The Caswell Franklyn Column – Rules to Determine Self Employment

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

When I write these columns and highlight noncompliance with rules and regulations, I do so with one objective in mind. That is, to expose the wrongdoing, with the hope that those responsible would take corrective action.

In my last column, I wrote about the appalling terms and conditions under which Barbadian workers suffer, at the hands of expatriate employers. After its publication, I was swamped with calls from workers, who are being wrongly classified as self employed, in the local private sector and amazingly in the public service.

Employers classify their workers as self employed in an effort to save payroll costs but in so doing, they put their workers at a serious disadvantage. Subject to the maximum insurable earnings of $4,650 per month or $1,073 per week, regular employees pay 10.1% of their earnings as National Insurance contributions and employers pay an additional 11.25% on behalf of the workers. Self employed workers pay 16.1%.

When an employer illegitimately classifies a worker as self employed that employer saves 11.25% that should be paid into the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). That cost saving measure means that the employee pays 6% more contributions. The disadvantage to the worker does not stop there. Self employed workers do not get vacation pay, and in the event of an accident at work, they are not entitled to receive injury benefits from NIS.

It is therefore important for a worker to know if he/she is being exploited by being classified as self employed. Prior to the enactment of the Employment Rights Act (ERA), a worker had to rely on the common law to determine if a contract of employment existed. However, the First Schedule of that act has codified some of the factors used to determine the existence of a contract of employment. It states:

In determining whether a contract of employment exists,

consideration shall be given to whether

(a) there is an obligation on the part of the employee to give personal and exclusive service;

(b) the work is done according to the instructions of the employer, and the manner in which the work is being carried out is subject to the control and direction of the employer;

(c) the work has continuity, and such continuity creates for the employee an economic dependence upon the employer, without there being any financial risk to the employee;

(d) the work is carried out within fixed hours or at a workplace or workplaces specified or agreed by the employer;

(e) the work involves the integration of the employee in the organisation of the business, including his subjection to its policies;

(f) the employee is subject to the procedures of the business for addressing grievances and disciplinary matters;

(g) the employee is in receipt of periodic remuneration payable on a stipulated basis, for example, at hourly, weekly or monthly intervals, and all such payments are subject to statutory deductions;

(h) the employee is entitled to holidays with pay; and

(i) the employee makes no, or only nominal, investment in tools and equipment.

Please note that all of these factors do not have to exist in order to make the determination.

My biggest concern is that workers in this country are increasingly being treated slightly better than slaves, despite there being an impressive set of labour laws on the books. Mind you, one of the biggest, if not the biggest offender, is Government.

For example, this administration passed the ERA in 2012 which requires employers, including statutory boards, to give a written statement of employment particulars to employees, prior to or forthwith upon the commencement of their employment contract. To date, the Barbados Revenue Authority has so far failed to comply with this requirement.

Also, that same act requires employers to engage in consultation, with employees or their representatives, at least six weeks prior to making staff redundant. In 2014 the National Housing Corporation summoned some members of its staff to the boardroom and informed them that they were being made redundant immediately. So far, none of the 23 workers being represented by Unity Workers Union has received one red cent in severance pay.

It is time that workers say to this Government, thus far and no further!


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Worker have to understand that despite their situations and desperation for jobs to support themselves and families, employers, particularly expats are equally desperate for employees because they are trying to avoid high taxation in their own countries, do not let them get away with abusing you the worker and avoiding NIS on your behalf…put pressure on them and chase them off the island, before they can even catch that plane, another employer will be there to take their place.

    Local employers cannot do the work themselves, they need employees, put pressure on them to pay NIS and let their employees join unions…if they resist….run them out of business…another employer will take their place, the same day…employers are not irreplaceable.

    the majority population on the island have powers in their hands they obviously know nothing about.

    this should not be happening in Barbados in 2017, cost u less should be boycotted by the public, there are enough supermarket chains on the island…7 or 8…which allows bajans to boycott any or all of them and shop with small farmers and small vendors instead.

    if the ministers and politicians who have shares in these companies try to retaliate, both the unions and the majority population have the power to shut down the country…use the power in your hands.

    …….THE CHIEF LABOUR OFFICER will investigate claims of “union-busting tactics” following a call from Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary Toni Moore to boycott Cost-U-Less.

    The disclosure came from Minister of Labour Esther Byer Suckoo who spoke to the Sunday Sun after Moore hit out at Cost-U-Less during the union’s annual delegates’ conference at Solidarity House yesterday.
    After hinting at exposing anti-union companies two weeks ago, Moore ripped into the retail giant over several issues, especially its decision to keep its store at Welches, St Thomas, open four hours after a national shutdown was recommended for Tropical Storm Harvey on August 18.
    Speaking following a stirring rendition of We Shall Overcome by The Mighty Gabby, the general secretary said the song encouraged the union that the “struggle” must continue against those who “wish to entrap workers in a form of modern day slavery”.


  • Caswell Franklyn

    Well Well

    Government is also issuing contracts to workers calling them self employed and requiring them to be responsible for their own NIS.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Which workers, Caswell will say to the government this far and no further? You have made some meaningful and excellent contributions that have open the eyes of many who do not understand their rights. However, how much improvement has been noted since these contributions? Even with the march against the NSRL, the decision to do so against the powers that be has not even produced one single drop of change. If Barbadians really want to make a difference than the protest must last far longer than a day, and the withholding their service must be more than a simple go slow. We are dealing with a shameless leader and an administration of pretenders.


  • @ Caswell
    My biggest concern is that workers in this country are increasingly being treated slightly better than slaves,
    Boss, your biggest concern should be that the workers of this country ARE slaves…. in some ways, even more so than their grandparents were.. – they at least RECOGNISED their situation and were seeking to get themselves extricated….

