Defending our coastline

A recent news report about what was caused sea urchins to die hammers home the importance of protecting our coastal real estate by any means necessary. Important because Barbados is a small island state dependent on a pristine coastline as an economic resource as well as being a great place to live for residents.

When the Mottley government came to office in 2018 many inquired what was this blue economy being touted. The importance of focusing on a blue economy for a small island state cannot be refuted. One wonders if focus on developing a blue economy five years later was a gimmick to fuel political hype.

A blue economy is – “an economic system or sector that seeks to conserve marine and freshwater environments while using them in a sustainable way to develop economic growth and produce resources such as energy and food.” – Internet definition 

Recently in this space there was the continuing discussion about the need for the University of the West Indies to boost its capability as a research institution. Clearly our ecosystem requires so called civilized humans work harder to ensure our behaviour is at balance with nature.

Are we there yet?

18 thoughts on “Defending our coastline

  1. Good to see they found what is killing the sea urchins…had to be going on for many many years…but the ignorant DLP allowed a white cokehead to push them into criminalizing local Black men for poaching the eggs.. their Slave ignorance it obviously never occured to the idiots…that it was a DISEASE reducing the urchin population, one which has to be TREATED…locking up Black men will not cause the disease to go away. .

    …these well labeled jackasses can only rule/lead and push around Slaves like themselves.

  2. Is raw sewage not still being pumped 24/7 into this ‘prestine’ coastline?

    And if so, and this cannot be stopped or remediated, how then would externalities, factors the country has no effective ways to police, could be defended against?

    Is it not still possible for oil tankers to willfully or as a result of accident dump oil along the coast?

    And is Barbados not still looking for sea bed petroleum whenever the BLP is in power, petroleum which seems to disappear when out of office?

    And these fanciful notions about a blue economy, what of them, another misguidance hatched in Washington as neoliberalism limps along to certain death?

  3. Pacha…i know the trash will never think about it in their self hating state….but all the Black men who were arrested, fined and jailed with convictions over poaching sea eggs should have all their records VACATED….this was a grave injustice because useless Slaves only listen to those they believe superior to them…

    This should never happened, black men getting criminal records because a disease is depleting the sea urchin population…all due to some white cokehead ass…wanting to see them in prison…..dont know how much of this BS the Afrikan population plan to take from stupid uppity politicians wielding legislation… but they better know it’s now directed at their children and grandchildren.

    The ignorance and idiocy of DLP….PROVING that you just cannot give the backward keys, titles or power over each other…

  4. Waru
    Yuh know that Black ass is always to be sacrificed. Then the systems move along without a consideration.

    A mindset that there’s nothing there to see, let’s move on. Well, there’re limits to even this degree of fecklessness.

    We see the same trends emerging, repeated, everywhere.

    Talk about a lost decade! There’s a greater, deeper, lost yet to be discovered. Such a discovery shall be tooooooooo late, we fear.

    • In that case….all these Slave politicians will get going forward is EXPOSURE after EXPOSURE until a way is found to GET RID of ALL of the traitor bloodlines….these Slaves to a dead system….i dont see them fitting in anywhere else…their damage is complete.

  5. Waru

    Maybe those are factors, central. Which permit us to talk about “defending coastlines”.

    A place they otherwise purport to be a market possessing the resources for a facet of some new economy.

    But we are yet to learn that markets are never free, never fair. They must be won! Protected, from all comers! Not merely a fashionable meme, having the shelf life of Y2K.

    • Problem for them, all the hot air talk means squat when the real players move in, ask Guyana…who are now scrambling to lure and secure business from Afrika…the same Afrikans they hate and practice racism and apartheid against with such passion… begging Afrikans to invest in Guyana…though having oil gas and this and that….

      ..hypocrisy and idiocy in distorted small island minds, never end.

  6. As this writer travels around the globe it’s only the same slave colonies talking about “blue economy” and surrendering the same “sovereignty” over their socalled “green economy” which independence was meant to free.

    We must give dem this. White people are genius devils! Possessing an uncanny ability to reinvent forms of slavery.

    • Can’t very well blame them…the Slaves are comfortable in their zones…never want to EDUCATE themselves from their mis and undereducated state….

