacy for both himself and his family and that he has hit the right balance between our right to know and his right to dignity.
    As for the Nation closeup. A newspaper is not there to pretty up facts when they become unpalatable.”

    I agree with these statements. I also believe that the media houses share your view about the Prime Minister’s privacy. I am sure that The Advocate, the Nation, CBC etc received the same information on the PM’s condition that was reported in the Express.

    They probably didn’t report it for two reasons:

    (a) Respect for his privacy;

    (b) inability to confirm the truth of the report.

    I suspect that Express took the story off of its website because of (b) above.
    I think the criticism about the photograph is silly but not surprising. BU has always had been suspicious (and in my view irrationally paranoid) of the Nation’s motives.


  • Georgie Porgie

    There is nothing complex about surgery for colon cancer.
    Surgery for colon cancer.can easily be done in Barbados, and has been so done for years.

    Jaundice is not usually a sign in colon cancer, but the photograph under discussion clearly shows a jaundiced PM with yellow sclera.

    So is his jaundice a result of a prehepatic, hepatic or a post hepatic cause?

    It would seem that the diagnosis is failrly clear.
    In fact sources close to the horses mouth have apparently confirmed it.

    So it is clear that the article in the Express is erroneous.


  • @Anonlegal

    By your own admission you are positioned out of market. How could you therefore be aware of goings on in the market and what BU is privy to?

    As always you are entitled to your opinion.


  • David of BU asked me
    “J Do you believe Prime Minister would take 2 months off at the height of a recession when the 1 year forecast is bleak unless his health condition posed a danger?

    J responds: No moral person takes sick leave unless they are really sick. Yes I believe that the PM is seriously ill. I’ve not said othersiwe

    Did you listen to the press conference?

    J responds: No I did not listen to the press conference. I had other more inportant work to do at the time of the press conference.

    Did you not hear the Prime Minister state there is a possibility he will have to understand a very complex surgery?

    J responds: Yes I read that in the newspapers

    What is the inherent danger to undertaking any surgery simple or complex?

    J responds: I am not a doctor. But I’ve had surgery myself which my doctor described as moderately complex, but before the surgery he truthfully told me that all surgery carries risks and that truthfully no surgery should be described as simple. More than 20 years after the surgery I am alive and well. And thankful.


  • BAFBFP // wrote on July 8, 2010 at 10:01 PM…”J I like you but I feel an obligation to piss you off in order to bring you into the fold. “The Nation must write in such a way as to please its readers” The Nation must write in such a way as to please its ADVERTIRSERS…nincompoop..Please GET ANGRY.

    I don’t know you so I can’t love you or hate you, but if the advertises advertise and readers do not buy the newspaper do you think that advertisers would continue to advertise? Tell me the truth now nincompoop have you ever bought a newspaper to read the ads?

    The news and good writing carries the ads not the other way around, although I know advertising executives like to think otherwise.

    For example I always but the Weekend Nation to read my boy Hoadie, not to read the ads. I don’t care what ads are there, my boy Hoadie comes first.


  • In the eighties when I frequented Auction Sales, I bought the Sunday newspapers for the sole purpose of the advertisements on the Auction Sales


  • Hi J

    Sorry about the nincompoop thing

    But again I say to you that he who pays the bills calls the shots. This is true for ALL media houses. Yes people do not read (or listen) to advertising, but you can bet that no where in the media house’s editorials or commentaries or entire broadcast will you find comments that are offensive to said advertisers, no matter how true they may be. The recent FTC hearing is a prime example. The media houses had a responsibility to report on the issue and they did that and only that and nothing more.


  • Challenge for a bright spark like Crusoe.

    How many diseases classified as pre or hepatic jaundice requires surgery?

    Which disease classified as post hepatic requires surgery? or complex surgery?

    Why would such surgery be complex?


  • This is what I have realised ……. and sadly I think it is a shameful reality.

    Noone gives a FU## about anyone anymore.

    Only those who are close to you TRULY gives a hoot.

    GP sometimes I use to think that you were a bit too harsh on some issues; but as a loving (soon to be) wife. I never responded but kept my mouth shut. But, I must say that after reading MOST of these comments on this particular thread!

    @BP ignore the play haters!!!!!!

    Check for those who check for you!


