Uh Coming Winnie, Winnie Uh Coming!

Submitted by Pachamama

There has never been a woman, across the histories of all times, who could have transfixed the imaginations of generations of men, and boys, as has Saint Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Her transition leaves armies of Her men with no choice but to traverse one billion lifetimes in an eternal quest for Her divine grace – Uh Coming Winnie, Winnie Uh Coming!

Carrying the weight of the liberation struggle on Her shoulders, nearly alone and for decades, Saint Winnie bore the full brunt of the vicious Apartheid regime of South Africa with a fierce, unyielding, determination. Exiled in Her own country, imprisoned, tortured, kept under house arrest, denied work and ostracized abroad, Saint Winnie still emerged as the central personality fighting against White rule on the home front – Uh Coming Winnie, Winnie Uh Coming!

And yes! There are those who would dare to find fault of Her. They would want to speak of Her ‘football club’ and the death of one youngster in spite of two court cases with no finding of culpability, and many more dying in Her sacred defense, in a state of imposed war. These White-minded coconuts conveniently forget that a hundred-year revolution was being fought against international White supremacy. That there were untold losses on all sides, predominantly innocent, Black South Africans, at the hands of the apartheid state and its global supporters. That Her protection units had to eliminate some agents of that state, operating within, is standard practice in both revolutionary movements and state craft. Only a certain typology of Bajan slave would call for a bloodless revolution in all circumstances. ‘How long shall they kill our ‘Prophetesses’, while we stand aside and look?’ – Uh Coming Winnie, Winnie Uh Coming!

That Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and indeed all the young men and women of South Africa see Winnie as their Patron-Saint can only serve to push the ANC ‘leftwards’. In that location they will then have to deal with a radical land reform, also needed in Barbados, as just recently passed in parliament – for the repatriation of South African’s lands to its real owners – lands that were stolen over centuries. And this is rightness – Uh Coming Winnie, Winnie Uh Coming!

It has been long clear that Saint Winnie was the real radical all along. While people like Nelson Mandela and the now President, Cyril Ramaphosa, opted to either appease racist international neoliberalism and maintain economic apartheid or personally benefit from a highly unjust system, themselves. In the case of Ramaphosa, he opted to become a billionaire, shedding the garbs of a fake trade unionism. Does he not remind you of Leroy Trotman? In Nelson’s case, he opted for personal freedom in exchange for the maintenance of economic apartheid. Nelson Mandela even won the praises of no less a person than COW Williams. A man who once joined Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in calling Nelson a ‘terrorist’, said that Farley Hill could not be named after him – Uh Coming Winnie, Winnie Uh Coming!

Saint Winnie was no western type feminist. Long before western feminist discourses recognized the limits to the thinking of Foucault, Freud, and others, Saint Winnie knew that what the westerners were really lacking was a transgenerational feminine connection, not lesbianism. Not an irrational hatred of men. Not a postmodernist gender competitive environment everywhere. It’s the essence of what the American literary critic, academician, Camille Paglia, now likes to talk about. The critical connection of grandmother, mother, sister and granddaughter interaction and passing on traditional systems of social organization, a powerful sisterhood – Uh Coming Winnie, Winnie Uh Coming!

We beg our greatest ancestors to receive, the first amongst equals, The Great Saint Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. We shall always remember you and forever sing your sweet praises. See you again, soon – Uh Coming Winnie, Winnie Uh Coming!

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  1. As Mandela mellowed in prison, Winnie became more militant she was the anti-apartheid leader that the SA Gov’t feared the most. Banishment, solitary confinement and harsh treatment didn’t break her and they would have martyred her a la Steve Biko but that was a bridge too far even for Vorster’s Gov’t.

    Was Mandela too accommodating to the whites of South Africa after his release and subsequent election as South African President? It certainly appeared that way to Winnie based on the reports of her disengagement and eventual exclusion from Mandela’s Govt.

    Her impact of the lives on her people will be on display at her funeral and a counter to how she has been portrayed by elements of the press.

  2. Yes the fake press could try disingenuously to discredit the contribution of Winnie Mandela to the release of her then husband Nelson Mandela as much as they like but truth always prevail over untruths and history cannot distort the truth that throughout all the years Winnie was the global voice bringing to the attention of the world the unlawful incarceration of her husband

  3. SAINT??? Butchering murderess, who enjoyed her ‘necklace’ parties where she sentenced her opponents, real and imaginary to the most hideous of deaths. Her and her ‘Football Club’ gang of thugs were as foul a blot on the new nation of South Africa as it is possible to imagine. The vile Winnie was worse even than the grossly misnamed ‘Grace’ Mugabe, but both cut from the same cloth of racist venality, and contempt for their fellow Africans.
    Pachamama needs its head examining if it really believes, as I am sure the resident laughing stock Well Well Wot A Racist Orifice I Is, does, that this foul woman was anything but a frightful indicator of the coming reversion to barbarity of so many African nations when the whites left them to their own devices.
    Just ask Stompie Moeketsie what kind of a ‘saint’ this scum was. Ooops, of course you can’t.
    Stand not upon the order of your going – go join her Pachamama you utter moron.


