The Barbados Advocate, A Disgrace To The Fourth Estate

Attorney Alvin David Bryan (right) and Wilfred Abrahams (left)

Most people (used reservedly given the Advocate’s circulation numbers) have read the self-serving apologia in the editorial section of the Advocate directed at the Bajan blogosphere, in defense of what many agree is a toothless Fourth Estate of Barbados. A Fourth Estate that blandly and blindly follows the beat of the drum of whichever political party it is affiliated to, ignores glaring incidents of injustice in the Courts of Barbados and refuses to take members of government to task, even if the evidence jumps up and bites them on the gluteus maximus.

A few examples :-

  • Barbados is taken to court in Canada in a civil lawsuit with costs running (on both sides) to almost BDS$16 million. This lawsuit involves the future of over 1% of Barbados’ total landmass, the purchase of  influence of the Fifth Estate (blogs) at BDS1,300.00 per week, the establishment of a blog in Miami, Florida, the collection of shredded documents in Barbados and their shipment to Canada to be reconstituted, the surveillance of the former wife of Owen Arthur, the surveillance of the family and person of former Attorney General Mia Mottley in Florida, the staking out of the Barbados consular mission in Miami Florida and the proposal to follow and stalk employees of that mission, contributing to the upkeep and election aspirations of Minister Denis Lowe (including importing Canadian experts to assist with his election), the use of false names and documents, the jail sentence of one of the parties who is now a fugitive from justice. Barbados wins the case in Canada and all is REVEALED. The case is fully and completely reported BU (Go to Search Box and use ‘Peter Allard’), with full document back-up. Yet, neither the Nation or the Advocate has even attempted to report on the matter. For them, it is as though it has never existed and the BDS16 million it cost is nothing – to the extent, we have to ask if one blog was paid BDS1,300 per week by Peter Allard, how much were others paid? The only other explanation is dereliction of duty as members of the Fourth Estate. Sub judice cannot be used as an excuse here.

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The Politics of Collusion

Truth and Reconciliation Laws that require improved governmental transparency in how they spend the peoples tax money, improved government accountability with legal consequences for unethical behaviour, lower political term limits, effective use of IT to support freedom of information reform, education reform that improves the old and out of touch system we have, redirecting of millions from projects that only service the elites to service backlogged social services….. for starters – BU family member Austin

Prime Minister David Thompson (l) Political Strategist Hartley Henry (r)

The current Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government is over the hump of a five year constitutional term in office. There is no doubt the perception by the Barbados electorate that the Barbados Labour Party had become a fat and corrupt party played a significant part in their defeat. The disgust by the populace was enough to overcome the fear of voting for an untested David Thompson, a man whose reputation had been tainted by the early 90s when he served in the infamous Sandiford “8% Cut” Administration. Not to forget the wrestle between himself and Mascoll for leadership of the DLP which had the potential of propelling the Barbados system of Government into a tail-spin, and which still has cause for Kellman and Estwick to sit uncomfortably behind Prime Minister Thompson.

At the crux of the campaign message delivered by the Government on its last campaign trail, they promised how they would hold those in the former Government accountable for what they knew were corrupt practices which had occurred. Many Government projects, Government officials and supporting cast were fingered on the election trail prosecution of the then BLP Government. How can we forget VECO, the company awarded the BOLT contract to build the prison with no track record? How can we forget the ABC Highway contract which was awarded to a company name 3S which had no track record of building a prison? The story of Hardwood Housing, Clyde Mascoll, CEO Murrell was used to good effect in the last campaign by DLP political strategists. There were the alleged clandestine dealings at the UDC, SSA, RDC, NHC, NCC and several of the statutory and quasi-Government entities, and the list goes on.

We are over the hump of a DLP Government and not one person in the last Government has been put before the law courts. Instead what Barbadians have had to tolerate is the constant accusations and reminders by DLP officials and surrogates of the alleged corrupt practices which occurred during the last Government. Frankly, the people have reached the point where they are fed up with the constant references to corruption when it is obvious the DLP Government cannot deliver on their election promise, or they have decided to continue with the status quo which says, it is our turn to slaughter the fatted calf. We believe the latter is the case.