  • @ BAFBFP:
    Outside of editorials, newspapers do not comment; they report.
    Across the region, newspapers that carry analysis and comments usually disassociate themselves from the commentary and analysis.
    Media entities that do not depend on advertising revenue are usually government controlled and/or subsidised, or owned and controlled by some very wealthy, usually anonymous individuals.
    Just some random thoughts generated by your comments.

    [whisper] – Ah still employ by de same people – OCM. It is just that I am not afraid; of anything.


  • Man Dennis I beggin’ now… Somebody at OCM must know by now that Tony Marshall, Mr Conservative himself, just ain’ wukkin’ man…. When Mr Hatch up and lef’, I was de happiest person in Christendom, but was short lived man. CBC gifted Starcom the mid-day slot only fah dis buffoon to tek over and bore the socks off of simple folk like me…


  • JC
    It is indeed a shameful reality that few people care and respect others today except sometimes for some very close relatives.

    I might very well be harsh. But there’s a good reason for that. I have had to endure criticism and censorship by many throughout my life for trivia, when others have gone scotch free for more heinous sins. This is very obvious even on BU.

    Consequently I try to be as right / accurate as I can be and I speak my mind.
    My greatest sin is that I don’t suffer fools gladly (learned that from Paul.)

    I don’t worry about the jokers on BU. I understand that their contribution represents the zenith of their participation, and that they cannot rise much further out of the gutter.

    In contrast, NO ONE can deny my stellar contribution to this blog in the area of Theology and Medicine, no matter how hard they try.


  • @ Georgie Porgie // July 9, 2010 at 11:45 AM

    You claim:- “In contrast, NO ONE can deny my stellar contribution to this blog in the area of Theology and Medicine, no matter how hard they try.”
    I might be inclined to agree with you on the medicals but the theology………… hmm, I suggest you wheel and come again! 🙂


  • Yes Hood

    You of course know the difference between an apostle and an epistle


  • @ GP

    I was telling a friend of mine earlier about you and that I personally think that it was because of your harsh experiences that has caused you to be so frank.

    It is indeed sad when you read comments from persons whom you once wished your children to be like. Just sad.


  • @Dennis Johnson: “Outside of editorials, newspapers do not comment; they report.

    Two responses:

    1. Have you ever read The Economist? One of the most respected weekly newspapers in the world. They *definitely* comment. And they stand behind what they say.

    2. How well do the “regional newspapers” report? During the FTC Rate Hearing for BL&P here in Bim, for example, none of the “reporters” seemed to understand the difference between “rate” and “rate base” (the former is a function of the latter).

    @BAFBFP: “But again I say to you that he who pays the bills calls the shots.

    Unfortunately, you are correct.

    Thus, I would argue, we should all be thankful of the Internet; where publishing can be quite inexpensive, and so the truth can be told….


  • Blimp
    Ya wimp. Ga n play wid ya dawgy.

    It never ceases to amaze me when people (J) come and proclaim that ‘I”m neither B nor D but as you peruse their contribution you can pick up de affiliation.
    Now it is the PrimeMINister’s responsibility to educate the populace on ‘Healthy Living n Preventions’ of whatever is afflicting him. This is bare hog-shite. Is he a nutritionist or doctor now? I thought all along he was a lawyer. Well dog my cat. When they’re out to get you, they will attack from all four corners of the earth. Amazing but true.

    And how has Elroy Phillips’ confession of contracting AIDS decreased or increased the AIDS virus? More hog-shite. stupseeeeeeeeeee. wheel n come again do.

    I agree with most of what you said but where were these cameras when our beloved Owen had his first daughter from now wifey? And why all the hullabaloo, lights, cameras n action at ‘still-birth’ of second baby? It is because by then they were married and she had ceased taking his DICKtation? He was our PM all that time. You can answer if you care to or feel compelled to. Either way, I dun kno de ansa.

    My darlink, doan worry yaself wid Blimp. I gun deal wid he fa you if he evva trouble you again. You tek um easy Sweety.

    Get dis strait, causen I only sayin um once.
    You have no say in de matta, so we is stilll luvvas.


  • JC
    man you in got ta get all emotional n teary-eyes fa Porgie. He back broad like Broad St. An he feddas doan ruffle sa easy, so tek um lite an offa he ya luvinn.


