A Cautionary Tale: Understanding the Second and Perhaps the Third Wave

Submitted by Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green

We have all heard of the saying “history always repeats itself.” Well the COVID 19 virus is a pandemic, just like the Spanish Flu of 1918 was a pandemic.

sick bedsLike today, in Britain, temporary hospitals were equipped; every bed in the picture has someone in it. Many in the country wore face masks, and social distancing was observed. But like today there were the unbelievers, who thought it was all a hoax, and they would never get ill, least of all die. But they could, and they did, they died by the millions.

The Spanish Flu lasted about 36months, and during that time, 500 million fell ill in the world, and between 50 to 100 million died. All those who were going to die, all those who could die, died. There were no more whom it could kill. Fit people had probably developed herd immunity, over a 3 to 5 year period. There was one significant difference between this and the Corona Virus, it killed the elderly and weak first, but it also killed people of all other ages. Some stragglers were ill for several years after that. But the susceptible had died, the old, the sick, the infirm, they all died. The fit eventually stopped being ill from it and it ultimately fizzled out. Like today there were no known potions, medicines, or vaccines.

At the time, Churches were locked down, all places where people gathered were closed, assembly was banned, and stay at home periods observed, even curfews enforced.

When the Spanish Flu first appeared in the U.S. in early March 1918, it had all the hallmarks of the seasonal Flu, albeit a highly contagious and virulent strain. One of the first registered cases was Albert Gitchell, a U.S. Army cook at Camp Funston in Kansas, who was hospitalized with a 104-degree fever. The virus spread quickly through the Army installation, home to 54,000 troops. By the end of the month, 1,100 soldiers had been hospitalized, and 38 [3%] had died after developing pneumonia.

As U.S. troops deployed en masse for the war effort in Europe [WW1], they carried the Spanish Flu with them. Throughout April and May of 1918, the virus spread like wildfire through England, France, Spain and Italy. An estimated three-quarters of the French military was infected in the spring of 1918 and as many as half of British troops. Yet the first wave of the virus didn’t appear to be particularly deadly, with symptoms like high fever and malaise usually lasting only three days. According to limited public health data from the time, mortality rates were similar to seasonal Flu.

The death rate was about 3%, the same as today’s COVID 19. People in those days died a lot easier, and they considered 3% pretty acceptable and in-line with most other infectious disease mortality rates.

Reported cases of Spanish Flu dropped off over the summer of 1918, and there was hope at the beginning of August that the virus had run its course. People were fed up with being locked down and could not wait to get out, down to the pub, down to the chip shop. So by mid-summer, thinking it was all but over the people flocked everywhere, like never before.

What they did not know was viruses tend to come in waves, there was a second wave of infection following closely on the heels of the first infection. About 3.5 million people had been killed worldwide with the first strike by the virus, but it was only the calm before the storm. Somewhere in Europe, a mutated strain of the Spanish flu virus had emerged that had the power to kill a perfectly healthy young man or woman within 24 hours of showing the first signs of infection.

In late August 1918, military ships departed the English port city of Plymouth carrying troops unknowingly infected with this new, far deadlier strain of Spanish Flu. As these ships arrived in towns and cities like Brest in France, Boston in the United States, and Freetown in West Africa, the second wave of the global pandemic began. This second wave went on to kill 10-20% of those inflicted, and now a further 45 to 100 million were to die, and die they did.

From September through November of 1918, the death rate from the Spanish Flu skyrocketed. In the United States alone, 195,000 Americans died from the Spanish Flu in just a month of October 1918. The first wave of the virus had killed all the worlds’ old folk and those with pre-existing illnesses. This newly mutated strain killed anyone, any age, it was unstoppable. Then it got even worse, if that was possible, a massive spike in the middle of the second wave composed of otherwise healthy 25- to 35-year-olds in the prime of their life. They died like flies; no family was spared.

Not only was it shocking that healthy young men and women were dying by the millions worldwide, but it was also how they were dying. Struck with blistering fevers, nasal haemorrhaging, and pneumonia, the patients would drown in their fluid-filled lungs.

If that sounds familiar, it should. Because those dying with COVID 19 also drown on the fluid in their lungs produced by pneumonia.

What we should all fear is when they blow the whistle and call the all-clear, tell us it’s OK to go out again, that a second wave will come and catch us all unawares. Because there is a great probability of that happening, virus pandemics tend to behave like that.

For those of you that have failed to grasp why you have all been asked to use social distancing, to wear face masks, voluntary and forced self and family isolation. It’s not because they are trying to stop the illness and stop the prevailing deaths, because that is impossible.

It’s much more straightforward than that. If we all go out and about and we all get ill at the same time, they would never be able to control the rate of which we fall sick and the rate that some of us die. We will all be ill at the same time. They have to slow it down so as hospitals, funeral parlors, and undertakers can cope. If we all get sick at once, the whole system will collapse, and we will all end up dying in our beds, in the street, park benches, everywhere.

As for all the silly people who think if they go out and get the virus will then get better and will, from then on, have immunity from the disease for the future. Well, I am sorry to inform you it does not quite work like that.

Some of you will get well again, some will fully recover, but those that rapidly die will not ever get the immunity because they will be dead.

For me, when they blow the whistle and call the all clear, I am staying under lockdown. I will watch what happens first for a few weeks. Those of you that cannot wait to get out and risk becoming ill and dying, farewell, have an awesome trip.

For anyone over 60, pray that they will produce an effective vaccine by the years’ end as promised. Or they find an existing chemical antiviral drug that works on COVID 19. If they do not, it may be lockdown for some time to come.

For those of you who think I have overstated the case, take a look at this article.


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  1. RE Donna May 10, 2020 11:15 AM “that vile racist moron who would put both of you back into slavery in a flash.”




