Senator Caswell Franklyn Speaks – The Needs of the Many …

In December 1995 a doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital gave me a dire prognosis for my mother, he said: take her home and make her comfortable for the last, since there is nothing more we could do. I could therefore empathise with Elizabeth Thompson, upon receiving bad news about her mother.

At such a time any loving daughter would want to be close to her mother. No one could fault Liz, she loves her mother and felt a need to be with her, which is commendable. But these are not normal times and I have great difficulty understanding why the Government would set aside the carefully thought out procedure to allow Liz the opportunity to import another case of corona virus, on the pretext that she needed to see her ailing mother.

I am not heartless, I really understand her need but as Spock of Star Trek fame would say:

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”, or in this case the needs of the one.

The Government is here to protect all of the people of this country and it should never have compromised that solemn duty for one of its friends. Her needs should not have taken precedence over the needs of every man, woman and child in this country.

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  1. why would a covid positive person risk visiting an elderly sick individual. As for the systems in place we know they apply only to some and not all. After all we got a cement bond on the highway still standing after the TCP issued a stop notice when it started being built, so we known the laws don’t apply to all.

  2. Are you also having difficulty understanding why government would allow the bajan nationals the opportunity to import four cases of the corona virus ( the last four cases)?

  3. @ John A June 14, 2020 7:39 AM
    “After all we got a cement bond on the highway still standing after the TCP issued a stop notice when it started being built, so we known the laws don’t apply to all.”
    Excellent observation based on the Truth.

    The same bond which the current administration severely criticized when in opposition.

    Absolutely no difference in the quality of hypocrisy between the previous and current administration when it comes to transparency and accountability.

    Not even an invisible crack to let in the slightest light of difference.

    As William Skinner always say: The Duopoly at play on the draughts board perfecting the art of the zero-sum game.

  4. Wunna could paint it how you want whenever done it is one set of rules for some and another for a few. It’s is no different to how the trinis let some politician from Venezuela land but turn back their own.

    Bunch of dam hypocrites

  5. We recently had a TV debate in the UK in 2020 which descendants of the Lascelles family admitted benefiting from slavery and promised to donate money to the UWI.
    The Lascelles owned the Belle, Neils and I think Mount. They are related to the Royal family.

  6. It is unfortunate that some people would put a political slant to this issue even though i appreciate that Ms Thompson is a Govt appointed Ambassador to the UN. and was a party MP. In regarding this issue one must ask these questions.

    1)Has the Govt of Bdos taken control of the Covid-19 spread in Barbados?
    2)Is the policy of still have the borders “open” an acceptable policy at this time?
    If one can answer no to any of the above then i can understand the argument of not letting Ms Thompson back home

    In my opinion there is or never was a COVID-19 “crisis” (in terms of its spread) in Barbados and i hope that there will never be. If the Gov’t of Bdos accepts that is no “crisis” here then it would have guided their decision. Now if permission was given to see a “dying” mother then it would be sort of pointless to first keep Ms Thompson in a 14 day quarantine in the event that her mother would have die during those 14 days. Ms Thompson was placed in isolation after the visit. Also, for the sake of sounding heartless, if the mother was “dying” then the risk for her to catch COVID-19 would be a “non-issue”. If anything, it would have been hypocritical if they allowed Ms Thompson and nobody else outside the BLP.
    It is my understanding that Sars-Cov2 is not an overly fatal virus in itself but highly contagious.Hence the main problem would be to control its spread. It is a crisis in those countries that did not initially or up to now haven’t properly clamped down on its spread eg. USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain. In China, the worlds most populous country and the origin of the virus, they took extreme measures BUT are now not even in the Top 15 countries with coronavirus cases. Also according to the experts a vaccine was AT BEST a year away from creation so in my opinion it would be impractical to to close down a country until a vaccine was found. As it is COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon countries just need to mitigate the effects of the disease with proper management.