  • Georgie Porgie

    One day we will meet.
    I hope your belly dont bust wid laughter
    I love to clown around and make people laugh
    But when I get serious I am serious

    And if you bounce at me I WILL HOOK.
    I love to beat bad bowling too. Like much of the nonsense you see on BU under the guise of opinions of obvious morons and illiterates. Then there is the not picking of those at the zenith of thier very shallow experience and ability as they enjoining in the crab in the barrel syndrome

    This thread is full of hypocrites. Half hate the PM. Most dont care two hoots about his fate. But they are talking junk because they think it is the polite thing to do.

    The man’s diagnosis is known by those in his party who are hoping that he dies because they are opportunists.

    The man’s diagnosis is known by Bajans ABROAD!

    All like now there are some plotting and planning and jockeying for position to see who like Sandy will get to the GG first. And yet HH and others comes in here talking from his/thier shelves of Houston.

    What plot will they use this time?

    If you all dont know learn this well. People who know, know that Leroy McClean was groomed for Barrows seat. People who know, know that Leroy was real close to Barrow long before Thompson existed. But Leroy was purposefully sent out of the island with Barrow’s body for his cremation. Why? Because of his relationship with Barrow, and so as to insert the lawyer Thompson in his place.

    Most of you dont know this. But this is as true as John 3:16.

    While poor Leroy was doing this noble deed. Guess who was put in his place?. The rest is history. And believe me I know exactly what I am taking about.

    Why dont HH write a piece in the paper about the behind the scenes with all the jockeying, and the plans to push out Stuart etc that is going on now.


  • Georgie Porgie

    I sending you some roses for that advoce to JC
    What she got to do is stop de talk and bring foward de luvvin. Who ever dead from the sugar dead! The man/woman wid de most powful sugar will come out pun top. Murder!


  • Georgie Porgie

    One day I had a woman sitting before me in stitches at the polyclinic. I missed an told the woman that I was in a bad mood that day.

    The woman nearly dead. She could not believe that I had her laughing so much and yet I was in a bad mood. But it is written LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE! So despite my having a bad day, I had to give she a good dose. LOL


  • @Georgie Porgie: “But it is written LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!

    Would you agree with the following corollary?

    “If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re doomed.”


  • Porgie
    I await my roses. preferably black in colour or purple. the most beautiful colour roses that i have even seen was at a flower-show in Germany. Beautiful roses, all colours.

    “……….wid de most sugar will come out pun top”
    JC, girl dem is fighting-words, hear?

    But Porgie, if Leroy Mc.Clean was indeed being groomed for Barrow’s seat how could being sent out of the island with Barrow’s cremation prevent this from happening? Did the cremation take that long? Please clarify. I’m intrigued.


  • Georgie Porgie


    I tell you the little I know OK .
    At the time I was close to a party man from St John who knew the inside on this thing.

    The Skipper used to regularly stop at this man’s supermarket on Sunday mornings when he came up to St John and drink coffee and talk. It is there that I met the Skipper personnaly

    I cant tell you more here. But I know from Cave Hill days that Leroy was a worshipper of the Skipper, cause we had it hot the day when Tom responded to the Dippers’s rant immediately on tv. That was the day he cussed the Dean the Puisne judges etc in 74.

    All I know is that Thompy was in St John very soon after the Skippers death campaigning from what was the then office of a young doctor. That is itself an interesting story. The DLP tek over the man office and commanderred his phones etc.


  • Thank you GP, I have been calling out the hypocrisy for ages. The same PM and his government get and fire workers and the Nation Newspaper had pictures of the affected persons, taken the same day of their dismissal, plastered across the front pages. I remember the one of Chadderton-Shaw, caught as she pushed the NCSA door. I never heard anyone complained about privacy or attempts by the Nation to embarrass. Public figure, as BAFBFP said, expect your picture to be taken!!!

    As I posted earlier, broadcasting the prayer session appears to be more PR orchestrated by men and women of the cloth who delivered many ‘political sermons’ leading up to the elections and were duly rewarded. Wesley Dear on CBC board, Stephen Holford pastor of the church that meets at Polytechnic where the DLP launched their election campaign, Lucille ‘Jezebel’ Baird got a pick on UDC and of course the Rev Durant who is now a Senator. Seems silly to asked for privacy and attempt to temper rumours but broadcasting a prayer session live.


