Armenia's Media Freedom Under Threat


Global Voices blog are reporting that the Republic of Armenia which was previously part of the Soviet Union, because of the current unrest, the country has declared a state of emergency. What the state of emergency means is all media, including blogging has been suspended. All dissemination of news will now flow from ‘official’ sources — government. In Barbados, it might explain why successive governments have been reluctant to privatize the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation.

Here is a snip about the latest unrest in the Republic of Armenia:

8 Dead in Clashes in Armenia

By AVET DEMOURIAN – 3 hours ago

YEREVAN, Armenia (AP) — Eight people died in clashes between police and opposition supporters that led the president to declare a sweeping, 20-day state of emergency, officials said Sunday. Police fired in the air and let off tear gas to break up Saturday’s gathering of some 15,000 protestors upset over alleged fraud in the Feb. 19 presidential election. On Sunday, troops and armored vehicles patrolled the main streets of Armenia’s capital.

It was some of the worst political violence to hit post-Soviet Armenia, and it led the opposition leader to also appeal for calm. Sustained unrest in Armenia could undermine stability in the volatile Caucasus region. Armenia borders Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan — countries important for producing or shipping oil and gas to Western customers.

Source: AP

Some of you are wondering why the hell are we focusing on the unrest in Armenia which is thousands of miles across the pond?

A democracy is a very fragile business. Stakeholders in our democracy MUST ensure that they play their part: the MEDIA, people, government…

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