Barbadians Asleep at the Wheel

It says a lot about some commenters on the blog that the blogmaster has to defend a position which says – Barbadians are too docile and in the process ceded key responsibilities in our democracy to the political elite.

In any political science 101 class the student learns that along with basic responsibilities of citizens to obey laws, pay taxes etc, there are other weighty responsibilities for the democracy to function successfully. There is relevance in the expressions a people get the government it deserves and the price of democracy is eternal vigilance.

Elected officials in our system of government are suppose to be servants of the people. Anyone living in Barbados knows that citizens have allowed politicians to do as they like for too long. Consequently, we have seen the duopoly become entrenched with citizens voting for B or D based on the prevailing level of frustration when elections become due.

The blogmaster is sufficiently aware that Barbadians have been promised enactment of transparency laws to include; integrity and freedom of information legislation by the duopoly. Believe it or not the promise goes back to the administration of the late Prime Minister Tom Adams, more than 40 plus years ago. The blogmaster is sure we have had more public debate about a 20% increase in the excise tax on sweet drinks than the refusal by the duopoly to enact transparency laws to enhance our system of governance.  

Barbadians have allowed malfeasance to go unpunished by public servants. We have allowed the NIS to come under the microscope. We have tolerated moribund working committees of parliament established in our democracy to provide checks and balances. What have we done to demonstrate our disgust besides going to the polling booth in dwindling numbers every 5 years or something 3?

The blogmaster’s unfavourable appraisal of citizen participation in our democracy includes the media and other NGOs in civil society that are mandated to ACTIVELY represent the interest of citizenry. Barbadians cannot be satisfied with electing a government and remain passive until the next general election is called. The people we elect as well as we the citizens have clear responsibilities to ensure the a healthy democracy.

230 thoughts on “Barbadians Asleep at the Wheel

  1. That’s why am now making time to finish Book 2 Bushman…our young generation is NOT to be destined for these crimes of the century perpetrated by black faces and their masters…against Black descendants

    i can’t for the life of me understand WHY any of this would be ok for our children and for those who came before and no one else, only Afrikans….although i write about it every day and disassemble it in a literary sense ….it still seems like a sick mystery wrapped up in a nightmare…

    well, i suppose the people will have to BRACE and prepare for the middle eastern version as well coming soon and perpetrated by the punching above their weight brigade of jackasses….

    …we have not even mentioned them YET…and these are by far the most brutal of all…

  2. I was checking the names on the list of Mia’s current cabinet and was gob-smacked with the portfolio of our Prime Minister. It stated that Mia was both Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer! Civilised and democratic EU countries do not allow for the mixing of these two posts. The reason for this is evident. If you are both Prime Minister and Chancellor you have a license to print money and to profit from your unique role. Mia should be advised to step down from one of these roles. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is the second highest office in government. Successful Chancellors often become Prime Ministers.

    The mixing of the two roles is unethical and is an open door to absolute corrupt practices.

  3. @ WURA
    It’s very unfortunate that we still have those defending the same establishment they accuse of perpetrating crimes against the people.
    Here is the problem:
    When we attack the black political managerial class, we are only attacking the inferior management of the country. However, once we go deeper, we have to also attack the real problem- the unfair distribution and control of the economy by whites and other minorities. That’s what we are afraid of. It’s not only BU it’s the entire media.
    Now , we can March against Sinckler, Mottley or any black leader.
    However, we had Ralph Johnson (Harris Paints) C O W Williams both calling black workers lazy. Not a word or condemnation by the so-called ‘ we love Barbados more than you do” crowd.
    Bet, after I post this somebody may say : Skinner hates whites and Indians.
    Note how you have been painted a racist and other negatives.

  4. Enjoying watching hypocrites struggle to defend their hypocrisy. Wunna killing the blog with one pony trickism.

  5. Enjoying watching hypocrites struggle to defend their hypocrisy. Wunna killing the blog with one pony trickism.




  6. “However, once we go deeper, we have to also attack the real problem- the unfair distribution and control of the economy by whites and other minorities. That’s what we are afraid of. It’s not only BU it’s the entire media.”

    they are cowardly, don’t represent Afrikanness, but bend and break easily to the same criminals……yard boys and girls..

    “Note how you have been painted a racist and other negatives.”

    yep….in one breath they called me racist, for years, in the next breath they tell me all about sucking up to whites and all the white men, in rotation…

    the mixed up, confused loser brigade….expect nothing else…but not one of them can stand up to minority criminals without COWERING like Slaves…

    can’t take them seriously, especially since they missed the WHOLE PLAY that was right in front of them, they can read all about it in my next book…no giveaways this time…

  7. LOL @ David
    LOL ha ha murda!!
    …understand ‘Dead in the water’ now…?
    …or are you still trusting your unquenchable optimism?

  8. Should have swerved, then would not have come face to face with an unmovable brick and iron wall……controlled by those who know the real meaning to KILL IT BEFORE IT GROWS…

  9. (Quote):
    They keep proving me right! I guess Barbados is full of BLP stool pigeons. #twice30-0

    Aren’t you concerned that those same unemployed Bajan “stool pigeons” are also waiting with ba(i)ted breath for the long-promised big erection called the Hyatt skyscraper to provide them with the much needed hundreds of jobs in construction and hotel operations?