  • Every single human being has the the fundamental right of not disclosing any illness or disease that individual might be suffering from.That include leaders of any country.
    Prime Minister David Thompson does not have to disclose the nature of his illness to anyone.That is a personal issue for Prime Minister David Thompson & his family and close friends.
    As David stated the press and other interest groups in Barbados did not showed much concern for the child our former Prime Minister Owen Arthur had with his then secretary now his wife Julie Price while still married to his former wife Beverley Arthur.No one showed any concern when the newly born baby of the Arthurs Julie & Owen died mysteriously shortly after birth.The press of Barbados did not investigate the rumour of falls,bruises & stairs.
    In 1985 one of our former Prime Ministers Tom Adams died mysteriously in office and to the best of my knowledge no autopsy and official report were ever given on the death of Tom Adams.The hypocrisy,deceit & double standards in this society never cease to amaze me.
    Prime Minister David Thompson this Negroman wishes you a speedily recovery from your illness.I hope you will soon be in a position to resume full responsibility as leader of this country.If that is not case and fate intervenes,then I wish that a smooth transition of power occur and there will no infighting in the party.
    As I stated previously on other topics,I have little regard,respect or admiration for the politicians in both the major political parties in Barbados.All of them are nothing but a set of wind bags,traitors & clowns with no backbone whatsoever.However,as a Black Barbadian I still want Barbados to remain a stable,peaceful nation with a stable government and that is the major reason why I am hoping that our Prime Minister regains good health or a smooth transition of power occur.I am not wishing for that because I am a supporter of this government for indeed I was but this inept,clown government has not live up to expectations and believe me no politician will ever get a vote from Negroman again.However,I am prepare to live under a Democratic Labour Party administration rather than ever be govern by a Mottley bunch in that detestable,disgraceful Barbados Labour Party headed by political dinosaur Mia the biter Mottley.


  • Georgie Porgie


    Check out the hypocrisy
    Snipets from today’s NATION

    Having a part-time Attorney General for two months does not make sense, Barbados’ acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has stated.
    He was answering queries from the media concerning the recent appointment of Government back-bencher Adriel Brathwaite as Attorney General.
    His comments were made at the close of the CARICOM Heads of Government conference at the Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay.

    Stuart said, “On previous occasions, when I have acted as Prime Minister, the responsibilities for the office of the Attorney General had been assigned to the Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley.
    “He is substantively an officer of the Crown, so all that had to happen constitutionally is that the responsibilities, [which were] formally mine, were assigned to him.”
    The acting Prime Minister continued: “In times past, when Mr Lashley has acted, it was because the Prime Minister was going to be away for short periods and I would have been acting in that capacity for short periods.
    “The issue of Barbados having a part-time Attorney General for two full months, does not make sense. It certainly does not accord with the priority the Government has set itself.”
    Stuart added: “We thought that we would allow Mr Lashley to fully devote himself to the issues with which he is dealing and with programmes that are critical to both the success and the face of the Government – that is the housing programme. Therefore, it was thought wise that we appoint an Attorney-General who could give full attention to the requirements of that office; because, quite frankly, it is a very difficult office.
    “Practically everything that happens in Barbados passes across the desk of the Attorney General, and, therefore, the idea of having a part-time AG, for two months, certainly does not make sense.”
    The acting appointments have been made as a result of Prime Minister David Thompson’s taking of two months leave because of ill health. (CL/BGIS)

    So who appointed the AG? The Acting PM? or some one else?


  • Flavour of the Month

    Wait !!!! Negro Man —

    you want a stable Barbados but you cussing politicians

    what kind of ass are you ?


  • David said:

    “By your own admission you are positioned out of market. How could you therefore be aware of goings on in the market and what BU is privy to?
    As always you are entitled to your opinion.”

    Thank you for allowing me to state my opinion freely but bear in mind that I am also privy to information.

    My opinions are based on that information.


  • (Listenership and readers are a of vital importance to business when buying slots via tv or newspaper or whatever media or periodical necessary. Don’t fooled yourself many tv and radio programmes depends on commercials to keep their enterprises alive. This is a billion dollar industry. The many pollsters that poll households is evident as to why the commercial industry does so good . If a programme is not being listened to You will noticed (a. that programme would be pulled off air.Thesame applies to radio . This only means commercial revenue is not being genaerated by the programme.Anothe important factor is time slots in which the programme is being carried. TV and different media oulets make plenty of money in commercial.