  4. The blogmaster does not condone the killing of adversaries/opponents, we should be able to agree that the fight against Apartheid, against wickedness brought out the worse in people on both sides. It was a dark period.

  5. If you put the horror that was Winnie Mandela on a pedestal despite her frightful crimes against her own people. you not only condone the killing of innocents, you glorify a bestiality that was every bit as bad as that perpetrated by the Apartheid regime. The difference being the wicked witch Mandela killed her own without compunction. She will go down in history (in the sentient world, at least) as the antidote that was worse than the disease, and during the swathe of brutality the visited on SA, defiled her husband’s legacy. He knew this, if Pachamama doesn’t.

    • What Winnie did to contribute to the fight against the horror of apartheidwill never be erased. By anyone!

  6. IQ45fraud…you can never take away the greatness of the African Queen Winnie Mandela…talk about the butchery on native South Africans by the Dutch Boer pigs for centuries, that is where the real butchery of black people happened, talk about the savagery of the apartheid system practiced on the natives, the same savagery and wickedness yall wannabe demons in Barbados copied to practice against the majority black population, the remnants of which still exists today, still to be dismantled, just like the viciousness in South Africa now being chased off the continent,…talk about that.

    Mandela lived her life and contributed significantly to freeing her people…I dont know what you are doing up in her and her husband’s business, a man who was brutalized for 30 years by the same white racist regime, just as Winnie was….you sound jealous, but you cannot take away her legacy.

    Had Mandela listened to Winnie, South Africans would not have suffered another 24 years of racist brutality and now have to chase white demons out of their country, but given his age when he was released, it was understandable he was exhausted, but she still had energy.

    But…she lived to see white racists in South Africa get their comeuppance just before she moved on to a much higher plane…all her decades of work and suffering paid off for her to see, ya cant change that.

    What have you ever done except spew vile bile.

  7. A white American stated that the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of martyrs, Malcolm X popularized the statement ” by any means necessary.” Given all that we know of South Africa during that terrible apartheid era, a string of pearls made of used discarded Good year tires was the perfect gift for those swines who conspired against those freedom fighter and would see their people in bondage for thirty Rands. Winnie Mandela is the epitome of a strong black woman. I can’t say the same for these self serving deviants today who in recent times have acquired a taste for pokey. Nelson, Barack and now our Prime minister Freundel are the three black men in recent history having been elevated to positions of prominence squandered a great opportunity.

  8. Freedom Blues

    I hope that I should live to see
    When every man can know he’s free
    Suffering from the past
    I make I ought to be sad

    I got my duty rock and roll
    Now everybody, everybody, everyone’s got to be free!

    Now la-la, la-da-da-da
    La-la, la-da da-da

    Mmmm, let’s get rid of that old man, hey-ey-ey
    And bring our government up to date
    It may be very hard to do
    Just open your mind, let love come through

    You hear me calling you my cutie
    Everybody, everybody, everyone’s got to be free!
    Oh yes!

    We did our thing every thing and we paid our dues
    Now let’s get rid of these freedom blues
    It may be very hard to do
    Just open your mind, let love come through

    I got my duty rock and roll
    Now everybody, everybody, everyone’s got to be free

    • https://city-press.news24.com/News/mondli-makhanya-we-must-not-want-to-be-winnie-20180409 \ This is a most unfortunate indictment of Winnie Mandela. Those of us who spent most of our adult lives either married or chasing women know of the many pitfalls that seem to be par for the course. We suffer in silence often times too embarrassed or our machismo precludes us from letting on that we got our asses handed to us. Simply going to work and leaving our women is time enough to grow a pair of horns lol. Now, her husband did 27 years in prison and Winnie kept the pressure on, she did her best in seeking to bring the world’s attention to the plight of the majority in SA. I don’t think she was a saint, but what the rass hole her indiscretions got to do with shit now? Nelson Mandela had a right to work with Winnie to the very end, if for personal reasons he didn’t want to foop her, then get something on the side, get two even, we men do it all the time. He could reconciled with many of those who imprisoned him, slaughtered his people…Winnie was kicked to the curb. Then again, if Simple Simon was my wife…

  9. David

    It was only after the Shapesville Massacre that the ANC sought other means. And rightly so. Before they were misguidedly committed to Ghandian notions, for over a hundred years.

    Though we sincerely understand your editorial instinct, we have not seen the same general determination about the killings of innocent men. women and children all over the world, in their thousands daily.