    What do you call people who spend their whole lives making money for albino-centric bosses (masters) in exchange for a pittance that barely provides a basic shelter and just enough food to not die of starvation?
    What do you call people who have NO SAY in their condition – except by begging prostrate at the feet of their ‘masters’?

    Unless Bajans focus on becoming OWNERS of capital, and PARTICIPANTS in the boardrooms so that pro-active decision making can consider THEIR desires, they are, …and will continue to be, true slaves…
    …and rather than be a ‘Moses’ who lead the brass bowls to true freedom, you will continue to be their chief representative – forever at the back door of the ‘bosses’ and politicians with a cap in your hands… embarrassing yourself and the vast talents with which you have been blessed…


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Caswell…more the reason for unions and their members to shut down the country……

    ….it seems that this government and the previous on, exists only to break the island`s laws and disenfranchise the majority population.


  • You wouldn’t know it from reading the remarks of Caswell and Bush Tea, but workers in Barbados enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the Americas. Only Bermuda, the United States, Canada, Chile, Argentina and the Bahamas rank higher in the measurements of social well being.

    Moreover, this high standard of living was achieved by a culture of fair play, not by aggressive, rabble- rousing union activism. In other words, if you are nice to employers, and aren’t demanding your rights every day, they will be nice to you.

    The best labour laws in CARICOM famously are on the books in Guyana. How many Barbadians would like to move to Guyana to work?


  • @ Chad
    In a world where your philosophy of albino-centric ‘dog-eat-dog’ is the universal mantra, idealists such as Caswell, and Bushmen like Bushie, will still judge against what is morally and ethically RIGHT…..

    We understand that in your book, the best nigga is the ‘house-nigga’ who says – ‘yes please master sir’ …and we understand that your philosophy dishes out the ‘best crumbs’ to such specimens…

    BUT… in OUR world, where you and your kind are no better than WE are, ..we find that arrangement to be defective … even if it has produced ‘better results’ (by your measures) than all the other brass bowls around who have not been as nice to massa…
    We don’t want no stinking crumbs… we want our place at the table.

    Those of you who are not only brainwashed in the albino-centric greed, …but who feel able to defend its philosophy, will NEVER understand the righteous yearnings of the holistic man….

    It is what makes Caswell special.

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  • Chad99999 August 27, 2017 at 8:03 AM #

    “You wouldn’t know it from reading the remarks of Caswell and Bush Tea, but workers in Barbados enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the Americas.”

    @ Chad99999

    And was this not achieved by “by aggressive, rabble- rousing union activism” and people “demanding (their) rights every day?”

    “In other words, if you are nice to employers, and aren’t demanding your rights every day, they will be nice to you.”

    @ Chad99999

    In other words:

    “Bondservants, obey your earthly masters with deep fear and trembling, with a sincere heart, as you would Christ….” [Ephesians 6:5]

    “Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything you do. TRY TO PLEASE THEM ALL THE TIME, not just when they are watching you. Serve them sincerely because of your reverent fear of the Lord.” [Colossians 3:22]

    It is extremely sickening to know a black man who claims to be educated could make that comment in 2017.

    Chad99999, because of the mentality you exhibit in this forum and advocating for people to be excessively obedient, eager to win the approval of “Massa” and willing to cooperate with them………………

    ………………… perhaps you should seriously consider changing you moniker to “UNCLE TOM.”


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    there Chadster goes with his lies and misinformation again.

    this is how they are scored throw the Americas….Scandinaviai, Japan etc are included.

    `The “Social Progress Index” collates the scores of three main indexes:

    Basic Human Needs, which includes medical care, sanitation, and shelter.
    Foundations of Wellbeing, which covers education, access to technology, and life expectancy.

    Opportunity, which looks at personal rights, freedom of choice, and general tolerance.

    The index then adds the three different factors together, before giving each nation a score out of 100. You can see the countries with the highest quality of life below.`

    the top 10 are..

    United Kingdom…..though am skeptical, opportunities can still be found
    T-10. Iceland

    these governments do their jobs and the citizens get bang for their buck…no complaints.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You just write some shtie there star boy. I personally have a friend who have worked at Carters for donkey years, and ain’t even recognized for promotion by the elite. Yet a few white boys with know knowledge of the job came in and took up supervisory positions instantly. What nice to employers shite you talking.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Chadster has an inane desire to see the bajan population as permanent slaves who are always governed by corrupt ministers and employed generation after generation by medioce, nepotism practicing, criminal minorities….

    …. his disdain and hatred for the majority population knows no bounds, he wilfully and maliciously spreads lies and misinformation on BU and take direct and spiteful aim at the majority population, each and every time, without fail.

    his pathetic nature is deteriorating even further and at an alarming rate.


  • @ chad99999….Provocateur is the title you seek, or that of site nuisance? You can’t be serious about that shite …..not quite sure if we is family but if ya is, ya further afield than Uncle Tom. You more like cousin Johnny.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Take a listen to Morgan Freemans take on the issue of why we remain poor or rich.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Freeman is right, I cant for the life of me understand why the majority population in Barbados still believe they have to work for minorities generation after generation…and not for themselves, thereby enriching themselves…

    ,…,.self enrichment.


  • So Cost-U-Less a combination of local and Canadian participation with heavy investment by the concessions laden taxpayers of Barbados,I am hearing with no small input by none other than the now notorious leper who is a friend of the prime minister and defended by the prime minister’s personal buddy and legal guru of like chambers.If this is factual is Leroy the leper now telling CUL staff … cannot jine no union wedder the law she so or not,cause I bigger dan all ‘o wanna put togedder.Now here is the challenge.The ERT is headed by the same legal beagle as represents the leper.Its going to be interesting going forward.First things first.The Port will play its part and CUL will eventually capitulate.Second,the leper will be shown the door like what took place at CBC because CUL cannot sustain a union boycott.Canadian shareholders not like complacent bajan shareholders who have no protection by laws nor by government.This DLP is a ‘break fuh urself’ government.The leper will have to go.


