Property Matters – State Housing Facts

by AfraRaymond

hdcThis is a continuation of my examination of the National Housing Policy (2002), its implementation and the associated implications. Over the last year I engaged with HDC’s management who cooperated with me, much like the previous team. I asked about new homes produced by the National Housing Authority (NHA) and the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) […]

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7 thoughts on “Property Matters – State Housing Facts

  1. How many businesses in Barbados still offer a pension plan to their employees?

    It used to be that only the major firms had such things.

    I get the impression it is an anachronism..

    Politicians should get pensions from the NIS as we all will (hopefully) after the age of 67 or what ever applies to all of us.

    NIS should be deducted from their salaries as is the case for everyone else and that should be the basis of their pension.

    You get out what you put in.

    That way, every time some braniac comes up with a way to apply the NIS funds, they may think twice.

  2. … and Bajans are not timid .. they are tolerant!!

    That trait is inbred from our early Quaker ancestors

    If you look at their history you will realise they were very strong minded people who had no problem laying down their lives for their beliefs!!

    Don’t underestimate all Bajans!!


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  4. Will a recession-hit hard T&T allow the PNM govt to hand over CL Financial to the people who wrecked it, almost crashed the nation’s economy & financial system, destroyed lives, and cost the people over $25 billion? See how the United States ad Europe handled those who committed white-collar crimes especially leading up to the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Some of them still in jail and companies had to pay BILLION$ in fines.

    Several issues/points:

    -  the people must be paid back every damn cent, in cash, and not in any future payments before any part of the company is returned to anyone.

    – in addition, interest must be paid to the people on the principal bail-out amount, from 2008 to all the principal is  repaid.  

    – there must total openness & transparency on all transactions

    – those who caused the company to crash must be held accountable and charges laid. The CoE on CLICO/HCU must be made public or and the DPP take action before any part of the company is handed over. People are lost in Remand Yard for a ganja joint or minor crimes and some are jailed for years for minor crimes so we cannot allow those who cost us billions to simply get back their companies. If so, then all those in prisons must be released if they say they are sorry and repay for crime committed.

    – the people must be convinced that adequate measures are put in place to prevent such a recurrence of the CLICO/HCU debacle before anyone associated with that fiasco is allowed to own or run any business in T&T.

    All in T&T must not allow this travesty to take place; we cannot allow the people to be left holding cat in bag while those who mismanaged, stole, and almost destroyed T&T to say they will repay some of the money, in shady & secret deals, and then get back the now profitable companies. The govt must be very careful in this tense and difficult period; they must tread carefully; they cannot take the people for granted; they may think the easy-going laid-back Trinis in the good times when money was flowing are the same Trinis when things are very bad but that would be a mistake they and the nation should not make or pay a heavy price; and the govt cannot demand higher taxes & sacrifice from the people while giving away companies that are still owe billions to the people.  Be very careful, PM and PNM govt.

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