A Native Head of State 55 Years Too Late

Barbadians have become a people trapped in a singular mindset. We live in an Information Age where a fusillade of information is constantly coming at us. A prerequisite to ensuring quality decision making demands we have to process large bytes of information in quick time. Whether we like it or not this is the world we have to exist and compete for our daily bread.

In order to give of our best leaders at every level of society must exercise the best approaches to harness the collective intelligence of Barbadians. As an intelligent people we strive to build an equitable society where all Barbadians can carve out a quality life. The prevailing economic and social challenges we have been managing in recent years made acute by the pandemic, demands we see evidence of payback on billions allocated to the education budget post independence.

The decision by the Mia Mottley government to transition to a Republic should command the support of sensible Barbadians. To complete the switch from Queen Elizabeth (or her heirs and successors) to a local daughter of the soil (incumbent GG Dame Sandra Mason will be nominated at the appropriate time) an amendment to the Constitution is required. In an ideal world much needed constitutional reform as articulated in commissions undertaken should be debated and the Barbados Constitution amended. The blogmaster sides with the government the time is now to complete the switch of the head of state and circle back to other reforms all agree must be done. Following the #blm event Lord Nelson was sequestered to the Barbados Museum and it time to delete the Queen of England from the Barbados Constitution.

It is disappointing and surprising to have to listen to educated Black Barbadians espousing the view that moving Nelson statue or the proposed changing of the Queen of England as Barbados head of state will not put money in pockets or food on tables for Barbadians. It is charitable of this blogmaster to describe such a view as myopic and simplistic. 

Volumes have been scribed about the value of symbols co-opted to shape human behaviour – in this case a native President as a figure head and the infinite possibilities how this might awaken aspirational desires in our people, especial the young to shape a brighter future.

We have to problem solve to provide food and shelter today but we must not forget the need to plan for the future. We have to continually search out ways to inspire and our our people to propagate leaders of the future- the visual of a native head of state is one mandatory, giant step in the journey that should have been started decades ago.

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  1. fusillade=a series of shots fired or missiles thrown all at the same time or in quick succession

    fuselage=the main body of an aircraft.

  2. @ David,

    Should Barbados become a Republic ? Absolutely.

    However, The PM should tell the public how ” governance ” will be structured.

    ” We got this ” is not enough.

    • @Hants

      So far we have been told it will be phased- the booting of Queen Elizabeth supported with the relevant amendment to the Constitution to be following soon after with consultation about reform.

  3. “The blogmaster sides with the government the time is now to complete the switch of the head of state and circle back to other reforms all agree must be done.”

    Emphasis “on circle back”.
    We amended the constitution about at least two times since 2018. Now we are preparing for another. Perhaps we need to forget about circling back and move forward on other items.

    • The changes made during this term to the Constitution do not constitute reform. We always have to debate everything to death, what the blogmaster can say for sure is that too many Bajans do not damn about governance matters anyway. It is a big deal because it is being politicized like every blasted thing nowadays.

  4. @ Hants

    Don’t worry about the details it would appear we don’t need to be told them. All we need to know is it’s coming and follow blindly while “hushing wunna tail do.”

  5. Flooding on the west coast reminds residents of 1995
    Some areas in the western part of the island remained under water following a heavy downpour earlier today.

  6. “I’m sure Mia has got a trick up her sleeve
    Take back European spoil
    Give I I African Style”


    Yes Mia’s downpour will arrive at de appropriate time.

  7. @ David

    I would say continuing to talk about a republic we have no details on or will be given any on either, is a waste of digital space and our time. They are too many other issues of real importance being ignored here.

    • @John A

      It takes all kinds to make this world work. The blogmaster’s sticks to the position stated in the blog. Some of us are able to see the value in somethings hidden from others.

  8. @ David

    I for one find it pointless and a waste of time discussing an issue where nothing is known on a topic other than its title. Regardless of the many request for details from the Barbadian public, we still all remain in the dark on this issue. How exactly does one discuss a topic when all that is known on it is its title?

    Those that want to live in the unknown and undefined please carry on “discussing” our republic as the name at least is known.

  9. @ David

    When the new constitution that will govern the republic published in the official Gazette for public review, then talk to me bout supporting a republic. This is 2021 not 1621 don’t expect me to blindly support anything because “massa” say so! You educate Bajans then disrespect them by treating them like a bunch of illiterates.

    Let the sheep follow blindly while going bla bla bla as they have always done.

