The Adrian Loveridge Column – More Tourists Coming to Barbados!

The announcement that the Charlotte flight will now become a daily non-stop service from December is great news. While the Greater Charlotte area boasts a population of over one million if you include Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia or the NC-SC Metropolitan Area (MSA) that number soars to over 2.52 million people, according to a 2014 census.

Charlotte Duncan International Airport (CLT) opens up so many additional direct connecting cities allowing same day travel for millions more potential travellers, including an incredible reach into the West, mid-West and Northern areas of the United States.

After its merger with US Airways, American Airlines (AA) dominate Charlotte airport carrying over 90 per cent of all passengers which was estimated at more than 32 million last year.

It is the second largest AA hub and ‘third largest on Earth’ according to Vasu Raja, the airlines Vice President for network and schedule planning with 677 daily departures. It is also the carrier’s most profitable hub with the highest gate utilisation within the AA system.

The timings of the flights are also very important with a scheduled departure from Charlotte at 10 am, arriving in Barbados at 3. 30 pm and leaving at 4. 20 pm to reach Charlotte at 8. 25 pm. Personally, I feel there is a psychological advantage to arrive here in day light and being able to dip your feet in the ocean before enjoying a sundown drink.

With the new bank of ‘automated passport kiosks’ at our airport, hopefully the frequent memories of immigration queues stretching out the arrival doors will soon be a thing of the past.

Changing the subject, I applaud the efforts of the Barbados Tourism Product Authority through their full page media ‘ads’ to finally entice and encourage all accommodation offering to register. While it’s a truly daunting task, it just may bring us a step closer to achieve anything close to a level playing field and persuade this massive sub-sector of alternative lodging options to contribute to the marketing and quality control of the destination.

I am not under the illusion that it will be an easy or speedy task to reach all those who qualify and should be meeting the new room tax obligation. At the end of the day, everyone should be reminded that the accommodation providers are not paying this out of their pockets, but it is being extracted as a largely unbudgeted additional expense by our cherished visitors.

I would again urge the authorities to use this golden opportunity of compiling and maintaining an accurate national online database which is accessible to both the public and travel trade. A prerequisite would be the capacity to post proof of current public liability insurance, health, safety and fire certificates and a swimming pool operating licence if this facility is available.

If one of the really honest intentions of this registration is to help protect our ‘iconic’ reputation as a destination, then it is imperative that all can easily access this information in my humble opinion. A small registration fee or a percentage of the room levy could self-fund any cost.

7 thoughts on “The Adrian Loveridge Column – More Tourists Coming to Barbados!

  1. “More` tourist coming to Barbados”. Then why is the hard currency not circulating? Why is St. Lucia “kicking sand” in the face of Barbados. Narcissism is as plentiful as river tamarind seeds in Barbados. Plantation water wells are bursting from the inside walls with new wild Tamarinds. Why are there no monkeys in the vastly wooded areas like Martinique or St. Lucia? Why the concern about Washington, DC?  Haynes Darlington. 

    • Arrivals are reported to be up but average spend is less.
      Also the industry continues to be afflicted with leakage of foreign revenue not helped by concessions to a few industry players. Finally, a former prime minister is on record to say that tourism as the single sector firing in the economy carry the local economy.

  2. De Dis and Dat

    Would it not be great if all those who take the time to comment here deal with ideas for the betterment of Barbados instead of nit picking, holding word wars with each other and rehashing those things done that cannot be undone?
    What about the great minds who contribute here coming together to pool and see implemented ideas for the betterment of Barbados?

    Lets look at those things I have observed and which have been drawn to my attention repeatedly:
    NOT displaying on the front page or any page in the Newspapers, the faces of youths caught in criminal acts.
    Fines or community service for those seen publicly urinating , using indecent language, fighting, spitting , littering as they walk or drive, driving recklessly.
    What about keeping outside their place of business or residence in an unsanitary state, stealing clients money, overpricing items and services, carving their initials on people’s body when they perform surgery, taking six or more years to obtain a Degree because it was/is free. Maybe we could do a needs check and then give deserving students help. Coupe this with work study. Yes, let them work and study. Nothing new or impossible; they do it outside of Barbados. The same people here who grumbled about paying at UWI, send their children abroad to get a higher education and pay as much if not more than they paid for their home.