Contained in the message how the DLP Government would manage was the promise of laws which would improve the governance framework of Barbados. The fact that well into the DLP term in office Barbadians appear to have forgotten the promise reflects a society which is happy to be manipulated by its politicians and supporting cast. The next general election should be an interesting affair. The blogs no doubt will help to remind the public of the issues. The traditional media seems to have drawn lines at this early stage. The Barbados Advocate is in the pocket of the Government, the Nation Newspaper appears to have taken an anti-government position on most issues, although the strings are being tugged from Port of Spain. The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation remains the perennial political football manipulated by Government, and the latest online newspaper Barbados Today is busy trying to establish its circulation. However, given the shadows behind Roy Morris it will be hard for him to maintain editorial control come crunch time. We wish him luck.

The Government has removed the issue of transparency from the front burner. Yes, it is currently consumed with managing an economy deep in recession but it has found the time to execute other priorities. Given the platform message of the last campaign, onlookers would have anticipated that a Thompson Government would have moved with haste on the matter of transparency. The government does not have to implement Freedom of Information and Integrity Legislation to be transparent. They just need to make some files public such as, tell the public who owns the PSVs. Tell the public who is on the CLICO Oversight Committee. Tell the people the qualifications used to appoint Board Members. If the Prime Minister knows what happened within the precincts of Parliament concerning Estwick, there is no need to wait on the Speaker or Committee of Privileges – fire that person.

The time has come for Prime Minister David Thompson to shape the legacy of his first term in Office. So far, on the issue of transparency in Government and prosecuting persons fingered by them during the last election campaign, we score them 3 out of 10. The politics of collusion is alive and well. How else can the Government’s backing of Senator Liz Thompson’s candidature for the job of Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change be explained? Only last month Government Senators viciously attacked her performance as Minister of Housing when a contract was awarded to her husband’s company during the last Government. She has also been attacked for overseeing the Greenland Landfill placement in an Eco-sensitive Scotland location. Finally, her role in the famous golden showers has also not escaped Government critics. Are we saying that she has under-performed as a Government Minister but we have no problem with recommending her for a job at the United Nations? Performance is performance is it not?

The politics of collusion is alive and well, we tell you!

Mabey & Johnson Former Employer Of Jonathan Danos Fined On Bribery Charge

mabey_johnsonThe British media unlike that in Barbados recently reported on the legal troubles the British company Mabey & Johnson is currently enduring. The BU family should remember that Janathan Danos was a former executive at Mabey & Johnson who subsequently left to form the company 3S Barbados to facilitate the ABC Highway Project (search BU for the many blogs posted on the murky project). Although Mabey & Johnson failed to win the road widening ABC Highway job, Danos was lucky to setup a five man company months before the previous government issued a multi-million contract to 3S Barbados using a rolling MOU which continues to be a hotly debated matter.

What is it the British media has printed about Danos’ former employer?

On July 2009 the Times Online reported that Mabey & Johnson a leading UK bridge-building company appeared in court today to say it will plead guilty to charges of overseas corruption and breaching United Nations sanctions. Mabey is charged with offences relating to activities in Jamaica and Ghana between 1993 and 2001.

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On The Flyovers For The ABC Highway

Submitted by BU’s ABC Source

overpassesFirst let me clarify a simple point.  The structures now being called flyovers are more correctly termed overpass bridges.

The analysis carried out by 3S and presented to Government (both administrations) used the Norman Niles roundabout as the test junction.  The analysis showed that the “flyover” solution would have alleviated the congestion along the highway.  It did however show that even with the “flyovers” gridlock would still exist in the east-west, that is, into Bridgetown.  The analysis had some errors that should be pointed out.  These are (1) the analysis did not take into consideration that the traffic crossing any one roundabout in the north-south direction traversed several roundabouts while almost all the traffic in the east-west direction crossed only one roundabout.  This tended to give a much higher count and therefore weight to the north-south traffic.  (2) the economic analysis that showed the flyover solution to be cost effective assumed a similar economic value to traffic in all directions.  We all know that delays to traffic into Bridgetown on mornings have a significantly greater economic impact than traffic in any other direction.  (3) at the time the analysis was done the stated cost of the flyovers was considerably less than August 2007 when a revised cost was given.  This could have had a considerable impact on the cost-benefit analysis.