  10. When the heat gets fired up undergovt tail coats
    David pulls the distraction Card out
    Hence Republicism
    Notice he has not dare post an article on those Chinese Houses why not you asked
    Because it highlights govt incompetence and its glaring reckless attitude to avoid transparency

  11. @ David

    I saw the marketing statement on TV yes. So wait what questions has that answered re the new constitution?

    Publish the new constitution and then we can talk and make our opinion known in the promised referendum. But no you want me to now follow blindly the same government that told me before elections, that this will be decided by referendum and now replace that with a dictatorial mandate after being elected? Send the the name of what you drinking let me try some. Lol

    Total madness when they are so many more critical issues that need to be addressed. Pity them can’t show the same vigor for our economic restructuring! Stupes I gone before this nonesence “vexify” me tonight. Lol

  12. Everyone is still missing the point….these are MARKED and BRANDED colonial agents….and will ALWAYS BE SUBORDINATE in the west….that’s all they will ever be, they have been anti-Black/African for OVER 55 YEARS as trained and CERTIFIED by colonialists, there is no changing that….many might feel the need to be continually socially jailed and kept CAPTIVE by these treacherous Judases, but not everyone wants to continue the neocolonialism, THEFTS against themselves, the apartheid and evil crypto-racism..into the lives of grandchildren and great grands… that these wannabe slavemasters and their criminal minority friends would want to dish out to stay on top, the intent is to keep the Slave system INTACT no matter what…and it can only happen if the majority population allow it, if you fight against it, they and it CANNOT SURVIVE…

    the happy contented SLAVES will have no problem keeping it generationally, that’s their choice, but African-minded people WON’T…

    problem for these BLACK FACE FRAUDS is that they believe they can use the continent to carry out their EVIL anti-Black/African plans….i ASSURE them that this is one WAR …THEY WILL NEVER WIN..

  13. Presidential model of Electoral College proven
    A RECENT LETTER to the paper called for the direct election of the president when Barbados becomes a republic.
    The presidential model proposed for Barbados is that of a non-executive presidency in a parliamentary republic. Direct elections are likely to create tensions if the president claims to have a personal mandate distinct from that of the parliamentary majority.
    The Electoral College model indicated for Barbados, or some variant of it, is used in several countries, 12 of which are given in the table shown.


    The special Electoral College provisions for Germany, India and Italy are a combination of the national parliaments and the states of India and the respective regional parliaments of Germany and Italy.
    In most cases, the president may be re-elected for a further term, as in Trinidad and Tobago, while in some others, like Lebanon, the term is for one period.
    While the Barbadian proposals need some fleshing out as to who acts as president due to absence or otherwise, the table shows that at least 75 per cent of the
    countries examined use the model of election intended for Barbados. There are others. Neither time nor space permits further examples.
    The foregoing is offered to underscore the point that the Forde Commission in making its recommendations more than 20 years ago as to the form of Electoral College to be used would have undertaken the necessary research before reaching its conclusion and recommendation.

