The Prophecy

(Excerpt from A RASTA PLAY, written and illustrated by Ras Jahaziel August 2010
An Inter-faith Dialogue between Snow-white The Money God and The Three Dragons

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: Gentlemen, welcome to this our fourth-hundred annual inter-faith dialogue where we exchange ideas for the better management of our slave-holdings in the modern colonies. Now please relax and take off your masks. Those do-gooder masks are only for the outside when we have to put on a public show. But here, if you want to say “Nigger” you can say “Nigger.”



This is the forum where we can be ourselves and speak our minds without worrying about political correctness. We do not have to go around corners and pretend that PROFIT is not the only thing that matters. Every-one in here knows that the advancement of our empire has often called for ruthless action against inferior peoples. Often times it has involved moving populations from areas that we desire. Sometimes the methods may be bloody and involve lost of life amongst the inferior peoples, but everyone of you know the ropes, so to speak. So please speak your mind without worry. The press is not here. This is the place where we can discuss the dirty details that would shock the larger public outside.

Now the first thing I would like to do is to express my concerns about the stability of our modern plantation system in the Caribbean and the volatility of our Negro labor force in light of recent events.

I am sure that we all agree the image of “Paradise” must be maintained at all costs. For close to four centuries we have reaped billions of dollars in profit from the sweat of Black labor in the hot climes of these islands, and what has made our businesses so profitable is that up to this day Black labor has been for the most part free or very cheap. But now our old sugar plantations that required us to maintain thousands of slaves have been phased out, and Tourism has now become our new sugar plantation. Not only do we need fewer Negroes, but unlike in the days of sugar cane it is important to project an idyllic paradise image despite the glaring wide-spread poverty of the locals.

But we have a problem looming on the horizon: As a result of our recent economic adjustments the weight on the poor has been increased significantly, to the extent that they are nearing breaking-point. If we do not act preemptively and take drastic measures they are likely to rebel and spoil our paradise image. We need to crush rebellion long before it happens.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: Pardon me for saying so, but I think your fears may be a little bit exaggerated because as you know, we have always used our police and army as a barrier of terror to protect our slave-holding properties. They have been trained to be very brutal and ruthless, and as a result of their consistent terrorism most of the slave population fears them. I don’t think we have anything to worry about, but if it would make you feel better we can increase the terror.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: Well make sure the media publishes a good excuse for doing so before giving the police the go-ahead. But no matter what it takes we must maintain the flow of profit from our human and material possessions on these islands. Even though these economic measures will affect the lives of the poor fairly harshly, such measures are necessary to maintain THE PROFIT FLOW.

But keeping the plantation from burning has always been a balancing act. On the one hand, too much hardship may cause spontaneous rebellion, and on the other hand the extra hardship that the Niggers feel also makes them desperate for money. In that state of mind it is easier to control and manipulate them, and it is never difficult to find spies and informers. Another very important advantage in keeping the Negroes in a desperate economic state was demonstrated just recently in Tivoli Gardens. If you did not understand the power of our economic grip on the Negroes you would have been surprised by the zeal that was exhibited by our police and soldiers as they went about maiming and killing other Niggers that look just like themselves.

With our power to decide who eats and who starves it was easy to enlist dozens of paid killers.

So despite all of the idealistic calls for equal rights and justice, we know from long experience that we have to keep the economic lid on the Negroes. It is a form of control that we have always used, and in any case it has never been wise to let the Nigger get too far. We just need to be prepared at all times for any eventuality.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection:  Well, in light of your concern about the possibility of these economic measures causing dire social consequences, let me assure you that we have already equipped our FORCES with the appropriate training and practice in the event of an uprising..

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: But what do our sociologists say about this, do they concur with me about the potential social fall-out?

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Yes, total agreement. When the increased stress is added to the persistent mal-nourishment that already exists, it is quite likely that many of the poor will be driven to desperate measures, and many of them will be forced to break The Laws of the Plantation in order to survive.

