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George Brathwaite (Ph.D)


Barbados needs a strong dose of societal discipline. The prescription will only be helpful if this begins with the individual and is clearly exhibited at the level of national leadership. This solution is one of the few available ways that remain open to Barbados if we are going to be able to deliver, and make the island live up to national expectations. Employers must set examples; and who better to calm the rough waters in industrial relations than the government as a model employer respecting employees’ rights? People must be motivated and encouraged to work productively rather than loathe on the job. Managers need to do their work, and show the type of discipline that can enhance productivity in the workplace.

Economically, there must be fiscal discipline so that the country is not consistently spending more than it is earning, and increased taxation is not the end all in trying to achieve revenues for which tools for attracting investments and earning foreign exchange could rather do. How else can Barbados get back to helping people transform this society and achieve good standards of living? Barbadians owe it to themselves to press the state’s economists and policymakers to be more timely with their decision-making, and to be more transparent in their dealings depending on the public purse. Do we have the discipline that the Auditor General is demanding in each report that he furnishes to the authorities, but which they seem oblivious to the findings?

Regardless of all the intellectual, technical, financial, and any other capacities that are brought to bear on national governance, it is discipline that maintains orders, streamlines procedures, and bring a much stronger sense of legality to the process. It is discipline that will help to facilitate the social transformation that is needed if Barbados is to halt the rapid decline to values in our society. At the end of the day, it is law and order, strong ethics, and the commitment to doing the right things; these things constitute the necessary discipline for a nation that has seemingly lost its way over the last few years.

Civic-minded persons and leaders from across the various sectors, inclusive of trade unions, need to encourage and challenge the nation to follow best practices which are built and expanded on the platform of discipline. Priests and pastors, managers and captains, general secretaries and presidents, as well as an enterprising crop of youth leaders need not be meek, but offer constructive criticisms. They must be willing to identify problems and call situations as they see them while seeking to commensurately provide possible solutions to the nation’s problems. While lofty places and the preaching of fire and brimstone from the pulpits may shock some, it is surely better than one is not so pompous as to sit at respective political gates singing the hallelujah chorus without exemplifying the discipline currently needed in the society.

It is about joining hand in hand and combining our efforts to raise up each other to be better than the day before. Let the strong help the weak, the rich help the poor, and the orderly speak out against disorder. Surely, the Barbados society will likely recognise that even amidst differing perspectives and approaches to national development, the bottom-line still demands disciplined politicians and disciplined public servants that are all committed to law and order, and good governance.

As the investor, economist, and writer George Gilder advocates: “Spontaneous order is self-contradictory. Spontaneity connotes the ebullition of surprises. It is highly entropic and disorderly.” On the other hand, order “connotes predictability and equilibrium” which essentially translates to increased certainty and fairness in our systems of social and legal enterprise. Barbados has reached a stage where it must revisit the moral codes and messages that are passing off as reasons to exclude rather than include. Once again, we must strive towards the personal discipline in our affairs that allow integrity to shine like a beacon on the hill.

Things such as predictability, reliability, trustworthiness, dependability are the things needed to boost all aspects of Barbados’ governance. Discipline and order require political guidance, and leadership that is incorruptible and which does not refute truth or bow at the behest of snares. It takes the courage and sacrifice necessary to enforce and defend good values in the pursuit of building a disciplined Barbados. In other words, all of those things that this country expects by way of achievements and enhanced prosperity are demanding social organisation and order through the route of discipline. Barbados’ next few years will demand planned action wrapped into the type of discipline that helps the island to once again punch above its body weight.

In fact, order is a product of human activity that emerges from chaos. It is our business to fix the problems that are currently affecting this nation. It may be the economists and politicians to fix the economy by showing fiscal prudence and implementing practices which lead to good governance. However, the individuals of the society must do things not to give rise to chaos and disarray. We must as a duty, be determined to be firm craftsmen and women of our combined fate, and surely be strict guardians of our heritage which was built on both discipline and resilience. There will always be room for improvement once we choose the disciplined pathways in getting things done the right ways.

In the same way that “chaos half-loosed cannot be long controlled,” it is fair to say, that with discipline we can begin to channel our thoughts in structured ways to get things cleaner roads and highways without the coconut shells littering the shoulders or blocking drains which eventually contribute to flooding. Barbadians will naturally plead for better facilities but these must not be allowed to fall into disrepair because we were too consumed to be sufficiently disciplined and maintain our buildings and centres. Now is not the time for Barbadians to continue being unruly and ill-disciplined.