    In 2018, President Trump signed a clemency plea for a black American grandmother who had served 20 years of a life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense. Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian brought Alice Marie Johnson’s plight to the attention of President Trump, who ordered her set free. “I felt like I was losing hope. Thank you, President Trump. I love you and I am going to make you proud that you gave me this second chance in life.” Not everyone was thrilled that Trump had set Johnson free. Democrat HBO host Bill Maher said he fears that “grateful black folks” like Alice Johnson will cause Trump to rise in the polls.


    Citing racial injustice, President Trump posthumously pardoned black boxing legend Jack Johnson. In 1913, the first black heavyweight champion was convicted by an all-white jury for taking his white girlfriend across state lines for “immoral purposes.” The conviction and imprisonment destroyed Johnson’s boxing career. With Sylvester Stallone and former heavyweight champion Lenox Lewis at his side, President Trump signed the pardon in an Oval Office ceremony. Previous presidents, including George W. Bush and Barack Obama, rejected bipartisan requests to grant clemency to Johnson. See 47-sec. video here.


    IN 2018, PRESIDENT TRUMP SIGNED A BILL ELEVATING THE BIRTHPLACE OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. TO FULL NATIONAL PARK STATUS. With the slain civil rights leader’s niece, Alveda King, looking on, Trump signed the bill aboard Air Force One. The legislation gives the landmark attraction additional resources, including park rangers and funding for community improvements. Previously turned down by presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the long championed bill was sponsored by civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.).

    PRESIDENT TRUMP IS CONSIDERING PARDONING MUHAMMAD ALI. The former heavyweight boxing sensation was sentenced in 1970 to five years in prison after he was convicted of draft evasion. As a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War, Ali refused to serve in the military. The prison sentence was overturned in 1971 in a unanimous Supreme Court decision that found that the Department of Justice had improperly told the draft board that Ali’s stance wasn’t motivated by his religious beliefs.

    A MONTH AFTER TAKING OFFICE, PRESIDENT TRUMP SIGNED AN EXECUTIVE ORDER THAT HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES WILL BE A PRIORITY IN HIS ADMINISTRATION. As one of more than 100 black educators in attendance, Leonard Haynes, former executive director of the 40-year-old White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, said, “Oh man. I’ve been around for a long time and I’ve never seen as many black folks in the Oval Office.” See photo here.


    IN JANUARY 2018, PRESIDENT TRUMP EXTENDED AN OLIVE BRANCH TO THE NFL KNEELERS by asking them to send him the names of black Americans they feel were unfairly treated by the criminal justice system, promising to have his administration review such cases and take remedial action if warranted.

    In May 2018, black NYPD detective Miosotis Familia, mother of two, was gunned down by a cop-hater. At a memorial service in the nation’s capital, President Trump hugged, kissed, and held hands with Familia’s 90-year-old mother. Would a racist ever do such a thing? Click here to see heartbreaking pictures of Familia’s grieving mother embracing President Trump.



  2. PS. A very stable genius does not change his opinions EVERY BLASTED DAY! He has been ALL OVER THE PLACE.


    RE As a president, a very stable genius would not think out loud. He would gather his thoughts BEFORE HE STEPS UP TO A PODIUM. It is okay to say what one does not know yet. It is natural to explore possibilities when thinking. BUT AS A LEADER ONE CANNOT FLAIL ABOUT WILDLY!


    RE Now you may again place yourself under my microscope. I will study each of you like a virus.

  3. RE You come across as a man surprised that he has a brain. In my family that was taken for granted.









    President Trump is reportedly “turbocharging” efforts to remove China from the global supply chain while creating a new alliance.

    According to The Daily Wire:
    President Donald Trump is reportedly spearheading a new initiative to remove global supply chains from China in response to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) disastrous response to the coronavirus pandemic that originated in their country.

    “Economic destruction and the U.S. coronavirus death toll are driving a government-wide push to move U.S. production and supply chain dependency away from China, even if it goes to other more friendly nations instead, current and former senior U.S. administration officials said,” according to Reuters. “The U.S. Commerce Department, State and other agencies are looking for ways to push companies to move both sourcing and manufacturing out of China. Tax incentives and potential re-shoring subsidies are among measures being considered to spur changes, the current and former officials told Reuters.”

    Keith Krach, undersecretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment at the State Department, told Reuters that the U.S. has been working on reducing the reliance of U.S. supply chains on China but that in light of recent events the administration is “now turbo-charging that initiative.”

    “This moment is a perfect storm; the pandemic has crystallized all the worries that people have had about doing business with China,” a top U.S. official told Reuters. “All the money that people think they made by making deals with China before, now they’ve been eclipsed many fold by the economic damage [from the pandemic].”

    President Trump is also working to create the “economic prosperity network” which will be comprised of trusted partners.

    This news follows agreement among intel communities that China purposely waited to tell the world the disease was transmissible person to person.

  5. How bad can COVID-19 become? The town of Chelsea, Massachusetts has a population of 40,000 [forty thousand people] and has had 1965 confirmed cases, and 100 deaths. That is the equivalent of if Barbados has 13,411 cases, and 682 deaths. If we get to that number tall of us on this blog WILL lose a friend, relative, colleague or neighbor to COVID-19. And Massachusetts is NOT a shithole country. Chelsea, Massachusetts, is 6 or 7 miles away from Harvard University, perhaps the most the most elite of elite universities in the world.

    “As the number of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts surged to over 60,000, state data released Wednesday showed the contagious coronavirus is infecting some cities and towns at higher rates than others. The latest numbers indicate Chelsea remains a major hotspot for the virus with 1,965 confirmed cases at a rate of 5,217.1 out of 100,000 people. The city has recorded 104 coronavirus-related deaths while 462 patients have recovered, officials say.”
    Source: https://www.boston.com/news/coronavirus/2020/04/30/massachusetts-cities-towns-highest-rates-covid-19

  6. @Cuhdear
    My town (not as bad)
    Popn 43,062
    Cases 1228
    Deaths 84
    This is one of the reasons why I could not join in the criticism of the administration.
    Like watching a house burning and the guy next to you complaining about the fire on his stove.