  • Enuff
    It is those same Christian leaders who will influence their followers to beat you again at the next election. They are not going with your leader my friend.


  • @Anonlegal

    BU will never* forgive the Bajans who owned the Nation Group of Companies and sold out to the Trinidadians, for the almighty dollar.

    The fourth estate is a key member of the Estates of the Realm, when Bajans could repatriate such an important part of who and what we were to T&T that sums it up for us.

    Maybe that explains our position a little for you.


  • St George's Dragon

    The BU position on this hypocritical.

    If “BU is in the camp which says the PM should be allowed to use his best judgment”, why is this article on the website:


    So it’s wrong for the press to publish the details of the PM’s illness but its ok for you to run articles on specific types of cancer ….. nudge nudge, wink wink.

    I wish the PM well but I am afraid his stance is hypocritical as well. His last state of the Nation speech started by saying the DLP was committed to being transparent and accountable. He clearly isn’t himself.


  • Porgie
    As far as I’m concerned all politicians are deceitful liars who say what they think the voters want to hear. ALLLLLLLL.
    But I still don’t see if McClean wanted to fill Barrow’s seat how he was prevented from. Politics is a nasty game. Dog eat dog world.

    Any hyprocits or traitors on the other side of the fence? Or all Sunday school teachers? Doan mek ma laff nah. I hate ta laff pun a Fridee.

    Lucille Baird is a ‘jezebel’. What is your beloved Mia? A p—y licker, a clitoris Rambo, a c–t attacker, a p—y demon. Which? Take ya time n answer correctly.

    Flavor of the month
    How dare you call my husband Negroman an ass? Look, you getting too big fa you boots or wah? I would box you in ya mout de nex time.

    My hero, keep keeping on my sucre. Ya names does got me bennin-ova. ‘political dinosaur’.
    But I thought dat dem did extinct. ya badddddd.


  • @St. George’s Dragon

    Your logic eludes BU. A check on BU shows we deal with health matters from time to time.

    Added to the above the cancer presentation was submitted by Doc GP.


  • St,George’s Dragon
    You have me at a lost. What am I missing Sir Dragon?
    What does publishing articles on different types of cancer have to do with anything?

    nudge, nudge,wink,wink, cry,cry.


  • @wunna leave the PM alone .Isn’t it enuuf for wunna dat he sick. Why wunna want to know so much. He right to keep he buziness to heself. de minute he tell wuuna all yuh gonna do is text message and email he wid wunna confaluted snake oil remedies.now wunna go get a life and spend more de time taking care of wunna prblems.For god knows wunna got many.All the PM needs frum wunna is de prays.
    Nutting more !nutting else.and pray fuh yuself too.


  • ac
    ya got ma hollering out. ya baddddd. ‘snake oil remadies’. murdahhhhhhhh. I read um bout 4times and cry evrytime. ‘snake oil remadies’. i luv ummmm.


  • @ Georpgie

    a potential irony is that with any Machiavellian moves to get rid of Stuart, which only requires a vote of the parliamentary group, should he lose, he would have no substantive post. Of course extreme action can be taken to do a cabinet reshuffle and shuffle him out completely.


  • Georgie Porgie

    Now JC
    You with holding the luvvin cause you say that I too harsh. But when you get illiterates like St George’s Dragon coming to BU and talking as if he mout is a colostomy bag that buss, you should understand why he deserves a dressing down.

    Since March 2008 I have faithfully tried to accurately inform our folk on Medical issues and to demystify medicine. Now you get a very lowly equinoid asking why we discuss staging grading and metastasis. He don’t know that that is relevant to all o we? And dat we all got relatives friends foes and fiends that we know that are affected by it.

    When I submit ppts on specific types of cancer ITS CALLED MEDICAL EDUCATION OF THE PEOPLE.





    IS THIS FOOL TRYING TO INHIBIT THE MEDICAL EDUCATION DISPENSED ON BU? Wuh happen? The rest can get nuh body to do it fuh dem.

    Bonny can you obtain a suitable space on the Spring Garden for this fool to run his circus…………..if he can get anyone to come?


  • Georgie Porgie

    Bajan Truth

    You raise some interesting issues for consideration


  • @GP ‘So who appointed the AG? The Acting PM? or some one else?’