  • Mr Bush Tea , I liked your 8:21 AM, but your screed tho more valid as a life ethos yet goes to the extreme as Chad’s did. We cannot continue to see this issue as so mutually exclusive and expect positive results.

    In very simple terms, there is much evidence that worker centric companies also commit similar grievous wrongs as those of which you spoke.

    Yes we have to strive to be owners of capital… but where is the overwhelming evidence that we create with it more bountiful and beneficial results than the other folk.

    As Freeman alludes to in his very practical remarks there are achievers and laggards in all races so to rant on the “… the best nigga is the ‘house-nigga’ who says – ‘yes please master sir’ ” is to be ridiculously sensational in a practical debate.

    To be frank bro, you appear to be the one washed … in brain or otherwise…. with this albino-centric nonsense.

    If in your hey-day you set the way forward to achieve the capital ownership then I applaud you and expect that you have also laid an excellent foundation for others to now follow…

    But why do we perceive that anyone will just readily give up their power and wealth to another.

    If the fellow or lady at Carters did not get promoted but stayed for many years then surely they are comfortable (maybe frustratingly so) or as likely they did not have the ambition or confidence to go off on their own as an importer of hardware. Or maybe they have done some side work (legally) and accept their current role perfectly because they are ok and due a decent pension.

    We are all not a Bizzy, an Everson Elcock, Mohammed Nasser or a Caswell Frankly and we CERTAINLY are NOT house boy & girls because we are not!


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Over the last decades, many continue to wonder about the mental reasoning of black males….

    Ya have a minority population on the island of no more than 13 thousand minorities all together…

    Out of that 13,000… least 4,000 are business people and that is being modest,..

    …..out of that 4,000 business people at least 10 are leading business people……government bribery, bullying, disenfranchising and corruption not withstanding. ..

    …..these businesses are passed on generationally, most of them.

    On that same island you have a majority population of 260,000 people give or take…

    Out of that population I will be generous and say 1000 are business people..

    Out of that 1,000…I will be generaous and say that 5 of them are leading business people

    All the others are categorized as small businesses and will be that way until they no longer exist, very few either grow to medium or the island’s version of large and even fewer still are passed from generation to generation.

    Something is wrong with that picture because that inconsistent distribution of wealth is exclusive to Barbados…only.









  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    And just to prove my point……

    “Hal Austin August 27, 2017 at 12:26 PM #
    Was Charles Herbert, the highly ‘respected actuary’, involved in the Mutual and if so was he part of the de-mutualisation?

    If he is the same, then he has aa lot of explaining to do about the process of de-mutualisation, over and above the political obstruction about having black directors.”


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Girl, there is no problem right now with the matrix of wealth distribution on the island because whites continue to do what they were doing all along, while black people continue to believe that they (the whites) are the ones better equipped to run businesses. It is one of the reasons why politics is so darn attractive right now because it’s the only door from which the blacks have a direct link to wealth without working for the white man, and the only small measure of power they have over the white man


  • The following video posted onbehalf of Fearplay.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Spot on. What is the name of this movie?


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Friggin well spot on. The woman at the end of it depicts exactly the mentality of those black idiots who want to remained blind.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    SSS…….that is what the majority black population on the island keeps telling themselves generation after generation, but that is just not true, the reality is quite different.

    They live in a comfort zone of ignorance, which enriches the minority.

    They are stupid as shit.

    Like myself, you are quite aware that blacks not onky make themselves super wealthy in majority white countries, maybe except for UK…African blacks have a handle on that due to Africa’s oil wealth ……

    ,,,….but it just shows that many of the majority on the island should be abke to create wealth and opportunities FOR THEMSELVES…in a black majority country without any hindrances from dumb, backward, greedy governments, each other, or minorities.


  • @SSS

    The name of the movie is “The Vernon Johns Story”, released in 1994. Here’s a link to IMDb to read more about the movie.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You got that shit right about their comfort zone of ignorance.


  • @Chad

    “How many Barbadians would like to move to Guyana to work?”

    Lots of Barbadians will work as servants and maids in Guyana after 2020 – when Guyana will pump oil and Barbados will be bankrupt.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Tron August 27, 2017 at 3:05 PM

    Now that would be Karma at her best!

    As the saying goes: What goes around, comes around!

    Imagine black Bajans with all their Christian-minded degrees in arrogance and sloth having to revert to slaving for a living by working for Hindus and Muslims as their former homeland becomes an economic wasteland due to that mad bunch of incompetent monkeys responsible for the economic management over the last 9 years.

    Five wasted years of economic mismanagement at its best. Some student of Economics ought to write a thesis on this to achieve a PhD and best selling textbook on how to destroy a country’s economy without waging a civil war.

    “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”


  • The Vernon Johns Story full movie on YouTube at


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Artax August 27, 2017 at 8:31 AM
    “@ Chad99999
    In other words:
    “Bondservants, obey your earthly masters with deep fear and trembling, with a sincere heart, as you would Christ….” [Ephesians 6:5]
    “Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything you do. TRY TO PLEASE THEM ALL THE TIME, not just when they are watching you. Serve them sincerely because of your reverent fear of the Lord.” [Colossians 3:22]
    It is extremely sickening to know a black man who claims to be educated could make that comment in 2017.
    Chad99999, because of the mentality you exhibit in this forum and advocating for people to be excessively obedient, eager to win the approval of “Massa” and willing to cooperate with them………………
    ………………… perhaps you should seriously consider changing you moniker to “UNCLE TOM.”