    Source: Nation

  14. Bajans in North America favour GG as President

    Diaspora: Yes to Dame Sandra

    by TONY BEST

    AN “EXCELLENT” CHOICE for Barbados’ presidency and someone who can help pave the way for Barbados’ smooth transition from a monarchy to a republic. That, in essence, was the unanimous reaction from a cross section of the Bajan diaspora in North America.
    A top economist who was once Governor of the Central Bank, an Episcopal priest, a two-term mayor of a middle-size city in New Jersey and a former World Bank communications professional in Washington, as well as several retired executives in Canada and America, all gave the thumbs-up to the Mia Amor Mottley administration’s decision to nominate Governor General Dame Sandra Mason for the position as the nation’s first President when Barbados ends its more than 300-year link to the British monarchy on November 30 and begins a new chapter when it joins the list of CARICOM republics on November 30.
    De Peiza objection
    However, some Bajans abroad wondered why the newly re-elected Democratic Labour Party leader, Verla De Peiza, raised a question about the constitutionality of the proposed presidential nomination without citing the provisions of Barbados’ Constitution which barred the Government from making its choice known.
    Mottley told the country a few days ago that she had discussed with Dame Sandra the Government’s plans to nominate her. Mottley said Mason had accepted the nomination. De Peiza, an attorney, countered by saying the administration didn’t “have the authority to make any such announcement”.
    In a reaction in Bridgetown, Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley complained that the way in which the Government had handled the matter was “clumsy”. He made it clear that he supported the country’s move to become a republic.
    ‘Smart move’
    Winston Cox, a former Central Bank Governor who lives in Quebec, said the Government’s plan was a “smart move”.
    “I can’t see any reasonable objection to Dame Sandra being made the first President of the republic. My only concern is that whatever changes are made, they in no way compromise the integrity of our electoral systems or circumscribe the ability of Barbadians to freely elect who they want to form the Government and who they want to manage their affairs. As far as I am concerned, it is a good move,” he said.
    Reverend Ryan Boyce, a former priest in charge of St Catherine’s Anglican Church in St Philip, where Dame Sandra often worshipped, said: “I was the parish priest of her home church (and) I know her to be an honourable, decent lady, a woman of integrity and sophistication who should not be dragged into any political fray. Neither she nor the presidency should be shrouded in controversy.”
    Boyce, rector of St Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Queens, New York City, and who until recently was rector of St Augustine’s Church in Atlantic City, New Jersey, said any reference by De Peiza to the constitutionality of the proposed Dame Sandra nomination should have included a definitive statement pinpointing the specific section of the Constitution that allegedly barred the nomination and the process used to make the selection. The reference shouldn’t leave the public in doubt about the legality of the process being followed, said the priest.
    ‘Excellent choice’
    Derrice Dean, a retired World Bank professional who later became a broadcaster at the Voice Of America in Washington, agreed with Cox and Boyce, describing the Governor General as an “excellent choice” for the presidency. After all, she had performed her duties impeccably as the Queen’s representative and was “well suited” for the job of President.
    “From what I have observed, Dame Sandra has handled herself very well,” said Dean from Virginia. “Without an alternative nominee for the presidency from the Democratic Labour Party or anyone else, I don’t see any reason why she should not be considered for the position, unless there is something
    in the law which subverts that. As long as it’s within the law, within the Constitution and the right of the Government, I have no objection to Dame Sandra.”
    ‘Show me the law’
    However, Dean said she would have preferred if De Peiza had been more explanatory in her reaction to Mottley’s announcement about the Government’s intention to nominate Dame Sandra.
    “Show me the law which states that the Government can’t make the announcement about its plans and then I would say, ‘It shouldn’t have been done,’” Dean said.
    Adrian Mapp, the mayor of Plainfield, a city of 55 000 in New Jersey, said: “I have no issues whatsoever with the current Governor General ascending to the position of President of the republic. The (proposed nomination) sends a strong message that we as an independent nation have chosen a person of ability to be President of the republic and that we are masters of our fate.”
    Peter Clarke, a retired IBM executive in New York, said that, as Governor General, Dame Sandra had performed her duties “credibly”. He wondered if De Peiza’s stance was a case of “opposing for opposing sake”.

    Source: Nation

  15. Independence of the Republic of Barbados on November 30 should be treated as the new Xmas for Afro Bajans.

    Chinese are building small houses in Barbados as a project to remedy storm damage ..

    but, it does not take much imagination for a similar rehousing project in Africa Zion Land..

    while whitey is on the moon and blacks live in their ghettos looking for crumbs off the table..

    Bajans could reconnect with their African roots as a Republic of Barbados Government life project with a sense of purpose