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On A Point Of Order Regarding The 3S Barbados ABC Highway Matter Mr. Speaker

From left: President of 3S Barbados SRL, Jonathan Danos, Former Minister of Public Works and Transport Gline Clarke, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Clyde Mascoll, Businessman Hallam Nichols

From left: President of 3S Barbados SRL, Jonathan Danos, Former Minister of Public Works and Transport Gline Clarke, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Clyde Mascoll, Businessman Hallam Nichols

Last week the House of Assembly met to debate a resolution to approve the borrowing of $165 million by the Government of Barbados from the Barbados National Bank to finance the ABC Highway project. It should come as no surprise BU continues to follow the issue of the ABC Highway Project with a keen interest. BU was the first in the blogosphere with the help of our reliable source to suggest that there was a fishy smell which had developed around the ABC Highway /3S Barbados Project.

It is unfortunate former Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke was thrown to the wolves in parliament last week when the debate in the House centred on the ABC Highway Project. Neither former Prime Minister Owen Arthur or current leader of the Barbados Labour Party Mia Mottley were present to support Member of Parliament Gline Clarke as he passionately defended decisions taken during his tenure under the former Barbados Labour Party government.

Former Junior Minister Clyde Mascoll who had the enviable job of defending GEMS after attacking the government while in Opposition on the same matter was not present either.  He was unsuccessful in regaining his St. Michael North East seat. We all remember Mascoll as Arthur’s pit bull who was unleashed to defend the former government’s decision-making on the ABC Highway/3S project.

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BAPE And The Highway…Part 2

Submitted by BU Family Member

wildeyHaving written before on the role of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) and their criticisms of the ABC highway project in the run up to the last elections, what has been puzzling is its complete silence on the highway since then.

My primary concern is the “Wildey Merge Mania” where traffic coming from St. David’s that wants to go to Wildey must come to a junction which is structured that you must look OVER your shoulder to see oncoming traffic (which is coming at speed down a hill) to race forwards, to cross not one but THREE lanes of traffic in less than 100 meters. While at the same time contending with traffic coming from Collymore Rock that is doing the same thing (looking over the shoulder to avoid mainstream traffic and merging across three lanes) in the other direction! It is a miracle that no one has been killed in this madness.

To put the above into perspective, the distance available to merge across three lanes of traffic is LESS than what is available to people joining the highway in the Belle who only have to merge into the next lane and don’t have to deal with crossing traffic. BAPE raised a stink about the Belle junction, but they have been silent about the Wildey situation.

To quote from the BAPE’s position paper:

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BU Regrets….

We promised yesterday to deliver the latest decisions to be made regarding the 3S project. We have to reverse our decision because of the possibility that our sources maybe compromised.   We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the BU family.

To our sources: We would appreciate if you open hushmail email ( accounts so that it can facilitate easier communication.  Refer to your last emails to authenticate!



Flyovers In Barbados Revisited~Barbados Association Of Professional Engineers (BAPE) Stick To Their Guns


Barbados Underground (BU) congratulate the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) for sticking to their previous demands made to the government of Barbados and 3S Barbados SRL, the company contracted to build the flyovers, to provide them with the opportunity to clarify some technical questions concerning aspects of the flyover project. BAPE’s position gives lie to the accusation leveled by Richard Sealy MP at the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) meeting in Deacons Road on Sunday night, when he accused BAPE of being a timid organization “devoid of a spine” which is made-up of people who are scared for their jobs.