    Do you realize that by quoting those excerpts of biblical instruction, unwittingly you played right into Chad’s hands and reinforced his argument?
    Barbadians like to style themselves as a God-fearing Jesus loving Christian-minded people and if the Bible says they must do something then so must it be done.

    Chad has a point if the Bible is anything to go by!

    And if you want to see a real Cabin of Uncle Toms just look in the cabinet and you will see who really is pulling the strings of the puppets enclosed and calls the shots in Barbados. Maloney is not the only organ grinder chased by a set of greedy monkeys.


  • Chad is not a Black Man. Chad is a white troll using the old black sock puppet ruse.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    yep…he sure is.


  • millertheanunnaki August 27, 2017 at 4:15 PM #

    “Do you realize that by quoting those excerpts of biblical instruction, unwittingly you played right into Chad’s hands and reinforced his argument?”

    @ millertheanunnaki

    That maybe your interpretation……. however, my intent was completely different.


  • While some are spewing “hate the minorities” rhetoric, I believe they should also spend some time educating black people to change their mindset……………… how they think about themselves and other black people.

    Tell them to stop being envious of black business people to the extent of not supporting their establishments because they may have expanded their one door restaurant to include two more doors. “Wait, he jes change he one door restaurant to a three door wun………. daz my money………. I done buying from he.” Or if they opens another outlet, more often than not, it closes in less than a year.

    But they don’t have any problem supporting Haloute and are quite happy that he could open 16 Chefettes.

    They don’t like paying black business owners for services rendered or they always want to negotiate discount, but would pay a white man offering similar services whatever fee he charges.

    A white manager accosted a black customer at Bizzy William’s hardware store. The manager was transferred and Bizzy’s excuse was the manager had a stressful day. A man decided that he would stage a protest outside the hardware store. I don’t have to tell BU that on the day, he was the ONLY person there………… and black people continue to shop at that hardware store.

    Mrs. Ram treats her black employees as “she feels like,” just check her staff turnover rate. Black people find all types of excuses to shop at Liquidation Center and Furniture Limited.

    Black people are proud to tell their friends they were in the Boat Yard or Harbor Lights the previous night, because it makes them feel important to be among white people. But I don’t see white people banging down the doors of black owned bars to get in.

    Many Barbadians believe if an item is made in Barbados, it is inferior, but would buy the chip-board furniture Court’s imports from Trinidad. They prefer to drink Stag, Hairoun, Polar or Heineken instead of Banks or Deputy beers.

    Barbadians often say we have the best water in the world. But they can be seen buying imported bottled water. The Trinidadians were able to successfully market their water as “Crop Over Water” in Barbados last year.

    The reality is black Barbadians have terrible attitudes towards each other, and rather than continually blame the white man, it’s about time we wake up.


  • Black Barbadians insult other black Barbadians because they may be of a darker complexion. They call them “dark man,” “blackie,” “gollywog” and other derogatory terms. Black men often boast about their love for “red women” with “pretty hair.”

    Barbadians of a fairer complexion love to categorize themselves as being “half white,”………….. to say “half black” is derogatory. There was a “red man” who lived in my area who would often say he was a “good looking white man” when he was younger. I heard two “red men” describing black men as “navy blue boys.”

    One morning, I drove to a gas pump at ESSO Black Rock and got out of the vehicle to wait for an attendant. There were about five (5) female attendants outside sitting on benches. None of them came to me. Soon after a white couple drove in and ALL of them got up and ran to the car. One them came over to me………. I closed my tank lid, told her don’t bother and drove to SHELL Black Rock.

    I have been into stores and was not approached by a sales clerk, but as soon as white people come in, they all rush to service them.

    Why is it when black people always change their accent when they are speaking with white people?

    I caught a bus after delivering a vehicle to a customer. The rain was falling and the bus seats were wet, but I found one that was dry. Other black people boarded the bus and had to either look for dry seats or wipe the water. Some white people boarded the bus and you should have seen the tissues coming out from bags and black people getting up to wipe the seats so the whites could sit. I felt someone tapping me on my shoulder. I turned around to see it was a black man waving tissue while telling me to wipe the seat. I stupsed and looked the other way.

    These are the types of issues we must also address.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Well stated hon. It is one of the reasons why I have to refer to my people every time and each time as a bunch of ignorant black clowns. The moment they get an inch they dispose of the miles of hardship they underwent and behave in a way that looks down negatively and with full disdain on their black fellow man. They are so crab in the barrel that they would do anything to pull one another down instead of up while they extend a helping hand with a smile to the very white man who does not give a shit about them. But to be fair, I must put what I state here in context because I would not be right to paint every black person as ignorant or every white person as not giving a shit about them. They are some black people who fully understand the brain washing that is seeking to do something about it. Unfortunately, those black people do not live in Barbados who are pushing for blacks to amalgamate and become their own industry and support their own industries with their money. That is why the system is the way that it is. It keeps black people subdued while white people continue to be priviledged


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    I believe some people are slightly confused, but I am glad to see commenters exposing the mental slave like ills among themselves in the majority population….rather than sitting back and allowing only certain commenters on BU to carry the heavy load of exposing what is really wrong in the Barbadian society. …….

    …..the ugly, destructive and disgusting brainwash and self hate among themselves that they continue to pass on from generation to generation…without being conscious of it’s destructiveness…..

    ….. the unwarranted hatreds and jealousy of each other for the most petty reasons that keep them stagnated as a people……without being conscious of it’s destructiveness.

    …..and both black governments and other leaders in the society’s obsession with enriching minorities at the expense of the majority generation after generation….which can only be blamed on both black governments and other leaders in the society…..which after 50 years of practicing has become a deadly disease…..