  7. @Hal

    “We recently had a TV debate in the UK in 2020 which descendants of the Lascelles family admitted benefiting from slavery and promised to donate money to the UWI.
    The Lascelles owned the Belle, Neils and I think Mount. They are related to the Royal family”

    i wonder whether they did have to admit they benefited for it to be accepted as true? do you think the donation is a reasonable gesture?

  8. i really dont see the problem with the Govt allowing Liz to see her ailing mother under such circumstances once proper procedures are in place. i just hope the Govt extends such goodwill to others

  9. Was Liz one of the last two that came out of isolation?

    If yes

    The timing of this article is POLITICALLY heartless.

    May she get to spend many more days with her ailing mom if she is still alive.

  10. The outspoken senator is exploiting an old issue. He’s creating the false impression that our government has failed to combat the virus. In fact, the opposite is true. Mia Mottley has won the final victory.

    The outspoken senator should rather donate his luxurious allowance (more than 1400 BBD per month) for his senatorial post to the poor, widows and orphans, because there are enough of those in the land of Barbados now. We’ve got about 40% unemployment, and soon we’ll have 50%. The blame for this lies with the trade unions and other members of the opposition who, for decades, prevented the transformation of the economy.

    I therefore wish our government the best of luck in making our beloved tourists to return soon. After all, without the tourists our gross national product is at most 5000 USD per person. That is lower than in many parts of Africa. But as the recent riots at the Nelson Monument have shown, the opposition even wants to tell the tourists to go to hell. This is a very dangerous development which our government should fight with an iron fist.

  11. @ Greene

    No. I think the timing is right that they come out, but it is historical fact. As to the donation, I do not think UWI should get any reparations money. I think Sir Hilary has barged in on the reparations debate.
    I think an investment fund should be set up and the money go in to that to fund investment throughout the Caribbean, English-speaking and non-English speaking.

  12. ” i just hope the Govt extends such goodwill to others”.

    A well delivered ball.

    Could it be possible that whilst Barbados was heavily engaged in the fight against COVID, there was a Bajan outside of Barbados who wanted to visit his/her sick and elderly parents and was unable (not allowed) to do so?

    We were told that Liz paid for the private flight this money out of her own money. If she did pay, will she be reimbursed? It disturbed me that a person could hop on a private plane from COVID central and end up in Barbados.

  13. Bajans home from US, head to quarantine

    Article by
    Anesta Henry
    Published on
    June 10, 2020
    After being stranded in the United States for weeks, 110 Barbadians returned to the island on a repatriation flight today.

    Immediately on disembarkation at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA), the passengers were assessed by health officials and swabbed for COVID-19.
    According to Minister of Health and Wellness Lt Col. Jeffrey Bostic, the testing site at the airport eliminated the long waiting period for passengers arriving from the United Kingdom last Wednesday. Several passengers had complained then that the wait at the airport was too long before they were transported to the Paragon quarantine facility to be tested.
    The minister, who met with today’s arriving passengers assured that his ministry took swift action to address the issues which arose last week by establishing the airport testing centre.
    “People complained about the delay last week and we agreed. This is a dry run for us, and so we met earlier this week with the authorities at the airport to be able to see how best we could facilitate such an operation, which is to get these persons from here into a quarantine facility,” he said.
    Once swabbed, the arriving passengers were transported to Government’s quarantine centres at Paragon and the St Lucy District Hospital, or to hotels for which they must pay accommodation.

    The arriving passengers are to remain in quarantine for the next 14 days.

    But the minister said there were 13 people on today’s flight who were granted permission to quarantine at home on a case-by-case basis, particularly those who had medical issues and mothers with young children.

