The Third Estate Has The Final Power~The Voices Of THE PEOPLE Must Be Heard

A motion of no confidence, also called a motion of non-confidence, a censure motion, a no-confidence motion, or simply a confidence motion, is a parliamentary motion traditionally put before a parliament by the opposition in the hope of defeating or embarrassing a government. On rare occasions, it may also be put on the parliamentary order paper by an erstwhile supporter who has lost confidence in the government. The motion is passed or rejected by means of a parliamentary vote (a vote of no confidence). In the British Parliament it generally first appears as an early day motion although the vote on the Queen’s Speech also constitutes a Confidence Motion. [1] Governments often respond to a motion of no confidence by proposing a motion of confidence which, according to parliamentary procedure in the Westminster system, takes precedence and so replaces the motion of no confidence.
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180px-cleric-knight-workman.jpgStudents of ancient history are aware that in medieval Europe divisions in the society were referred to as Estates of the Realm, in modern societies although the term is rarely used is is not uncommon to refer to the press as the Fourth Estate. The thrust of modern societies has been to deflate the notion of class and demarcation of social structures, even if we know it exist, the First and Second Estates which refer to nobility and the church respectively are hardly ever used. Equal in its lack of use is the Third Estate, THE PEOPLE. Back in medieval times the Third Class was referred to as THE COMMONERS, today often referred to as THE POPULACE. History has shown that although third in the pecking order of the Estates of The Realm, THE PEOPLE have always had the final say. The “falling” of the Berlin Wall, the withdrawal of the poll tax in the UK, the fall of the apartheid system in South Africa and the subsequent freeing of the greatest black man on earth, Nelson Mandela, the enfranchisement of the black vote led by Martin Luther King in the US and the list is endless where THE PEOPLE have always been at the forefront of the catalyst of change.

In recent days if we were to measure the feedback to the blogs it is clear the THE PEOPLE are becoming more and more concerned about the how the country is being managed. This is very evident with the many capital projects which have been completed or are still ongoing where ineptitude is evident. There was a time when the call in programs were received by THE PEOPLE as the people’s parliament. Now the only purpose they serve is to push the agenda of a few. Many of the moderators seem to have enjoined themselves to the mainstream agenda and the programs are starting to “cesspool” into stagnation. All too common on the call in is the propagation of complaints and little discussion about a way forward. The management of the media houses should study the concept of “cause and effect” if they want to keep the people’s parliament vibrant.

The truth is the radio stations have commercialized the call-ins to pander to the sponsors.We cannot rely on the FOURTH ESTATE to help THE PEOPLE achieve the change which is required!

At the end of the day the Leader of the Opposition of Barbados is the arm in our governance structure which is chargedDavid J. H Thompson MP with the responsibility to be the watchdog of our democracy. The sad reality, which is being confirmed every passing hour, suggests that THE PEOPLE have become equally fed-up with the David Thompson, Leader of the Opposition. So many issues out there to agitate against but all THE PEOPLE hear is SILENCE. The only action on the part of David Thompson which might redeem him is if he tables a NO CONFIDENCE motion in the government at the earliest opportunity. We know that this would be purely a symbolic action but the process would give the opportunity for the public to feel that THEIR Leader of the Opposition is working on the behalf of THE PEOPLE.


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7 thoughts on “The Third Estate Has The Final Power~The Voices Of THE PEOPLE Must Be Heard

  1. There is a deafening silence coming from everybody in recent times.
    It is really sad that the opposition (DLP) is silent on the many issues on the front burner in this country. It is said that timing is everything, but at least we the people want to hear some rumblings which would indicate to us that something is about to happen. NOT A WORD FROM ANYONE.
    Arthur got these ppl muzzled too?
    Where is the opposition? We certainly can’t and won’t depend on the press. The church is worse. There were the days when Dean Crichlow would be in the vanguard against the gov’t of the day. What happening now? Is everybody too comfortable or too frightened?
    At least we have free speech in the form of BU and BFP, but we need more than that, we need action. Time for talking done. We need a Martin Luther King. We need a Malcolm X. We need help. We also need to get up off our a**holes and do something for ourselves.
    Time is of essense. No more free rides by this party in power.

  2. I heard in my days as a lad that “Silence gives consent.” Is the silent treatment that is being given by the national media as well as the Opposition Party concerning this construction fiasco, giving consent to the man-Owing; stealing; fraud and corruption?

  3. There is a serious move afoot to displace voters at the next election, my fear is that many that will turn up to vote at stations where they have voted for years will find themselves turned around and unable to vote there, this is a serious state of affairs and sadly the full extent of this plan will not be know or felt until polling day when it maybe too late to rectify and many will leave without casting a ballot.
    This is just another piece of the BLP skullduggery to fustrate and torment the marrginal voter, they seem to operate on the basis if they cannot get you fair they will get you foul.

  4. Isn’t it clear? the collusion between BLP politicians and a Nationnews journalist? Focus your attention of Albert Brandford. A man who has threaten persons to “Put his pen” in them. His recent article titled “Overshadowed” pretends to be asking questions that someone other than himself is asking……

    He then moves on to issue a half hearted challenge to anyone to question the efforts of Sir Leroy Trotman and this is to answer concerns of his making about some alleged degradation of the work of the Unions by David Thompson. Clearly Albert’s attempts in this article is but a partisan conversation with himself, and if as by a stroke of luck Sir Roy Trotman put Albert’s Malicious attempts of attempting to speak on the behalf of the Union, Sir Roy, and the public to rest with his own opinions of the social partnership, which i am of the opinion is very similar to those of Thompson. Sir Roy furthers chastise the two political parties for playing politics with this issue. We know which party David Thompson represents Which party do you represent Albert Brandford?

    Sir Leroy comments which are at odds with Albert “BLP penman” Brandford.

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