    Now what is really holding up the fulfilment of the dreams of those same stool pigeons?

    Lack of approval of the Hyatt Mirage by the ‘new’ Town Planning & Development minister?

    If the Freedom Park can be completed during a pandemic (and presumably well patronized by the locals) why can’t the Bridgetown brand of Hotel California get off the ground in order for the eagerly-waiting foreign guests to check in and to rescue the Capital from its comatose state?

  10. Pathetic aren’t they.

    still with the “we win 30-0”) spiel…in a buy election…DNA filled with fraud…

  11. @ WURA
    They give these great speeches about revitalizing Bridgetown. However, the PM, let the real cat out of the bag recently , when she said an expatriate, former Chairman/ President of Coca Colo, had purchased two of the buildings and was eager to get his projects going.
    Nothing is being preserved or saved for indigenous black business persons. Bridgetown is on the auction block.

  12. And like day follows night, out jumps Milluh on Hyatt as if I have any connection.🤣🤣 Boss you really need help. #queensgate

  13. “Nothing is being preserved or saved for indigenous black business persons.”

    and only mentioned it because the stakeholder turned up on the island….wait until the others that is still a secret also turn up…

    ..if the majority population don’t understand that they have been sold again to the highest bidder while still talking bout “we island” ……..when they actually have none, they never will.

    but wait, did Barrow not tell them that…

  14. William….dog eat their dinner….

    it’s a good thing some of us could see, and already made appropriate arrangements or ours would have gotten EATEN TOO…

  15. @ Enuff April 7, 2022 10:18 AM
    And like day follows night, out jumps Milluh on Hyatt as if I have any connection.
    Boss you really need help. #queensgate..

    Yes indeed, the miller like the poor people of Buybadus are badly in need of H.E.L.P!

    No one ever questioned you expertise in contributing to the Hyatt’s environmentally-appealing design.

    How come you are ‘fully’ au fait with every project in your red administration’s portfolio of projects in the 5-year long pipeline but now want to jump off the bandwagon filled with hotel projects like the Hyatt for All Seasons?

    Why no such enthusiasm for dilapidated Bridgetown whose residents have been used, abused and now in the process of being discarded?

    Oh, btw Bee-Liar, how are those US$ Billion projects going in your patch of the foreign metropolitan woods?
    Or have they all been put on hold because of the pandemic, too?

  16. Everyone KNOWS a Chancellor of the Exchequer has NEVER EXISTED within the Government of Barbados.

    Therefore, any information stating Mottley is “both Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer,” would OBVIOUSLY be INCORRECT.

    Mottley is Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

    Isn’t the Chancellor in the UK also referred to as the Minister of Finance?

    If this is true, and the source of the information is British, then perhaps an assumption was made that our MoF is also called the Chancellor.

    Rather than dismiss the information as a mistake, we chose to ‘say,’ “Mia should be advised to step down from one of these roles,” while mentioning some nonsense about “civilised societies,” clearly suggesting Barbados is not civilised.

    To comment on false information as it is truth, clearly indicates the lengths some people are willing to go to support their agenda of criticising just for the sake of being critical.

  17. Miller…this attempt to mask and blind the populace to what is really happening TO THEM and then blame them for not doing anything about the crimes committed against them is what’s so vexatious to the spirit….

    don’t understand how anyone could in good conscience perpetrate that maneuver of pure deception and treachery and expect to get away with it….like if we are not only too stupid, but too dumb to see and understand…

    nothing angers me more than insulting my intelligence….ya can cuss me all day long, but insult my intelligence and you have to run…

  18. William/TLSN…now they are acting surprised that if anything goes wrong with the USD,,,they can take a very nasty and PERMANENT stumble/crash/fall..

    ..they never used to worry before and had all this ….big, fake punching above weight talk…now they seem worried, when for months there were warnings on many platforms……

    always focused on the WRONG things, as i said for years…

  19. @WS
    I was surprised at your opposition to the thread topic. Then again it pitted the duopoly against the black-white divide, which given the French distilleries, Belgian beverage juggernaut, Canadian oil (they bought Sol) to add to @BT list above has become black Barbados (majority population) vs the Rest of the world.
    [and we haven’t touched Hotels yet]
    And yet, Accountability, only means an explanation for actions.
    Lack of accountability means no explanation.
    It is your favourite duopoly who have been responsible for public expenditures for years. For 15+ yrs not a single official Annual Report for the #NIS. Is it the non-black or non-Barbadian persons who benefit most from the NIS?
    How many of the same “non” group, benefit from public service pensions? The AudGen tells us BDD$124 was expensed by CBL but he has no explanation. No supporting documents, just a number. An expense against the same Consolidated Fund cohobblepot which funds public pensions. But no outcry? No demand to know details. Why were the taxpayers and public pension recipients to fund this massive expense?
    I have no expectation followers will suddenly become leaders. Yet the followers need persons who are willing to push for accountability. They will tag along, albeit meekly.
    Yet, Barbados has a history of seeking to silence those speakers. Former Sen CF, being a recent example.
    The Bajan community has never liked agitators or opposers, unless they can draw a direct duopoly link, or if the skin tone card is in play.
    What has become clear…if someone doesn’t stand up (lead) to seek explanation (accountability); it will occur on a very selective basis, and many times, not at all.
    But if we don’t approve, every 5 years we can vote their ass out, and pat ourselves on the back, we the people have the power!!!