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine August 27, 2017 at 11:48 PM #

    “But to be fair, I must put what I state here in context because I would not be right to paint every black person as ignorant or every white person as not giving a shit about them.”

    @ SSS

    I agree with your above comments. I am fully aware of the situation and would not want to label ALL black people as behaving similarly.

    THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I EXPRESSED THOSE VIEWS IN THIS FORUM. I have done so on SEVERAL OCCASIONS and you would be surprised to see how many “thumbs down” I received.

    We all know how whites, Indians and Arabs living in Barbados think. So coming to BU spewing shiite about them, in MY opinion, does not make sense. We have to work on our brothers and sisters into adopting attitudes that could assist us for purposes of “self enfranchisement,” to liberate ourselves from mental slavery.

    Being a black self-employed individual in Barbados is extremely difficult because you are confronted with several obstacles.

    Firstly, I can STATE FOR A FACT that many black people do not like paying for purchasing goods and services. UNLESS it’s a DOCTOR or LAWYER, they will find all types of excuses not to pay or they will pay you what they BELIEVE the goods and services are worth. However, they would pay whatever price/fee white, Indian or Arab establishments charge.

    I knew a guy who was employed by the former Inland Revenue Department. He told me to give him a few business cards because they were not allowed to file taxes and he would send people to me who required those services. A few months later, he told me that the reason why he did not recommend me was because I did not have an office in Bridgetown. I asked him if I should pay $5,000 in rent to accommodate 5 or six people he may send to me.

    Secondly, many black people do not encourage you to build your business. Their definition of encouragement is telling you that you “SHOULD LOOK FOR WORK AND DO YOUR THING ON THE SIDE.” This is mainly because many of us perceive whites, Indians and Arabs to be the TRUE entrepreneurs and blacks as the WORKING CLASS.

    Thirdly, many black people do not think you are providing them with goods and services………… they see it as they doing you a favour. They usually start by saying they have a friend, brother or sister-in-law, wife, husband, friend, etc who provide similar services, but they decided to come you. They take months to pay, refuse to acknowledge your request for payments and exhibit a “don’t carish” attitude. They tell their friends: “Man every 5 minutes he calling me ‘bout money. I coulda gone to Tom, but I see he struggling and decided to do him a favour.” WHY????? Because in their minds they believe they are doing you a favour.

    When they finally pay you, you can guarantee they will not give you anymore work and will move on to someone else…………. and the cycle continues.


  • Observation
    The discussion was supposed to be about the exploitation of workers by the employers, who declare them self employed , in order to avoid
    giving them benefits.
    It is now about how blacks treat each other, so once more, we have abandoned a frank discussion of how the employer class treats the workers . In other words we find excuses to protect the employers !
    Bob Marley: ” Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds………….
    I am sways amazed when I hear or read how badly blacks treat each other. It is a dangerous myth pushed by massa to keep us divided. We have historically always looked out for each other. From the village shopkeeper extending credit to the caring teacher looking out for the disadvantaged child. From the kind bus driver dropping the old lady almost at her door. We come from a civilised culture of caring and being humane to each other.
    Do not allow others to tell us who we are.
    In the words of Marcus Garvey: ” Rise you mighty people rise”
    Thanks for a great article Brother Franklyn.


  • @ SSS

    I am not ashamed to admit I admire how whites, Indians and Arabs live amongst themselves.

    While at secondary school I worked part time in a Swan Street store that was owned by a Lebanese. To be fair, he treated the staff well. But he and his fellow Arabs lived together and supported each other.

    I also worked for a white owned company for about one and a half years. Work was always subcontracted to other white owned businesses. They purchased goods and services from providers who were white. They paid unskilled, unqualified white people more than their black counterparts. I recall they employed the unqualified sister of a white supervisor as an Accounts Clerk…………… her NET PAY was more than my gross.

    They made sure the wealth was distributed among themselves.

    If black people could adopted these types of attitudes………………….


  • @ William Skinner

    “It is a dangerous myth by massa to keep us divided,” shiite……. are you suggesting people’s experiences are myths?

    Are you an idiot???

    Perhaps you may want to inform BU as to how many village shops extend credit now-a-days; how many “caring teachers looking out for the disadvantaged child,” especially with parents and the Ministry of Education officials saying teachers are refusing to teach certain parts of the syllabus during working hours to provide PAID lessons after school?

    There are so many complaints at the Transport Board for bus drivers who ill-treat passengers, especially the elderly. Travel on a TB bus and see if anyone gets up from the seats designated for the elderly, pregnant ladies or passengers with child in arms to let them sit.

    It’s about time you old men cease from living in the past and trying to force what happened in Barbados in the 1930s or 1940s down people’s throats. Wake up……… this is 2017………… get with it, times have changed significantly.


  • @ Artax
    Basically you have been trying to explain how brass bowls operate. No surprise therefore that there is a lack of understanding of the problem – AS YOU SEEK TO EXPLAIN IT ….

    As Bushie STARTED by explaining to Caswell, 8,000 white people CANNOT dominate and dictate to 250,000 black people in a small country, in 2017 UNLESS THE BBBBs are on THEIR side of the fight.

    If Santa Claus was to fly over and hand a $500M business operation over to a bright black fella from Black Rock tomorrow, ….. by Christmas next year, Bizzy or baloney would be the new owner, and the BBBB from Black Rock would be driving up and down Barbados in a 2020 gold BMW with a different woman evert day, an aeroplane, .. and own three houses up by the leper.


    1 – All the other BBBBs would resent him and cuss bad – unless he handed out ‘Grantleys’ like handshakes.

    2 – The BBBBs in Government would make his donkey pay all the taxes that they lost by giving benefits to white people.