    But while your hold on to traditional editorial thinking, popular media openly calls for the killing, assassination of America’s perceived enemies. They celebrate such killings.

    And the greatest evil in this world is still the American government. Where is the push back against that.

    Imperialism has killed billions in two thousand years of war, in Jesus’s name, with the cross going on before, but when Afrikan peoples have to kill White people, and Black lackeys, for their own lands, in a sacred defense, all other kinds of soft-pappy calculations are to come into play.

    If you were deemed, today, an enemy of the USA a drone could kill you and your children in your bed. That is now legal. Their justice!

    Is it not time to reconsider these misbegotten notions of begging White people for justice. Or pretending your hands and mind must be bloodless.

    For us and our household, it shall always be ‘by any means necessary’ (sic)

  10. Artax, you sad blind creature, you can deny facts as much as you like, no doubt you would also tell us that Zimbabwe has thrived economically, socially and culturally under your hero Mad Bob Mugabe, and that he also killed no-one.
    Just because you condone the barbarity of your own while decrying that of other tribes doesn’t make you right, just stupid. Nelson Mandela knew what a monster she was, and I think perhaps he knew more than you. Not difficult.



  11. Maybe it is jes de ole man genes, or maybe a dysfunctional home with parents who maltreated de ole man or a set of teachers who beat de ole man mercilessly or some other of a host of reasons that the youth of today seem to be able to easily rely on.

    Unfortunately de ole man has no such behavioral warping detritus to rely on as my excuse just in the castle of my skin as a compass.

    So I ent got no excuse for my love of the “racist venality” exhibited by Winnie Mandela and others as we continue the struggle against slavery and its institutionalized appendages.

    It never ceases to amaze me how whites can approve their venality against North American injuns, or the Maori, or Aboriginal peoples or the coolies in India and Pakistan over the centuries of their rape and colonization.

    And de ole man gets a laugh when whites express their venality against their oppressors like during their revolution against the British a la American Independence or a la Irish Republican Army but we does become animals and beasts deserving of a special place in hell cause we also seek to stank up to our rights against said invading forces.

    But of a truth “power comes out of the barrel of a gun” and IEDs by the IRA do breed respect albeit grudgingly

    There is a time for everything and Winnie Mandela served her tour of duty well in dealing death to the merchants of death for it is better to die free than live a slave …

  12. Anything that Jerry Richardson (football coach) said should be taken with a large dollop of salt. In other testimony that came out during the Truth & Reconciliation Commission it was revealed that he was a Police informer. Was the SA Police using an informer to commit acts to build a case against Mandela whom they feared?

    Winnie was always surrounded by what was described as “Janus” figures who were agents of the Gov’t that tried to discredit her. As said in the attached report the South African Police were not above “oiling the palms of a convicted murderer to implicate someone else”.


  13. 45govt

    You’re probably CORRECT that I’m a “sad BLIND creature” and “just STUPID”………

    …….because I re-read my comment re: “Perhaps you should read more recent reports rather than relying on stories from 1997,”

    ……..over 25 times…….and was UNABLE to FIND contained therein, where I:

    …………“denied facts as much as (I) like….”

    ………… mentioned “Mad Bob Mugabe” is my “hero.…”

    …………“condoned the barbarity of (my) own while decrying that of other tribes.…”

    ………… indicated I knew more about Winnie than Nelson Mandela.

    But you, my friend, were able to read that simple comment, found those “opinions” and attribute them to me.


    Perhaps you may want the SHARE the NAME of your ophthalmologist and the SOURCE of your WISDOM, so I could “relieve” myself of “blindness” and “stupidity.”

    @ Sargeant

    My opinion of Jerry Richardson as well………especially after reading police paid the guy R10,000 for information.

  14. IQ45fraudsrer is just jealous, when Mandela was dying he asked to see Winnie, IQ45 is still trying to get between a husband and wife, both deceased, like the pimp that he is….ya cant get much lower than that..

    After 24 years of seeing that being house negros only gets ya more of the same with racists and their vile practices, the government is opting to rid South Africa of those demons that help breed house negros…end of story, they should have been purged out of Africa and every where else.over 2 decades ago, but better late than never.

  15. @whiteHill April 10, 2018 5:25 AM

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson, American Founding Father, American Patriot, American Vice President, American President, American Secretary of State.

    • Typical of a Bajan, why would you assumed I didn’t know to whom to attribute that quote. Of all that you credit him with, he was a slave owner. Did I not mentioned Malcolm X? .

  16. @pieceuhderockyeahright who wrote ” It never ceases to amaze me how whites can approve their venality against North American injuns,”

    Some are still trying cloud over the atrocities suffered by natives in Canada.

    The “church” took children away from their parents and communities. They beat and raped these children.

    nuff said!

