Barbados Fast Food Churches

Does anyone remember the church which went under the banner, New Covenant Ministries? The name has been changed so often that at BU we have struggled to keep track. The last we heard this Church – we believe it started its journey operating from the Globe Theater – in recent times has been operating from the Dove Conference Centre at the Country Road location. BU understands that this church has been struggling to meet a commitment to the bank of a loan of eighty four thousand dollars which was used to build a Pre-school. The property has been put on the market it would appear to recover the debt owed.

BU recalls that Pastor T became famous in Barbados when he rebuked the Walk Holy Band for participating in Kadooment. He made the famous quote, “May all your plans fail…Take the mask off! We need to do it God’s way.” What made the prophesy so amusing was the fact that Experience Calypso Tent has frequently operated from the Dover Conference Centre, the home base of the church. Pastor T enlarged his public profile when he encouraged members of the New Covenant Ministries flock to give their rent and mortgage payments to the Church. In response to the skepticism by some members; his response was that the Lord would watch over and protect them.

Back in February the Nation Newspaper published a story that Pastor T had a falling out with the Assistant Pastor Joanne Connell and soon after he changed the locks and announced that he had closed the Church. It has been reported that Assistant Pastor Connell has since started her own Church which is called Master’s House and operates from Sherbourne Conference Centre. The Nation further reported that Pastor Bishop who bears an American passport was last seen to be traveling to Atlanta, USA where the headquarters of the Church is located. At the time of his departure the official name of the Church was New Light Word Centre.

BU has always been puzzled that Barbadians so easily switch to these “fly by night” outfits which appear like weeds on wetlands. They have appeared all around us, Sherbourne, Hilton, Combermere, Grand Barbados, Samuel Jackman Polytechnic, Olympic to name a few. Let us not forget that the “charismatic” Jippy Doyle is before the law courts charged on having carnal knowledge of a 13 year old. This matter has been before the court for some time now, we hope that it does not vanish like others. We will hold our silence…for now on the matter of the Judicial System in Barbados. To make matters worse Barbadians have been giving their hard earn monies too easy to these money thirsty outfits. Why are we so gullible?

Pastor Bishop accompanied by his pregnant girl friend has flown off into the blue skies and yet again our trust in these fast food churches have been shaken.

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  1. The biblical verse…”not everyone who cries ‘Lord Lord’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven” is obviously not read by many a church-goer.
    The people are searching for truth, but the so-called pastors are searching for dollars.
    Betrayal is the name of the pastors’ game.
    Do not blame the congregation… sympathise with them for not knowing better.
    We in Barbados have constantly been told to “fear God” and we view the pastor as “God’s right-hand man”.
    One day we will wake up to the chicanery of these men and women who fleece their congregations.

  2. This clearly explains why hardly anyone in this country can see the imminence of loosing our birthrights to every fast-talking trickster who turns up with a dollar bill, especially the white ones. We are about as intelligent as our famous black belly sheep.
    Just get somebody who look or talk a little different and everyone rushes off behind them.

    The church types are particularly pitiful. Can you imagine that the very bible warns that ‘many shall come in my (Jesus’) name AND SHALL DECIEVE MANY. Yet these people follow around behind these jokers like idiots?
    The ONLY way to judge a person is BY HIS FRUITS. In other words, WHAT HAS HE DONE IN HIS LIFE SO FAR?
    If we apply this principle there would be very few ‘church leaders’ left around.
    What church what?!
    Right now my favourite Bajan is Richard Hoad. He not only talk sense but apparently he lives it….why he don’t start a church though?

    If we ever get around to judging business and political leaders by their fruit we would see the trouble we are in as a country.- nuff rottenness…

    And how about judging our Trinidadian economic ‘saviours’ by their fruit?
    Lord, have mercy on us…

  3. The success of the “fast food” churches maybe can be explained as filling a void left my the failure of the traditional church to gel with the times. A controversial discussion when we discuss the relevance of the church in a modern society.

  4. BU,
    You are being utterly rediculous when you take such a small sample of wrongdoings and attempt to make it appear that this behaviour is representative of these “fly by night” outfits.

    We are still on earth and as long as we remain down here there will be some degree of imperfection.I don’t hear of persons getting stabbed or killed at any of these “fly by night” outfits!

    Instead many persons benefits from attending these churches. Almost every time there is a dub fete or artiste performing on the island; almost every crop offer and similar festive occasion there is a death of some sort of voilence.

    If we did not have these “fly by night” outfits, I shudder at what our society might be. They bring hope to the hopeless.

    Are you aware of the tremendous community programmes many of these churches are involved in? Are you aware of the lives that have been changed as a result of these “fly by night” outfits?

    If you can prove to me that the average pastor at these “fly by night” outfits and the average member are not walking the talk I will support you..until then you should encourage the development of more of these “fly by night” outfits.

  5. Occasional Church Goer~from where we sit there are just too many of the fast food churches nowadays. To numerous to name all. We don’t think that any Pastor/Priest should be able to lock a church door and close down a church, that defines fast food for us. Does not mean that we scoff at the efforts of others which are trying. It seems to us that these fast food churches believe that the Pastors should be able to drive BMWs and live in Fort George off the brow of the poorest member of their flock. Although like you we are occasional church goers we know that this philosophy violates the Christian teachings, if you doubt us have a read of Isaiah 58 🙂

  6. Out of a total of 20 fast food churches, how many drive BMWs. I knew a pastor from one of these so called by you “fast food churches” who drove a Mercedes Benz. It had nothing to do with the church. He was a returning national and bought it with his own money.

    All I am saying is that you are generalising without the empherical data. …And who is it that determines how many churches there should be? How many pastors are you aware of in Barbados who have been able to lock a church door and close down a church?