    Have a great Sunday.

  7. @GP May 10, 2020 1:47 PM
    so now Canada will begin massive bulk importation of Chinese goods, which they (likely US subsidiary operations here) will package into saleable quantities, and ship to USA as ‘Made in Canada’ or ‘Packaged in Vancouver for Great Value Inc’ . Sounds like Strawberry jam from J’ca back in the day.

  8. GPMay 10, 2020 12:13 PM

    Come on now, be good likkle boys!



    Nasty nasty boy!

    I am not ashamed of my family story. If I was ashamed I would never have told it. Told it all over Q.C too. Never gave a damn about convention. Kept my mother’s maiden name even after they were married the moment my mother returned from studying in the UK. I know of others who quickly changed theirs to fit in with the QC image. But I always loved being colourful and “kicking against the pricks” and hypocritical prigs like you. Please, no lecture on how I have used the phrase. I have long adapted it to suit my purposes because it fits so well.

    Soooo….nothing wrong with drinking a little rum. Didn’t John mention that people used to drink it to avoid contaminated water and avoid infection? As I recall the cowboys used to pour in on wounds too. One can learn plenty from cowboy movies. And Agatha Christie novels too. LOL

    And by the way, I actually do have the qualifications to enter a university and study human behaviour this time around. But I have no intention of doing the formal education thingy again. Ain’t got nothing to prove to the likes of you. Life is my university now and I am secure enough not to need any more papers.

    PS. We have already heard that your wife was a virgin when you married her. My mother was a virgin when she met and fell for my father. Never looked at another man. Lost a little control at the age of eighteen. Who the hell cares???? She sailed over the hurdles, made a success of herself. Has EVERYTHING she wants. Does not owe a fella! And she always had medical publications at home and helped many a doctor with a diagnosis. In fact sometimes they used to call her on rounds and ask her to explain to the trainee doctors. They also sometimes left her to close up after surgery.

    But my father, like most men, was another story. Loved my mother but could not say no to a little dallying. That was the root cause of all the home problems I spoke about that caused me to become rebellious. Home life was very tempestuous and being the girl who was always at home as all decent girls were expected to be, I bore the brunt of my mother’s displeasure. The males disappeared when they had had enough.

    What about you? Were you a “virgin” when you married your wife?

    You see the “problem” if there is one, is in the sexing not the evidence of the sexing. I am told that God sees all.

    And studying you like a virus under a microscope was not meant to be taken literally. If you prefer to lie on my couch that’s fine too. (Hint – figuratively speaking of course.)

    Slide down and make yourself comfortable! Now tell me all about it!

    Beginning with why you cling for dear life to a scholarship you received when you were a mere teenager.



    I wonder how much time you spent with your first wife?

    I wonder if she wanted you, rather than a big 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house, with 3 cars? I wonder if it would not have been better for both of you and your sons if you had spent more time with her and with your two sons rather than spending so mych time heaping up material goods?

    “When a man has taken a new wife, he shall not go out to war or be charged with any business; he shall be free at home one year, and bring happiness to his wife whom he has taken.”
    Deuteronomy 24:5

    P.S. And I think that we all know that nothing makes a young wife happier than…

  10. Cuhdear Bajan,

    I was searching for the above comment and came across the “dropping out” comment. I told that nasty man before that the only thing I dropped out of was a community art course. I had a wide interest and could never pin myself down to specialize too deeply. My best friend calls them my fads. Truth is I lose interest after I have learnt what I wanted to learn and move on to something else I always wanted to learn. But i did so at the end of the courses and applied quite a lot of what I had learnt. I have lived my life in stages. First I was this and then I was that. Now I am a farmer.

    And if anyone tries to take away from other people’s accomplishments it is GP! As a matter of fact he assumes that we haven’t any!

    PS. I had a young businessman boyfriend once who was so driven he had little time for me. He told me he did not understand what i was on about because I would later share the fruits of his labour when we married. I dumped his driven ass and he did go on to become very successful. Came back for me when he was in his early thirties and ready to slow down but that ship had sailed for me. We remain friends.

    It all depends on one’s priorities. I have always valued time spent over money spent. I love the simple life. I did what i wanted to do and I am happy AND more than comfortably off.

    Ready for my next investigation/adventure!

    When should I thin my carrots, sweet peppers and lettuce? Off to the garden bed and pots!

  11. The WHO and changed their guidelines and state only healthcare workers and sick persons with symptoms should wear mask.

    Since April 6 this news that people are no longer required to wear Mask still has not been Circulated by the authorities in Barbados…Yesterday at Price-Smart there was a Long Line but it was moving relatively Quickly and Everyone in line in the Fresh Breeze and Bright Sunshine was masked up Except my Hubby and Myself! We appeared to be the Mask-less Bandits! Only on entering the building did we put it on and after a few minutes I had to pull it down exposing my nose and I saw another worker there that did the same exclaiming that she is a Asthmatic and could not handle it. It just Dawned on me Even More that when people Fear they are Easier to Control!”


  12. @Donna “We have already heard that your wife was a virgin when you married her. ”

    imagine “saving” your virginity for a 50 something man who may have been ’round the block a few times or more.

    Not me and dat bosie.


    Cuh dear life is too short. Life needs some regular sweetness.

    Never wanted to be no Waitey Katie.


  13. @Hal Austin May 8, 2020 7:55 AM. “Donville Inniss was a simple working class crook”


    Sad to say, the truth is that Donville Inniss was a long serving DLP Cabinet Minister.