  16. So true

    Time to bring respect to vending – and the farmers whose wares they sell
    Today’s Editorial
    The business of vending has for generations been at the bedrock of small societies like ours.
    Hawkers who have sold us everything from vegetables, fruits, plants, poultry, fish, drinks, cooked meals, household goods to clothes, books and more remain a vital link in the distribution chain and an integral part in our social fabric.
    For decades they have added flavour, variety and diversity to The City, attracting more traffic to Bridgetown or wherever they ply their trade.
    But admittedly, making a honest dollar as a vendor has been tough. This livelihood has not enjoyed the benefits of protection and regulation and has been treated with scorn and disregard.
    Vendors have endured crackdowns, been sometimes chased and even arrested while their carts and merchandise are confiscated.
    Still, this informal sector has survived, noticeably changing throughout the years and even moreso in recent times as COVID-19 brought an abrupt end to once coveted jobs.
    Now increasing numbers of vendors have taken to the streets to sell any and all they can to earn a living. Swan Street is brimming with vendors, triggering legitimate concerns from businesses about unfair competition.
    More and more too, scores are lining the highways to lure customers for far more than coconuts. One can hardly argue against the need for authorities to bring order to the current state of affairs.
    We aver that no one should be punished for simply selling ackees or sno-cones on the sidewalk. Nor should people who are trying to make an honest living or entrepreneurs trying to develop a business be criminalized. It’s long past time for authorities to develop regulations to legitimize and control this ever-growing sector.
    Government took a step in that direction as Minister of Entrepreneurship Kerrie Symmonds tabled the National Vending Bill that is intended to remove the scourge of criminality from vending, Symmonds told the House the intention was to dismantle over 300 years “of the last vestiges of the British slave economy”, to bring some dignity to vending and to regulate the activity for the benefit of all engaging in it.
    The proposals put forth makes provision for the first time in over three centuries for vending without a licence not be treated as a criminal offence. Now, those caught engaging in the act will be asked to pay an administrative penalty.
    Wanton eviction of vendors from the streets are expected to be a thing of the past and according to Symmonds the days where the police remove vendors from the streets of Bridgetown with the canine division must never dawn again.
    He told the House: “We say that if there is an issue that has arisen where there is a need for an eviction, or removal of a vendor, or a group of vendors, that these people be treated as we treat any other business people in Barbados though, that we give them the courtesy of knowing that this is a development that is coming your way, that you can plan for it. Not that you come to work today and find that everything that you brought to work is destroyed, kicked over, spilled over, knocked bout, without reference to recovery.”
    Symmonds further disclosed that vendors will be entitled to compensation in circumstances where there is loss, damage, or destruction of perishable and nonperishable merchandise subjected to the relocation exercise.
    Additionally, vendors are to have a say in how and where they operate.
    In the coming weeks, there is much more to analyse and we expect full disclosure and discussion on this new Vending Bill to ensure we get this right.
    So far, the vending community appears fully on board with the bill.
    President of the Barbados Association of Retailers, Vendors and Entrepreneurs (BARVEN) Alistair Alexander said for too many years, vendors have been fighting for rights and to stop being treated as second class citizens. He is confident that the new Bill not only gives unprecedented rights to vendors, but gives power to a national vending policy that will transform the sector and lead it to full development.
    He said: “We welcome now that we have a bill of rights and we have a vending policy that will speak now to accommodation and we give thanks for that development. We are heritage icons and national treasures and therefore it is long overdue that they are now given their rightful place in the economic landscape of Barbados”.
    Nonetheless, as we rightly move to decriminalize and destigmatise vending, and win over the voice – and votes – of sellers and buyers, the protections to vendors should vanish if they are proved to be contributing to another persistent scourge: praedial larceny.
    We cannot enshrine a right to vending if it impinges on a farmer’s right to earn his daily bread. Open licencing on vending should not mean open season on crops and livestock in Barbados.
    We look forward to an equal and opposite reaction against those who bring shame to vending with ill-gotten gains.

  17. The downward spiral into the bottomless abyss continues unabated, the sheep are firmly HOOKED. BLAME GAME CONTINUES, DEBT INCREASING, MANAGEMENT A FAILURE, the only remaining solution it DEVALUATION, either financially forced or implemented, either way Barbarians need to learn to live within their means.

  18. And that’s exactly how things will remain, if they continue to view everything through colonial lenses as culturized and socialized with anit-Black/African agendas to appease a stinking racist status quo on an island built on the foundations of African enslavement…

    i make no apologies for exposing it DAILY and TAKING IT AND THEM DOWN….

    the wicked colonial negro mind enscounced in Black taxpayer-funded parliaments need a WAKE UP CALL…

  19. @JohnA
    Just the other day you spoke of distractions. You distracted?
    Gah long and investigate the BS we are being fed on the China dwellings, before we get a Bill to enact a Special Purpose company a la Clearwater Bay to house those rendered homeless by the hurricane.
    Focus on temporary vs transitory. Is the structure temporary, or the inhabitants? If you wish immediacy in erection and deconstruction, they are a multitude of tent like structures available. Which cost a lot less than the numbers being floated.
    And who is paying?

  20. David
    Permit us to clarify ourselves.
    Let it be clear that we hold no more objection towards Barbados being a republic than we have to the current monarchical system.

    We centrally contend that republicanism is merely a political ploy to lionize Mugabe as Father of the Republic.

    When all the sermonizing is over and the new titles are conferred absolutely nothing substantive would have changed, this year, next year, or any years to come.

    Indeed this project is in some ways merely a redo of the faux independence of 1966 and fits the mentality of a government which believed that a second throne speech is a corrective for feckless political miscalculations.

    Instead of trying to get the monarchy out of the Bajan we should have long embarked on getting the Bajan out of the monarchy. That is the battle for minds which the country lacks the metal to engage.

  21. David
    It’s not a question of a particular starting point. That’s immaterial. That fiction of a starting point is only created for political expediency.

    Don’t be the proverbial Columbus. We have several republics in the Caribbean and lived realities are no different than if monarchy was still pervasive.

    Since 1966 there could have been a billion starting points. And there will a trillion after 2021. But nothing will happen to transform the cultural constructs because the country still wants to be little Englishmen, women.