    Why don’t you articulate the many good things theses churches are and have been doing? Have you spoken to any of them in relation to their mission? I am for instance aware of a number of these “fast food churches ” that support missionaries in Africa, Latin America and Europe on a monthly basis. They provide food to the poor on a monthly/weekly basis. They support programmes in relation to HIV AIDS; help members get jobs; provide counselling services; they go to the prisons; children homes etc.
    I put it to you that the majority of these churches are a positive influence in the society with responsible persons leading the flock.

  7. I do not this David is negating the positives of these churches, but you must admit these activities are not known only the wrong doings are so we comment on those. Not saying they should publised their missionary work but the public should know so as to create a balance.

    What David is saying is so true I talk to a popular fast food guy on the island some time ago and who has 4 luxury cars in his drive way. He says those cars are a testament of his faith in God. He should have the best and look the best cause his God is the God of the universe and therefore he is a child of the King. This later part is true. But to disect his argument then if i take the bus have no car i have no faith my faith is weak and God cannot bless me. He learns this in his Fast food church. They teach this wealth ministry idea. the popular lady reverand has been noted as saying, I should drive a mercedes and wear the best, as God servant I should look better than those I am leading.

    Now tell me Occasional Church goer, where David’s comments are incorrect? (not defending David’s just understand them)

  8. Actually there is an international “move-of-God” where non-denominational churches are emerging all over the world. Even though this is happening in the USA and Europe as well, the fastest spreading breed of new churches is taking place all across Africa, China (where it is underground) Latin America and the Caribbean. The movement is not unique to Barbados and obviously those who have this opinion are the uninitiated and the unknowing; there are several websites where info can be found on this new wave and new way of doing church “outside the non-denominational structure” Check out the books “Churchquake” or “The New Apostolic Reformation” by C. Peter Wagner. As to this description of such churches as “fast-food” congregations; this presents a limited understanding of what is really happening. Of course the existence of counterfeit currency in any country suggests that there is the real stuff; the same can be said for the church. The counterfeit or “fake” ministers or ministries presupposes the existence of “real” or genuine ones. Individuals just need to be a bit more discerning in scrutinising the teaching in any church especially when it does not line up with the word of God. Those who proport to be ministers and take advantage of their flock will be held to high accountability by GOD. Congregants are also called upon to scrutinise the lifestyle and morality of their ministers; nothing should be hidden, as genuine ministers will lead lives of significant transparency. I maintain that for many of the churches identified as “fast-food” because their services or meetings are held in non-traditional locations like schools or plazas; the defining quality should not be the location or name, but the quality of ministry received in terms of teaching, fellowship and the meeting of personal and national needs. Many of these ministers are in no way “fly by night” but are experienced pastors who for one reason or another parted ways with the denominational churches with which they may have worked previously. It does not mean they are rebels in the negative sense of the word; merely catalysts for change. By the way was Jesus living in our time, most church people would not have given him the time of day! If you wonder how I know so much in this area; been there done that; still doing it; following God outside the traditional denominational structures that is and LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT! Be blessed and visit one this Sunday.

  9. We are slowly moving away from the “Traditional” and “Boring” churches to the hell fire of the “Contempory” and”Lively” churches. These persons are running businesses and care nothing about the innocent they rob and hurt.

    Government should pass legislation that when these wolves take advantage of the poor they should spend the rest of their days at Harrison Point.

    I persoanlly have been hurt by these thieves and they need to be punished.

    We church goers pay their rent/mortgage, buy their food, pay their utilities and basically “keep” them while they hardly make a “lick”.

    They children go to private schools and overseas universities that we church goers pay for.

    They even have the audacity to tell us the exact amount (down to the cent) what our offerings should be.

    The authoritise should bring Pastor T to justice hunt him like how they did Winston Hall.

  10. People in Barbados need to read the Bible and understand what it says. They are like sheep, always looking for a leader to follow. Most of them believe in the Pastor and not in the word of God. If the pastors says to jump they ask, how high. Come on Bajans do some of your own research to find out if the things that are coming out of these pastors mouths are true. Dont sit down in a church were the Pastor preach that they should be treated like royalty. Seek after Christ and know about him for yourself. Then you will not be led astray by these money hungry pastors.

    Know Christ for yourself.

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  12. For all of you bible readers. I have some questions? Do you know hebrew? Do you know aramaic? Do you know the entomology of words? Do you know greek? Do you know arabic? Do you know latin? Do you even know the queens english? Do you know any african languages that you claim to be decendent from? Do you know what these words in the bible mean? Or do you think you know? Or better yet believe… Because believing is different from knowing. So you are just as ignorant as the child that does not know that fire burns and water can drown. But when you know how to use these things you have the power to create life!!! Do you even know what your own name means? “First middle and last” I highly doubt it. Cause I declare every name in this world has a meaning!! And if you dont even know what your name means then how in the hell do you know whoGOD is? Does God even know who God is? Dont be afraid to ask these questions! What are these words in the bible anyway? They are symbols that relate to a thought defined by a word which you dont even have the definition too! Yes! Did you ever take the time to read the symbols of nature around you? In the sun the moon the earth and the stars? Did you read the book of nature? Do you understand the context in what it is you are doing? Why are you afraid to question GOD and its intentions? Listen! why dont you guys find out what your name even means and then try to find out what god means!!! Yall probably been in school for 25 – 30 years and dont even know the definition of what you tell people to call you!!! Think about the significance to that… Every word that is a compound word has a prefix a suffix and a root. And guess what each portion has a definitions. And if you cant find it in your dictionary there is a reason and you need to look and search for it. Once you know who you are then you can now begin to look for GOD…

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