  17. And do not forget that blacks are still fighting against injustices.
    Winnie a fearless and tireless warrior made fighting for what is right by any means necessary a principle for justice.

  18. The same white man who declared that all men are created equal, but refused to free my black ancestors from slavery. Patriot my ass. Maybe because he kept a black slave woman as his mistress, you know how you black Bajan women love your white men and tourist. Wunna does be too sweet and charming when wunna encounter them. Now, when dealing with WhiteHill, oh lord, angry is rass hole. I think most of you have the Simple Simon complex.

  19. Uhuru

    apologies for reposting same song twice

    this song is a reworking of freedom blues posted in the A.M. (BRB time)

    which was a reworking of Lil Richards original tune

  20. I like to think that women in the ANC were instrumental in the destruction of South African apartheid

    “Now you have touched the women you have struck a rock: you have dislodged a boulder: you will be crushed”

  21. IQ45…that jealousy will kill you, you too will go to ground, but no one will know, care or celebrate your pitifully unremarkable excuse for a life, no state funeral for you.

  22. @45govt April 11, 2018 10:15 AM “Goes to ground like a dead fortylegs.”

    i suppose that 45govt thinks that he will be caught up in the air with the Lord.

    He won’t.

    He will die, just like the rest of us.

    And he will stink just like a dead dog…just like the rest of us. And 2 years after he is gone nobody will remember him.

    Winnie will be remembered for generations.

  23. How Simple can you be Simon? Hitler will also be remembered for generations, along with Stalin, Pol Pot, and most murderous filth like Winnie.

  24. The stench on here is emanating from racists like Well Well What A Noisome Orifice I is, and is simply that of the rank hypocrisy from morons who will do anything to excuse the barbarity of neanderthal throwbacks like Winnie Mandela, while decrying Whitey for any and everything ever done wrong in history. Lazy, parasitic blacks who prefer to wallow in their manufactured victimhood, despite having been raised in a truly glorious society such as Barbados was at Independence, and stepping on, and defiling the real suffering of their more unfortunate forbears to do so. Dipper Barrow was well attuned to the then thankfully small number of professional whingers, Martin Donawa famously referred to this cult of victimhood as “The Colour Crutch”.
    It is such a crying shame, and a reason that Barbados is now in the state that it is, that these unproductive muck-stirring louts have been breeding like Aedes Egypti after the rains in the tenantries, while feeding on the bull-droppings of people like Commissiong, Sharpton, Jackson, and the like, while the entrepreneurial spirit dies out, and Barbados dies before our very eyes.
    Paradise Lost.

    “Errol Barrow served in the Royal Air Force during World War II. He enlisted in the RAF on 31 December 1940 and flew some 45 operational bombing missions over the European Theatre. By 1945 he had risen to the rank of Flying Officer and was appointed as personal navigator to the Commander in Chief of the British Zone of occupied Germany, Sir William Sholto Douglas.”

    FORTY-FIVE MISSIONS!!! What a man, and to think the party he founded has been taken over by scum such as Friendless Stuart and his gang of thieves.

  25. Only White people and their Black lackeys are able to enslave others, imposed racism, and when those who have been so harmed rebel these same White people and their Black lackeys will proceed to call those so oppressed ‘racist’.

    Only White people could get away with this kind of twisted logic, all the time.

    Racism never meant hating White people. Some White people hate other White people, are they racist as well, well! Pun intended

    Racism requires the political, economic, legal, other powers, to establish it. No where in the world do Afrikan peoples have such powers. And even if we did we would have no interest in racism.

    For it is an institution invented by White people, and it is and will continue to destroy you, so why would we want to save you White fuckers from your impending doom?

  26. You are sick as well as iggorant Pachamama.
    Tribalism was invented by you Africans, which is why you sold your neighbours to the Arab traders for beads and baubles, and for all the world it looks as if you would like to regress to that early stage of evolution. Zimbabwe already has, and Winnie did her best too.. SA is lost, as is Bim with fools like you.

  27. Doom for whites may be a ways off, there are no successful black nations even when you are given paradise for free like barbados you guys can screw it up, You need us.. you need some boogey man for your incompetence, ,

  28. Lawson…
    Doom for whites may be a ways off,
    Wunna fellows just need to hang on for a few more month…and things will look a lot different….
    As Bushie has warned Hants before….
    Hold on to that spot in Bim….
    Paradise is a matter of perspective.

  29. Pacha..ya noticed not one commenter on the blog calls me racist when am beating up on the black government ministers and politicians for selling out their own people…they all absorb and digest what I say silently and with glee, they only jump out to call me racist when am exposing the nasty things whites do, the truth as we all know it that they cannot face…… in their usual 6 degrees of separation from reality.

