Property Matters – Housing Issues – part 1

by AfraRaymond

The ongoing and serious allegations against Housing & Urban Development Minister, Marlene McDonald, and UDECOTT Chairman, Noel Garcia, are obvious distractions launched for plainly political reasons. That is not to dismiss the details of those serious allegations, since at this early stage it is impossible to make any real judgement as to guilt or blame. The current furore over these allegations detracts from any serious discussion of real issues about public housing, while at the same time being emblematic as to the depth of the problem.

Subsidised housing is an important part of the ‘welfare state’ provided by our Republic’s wealth and it is therefore necessary to establish the most effective policies and operational arrangements to maximise the benefits to the most needy.

It is now time for us to convene a comprehensive and transparent review of our housing policies and delivery mechanisms.

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  • It is always interesting to follow the political scene in Barbados. This is a country with an Integrity Commission in place mind you.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    So what does the integrity commission actually do, am asking because I dont know. There are many fancy acronyms floating around the island, but do they actually engage to do anything.


  • The integrity commission has been embroiled in its own brand of politics over the years that has rendered it impotent.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Why am I not surprised that they have managed to inject politics and confusion into the functioning of another taxpayer funded entity, these leaders will never be ready, too many of them lack critical thinking skills.


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