We have written exhaustively on the issue of Operation Free Flow, better known as the flyover project. We have read hundreds of comments posted to the several flyover topics we have posted on BU and also on BFP. Although many of the comments provide a true insight how ordinary Barbadians feel about the project, several of the comments continue to demonstrate a refusal to separate the issues. It is apparent to BU that several of our frequent commenters have misrepresented the issue of the flyovers by blurring the tender procurement process of the Barbados government and the benefits of this project in terms of relieving traffic congestion. We are fortunate to have sources who have provided information which is not in the public domain; however to protect our sources we are sometimes restricted as to what we can publish.

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Jonathon Danos's Former Employer, Mabey's & Johnson Suspended From Flyover Project~Accused Of Using Poor Quality Steel, What Steel Are We Using On The Barbados Flyover Project Mr. Danos?

British contractor suspended over Iloilo flyover project

By David Israel Sinay
Visayas Bureau
Last updated 04:20pm (Mla time) 10/10/2007

ILOILO CITY, Philippines — The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has suspended the British contractor of a flyover project in Iloilo City due to alleged discrepancies in some portions of the project, its central office has said.

The DPWH reached the decision after it found out that the contractor for the P400-million project, Mabey and Johnson Ltd., failed to comply with the project’s specifications, including the required strength of reinforced bars of the piers, said Rolando Asis, DPWH regional director.

The piers hold the columns supporting the flyover structure.

Asis said that the contractor failed to meet the requirement of the flyover’s tensile strength and yielding point of “Grade 60.”

READ MORE: Inquirer Philippine

Earlier on, we read a report from Hill-Carnes, the engineering company contracted by 3S Barbados SRL to carry out geological work on the integrity of the foundation of the flyovers and four- lane highway. How convenient it seems that for months Barbadians have been clamoring for information about the project, and at this late hour snippets of information are starting to slowly roll-out. Let’s get down to brasstacks: Barbadians want to see a copy of the report Hill-Carnes, and NOW!

Bizzy Williams, please confirm the grade steel you intend to use in the piers on Barbados flyovers. Barbadians want to know, NOW!

Question, Questions, Questions. Barbadians want Answers, Answers, Answers.

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Nation Newspaper Finally Awakes From A Deep Slumber By Publishing The 3S Barbados SRL, Jonathan Danos Story ~ Can They Stay Awake?

The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About The Operations Free Flow Project In Barbados. Will It Ever Be Told?

Operations Free Flow Should Be Stopped NOW Pending A Further Geo-technical Study Media Houses In Barbados In Collusion With Government To Suppress News, Press Freedom Under Threat ~ The Voices Of The People Must Be Heard

Gline Clarke And Rihanna Tell Their Supporters To “Shut Up And Drive”
OPERATION Free Flow, Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Improvement Project (Flyover Project) To Triple In Cost From USD60 Million To USD180 Million~Gline Clarke And The Government Of Barbados Owe Barbadians A Big Explanation

ABC Highway Cost Triples Or More

3S Barbados SRL To Meet With The PEOPLE Of Barbados To Discuss 'The Construction Of Flyovers On The ABC Highway' ~ We Hope Barbadians Attend In Large Numbers

deep_found.jpgBU readers are reminded that 3S Barbados SRL, in association with the Government of Barbados, will be holding two town-hall meetings today, October 5, 2007, and Saturday, October 6, 2007. Click here to read the details. The town-hall meetings are a requirement by the Town Planning Department as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment, which was conducted in 2006. Barbados Underground urge Barbadians who can make it to the Samuel Jackman Polytechnic on October 5, 2007 – 6PM, and The Manor Lodge Complex on October 6, 2007 – 4.30PM to do so for two reasons: 1.) We consider it our civic duty and 2.) Attendance will help us to have intelligent discussions on the subject of the Operation Free Flow.

Our anonymous friend to BU and BFP posted the following quote to assist people who will be attending the town-hall meetings. We suspect that the scope of the meetings will fail to address cost issues because it is being promoted as a discussion about environmental impact assessment issues. However, if it is possible to find-out about the 3S Barbados SRL, April 2006 drawings of the Operation Free Flow Project, we should try to do so. Our sources indicate this is a vital piece of the puzzle, which we must expose at all cost.