    The ministers and politicians who still practice their house negro roles and have for far too long are clearly the enemies of Bajans, dont for one minute think that in selling out their own people, they did not also sell out the minorities who are now clearly struggling to remain relevant and get control of parliament to save the little the known crooks stole from the population.

    This is a bitter battle for all of them, who are more than deserving because only a few minorities are nit in agreement with the decades old bribery/extirtion scam between ministers, politicians and less than 12 business people.

    I wonder how George Payne feels now when he jumped out with joy and uppitiness after the US election gushing “how glad he was trump won, how he will now help the Caribbean people”, dont know where he got that delusion from…..but that is the level of politicians you have in Barbados, intellect deficit on the lowest side of the spectrum, not even a half level above a mindless slave…when confronted by anyone who even look like they are white.

    Lawson….I thought you would be brushing up on ya russian, just in case, but here you are all up in Barbados’ business while the putin wind is blowing across North America…ya know US and Canada is one land right, more than enough room for russia to play.

  30. IQ45 will rant and rave for a while cause ah exposed their nasty plan, they were feeling good for a real long time cause they sat around their little round tables in the last year plotting for the majority population, how to keep their stolen loot and still continue tiefing from the majority population…cause they always have their fall back house negros in parliament.

    But ah went on a bender and upset that apple cart, now everyone knows and the plotters vex vex, vex….like I could give a shit.

    Even Liesalot got vex, not so happy about lying anymore.

    Africa is exposing its house negros so they can rid themselves of white parasites.

  31. Africa is exposing its house negros so they can rid themselves of white parasites.


    Set an example that others can follow in the west.

  32. Well Well

    They want you to think like them.

    It’s alright to kick Black ass, their servants. That’s no challenge to them.

    But once you let the truth about rassooooooooooual White people and their innate wickedness you will always be seen thusly.

    Let’s call it the Black man’s burden. LOL

  33. Lol…they will have a damn hard time to get me thinking like them, black people in all their frustrated state cant get me to think like them, I can’t see where any halfassed white can succeed in that regard, no matter how devious..

    This is the one time they did not want me finding out what they were up to Pacha..bad for them.

  34. The spirit of Winnie Madela will smile on these turn of events from Africa to the Caribbean.

  35. just proves my point how desperate local whites have become, they thought when they had those lousy, incompetent, treacherous judas government ministers selling out their own people to them for decades post independence….that they themselves would never end up in the net to be sold out too, they were too confident and now that so many black eyes are opening, it is becoming a struggle for whites to remain relevant…the pretend relevance is disappearing at an alarming rate that frightens them….from coast to coast.

    They can’t use the old passed down from their ancestors tricks and crimes anymore, they are played out, too easily recognize and counteracted…and none of them are intelligent in this era to create more brutal miseries for black people, (check out the idiot in the WH, the best example) they lost that power by being too avaricious and focused on thiefing everything for the last 60 years.

  36. The white press can’t change reality, they can only tell lies, that is all they know, they can’t take anything away from Queen Winnie, she will always be a legend for hundreds of years into the future.

  37. yep..last January, that about sums it up..lol…the embarrassment and shame the US is feeling right now will be written into history books, the pedophile, thief, whoremonger president with the stripper wife…and we aint even touch the corrupt, traitor, racist part yet, it will take several books to start.

    Come is the man..his book rocks.

  38. WW quit bullshitting the peeps you living ing the states have been going to see the rapist every chance you get

  39. @lawson April 12, 2018 8:37 AM “…even when you are given paradise for free like barbados…”

    Lawson I have to call you out for this LIE. Barbadians, specifically black Barbadians were not given paradise Barbados for free. We were brought against our will to this yellow fever, cholera, typhoid and smallpox infested place infested place and by our hard work [mostly unpaid] we made it into the paradise, that people like you have come and found, and so you feel that it was always thus.

    If as you say we were given paradise for free, who do you perceive as the giver? And since it was just a paradise why would one set of people give a paradisal place to another set of people–people they hold in contempt.

    Does that happen in real life lawson?

  40. @April 13, 20184:45 AM “The reign of the corrupt idiot in the White House ended in failure and debasement last January.”

    No, no, no.

    You are mistaken. According to James Comey, white, male, American lawyer, the White House is currently occupied by a corrupt idiot, a failure who is hard at work debasing the good people of those United States.

    A don (according to Comey, not me)

  41. “We were brought against our will to this yellow fever, cholera, typhoid and smallpox infested place infested place”

    yeah…infested by Lawson”s ancestors with their deceased selves killing off all the original natives in Barbados and across the Caribbean and Africa, they spread so much disease everywhere they went, , then lying about it as usual, twisting the truth and history and those are just the ones they did not murder outright to steal their lands….like the fraud minorities on the island, descendants of prisoners are still trying to twist the island’s history today to deceive the majority population and got exposed on facebook, they are repulsive.