    And I vex as RH that his salary and possibly his pension is being partly funded by my taxes.

    A simple working class crook is the fella who sneaked into my backyard and stole my fruit.

    That fruit thief did not even deserve to be punished. Once he had made restitution, I told him he was free to go.

    Why you think the Americans have not let Donville go as yet?

  14. @Artax May 8, 2020 8:49 AM ‘Now, you have moved from describing HUMAN BEINGS against whom you show contempt, as “savages” and “barking wild dogs,” to “predators” and “hyenas.”

    If we Bajans are “savages” and “barking wild dogs,” and “predators” and “hyenas.”

    And Hal is a Bajan.

    Then his children if he was able to get any must be Bajans too, then all ‘o dem wid we must also be “savages” and “barking wild dogs,” and “predators” and “hyenas.”

    The white wife?


    May be she is some kinda virginal princess.

  15. Cuhdear BajanMay 10, 2020 7:47 PM

    @Donna “We have already heard that your wife was a virgin when you married her. ”

    imagine “saving” your virginity for a 50 something man who may have been ’round the block a few times or more.


    That pesky religion, we both know, was all about control of women. Never quite swallowed it. Not all of it.
    Only the useful parts.

    I remember the first time i read about chastity belts and whale bone corsets in period novels. These men would stop at NOTHING to control women. Some African tribes still practise genital mutilation of young girls so they can’t enjoy sex. And it seems like the Parsees of India used to marry off old men to young girls and then burn them alive on the old duppies’ funeral pyres. That is if Jules Verne is to be believed. Must google it. LOL

    But getting back to the church – I remember the first time an unwed pregnant woman walked up to the altar at my church to take communion. That was a lark! She was tall and walked erect and she was also the daughter of a lay reader. It was fun to watch the hypocrites.


    Never fooled me and I was a child then.

  16. I started to write a short note several times and had difficulty doing so.

    There was a time I would use what I thought were clever but harmless phrases. They were never ‘personal’. It took me some time to learn that these phrases were not well recieved by the targets; they were not like water rolling off a duck’s back. They were staying with others even when I had forgotten them and moved on. .

    Since then I have made an effort not to be offensive. There was one time I broke that pledge and I can tell you that I regretted it.afterwards.

    I came up with some BU rules
    (1) “Exchanges” should be man to man or woman to woman. There should be no exchanges between different sexes.

    (2) Personal data should not be used in an exchange. Calling someone an ahole, a follower tr an idiot is quite different from trying to dig into a person’s history and trying to cause real pain.

    (3) Relatives (mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, etc.) and wives should not be mentioned in an exchange

    (4) If you cannot respect each other then try to ignore one another.

    Let me add that I am a non-believer and If I, like Paul, can have a Damascene moment then I expect a higher standard of beghavior from believers.

  17. I expect you are referring to insults directed towards family members and not illustrative stories offered about family members. GP has more than once attempted to insult my family members and yet I have not insulted his wife but only referenced what he boasted about her. any negativity was directed at HIM because there was nothing negative in what she did as far as I am concerned. I am not ashamed of anything I post here with respect to myself and my family. We are human beings who have done more good than harm on this earth. I embrace our humanity in its fullness. It keeps us honest. Like Cuhdear Woman, I am a storyteller. It is how I illustrate my points. Every reader who has identified me here already knows my story because though yuh can hide and buy land yuh cannot hide and work it. GP can insult my mother, my father and whomsoever he pleases. It says more about who he is than who they are because they have NEVER done anything like what he has done. In fact the word “breed” was only used to refer to animals in our household. My parents would have severely sanctioned me for using it with humans. It has a very nasty dehumanizing connotation in the Barbadian context.

    My teenaged mother and father fell in love, expressed that love sexually and produced me. They got married when it was convenient and got divorced too long past the expiration date. They were incompatible though they loved each-other. But they loved me as much as they could.

    That’s life!

    Last time I saw each of them they smiled broadly at me. And I smiled back just as broadly.

    PS. I am assuming that you read the entirety of the exchange even though you are now intervening at the point of my “wife” comments. Then you would know how it began and who took the low road AGAIN.

  18. I mentioned wives because I hold them at the same level as I hold my family members.
    It ws a general comment and not a response to a specific comment.
    When attacked a person should defend him/herself and therefore I had no problem with your response.
    I would like to continue to see contributions from you and silly woman.
    Have a great day, Barbados

  19. @ cuhdear Woman

    You said that you made the man who was teifing you fruits do “restitution “!!!

    What you mean by “restitution”?

    I hope you don’t mean ***?

    Cause with all the talk bout virginity going on here, de ole man thought I was in a XXX movie!

    As you all move around in your respective activities in your various places of abode, may you be safe from all sickness and travesty.

  20. @Piece the Legend May 11, 2020 7:38 AM “@ cuhdear Woman. You said that you made the man who was teifing you fruits do “restitution “!!! What you mean by “restitution”? I hope you don’t mean ***?

    Lol!. No Piece. I am a decent Christian woman, who is blessed that I can still use ALL of the gifts that the good Lord has given me.

    By restitution I meant that t made the man put the 2 full grocery bags full on pears on the ground. So the pears were restored the the rightful owner/me. That for me is adequate restitution. I then gave them all to my good neighbors. No need for punishment, and no need to beat the fellow or to sexually exploit him. After we both still live in the same community. I don’t like starting a war. It is easy enough to start wars. But hard as hell to stop them. “Punishment/Restitution” must ALWAYS be proportionate to the offense. He returned the fruit to me. All good. The incident dun wid. As long as he does not come to my home agian. but when I see him on the street I still give him a cheerful good morning.

    Cudear Bajan
    Formerly Silly Woman

  21. And thanks for your best wishes. And the same to you.

    As my old man used to say “I am good, up to today”

  22. @David, as “steeupse” worthy were a few of the above most were excellent life stories!