    With respect, I believe that you are misinterpreting. Stuart is saying that it did not make sense for Lashley to be temporarily appointed, that it made more sense to have a ‘pseudo-permanent’ solution.

    Therefore, Stuart is on board with his appointment.

    I read a bit more to this however…..but, what is..is.


  • Georgie Porgie

    OK Mr Crusoe
    I give you some Medicine homework man. You see it? LOl


  • @GP, firstly, may I say that you setting me up to be shot, lol.

    So, firstly I qualify, stating that I take your questions and my reply, in general terms only and with no specific case in mind.

    From the internet and from previous explanations from yourself…as follows:

    How many diseases classified as pre or hepatic jaundice requires surgery?

    – jaundice in adults appears to be mainly related to the liver..hepatic or a blockage of bile …post-hepatic. Pre-hepatic appears rather rare, I am not sure of what surgery will be required. As for hepatic, it means something not working with the liver function, thus unless liver transplant, surely medical intervention is more likely?

    The distinction I understand to be dependent upon liver function blood tests to determine factors (bilirubin in urine or not) present /not-present, enzymes etc.

    However, other symptoms may be taken into account to assess which disease may be present. E.g. stool color and urine color may indicate whether post-hepatic, de to pigmentation present or not.

    Which disease classified as post hepatic requires surgery? or complex surgery?

    – gallstones blocking common bile duct, causing back-up of the bilirubin – would have thought this to be a relatively simple operation involving crushing the stones or even a medical treatment?
    – cancer at the head of the pancreas – complex operation
    – aaa rupture, if causing obstructive jaundice -fairly complex operation, risks as well

    Why would such surgery be complex?

    – obviously due to the relations of the pancreas and the dangers of being near so many major arteries. The also, hepatic failure is a real threat of such surgery.
    – with aaa, surgery is on a major artery, hence also has risk of hepatic failure

    Others, please do not read more into this than discussion.


  • @GP. You have clearly diagnosed the PM’s illness and clearly stated what “in your opinion” that illness is.

    It is “clever” how you have used this event to Educate and inform.


  • @Crusoe, “Others, please do not read more into this than discussion.”

    We are adults on this blog. If GP did not want us to “read more” he would not have “written”.

    Why would you copy and paste information and then tell us don’t “read more”.

    doan BS a BSer.


  • Georgie Porgie

    You are better than you think.LOL
    Not perfect but you have got a good score Lol

    Pre hepatic is mostly the hemolytic anemias. Here excess blood cells are destroyed so the cause of the hyperbilirubinemia is caused before the excess bilirubin hits the liver.

    Hepatic is any liver disease that causes the liver not to process normal bilirunin levels. So most ofthe above are treated mainly by medicine.

    Crusoe you doing better than many med students man HURRAY LOL

    It seems that Hants also caught on to the exercise and to the process whereby the diagnosis can be obtained, and without lots of fancy tests (Crusoe you mentioned liver tests and urine and stool tests…we can make the diagnosis with these and the history and loking at the man’s eyes and skin color.)



  • Georgie Porgie

    Hants I think that Crusoe was apologizing in case he get a bad score on my test man. I wont shoot him down for his answer but for his lack of confidence LOl


  • Georgie Porgie

    Crusoe hepatic failure might result from metastases but the big issue with the neighbouring blood vessels is HAEMORHAGE!


  • ‘ENUFF’ Said……..
    As I posted earlier, broadcasting the prayer session appears to be more PR orchestrated by men and women of the cloth who delivered many ‘political sermons’ leading up to the elections and were duly rewarded. Wesley Dear on CBC board, Stephen Holford pastor of the church that meets at Polytechnic where the DLP launched their election campaign, Lucille ‘Jezebel’ Baird got a pick on UDC and of course the Rev Durant who is now a Senator…………

    Enuff, you forgot former Senator Pastor Peter Millington. Seems he could take no more of what we do not know, and he left under circumstances shrouded in mystery………..and don’t forget he had put down some serious prayers at the Kensington Oval swearing in Calvacade.

    He actually didn’t believe in his own prayers?
    You mean it was just a hyped up show?
    Can we possibly find out what happened? Anybody know?


  • @ Fairplay
    Last elections there was an email sent to members encouraging them to ‘smoke out the Bees’ lol and that’s their right , once the message is not couched in religion when it is blatantly political. To do otherwise would be unsavoury and near blasphemous.