    I see where one idiot said that “blacks were looked after”…they were so angry at being exposed yesterday they posted pure shit..lol

    Dr. Simple….trump supporters are just like him, dumb as rocks, in IQ45’s mind, January 2018, which was last January, has not happened yet…that’s why he is known as IQ45.

    yep..Comey is the man, Mueller too, these are real men who stand up as men.

  42. Now SS you were sold by your own, for beads and baubles so to be fair you must have a bit of resentment against them as well , somalis used to sell bantu the nigerians sold as well. Its not like my ancestors ran around the jungle with large butterfly nets like they chase WW at black rock with. When haiti was given to the people .france demanded payment of 20 odd billion you were not charged anything. But be fair yes you supplied the labour but the plantocracy supplied the brains,you guys cant even sort out your sewage problem thinking if we hide it under the island we wont see it again So can we not agree this is a different time, and we are different people,

  43. As always, the blog reverts to the most pitiful form of futile mental masturbation, wherein geriatric halfwits who quite obviously wouldn’t have passed (pass? past?j the 11-plus half a century ago bang on about which secondary school they attended in Bim and post spurious maps purporting to show that ancient Egypt was populated entirely by sub-Saharans. Jesus by the way, was a black guy. Who knew?

    Let’s grow the phuque up and look some facts in the face. Today is today. Next week is next week. Today, Sweden is Sweden. And to anyone who isn’t a dunce, it’s obvious why Sweden is Sweden. Close to zero Swedes want to live anywhere else. Today, Nigeria is Nigeria, and vast numbers of Nigerians want so much to live in Sweden that they drown in the attempt to get there.

    Next week, next month, next year, Barbados will be the Nigeria of the Caribbean. And the reason will be obvious to anyone who passed (pass? past?) the 11-plus.

  44. “So can we not agree this is a different time, and we are different people,”

    Stop lying Lawson…yall are worse now, cause ya desperate, living off dead peoples legacies has run it”s course and ya ran out of viable scams and cannot pass the modern day fraud test…the difference is yall are losing control rapidly because the time/era is different, the earth’s original people are rising again and you will once again find yourselves irrelevant just as before the slave trade.

    if only black ministers and politicians would stop colluding with white crooks against their own people and DO THEIR DAMN JOBS AS TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING THEM TO DO…..we will all then see a big difference and real productivity and progress.

  45. WW everytime I see one of your posts I think of nurse ratchet coming around with the med tray and you like your political ilk double dipping. Just like when they say I never knew he drank because I never saw him sober., I cannot recall you not hating the whites. You claim your husband is white so is this all about him making you do the dishes and laundry

  46. Lawson…what do you think I have helpers for, so I can enjoy life and live leisurely.

    My husband is a gentleman, not looking to tief from anyone black nor white, dont mix him up with your ancestors, he knew how to survive on his own merits, not off some black or brown or native persons back or existence and so did his ancestors….that is still hard to find, white people who dont live the parasite life..lol

    I just watched a clip from South Africa, the movement is spreading, yall will lose.

  47. @lawson April 13, 2018 2:44 PM “Now SS you were sold by your own, for beads and baubles so to be fair you must have a bit of resentment against them as well…the plantocracy supplied the brains.”

    No seller unless there is a willing buyer. A buyer who want to make obscene profits, but does not want to use one drop of his own sweat.

    Nope we supplied the brains too, and specifically we supplied the “how to” grow food in the tropics. We had to tell wunna that growing wheat won’t cut it.


  48. @lawson April 13, 2018 2:44 PM “When haiti was given to the people .france demanded payment of 20 odd billion.”

    France is still reaping the results of her wickedness, and we do not have to punish her.

    Other people from elsewhere are doing it.

  49. WW why doesnt your husband wash your mouth out with soap for the nasty things you say or is he another anderson cooper type. Its obvious he doesnt know what you think or say or he would be sleeping with one eye open.

  50. The savages in the UK will always be savages, why would any sane black person, country, leaders be proud to be aligned with and still pretend to be owned by these white savages, frauds and liars..

    “On 4 April Prince Charles opened the Commonwealth Games in Australia’s Gold Coast with a brief reminder of the historical ties that bind. “The ancient stories told by the indigenous people of Australia remind us that, even though we may be half a world away, we are all connected,” he said. “Over the years, these Friendly Games have shown the potential of the Commonwealth to connect people of different backgrounds and nationalities.”

    ‘I’ve been here for 50 years’: the scandal of the former Commonwealth citizens threatened with deportation

    Five days later the Guardian published an article about Michael Braithwaite that illustrates how fragile and selective those connections are. Braithwaite, a Barbadian-born Briton who arrived here in 1961 when he was nine, was educated here, has worked here for his entire life, married here and had three British children and five British grandchildren. He had been a special needs teaching assistant at a north London primary school for over 15 years when his employers launched a “routine” immigration status check. Braithwaite, 66, assumed correctly that he was British.