    Lt Col Bostic insisted that in all cases, the Ministry of Health examined the homes to make sure that they met the requirements for quarantine. Those in quarantine at home will be monitored for any symptoms of the viral illness. They must also follow the protocols laid out by the ministry.
    Minister Lt Col Bostic revealed that more Barbadians are likely to return home next week.
    “I am aware for sure that next week there is a flight that should be bringing into Barbados University of the West Indies students who are stranded at campuses,” Lt Col Bostic said.
    He also indicated that while Barbados will at some point reopen its airport to commercial flights again, there will come a time when quarantine facilities would not be able to handle large numbers of arrivals.

    He said authorities were therefore looking at home quarantine as an option but added that technology would be used to ensure that people stayed at home.
    He told reporters: “I am saying that the time is approaching when all of us will have to learn to live with this virus being around until there is a vaccine or some therapeutic treatment for COVID-19.
    “So the Ministry of Health and Wellness role at this time is to try to think ahead and to come up with those protocols, understanding the risks that have to be taken and to be able to manage those risks and to determine then at what point that we consider that our facilities or our efforts could become inadequate in terms of being able to deal with COVID-19.
    “But right now, we are sticking with the mandatory quarantine in approved facilities until such time as we have everything in place to be able to deal with home quarantine.”
    Read our ePaper. Fast. Factual. Free.

  14. No problem with quarantine just ensure every person under such quarantine wears a tracker if they test positive. We don’t want another cover positive person going into republic bank and shutting it down. Also impose a heavy fine for anyone being outside of the private quarantine residents.

    Wunna could call the USA and beg Donville give you the brand of tracker he wearing. Lol

  15. You cannot equate those 13 to Liz. “Super special” Liz landed a month ago and exited quarantine already.
    Liz won the lotto, those 113 had a few of the winning numbers.

  16. The good Senator has been reasonably astute at picking his battles. “Unless” it is discovered the ambassador did NOT pay for her transportation, this one will go nowhere. We all know the application of rules, even laws, vary. All he need do is read any of the Auditor General’s Reports to discover this.

  17. Just remember in the last week in the USA new cases jumped from 16000 a day to 25000 a day yesterday. That is the reality of opening a country. So yes each infected person must be quarantined securely. That must apply to both the bigup and the commoner.

  18. I wonder if Barbados Today and/or the Nation could find out and publish the following information (perhaps on a weekly basis);

    The total number of persons who can be quarantined in Covid-19 facilities at Paragon
    The total number of persons who can be quarantined in Covid-19 facilities at the St Lucy district hospital
    The total number of persons who can be quarantined / treated in Covid-19 facilities at the Enmore Facility
    The total number of persons who can be quarantined at the Hotels approved by the MoH for such use

    How many beds are available from week to week for the above facilities?

    What is the standard of homes to be approved for self quarantine in terms of separate bedrooms, frequency of testing, precise checking of visitors or requirements to limit or prohibit visits?
    What technology is being used to ensure that self quarantines are not broken, ankle bracelets?

    How many bajans are likely to be repatriated over the next few weeks?
    Where are they coming from?

  19. Also the authorities need to take action against the latest trend I am seeing in mask wearing.

    The thing now seems to be for one to have the nose outside the mask and only the mouth covered. Do They not know you can catch the virus via the nostrils?

    Government need to make mask wearing mandatory, with a on the spot fine BEFORE we open our borders like other countries have.

  20. @lyall Questions to ask at the next press conference the Ministry of Health holds….i think some of those questions were answered already though..i have to check.

    @Tron You killing me with this “luxurious sum” of BDS $1400\month. There are some public servants that are being paid even more to do nothing. Some just “cocking up dey foot” and playing solitaire on their phones when de days come. I guess they are arguing that it takes exceptional skill to do nothing.

  21. @ Disgusting Lies and Propaganda TV June 14, 2020 9:15 AM

    I completely agree with you. The rebellious opposition and yesterday’s Nelson riots cast a bad light on our country, not the government under the wise leadership of Mia Mottley.

    Jamaica and other islands have already opened for tourists and are boosting the economy. And what is our opposition doing? They are starting a hate campaign against tourists and other people who fly.