  20. “I have no expectation followers will suddenly become leaders. Yet the followers need persons who are willing to push for accountability. They will tag along, albeit meekly.
    Yet, Barbados has a history of seeking to silence those speakers. Former Sen CF, being a recent example.”

    Apparently, BU forgot what was done to Caswell and THE OPPRESSED NURSES…..they do need to rise up as a COLLECTIVE and stop being SELECTIVE about what they think is worth complaining about…..and put immense pressure on the liars in the parliament and their pimps and fowls….

    ….if 60 THOUSAND PEOPLE shout loudly EVERY DAY…expose them EVERYWHERE ….fright will set in, they will not think that their fake ass titles and temporary immunity, they begged, lied and stole to obtain, is a shield to protect them, there will be a difference in their nasty attitudes, but judging from what we see on BU….5 people will expose something that endangers the wellbeing, social and financial of the majority and 10 people from the same damn group will oppose them…although they are impacted too…

    with that mentality, the only trajectory is DOWN…exactly the one they are on now…

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  22. In the Westminster model of British government the Minister of Finance has always been given the title: the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Minister of Finance has always been seen as a counterweight to the Prime Minister. Historically the relationship between the two has always been testing.

    British Prime Ministers do not want to fallout with their Minister of Finance as they are powerful figures who dictate how much and where finances are allocated within an economy. The downfall of the Thatcher government was due to her falling out with one too many of her Ministers of Finance.

    The checks and balance of the Westminster system ensured that the post of Prime Minister and the post of Minister of Finance should remain separate and could never be run by one individual. It does not take an Einstein to see the dangers of having a Prime Minister been given the additional role of Minister of Finance. This is a recipe for absolute corruption.

    The Minister of Finance is generally seen in the UK as the Prime Minister in waiting.

    I would urge Mia to step down from one of these roles for the good of the country.

  23. “It does not take an Einstein to see the dangers of having a Prime Minister been given the additional role of Minister of Finance. This is a recipe for absolute corruption.”

    they have run that conflict of interest now for a quite few decades… it not surprising that corruption has SOARED and destroyed the very structures of the financial andsocial environment….

    and they will not want it any other way, will fight tooth and nail to keep it alive and well….so save your breath…

    don’t you remember the boast….’nah big wurks cahn happen widout me”…..that’s the image they project, feeling big, large and in charge, then could not run and hide when the vaccine scam blew up…lol

  24. Only a dishonest, disingenuous individual would make such a blatant attempt to ‘shift the goal post,’ and engaging in formal semantics to ‘save face,’ after incorrectly ‘saying’ Mottley holds the portfolio of Chancellor of the Exchequer.

  25. LOLLL … @Artax why are you debating a NON-point with the blogger @TSLN …

    For our entire lives in BAJAN politics the PM has held the Min of Finance portfolio almost ALWAYS … as memory serves it was not so when Dr. Haynes was the Min of Finance under Sandi.

    And to you @TSLN what exactly is the point you are making other than winding up a non-debate 🤣🤣

    Grist for mid-afternoon brunch, I presume!

  26. @ dpD

    That’s exactly what it is, a “non point.”

    Whether or not the PM is Finance Minister or not, corruption in Barbados spans successive BLP and DLP administrations.

    Other than when Haynes, Thompson and Sinckler were MoF in the Barrow, Sandiford and Stuart administrations respectively, historically, all our PMs were MoF.

    Tom Adams, Bernard St. John, Errol Barrow and Owen Arthur were all Ministers of Finance.
    When former PM Thompson announced his Cabinet on January 19th 2008, he included himself not only as PM, but Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Development, Labour, Civil Service and Energy as well.

    To imply Barbadians should suddenly have an overwhelming amount of concern about corruption because a particular individual is PM and MoF, is ridiculous.

    But, he/she always makes those types of sly innuendoes.

    However, I agree with the argument that the PM should not hold the portfolio of Finance Minister as well.
    And, that is where the argument should be focused and discussed.

  27. Seems as though “holding government accountable,” is BORING the forum by MAKING EVERY THREAD about thy self.

    My 10 years, my books, my magazines, my website, my warnings, my this, my that…… who criticise me, how tell me this and who tell me that…….

    Perhaps David should consider renaming BU the ‘WARU Show.’

  28. Yes @Artax, totally forgot about Thompson and Sinckler in addition to Haynes… by citing Haynes of longer ago I am surely ageing myself both in terms of where the memories drift back to and what is recalled…. ah well!

    But yes although I may also agree with “… the argument that the PM should not hold the portfolio of Finance Minister as well” we really have to always put politics in its LOCAL context.

    That is NOT a serious problem for our small economy just as it is absolutely unsustainable and contra all practical controls (and surely the law, I suspect) in a large nation like England.

    The blogger @TSLN was likely having some fun, I presume.

  29. Artax,,,ya jealous is showing……..

    i encourage others who are successful to share their happiness….isn’t it any wonder am so happy and never sour, the only things that bother me is Black people and their halfassed leaders who seem not to be able to get anything worthwhile or successful happening..

    ..maybe if they try to stop looking at others and focusing on being successful and giving each other a HANDUP… reach success…that would make a difference, i spend each day giving a little help here and there, they should try it, so fulfilling….