    But now he had to prove it, providing up to four pieces of documentary evidence to the Home Office for every year he had been here. He lost his job when the Home Office failed to issue him with the documents to verify that he was in the country legally. Trying to prove he was who he was, and who nobody ever seriously doubted he always had been, made him ill. “It made me feel like I was an alien. I almost fell apart with the stress,” he said.

    Within minutes of the article about Braithwaite going online the Home Office had emailed his lawyers to say the documents had been approved. Welcome to the United Kingdom. With the exception of Northern Ireland, our existence as an island means our physical border is, for the most part, well defined. We stop and start at the water’s edge. The entry points, be they at ports or airports, are heavily fortified and highly militarised.

    But our administrative borders are invisible and omnipresent, dividing communities and generations at whim and will. These borders represent not a physical space but a political one that can be reproduced without warning in places of learning and healing. At any moment almost anyone, your boss, doctor, child’s headmaster or landlord, can become a border guard – indeed they may be legally obliged to do so – and on the basis of their judgment you may be denied livelihood, family, home and health.

    Incredibly, this is not a glitch in the system. It is the system. And in the words of American intellectual WEB Du Bois: “A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.” Braithwaite has become ensnared in deliberate government policy, set out by the prime minister, Theresa May, when she was home secretary, to create a “really hostile environment for illegal immigrants”. The aim was to make life in Britain so onerous for immigrants that those who could not produce the documents at any, random, point in their daily life, would find their life so difficult that they would, in the words of Mitt Romney, “self-deport”.

  51. WW …web dubois?????…..you guys are more in line with blanche dubois…”i have always depended on the kindness of strangers”

  52. “Nelson Mandela was an icon, but the police in the country were afraid of Winnie Mandela.”

    Too early to mix it up Lawson…ya mean depended on tiefing from strangers, sober up…lol

  53. Let them go down there and see if they can find their heads when it’s all done, it would be a bloodbath, we all know that’s the intent, even in the small Caribbean islands starting in Barbados, the intent is to start up that evil racist shit again,but this time, you destroy them before they can have a rebirth.

  54. Now we understand why Mugabe chased their evil white asses out of Zimbabwe, now we understand why South Africa has to chase their evil asses out, they will not stop so they have to be chased off the continent.

  55. CNN International today featured a train going into rural areas of South Africa,outfitted with medical doctors,opthamologists,pharmacists,interns,and psychologists and all the resources of a well outfitted hospital on wheels to provide medical care for folk in these remote areas.What I found admirable was firstly,they were all professionals,black, young,intelligent and not one white man or woman was in the feature.The other thing is it is so well organized with sleeping accommodation,clean and working to a schedule with lots of logistics involved in its execution.Features of this nature can do more for character building for blacks than most of these hairy fairy handouts by well intentioned but ill informed dogooders who think only a white is bestowed special drawing rights to knowledge and know-how.

  56. IT GETS BETTER…a young female university student in Nigeria from one of the neighboring African countries just developed a cure for cancer in Africa, here is hoping she is protected and not murdered by greedy jealous whites like they did the young South African inventor and stole his invention…Africans are rising.

  57. “Student in Nigeria develops cure for breast cancer – Nigerian Tribune
    http://www.tribuneonlineng.com › Latest News
    Jul 4, 2017 – A female student of the African University of Science and Technology, Abuja, Sandra Musujusu, has developed an alternative treatment for breast cancer. The scientific breakthrough might lead to a lasting solution in the treatment of breast cancer prevalent among women world over. This was made known ..”

  58. Wow lots of good news out of Nigeria a long lost relative of mine passed away and has left me 29 billion dollars as I am his only living relative. When I send the 20 thousand dollars to his lawyer for probate I won’t have to work anymore he tells me. WW can ya help me out

  59. Yeah Lawson…I can help you out, your relatives in the minority community in Barbados need your help, they need people to go to prison for them in other jurisdictions and i know how you love to support the minorities on the island..

    .. their house negros drew the line at that….leaving them stranded, so I am imploring you on their behalf…how bout it, on humanitarian grounds. ..help out ya brithers and fellow man.