    3 – All the white business people would get together to find his Achilles heel and, in albino-centric unity, kick it over and over and over…

    4 – All the black public servants would suddenly know all the shiite rules that he was ‘infringing’, and unless he made them all millionaires, would apply the GRIG to his donkey…

    5 – Caswell and the other unions would demand that his workers be paid twice what the white people paid theirs… and he dared not fire a fella – no matter how much shiite that bbbb did.

    6 – Most critically, the BBBB from Black Rock would NOT feel entitled to be so blessed as to own such an asset. His is a self-image of a SLAVE…. not a KING. So in quick time, he will accept some pieces of silver in exchange for this ‘asset’ that was ‘burning his hands’.
    …. much like our current and past political leaders have been doing…

    Brass bowls will be brass bowls.
    The challenge, therefore, is NOT to hand them assets (like Crawford and Barrow did)
    but to CONVERT their ass from BRASS to gold….. or as Bushie was trying to tell Caswell, from squatters to OWNERS.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    The majority population really do need to start spending more money with each other, look past their petty jealousies and envies, those are mental illnesses……and understand if the money circulates in your own black communities, it enriches YOUR black communities and not someone elses.

    The Black Wall Street community in Oklahoma in the 1930s saw every dollar circulating within that community for nearly six months before it left, that community stayed enriched before and very wealthy, befire it was destroyed by whites because of envy and jealousy……..the island is black majority, there are not enough minorities on the island to prevent the black majority from enriching their own communities…, as things stand they are the ones stopping themselves.

    Black bajans need to get past their own self destructive practices……start spending your money in your own communities and within 5 years, you will see the difference in wealth creation in black communities…this one no government can do for you, you have to do it yourself, you control your own money and whom you spend it with. If any governments try to stop that transition, expose them to the world, the disenfranchisement must end….but it’s only the majority blacks can end it with their soending habits.

    I always bypass white, hispanic, syrian, indian, lebanese and other stores and businesses and spend my money in black owned businesses and so do my children, because it’s your money, you get to choose which businesses you prefer to enrich, which will benefit you the most.

    If you want to continue enriching other communities except your own, that is your choice too, but dont complain when your community is always poor because you enriched other communities before ya own..


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    If any governments try to stop that transition of the black majority enriching their own communities, expose them to the world, you have technology at your fingertips to do so, the disenfranchisement of the majority population must end……or their will be no progress going forward..none.

    but it’s only the majority blacks can end it with their SPENDING HABITS.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Thanks Bushman…ah forgot that most critical part, although I am being accused of projecting “hate for minorities”

    If any governments try to stop that transition of the black majority enriching their own communities, expose them to the world, you have technology at your fingertips to do so, the disenfranchisement of the majority population must end……or there will be no progress going forward..none.

    but it’s only the majority blacks can end it with their SPENDING HABITS.

    And if you sispect the usual parasitic minority gang of Cowm Bizzy, Maloney, Bjerkham et al of……….trying to destroy black owned businesses through..,.,,

    “3 – All the white business people would get together to find his Achilles heel and, in albino-centric unity, kick it over and over and over…”


    ……racists are currently being chased out of the world’s societies….so stop allowing them to flourish and get wealthier in Barbados and the Caribbean….off the backs of blacks….chase them away.


  • I simply said we come from a humane , caring
    Culture that has “historically” seen us looking
    Out for each other.
    If I am an idiot for stating this simple fact , so be it.
    It certainly is not my fault that those who make
    a career of identifying only negative traits
    of their race believe that the hey are beyond
    All races have internal squabbles as all families
    do. Siblings are known to kill each other.
    Whenever there is an attempt at examining
    critical issues, we tend to overlook substance
    and avoid a serious analysis of the problem.
    So, we get a whole lot of nonsense.
    And by the way , the employers only have
    to make your job a temporary one and they
    can circumnavigate the Act. It is a known
    Finally , beating up each other is exactly what
    the whites, Indians and others want us to do
    It makes no difference if it is 2017 or 1917.
    Not all blacks are envious if each other. It is
    those who see nothing but negativity that
    are holding back the race.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    I remenber back in 2005, a relative of mine returned to the island for a brief period, interacted with minorities due to circumstances and was approached by one whose family business is well known…and asked, if since her return, my relative knew how blacks were surviving on the island… relative told the person she never thought about it, the reply was, if you could find out how they are making money, let me know.

    In relating the exchange, that told us something….

    That minorities frequently sabotage the majority population and any achievement they make, so they will remain dependent on minorities for jobs……and survival.

    Thst the weakest in the black majority, particularly the government ministers, politicians and other blacks, frequently give information to the minorities to help them sabotage black businesses and keep the majority population disenfranchised and dependent on the minorities for jobs and survival…, these low intellect blacks are the worst types of snitches.

    One year later, my relative again saw this minority who wanted to know if they found out anything….my relative said no, because it’s none of her business.., that ended the faux friendship.

    The Cows, Bizzys, Tempros, Bjerkhams et all depend on blacks to snitch on each other giving them information they can then use as weapons against the majority population….to enrich themselves, their black employees are the most vulnerable in that regard.

    That clearly shows us the problems right there….and how to change it.


  • @ William
    I simply said we come from a humane , caring
    Culture that has “historically” seen us looking
    Out for each other.
    If I am an idiot for stating this simple fact , so be it.
    Boss, if a cap fits…..

    Saying that we came from a “humane, caring Culture” says nothing- unless put into some kind of perspective.

    Shiite man… we ALL ‘came from Africa…..’

    Of course you are correct – if you are speaking of our PRE -slavery culture, …but after 4 centuries of being bred, brow-beaten, lynched, tortured and brain-washed into albino-centric theology, …how relevant is that ‘historical culture’ in 2017?