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Media House Takes Another Feeble Left Jab At The 3S Affair~Come On Vivian-Anne, There Is The Right HAND!!!


Source: Nation Newspaper

It looks like Mascoll is the appointed fall guy on the 3S project. What else can we think given his incoherent pronouncements on the contentious issue so far? If we did not know better, we would have thought that all the other Ministers in the cabinet refused to speak on the 3S matter, in the absence of the convalescing Gline Clarke; or that the Prime Minister Owen Arthur has deemed that Mascoll is expendable.

What do you think? Could it be that Mascoll is being groomed to succeed Owen Arthur?

Today, we listened to an interesting exchange on the call-in program hosted by Dennis Johnson. The caller questioned the role of the media in Barbados and asked Dennis Johnson for an explanation of the role of the media. Dennis Johnson responded by saying that the media should be charged with “informing, educating and entertaining the public” and he lamented the prevailing impression that the media was more concerned with public relations (This is a precis of what we thought we heard). Thank you Dennis Johnson for making the point which BU have been trying to make for so long, and for logging your support for the “agitators” who operate outside the Fourth Estate (Media). One thing we can say about Dennis is that he speaks passionately about what he believes. Others should try to do the same.

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Barbadians Demand to See The April, 2006 Drawings Detailing The Operations Free Flow Project NOW The Flyovers


“I’m disappointed with the direction the discussion on the “Flyovers” project is taking. It seems as though everyone is focused on the increases in the scope of works resulting in significant cost increases. Everyone has taken the word of George Sidall that there has been a significant increase in the scope of works. I have pointed out on several occasions that the scope of works for the widening section of the contract has not increased significantly as shown on the April 2006 drawings. The increase in cost is as a result either of the increase in cost of the flyovers or an error in the original cost. A significant increase in cost for the flyovers will call into question the feasibility of constructing these structures. Can this stand up to a rigorous cost/benefit analysis. We should soon know the true cost of the flyovers.”

Posted by an Anonymous Commenter of BU

We have our friend, Anonymous, who by his/her writing has hinted that he or she knows a lot more than is being revealed for the moment. The point the commenter is making has to do with the scope of the work which should be reflected in the 3S April Drawings, and used in determining the cost of the Operations Free Flow project. The subsequent change to the cost of the project which has been fed into the government’s propaganda machinery must be evaluated against this background. Our anonymous friend seems to be unequivocally stating that the increase in cost of the project could have resulted from one of two factors or both:

  • Flawed costing submitted by 3S on their original proposal to government or
  • There has been a significant increase in the cost of the flyovers for whatever reason.

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Operations Free Flow (Flyovers) Stinks ~ No Tender Issued For Flyover Project!

THE COST OF OPERATION FREEFLOW, the project aimed at easing congestion along the island’s main traffic arteries, cannot be regarded as an “over-run”. Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Clyde Mascoll, said yesterday on Brasstacks SundayVoice of Barbados that the highway project had become “a hot political issue because the impression had been given that there has been a major change in the cost resulting from inefficiency”.

Last month, an executive of Structural Steel Solutions (3S), the company contracted to build the traffic busting fly-overs, said that the scope of work on the multi-million dollar Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Improvement Project had increased three-fold – hence cost would rise. “What has happened is that the scope of works on the ABC Highway has been changed, so therefore it has adjusted the project. Initially the Government was only contemplating having four lanes at the entry to the roundabouts and therefore the entire highway was not supposed to be a four-lane highway,” Mascoll said.

Source: Nation Newspaper

gclarke.jpg We continue to examine the amazing revelation by Junior Minister of Finance Clyde Mascoll on a radio program on Sunday (16 September), when he reacted to the controversy about the 200+ increase in cost of the flyover project made public by 3S at a press conference recently. Mascoll in a rebuttal made the following statement, “3S Barbados said that the work has increased three-fold and that was interpreted to mean that the cost is three-fold but that is not so…snip.”  At BU, we have resigned ourselves that this is an issue which will be discussed only in the blogosphere; traditional media remains hamstrung to discuss the issue. We include Her Majesty’s Opposition which appear to be smittened with laryngitis. The only official statement which we have had from government so far in the form of the Mascoll statement should force conscientious Barbadians to ask some probing questions.