    It’s unbelievable how unpatriotic the opposition is.

  22. Disgusting Lies and Propaganda TV June 14, 2020 12:21 PM

    Thank you, for your kind remark.

    I know many people in Barbados, from the very poor to the multimillionaires. My view is therefore oriented towards the people. For our many unemployed, $1400 a month is a lot of money. That’s what I’m trying to say. The opposition should fight unemployment instead of sinking into ideological debates and sham debates.

  23. @ John A June 14, 2020 12:04 PM

    Jf one is alone or separated from others when walking, there is no harm in having the mask pulled down. Some people who are not frequenting shops don’t even wear them.

  24. @ Robert

    The problem is I have seen people wearing them like that in 2 supermarkets as well as a wholesale outlet. They come in with it on properly and once they get out of the sight of the guard pull it down below their noses.

  25. David BU why is this non issue being raised again? I thought Ms Thompson had explained this situation thoroughly, including that she paid her own way here.If any of our mothers were critically ill i think most of us would jump on the first plane, train, bus whatever to be at her bedside. Therefore what is the big deal? Let me again praise the leadership of the government guided by the health professionals like Dr Best, Dr Forde, all the nurses including the cuban ones, the czar, the port workers, bus and psv drivers, the farmers etc for the great job they did and continue to do for keeping us safe and functioning.Great work and thank you from most bajans.

  26. Caswell this is for you to look into because i know those frauds fir lawyers in the parliament and bar association would hide this information from u AND THE PUBLIC WHO PAY THEM. They stay being scummy lowlifes.

    Know your human rights under international law when your governments are corrupt, sell you out, oppress, brutalize and rob you generationally. You have recourse…but they will never tell u that.

  27. @Hal Austin June 14, 2020 9:01 AM “The Lascelles owned the Belle, Neils and I think Mount. They are related to the Royal family.”

    They owned Lascelles, St. James also.

  28. Typical Caswell. Raising dead non issues in he desperate attempt to stay relevant in a country dat cuh see tru he. De man raise one issue dat was correct and since gine get rectified. But since den he gone back to de old foolishness o flogging dead horses. He should be shame. Evahbody was upset when Duke from de KKK said he support Trump. Well lemme jus say dat half crack jackasses like piece and theo support he. Caswell, do we a favor and shut to RH up, ya noise pollutant!

  29. Edward Lascelles, 1st Earl of Harewood (7 January 1740 – 3 April 1820) was a British millionaire landowner, art collector, peer and, before which, Member of Parliament.

    He was the son of Edward Lascelles, a senior customs official in Barbados. On the death of his cousin, the childless Edwin Lascelles, 1st Baron Harewood, Edward inherited THE FAMILY FORTUNE MADE IN THE WEST INDIES THROUGH CUSTOMS POSITIONS AND THE SLAVE TRADE.. He vested much of his British wealth in fine art. In 1799 he (or his immediate family benefit trust) was estimated the third-wealthiest small family unit in Britain, owning £2.9M (equivalent to £287,000,000 in 2019).

    He sat as Whig Member of Parliament for Northallerton from 1761 to 1774 and from 1790 to 1796. The latter year he was raised to the peerage as Baron Harewood, of Harewood in the County of York. In 1812 he was further honoured when he was made Viscount Lascelles and Earl of Harewood, in the County of York.

    Edward Lascelles married Anne Chaloner (c. 1742 – 22 February 1805) on 12 May 1761. They had four children.

    Source: Wikipedia

    I’ve heard stories about Customs hanky panky. If such hanky panky does exist it may have started well before 1800, since it is impossible to honestly earn the modern equivalent of £287,000,000 [two hundred and eighty seven million pounds] {$718,136,982 BDS] in 2019 from being a senior customs official in a small island. So likely massive, massive tiefing, and human trafficking, but very likely both.