    And Mugabe and all the elites know this well. David you are being played, again.

  22. @ Northern

    We know they went the China route as that is like sandals an all inclusive package. Lol

    Dem going sell you the houses, build the houses and turn round and finance the houses too. My problem with this approach though is that it is short sited. Let muh explain why I say that before I get call a dem!

    My question here is a simple one, has anyone stopped to calculate the true net cost to the state on these Chinese houses ?

    When the Chinese do a project they bring everything from labour to materials. The local businesses get nothing hardly. They make sure to capitalize on every single aspect of the project in other words.

    Now if this project was given to small contractors what would happen? The houses would cost more initially yes but what would be the true net cost to the state? Now I know some of wunna saying what shite he talking? But work wid muh here. The local companies would buy materials hence pay duty and vat to the state. They would employ bajans, who with a dollar in dem pocket would go in the supermarket and buy, which again would be duty and vat back to the state. Every local window and door along with sheet of permaclad locally would result in vat back to the state. So when wunna add up all these revenues from giving the work to a bajan instead and deduct it from the cost of the houses, how much is the true net cost per house to the state compared to the Chinese ones. Them people does live on water and local lettuce them grow in the backyard. 100 pound bag of rice with that and them good for months.

    My point is you can not look at the first cost on a project and say it cheaper give the Chinese, without first taking into account the revenue gains from giving it to local guys. There is this thing called ” true net cost” that must be considered first.

    • @John A

      It seems from what has been deposited in the public domain the driving factor is speed to market given the immediate demand.

    • @Pacha

      We will know at some point in the future wont we.

      If you do or not do we are f**ked?

      Because other countries have struggled for success after transitioning to a republic this should be our benchmark for success?

      Is this what you are saying Pacha?

    • @Pacha

      A follow up.

      It seems we live at a time when it is or will be impossible to achieve consensus on any issue.

  23. (Scratch The) Super Ape £ee $cracth Perry taught us all a free form stream of timeless black creative consciousness for the liberation of our minds body and souls
    Three in One (Go Deya)

  24. @David

    That is BS from them. The shipping time from China here by sea is 60 days and that don’t include the preparation of the orders. I watch preconco put up 50 something houses there at Coverley for Ross in about 7 weeks! Even if you gave preconco the work for the foundations and floor slab on some and let we local boys then do the block work after that, i would say I good with that. But don’t tell me in this economy that a project to build even a doghouse going to no foreign company be they Chinese or anyone else.

    Tell them wheel and come with another explanation.

    • @John A

      The minister said the prefab solution was not available locally given the requirement. You obviously do not believe him. Comparing a prefab Preconco house is the same as the one being procured from China? So many questions.

    • @John A

      You are aware of the job was given to Preconco what would be today’s narrative by naysayers?

      Maloney issued a statement about the metal frame technology last week.

  25. Being a Republic is not a one-off event but is an everyday process of self love self liberation self growth and self independence

    so stop your whining

  26. “That is BS from them..”

    you still don’t get it

    people spend money like they are rich when they do it on credit

  27. David there is nothing the Chinese can build Prefab that between our local guys, BRC and others cant be done here. It is the same principal of siding material and a metal frame that structural systems deal in daily commercially in warehouses. The same principle just done to a domestic scale for a private home that’s all.

    As i said it is just way easier to give the work to China that’s all.

    • @John A

      The issue of temporary houses is an interesting one. You must have heard there s a concern by general public and members of parliament the need to have housing stock in hand to respond to emergencies.

  28. “Since 1966 there could have been a billion starting points. And there will a trillion after 2021. But nothing will happen to transform the cultural constructs because the country still wants to be little Englishmen, women.

    And Mugabe and all the elites know this well.”

    while putting on a minority choreographed show of pretending they care something about Africa and think they can use it as a starting point and means to THEIR CORRUPT END by leveraging African descended lives to feed thieving corrupt racists in Barbados….I DARE THEM to continue in that vein and see how well it works out for them by the time we are done..

    Haiti has been a republic for:

    “The hemispere’s second Republic is declared on January 1, 1804 by General Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Haiti, or Ayiti in Creole, is the name given to the land by the former Taino-Arawak peoples, meaning “mountainous country.”

    and has gone from decidedly bad to decidedly WORSE since that time, none of the republics in the Caribbean are much different socially and ALL ARE CORRUPT…

  29. Coverly type houses are dog kennels, are nothing but baking ovens and they sourced those slabs from Miami back then before the millionaire dude who was backing them croaked..