    Re Boris and UK broadly: why is it so difficult for #10 to avoid these PR stumbles? He and his Min of Health appearing to offer DIFFERENT messages is ABSURDLY counterproductive for the Brit (global too) public!

    And that 14 day travellers quarantine BUT NOT those through the tunnel from France is … ahhh… mind numbing public policy… Like POTUS ban of Europe travel BUT NOT UK… How long did that work effectively!

    But managing train station traffic might be different I presume … In Boris world!

  23. Wuh Loss !!

    That was a good Monday morning cuss out at the standpipe !! Was it cathartic? Several Cautionary Tales ,no doubt.

  24. @Northern, re your “made in Canada” comment… I smiled and then laughed heartily.

    Back when you were doing your executive sales thing I am sure you recall that lots of big machines sold at good profit by US companies started to get squeezed badly on margin by major low cost competitive products … Solution … Off to manufacture in cities in Japan, Singapore and CHINA …

    But the real butt kicker as I am sure u know was that genius retailer Sam Walton’s Walmart: they always touted themselves as ‘Made in America’ and in order to do THAT and supposedly improve the lives of millions of Americans they imported annually back then about $15 BILLION from China.

    Perspective- at that point that would have placed Walmart in a top 3 GDP of COUNTRIES (outside the big developed nation’s)

    Of course the Wall St financial gains were astronomical … So when others talk of bringing jobs back or are even astute enough to reason that this economic depression takes back all those previous gains I say .. not so fast!

    Those OUTSIZED imports (and the others) came with severe internal US manufacturing job losses and the big bucks moved more into the monied sect… not the average guy or gal!

    This game has now struck an interesting ‘pay dirt’ period.. the money sect can now considate their advantage COMPLETELY.

    He didn’t cause it but he surely advocated for this change in perspective on China so … Is Trump a boss or what 🤔🙃!

  25. And generally…

    When some things sorta go ‘bump’ in the night u may say: ‘huh, what was that’…

    … And at other times you reflect ‘wait a minute, they didn’t just do that, everybody knows it effing midnight and not the time for that sh*** now’…

    That latter caught me when I read that : At least 85 coronavirus patients in South Korea are believed to have contracted the virus in nightclubs in recent weeks, prompting authorities to order the businesses shuttered. Of 35 new cases reported Monday, all 29 locally transmitted infections were related to clubs in Itaewon, a popular nightlife district in Seoul.

    How do you – literally here – but figuratively generally, do that folly!

    Talking about 2nd and 3rd phases or as the blogger alluded to above: if we thought lockdown was bad wait for this release… A fella who ain’t get some ‘ice-cream’ in a long time can overdo stupidly trying to get a mouth watering pint of rum-n-raisin !

    Crazy ice-cream style madness ahead!

  26. DpD;

    I saw a report yesterday that viable Covid-19 particles were found in semen weeks after they were shed from all other parts of the body. Your revelation this morning seems to be closing the circle re. a very strong relationship between Covid-19 and AIDS.

    Wuhloss. This could be a game changer!

  27. @LyallS… your remark that “If he wins the upcoming elections, it seems likely that he could be the main catalyst to changes that might portend a new Earth age. If he loses, the changes might still be significant because his first term of president would have set in train attitudes and new norms that might be difficult to allow reversion to those of 20th and early 21st century life on Earth.was” is not a new one (lots of commentary in media along those lines) but it is yet quite interesting how you framed it.

    Undoubtedly his first term has unleashed ‘demons’ and it will be impossible to get them back into the dungeons of our thoughts …

    And that makes his defeat in November that more important… although attitudes and those demons can’t be returned they must, however, be tempered from his crazed animus towards any critical review of his actions and an attitude of lone-wolf superiority.

    If he wins with a renewed Republican Senate or House majority it’s clear that there will be unrest in the US… simply because he will act in a manner that is COMPLETELY untethered to the rule of law and without a strong hand (an opposition congress) to check that then things will spill into street protests…. that things will spill into world-wide protests due to some aspect of his war-mongering (a Venezuela style act) or some other assassination would also be likely!

    The best and only bet for the world, therefore, is his defeat…because even the alternative to his victory with a Democratic led Senate and House… may actually expedite an explosive US situation!

    Politics in the US right now is a formidable blood-sport … meaning blood will spill if this POTUS remains in charge!

  28. @LyallS…. I am seeing your remark only now after that earlier post to you… but as much as I get your insinuation re covid19 and AIDS (very, very conspiratorial it is too) I am perplexed by comment that “[my] revelation this morning seems to be closing the circle re. a very strong relationship between Covid-19 and AIDS.”

    Which of my remarks was that.. You sure it was me?

  29. OK don’t bother… @LyallS…. I get it.

    I got tricked by my own very thinly veiled ‘ice-cream’ references… (I assume that is what you are referring to)… that was a personal innuendo really… if you actually picked that so easily then it wasn’t as finely framed as I thought!

    But to be clear also, I was also referring to an actual case of an ice-cream business opening a few days ago and then its owner closing it again because patrons were not following distancing protocols!

  30. @lyallsmall May 11, 2020 10:55 AM DpD. lyallsmall May 11, 2020 10:55 AM “DpD. I saw a report yesterday that viable Covid-19 particles were found in semen weeks after they were shed from all other parts of the body. Your revelation this morning seems to be closing the circle re. a very strong relationship between Covid-19 and AIDS.”

    Cuhdear, ss in the days of HIV/AIDS, now is the time if you have a good steady lady in your life, keep her, even if from time to time to have to spend a little time sitting on the rooftop, to get away from the talk.

    If you have a good steady gentleman in your life, keep him, even if sometimes you have to go to online church to escape his “foolishness”

    Keep loving.