  30. @WURA
    Note that none of the apologists are asking about the Chief of Staff and what is his / or real function. They have not muttered one word about the Senior Ministers and the extra pay they are costing the treasury. They have been very silent on why the PM needs three ministers in her office.
    But, they want to pressure poor people to hold the government accountable.
    We still don’t know what the consultants are doing these. I recently read something about a Director of Commerce.
    The country needs to know what the Prime Minister’s Office is costing the taxpayers. Then we need to compare it to what that office cost the taxpayers under other Prime Ministers.

    • @William

      Has the blogmaster prevented you from making a submission on what concerns you?

      If all agree the duopoly has Barbados in a headlock, what is the purpose of comparing B to D? In 2018 MOTTLEY appointed the largest cabinet ever on the planet based on per capita, yet she was re-elected in 2021 with another 30-0 mandate. Do you get it yet? Who should we blame, MOTTLEY or the citizens.

      Over to you.

  31. “Note that none of the apologists are asking about the Chief of Staff and what is his / or real function. ”

    you notice they don’t care and showing everyone exactly who and what they are, but think they can get intelligent people to regress to 1950s low standards in 2022….everyone is on to them..

    ..people just need to take control of their OWN LIVES…as they have been urged for years now, and let the sheeple and followers fall by the wayside where they belong…

    this new world order will deal with them, they have no clue what it portends, they werre too busy being petty and now it’s right upon them…….no turning back…

    ..we have our own new Black world order that is working just fine for us, they never wanted any part of it and can stay right where they are…….

    no need to be part of any crowd heading for armageddon.

  32. William…there is not much more we can say or do, we tried and put ourselves out there much more than others did…..some things i don’t even bother to post anymore, that’s why some got caught by surprise, when they don’t appreciate what can help them, you just let them find out the hard way..

    .that is what we must do now, save those closest to us, the others have all the answers they will make it…or not, none of our concern..

  33. 1/1

    My friend, I’m amazed that you profess to be a ‘writer,’ yet you DON’T the DIFFERENCE between ‘SARCASM’ and ‘JEALOUSY.’

    But, then again, EVERYTHING has to be ABOUT YOU.

  34. Ah but @David that’s really a trick question … the type if query that determines if one has been paying attention, not so!

    When u ask: “In 2018 MOTTLEY appointed the largest cabinet ever on the planet based on per capita, yet she was re-elected in 2021 with another 30-0 mandate. Do you get it yet? Who should we blame.
    MOTTLEY or the citizens”
    … the answer can only be … THE DLP!

    Just saying … we the people really had absolutely NO option to possibly return the DLP.

    So that’s definitely not a fair question.

  35. David
    Say it louder for those in the back. But the BU Cabal (many of them don’t even vote) have difficulties understanding #30-0. They are right and the large majority or Barbadian who voted TWICE for a mauling are wrong. Keep misreading the juggernaut. See it looking like the misreading Dems will remain peepers?🤣🤣

  36. @William Skinner, the late Richard Haynes was a self serving politician. I was also card carrying member of the NDP and was absolutely disappointed when the now dead leader refused to field candidates.

    Mavericks as politicians who can tell their political leaders kiss their backsides are an extinct

  37. @David, the 98% of de men in Barbados have lost their balls and are all neutered by a vocal clandestine empowered woman movement. Thus, the women may be less corrupt than de boys in de clubs and governance may improve in Bim. #PowerToWomen

  38. @ Mr. Skinner

    At the risk of being accused of being ‘prosecutorial,’ coming on BU to ask those questions, will achieve what purpose?

    Over the years, I’ve read several contributions to BU, in which the authors asked pertinent questions and made interesting comments.

    I also noticed that Presidents of certain organizations and special interest groups only BECOME VOCAL when their ‘party is NOT in power.’
    When their party eventually holds the ‘reins of government,’ they are rewarded with ‘picks’ in the Senate under the guise they are representing persons with certain medical conditions, small businesses, ‘disabled community,’ etc.
    Shelly Weir, Lynette Holder and Kerry-Ann Ifill immediately comes to mind.
    Or on SOEs as Chairman or Board members.

    The status quo REMAINS the SAME to this day.

    BU is a discussion platform. What we NEED is ACTION.

    One idea is for people coming together to form NON-PARTISAN, special interest groups or civil society organizations…… that would play a significant role in holding government accountable.

    This initiative could also provide an opportunity for citizen groups and government working together to enhance the quality of public services delivered to Barbadians. Education, social services, health care, etc.

    Responsibilities could also include mandating government to immediately implement freedom of information, transparency and accountability legislation, which would ‘create the path’ for ‘good governance.’
    Committees, for example, could assist ‘government’ in developing and incorporating accountability mechanisms into governance structures to deal with corruption and mismanagement of government’s financial resources.

    Through civil society organizations, we could also question what is the importance of creating a position of Chief of Staff and its revelance to PM’s office.
    Why is there a need for Senior Ministers?

    Note, the Auditor General’s requests for additional staff, as indicated in his annual reports for the past 28 years or more, have continually gone unheard or purposely ignored.

    But, we seem to prefer coming on BU to brag about issues we raised, HOW MANY…years we were here, books and magazines we wrote, websites we developed……. and LAMENT about who DID NOT.