It should be expected that increasing the stress on the Negroes at a time when they are already locked down in a seemingly never-ending cycle of malnutrition-foods and low wages will be enough to bring out the very worst in their personalities. And this will be most evident in those places like Tivoli where they are all packed together like sardines in a can. The fact that they are landless means that every facet of their daily existence will be subjected to increasing pressures to get the dollar in a time when LEGAL MONEY IS SCARCE.

For the poor and vulnerable it has therefore become a dog-eat-dog rat race that is spawning an increase in lawlessness, and the development of illegal survival systems like gangs.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: OK, so do you have any recommendations?

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Yes, it is vitally necessary that we enlist the Church and influential leaders of other religious groups like the Rastas, if possible, to maintain an inordinate level of docility amongst the people at the very same time when their life conditions are drastically worsening. UnHoly Father, What do you have to share on this matter?

THIRD DRAGON , The UnHoly Father with the Forked Tongue: Well gentlemen my throat is sore from preaching last night, so pardon me if I am a little brief with my comments today. Speaking from a position of long practice and experience I would say that the best way to do this is to revive the old “God is soon coming for his world” sermon.

Another one that I would highly recommend is the “Patience and Long suffering sermon” that teaches the people to be patient with bondage, and imprints in their minds an attitude that SUFFERING LONG IS A VIRTUE. Also another trump card that we have always played is to teach them to love their enemies. With this combination of doctrines we can do anything to them and get away with it.

The desired objective here is that through the influence of properly cooked religion, the people’s natural instinct to act in pursuit of freedom will be totally erased.

You may think that it would be difficult to immobilize the human’s natural instinct to be free, but it is not. All we the religious leaders need to do is to continue feeding the Nigs with doctrines that condition them to look beyond themselves for a miracle-working God or a super-man Selassie to bring betterment to their lives… if they are prepared to patiently wait and be long-suffering.

We must continually hammer home the importance of blind faith and belief so that their minds are sufficiently spooked out.

When crippled by this mental condition they will see two thousand years of waiting as no big deal.

But for this thing to be truly effective these doctrines and our ministers that are chosen to spread them must be made to look very holy. We and our rituals must be elaborately clothed with the utmost sanctity, so that if anyone dares to think critically about these spooky myths they would feel like they are committing sacrilege and sinning against God, and their conscious minds will be therefore afraid to THINK. After a few short generations of these teachings the natural instinct to act in pursuit of freedom can be effectively erased for thousands of years.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: I totally agree with you. Properly cooked religion can definitely work wonders on the mind of a slave. The evidence is all around us. We have successfully tricked them with the idea about emancipation, and control their labor and their time, and their very lives the same way as we did before we told them that they are free. We have cloned for ourselves a true slave people, and programmed them with slave doctrines that taught them to love their enemies more than they love themselves. Most of them live from day to day in a permanent hustle for scraps, and have no prospects of handing down anything to their children but more slavery. Every generation passes it on to the next, and yet they still can be heard talking about slavery in the past tense. They are a very stupid people.

They have stupidly fallen for our emancipation trick and believe that the absence of chains means the absence of bondage and that the absence of a white face in charge means the end of white power. We will always be able to trick them and rule them, because although they can play sports and make music, thinking is something that they always have a problem with. Go ahead and tell us some more!


THIRD DRAGON , The UnHoly Father with the Forked Tongue: Well, as you all know, we have never failed to collaborate with the schools and universities in making the historical robbery of African people and the historical enrichment of our people look like remote events that left no lasting social and economic legacy. We have always held that any discussions that throw light on the connection between past robberies and present poverty must be made taboo, and all the focus and the blame must be placed instead on the sins of the slave whose morality was bound to crack from the constant stress of the long historical weight of oppression.

If the truth were to gain recognition that the soul-destroying nature of slavery and the stress of present-day oppression are the main contributors to the moral decay of the people, then unhealthy attention and the glance of condemnation may become focused on us. God forbid that such a thing should happen, because the issue of reparations would be unavoidable, and it would be difficult to extricate the Church from responsibility for its long years of collaboration with the slave owners.

