Operation Britton's Hill Cover-Up~The Voices Of The People Must Be Heard!

Ordinary Bajans Launch Citizens’ Inquest Into Barbados Apartment Collapse – Start To Gather Data, Evidence, Facts, Rumours

“Most Bajans don’t trust their government to honestly, impartially and competently investigate the death of the Codrington family, and they don’t trust the mainstream Barbados media to hold the government accountable.”

Barbados Citizens Not Waiting For “Official” Answers – Not Trusting “Official” Answers, Sources And Information Either

From the moment the tragedy became known, the Government of Barbados should have been taking all steps to gather facts and protect evidence for later analysis – but most ordinary Bajans have doubts about the agendas, integrity and competence of the current elected and appointed government officials. In short, most Bajans don’t trust their government to honestly, impartially and competently investigate the death of the Codrington family, and they don’t trust the mainstream Barbados media to hold the government accountable.

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BU wish to commend Barbados Free Press (BFP) for the pressure role it has undertaken to play in the interest of promoting a more transparent and accountable Barbados society. It is a role which will generate many admirers but equally so the detractors are sure to slither from the wood work.

In support of the BFP story today, BU wish to highlight some concerns raised by that someone at a Supermarket in Christ Church this morning.

We read in the Nation newspaper dated 1 September 2007 that there was a meeting held at the St. Cyprian’s School which sought to address parents’ concerns with the school term scheduled to start on the 10 September 2007. For those readers who are unfamiliar, St. Cyprian’s and St. Paul’s Primary are located in fairly close proximity to the big hole in the ground. According to our supermarket friend emotions were high, demands were made and most disgustingly, the government operatives were at work.

Emotions High

Parents who attended the St. Cyprian’s School meeting, mainly women got very emotional at the two and one half hour meeting. It was a meeting where parents from different political sides came together as ONE. The consensus (approximately 70%) which was communicated by a show of hands confirmed that parents are willing to move their children to another location; however, the minority parents in the vote remained concerned about the new location. According to our supermarket friend, the headmaster of the school finds himself in a very difficult position; if the Board of St. Cyprian’s elects to stay 70% of parents will remove their children from the school. If they chose to leave without the blessing of the Ministry of Education, they will no doubt expose themselves to losing their annual subvention. Many parents walked out during the meeting and for whatever reason, the Nation did not report the reason.  Continue to read if you want to know.


Some parents demanded for school fees to be refunded to satisfy those who want to move their children from the school immediately. Parents also demanded that more information be released to the public as it becomes available. This demand became more relevant when parents found out that the school will close a gate to the back of the premises out of caution because of a crack extended from the “Hot Spot” towards the school.

Government Operatives at Work

We mentioned earlier that some parents walked out of the meeting. This was triggered when an arrogant Deputy General Manager of the National Housing Corporation and a Director of St. Cyprian’s School made what were thought to be condescending statements. His general responses were thought to be too pro-government and disinterested at a time when politics was of little concern to parents at the meeting.

The geologist at the meeting gave the parents a jolt when he said that he would not send his child to any of the two schools in the “Hot Spot” area. This is a matter which the government of Barbados should not politicize, and like BFP, we are asking Barbadians who have information of any kind which can help to sensitize all concern to make it available.

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35 thoughts on “Operation Britton's Hill Cover-Up~The Voices Of The People Must Be Heard!

  1. Hahaha. I guess I should be serious. If residents are attempting to move out for what we think could be the reason, I would think the homes may be a tough sell, especially if the homeowners are selling at market value. Say one, say two, some buyers may be thinking that after a while those houses will worth a fortune.

    I can only wish the Sellers the best of luck.

  2. There is no “citizen’s inquest” about the Brittons Hill tragedy.

    You at Barbados Underground (and of course the shameless liars at BFP) should really stop using the DEATHS OF THE CODRINGTONS to post LIES about the situation.

    As decent Bajans, we at Barbados Free Press Exposed are sickened by the callous manner in which blogs like Barbados Underground and Barbads Free Press have indecently disrespected these innocent victims for your own cheap political purposes.



  3. An inaccuracy which the geologist at the meeting cleared up was the constant repitition that it was over 100 feet drop at the deepest point in the cave. He said he went into the cave and it is about 50 to 60 feet at its deepest. Just thought I would clarify that because I wanted to know why would the Minister be saying 100 feet if it was not.

  4. Parent,

    Do you really think that 60 feet deep or 100 feet deep is anything sensible for you to be picking at?


    Five people are dead after the apartment collapsed.