    However, I am not so sure their ‘prophesying’ will have that great an influence next time, because the way things have panned out since January 2008 and the ominous economic outlook their ‘prophetic powers’ are looking suspect. Seems like plenty prayer sessions are in order whether or not the PM recovers. Unless of course those churches are in fact cults and the congregations brainwashed.

    @Bonny Peppa
    Once again I reiterate–reading is not comprehension!! Here is what GP wrote:

    ‘This thread is full of hypocrites.’

    That was what I responded to, so I am at a lost as to your response about ‘hyprocits or traitors on the other side of the fence’. I can’t answer what I don’t know, but I do know that you should stop salivating over men who looking for the same thing as you.

    @ Joiner
    Yes I forgot Prophet Millington, who clearly had the most clout.


  • @GP, I realise, cutting near these large arteries. But then, by hepatic failure I meant the risk of the liver being damaged / not restarting after the operation itself, due to being ‘shut down’ during the operation.

    I thought this was a major risk, am I wrong?


  • Georgie Porgie

    After in a fit of anger decscribing you as believing you are’ the fount of all knowledge’,and after reading your more recent postings I have to tell you that like I originally thought but then changed my mind,once again I am coming to the conclusion that your heart is in the right place.

    There is however a little arrogance there that could be cured with a small dose of humility.

    Nevertheless you mean well and I believe you are a person of some integrity.Iron sharpens iron I suppose.

    Keep on keeping on my bro.


  • Crusoe the liver is not stopped during operations, man. Are you getting confused with heart surgery?.
    Major damage to liver is metastases. But this will not occur at surgery. Surgeons are unlikely to damage liver at surgery

    Remember that metastases is one of the major causes of death in malignacies (some say 99%). Metastases to the liver will cause lots of problems.



  • @Georgie Porgie who wrote:

    It is indeed a shameful reality that few people care and respect others today except sometimes for some very close relatives.
    You also prepretrate that “shameful reality” GP. You have admitted to turning a blind and indifferent eye to the IsraeliPalestinian issue because as far as you’re concern, the bible tells you that God will defend the nation of Israel. You call that caring for others?


  • @Georgie Porgie

    Sometimes when I read your comments it seems to be all about you…all about bigging up and puffing up yourself. You don’t seem to have a modest bone in your body. I realize that some people (not on you) use these blogs for the main purpose of drawing attention to themselves.


  • Atman
    Re You have admitted to turning a blind and indifferent eye to the IsraeliPalestinian issue because as far as you’re concern, the bible tells you that God will defend the nation of Israel. You call that caring for others?

    I find it most amusing that you and many in the world focus on the IsraeliPalestinian issue, and neglect issues of greater importance all over the world.

    Caring for others does not mean an efflux of bovine excrement on BU about the IsraeliPalestinian issue or about issues about which you can do nothing. Caring about others has to do with what you can do for persons around you Sir.

    It is written……….for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

    Lets be practical. Go help some one in your village in St John this week end.
    And by the way the bible does say that God will defend the nation of Israel.

    Re Sometimes when I read your comments it seems to be all about you…all about bigging up and puffing up yourself.

    Actually I don’t do that. I know who I am, where I come from and where I am. So I don’t have to huff or puff or big up myself. But I can state the facts. I usually sit at the back quietly and wait till all have spoken and I am called on for an opiion. But that doesn’t happen on a blog does it.

    Re You don’t seem to have a modest bone in your body. That is of course not true, but I was taught in medical school DON’T LET ANY ONE BLOW YOUR TRUMPET THEY MIGHT GIVE YOU TB!

    I don’t think that anyone can draw attention to themselves on BU unless they post pictures of themselves with their name attached.

    What is clear is that men like you are gifted in enjoining in the crab in the barrel syndrome. Like many others on BU you seek to denigrate me. But it is water over the duck’s back. I come to BU to have fun and to educate. When I get tired , I will stop, and perhaps YOU CAN TRY TO TAKE OVER MY ROLE. LOL


  • Mr Anonymous Sir

    All of us are guilty of fits of anger
    I am glad that you can see that my heart is in the right place, and that I mean well.