To counter such an eventuality I would suggest using the News Media to create a despicable image of those slave-descendants at the bottom of the economic ladder so that their poverty and social confusion will be seen as a direct result of their own laziness and their own innate immorality and inferiority.

To be continued next part



15 thoughts on “The Prophecy

  1. Just about right, still colonies existing, complete with existing constitutions created by l ondon privy council, and documentedand declared in british parliament, If I did not read it myself, i would never believe this is still happening.

  2. Inciting racial tensions all over the Caribbean is a smoke screen meant to deflect or excuse the behavior of our two main political parties both the DLP and the BLP is simply an attempt to forget the absolute corruption and greed of our politicians.

    Barbadians abroad and at home are outraged that politicians have so little regard for their own family and citizens that they are prepared to compromise the futures of not only their friends and neighbours but the entire population of the once beautiful island of Barbados – once gem of the Caribbean sea. Barbadians from ALL parties are quite rightly calling for jail terms for those found to have practised fraud and malfeasance in public office. They are also calling for TOTAL FINANCIAL Transparency and to have levers put in place to ensure that never again can an arrogant, ignorant, selfish political class destroy and steal blind the property and futures of all Barbadians paid for by their own hard work – not to mention the largess of institutions such as the EU who give millions of dollars every year as grants to be plundered and used as personal piggybanks by political pariahs whose greed knows no bounds.

    Newspapers and politicians have for years treated Barbadians as mushrooms. Keeping them in the dark and feeding them plenty of manure. Then they look down their noses at the ‘ignorance’ of the bajan people, knowing that they have kept them in this perpetual state of financial and political ignorance in order to steal their land, their pensions and in effect their futures and their childrens’ futures. Barbadian politicians of every party should hang their heads in shame that they have allowed this constant state of theft and deception in order to enrich themselves for the past 60 years. The ‘I am alright Jacks’ will simply live off their stolen booty and to hell with the rest of Barbados.

    Here is a tweet from a foreign financial Chartered Financial Analyst ( CFA ) Charter Holder · Certified Financial Risk Manager ( FRM ) :

    ‘#Barbados Weekend at Bernie’s. Barbados, the Caribbean’s most indebted nation as a % GDP has suspended payments on their debt. 7% 8/2022 traded down from $91.00 (9% yield) to $51.00 (28% yield). This is what happens with no ECB back stop buyer I guess. CCC (aka fish hooks) to Debt –

    The Government’s arrears were said to be about $1.7 billion at September 30, 2017. This figure is expected to be significantly higher given the depth of maladministration that became a notable characteristic under former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler (who was allowed to run the countries finances without even the benefit of a GCSE or O level in basic maths…

    This must NEVER be allowed to happen again. This is not time for talk of racial tensions. This is a time to remember that Barbadian politicians have wrought this financial devastation on the entire nature time and time again over many years and heads must roll and trials must be held and money MUST be returned to the treasury of Barbados – to be used the run the country for the benefit of those who pay their taxes and those who have been pushed into absolute poverty by the boundless greed of the last DEM government.

    Barbadians looking on from afar are absolutely appalled by the lack accountability to the people and the utter destruction of a once proud nation. Put it right politicians. How dare you imperil the futures of an entire nation to enrich yourselves, Get on with it – admit that you are thieves and give the money back.

  3. Ukbajan…not everyone will see the blessings that were disguised right away, but ….the above is information Caribbean people, particularly bajans should have and start practicing to analyze, disassemble and process it emotionlessly…..

    Hopefully the article was not written by one of the former government criminals who now need to give back what they stole…and who never bothered to tell his or her people any of this, educating them about all of this in the last 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years.