  5. BFPE sadly you are obviously a disturbed, dishonest person and a stranger to the truth as well.
    We are lucky to have sites that are not political footballs for the ruling party and they are free and honest in their reporting very much unlike you, as you fly off into temper tantrums each time something is posted that is negative of your party.
    Wake up smell the roses lad we are living in changing Barbados.

  6. Sadly they allowed Marshall to play with this event and play he did, he absolutely and completely made a mess of its handling and management, we were almost led to believe that this was something of the scale of the WTC which it was not minutely close but we had them reporting from ground zeor give me a break man and four days later after stops because the rain may have fallen was the first recovery, he managed this event for the publicity of it not the well being or the good of the people he is to serve.
    Lets look at his demeanour what did that suggest to you one of compassion or one of I do not give a damn ?

  7. Wishing in Vain: “BFPE sadly you are obviously a disturbed dishonest person and a stranger to the truth as well.”

    Well, yes! If he is dishonest he would have to be a stranger to the truth! I just wish (in vain?) that you, WIV, would desist from replying to this slimeball. Everyone else ignores IT (“It” is obviously not human). The more you reply, the more IT will continue to infest these blogs. Do like me and STOP reading its filth.

  8. It would appear very clear to me that if these families are unhappy with their children attending St. Cyprian’s School that should be allowed the freedom to make their choice and secondly they must be refunded their fees paid and allowed to move to another school.
    Why it should become a political footbal is beyond me but this is the silly season that we are in now.

  9. We have a feeling that if this problem was located in the West Terrace area maybe there would be more urgency and clarity about whether schools should be moved or not.

  10. More likely than not, there will be many embellished stories, some blown way out of proportion and very preposterous, before we know or if we were to ever know the truth. IMO, I think the crux of this incident is awaiting and letting the truth be known.

    Should the Government start at the very beginning — release records on file related to the land/area, such as, when was the land transfer/purchase (copy of deed); date of inspection of land/area before the building permit was granted; the findings at the time of inspection; type of inspection that was done. In addition, the response time it took for a Government official to call in proper rescue resources (when was the first call made to an official, when did an official show up on the scene, etc. )

    This tragedy is a wake up call to ALL Barbadians especially those living in Bim. Barbados Government needs to take the time and spend the $$ to study/analyze the root causes of this tragedy, AND guarantee that the results in full of the findings are pass on to the public. Once these results are known, a definitive decision needs to be made which will give residents not only in that area but throughout the country, peace of mind. Maybe an approach such as this could help to restore the faith of the people in the product being offered by the construction community at large.

    Let us hope that the powers that be don’t consider using any bandaids as a quick fix.

  11. Based on official info and comments released, be it from a Gov’t rep, such as Dale Marshall, others in authority or whomever, or no matter who was, is or would have been building in the area, this is a time in our history when Barbadians need to come together and let their voices be heard. Whether to show support, disgust, approval, non-approval for the government handling of this incident.

  12. A report in today’s Sunday Sun from an eye-witness at Brittons Hill.

    It exposes a lot of the LIES posted on Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground.



    Chilling screams from below

    Published on: 9/2/07.

    This aerial view of the incident shows Gercine Carter’s home (brown top house on road with fire trucks) at top right. (AM)


    I grew up at Carlisle View in Brittons X Road, a house sitting opposite an expanse of trees and pasture overlooking the tranquil Carlisle Bay.

    In my early 20s I looked on sadly as that pasture where I played, the trees which I climbed and in whose branches I could often be found perched with a book, were all bulldozed to make way for a housing development. A development that I often felt robbed me of my childhood view, and my brothers, sisters, and neighbourhood friends of a playground; a place where they would defy my mother’s orders not to explore the cave, throw stones at the bats and just simply be boys.

    As the housing lots were laid out, I would walk across the former pasture to the ridge many an afternoon and stand on one particular spot where I visualised having my own home where I could always see Carlisle Bay and relive childhood memories over and over.

    That was more than 30 years ago. Houses went up in the development, as well as three apartment blocks.

    An effort to acquire my favourite lot failed. One of the three apartment blocks went up directly opposite my family home and with shattered hopes of ever living “in the old pasture” I left Carlisle View and Brittons X Road to live on my own.

    My view of Carlisle Bay had been taken away for good.

    Or so I thought.

    It was long after midnight, last Sunday, after the usual Saturday night lime with my family and neighbourhood residents who patronise my brother’s weekend barbecue business, that I settled down to sleep at my mother’s house.

    Coming awake some time after, I heard the frantic barking of the dogs living next door to the Shalom apartments. There was a strange sound coming from that direction, a sound that even now I find difficult to describe.