  39. The constitution sets out its own process for amendment and we cannot deviate from it. The commitment of the prime minister to transition Jamaica away from a constitutional monarchy is one that will be kept but I know persons are wondering whether we will have it done in time for the celebration of Jamaica 60,” said Legal and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Marlene Malahoo-Forte.

    “Unfortunately, the procedure set out in the constitution will not permit that timing to be met,” she told the post Cabinet news conference, noting that in order to remove deeply entrenched provisions from the constitution, specific steps must be followed, including notice periods that must be observed and a referendum that must take place.

    @ David,
    another pulchritudinous Jamaican Minister.

  40. @ Artax
    My comments were politically directed at all those who came here for nearly three years or more, on a daily basis finding all manner of faults in Stuart and Company. I also called for the removal of Stuart and company.
    However, many of these voices are now silent. The only person on this blog, who has consistently been just as vocal is @ Donna, who to her credit, continues to critically analyse the current administration. Angela Cole has also been very alert to the numerous short comings of Mottley and Company.
    There is now a deafening silence on BU and all the talk about good governance and accountability has basically vanished.
    While I agree that your suggestions are quite worthwhiIe, I was singularly calling out the partisans on BU.
    Fortunately for me, I was never fooled , but Stuart and Company had to go. It was by far the worst post independence administration with which we were ever settled.
    That’s why I stand by my position on the Bees . and Dees. Same shit, different day.

  41. I am trying to reconcile the opinion of a blogger who declares that “no-one is more disappointed in this government than David” and then relentlessly ascribes nefarious motives of running interference for them as an apologist.

    Why would an apologist for this government be the most disappointed in its performance?

    What was he expecting that has not been done?

  42. People were talking about intelligence services spying on people’s activities on internet
    but I don’t think Barbados has an equivalent spying agency like NSA, GCHQ, Mossad
    NSA, GCHQ, Mossad probably spy worldwide though to run interference and steal ideas

  43. Kammie HolderApril 7, 2022 8:15 PM

    @David, the 98% of de men in Barbados have lost their balls and are all neutered by a vocal clandestine empowered woman movement. Thus, the women may be less corrupt than de boys in de clubs and governance may improve in Bim. #PowerToWomen


    Do you think perhaps in these days of gender change and hormone treatments that the women have simply grown a pair?

  44. @ David
    You obviously are incapable of even trying to understand what I wrote. But I will be guarded ,and believe you are simply pretending that you don’t.
    This was not about Mottley per se. It is just about those , who came here pretending to be the greatest lovers Barbados ever had , but were only interested in getting rid of the Dems.
    Like I said I was never fooled . I wanted them out as well. Any major failure of the BLP or DLP is quite fine with me. On this same BU before the Mottley orchestrated fiasco , I said the Dems should not be given any seats in the senate. Check my posts you will find it.
    They , the BU’s love Barbados crowd, have gone silent because this administration , has artfully dodged two major potentially explosive scandals within a mere four years of governance.
    There is a lot of fancy footwork on BU now , but the deception , even by those who are still trying to fool people , that they are really interested in the country continues.
    Like I said to @ Artax, I am simply directing my focus on the BU lovers of Barbados who have disappeared , and those who have remained , but are still trying to beguile others . It’s the same shit but a different day.
    I go further ; they wrote under several aliases and flooded the blog. It was no doubt a skillful addition to the BLP’s brilliant campaign of 2018.
    When last have we been entertained with Dr. George Brathwaite’s, lengthy offerings on good governance. He was sent here primarily to promote the so-called Covenant of Hope. Why was social media almost violently attacked after the 2018 elections by the PM. She knew how it could be used because she used it to stunning effect and certainly fear that it could now be used against her .
    I can go no further for now.

    • @William

      To repeat, you are a contributor to BU. Start a weekly submission of you me views and stop the looking at what others say. It is an anonymous blog and many will come to mamaguy. Get off the soap box man!

    • Who gives a crap what others are saying. Identify the issues of national importance and engage in constructive exchanges.

      Crissakes, tired of this already and it is not 7am.

  45. “There is now a deafening silence on BU and all the talk about good governance and accountability has basically vanished.”

    William…it’s a pappyshow, as you will know….am sure you will find out SOON who is leading an overseas mission for sensitive procuremnet..

    ……the pretend B v. D ignorance is designed to keep people OFF BALANCED…..and arguing political stupidity amongst themselves while things are happening in the background that are largely ANTI-PEOPLE….i know you will not buy the backward excuses that they feel are so well masked…those of us who are actually PLUGGED IN know quite differently..

    just be careful putting any ideas on BU…..

    and the IGNORANT don’t know that success is CONTAGIOUS…the more it’s shared, the more it spreads……but the JEALOUS who don’t know what the hell sarcastic means anyway will now try to gloss it over like others don’t know either…

  46. William….keep ya constructive ideas to yaself or for your blog..

    …we shared more ideas on here, along with those like Northern, Miller, Pacha, Bushman, TLSN etc and on and on for YEARS and YEARS….and what happened to them….were they not consistently attacked, ridiculed and the empty – headed without fail try to diminish them while making themselves look foolish, uncultured and backward……

    there are pro-Black platforms where geniune ideas are not only welcomed, but utilized in positive ways to EMPOWER Black people, immediately…….they are not hard to find…

  47. No blogmaster…you are not bullying people who have given useful ideas on here for years and years for political rats to misuse to benefit the few. while nothing changes for the majority Black population…….into giving anymore…they will do so voluntarily, without any coercion.

    you are still not getting it are you?