    While we are looking at all of this, let us recognize that home drums beat first. We cannot look out only for the tourist- the feeling of too many Barbadians ( the industry is not a constant, it is a people industry -people are not constant. How many of you return to the same destination decade after decade?). We have brilliant minds here, we must harness and encourage them in Nation building.
    Do we need to import 10-15 brands of the same items? Have 10+ wheelers on our narrow roads speeding? Continue with the chaos associated with transportation- busses inaccessible to the elderly? Have poorly lighted areas?( Two concerns brought to me by a lady in her 80″s yesterday). Have call in programs where the same voices call in about every thing and are put through sometimes twice on the same programme? Get poor serice or no service from those who are in the service business (I in mean Tourism). Have the elderly sit idle all day in upright chairs in Senior Citizens homes while their limbs waste away and their minds do the same.
    Question – is there any training in gerontology/taking care of the elderly offered in Bim?

    Education – we to need to steer our children on the right path. We need to encourage them in positive pursuits, in good manners, social skills, etiquette, literacy (this goes beyond the ability to read and write, it includes effective communication, comprehension,attentive listening)responsibility, sharing, caring, the list goes on. Education goes beyond Academics.

    Let us look at making our youth and others feel appreciated, stop the nasty writings and remarks when they do not bring home the Gold. Would you have? Having sometimes to work up to the day before leaving on a plane for the games.
    Let us show national pride not only in behavior but in displaying the colous of our nation.

    I love green, indeed that is my name Although I love it, I am not pleased to see the rails and few benches etc in smelly shaddy Bridgetown painted in this lovely colour. We should use the colours of our flag, everywhere we turn we should be reminded, have a sense of pride.

    I was amazed when in Lisbon to see that the colours of their flag graced almost everywhere.
    Starting from the airport (where about 900+ people were processed in less than 30-40 minutes), to the hotel, train stations, shopping and recreational areas – benches and rails, you name it I walked about fifteen miles and saw one plastic bottle and two candy wrappers. A very proud and welcoming people. Hotel service was fantastic, warm, professional. No grovelling- just a willingness to help-courteously. Guess what? Many people there knew Rhi Rhi (Ree Ree) which meant they had heard of Barbados. Ms Fenty has done in my humble opinion more for Barbados than ………in all the years. Check her out in movie, interviews etc, she wears our national colours, mentions the island and speaks with a BARBADIAN accent.

    Noticed that our Prime Minister wore our colours in the interview with Mr. Ellis. (Hi David E.) Hope to see that more often and wish her only the best. Would love someone to tell her she must rest and also eat well – get a Nutritionist if she does not already have one. I also want WE the people to understand that she, not being God, cannot do everything. Calling on the Cabinet to do their part – effectively. Na, this is not political, this part is simply about WE. Barbados. Just saying, as my daughters always say: “Big Up Bim.” We should by all pitching in.

    Hope that my neighbours and I get some help from the powers that be with our Sewage related problems.Yes, I know it is not flowing in the street. ( God be praised). it is still in the environment, the soil and impacting us negatively. Also, if you good people could encourage the Barbados Water Authority to respond to my request to stop billing me for Sewage- capped since March.
    Those bills with the “Due for Disconnection in Red, keeps my head pounding. Got nowhere with the DLP re coming to our assistance now trying with the BLP. Wish us luck.

    This materialistic arrogant head in the swamp (oops, forgot the shit still there even though from time to time I can smell it) attitude too many of us have adopted can neither do us nor our island home any good.

    Keep it positive. BU is a University without borders. Wunna have a Blessed day.

    • Not all feedback or criticism as you described is destructive. As stakeholders in civil society we have different roles we can play to contribute to the development of the island we love.

  3. Peggy is right only blue and gold ammunition should be allowed on island, lol quit trying to put lipstick on a pig…barbados has some real issues the worst being safety. Every week somebody is knifed or shot and if you do the calculation of number of people divided by gender, age , employment, lifestyle etc the cops can weed this down to a limited amount of people causing the trouble.

  4. Tuesday 17th July 2018

    Published on Tuesday, July 17, 2018
    St Kitts surpasses one million cruise passengers for the first time

    St Kitts has set a new milestone with its one millionth cruise passenger, the first time Port Zante has achieved ‘marquee port status.’

    The milestone was reached during the port call of Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas ship.

    “It is particularly significant that this historic occasion is taking place now, as we have over two months left in the 2017-2018 cruise season to increase arrivals even further,” said St Kitts tourism minister Lindsay Grant.

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