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Clyde Mascoll Needs Only Three Minutes To Do Damage Control On 3S Barbados SRL

David Elliscmascoll.jpgMinister of State in the Ministry of Finance, and known to be the right hand man of Prime Minister Arthur, wants the citizens of Barbados to believe that he has no knowledge about the Operations Free Flow Project outside of the reason for the increase in the cost of the project linked to a change in the scope of works. When asked a direct question by the battered David Ellis about why it has taken government so long to respond to a statement by 3S Barbados SRL regarding the increase cost of the flyover project, which is now estimated by them to move to BDS360 million dollars, Clyde Mascoll in a clear the air statement corrected the figure to BDS120 million dollars (increase). He went on to explain that a reason for the delay in responding to 3S had to do with the fact that the substantive Minister Gline Clarke is on leave, and consequently the government dropped the ball.

We say loudly to Mascoll please don’t insult our intelligence!

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Nation Newspaper Finally Awakes From A Deep Slumber By Publishing The 3S Barbados SRL, Jonathan Danos Story ~ Can They Stay Awake?

Just over a week is the time it has taken for the Nation newspaper to break the story which Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press published last week. The fact that the Nation and its counterparts in the media in Barbados refuse to acknowledge the blogs and other social media is a reflection of their own ignorance and insecurity. In the BU household not one journalist can be found, however our mantra is simple, news is news and it does not matter the source provided it can be cross checked. We have been very deliberate in the stories that we publish and most of our content can stand-up to scrutiny. We admit that traditional media has the hurdle of a more restrictive environment in which they have to operate. This is exacerbated by the litigious climate which exists around the world today. Having said that we feel the passive approach to journalism in Barbados where the media Houses are afraid to test matters in court if they believe in a news story is partly responsible for the arrogance and contempt which the Prime Minister and his troops have for media practitioners in Barbados.

How else can you explain Barney Lynch walking out of a live program on radio?

How else can you explain the Prime Minister not pressured to give regular press conferences?

How else can you explain the reaction when a Prime Minister can call Publishers at the different media houses in Barbados and tell them about their mother and fathers when articles not to liking appear?

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Barbados Underground (BU) Print Edition

Welcome to Barbados Underground (BU) Print Edition which is designed with the non-Internet user in mind, and covers our leading story of the week.

BU had promised to release its version on the weekend but met some technical challenges; however better late than never!

We congratulate Barbados Free Press on the recent launch of their print version of selected stories. We also want to thank our commenter who gave us the idea. It is true that a single suggestion can sometimes improve the way we do things.

We can’t promise the frequency of our print editions because of time constraints, but we will do our best to provide a weekend edition whenever there is a story we find that deserves more attention than it receives in the regular press.

BU News Letter


This four page print edition is posted in .jpg format. Click the link for each page, then right click, or save the .jpg to your computer. Then print it using any program that works with .JPG format

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Page 3: bu_nl_pg3.jpg

Page 4: bu_nl_pg4.jpg



The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About The Operations Free Flow Project In Barbados. Will It Ever Be Told?

flyover.jpgIt is the eighth day since we broke the story about the Jonathan Danos, 3s Barbados SRL, Barbados government affair and still not a murmur from the media houses in Barbados. We have heard reports of news from countries around the region and the world but the one story which is pertinent to Barbados, the media have taken a collective decision to refuse to carry the story. History, we believe will record this moment as one of the darkest periods of news coverage in Barbados. Our sources at a leading radio station tell us that most of the moderators on the call-in programs are aware of this story; they too remain silent.