  48. @ Kammie Holder
    Haynes’ actions were revealed before the refusal to offer candidates in that election.
    You need to remember that he had refused to offer a candidate in the by election that many believe the NDP , would have had a chance to win or a. very strong showing.
    His calculation was that if the party had contested and won his leadership and hold on the party would have been usurped by the member of parliament. Now, that’s my opinion and it was shared by others .
    The decision to not contest that bye election infuriated the group that was brought into the party by David Commisiong and Trevor Prescod .Thats when the March to the BLP began, by the apparent leaders of the Pan Africanists.
    They had nowhere else to go. They had severed links with the Dems. Many political observers forget that Comissiong walked into the NDP and became its general Secretary. But that’s another story.

  49. @ David
    In the language of the youth: you are cracking me up.
    You , really are again in the language of the youth: are something else !!
    You started a thread that ran you into a pickle because you were called out , not by me, it started with some of your most ardent fans, who , at least one, once told me that if I didn’t like your style , I should write elsewhere or start my own blog.
    Why are you now so rattled and childishly offering me a toffee to shut me up.
    Have a good weekend.
    Take it easy my Brother.

    • William the work of BU stands on its own. Regardless of the blogmaster’s opinion the views of others even if different are posted. The blogmaster’s positions have been out there for years. Do not make this about the blogmaster. Use the opportunity to engage on the issues. Of late on every blog we have to be subjected to the same two or three commenters frothing at the keyboard. It ends today.

  50. “Do you think perhaps in these days of gender change and hormone treatments that the women have simply grown a pair?”

    TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine states we all have male ♂️ and female ♀️ qualities likened to yin and yang ☯️
    yin and yang means the harmony of all the opposite elements and forces that make up existence

    Qi (usually translated as “vital energy”)
    Just as prana has many forms,
    there are three kinds of qi, known as heaven qi (tian qi 天气), Earth qi (di qi 地气), and human qi (ren qi 人气).
    “prana” means life energy and “yama” means control. The practice of pranayama involves breathing exercises and patterns. You purposely inhale, exhale, and hold your breath in a specific sequence. In yoga, pranayama is used with other practices like physical postures (asanas) and meditation (dhyana).

    Shamanic Flow Meditation – Kundalini Awakening Tantric Drumming | Calm Whale
    Flow into this ocean of shamanic trace experience. Divine, uplifting flow of energy & unique galaxy of ancient instruments shaman drums, crystal singing bowls, bells, whistles, rainstick and djembe. Stimulate the Kundalini and Qi flow

    Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

  51. There yuh go….. and it’s off.

    Friday morning….. 6:12 AM…….. the ‘SELF OBSESSION TRAIN’ has commenced its journey for the day.

    but the IGNORANT, the train’s DRIVER, who don’t know what the hell JEALOUS or SARCASTIC means anyway will now try to gloss it over like others don’t know either…”

  52. “by the apparent leaders of the Pan Africanists.”

    what pan afrikanists… mean the fraud show created to deter and denigrate REAL PAN AFRIKANISTS….so how far has this fake pan afrikanism gotten the majority population…

    there are real Pan Afrikanists across the region who do wonderful works and have the receipts to prove it…and now joined forces with the real ones on the continent….

    we need another word to describe the local frauds, but pan afrikanist is not one of them…

    • Try to add value to topics posted and leave out the cursing of anonymous commenters. If you do not like how the blogmaster is moderating BU you are invited to leave.

  53. Which Way must I go
    I choose to go the Wu Wei
    and walk Rastafari Way

    With Wu Wei, you simply let things happen in the way the natural order dictates, and they work out whatever way they need to. You may disagree or dislike the result and feel disappointed or resentful at the time. But in hindsight, you will likely realize the necessary path life took in that moment for you to be where you are, doing what you’re doing in the present. Even if you’d tried to end up in the same place on your own, you likely couldn’t have created a better path and might have even made mistakes along the way.

    There is no way to put the power of Wu Wei into academic terms or a category. It is simply what occurs when you follow the flow of life and your intuition. When things work out in the end, people will say you have psychic powers, but really you were simply sensitive to circumstances. The responsibility to make decisions shifts from you to the natural world. If you can accept what’s happening as the Way and not force your will or disappointment on it, you will learn how to be truly happy.

    Examples of Wu Wei for the Current Social Crisis

    If, as a collective people, we cannot turn our search for wisdom and contentment away from knowledge and cleverness and toward the natural order of things, we will suffer immensely. The great thinkers of the world have learned too much and lost compassion for others. Knowledge and cleverness have steered us away from reality because of the prominence given to information. We’ve all heard that “Knowledge is power,” and it’s true. Our powerful brains can think us into any idea or feeling we want.

    But what has this thinking been used for? Isn’t every decision in life aimed toward gaining more knowledge and power so we can feel stable and happy? With all that energy used for the wrong endeavors, how happy or stable do any of us feel?

