A Jamaican Blogger Dishes Out A Brickbat To The Barbados Media and A Bouquet To Two Barbados Blogs

Barbados Blogs Make a Huge Step

There is a huge shift underway in Barbados — two of the most outspoken blogs are being printed and distributed on paper. In my travels across the region I have found the Barbados newspapers to be the absolute worst — insipid, uninspiring and devoid of any of the passion that one normally associates with journalism. Reading them brings on feelings of suffocation, suppression and suspicion. I remember when a Bajan sitting next to me on the plane to Bridgetown was arrested and hauled off by Jamaican police. He was in the news the next couple of days in Jamaica, as he was arrested and later convicted of trying to export ganja.

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It is no secret that the freewheeling nature of blogging will always place the traditional media at a disadvantage. However, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the arrogance, incompetence, and the extent to which the traditional media in Barbados is intimidated by government, and other prominent individuals or entities in the society exist. There is the prevailing myopic view that the political parties should be solely responsible for the democracy which we hold so dear. Last week, we heard David Ellis giving a wishy washy response to the role he took in the Mascoll interview. We are sorry David Ellis; you need to do some introspection about your role as a leading media practitioner and come again!

BU reject the rebuttal we know is coming that we maybe naive in this matter. We accept that all media owners will promote agendas i.e., political, religious, conservative, liberal, “economic,” etc. However, one common theme should always prevail and that is the truth. The hypocrisy which is so easily detected within our media houses is proving to be counterproductive to our society. We pressure our young people to observe the rules, but the media practitioners compromise their standards and are dishonest to their profession every day in Barbados. We featured a story last week which highlighted The Times of Dominica (see links below) for having the courage to confront Prime Minister Skerrit on an issue of financial appropriateness. Many similar issues are occurring across the Caribbean; we think they should be tested in court but our media houses are often happy to pay moneys to the politicians from their “slush funds” and let sleeping dogs lie.

This comment posted on BU regarding the recent 3S scandal is insightful which the blogs exposed in Barbados:

It appears as if the story on the flyovers project is dying, I hope not. Will anyone seriously investigate the issues raised by “Anonymous” who obviously seems to know what he/she is talking about. Persistent calls to the Ministry’s project manager or former (original) project manager should bear fruit.

Here is a project which has been mismanaged in all aspects but our media remains silent like mongrels around a “stuff bim”.

God Help Us!

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5 thoughts on “A Jamaican Blogger Dishes Out A Brickbat To The Barbados Media and A Bouquet To Two Barbados Blogs

  1. Our education system is starting to show some holes. In developed places people are members of political parties but they focus on the issues. Caribbean people still vote party come what may. i agree the media in Barbadis is bare boo.

  2. We just allow others to think for us. We just don’t seem to be critical thinkers and this is a failure on the part of our educational system.

  3. I also agree that the established media houses in Barbados are full of boo. There is very little creative journalism or having the balls to take on the government on issues that affect the general population. Wait to elections are called, we will see even less content in the paper and more ads.

  4. Has the cricket fiasco been so easily forgotten.
    what is it going to take for black leaders to use little common sense.-Again -because it is common does not mean that everybody has it.
    The more proggresive a nation the more freedom it is suppose to have, (or is that just wishful thinking . ) It is high time these people start seeking guidance from the creator who the earth belong to anyway, and stop being oppressors of the slave masters. ( in case you don’t know they still dictate what goes on in this part of the world.) You might be wandering what am I getting at the running of the country the economic state and the welfare of the citizenry is dictated by the slave masters ht devil and his advocates. So until man becomes submissive to hte ccreator he will always be used by the devil and his advocates . We will never have our best interest adressed or taken care of that’s why we are in the state we are in. The worst people you can offend are children, orphans and widows because when you do ,it is God you have to deal with and not a soul can stand for you against God. I am not preaching just stating facts too many black communities are thrown to the wolves by their leaders . If God is leading thins would be different . WE have a resposibility too we are suppose to pray for them that we would be able to lead peaceable lives so it is a two way thing both together not one without the other.

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