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Operations Free Flow Should Be Stopped NOW Pending A Further Geo-technical Study


The events uncovered in the past week has raised more questions about the flyover project in Barbados. We are sorry to disappoint our readers but here we go into Week Two unabated with this story. Coming out of all the research to date about Operation Free Flow aka Flyovers, an interesting nugget of information has surfaced. One of our commenters (Adrian) has picked up on it as well. Surprisingly, we have not heard it mentioned elsewhere. The US company Hills-Carnes Engineering contracted by 3S Barbados SRL to perform foundation testing for the piers (supporting pillars for the flyovers) has indicated that “the limestone rock in this geologic region varies from competent to highly fractured and decomposed. The depths or competent rock ranged from 4 to 30 feet below existing grades.” The good thing is, if we can say so about the recent tragedies which Barbados has suffered lately, it has caused passive Barbadians to begin asking questions. Every where we go in Barbados, we can hear about the existence of caves and deep holes which were previously not mentioned.

The structural group and the geo-technical divisions are currently working on an extensive flyover bridge system designed to relieve traffic congestion in the southern and western sectors of a highway surrounding Bridgetown, Barbados. Our client, 3S Structural Steel Solutions, is constructing approximately 3,100 meters of elevated roadway supported on ninety-five (95) piers spaced up to thirty four (34) meters apart. HCEA team members include: Mike Johnson, P.E., Paul Eeichert, Rob Yonkers, P.E., and Avon McNeil. Rob Yonkers was in Barbados for the past several weeks monitoring the drilling operation and compiling field data necessary to complete the foundation designs that will support the piers. The data obtained during the field investigation will be input into SHAFT and LPILE programs to develop the design criteria for the drilled shafts required to support the structure. Geologically, the island of Barbados is the only emergent peak of the Barbados ridge complex.

It lies above the active subduction zone between the Caribbean and South American plates. The results from Rob’s investigation indicate that the limestone rock in this geologic region varies from competent to highly fractured and decomposed. The depths or competent rock ranged from 4 to 30 feet below existing grades. The challenge for HCEA is to design a caisson system with consistent diameters and uniform reinforcing steel bar cage configurations so that construction time and costs are minimized. HCEA is part of an international construction team that has been assembled for this high profile project. The local government is anxious to complete the project and if successful, will likely implement similar flyover systems in other sectors of the island that are prone to chronic traffic congestion problems. To Rob’s dismay, (he can’t wait to go back!) he is likely to spend additional time in Barbados on future projects.

Source: Hills-Carnes Report On Flyover Project In Barbados


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Adrian Loveridge Questions The Local Media Houses Regarding Their Deafening Silence About The Jonathan Laslo Danos 3S (Barbados SRL) Affair

All Barbadians know that Adrian Loveridge who is a Barbadian citizen has been one never afraid to speak-out. It is something that all Barbadians should take note of if our democracy is to be protected.


The Daily Nation

The Barbados Advocate


On the 11th May 2007 in the Royal Courts of Justice (London), Jonathan Laszlo DANOS, President of 3S (Barbados) SRL, the company currently engaged by the Government of Barbados to widen the ABC Highway and build overpasses was charged with fraud and conspiracy by his former employers, Mabey and Johnson Ltd.

3S (Barbados) SRL, contention was that they had gained valuable experience while constructing Flyovers in Panama. According to Robert Capurro, Director of Sales-Latin America & Caribbean-Mabey and Johnson Ltd., “Mabey & Johnson has supplied a number of steel flyovers to Panama since 1997. As far as we are aware, no other company has supplied or completed such steel flyovers in that country.”

Bearing in mind the Project Manager of 3S (Barbados) SRL, George Siddall, recently announced that the estimated cost of the work undertaken was expected to rise from US$60 million to US$180 million, it is difficult to understand why your publication/station has not carried this story.

Adrian Loveridge

The Barbados Government Awards Road Contract To 3S Structural Steel Solutions Against The Advice Of The Barbados Association Of Professional Engineers


We are into Day three of this breaking story and the media houses in Barbados maintain a cloak of deafening silence!