Barbadians like any other just society expects happiness; we want others to say good things about our little Barbados. This means we need to be like the farmers recognizing when and what to plant if they are to be able to reap bountiful crops. As Joyce Meyer writing about achieving true happiness suggests, “when discipline is sown, like a good seed, it yields a harvest of things that fulfill and satisfy us; things that make us happy and release peace and joy in our lives.” Today, this writer is calling on the citizens and residents of Barbados, to let us play our part in contributing to proper law and order. Let us demand good governance for the improvement of this Barbados society.

Barbados will not become socially transformed, economically prosperous, and culturally rich simply by wishing these things. Discipline is the key and it must be evident in our attitudes and behaviour whether in the work place or at home. The evidence of a disciplined society will also tell as we travel along the highways or whether we are shopping in the markets. Regardless of if we are students or church-goers, young or old, mechanic or politician, Barbados is our home. The discipline we apply in our daily routines will transcend our lives and become manifest across the nation.

(Dr George C. Brathwaite is a political consultant. Email:

39 thoughts on “The George Brathwaite Column – Discipline!

  1. Discipline against making a career out of bribetaking will be a start for all politicians and government ministers.

  2. You wrote all of that to tell Barbados that they need discipline? A society is only as good as the type of governance it gets. We have failed to change our model to cater towards a sense of greater discipline. How the heck are we going to pull the horse back now that it is bolted out of the stable? We got a bundle of laws, but hardly any enforcement. Politicians doing shite from both sides and people still praising em. Not discipline we need. We need to punish by example,

  3. Yes. Let’s start with the One who eat-out another’s private part!

    For discipline in these circumstances is best delivered via the guillotine.

    ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when once we practice to deceive’ (Scott)

  4. And there is no doubt in our minds that the BLP will win the next election, whenever it is so called.

    There is little doubt that the DLP will perform so badly that there may indeed be a constitutional crisis. Indeed, such a victory may spawn the next leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

    However, for this writer to presume that our memory-clock can only go back to 2008 requires more than this simplistic attempt at Machiavelli.

    That we are ignorant enough not to conclude that there are no cultural differences between the Bees and the Dees, as criminal organizations. They are all the same people. Who have and will do the same types of things. Like in the past, so shall it be in the future.

    Therefore the only question remaining is who amongst the politicians will get to transfer public assets into their pockets, with discipline of course.

    That the worst of the crimes committed against the people of Barbados by his BLP are still worthy of criminal investigation, imprisonment and/or death. How long shall justice come!

    That we could be lulled into some mental political vortex and like ‘good’ christian soldiers be prepared to go to war in the name of this BLP based on a stream of fictions, borders on abuse, politically indecency.

    Bajans must wake up for the ‘cleansing’ of the political-economy.

  5. David

    How else is it best defined? Are we not locked into a system where politicians are the elected dictators?

    Notions that this ‘disciple’ should permeate all societal actions will only serve to deflect from the core issues when the rot is at the top. Is political talk.

    Separated from political and economic power as it would be.

  6. No, David. We are creatures of habit and followers of bad and good. Show any society that has progress with poor governance? All countries are governed. And, this governance sets the stage for what type of discipline and conformities the society will adhere to and follow.

    • @SSS & Pacha

      We educate our people and allocate significant national budget to education because? There is no reasoning or cognitive skills at play? why exist then.

  7. @ Dr George C. Brathwaite:
    “Barbadians owe it to themselves to press the state’s economists and policymakers to be more timely with their decision-making, and to be more transparent in their dealings depending on the public purse. Do we have the discipline that the Auditor General is demanding in each report that he furnishes to the authorities, but which they seem oblivious to the findings?”

    Let us first express our agreement that “Discipline” in the major missing ingredient in any concoction of medicine needed to stem the hemorrhaging of vital fluids from the socio-economic organs making up the body politic of Barbados. This has been known for a while now stretching back to the early days of your ZR culture.

    There will be no further economic and social advancement or even the much lectured about improvements in productivity until Discipline is at the core of any planning, decision-making and implementation of any proposal or project whether in the public or private sector.

    But you are understating another kind of medicine needed to reduce the chances of septicemia setting in. It’s the antibiotic called leadership by example. The private dealings of those entrusted with the responsibilities involved in the management of national affairs must also exercise similar judgment in their private dealings and behaviours. It’s just a simple case of noblesse oblige.