    Those are the same words my father told my ex before we were married. It is the best compliment and the only one he has ever paid to me. He told her “Georgie” always means well! And it really is true generally (After all I am a sinner too )

    Re There is however a little arrogance there that could be cured with a small dose of humility

    Let me point out that there is not a man that has ever humbled himself. Men might be HUMBLED, but they don’t humble themselves. And men who claim to be humble are proud and don’t know it. I have discovered that much so called modesty is false.

    When you are accurate you can pontificate. So I strive for accuracy or I shut up . LOL

    Be good man


  • Now I don’t know if any of you ever attended Pastor Durant’s church, but I went there once thru invitation by a member and I haven’t been back since. Now I’m not saying this to discredit the pastor as a person, but from a religious standpoint I saw things that turned me off personally.

    During my attendance I saw him place his hand on the heads of some of his church members, and then he proceeded to chant in “tongues” which of course I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying, and then the church member would fall to the floor while he keeps his hand on the forehead and continue to chant in tongues. We that experience was a bit too much for me having come from a methodist background, and I decided right there and then that that would be my first and last visit.

    I’m no longer affiliated with any churchreligion, but I wonder what some of you think about that type of church.


  • @Georgie Porgie

    You may not be able to do anything about the Middle East situation, but expressing indifference towards other human beings in the world is not exactly Christian…is it?

    You have have no idea how I treat people who I come into contact with on a daily basis, so I don’t think you can speak to that.


  • @GP

    Getting back to your comments regarding Thompson tieffin the St. John seat. It was interesting to listen to an emotional Dr. Leroy McClean who coincidentally spoke immediately after the brief press conference by Thompson recently when he announced he was taking 2 months off. Also your comments bring to mind the often discussed matter of Barrow giving his law practice to Thompson. Only trying to reconcile some things which don’t make sense at the moment.


  • David
    1 I am glad to hear that Leroy has a doctorate and that he has borne the things he suffered manfully and gracefully 23 years ago.

    2 I dont tell lies on BU. I shared what I was told then.
    3 I would have spoken emotionally too if I was Leroy as I held back the thoughts of what has been or could have been.

    I hope that he didnt speak emotionally as a hypocrite or a mendicant.

    4 I am sorry that you are having difficulty reconciling what I reported that I was told.

    Perhaps you can ascertain the truth from Leroy when you speak to him next.

    Perhaps I was told a lie…..LOL……but

    The man who told me that made space above in the doctor’s office avove his supermarket to accomodate Thompson’s campaign in 87 and had a sign erected outside entitled DLP PARTY HEADQUARTERS. LOL

    Poor Doctor run and left dem and de office LOL

    He didnt get much for his effort cause the DLP or Thompy could not or did not or would not help him keep the gas station he used to run in Black Rock when it was just a little station, and when they were going to upgrade it to what it is now.

    Poor fellow soon died of a heart attack I am told

    Thats why you cant depend pun de parety or politicians fuh nuttin Davie ma boy. LOL


  • @Georgie Porgie

    If you would indulge me for a moment, I’d like some information on whether or not neem leaf tea is effective in controlling hypertension.


  • Dont know about that, buddy
    Would have to loook it up.
    Once heard Colin Hudson on a National Trust walk say it was good for all sorts of things.

    In principle though ……..
    To affect BP you have to slow heart rate, or change cariac out put or stroke volume of the heart or the peripheral resistance of the blood vessels.


  • As Colin said neem is used empirically for lots of things in the east, including hypertension, but I do not see anything about the way it works—- the mechanism of action.


  • Ok thanks GP. That’s just about all I have found from googling the web.


  • At man

    I personally believe (although I cant prove it) that wherever man lives, that God has put plants there for his benefit, both for food and for healing purposes

    Some of these have been researched by the Pharmaceutical industry, but if they can not tweak the active ingredients enough to get a substance that they can patent, they shelve the research without releasing the findings.

    We must however be careful with natural products because some are potentially very harmfull especially ST JONS WORT

    It is sad that we dont know the inner workings of many native plants.


  • But contrary to what you are saying about St. John’s Wort, I’ve read that it is a useful herbal anti-depressant with very little or no side effects. Anyway, I take your point that some plants are toxic and harmful.


  • Atman

    You really think that St John’s wort does not have side effects?

    Take it with some cheese or Bovril etc and we will talk about it in the sweet bye and bye, cause we wont get a chance to discuss it in the nasty now and now

    I promise you it will blow a gasket up in your brain like some other antidepressants do.



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