  30. “Henry George Charles Lascelles, 6th Earl of Harewood, KG, GCVO, DSO, TD, JP, DL (9 September 1882 – 24 May 1947)Lascelles was the son of Henry Lascelles, 5th Earl of Harewood, and Lady Florence Bridgeman, daughter of Orlando Bridgeman, 3rd Earl of Bradford. He was born at the London home of his maternal grandfather, 43 Belgrave Square. Lord Harewood married Princess Mary, only daughter of King George V of the United Kingdom and Queen Mary, at Westminster Abbey, on 28 February 1922.”

    Source: Wikipedia

    Money opens doors, and opens other things too. If you have massive, massive wealth, what else to do, but to have carnal knowledge of your King’s daughter. A Massive step up for the descendant of a Barbados based custom’s officer and slave trader.

  31. George Henry Hubert Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood, KBE, AM (7 February 1923 – 11 July 2011) Was ranked number 1355 in the Sunday Times Rich List 2008 with an estimated wealth of £55 million—his magnificent art treasures, held in trust and valued at more than £50 million, and a 3,000 acres (12 km2) estate outside Leeds. The estate and house, Harewood House, are held by a charity with £9 million of assets, and were not counted as part of his wealth.

    His children:
    David, 8th Earl of Harewood, born 21 October 1950. He married Margaret Messenger on 12 February 1979; they were divorced in 1989. They have four children and six grandchildren. He married Diane Howse on 11 March 1990.

    The Honourable James Lascelles, born 5 October 1953. He married Fredericka Duhrrson on 4 April 1973; they were divorced in 1985. They have two children and one granddaughter. He married secondly Lori Lee on 4 May 1985; they were divorced in 1996. They have two children and one grandson. He married thirdly Joy Elias-Rilwan on 30 January 1999.

    The Honourable Jeremy Lascelles, born 14 February 1955. He married Julie Bayliss on 4 July 1981; they were divorced. They have three children and one grandson. He married Catherine Bell on 7 January 1999. They have a daughter.

  32. Alexander Edgar Lascelles, Viscount Lascelles (born 13 May 1980 in Bath). He is a chef and heir-apparent to the earldom. He has a son, Leo Cyrus Anthony Lascelles (born 22 March 2008), by his ex-girlfriend Laleh Yeganegy (born 1980). Married Annika Reed (born September 1984) on 18 August 2017 at Kew Gardens, London. Their daughter Ivy was born in October 2018.

  33. @Disgusting Lies and Propaganda TV June 14, 2020 9:15 AM “It is my understanding that Sars-Cov2 is not an overly fatal virus in itself but highly contagious.”

    The families of the 432.173 human beings who died and of the 7873,221 who became sick of COVID19 may have a different opinion on whether COVID19 is overtly or covertly? fatal.

    But the truth is, it has already killed nearly 1/2 a million people, including 7 Bajans, and before the year is done it will almost certainly have killed at least half a million more, very likely some more Bajans as well.

    That seems pretty fatal to me.

    And has cost almost incalculable economic loss

    Pretty grim.

  34. @Greene June 14, 2020 9:53 AM “i really dont see the problem with the Govt allowing Liz to see her ailing mother under such circumstances once proper procedures are in place. i just hope the Govt extends such goodwill to others”

    Since then a planeload of Bajans have arrived from the United Kingdom. None have so far tested positive for COVID. They may all be released from their 14 quarantine this week. However I believe that 4 of the 109 people arriving from the USA have tested positive. I think that I’ve heard that some Bajans are expected to arrive from Canada this week or next. All will be tested and quarantined.

  35. @ John2 June 14, 2020 7:39 PM “You mean 7 in Barbados. A lot more Bajans died overseas.”

    Yes of course. Thanks for the correction.

    Just today I heard from a young relative in the USA who has recently tested positive.

    it seems that there is widespread community spread in the USA.

  36. @Tron June 14, 2020 10:54 AM “The outspoken senator is exploiting an old issue. He’s creating the false impression that our government has failed to combat the virus. In fact, the opposite is true. Mia Mottley has won the final victory.”