    The people who will be successful in finding true wisdom and happiness are those capable of listening to their Inner Natures, being sensitive to circumstances, and allowing the natural flow of life to guide them. There are those who live this way now, and society tends to see them as anomalies or outliers of mainstream society. But these people are examples of what mainstream society has the ability to become if we stop manipulating the world around us.

    Each of us has the Clever Rabbit, Scholarly Owl, Negative Eeyore, and Simple Pooh inside. We typically give the rabbit and owl space to play until we become unsatisfied; then, we complain like Eeyore. This process leads to nothing useful.

  54. @ David
    In one voice you say all views are welcomed. In another you threaten or promise censorship. It’s your blog my Brother. No need to forewarn me.
    Peace, Love and Laughing.

    • Yes William, there is a reason there is a blogmaster, he runs the blog in a way to protect quality. Commenters attacking each other 24/7 will not be allowed. To use Sandy’s words- who don’t like it lump it.

  55. TLSN…apparently they don’t know about what’s out in the pacific and locales around our earth either….most are just eye-popping, can’t believe such places exist until you see them yourself…

    ….they may catch up one day but it will be the younger generation who will see what everyone already knows…

  56. @ David
    Stop the crap. This is not about the Blogmaster. It’s about @David’s opinion.
    You are behaving just like the political managerial class you think you despise.
    Like you have often said : you come from the same society.
    Nobody here is cursing anonymous bloggers.,Quite a few have sought me out and identified themselves. We occasionally have off the record discussions.
    You may doubt it but there are still adults in the room , who can enter the kitchen and take the heat.
    I know and communicate with Dees and Bees . They know me. You threatening me will be a source of great laugher. They know me. You don’t.
    Peace , Love and Laughing

  57. Emotional claptrap as usual! I am a fan of NOBODY on BU! I am a grown woman, not some googly-eyed teenager!

    Go back and read what you wrote and consistently write about WURA and see that I was sarcastically mirroring your style! You say you are not part of a tag team but I can PREDICT the exact moment when you are going to come out swinging in her defence with some shite about shooting the messenger

    But no matter what anyone says you will never see yourself! Artax could pull up the whole archive and you would sail blithely on, ascribing unto others actions routinely displayed by yourself!

    Coming here talking shite about how I think David is Jesus. Always dropping ridiculous remarks.

    AND YES, I STILL THINK that if you don’t like how the blog is administered you should find another forum instead of complaining incessantly about this one.

    Now..why not reconcile my conundrum-

    What has this government failed to do that has the blogmaster so disappointed?


    This is not really about “Your Worship”. I am tired of this apologist rant. It makes no sense. I want an answer to my question. One that makes sense. Repeated nonsense is very annoying.

  58. “Quite a few have sought me out and identified themselves. We occasionally have off the record discussions.”

    in saying that, we do have things to discuss….it’s later than most of us think.

  59. @ Donna
    Once more: the archives of BU will reveal no such motives. @David and I have had many runs in over the years. Like I said he called me some names over the years and he never once refused to post anything I have sent to this blog.
    He knows that I have been generous in articles I have written on his request. This is between me and him. It has already been resolved.
    I am refusing at all times to respond to you and my alignment with those who share my ideological and philosophical positions on current affairs especially those that have been dear to me for over fifty years. They are rare finds. How others view them are of no importance to me.
    Like I said anything I write anywhere is opened to criticism; I was not brought up to be that serious about myself. I give as I take and use it all to enrich my knowledge . I learn from everybody on this blog.
    I have never cussed anybody on this blog.
    When the Blogmaster tires of me, I will thank him; still promote BU and put it down as a wonderful experience.
    I stay in my lane. Why do you think I never hide my identity. Everybody who knows me; know where I stand .
    As Shorty says : I’ve been in town too long.
    Peace , Love and totally unperturbed.

  60. Most of us are in our 60s and 70s etc and well aware, once connnected to our ancestry, we have to act like it and impart knowledge to the young with the decades of experience picked up along the way. as elders and soon to be ancestors, given our historical ancestry and culture..and that is much more important than the continued perpetration of a political construct..

    .Thankfully we have multiple platforms with which to do just that….while knowing that time is of the essence..

  61. Latin root word spir means “breathe”
    ∴ spirit is breath
    ∴ spiritual is breathing ritual
    ∴ breathing exercise is the way to go

  62. As predicted, you did not see.

    But moving on, if David is disappointed in this government it can only be that he HOPED for better. What was the “better” that he hoped for? How does it differ from what you hope for?

    You and I and even WURA share a basic philosophy but differ somewhat in expectations.

    Some people wish to blow up the system and start over. Some people want to change the actors. These people I find are generally looking for immediate and magical fixes.

    It is my experience that such almost never happens. Progress is most often EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW.

    WHY? Because systems, even new ones, will be administered by HUMAN BEINGS. And a new cast of characters will battle the same internal flaws of the current cast.

    Human beings are flawed and until we can evolve sufficiently to get past those flaws there will be no system or cast of actors who can stop daily life from being a struggle for many people. But yes, I believe we can do better and should continue to challenge, keeping the ideal forever in our discourse.

    The struggle continues.

    Evolution is a slow process.

    Ask Vincent Codrington. He seems to know.

  63. Some actions are deliberate and designed to UNDERMINE any evolution…there is evidence that it continues as a tradition.