  31. Vincent CodringtonMay 11, 2020 9:32 AM

    Wuh Loss !!

    That was a good Monday morning cuss out at the standpipe !! Was it cathartic? Several Cautionary Tales ,no doubt.


    Never had one of those but I have heard about them.

    “I woke up dis morning’ an seh my Lord’s prayer.

    It en me, it is you

    Yuh confuse!”

    GP was due for a cussing. We all have our flaws and GP’s require that he is peridically cussed into his place BY A WOMAN. I bear him no ill will because yes it was cathartic.

    But if he is looking for Trouble (that’s me) today I will leave this Barbados scholar who studied big word brain stuff and thinks he can mock this “moron” with two words –


    He knows what I mean!



    XXX rated movies! Investigated them too. In typical fashion I walked right into the video store (dat was long ago) and picked them out myself. Some of it could tickle the fancy if you let it but some was quite revolting.

    After the investigation I concluded that they were monotonous and dehumanizing and no substitute for real spicy intimacy with someone you love. And not what God intended.

    Nothing wrong with sex or frank discussion about sex. My son and I are quite comfortable with the subject, within reason and with appropriate decorum of course.

    But back to the real subject which was?????

    Oh lordie! Soon time for Murdoch mysteries. Time to get myself a tasty snack and loiter in front of the TV. So lazy this morning I even missed my walk around the beautiful cliffs.


  32. Dear David:

    I haven’t seen our friend Baje, the man who loves to go walk-a-’bout, recently.

    Is he o.k.?

  33. Today for countries with fewwer than 100 Covid-19 cases, the following countries are reporting that zero peole are now in isolation”

    Western Sahara: 6 cases, 6 recoveries, 0 deaths
    Papau New Guinea: 8 cases, 8 recoveries, zero deaths
    Suriname: 10 cases, 9 recoveries, 1 death
    St. Lucia: 18 cases, 18 recoveries, 0 deaths
    Belize: 18 cases, 16 recoveries, 2 deaths

  34. Western Sahara: 27°9′13″N 13°12′12″W
    Papau New Guinea: 09°28′44″S 147°08′58″E
    Suriname: 5°50′N 55°10′W
    St. Lucia: 14°1′N 60°59′W
    Belize: 17°15′N 88°46′W

    All less than 28 degrees north or south of the equator. All of Europe, all of Canada, and most of the United States falls outside of these parallels. Most of Africa falls within these parallels. It may mean nothing but not enough sunshine +a nasty virus may make more people sicker quicker, and longer. So maybe we need to stay in our yards, if we can do so while physically distancing from our neighbors, rather than in our houses.

    Maybe we humans need sunshine as much as plants do.

  35. Maybe that is why unlike animals we have essentially naked bodies [no hair, no fur, well not much] maybe our skins have evolved, were designed to let the life sustaining light in.

  36. Also Seychelles: 11 cases, 10 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1 person in isolation [4°37′S 55°27′E]
    St. Kitts: 15 cases, 14 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1 person in isolation [17°15′N 62°40′W]
    Dominica: 16 cases, 15 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1 person in isolation [15°18′N 61°23′W]
    Eritrea: 39 cases, 38 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1 person in isolation [15°20′N 38°55′E]
    Trinidad & Tobago: 116 cases, 107 recoveries, 8 deaths, 1 person in isolation [10°27′38″N 61°14′55″W]

  37. @ Cuhdear Bajan May 13, 2020 9:35 PM
    “Maybe that is why unlike animals we have essentially naked bodies [no hair, no fur, well not much] maybe our skins have evolved, were designed to let the life sustaining light in.”

    Cuh dear, the former Silly woman” ya waxing lyrically about you new-found mine of wisdom!

    Not even the simplest of Simons could have transmogrified in such a short time to become a messenger of the Light radiating the ancient knowledge and understanding from the Star above.

    Thank you, my dearest sunshine! Even your new found boyfriend from the white Hill would welcome you with open arms minus the serpent in his bush.

    “A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
    Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.
    A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
    I’ll be a sunbeam for him.”

  38. Also Mauritius, 332 cases, 322 recoveries, 0 people in isolation [20.2°S 57.5°E]

    And Cambodia 122 cases, 121 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1 person in isolation [1°33′N 104°55′E]

    So yes the virus is real, and deadly. But it is not that black people won’t get it. It seems that the virus is less deadly near to the Equator. And it does not matter if that closeness to the Equator in in Africa, or Asia, or the Caribbean, or the Pacific.

    At the end of this i would not be at all surprised to find that people who work outdoors even those who live in places beyond 28 degrees north or south have better outcomes if they are people who habitually work outdoors. I would not be surprised either if the disease abates in the northern and southern summers, and experience a second or a third wave beginning in the fall of 2021 and 2022, if no vaccine is found.

    I would not be surprised either if it is found that the people who have become sickest and who have died are not people who habitually spend little or no time in the sun…for example the wealthy people in southern Italy, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson, the Russian Prime Minister.

    because one advantage wealthy people have over poor people is that wealthy people typically have to do little or no outdoor work, have to spend little time in the sun.

    it may also account for the fact that Donald Trump remains in good health. Doesn’t Donald spend lot of time on thee sunny golf courses of Florida?

    So no. I don’t believe that sun alone can fix this monster [COVID19, not Donald Trump] but I believe that plentiful sunshine/Vitamin D seems to be reducing the risk.

    After all human beings evolved in the tropics. Human beings perhaps could only have evolved in the tropics. The tropics, the “broiling sun” according to our Mariposa may actually be the optimum places for human habitation.