  30. David ask them if a spec sheet was sent to companies like BRC and structural for a quote seen what they tell you. Actually ask them to publish the spec sheet for review by all interested parties subject to closed tender. Lol

  31. David
    We are unsure that consensus is that evasive.

    We live in an information age but the political and other systems are from another, even repulicanism.

    • @Pacha

      You know this is not the case. Almost all if not all can attract an opposing ire even for the sake of it to satisfy political objections.

  32. @JohnA
    I already asked…is the building temporary, or the occupants? What is temporary (vs transitory) housing.

  33. David
    In our book consensus does not mean the total exclusion of opposing viewpoints. Even the individual may have internal conflicts but makes a decision anyway.

    Even with the BLP government there are opposing forces on major issues.

    • @Pacha

      Have no problem with the grist of your comment although to be fair you have to factor the scale of the material dissent to fairly address the matter raised.

  34. How would goverment benifit from a contractor buying (permaclad) when goverment is the final buyer and any Duty/vat Will be put back into the final Price by the contractor?

    Are the chinese doing the project or only supplying the houses?
    Like the buses and garabage trucks that Were then retrofitted In bim.

  35. while putting on minority choreographed SCAMS of pretending…like the one they attempted in Nigeria with nothing to back it but their criminal selves and condoned by a wicked government..

    none of the republics in the Caribbean are much different socially, are FINANCIALLY UNSTABLE and ALL ARE CORRUPT…….the generational poverty TARGETING majority Black populations is PERMANENT because of it…

    republism is a term to FOOL THE MASSES to keep the same vicous cycle of generational Black poverty FIRMLY in place with added societal trauma…what is squatting in the parliament don’t have the requisite intelligence or inclination to reverse any of that.,,they are too GREEDY and self-absorbed.

  36. David
    Very well. That is an issue on which we rely on your judgement.

    We have no way to measure such. But substantial dissent should alert government to the error of their ways

  37. Music Government

    Q: Has the decision to become a Republic been made already
    A: Yup

    Q: Has the decision to source Chinese Housing already been made
    A: Yup

    Q: Is it worth discussing Government Decisions after the event
    A: Nope

    Q: Is listening to Lee Perry Dub music a Relaxing Mediation / Pure Niceness / Enlightened for the Children of the Light / Children of the Universe / Children of the I / Children of the High
    A: Yup

  38. @ Hants

    If you airfreight houses from China here you will end up with Sandy Lane prices a sq ft for a metal shed. Airfreight is 2.5 times higher now than last year this time and no freight comes here by air direct from China.

  39. @ David

    I hear you on the production volume but if it was given to local businesses the process could start tomorrow and not take 4 months to get here and start.

    I am just totally against anything that can be done here by locals going to the Chinese. Our construction sector is in pain and if it’s a mansion or a dog house our people can build it I am confident.

    The outside of these houses is nothing more than a metal panel siding similar to say a permaclad sheet. The inside then can be whatever we wish. All will require a cement pad so what’s the big deal?

    My question remains were spec sheets sent out for local tender? Not looking to ever be told though. Lol

  40. Scams
    Shams and self interest that is the bottom line
    As I previously stated they are able and we’ll equipped Craftsmen in the Cartibbean
    Why did govt have to look thousands of miles across the ocean to find builders in China

    • @John A

      The minister promised to be on the radio next week Wednesday from 10am to 11am in order to answer all your questions, standby.

  41. Housing will be discussed on Down to Brasstacks next wednesday. An horourable former BU commenter will be answering questions.

  42. “As I previously stated they are able and we’ll equipped Craftsmen in the Cartibbean
    Why did govt have to look thousands of miles across the ocean to find builders in China”

    YOU were moaning about the local market stalls projects delays like a biiiitch!!..

    which is probably what swayed Government to go deya to foreign to source work

  43. “UN Day for People of African Descent
    Africans and people of African ancestry have suffered for centuries from a doctrine of racial superiority, which has caused us to experience slavery and other violent practices, excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies, and structural racism in criminal justice systems around the world. Yet, the doctrine of racial superiority, in particular white supremacy, is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust, and dangerous and must be rejected.”

    We can ignore all the other window talk, but Black majority populations like can be found in Barbados, need to hold anti-Black/African governments like DBLP accountable for promoting these Black crimes against African descended people on the island…they do it deliberately and maliciously…for financial gain and also to hide their own black self-hatred and inferiority complex….and it’s also way past time for the thieving racist minorities to pay for those crimes against the Black population… if the UN is really serious about doing something about this social destruction…the islands are small and it’s much easier to clean up that social decay..