    As the late Dr. R. Haynes once opined that in politics impressions (optics) circulating in the air count more than the facts on the ground.

    What the public should be told is if there is any truth in the rumour a very senior member of the ‘gang’ selected to oversee the country’s affairs is the recent owner of a top of the line luxury vehicle acquired in the most secretive of underworld cirmcumstances.

    Such a rumour can become rather unsettling if allowed to spread like a virus of wildfire across the body politic and can prove to be a major hindrance to the patient’s recovery.

    And if so was it acquired by way of a sales contract between the alleged buyer and the local dealer authorized to trade in such luxury vehicles?

    Why don’t you, Doctor GB, use your widely-read column to dispel and disperse such wicked vicious rumours to ensure that the already seriously ill patient called Barbados does not take a turn for the worse and bring any hopes of speedy recovery to a terminally sick-end?

    “Cui multum datum est, multum sperandum!”

  8. “In a startling revelation, the Prime Minister said that while he was in Barbados last month, a whistle-blower phoned him to ask if he knew that the Cabo Star was owned by a Mexican entity and that the owner had made a direct approach to the Port management with an offer to make the vessel available.”

    These are the types of whistleblowers needed on the island…serious ones, to expose the corruption.

    It’s looking more and more like the Opposition will have to request outside monitors for the coming election….

    ,….some are saying that the desperate government has plans to tief the election, if so, they should not mind being exposed to the world and having any tiefing results overturned by the court. …and hopefully, their criminal asses locked up….something gotta give.

  9. This boy George Brathwaite is just playing politics, nothing more.

    Maybe there is form to his writing…………..but no substance

    It reminds us of the foolishness people will waste time researching.

  10. David

    You should be the last to go to bat for any of these people.

    For none of the things we have campaigned for, as essential to good governance, is any nearer to reality.

    Neither political party can be persuaded that there should be a right to recall any politician or party; a right to popular referenda on current issues; that assets are to be declared before any candidate runs and confirmed when demitting office, by the candidates and ALL close family members, or anything else.

    On the other hand, there is no means by which the Barbadian population can be galvanized to the consciousness that these are necessary, outside of the party apparati

    Radical political transformation has thus been made unavoidable.

  11. lol by all most accts there is too be a change in gov. and the people are surprised the current politicians are thinking of themselves on the way out

  12. Dr. George C. Brathwaite

    You have the Ph.D already. there is no need for this publicized crap , the most undisciplined in Barbados are the political class that governed by classism.

  13. Pachamama every comment Mr Brathwaite posts on here seem to bother you,Why because he does not support the DLp like you?That is his right,as is yours.The problem with people like you is the government,s performance has been soon dismal thatyou realize that it cannot be defended,hence statement like there is no difference between the DLp and the BLP,really?You can compare this Government with any beforeMs Mottley is ten times the politician of any of these current DLP ministers and I know if given the opportunity will do well as PM,so you can carry that talk to your Dem friends because I ain,t buying it there is a big difference in quality between the two parties.Tell who is this we you are always talking about as you seem to have this great belief of self importance but only to yourself,you need a reality check.

  14. Lorenzo

    You all over the place yeah. When are you going to get in your head that if Mia Mottley is all that Barbados need to bring about change, why is it that she behaves like she is going to do the same shite and continue in the same corrupt way? You want to tell me that after they stole so much money for 14 years that under Mia, all of them are now living by ‘We will not steal?’ Mia Mottley will convince me that she has made a change when I start hearing a difference message then the shite rhetoric that gloss over the crookery that politicians do.

  15. Lorenzo

    We really don’t care about this BLP/DLP thing other than to have them both removed from the political landscape.

    That is our only interest.

    We can see that the country can go no further under the present regime, thus!

    We also have no particular animus against the writer except that his writings presupposes the maintenance of the duopoly regardless of the historic failures of both parties. And that his articles are in support of his party, nothing more.

    How much more would you require us to concede. We have been arguing for years that the DLP should be out of government for clear mal-administration. That they will loose the next elections whenever called

    However, we remain unconvinced that the BLP would be any better, after the usual and brief honeymoon.

