The Adrian Loveridge Column – Local Hotelier Sounds Off on FLOW ad Ask a Question of Airbnb

Seemingly never far from controversy or hoisting its own petard, Airbnb has recently claimed that it has generated US$6.5 billion for restaurants around the world in the last 12 months.

Across the 10 European cities cited in the report, including London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona, guests have spent more than Euro 2.5 billion, Euro 700 million more than the previous 12 months.

It’s a pretty bold statement, apparently made without any substantial evidence to support it.

In London alone, guests (Airbnb) have spent GB Pounds 522 million in local restaurants since September 2016, GB Pounds 79 million up on the previous period.

According to Airbnb, its guests are spending an average of US$40 – $100 per night in restaurants.

Almost half (43 per cent) of this spending is in the neighbourhood in which they are staying.

Let’s assume for a moment that the figures quoted are even remotely credible and can be supported with facts, does this relate to increased spending in our restaurants on Barbados, with the quoted 16,000 Airbnb guests who came to our shores last year?

I sincerely hope that our restaurateurs will let their views be known and if they have benefited from the chanted Airbnb claim, either individually or through the trade body, notably the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA).

Perhaps a simple straw poll could give our planners and policymakers some more insight to the Airbnb effect and the true contribution it is making?

I would like to move slight away from tourism in this part of the column, but not too far, as sustained communication plays a critical part in the sector’s survival and growth.

Last week, hundreds and possibly thousands of land line subscribers were denied use of their paid service for at least a large part of the working day. This meant not only voice communication by access to the widely used Skype.

Tardily, the virtual monopoly provider eventually posted an advisory on their Facebook page, but the vast majority were left trying to report the faults on the 1 800 ‘Customer Service’ number which remained ‘busy’ or simply rang and rang unanswered for hours.

Most consumers fully understand that things can go wrong, but given this company’s appalling history of poor customer service across decades, despite their distinct trading advantages and a record of extracting above competitive rates, why is it they simply are not be able to get it right after so long in business?

Compound the frequent loss of service with months of challenges while they try and correct ongoing problems with their payment portal and you are left to wonder why our supposed regulatory authority, the Fair Trading Commission, has not been more proactive in ensuring the company provides us consistently with what we are paying for.

What is also particularly aggravating is that named senior managers within this company, entrusted (and presumably paid) with the responsibility of ensuring consistent service delivery feel no compulsion to respond to consumer emails.

Maybe they think posting a delayed advisory is enough to calm long suffering disenchanted consumers, but in other developed countries, financial compensation would be demanded and forthcoming. So why do they believe they can get away with it here?

Perhaps it is long overdue that the many individuals and businesses who are financially disadvantaged by this poor service consider taking a collective class action lawsuit against the company to force them into finally addressing and remedying the issues.


  • C&W has always been this way. They tried to rebrand as LIME but ruined that brand. When they realized this they then bought FLOW which had a good reputation and now they have succeeded in destroying that as well. But the staff is the same as when it was C&W so did anyone expect them to change? If you are a FLOW customer you need to watch your invoices very carefully as they will screw you at the drop of a hat.


  • Idiot Bajans love it so


  • Why is the Las Vegas shooting not terrorism.
    The ISIS claims are bull but why does this not qualify as terror


  • @Pacha

    Don’t we need to prove political intent?


  • Why is the Las Vegas shooting not terrorism.

    One lunatic gunman acting alone stationed on the 32nd floor is the “official” story so far, but muzzle flashes in video seem to indicate shots from 4th floor as well.


  • Yesterday a reporter said she and friends were on roof taking photos …there could have been many people taking pictures with lots of flashes from the windows, a very chaotic scene.


  • No David

    Only that the killer is not White


  • Economist and political commentator Paul Craig Roberts (a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury & Wall Street Journal editor) on the Las Vegas shooting:

    Dear Readers, I appreciate the confidence that you show in me with your emails asking my opinion about the Las Vegas shooting. Many of you suspect that it is another false flag affair, and you ask me about its purpose.

    I don’t know if it was a false flag attack, and if so, by who or for what purpose. I don’t expect to ever know. A story is set in place by officials and media. The only way to ever know is to personally investigate. You would have to go to Las Vegas, examine the scene, ask questions of the hotel, investigate the answers if you get any, find and interview concert attendees who were shot, attend funerals and see bodies of those killed, speak to their families, learn about the weapon allegedly used, experience trying to shoot at targets far below and far away, compare the number of casualties with the recorded time of firing, and so forth. In other words, we would have to do the job that in former times would have been done by the press, but no more.


    UPDATE: Paddock’s girlfriend describes him as a “kind, caring, quiet” man who she envisioned a “quiet future” with. A woman knows a man. Her description is not one of a psychopath.

    I have spoken to more experienced persons rated experts including US Marine snipers. They don’t believe a word of the official story.


  • I mentioned in a previous contribution that each time Sandy Lane Hotel advertises for a MANAGEMENT POSITION, they subsequently publish a notice stating they DID NOT RECEIVE SUITABLE APPLICATIONS and are applying for a WORK PERMIT to bring in a NON-NATIONAL for the position.

    And BU’s “tourism expert” accused me of presenting “FAKE NEWS.”

    On page 39 of the Monday, October 2, 2017 edition of the Daily Nation, there was a Sandy Lane Hotel advertisement for a RESTAURANT MANAGER – BEACH, POOL & WATERSPORTS.

    Their “preferred candidate must possess:”

    At least three years’ experience managing restaurants that focus on international luxury beach operations delivering high quality service.

    At least five years’ water sports experience along with lifeguard experience and training.

    Experience driving speed/power boats and have tractor license.

    Experience in teaching water sports activities along with a proven track record of strong leadership, organizational and people management skills.

    The ability to be financially astute with regards to management and control of departmental budgets and expenses.

    Detailed wine and spirits knowledge and ability to train others.

    Certification in CPR and First Aid.

    The ability to speak fluent European foreign languages and interact with international guests seamlessly.

    The DEADLINE for applications is October 13, 2017.

    Let’s be HONEST……..

    ………………judging from the above perquisites, do BU (or Adrian Loveridge) believe that Sandy Lane Hotel will RECEIVE SUITABLE APPLICATIONS from Barbadians for this position?

    ……………. or do you expect to see a subsequent notice in the paper indicating that hotel’s intension to apply for a work permit.

    God’s will, I patiently await the results.


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