  64. @ African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved,

    I am not sure if you have been following the travails of the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer? His difficulties have stemmed from having a healthy opposition and media who have been prepared to ask searching questions. There is much discord on BU, however we can all agree that Mia in her quest to become prime mInister of Barbados would have been eliminated at the first hurdle if she were running in the UK due to the investigative competency of the British media. I fear for the standard of democracy we are now witnessing in Barbados, not that the bar has ever been that high within the country.

    • You forgot to add that in the UK there is freedom of information Act and Integrity Laws? In such an environment you would expect an active fourth estate.

  65. Yes TLSN…it made me research the function of the Chancellor….aka minister of the economy….who serves directly at the pleasure of the monarchy….

    these Caribbean finance ministers are small timers with no one to keep them on a leash so they do as they please… PM should hold the minister of finance portfolio and only do so for the corruption value and stroking of egos…it’s a confilct of interest….no wonder nothing works and there are no ethics, integrity, morals or honesty involved…

  66. btw….finance ministers can bring down prime ministers and have done so with flair…that’s why the small timers in Barbados grab that portfolio, never let it go, but they should not be holding it period…..

    and the ones in other jurisdictions who assign it to others, keep them on a tight leash..

  67. It’s in the title “BARBADIANS ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL”. Yet, many of us appear to have no difficulties accepting Mia as both Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the country simultaneously. But who gives a damn with the spoken words of members from the “throw-a-shade-crew|”.

    • Again if you look at the structure of system of government in the UK and the laws which support, it is different to what obtains in Barbados and other commonwealth states that parody the Westminster style government.

  68. ” Rishi Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murty, bowed to pressure to pay UK taxes on Friday night, after Boris Johnson said he had been unaware she was a “non-dom” and fresh questions emerged over the couple’s tax affairs.

    With Sunak’s position under increasing threat, Murty said she realised many people felt her tax arrangements were not “compatible with my husband’s job as chancellor”, adding that she appreciated the “British sense of fairness”.

    She will pay tax on all worldwide income in future and for the last tax year, but not on backdated income, which could have saved her an estimated £20m of UK tax on foreign earnings from her billionaire father’s Indian IT company.”

  69. well…if they only “parody” the parts of the Westminster system that suits their agendas to cover their asses from being hauled away in handcuffs, and leave out/ignore the parts that promotes and SUSTAINS good governance, accountability, honesty, integrity etc….then what’s the point..

  70. We hope that blogmaster is not suggesting that the people also legislate integrity and FOIA legislations, on their own, along with holding the shady accountable…..when they have been begging pleading and shouting at the frauds to do so for over 40 YEARS…

  71. @TLSN April 8, 2022 6:42 AM “to the rift raft we attract in Barbados.”

    Stop it.

    I don’t like it when you call my siblings and their children and grand children, and my former colleagues and neighbours riff-taff.

    They are very fine people. ALL of them.

  72. We should dump the white man made constitution that they gave us and make our own….blah blah
    But we must follow the white ways of governance (chancellor) because theirs are better and ours poor rakey

  73. @African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    Imagine this scenario where the Barbados Minister of Finances (Mia) asks the Prime Minister of Barbados (Mia) to carry out an investigation into her own business affairs.

    The UK Finance Minister has just requested the British Prime Minister to do likewise.

    Is there anyone on BU who still finds it exceptable that Mia should hold the two most responsible government titles in office.


    Barbados only sugar factory shut down temporarily. Why does Barbados only have one sugary factory?

    ” More than 30 000 Barbados Water Authority (BWA) customers are expected to suffer “heavy” disruption in their supply over the next two days”

  75. @ David re branding.

    Pure Barbados Rum made from sugar cane grown in Barbados.

    Barbados Black Belly sheep bred and raised in Barbados.

  76. @David, you have said and noted here repeatedly that Democracy remains still the ‘best of the rest’ or rather this contrived form of democracy practiced by Bajans and other western nations like the UK, anyhow. Thus, the comment re “Young adults have dramatic loss of faith in UK democracy, survey reveals” does nothing more that recap and repeat that which is well known!

    There was an online report recently out of France with a headline that resonated with me as Bajan and our current debates on the efficacy and relevance of the DLP … the mast heading blared: ‘France’s centre right fights for survival and cash after vote drubbing’.

    It went on to note that this Centre-Right is the party which Nicolas Sarkozy rode to the Presidency. And we can remember that he ONLY demitted the Presidential control of France just 10 years ago! Now of course French federal and regional politics creates a vastly DIFFERENT political system than in Bim and thus the Centre-Right party still control several local France municipalities and ‘town halls’ whereas here the DLP has totally been shut out of the political elective process.

    But the point still is quite comparative that a once mighty party can lose it’s way ‘quickly’ enough.

    And with respect to the youth vote … that will ebb and flow very much based on the topical issues that incite and excite. We can recall they had more faith on the Brexit process when they let their voices be heard with their vote preference.

    Politics is a tough game … the mantra “what have you done for me lately” is unfortunately very applicable for most citizens re their representatives. Bajans, certainly seem to believe that right now the DLP can do NOTHING right for us … so away with them!

    • @Dee Word

      The report reinforces the point that growing apathy and cynicism of the system by the people is real. At some point there will be a tipping point or to use a Vincent term, diminishing returns. This will trigger consequences?

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