    …of MUCH more relevance is the recent ‘historical reality’ of the last 60 years…. and it is of this CURRENT, RELEVANT historical culture that Bushie, (and Artax) speak…

    …and it is with THIS period that we NEED to deal in order to address current REALITIES….

    Condesending generalities and ‘mish mash’ emotionalism will get us nowhere – just as it got the ND/BLP/DLP nowhere…

    The PROBLEM lies in the minds of black people, and can ONLY be solved in the minds of black people. It WILL NOT be solved by copying the VERY albino-centric philosophy that created the problem for us in the first place… a philosophy that is , by it VERY nature, FOREIGN to our cultural make-up.

    …so it is only by EDUCATION and CONVERSION to the true community-centric philosophy of LOVE for GOD and fellow man, that gels with our psyche that black people will EVER realise their true potential…

    If FRANKLY preaching this indisputable fact offends you …or anyone else … then FRIG allah wunna!!!

    …bushman who have whacker- will whack….. 🙂


  • The self employment scam used by employers must be fought by Union leaders and the Ministry of Labour.


  • @ Hants
    Hush do!!

    Would you pump the sea dry in order to prevent future drownings?
    Or just insist that brass bowls learn to swim…?

    What you are proposing is about as possible as pumping the sea dry….
    Check out if even the Ministry of Labour don’t use ‘self-employed’ staff…. 🙂


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Am sure Hants saw where Caswell posted to me that the government engages in the same nasty illegal practices against employees…..

    ….the only remedy for fighting this evil dishonesty and deceit from both government and the public sector on down is to completely shut down the country for one week…

    ….and if they both refuse to make the requiste changes, shut down the country for 2 weeks…

    …. and if both government and private sector still continue to treat employees like they are slaves, shut down the country for 3 weeks…..

    ….and keep shutting down the country until they both understand the message.


  • @ Hants
    Bushie’s BEST ‘Boss’ experience EVER with employees, has been with some ‘self-employed’ fellas that the Bushman ‘fired’ many years ago …and offered work as ‘self employed contractors’.

    Shiite man Hants… you should see them now….

    THEY now employ others …
    THEY now got almost as much money as the bushman…. (almost!! 🙂 )
    THEY don’t have to bow or scrape to ANYONE…. including Bushie.. (but they still genuinely respect the bushman)
    THEY are no longer anybody’s servants, slaves or serfs…
    They KNOW that they are capable of success…

    That was some of the best shit that Bushie EVER did boss…..

    The ‘problem’ with self-employed BBBBBs is that, in their minds, they are still SLAVES, who continue to see themselves as mendicant serfs, and who now have no one to wipe (and whip) their sorry asses….

    Don’t knock it just because brass bowls hate it….


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    For decades, besides all the bribery and corruption. .. that’s the only thing that kept that strong bond sealed between the 2 black governments and the private sector……keeping the majority population in slave like conditions, with no recourse for change in order so they both can continue to maintain a slave society to benefit them both in their quest for infinite greed, selfishness and self enrichment….

    The unions and the majority population now hold the power in their hands after decades… shut that shit down…, completely.

    Bushman….see why I wanted them both under the glare of cameras so the public could see and hear for themselves.

    It is now time to shut down the country….but organized by the unions AND the people…ONLY.


  • @ Bush Tea,

    I was self employed for most of my adult life.

    I was simply supporting Caswell’s contention that the people he is trying to help are being disadvantaged.


  • Bush Tea wrote ” THEY now employ others …
    THEY now got almost as much money as the bushman…. (almost!! 🙂 )”

    You are the greatest Bushie. lol


  • LOL @ Hants
    I was simply supporting Caswell’s contention that the people he is trying to help are being disadvantaged.
    Don’t mind Caswell… he is a modern day Jonah.
    Called to save the people ..but instead trying to run away in a little shiite boat called ‘Unity’…
    ha ha ha


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Bushman…where are your 2 girls, the fish wives Crazy Naime and the spokesperson for criminal minorities Angela Yardfowl……after days of fire and fury, they both dead stopped cold….lol

    ah hope they are regroupng cause am locked and loaded….lol

    have you ever seen anything as sick as those two.


  • Barbados is clearly a country living above its means. Its workers are OVERPAID, and enjoy a relatively high standard of living compared to the rest of the Commonwealth Caribbean and the rest of the Third World.

    Yet some dolts on this thread are complaining about EXPLOITATION.

    What exploitation? Do not confuse the personal and career interests of union activists like Caswell, who is trying to expand his fledgling organization, with the interests of Barbados. Barbados needs union organizers like it needs another hurricane. These people tell workers what they want to hear, but the results for the economy can be catastrophic.


  • Trade unions exist because employers have repeatedly failed to exhibit what is fair and reasonable to the ‘average man in the street’.If employer X is fair,open,honest and sincere and such traits are seen by the worker as such,no trade union would succeed in that organization.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Chadster is looking for attention now that he has been exposed, ignore him and he will go away, like Crazy Naime.


  • How then can trade unions march for anything with these same employers?


  • William Skinner

    is not an idiot………. his comments proves he’s a jackass.

    How can he define highlighting the injustices black people perpetrate against each other as “beating up on each other?”

    Perhaps he may care to explain how a few people explaining the negativities that are “holding back the race”…………. ARE THE ONES “holding back the race,” when in actuality it are those INDIVIDUALS who EXHIBIT these negatives against each other that are “holding back the race.”

    Black people doing shiite to each other, not supporting each other’s businesses, not helping each other, being envious, practicing segregation amongst each other (if you of a lighter complexion, live in a “wall house” in the “heights and terraces,” went to school at HC and have a “collar and tie job,” you believe you are much better than a person who is of a darker complexion, live in a “wood house” in the Orleans, attended Ellerslie and works at the SSA).