      Never want to upgrade and develop away from their UNDER- DEVELOPED MINDS…

      Never want to know their true history..

      .but always listening to political trash who remain in the same degraded state they keep their followers/supporters in to run corruption without interference…so who they want to blame for that…

      .they do it themselves to their people…dont see anyone else doing it, but once they are such white world dummiezs, situations are easily exploitable and exploited….who wouldnt if they are so reckless and do not protect their people, never have, dont see them starting now Pacha..

      Weeee have warned about the head Slaves in parliaments for YEARS and how VERY dangerous they are to EVERYONE’S survival….now they have SHOWN us…who dont want to take heed, that’s on them..

  7. Waru

    Yes, the mind guards, another name for slaves, will even keep us talking about ideas under neoliberalism, luke that above, which have no relevance at all to the future.

    Just spoke to an insider planning the Brics-Plus Conference in SA. The long and short.

    They ‘re much further advanced than estimated. Especially, the Eurasian Bloc. As far as the new financial architecture is concerned. It’s like a snowball going down a steep hill, at speed. And the accelerator is being applied.

    Previously, a five year timetable was estimated. Not any more!

    Meaning that the tectonic plates are moving with speed. Expect the blue economy fools. The green economy modern slaves to be caught wid dey bloomers down.

    • Just had a look, everything is happening and all at once…that’s why am struggling to keep up.

  8. “The green economy modern slaves to be caught wid dey bloomers down.”

    Non-insiring visuals. I have to catch up with some news.

  9. Where are the BLP prophets about blue economy and its supposed potential.

    Surely, Braithwaite knows the differences between economy and the selling off of the commons.

    George Brsthwaite in particular has previously backed this as the mouthpiece for Mia Mottley when she was in opposition.

    Certainly, now that his curator, is in government and assuming that George Brathwaote has a conception of intellectual decency higher than the political pimp previously doing his “mistress’s” bidding on this site, would require him to deal with the gaping gaps between what he was directed to write and what has actually happened, currently happening!

    We are afraid, like any disposable, now that that factorum has been used up, no such calculations are required.

  10. @ WURA, Pacha
    There is a vast difference between what constitutes a Blue economy and going around looking at old , dilapidated fishing boats.

    • Were they not warned about building foundations on SINKING SAND….William..

      The talkmeisters always believe they can use deceit and sleight of hand to slick talk their way out of situations they created through well built towers of LIES….until now.

      This is their destiny and date with SINKING SAND…

      Pacha….we warned them REPEATEDLY about regurgitating FALSE narratives that they KNEW were false….while calling others liars, ..but hellbent on keeping a Slavery narrative in place to appease shitehounds sitting on multiple boards of Empire to continue their delusions of owning what does not belong to them..

      Notice, the Slaves who knew what was going on all this time, said nothing, so they will SINK TOO…SOBs were so proud of being DECEITFUL…now all we get is silence.

      I see where social media has given PRETENDERS a brand new title…MayLiar…..the people are AWAKE…..and your Slaves are now SILENT…..tek dat…

  11. This is all any of them are good for…STEALING from EVERYONE…including ya life, if they believe it benefits them financially or socially…….taking their CRAB label to a whole new level..

    The island needs a COMPLETE OVERHAUL..this is unsustainable and going on for 100 YEARS……QIICKSAND..

    “Attorney-at-law Norman Leroy Lynch will spend another five years in prison for swindling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the beneficiaries of a deceased client.

    Declaring that such behaviour must not go unpunished, Justice Randall Worrell imposed a nine-year starting prison sentence on the lawyer who was convicted of theft and money laundering a year ago. However, with the time Lynch spent on remand and other factors taken into consideration, he only has five more years of that sentence to serve at Dodds Prison.”

  12. Quite sure the blind missed that sleight of hand….fake republic, a pre independence schedule which equals, no constitution, oh, wait, you will have a draft by September…when that time rolls around, oh here is the new constitution, completely omitting, thst is NOT THE REAL ONE RULING YOU…

    So much more can be said, but this is where i say, less is more, not distilling certain information in certain places like before…evabody knows how to google. .

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