Here is a comment posted to BU by Digger on 06 September 2007:

De Gap considers this a non-story…

A company that came into existence for this project with no previous track record of managing a road project of this magnitude, constructing or installing steel flyovers, presents a flashy but technically inadequate presentation to cabinet, is AWARDED a contract without a fair bidding process; prepares the budget and terms of reference themselves with no independent oversight.

The contract signed is an “interesting” variation on a BOLT contract where the Barbados Government guarantees a loan from BNB to cover the published contract sum of US$60 to widen the highway from Sobers to Warrens and install 5 flyovers. The project manager then tells the nation more than a year after starting that the cost has tripled due to additional widening and “unforeseen” issues with utilities…

This is the biggest scandal to hit these shores in recent times yet you consider it a non-story???

BTW, from researching Mabey’s role in the Panama project, their system is a patented system. A senior project manager who left the company and opens a company of five employees does not have the capability to claim that system as their own let alone manufacture the system efficiently. This company will disapear as quickly as it appeared. They will pay themselves (an others) handsomely during construction with the Govt guaranteed money and leave us holding the bag to maintain the project…that is the true meaning of BOLT!!!!

Any way Barbadians want to look at the process which resulted in the award of the contract to widen the ABC Highway, and the late decision to add flyovers to the company 3s Barbados Limited, IT STINKS! A basic understanding of the tendering process requires that key steps must be followed to ensure the best vendor is selected. One of the first steps when the evaluation process starts is to create a shortlist based on some key selection criteria, for example:

  1. The past performance of the vendor
  2. References
  3. Price, etc

We think that there is sufficient information in the public domain to seriously question the government’s decision to award the contract to 3s Structural Steel Solutions. Let us use the selection criteria listed above to apply a simple acid test to two companies which we know responded to the Barbados government proposal. Obviously 3s is one of the companies.

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President Of 3S Barbados Limited Jonathan Danos Is Being Sued For Fraud And Conspiracy By Mabey, His Former Employer ~ Yet Another Shady Project By The Government Of Barbados

Report Filed:9:59:47 pm-04 September 2007


BU highlighted the extraordinary announcement by 3S — the company contracted to build the Flyovers states the cost of the project must increase significantly because of unforeseen circumstances. In summary, the scope of work has had to be increased and therefore there is a new cost estimated at BDS360 million dollars. When one considers that Barbadians were told the project would cost BDS120 million dollars, even with a 25% overrun no one in their wildest dream would have thought the final cost would rest at BDS360 million.

The announcement has caused sensible Barbadians to raise questions about the project and specifically the competence of 3S.

What we know about 3S

The truth is we don’t know much. Many Barbadians have been surfing the Internet with little success to find info on the company. On this website we found this sketchy profile:

3s Structural Steel Solutions, Llc
10015 Old Columbia Rd, Columbia, MD 21046-1703, United States (Map) (Add Company Info)
Phone: (410) 312-7882
SIC: Communications Equipment, NEC
Line of Business: Mfg Communications Equipment
Detailed 3s Structural Steel Solutions, Llc Company Profile
This company profile is for the private company 3s Structural Steel Solutions, Llc, located in Columbia, MD. 3s Structural Steel Solutions, Llc’s line of business is mfg communications equipment.
Company Profile: 3s Structural Steel Solutions, Llc
Year Started: 2005
State of Incorporation: N/A
Location Type: Single Location
Stock Symbol: N/A
Stock Exchange: N/A
Also Does Business As: N/A
SIC #Code: padlock icon View Details
Est. Annual Sales: padlock icon View Details
Est. Employees: 5
Est. Employees at Location: 5
Contact Name: Ian Fields
Contact Title: Mbr

We are surprise at the age of the company which is listed as being established in 2005. Even more surprising was its listing of 5 employees. This immediately caused us to think that 3S would have to contract services to complete a big job like building flyovers which cost BDS360 million dollars for the Barbados government. We immediately returned to the information highway to search for such a company which would have worked with 3S on the Operation Free Flow Project.

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