    And we have perfect examples on BU of people who exhibit that mentality, sense of superiority and harshly insult those who they believe are beneath them………. Just read comments from Chad99999, Hal Austin, William Skinner or Carl Moore.


    …………..and PRETENDING that these attitudes DO NOT exist does not change reality.


  • @ Bushie

    Your comments re: “Bush Tea August 28, 2017 at 7:47 AM,” explains the issue perfectly.

    Especially: “If Santa Claus was to fly over and hand a $500M business operation over to a bright black fella from Black Rock tomorrow, ….. by Christmas next year, Bizzy or baloney would be the new owner, and the BBBB from Black Rock would be driving up and down Barbados in a 2020 gold BMW with a different woman evert day, an aeroplane, .. and own three houses up by the leper.”

    ………. and: “4 – All the black public servants would suddenly know all the shiite rules that he was ‘infringing’, and unless he made them all millionaires, would apply the GRIG to his donkey…”


    @ Caswell

    I must first apologise for deviating from the topic of your article.

    However, I am aware of a business in Barbados that has several legally registered subsidiary companies……. let’s say, for example, A (which is the administrative company), B, C, D & E.

    The people working for B, C, D & E are not employed by those companies………… they are hired by A. A then invoices the other companies for the cost of wages.

    The employees’ decision to join the BWU was met with difficulty because the owner refused to acknowledge the “authenticity” of their union membership on the basis that they did not write “company A” on the registration forms, but wrote the names of the individual companies they worked for…………. and he walked out of the meeting with the union officials and employees.

    It is interesting to note that “company A” does not have any assets and in the event of the other subsidiary companies closing, the employees would have to apply to the NIS tribunal for their severance payments.

    Can this “business set-up” not infringe the employees’ rights?


  • Artax

    I am not guilty of harshly criticizing anyone.

    On occasion, I have accurately referred to some people as “dunces”, but that is the worst of it.

    Compare that to the violent threats and abusive commentary of WW&C, Angela Skeete, Sunny Sunshine, etc and the disrespectful attacks of Caswell, who likes to refer to his betters as “idiots”. Obviously a case of what psychologists refer to as projection.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    This is why Dumbville Inniss cannot be trusted at anytime and for any reason, he would never protect the people on the island, his people, he would sell out each and every one of you to business people, no matter their crimes, make sure he never becomes prime minister or be a minister ever again….I remember him vividly joining with Fruendel to say clico policyholders deserved to be robbed by thiefing Leroy Parris because they were greedy.

    He can talk about listening to both sides first all he wants, he cannot stop union members or the public from boycotting cost u less..

    “MINISTER OF COMMERCE Donville Inniss will not be taking part in any boycott of Cost-U-Less.”

    The only one projecting idiocy on here is you Chadsterthetrumpimp, your comments are not meant to be critical but to demean, degrade and reduce black people to what you believe is something lower than yourself…which by the way is highly impossible.

    There is nothing lower than a planted trumptard, hence the reason white house workers and state department workers are resigning in droves, over 30 resigned recently, staying is bad for their resumes, no one will hire them after working for trump the skunk, so they all gotta leave now, before it’s too late and their resumes are rendered useless..

    …that is what being a trump idiot makes you…….a loser.

    You got exposed for being deceitful, destructive and useless, deal with it….am sure trump can find you a toilet to clean in the white house.

    All slithering things are being exposed.


  • Why is it that if our workers are so oppressed and deprived we figure in the 20 most obese countries in the world?

    We are even more obese than the USA!!


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    christ John…..obesity is an unhealthy and deadly disease…it is not a sign of wealth or the best salaries or the respected and best treated workers…., but definitely the definition of bad eating habit.

    I remember when fools used to buy Macdonald’s hamburgers for 99 cents and ate them like they were going out of style…many are dead or very, very ill….many sued the fast food dumps.

    Ya mean the couple low wage dollars most bajans get and waste it on nasty fast foods….ya jealous of and grudge them that too.


  • NorthernObserver

    When WW&C can put you away like that, you know that was an ignorant, misguided post.


  • Barbados
    United States
    Saudi Arabia


  • Obesity n.state of overeating after too frequent visits to chefette,kentucky,chicken barn,pizza house,de souse factory and grannies.Remedy….stop going to these places to eat.Eat local food crops made up of ground provisions with a dash of flying fish or cod fish at home.An occasional pig out with a pork chop should do no harm.All things in moderation.


  • American Samoa has the distinction of having the most obese people on the planet.America and their fast food,spreading man made sickos wherever licorish people live and burdening the stupid governments with high health costs.Cheffete is the biggest target in Bdos.They should pay a special tax to the QEH but it’s a DLP thing so nothing will change.


  • I think obesity and anorexia are both eating disorders and the root problem is unhappiness.

    Most people spend most of their waking time working for a living in a job.

    Few are happy.

    The list of obesity probably won’t match the list of the most unhappy countries so my theory will probably be proven wrong.


  • @ John
    ‘wrong’ is not the word that Bushie would associate with your theories…

    But if Bushie used the word that comes to mind, Hal Austin would have a fit …and probably complain to WordPress that David is entertaining bullies…


  • There is no amount of Union intervention that can help an unhappy employee … or employer!!

    Both are unhappy.


  • @Chad99999 August 29, 2017 at 2:01 AM “Caswell, who likes to refer to his betters as “idiots””

    Believe me the people whom Caswell refers to as idiots are NOT his betters.

    You idiot (sorry David blogmaster)



  • Simpleton

    I don’t mind being called an idiot by certified morons.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Lol…that is always Hal’s default complaint, a real tattle tale.


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