A Native Head of State 55 Years Too Late

Barbadians have become a people trapped in a singular mindset. We live in an Information Age where a fusillade of information is constantly coming at us. A prerequisite to ensuring quality decision making demands we have to process large bytes of information in quick time. Whether we like it or not this is the world we have to exist and compete for our daily bread.

In order to give of our best leaders at every level of society must exercise the best approaches to harness the collective intelligence of Barbadians. As an intelligent people we strive to build an equitable society where all Barbadians can carve out a quality life. The prevailing economic and social challenges we have been managing in recent years made acute by the pandemic, demands we see evidence of payback on billions allocated to the education budget post independence.

The decision by the Mia Mottley government to transition to a Republic should command the support of sensible Barbadians. To complete the switch from Queen Elizabeth (or her heirs and successors) to a local daughter of the soil (incumbent GG Dame Sandra Mason will be nominated at the appropriate time) an amendment to the Constitution is required. In an ideal world much needed constitutional reform as articulated in commissions undertaken should be debated and the Barbados Constitution amended. The blogmaster sides with the government the time is now to complete the switch of the head of state and circle back to other reforms all agree must be done. Following the #blm event Lord Nelson was sequestered to the Barbados Museum and it time to delete the Queen of England from the Barbados Constitution.

It is disappointing and surprising to have to listen to educated Black Barbadians espousing the view that moving Nelson statue or the proposed changing of the Queen of England as Barbados head of state will not put money in pockets or food on tables for Barbadians. It is charitable of this blogmaster to describe such a view as myopic and simplistic. 

Volumes have been scribed about the value of symbols co-opted to shape human behaviour – in this case a native President as a figure head and the infinite possibilities how this might awaken aspirational desires in our people, especial the young to shape a brighter future.

We have to problem solve to provide food and shelter today but we must not forget the need to plan for the future. We have to continually search out ways to inspire and our our people to propagate leaders of the future- the visual of a native head of state is one mandatory, giant step in the journey that should have been started decades ago.


  • Something is happening.

    “Kamante Millar, the former chief financial officer of the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd (ICBL), is in the island and the defence wanted her summoned as a witness in Alex Tasker extradition matter.

    However, Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes turned down the request, saying to allow it would turn the extradition hearing into something akin to a preliminary inquiry.

    The development came yesterday after Chief Magistrate Weekes ruled against submissions made by Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim, paving the way for Tasker to give a statement in the extradition matter.

    However, before any options could be put to the former ICBL senior vice president, his attorney Pilgrim informed the court that Millar was in Barbados and he wanted the Crown to summon her since “she was germane to this”. (HLE).”


  • Govt to make $2m payout for ash clean-up work
    Government is to pay $2 million to public workers who helped clean up the volcanic ash from April’s eruption of the La Soufriere volcano.
    Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw moved a supplemental appropriation in the House of Assembly on Tuesday evening.
    She said the funds would be divided between six ministries – $281,000 goes towards the Ministry of Tourism; $520,000 to the Ministry of the Environment; $180,000 to the Ministry of Education; $860,000 to the Ministry of Youth Affairs; $222,000 to the Ministry of Housing, and $400,000 to the Ministry of Health.
    She said: “The volcano dumped between one and three centimetres of ash all across Barbados, which resulted in the disruption of all the school plants, both on the exterior and interior of the buildings. However, this sum is a “drop in the bucket”.
    Bradshaw commended the national clean-up effort, saying: “This was totally unexpected, and we made provisions through the various ministries to do clean ups in communities across the island.
    “We are also grateful to the private sector interests who came forward and helped with the process, because were it not for them, we would not have got the airport and the Bridgetown Port back up in the time we did without their assistance.”
    Minister of Transport Ian Gooding- Edghill said part of his ministry’s $39 million budget would cover the payment of workers in the Drainage Division, who were also called in to assist with the clean up after the volcanic eruption.
    He said: “This payment will cover the workers involved in the clean-up campaign for the period August 1 to December 31 this year, and I must commend these workers because their efforts contributed in no small measure to flood mitigation. The payment will also include their National Insurance contributions.”
    Gooding-Edghill then revealed that a group of Transport Board workers who were not included in a pension payment scheme under the previous Democratic Labour Party administration will now receive their compensation.
    “Under the previous Government, promises were made to pay these workers, but after the current administration came to office in May 2018, we met with the workers at Solidarity House and discussed this matter, and following our initial discussion, the Transport Board also met with the Barbados Workers Union, and coming out of these discussions, we are now seeking the approval of some $3 million to be paid to the workers, effective from May 24, 2018,” the transport minister told the House.
    Some 43 workers will benefit from this payout, which previously was limited only to senior members of staff, he added.
    Gooding-Edghill said: “This will remove some of the inequity we saw in the former arrangement. Under the Casual Workers Act, these workers could not receive a gratuity payment unless it received the minister’s approval, but in 2015 the then minister had only agreed to certain workers being allowed to get the gratuity.
    “However, we decided to honour the workers overall, not just a select class of workers, and this is a significant change.
    The union has also asked for them to receive the payment in cash and not bonds.” (DH)


  • So when will the workers get the money, am sure the ash fall happened MONTHS AGO, how have these people been surviving after all that hard work, promises don’t feed anyone or pay bills…hope we are not still hearing about this PROMISE TO PAY 10 YEARS FROM NOW…

    it’s time to pay these uppity ministers salaries in bonds…


  • i keep reading about this Mu variant that’s still under investigation…..one more Covid variant to worry about..


  • Tell Me Something Good
    Dem Bjans whinge more than whinging poms


  • God Save His King
    Lee Scratch Perry A Vision of Paradise
    Lee Scratch Perry The Upsetter Movie


  • The problem with the British System is the Queen / Crown is born with a silver spoon in her mouth with vast wealth properties and assets from an infamous Empire that robbed the world by hook and crook and introduced segregation and racism. Harry smoked the Holy Herb which liberated his mind he realised he preferred Chocolate to Vanilla and married a Black Princess who was stunned when she was shunned by the firm’s establishment and Harry learned to overstand about white privilege and left Britain for America.
    Historically Royalty had ultimate rule of power but has been changed to Government rule although Monarchy is still a figurehead of the constitution and rubber stamps changes in Laws and is advised by PM in Queen’s counsel and also has the Lord Chancellor aka Queen’s Conscience placed within the system.

    The problem with the American system, that rejected the Crown and made efforts to be for the people, is they gave the President ultimate power which can be abused like Trump did and also adopted white supremacy manifest destiny doctrines or white racists.

    Barbados President should be a representative of the People / the People’s Conscience.


  • Time for BU ” artistic ” contributors to design a new insignia.



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