    The time may also come when religious/social/cultural restrictions which demand covering from head to toe may be eased in the interest of everyone’s health. And let me make it clear, one of those cultural restrictions include the Bajan custom of demanding that women must not wear “arm holes”/sleeveless dresses when conducting business, especially when conducting business in government offices. I went to BRA to pay a tax bill last Friday. I was wearing my favorite knee length “arm hole” dress. No questions were asked. No unreasonable demands were put on me. I think that the government is so glad for the money that right now “they” wouldn’t care if I came to pay my taxes naked. So they took my money, gave me a receipt and I was outta there in about 5 minutes flat. Walked home in the lovely sunshine.

    Of course I may be proven wrong.

    Time will tell.

    But in the tropics sunshine is plentiful and cheap. We should all make it our business to enjoy it, even while washing our hands, wearing our masks and keeping our physical distance from others.

  39. CORRECTION: Also Mauritius, 332 cases, 322 recoveries, 10 deaths, 0 people in isolation [20.2°S 57.5°E]

  40. Cuhdear Bajan
    May 13, 2020 10:03 PM

    Also Seychelles: 11 cases, 10 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1 person in isolation [4°37′S 55°27′E]
    St. Kitts: 15 cases, 14 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1 person in isolation [17°15′N 62°40′W]
    Dominica: 16 cases, 15 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1 person in isolation [15°18′N 61°23′W]
    Eritrea: 39 cases, 38 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1 person in isolation [15°20′N 38°55′E]
    Trinidad & Tobago: 116 cases, 107 recoveries, 8 deaths, 1 person in isolation [10°27′38″N 61°14′55″W]


    Italy, Spain, the UK and US all celebrated Chinese New Year with parades.

    Italy also went so far as to “Hug a Chinese”


    The result was an enormous pool of cases of COVID-19 cases which kicked off their meeting with the virus.

    Google Milan, Madrid, London and New York with the word Chinese New Year Celebrations!!

    None of the countries you listed had anything like that at the beginning of the pandemic.

    Italy, Spain, the UK and the US also have an at risk population.

    Italy, Spain and the UK … smokers and reformed smokers.

    Also their populations are “old”, median ages were above 40 ….. 45.5, 42.7 and 40.5 years old.

    New York which was the epicenter in the US has a population estimated at 400,000 who are at risk because of 9/11 and the damage done to lungs.

    Two decades later, that population has spread to states like New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Florida etc.

  41. My prediction for second and third waves …. even in the countries hardest hit I would expect nothing like what has happened to date to occur.

    There won’t be an equivalent of mass parades to get the ball rolling with large numbers of COVID-19 cases.

    … and the most of the most susceptible will be no longer with us.

    More importantly, the few cases/deaths in countries listed show that in the absence of a large concentration of cases at the outset, the virus DOES NOT spread like wildfire as many are led to believe.

    The world can move on from the fear and panic of COVID-19 … at least until the next plague .. pestilence perhaps.

    What will the media have to hype?

    When we look back on COVID-19 we will realise that the effects were mostly of our own making and not due to the extreme lethality and contagious nature hyped by the media.

    People will continue to be sickened (or not) by the virus, just as they are sickened by flu and the common cold.

    Wonder if the mayors and leaders in highly populated centres will have learnt their lesson come next year.

    Hopefully they will have been replaced in elections.

  42. As for Barbados, not many smokers, no 9/11.

    Plenty of grass fires in the dry season!!

    Unlikely the ICU capability will be really tested.

    More likely we will succumb to chronic diseases caused by lifestyle … like over eating and lack of exercise … laziness and gluttony if you like.

  43. Words of wisdom and reasonable analysis from Cuhdear Bajan that we should all consider! John’s comments are also well taken and follows some prescient ones he made at an earlier stage of the Covid rampage.

    Such comments did not result from rocket science. The tea leaves were there from the beginning to be read by all of us. But the panic engendered by wall-to-wall media coverage and the sheer seeming enormity of the coming scourge caused most of us to overreact to what seemed like a predictable end-of-earth scenario! That does not seem as if it will happen this year but it does’nt mean that a few more community spreaded cases will not unfold here in the next few weeks, but we are unlikely to see the 10’s of thousands of Covid-19 victims here this year that the UWI modellers predicted 2 months ago.

    Absent the hysteria, Covid-19 will quite likely become a major signpost of the beginning of Bajan 21st century redevelopment, including of the repurposed modernistic touristic kind. But it also might well have been a shot across the bow by a leading horseman of the apocalypse to be followed by his 3 companions if we do’n behave weselves.

  44. https://www.chelseama.gov/coronavirusupdates
    Latest Announcements: May 15, 2020
    COVID-19 Status in Chelsea
    “We are encouraged to announce that the infection rate has slowed in Chelsea and the number of residents restored back to health is on the rise. As of today, there are 1,046 patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and a total of 2,424 confirmed cases. Those who have not yet recovered are strongly encouraged to self quarantine, either at home or at the Quality Inn, and to seek medical care for emergency symptoms. While most people recover from infection, the coronavirus is a serious enemy and we mourn the loss of 140 of our residents. We must continue to do all that we can to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe, through physical distancing, wearing face coverings, frequent hand washing and cleaning, and prompt medical care and quarantine for those who are sick.”

    For those who think that this virus is mock sport, that is is not a highly infectious and deadly disease killing 5% to 10% of those infected please follow the link above.

    Chelsea Massachusetts has a population of about 40,000. 2424 infections and 140 deaths

    If Barbados had the same rate of infection and deaths we would have had 17,201 infections and 994 deaths.

    So the UWI modelling was CORRECT. Our government has acted WISELY, and we the people have acted SENSIBLY and prevented more than 17,000 infections.

    But we must not mess up now.

    We need UWI to continue offering correct advice. We need our government to continue to act WISELY. And we the people need to continue to be SENSIBLE.

  45. Massachusetts is like New York, a special case.

    Look at the other states.


    What is clear is the presence of the incompetent human hand in states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts etc.

