Barbados Free Press Have You Seen This Report?

Even in the case of oil-producing Trinidad & Tobago the departure tax from Carnival alone contributes close to a million US dollars to the local economy.
[Source: Strategic Plan for the Entertainment Industry of Trinidad & Tobago, 2006]
In the case of Barbados, the 166-square mile democracy pulls in all of US$45M per annum in departure tax.
[Source: Barbados Free Press – June 22, 2007]
Jamaica, of course, continues to be a regional leader with a record breaking year in terms of visitor arrivals and in measured earnings. We welcomed 3 Million Visitors and cleared US$2B in revenue. The performance on the cruise side of the business not only landed us in the local record books, but copped us the award of number one cruise shipping destination in the WORLD.
Source: Jamaica Information Service


There is an ongoing debate in Barbados about the reach of the Barbados blogs. For those people who doubt that the blogs are read both at home and abroad by important people, they should check-out the quotes above from the speech notes of Minister of Tourism in Jamaica, the Hon. Edmund Bartlett MP, which he delivered to the Jamaica American Chamber of Commerce today.

Yes indeed, Barbados Free Press was cited as a legitimate source by a Minister in the Jamaican government!

8 thoughts on “Barbados Free Press Have You Seen This Report?

  1. Just as they are being read by the ministers in Jamaica I am sure that they get read by those in office here like the PM , DPM , AG and the CJ why then do they not do the right thing and call elections so that we can restart life honestly in this island free from all these scams and tripling of cost on all these projects,and the continued filling of the bank accounts of Owing, Nicholls and Bannister just think about their share of proceeds from the VECO built PRISON and the DANOS 3S road works project if they were asking for a 7 % fee for the VECO PRISON I shudder to think what the commission must be on the BARBADOS KICKBACK AGREEMENT DANOS and 3 S scam.

  2. “Yes indeed, Barbados Free Press was cited as a legitimate source by a Minister in the Jamaican government!”

    Just because BFP copied this ONE STATEMENT some other source…

    “In the case of Barbados, the 166-square mile democracy pulls in all of US$45M per annum in departure tax.”

    …is nothing to be jumping up and down about.

    That’s like citing BU for saying that the capital on Barbados is Bridgetown.

    Blogsters like you are childish and small-minded.

  3. Am I the only person who have noticed that the Constitution river needs cleaning. It is directly opposite Queen Elizabeth Hospital thus it is believed that with dengue on the increase it would be kept clean of bush overgrowth. Someone please inform Mr. Denis Lowe and Mr. Donville Inniss of this eyesore. I forgot Mr. Patrick Todd is the Minister for the city.

  4. Can anybody tell me if the Guyanese lady who sublets the Kays House Car Park has permission from Town & Planning for the Container Complex. This place is becoming a shanty town with a sidewalk restaurant, supermarket and a salon. I am not Xenophobic in case Ricky Singh reads this only asking that our way of life and the pride we place in our surroundings be maintained.
    I have seen shanty settlements throughout the caribbean and we do not need this type of housing in Barbados. Oh by the way the Guyanese workes in the car park charge $2 for a hour which is even more than City Centre.

  5. Big up the entreprenurial spirit.
    Would she be attacked for her efforts were she not Guyanese ?
    I dont think so.
    Mac should check what’s happening on the West coast before attacking a poor Guyanese trying ot make a living

  6. baku
    I sick and tired hearing about poor guyanese just trying to make a living. Why should they be allowed to come to My country retard the living and sanitary conditions here? G.T is one of the dirtiest capitals I have ever been to and we are allowing these same dirty people to come here and contaminate our country. Every time I see or hear of incedences like these it makes my blood boil. When are we going to put a stop to this CRAP?

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