  16. Pachamama you can fool others about you being unconcerned about DLP /BLP etc but having followed your contributions over time I know you supported the DLP so give me a break.You claim that the BLP cannot do any better,really how do you know this you looked into your crystal ball?The BLP cannot do any worse,and in my view will do a whole lot better,led by Ms Mottley,so reel and come again as what you are saying makes no sense to me,as now is not the time for any novices from any third party.

  17. How does one bring discipline to a culturally indiscipline society? Should we start first at the top, from the bottom or both simultaneously ?

  18. We can start on CBCTV allowing the news reader to read the weather report and forecast and stop the charade of this huge madam Selma taking up 40% of my screen saying she is a weather presenter.Barbados,taken over by obese fat women strutting their stuff on national TV by false pretenses and showing off how 200 lbs of blubber look in a country that NCDs are taking over and costing the taxpayer.A Trini directing the only health institution and a Trini directing the only water authority as if a Trini directing tax payers deposits in a Trin bank is not enough gall to swallow,as if a Trini directing our food supply is not enough gall to swallow.All indiscipline in this junk status country.Buhbaydus gone to de dogs fuh truth yeh!

  19. Indisciple breeds chaos and disorder. Chaos and disorder breeds criminality of all shades, of which corruption thrives with impunity.

    Corruption has become institutionalised because the whole justice system is operationally weak and incestually compromised.

  20. Well Well “….some are saying that the desperate government has plans to tief the election”

    Is it really possible for the ugly tentacles of corruption to reach an instrument at the very heart of our democracy and interfere with it? Who is responsible for overseeing the integrity of and guaranteeing the security of the electoral roll? Can anyone just access it and alter it to sway the result of an election? Are there guards in place to protect this most sacred document, and if so, who is guarding the guards?

  21. Mitchlans..the Opposition, as in all the new political parties have to request election monitors.

    It is plain to see that the current government is corrupt, dishonest, fraudulent and cannot be trusted to oversee free and fair elections….

    …..and given last election activities of both government and BLP, neither of them are above vote buying and other criminal activities.

  22. This ‘discipline’ being talked about for Barbados is a canard.

    It has been talked about a lot in Europe for more than 5 year

    Yannis Varoufakis has written about it in his book ‘Adults in the Room” and we know well what happened to Greece when Varoufakis was MOF. We commend Varoufakis’ book to the writer.

    Where Germany and the large German banks exerted extreme pressures, reversed the results of an election, assumed sovereignty over Greece.

    In France, ‘discipline’ is now the watch word of the last young, presumably handsome, president Macron who has been installed to benefit bankers and impoverish the French people further.

    This vicious son of bitch, Macron, is setting about to reverse entrenched workers rights to presumably benefit capital.

    But the international asses who sell these policies are merely trying to use microeconomics to solve a problem which is essentially macroeconomic in nature.

    Meaning that economies cannot grow by giving more resources to capitalist especially when financialization rules. When Macron reduces workers benefits and wages he reduces GDP by the same amount, percentage. This results in the exact opposite of what he is saying.

    If this shiite is what the ‘brainsters’ in the BLP are thinking about. We will tell them now that it has not been working anywhere in Europe, or the world, and it will not work in Babadus neither.

  23. “MEMBERS OF THE public will have a chance to have their say on the issue of marijuana on

    Wednesday, September 27, during a town hall meeting at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre

    (LESC), Two Mile Hill, St Michael, from 6 to 9 p.m.”

  24. David

    Trump has been brought under the full control of the deep state apparatus.

    And for all intents and purposes he’s no more than a loud-mouthed buffoon intent on doing his masters’ will.

    No country can be singularly ‘obliterated’. For any such use of nuclear weapons by anybody means total nuclear war, from which few humans will survive, if any.

    And everybody knows this. This is one of the reason American is worried by any country having a few.

    But no, there is not enough ‘discipline’ anywhere within the American society to prevent wars or rumours of wars by the ‘concomitant’ idiot known as Trump.

    Remember, for the Americans warfare is their biggest industry. The whole economy now depends on war to steal other peoples’ things.

    Two more points that may interest you.

    One, the United States have radically changed the procedures for the use of what they call ‘battlefield nuclear weapons’. Meaning that a military general, not the president, could now give an order to use these Hiroshima sized bombs without reference to Trump or anybody else. This is the new doctrine, new nuclear posture in the world. And a number of these generals are dispensationalists.

    Our tails are is worse dudu than you could imagine.