  44. 555dubstreetSeptember 1, 2021 1:51 PM

    “As I previously stated they are able and we’ll equipped Craftsmen in the Cartibbean
    Why did govt have to look thousands of miles across the ocean to find builders in China”

    YOU were moaning about the local market stalls projects delays like a biiiitch!!..

    which is probably what swayed Government to go deya to foreign to source work
    Lol u funny
    Never knew I had that much influence in givt making decisions
    U are real Rh funny

  45. @ David

    I hope Bizzy will be there to call in and ask his questions too. Thing is I have seen some of the emergency housing in the USA, like what say FEMA would use in a disaster and they are really just glorified containers, but they are strong and serve the purpose for short-term housing. All I am saying is I would hate to see this business go overseas especially at a time like this.

  46. John2September 1, 2021 3:55 PM


    Which giverment give the same chinese the Sam Lords Castle contract?
    So what is your point ?

  47. So happy the the vendors are getting much deserved respect not just inwords by govt implementing policies that will ensure that these hard working brothers and sisters of the soul are not treated like tumble weed or roadside trash
    Happy for them
    I reserve my applause for govt until all said by govt is signed and becomes policy as well as accepted by the vendors and their Association

  48. DavidSeptember 1, 2021 5:18 PM

    You should ask yourself why is China an economic power to rival USA

    Why should I ask myself
    Be that as it may if China continues to export substandard crap a day would soon come when the title of being an economic power would come to an end
    Most likely and with all likelihood

  49. DavidSeptember 1, 2021 5:55 PM

    An a significant % of its investment is deposited with US banks.

    Many other international countries also
    Hard to believe that US banks would fail if China fail
    I maintain that the American govt would do whatever necessary to protect the banking industry

  50. Black/African people are moving onward and upward, no one has time for fake leaders and their counterfeit titles, they are an IMPEDIMENT to Black/African survival for which we must now move away to save our future generations.

  51. @ WURA
    Housing minister refuses to clearly explain or answer questions about policy.
    A call show host , who shows bias to the minister’s party, invites him to his show.
    Minister accepts and we wait ………..
    The we usual Duopoly game

  52. “Never knew I had that much influence in givt making decisions”

    you were moaning and moaning nagging repeatedly and folks were saying that you were on form that day

    you may have noticed that they twisted what you were saying as criticism about them into something different to what you intended and wanted

    which is like your spin right back at you

  53. Practicing apartheid can return to bite. Just saw a notice where”

    “Tradewinds@UKTWINDS have terminated ours contracts @SugarBayBB and @BougainvilleaBB due to their implementation of vaccinated guests only. we will not sell any hotel or airline that promotes medical apartheid..#novaccinepassortanywhere”

    all across Europe there is resistance and protests to this…so why does tourism slavery dependent Barbados believe they can get away with it….bye, bye racist, slavery tourism…

    or bring in diseased tourists….and hello Delta..

    damn…look how the mighty have fallen.

  54. https://www.nationnews.com/2021/09/02/uk-tour-company-cuts-ties-hotels/

    Barbados would do anything to curtail Black rights, the practice has been around way too long, they will now learn that whites DO NOT TOLERATE any curtailment to their rights, they traveled that road for hundreds of years a very long time ago…and don’t ever intend to let it happen again…check the protests across Europe that mainstream media is hiding..

    ..Black/African people need to ADOPT THAT STANCE..that their human rights ARE SACRED and NEVER to be leveraged..

    parliament frauds refused to hear for the past 9 tears to diversify the economy, they will now pay for their ignorance….either way…vaccine passport or not, they lose..it’s a toss up between vaccination and Delta….a lose, lose..

  55. @Hants
    If we are not careful, dishonest officials can put some of that $50M in their pocket just by overstating the price of each home by a few thousand dollars.

  56. parliament frauds refused to hear for the past 9 tears to diversify the economy

    will not correct it, simply because it feels like 9 years of tears…

    “dishonest officials can put some of that $50M in their pocket just by overstating the price of each home by a few thousand dollars.”

    those criminal thieves got million and billion dollar mentalities…am sure ya heard they think they are so big up that they offshore as far away as Switzerland…so a few millions here and there is more their style…there is no one to stop them, from the top to the bottom will take what they see as their share…that’s why billions are always missing and cannot be accounted for, even when it is well known WHO THE THIEVES ARE…like with the 1 BILLION IN VAT social partnership crooks stole and Mia wrote off instead of having them arrested and prosecuted…nothing happens,,,,

    as locals will tell ya…nutten int gine come outta dah…that’s the mantra for every crime committed against the Black populace, because they are cognizant enough to understand that those whom they elect rob them religiously in conjunction with monirity thieves and act like they don’t exist..