    You twit.

    NOBODY has yet won the final victory over COVID19.

  37. @TheOgazerts June 14, 2020 11:08 AM “We were told that Liz paid for the private flight this money out of her own money. If she did pay, will she be reimbursed? It disturbed me that a person could hop on a private plane from COVID central and end up in Barbados.”

    Reimbursed for what?

    You know how many overseas Bajans come home to visit their sick or dying parents?

    A lot.

    Nobody reimburses them.

  38. @John A June 14, 2020 11:39 AM “Just remember in the last week in the USA new cases jumped from 16000 a day to 25000 a day yesterday.”

    The result of people visiting their sweet mummies on Mother’s Day.

    The number won’t be so great 14 days after Father’s Day.

  39. On second thoughts since had been sent away to do government business, government should give a partial reimbursement, whatever it would normally have cost to come home.

  40. Greetings David and all the BU old and new family. I was trying to keep my fingers off my keyboard, but alas! I have to put in my 2-cents worth regarding Liz and the unfortunate rhetoric by Caswell and the familiar others. Are we trying to behave like Trinidad who rejected Trinidadians from returning home? Protocol was in placed, she was tested and was placed in quarantine way down in St. Lucy. She didn’t abused her diplomatic powers and self quarantine at home, nor did she had the pleasure like the NAB staff and family and live it up at a Hotel.
    Returning home by a Private Jet was not Taxpayers money, nor was it Diplomatic money, nor was it BLP, DLP PdP and finally, it was not Trump stimulus money. My mother died over nine years and if she was still alive and was ready to meet her master, i would be like Jonah and come back home on a whale or would have hop on a moses just to be by my mother’s side. Come on people, everyday these newbies soap opera politicians can’t do without a camera and a microphone in front of them. Finally, Barbados can boast of having over 6,000 tests done….can we say the other Caribbean Islands were transparent in letting the world know the amount of tests done in the various islands?

  41. What about “Are we there Yet”? He exited the blog after an argument with another blogger (can’t remember who) his is another voice that is missing from the conversation.

  42. Thanks David

    Generally, I can spot when someone changes their nom de plume, if he is around and I haven’t picked it up, it must be a sign of old age 😊.

  43. @ Hee Haw, de 2nd of de rented Jackasses who we gine beat because you is a Rented Jackass

    Why you doan lef de ole man alone?

    Ent I not been promoted enough by Tron ye olde Sexton and Jester?

    Ent you notice dat unless I get called by de name of Piece de Prophet I does don’t respond?

    Stick to de topic you devoted Poochliccker


  44. My friend, I thought of you today.
    Hope all is well.
    I think you have a new fan.
    It seems as if I am still a jackass but am now a Caswell supporter.

  45. Went out to mow the grass this evening. I was so tired afterwards that I think I will have to get a lawn service.
    I was planning to tickle GP but was too tired to do so.
    Was going to tell PLT to ignore Hal. As soon as someone shows signs of intelligence, Hal tries to show he (Hal) is still the smartest man in the room.

  46. RE I was planning to tickle GP but was too tired to do so.

  47. Dr. GP my fellow myope and apostate and Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    I see that you gents are still enjoying wunna selves here among the smart and the incredulously Stoopid.

    It gives a few moments of mirth to watch them come and talk about things that they know nothing of.

    Comedy Central indeed.

    You see Tron de Jester? He outgoing heself nowadays heheheheh

    Any way de ole man been busy but I does still come and peep now and then


  48. That’s all the crooks of parliament are good for, TIEFING taxpayer’s money under the GUISE of hiring consultants… real government needs all of those consultant…as former IMF head said…..(poor ass, my words) countries (like Barbados, my words) do not need any consultants AT ALL….not if they have intelligent leaders who know what they are doing from the jump…(my words)

    “Trim the Cabinet, get rid of the consultants and save some salaries.”

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