    Sun, 04/15/2018 – 12:00am
    “If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find fault with, you will not do much.” Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
    Winnie Mandela, the wife of Nelson Mandela, has transitioned from this plane having done her service to mankind in her allotted time. Hers was a service from which every human being benefited and should properly be acknowledged as a genuine service to mankind. She excelled beyond anything most of us mere mortals will accomplish.
    The enormous stature of her husband, Nelson, compels one to still introduce Winnie as the wife of Nelson, but she did enough to merit an introduction that would not need Nelson to support her. She was a phenomenal woman who was willing, and able, to carry the burden of an entire people in a just cause.
    Like any freedom fighter who wages battle in an environment where her opponents represent the status quo and control the sources of information, she suffered from false news and the poisoning of the minds of some of her own people against her. But she pressed on with her fight.
    It is standard procedure that the law is always used to counteract the efforts of those who fight against their oppressors, for the law is instituted by those who oppress and seek to maintain their privileges. Her case was no different. The police spied on her, harassed her and spread lying propaganda about her. She knew that if she spat on the street she would be arrested. And yet she pressed on with her fight.
    The approach of the apartheid regime in South Africa in trying to undermine her efforts was akin to that adopted by the oppressive regime in Barbados during the 1930s. Our historical record shows that persons were arrested and charged for sedition for statements as dangerous as “Today is a funny night”. Apartheid South Africa and colonial Barbados were hardly different.
    For much of the time of her struggle, her later illustrious husband was imprisoned. Since then, many edifices have been erected in his honour. Individuals, groups, organisations and countries have accorded him great respect. Parks, buildings, roads and all manner of landmarks have been named after him. But not a lot is said of the fact that for most of his life, Winnie fought for him, on his behalf and for South Africa. He was the inspiration, but she was the one who carried the fight. He became President. She became invisible.
    Much was made in the media about her tactics in fighting the enemies of her people. Rather than condemn her, she rightly deserves the highest commendation for her determination to stop at nothing to achieve her righteous end. There can be no question of illegality when one is locked in a war of life and death, and that is where Winnie found herself.
    When the British people who had migrated to America wanted to end their colonial relationship with the country of their origin, they went to war and much blood was spilt. When two factions of the American people could not agree on the way forward for their adopted country, they fought what we call a civil war, and brother slew brother. When our forefathers wanted to be free of their bondage, they fought, even though nearly weaponless, and blood was spilt – although mostly theirs. When the people of Ireland decided that they no longer wanted to be controlled by England, they formed the Irish Republican Army and much blood was spilt, both English and Irish. That is the nature and reality of struggle. And in no situation was a traitor given a pass.
    Although she was fighting against white suppression, some of Winnie’s major foes were to be found among the black people that she was trying to liberate. In this regard, her experience would have been similar to Moses. Just as the people that Moses led grumbled against him, some of those who sought her company were plants of her and their oppressors. A fiery necklace was deserved punishment for them.
    White South Africans learnt late what was known in this part of the world for a long time: you do not have to control a Government in order to control a country and a people. As long as you seize the reins of the economy, the country is yours. Black South Africans can now vote and travel around their country with greater freedom. But these common rights have not otherwise changed the lives of the vast majority of them. Except for politics, which may still be no more than fastidious apparel, the power structure has not changed.
    The African National Congress continues to battle over its leadership, but those leaders seem to have lost sight of the fact that there is still an unfinished battle to wage for the development of the people who elect them.
    All of South Africa’s post-apartheid leaders owe their positions to the effort of Winnie Mandela. When she was on the front line, some may have been too young to join her and many of them were probably hiding. It is unforgivable that they were willing to allow her to drift off the scene because of the scandals that were created about her. They failed to grasp the opportunity to use her to inspire the younger South Africans beyond the traces of comfort which some may now come to enjoy. But there may be good reason for this. She would never have tolerated the watered down policies which they have adopted since their rise to power, sorry, political authority.
    Winnie took great risks and paid a terrible price. But she knew the devil she stood against and she did not surrender to it, even when she was lifted on her cross. The unholy superstructure which sought to control and manage her was strong because it was imbued with great evil. The faint hearted could not undertake her task.
    However, although she has not been sufficiently credited, she won a great prize. It is because of her efforts that the black South African people have been able to take their first steps towards regaining their freedom from white oppression. Her risks were great, but the rewards of her people were potentially greater. She was willing to pay any price to achieve her goal. Jean Jacques Rousseau helps me to express how I think Winnie’s role should be considered: “Every man has the right to risk his own life in order to preserve it. Has it ever been said that a man who throws himself out the window to escape a fire is guilty of suicide?”
    Winnie Mandela was dealt a difficult hand in the game of life and she played it well, given all of her circumstances. When she had to throw herself out the window of a moving vehicle, she did so. But it was never to save herself. She did what she did to save a people. If there is a reward beyond here, I am sure hers will be great.

  61. WW your husband was spotted at the westminister show or was it your husband was spotted at the westminster show either way tell him woof from me.

  62. Excellent commentary on Winnie Mandela. Yes she was indeed the voice of the liberation struggle when Mandela consorted with his captors in prison and the voice of the global movement calling for Mandela’s release.

    • Could it be that after so many years in prison Nelson Mandela may have been experiencing the Stockholm syndrome?

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