    Some states in their entirety have no deaths in the week ending May 10.

    Why would Vermont, a New England State like Massachusetts have 1/1000’s of the deaths of Massachusetts?

    The population ratio is 10:1 but even if this is factored, it is still 100 times more likely there will be a death in Massachusetts vs Vermont.

    So maybe it is the population density, but even this at 10:1 still leaves Massachusetts 10 times more likely to have a death occur.

    The folks in Massachusetts should replace its officials with some from another states when elections roll around .. or look at the deaths and see what possible explanations exist for the difference!!


    Here are some states from the link which further illustrate the differences between states that have problems like Massachusetts and those that don’t.

    Barbados does not even register.

    Copying others is a waste of resources, sit down and look at what we have going for us and craft a response that is realistic.


    Population: 1.1 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 0.1 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 1)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 43.1 per 100,000 people — the fewest (total: 458)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: none
    Tests completed as of May 10: 2,043.1 per 100,000 people — 17th fewest (total: 21,704)
    Population density: 7 people per square mile — 3rd fewest
    First confirmed case: 3/13/2020


    Population: 1.4 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 0.1 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 2)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 44.5 per 100,000 people — 2nd fewest (total: 632)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: none
    Tests completed as of May 10: 2,660.0 per 100,000 people — 19th most (total: 37,785)
    Population density: 130 people per square mile — 20th most
    First confirmed case: 3/6/2020


    Population: 626,000
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 1.1 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 7)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 148.0 per 100,000 people — 14th fewest (total: 927)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 1 — tied — 5th fewest
    Tests completed as of May 10: 3,201.0 per 100,000 people — 14th most (total: 20,048)
    Population density: 65 people per square mile — 21st fewest
    First confirmed case: 3/7/2020


    Population: 4.2 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 1.5 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 63)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 75.7 per 100,000 people — 5th fewest (total: 3,171)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 18 — 14th fewest
    Tests completed as of May 10: 1,800.4 per 100,000 people — 7th fewest (total: 75,450)
    Population density: 43 people per square mile — 13th fewest
    First confirmed case: 2/28/2020


    Population: 21.3 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 3.1 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 667)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 190.6 per 100,000 people — 20th fewest (total: 40,596)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 342 — 10th most
    Tests completed as of May 10: 2,533.6 per 100,000 people — 23rd most (total: 539,630)
    Population density: 324 people per square mile — 8th most
    First confirmed case: 3/1/2020


    Population: 28.7 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 3.8 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 1,086)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 135.4 per 100,000 people — 11th fewest (total: 38,869)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 221 — 15th most
    Tests completed as of May 10: 1,748.2 per 100,000 people — 5th fewest (total: 501,776)
    Population density: 107 people per square mile — 22nd most
    First confirmed case: 2/12/2020


    Population: 39.6 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 4.2 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 1,666)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 168.8 per 100,000 people — 18th fewest (total: 66,773)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 502 — 7th most
    Tests completed as of May 10: 2,415.9 per 100,000 people — 25th most (total: 955,664)
    Population density: 242 people per square mile — 11th most
    First confirmed case: 1/25/2020


    Population: 10.5 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 6.7 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 707)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 318.7 per 100,000 people — 17th most (total: 33,524)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 226 — 14th most
    Tests completed as of May 10: 2,323.9 per 100,000 people — 23rd fewest (total: 244,458)
    Population density: 177 people per square mile — 16th most
    First confirmed case: 3/2/2020


    Population: 3.6 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 16.4 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 585)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 939.2 per 100,000 people — 5th most (total: 33,554)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 531 — 6th most
    Tests completed as of May 10: 3,644.1 per 100,000 people — 10th most (total: 130,192)
    Population density: 645 people per square mile — 4th most
    First confirmed case: 3/8/2020

    New York

    Population: 19.5 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 17.4 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 3,398)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 1,704.6 per 100,000 people — the most (total: 333,122)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 2,082 — the most
    Tests completed as of May 10: 5,904.0 per 100,000 people — 2nd most (total: 1,153,768)
    Population density: 358 people per square mile — 7th most
    First confirmed case: 3/1/2020


    Population: 6.9 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 23.9 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 1,647)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 1,127.1 per 100,000 people — 3rd most (total: 77,793)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 975 — 4th most
    Tests completed as of May 10: 5,627.1 per 100,000 people — 4th most (total: 388,389)
    Population density: 654 people per square mile — 3rd most
    First confirmed case: 2/1/2020

    New Jersey

    Population: 8.9 million
    Avg. daily new cases in 7 days ending May 10: 24.4 per 100,000 people (total avg. daily new cases: 2,171)
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 10: 1,555.1 per 100,000 people — 2nd most (total: 138,532)
    COVID-19 related deaths in 7 days ending May 10: 1,384 — 2nd most
    Tests completed as of May 10: 3,145.5 per 100,000 people — 15th most (total: 280,220)
    Population density: 1021 people per square mile — the most
    First confirmed case: 3/4/2020

  46. Introduction

    Despite multiple studies, there is currently limited agreement on the impact of weather conditions on transmission rates of COVID-19.
    We assembled one of the largest datasets of COVID-19 infection and weather and analyzed the impact of weather on the transmission of the virus across 3,739 global locations. For details on the methodology, data, and estimated statistical models, see our working paper.
    We have developed interactive figures to visualize evidence-based projections of the impact of weather on the potential transmission rate of COVID-19 from May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021, using 2019-2020 weather data for each location.

    More here:
    Weather Conditions and COVID-19 Transmission: Estimates and Projections

  47. Places with ZERO COVID-19 deaths so far:

    Timor Leste
    St. Lucia
    St. Vincent
    St. Kitts/Nevis
    Vatican City
    Papau New Guinea
    Western Sahara

  48. Places with One COVID-19 deaths so far:

    Central African Republic

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