    Looking across to the Shalom apartment block straight ahead I noticed a little red car sitting in the garage of the first apartment, with a light burning overhead. The second apartment next door to this, and which I was told had been vacated just about two weeks ago, was in darkness. So too, were the fourth and fifth apartments at the other end of the building.

    However, lights burned throughout the third or middle apartment where my little niece and nephew and other children from the area had joined that tenant’s kids to play hide and seek around the apartment block until about 9 p.m. the Saturday night.

    Failing to detect what could be amiss, I returned to bed uneasy with the dogs’ barking and still hearing the sound.

    It was 2:23 a.m.

    Nothing could have prepared me for the sight about two hours later. Startled from sleep by a hysterical brother, the entire household was ordered: “Everybody get up and open the front door and tell me what you all see.”

    Shocking view

    Hurrying to the door, I was almost overcome by the shock of the view of Carlisle Bay, from which I had been separated by two apartments just two hours ago.

    The earth had swallowed up two apartments and a third was leaning precariously towards the gaping hole. Visible was the bedroom with the bed of those children who had narrowly escaped with their parents.

    “The apartments gone and that man and his family are in there,” My brother wailed as he fell to the ground crying uncontrollably. Beside him my sister sank to her knees in the street crying: “Oh God, that man and his children that I served with food tonight are in the first apartment.”

    They were talking about Donavere Codrington, his wife Cassandra and children Shaquanda, Shaquille, and Yashiro.

    Instinctively, we all got up from the street and ran towards the area. While my sister and I stood back out of fear, my brother ran to the edge, and called out to Donavere whom he had only seen for the first time the previous night.

    The frantic man was standing beside his red car still visible below the earth pleading for help, at the same time begging my brother David not to leave him.

    Giving Donavere the reassurance that he was getting that help, David ran to call for assistance, as the childrens’ heart-rending screams in the background pierced the air from below.

    There was an immediate response from the Royal Barbados Police Force and the Barbados Fire Service. But as firemen ran towards the building a second collapse reverberated through the area, sending everyone scampering.

    Not daunted by this, my distraught brother, this time accompanied by another brother, ran back to the hole, one spotting a light and the other calling out to Donavere.

    To their relief, he responded, indicating he was injured and again pleading for help.

    That relief turned to grief within seconds as the thunderous sound of a massive boulder falling on the metal roof below echoed in a third collapse.

    Everyone recoiled as the apartments continued to fall deeper and deeper into the earth’s cavity, the noise of the falling building shattering the peace of the morning. That noise was amplified by the metal clamour of two cars, a heavy duty auto mechanic jack and other material joining the fall as the floor beneath the nearby mechanic’s garage followed in yet another collapse within seconds after the third.

    In tears and with my heart racing I placed my hands on my head and cried to my sister standing nearby: “Oh my God, they are dead now.”

  13. I stand to be corrected, but doesn’t it seem as though there were warnings before this apartment collapsed. And should not persons, particularly those who grew up with an intimate knowledge of the gaping cave below these apartments, have been in a position to sound an alarm, or at least a caution. And If there was construction excavation a few days before, accompanied by shaking and tremors, should not voices have been heard, complaining, informing the authorities, calling brass tacks.
    Seems to me the silence before the collapse is the more deafening.

  14. BFPE, why is it that you are not posting on your own site.

    I think many people have realized by now that your aim is to degrade the credibilty of the above 2 blogs you mentioned. Sadly, to your advantage, there are people who will be turned off by your hateful comments, and will decide to give those sites negative press, without having read any of the other articles. Luckily, there are also those who have read/seen through you, and your attacks will not be successful in deterring them.

    BFPE, this is not a time to spout such unconstructive comments or to attack your competitors. I’m sure you would agree that this tragedy hits home to every person, so that many are compeled to share the information through blogs which is their only outlet as a private person. These blogs give readers from all walks of life an opportunity to express their opinions.

    If you don’t like the message, you don’t have to shoot the messenger. Let’s be civil and respectful to each other in this time of mourning.

  15. Well said Former Resident sadly this thing is distorted and dishonest, and will fail to claim any respect in forums such as these are, it is a wasted exercise to even enter into discussion with this thing.
    PS Why does the mighty Gabby have that stupid smile on his face while attending the service yesterday? do they all take this as a Public Relations exercise if so there PR are advising them badly as this is a solemn occassion and one for maintaining some decorum , is it because he is alongside his provider of his funding ?
    We have seen the manner in which Lynch, Marshall and Prescod in particular have bungled this event and we even went as far to suffer the sickness of having Lynch laughing when asked about the family of the deceased, and now we see Gabby standing alongside Arthur and smiling at him, how sick can we get over money and the greed for it ?