    Two, the UN meeting currently (general assembly) has moved to ban all nuclear weapons by having a dozen or so non-nuclear weapons states sign on to this new ‘treaty’. A treaty which bans all nuclear weapons. The problem is that all the nuclear weapons states have boycotted such a treaty.

    You will well recall that we have supported the DPRK’s right to self defense from American constant threats. And that these same nuclear powers had promised after WW2 to rid the earth of these weapons. Nothing has been done up to now.

    But no, the American people are as spineless as the Bajans. The corporatists running the military industrial complex only care about money. And all major forces within the society are working to extend an American hegemony over all the world. This is the general consciousness.

    There is nothing which is more useful in extending dominance than the possession of a big nuclear stick!

  25. George Brathwaite

    Talking ’bout DiSCIPLINE ??

    Does Mia Mottley possess the relevant qualifications to practice in the legal discipline ?

    A close read of the Barbados Today online paper Editorial for September 19, 2017………poses some serious questions for Mia Mottley and her BLP minions !!!

    She better answer those questions before the BLP Annual Conference.

    David – put on your investigative lens and get cracking

    By GEORGE … I may at long last get a pick !!!

  26. @ Fractured BLP September 21, 2017 at 3:31 PM
    “Does Mia Mottley possess the relevant qualifications to practice in the legal discipline?”

    Fractured, aka Broken Record stuck in a groove of unending arrant stupidity, why don’t you do yourself and your cabinet of monkeys a favour and exercise the Speaker’s Constitutionally-enshrined right to hear a resolution to ‘disbar’ Mottley from being a sitting member of parliament in light of her nauseatingly ‘accused’ acts of annual dishonesty as set out in the Barbados Constitution, inter alia:

    (1) The seat of a member of the House of Assembly shall become vacant:
    “If circumstances such as are referred to in subsection (1) (f) arise because a member is convicted of any criminal offence involving dishonesty, etc…”

    So if Ms Mottley is practicing law by false pretenses (illegally) and is indeed committing a criminal offence why doesn’t the AG instruct the DPP in association with the CoP to arrest and charge MAM as has been done with other attorneys-at-law and brought before a court for trial and sentencing?

    Now that would put an immediate end to MAM ever becoming the first female Primate inter pares and dash her lifelong dream to pieces.
    What are you waiting for?

    For the Fumbling Post Mortem sleeping giant to wake up and advise her to get a DLP lawyer instead of another fraud like Stinkliar the mathematical genius and finance guru who would only kiss her naked ass while running down Broad Street with the Down Lowe at her side?

    Now there goes the only genuine opportunity left for you goons, wild boys and criminals to get a third term in office to perfect the art of corruption to turn Barbados into a blue-blooded banana republic.

    No need to go the route of electoral fraud if your first practice session in 2013 is anything to go by!

  27. millertheanunnaki September 21, 2017 at 5:19 PM #

    Chuckle…….they are not interested in resolving anything…….innuendo is all they want…..part of the election ammunition with more bs to come….hahaha.

  28. George Brathwaite call for DISCIPLINE is nothing short of being spectacular !!!!

    Just know that the SMALLEST rum short owner in Barbados 🇧🇧 needs a liquor license to sell a gill of ….rum ……..LEGALLY !!

    But the lady who is aspiring to hold the HIGHEST office in Barbados 🇧🇧 does not have an LEC……to practice law ……LEGALLY !!!

    And not only that this lady some years ago committed the country & citizens to international agreements as Attorney General……knowing full well she was qualified or competent to do so !!!!

    And all David the blog owner can wish if for this storm ⛈ to …..pass !!

    Barbados 🇧🇧 deserves better.

    • If the owner of the rumshop sells liquor without a license who is responsible for enforcing the law?


  29. Fractured BLP September 23, 2017 at 9:36 AM #

    I was not aware that a candidate is required to be a lawyer to be PM of the country?

    That is news. Or have you been at the rum short that you write about, already for the morning?

    By the way, what the heck is rum short?

    Is Owen so deeply ingrained in your mind?

  30. David a very weak response from you ?

    Cursoe a.k.a Edmund Hinkson your feeble response only added gasoline to the fire 🔥 !!

    She does need an LEC to be PM

    But surely she knew/knows that she does not have an LEC and such should NOT be practing law !!!

    That is DISHONESTY !!!!!

    Address that NOT – the rum shop talk !!!!!

    Yuh Joke box !!!!!!

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