  4. I am the sole author of the article and it is a culmination of the anger felt by myself, my family and friends who remain in Barbados and who are all now paying the price of corruption and theft – with no idea whether or not devaluation will destroy the last vestiges of their futures and those of all bajans except those who have stolen enough to withstand the years more or financial pain to come

  5. Small consolation, but the people’s stolen money, what is not recovered, will have to go toward paying their doctors for all the diseases they will get, most of them who are exgovernment…are old men..

  6. Probaby the worst thing ever sent to the world by BU (and that’s a pretty low bar,when you consider the cretin with diabetes an de gal wid de plants).

  7. Who makes choices as to what stories/pieces are run on this blog? These days, I just scan. Truly sinking to the lowest of levels now.

  8. Ding!

    Slavery Reparations Case Charges could be worded as crimes of :-

    (1) White Supremacy Racism Extremism and (2) Terrorism

  9. Journey

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    And the suns so red hot, hotter than hot, red hot
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    This is the song we were singing

    Comin along, oh yeah
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    Long long long…

  10. The mindset of the 3D matrix is collapsing exponentially, Slavery was a method of control, domination and exploitation,. since that they have moved to more stealthy methods to cement their intent, however, that will prove futile.

    This “play” most likely will render shockwaves in the minds of the gullible, uninformed and uneducated as to the extent of how others engage practices of evil through acts of crimes against humanity within their dark spaces. from edicts of ethnic cleansing, to wars physical and economic, to weather warfare, to weaken the “lesser human” (by their definition), by tampering with food, water, viruses, medications, population control methods, planned parenthood, including human experimenting, even eco systems alternations and now the onslaught of WIFI and other technologies Basically anything to do with survival. Our greatest clear and present danger is the coming of 5G and cell towers, now that data mining has everything under the sun except the SOUL.

    Make your hearts right with your CREATOR.

    Really ask yourselves the question?
    Were we humans designed to destroy ourselves and offspring?
    Are we being programmed?.. How?
    Why scientists?
    Who regulates?
    Who controls?
    Is their an agenda?
    Who benefits?

  11. The black race must practoce eternal vigilance fir self preservation, nothing else wìll work…black populationd have paid dearly with their freedoms and characters for decades for using this plant, now suddenly everyone else is a marijuana expert.

    “June 6, 2018
    Caribbean governments contemplating the decriminalization of the cannabis industry have been warned by one United States expert not to overtax the sector.

    Jamaica and Antigua already have decriminalized the use of small amounts of the herb for personal consumption, with the recently elected Mia Mottley-led administration in Barbados promising to consult with Barbadians on the decriminalization of recreational marijuana.

    Brian Staffa, chief strategist at the cannabis consulting company BSC Group, told officials attending Caribbean Week in New York this morning that while taxation may be necessary, governments must strike the right balance in that area.

    “The government often assumes that taxation is the cash cow and I just want to give a cautionary tale. While taxation can be one way, taxation directly on the product, directly on the operators that are creating it, and then at some sort of end of the sale perhaps with sales tax, that’s only one portion.”

  12. I dont know why people keep saying there is no documentation of the Bussa Rebellion yet it is documented as part of Caribbean history and archived….along with all the other leaders of rebellions throughout the Caribbean.

    “7. Bussa’s Rebellion, Barbados

    This Statue Honours Bussa in Barbados
    Captured in West Africa and sold to slave traders who brought him to Barbados, Bussa became a Ranger on Bayley’s plantation in St. Phillips. On Tuesday, 14th April, 1816, Easter Sunday, Bussa and his fellow leaders, Dick Bayley, King Wiltshire and Johnny, and Nanny Grigg, a domestic slave, launched their attack on the managers of the plantation. The rebels burned the cane as a signal to others that the uprising had begun and the revolt spread to as many as 70 estates. Hundreds of slaves joined the rebels and many whites fled to Bridgetown, the capital, for safety. Martial law was imposed and the rebellion was quickly suppressed. Bussa was killed in battle but, today, he is a National Hero in Barbados. Seventy people were executed for their participation in the Rebellion and 170 were deported to other islands.”

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