  16. WIV:

    How can Gabby have anything but a stupid smile on his face when he is “freaking out” most of the time! Furthermore, he may be smiling up at Owing now, but if the DLP win the next elections, see how fast Gabby will fly back in that nest!

  17. My understanding of his situation is that the drugs have him in dire straits and that he did work for CBC any by the next day he was camped out looking for the payment, he is at the mercy of the likese of Owing and company and they love it that way, keep the people with their hands extended and open palms !!
    Then they exhibit full control over mind and body!!!
    Ask Mottley how that works the mind and body control !!!

  18. Just heard an amusing anecdote which I’d like to share. The police have started “rounding up” loiterers in and around B’town, and moving them on. During one of their rounds ups, they netted about two dozen illegal Guyanese, who tried to run from them, shoved them in the van and they’ve all been deported back to Guyana. I would have given anything to have had a video camera to take shots of that episode. I must congratulate the police. Not a peep out of Faria, the Farcical Fraud!

  19. Entertainment !!
    This is a very apt description indeed, does it not look sickening to see at this sombre time he could have a silly grin on his face, and Lynch blundered as well with his laughing at the question.

  20. Imagine my daughter call me this morning to come and read what a No Name write on the DLP blog about people peeing and messing they pants. I was so shame. I know a lot of filth does be on the BLP blog but not on the DLP. They better be careful somebody is not trying to ruin they reputation.

  21. Charnocks, I visit the DLP blog very often and just did so before responding to your post but I can find nowhere on the site what you refered to, can you please provide more relevant information?

  22. I have just visited the DLP blog and read the offensive sentence in the post by No Name. In all fairness to the moderator of that blog, it must be very difficult to keep track of posts coming from that person, with what appears to be verbal diarrhoea, one after the other, especially one that is critical of the administration of the blog itself. What utter arrogance!

  23. Is my imagination playing tricks, or do I remember a year or two ago there was a fire, or some sort of problem at the same McBrides?

  24. Land prices are such that I am amazed that there are not more squatters around, and until we address the matter of numerous golf courses, and polo fields and condo blocks we will continue to have real issues ahead of us.
    Our problem is that the gov’t is available to the highest bidder and it creates serious issues for Owing to put his foot down and say no we need land for the citizens of this island and we need it at affordable prices so no Polo or condos in this area this is land reserved to provide for those that are less fortunate that yourself those that may have lost a house to a fire or something along those lines.
    In Owings world and method of operation the cash register has to keep ringing from the proceeds of these rich English and Irish if not his spending will exceed his intake then all hell breaks loose.

  25. St.Paul’s will be split-up come next week. Although the prelim report from the technical team determined that the two schools are safe the Ministry felt that the ongoing technical work in the area and the inability of traffic to flow freely all contributed to reallocating the school temporarily.

    Class 4 (77 pupils) which will prepare for the 11+ is to be transferred as a group to Bay Primary. All others will be sent to schools in the Bridgetown area. Many of the parents who have children outside the catchment area maybe the ones to lose out because the Ministry’s policy is one of committing to the school in the area where the parent lives. This caused some heated exchanges because the point was made that most of the primary schools in Bridgetown all have a high % of children from outside the catchment area.

    All in all I think the Ministry was faced with a difficult situation and they have done the best in the circumstances. We would have liked for the school to have been reallocated in mass with teachers etc but that is a hard ask.

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  27. David I am not trying to stir up trouble or to get you caught in the middle. However, clarify your opus oprandi for me at BU in light of the sudden outburst by your friends at BFP because I commented on another aspect of Free Trade agreements to one “Yardbroom” made.

    I am always hearing that the mandate of BU and BFP is about the voices of the people must be heard. And that these Blogs are telling the people of Barbados they protect “Free Speech” and “Freedom” of the press that they the BLOGS correctly say is not practiced by the mainstream media in Barbados.

    None of these things seem to be consistently followed especially at BFP. but are rather enforced in a hap hazzard and personmal way. I am not the only one suggesting this incidentally others are too.

    You cannot ban someone or stop the vulgarity as we saw today against Adrian Loveridge unless every piece of mail is edited or vetted. And I do not think anyone can expect that with a blog.

    Therefore if BU or BFP wishes someone to be banned maybe they should ask wordpress to block that IP from logging into BFP or BU. And even that is no gurantee because the offending person can use another persons computer I THINK!

    What I am asking is this what are your guidelines on these matters as I am interested in knowing so out of the blue you do not kick me in the ass too!

    While using childishness and innuendo to make your case.

    We have tried not to post too many rules and to instead rely on the decency of mankind. It is our blog and we will exercise any editorial judgment when we think fit. That’s all we can say foe now.


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