  57. Something is happening.

    “Kamante Millar, the former chief financial officer of the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd (ICBL), is in the island and the defence wanted her summoned as a witness in Alex Tasker extradition matter.

    However, Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes turned down the request, saying to allow it would turn the extradition hearing into something akin to a preliminary inquiry.

    The development came yesterday after Chief Magistrate Weekes ruled against submissions made by Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim, paving the way for Tasker to give a statement in the extradition matter.

    However, before any options could be put to the former ICBL senior vice president, his attorney Pilgrim informed the court that Millar was in Barbados and he wanted the Crown to summon her since “she was germane to this”. (HLE).”

  58. Govt to make $2m payout for ash clean-up work
    Government is to pay $2 million to public workers who helped clean up the volcanic ash from April’s eruption of the La Soufriere volcano.
    Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw moved a supplemental appropriation in the House of Assembly on Tuesday evening.
    She said the funds would be divided between six ministries – $281,000 goes towards the Ministry of Tourism; $520,000 to the Ministry of the Environment; $180,000 to the Ministry of Education; $860,000 to the Ministry of Youth Affairs; $222,000 to the Ministry of Housing, and $400,000 to the Ministry of Health.
    She said: “The volcano dumped between one and three centimetres of ash all across Barbados, which resulted in the disruption of all the school plants, both on the exterior and interior of the buildings. However, this sum is a “drop in the bucket”.
    Bradshaw commended the national clean-up effort, saying: “This was totally unexpected, and we made provisions through the various ministries to do clean ups in communities across the island.
    “We are also grateful to the private sector interests who came forward and helped with the process, because were it not for them, we would not have got the airport and the Bridgetown Port back up in the time we did without their assistance.”
    Minister of Transport Ian Gooding- Edghill said part of his ministry’s $39 million budget would cover the payment of workers in the Drainage Division, who were also called in to assist with the clean up after the volcanic eruption.
    He said: “This payment will cover the workers involved in the clean-up campaign for the period August 1 to December 31 this year, and I must commend these workers because their efforts contributed in no small measure to flood mitigation. The payment will also include their National Insurance contributions.”
    Gooding-Edghill then revealed that a group of Transport Board workers who were not included in a pension payment scheme under the previous Democratic Labour Party administration will now receive their compensation.
    “Under the previous Government, promises were made to pay these workers, but after the current administration came to office in May 2018, we met with the workers at Solidarity House and discussed this matter, and following our initial discussion, the Transport Board also met with the Barbados Workers Union, and coming out of these discussions, we are now seeking the approval of some $3 million to be paid to the workers, effective from May 24, 2018,” the transport minister told the House.
    Some 43 workers will benefit from this payout, which previously was limited only to senior members of staff, he added.
    Gooding-Edghill said: “This will remove some of the inequity we saw in the former arrangement. Under the Casual Workers Act, these workers could not receive a gratuity payment unless it received the minister’s approval, but in 2015 the then minister had only agreed to certain workers being allowed to get the gratuity.
    “However, we decided to honour the workers overall, not just a select class of workers, and this is a significant change.
    The union has also asked for them to receive the payment in cash and not bonds.” (DH)

  59. So when will the workers get the money, am sure the ash fall happened MONTHS AGO, how have these people been surviving after all that hard work, promises don’t feed anyone or pay bills…hope we are not still hearing about this PROMISE TO PAY 10 YEARS FROM NOW…

    it’s time to pay these uppity ministers salaries in bonds…

  60. i keep reading about this Mu variant that’s still under investigation…..one more Covid variant to worry about..

  61. The problem with the British System is the Queen / Crown is born with a silver spoon in her mouth with vast wealth properties and assets from an infamous Empire that robbed the world by hook and crook and introduced segregation and racism. Harry smoked the Holy Herb which liberated his mind he realised he preferred Chocolate to Vanilla and married a Black Princess who was stunned when she was shunned by the firm’s establishment and Harry learned to overstand about white privilege and left Britain for America.
    Historically Royalty had ultimate rule of power but has been changed to Government rule although Monarchy is still a figurehead of the constitution and rubber stamps changes in Laws and is advised by PM in Queen’s counsel and also has the Lord Chancellor aka Queen’s Conscience placed within the system.

    The problem with the American system, that rejected the Crown and made efforts to be for the people, is they gave the President ultimate power which can be abused like Trump did and also adopted white supremacy manifest destiny doctrines or white racists.

    Barbados President should be a representative of the People / the People’s Conscience.

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