The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Scholar’s Tale

Jeff Cumberbatch - New Chairman of the FTC

Jeff Cumberbatch – New Chairman of the FTC

BU shares the Jeff Cumberbatch Barbados Advocate column – Senior Lecturer in law at the University of the West Indies since 1983, a Columnist with the Barbados Advocate since 2000 and BU commenter – see full bio.


MUSINGS : The Scholar’s Tale

He had but little gold within his coffer;
But all that he would borrow from a friend
On books and learning he would swiftly spend…
Pregnant of moral virtue was his speech
And gladly would he learn and gladly teach…The Canterbury Tales – The General Prologue

The epigraph above describes some aspects of Chaucer’s clerk who, at the time he wrote, did not fulfil the role of lowly gopher as is the case today, but that of a scholar to whom, it is said, writing was entrusted because most laymen could not read. Chaucer further states “…of study took he utmost care and heed; not one word spoke he more than was his need; and that was said in fullest reverence, and short and quick and full of good high sense…”

Of course, the intention here is not to attempt an analysis of Chaucer’s work but rather to comment critically on the current state of local university education primarily in light of two news items on consecutive days last week. These were, first, that the August salaries of university staff at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies were delayed owing to what has been described as “a cash crunch” and that there were proposals to withhold the payment of contractually agreed increments for one year; and second, that the number of student enrolments had again decreased significantly from those of 2014-15 for the upcoming academic year; a phenomenon attributed to the officially instituted policy of having local students contribute one-fifth of the cost of their programmes. The principal of the Cave Hill Campus has reiterated the call for a re-think of the policy in light of the dwindling numbers.

It is at least doubtful whether these calls will be heeded anytime soon, given the negative response so far and the reluctance of regional administrations in general to reverse a policy once instituted. Nor does the history suggest that an electoral change in administration is likely to effect any change in this regard; the continued existence to this day of the Public Order Act and of the Constitutional amendments of 1974, to name two, both of which were the subject of partisan promises to reform, offers cogent and depressing evidence of this thesis.

I have already made it clear in this space on more occasions than one that while I understood the necessity for the measure at the time of patent economic stringency, I could not agree with its mode of summary implementation; a strategy that would certainly have dislocated the financial arrangements of those who were already engaged in a programme of study and who had already committed themselves to the likely cost of their studies over the period.

The new policy however failed to make any distinction between these students, those about to enter the Campus for the first time and those still at primary school, for that matter. Yet a rudimentary analysis should have led to an appreciation that these were not similarly situated and that best practice in administration should have required at least the provision of adequate notice of the variation to existing students so as not to frustrate the legitimate expectations of this most vulnerable category.

Be that as it may, this strategy was not employed and necessary adjustments had to be made. Some have chosen to forgo their studies temporarily; others we may never see again in the Cave Hill lecture theatres and seminar rooms. That is a pity. Further, the drop in enrolments this academic year signals that the provision of state bursaries and the numerous grants and scholarships and revised payment plans offered by the campus itself have not succeeded in stemming the haemorrhage of withdrawal.

As has been argued previously, the university experience is not solely about obtaining an official certification for upward social and financial mobility but more so about acquiring improved skills of thinking, argument and expression. On the basis of this assertion, the greater the number of such persons within a society, the more effective the democratic ideal will be there by virtue of the more frequent and intelligent exercise of the right to freedom of expression and the demand for access to official information.

In my opinion, therefore, a reduction in the number of undergraduates and graduates, as has been reported, might arguably avail the state coffers in the short-term. I am less certain, however, that it will avail the quality of governance within the state itself.

So far as the “cash crunch” affecting salaries is concerned, indeed this impacts significantly upon the author. My colleagues in another place were quite good-natured about it yesterday; surmising that I would now have to make do with, in their words, “a million or so less per annum”. This ribbing I am prepared to accept in the spirit of hyperbole in which it was given. And since the matter is currently in the process of sensitive discussion, I cannot usefully add anything of substance here. Nevertheless, this state of affairs may yet herald the establishment of an even more commercial campus, one trading in the currency of knowledge and contracted research.

Permit me to extend my condolences and sympathy to those in the nature isle of Dominica who lost loved ones or property in the aftermath of the passage of Tropical Storm Erika last week. To those of us not directly in the hurricane belt (some ascribe it to divine intervention), we may marvel only at scenes of the destructive force of this phenomenon. May your recovery from the present grief be swift.


  • Jeff’s Column deals with the same subject matter there BU will post here:

    They say a picture (graph) is worth a thousand words. The confirmation by  the Principal of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus Eudine Barriteau  there has been a dramatic drop in student enrolment has come as no surprise to BU. A drop of 48% in enrolment since the change in government’s tuition policy is serious. The drop in graduate study is 79% in the same period is very serious.

    We do not expect the government to respond in a coherent manner. What about our teachers unions and NGOs?  Are we going to sit back and allow a pack of politicians who are clueless dismantle everything the builders [Barrow/Adams] of a post Independence Barbados achieved? 

    Undergrads Graduates Total





    5, 834







    A reminder of the cost:

    According to the most recent scale of fees, tuition fees for students in the Faculties of Humanities and Education, Social Sciences and Science & Technology tuition fees are $5 625 for a full time student (half for part-time and economic cost is $28 125. For the Faculty of Law tuition fees are $8,808 and economic cost $44,040, while for the Faculty of Medical Sciences – Clinical tuition fees are $16,618 and economic cost $83,090, and for Medical Sciences – Pre-Clinical tuition fees are $65 000.

    Recently it was reported in the media over 5,000 applications were received for 1,500 places at BCC.  Whether you agree with government’s amended 2013 tuition policy the fallout from it should concern all Barbadians.

    What are we going to do before the next general election?


  • Caswell Franklyn

    Barbadians must stop being such cowards. Those who were already enrolled in the university, when the Government stop paying tuition, had a legitimate expectation that their studies would have been financed by the state. Rather than stand up to Government and fight against the policy, the students buckled under in true Bajan style. They should have taken the government to court.

    That said, we must question the quality of the tuition and subsequently the certification coming out of Cave Hill. How can you explain that almost the entire Cabinet are Cave Hill graduates and the country could be in such a mess? And how is it that a minister of government could slip through university and graduate without knowing the difference between 0.7 and 0.007.


  • Do Not Love the World.

    “Do not love the world or the things in the world, (the sphere of evil operating in our world) If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world- the LUST of the flesh, the LUST of the eyes, and the PRIDE of life – is NOT of the Father, but is of the world. And the world (system of Godless operation) IS* passing away, and the lust of it, but he who does the will of the Father abides FOREVER.” (I John 2: 15-17).

    Into the Academic Lion’s Den

    Do Christian scholars belong in the hostile world of higher ed?
    George Yancey/ FEBRUARY 20, 2014

    For years, Christians have complained that academia has been an unwelcoming place for them. They’re probably right. While the evidence about whether colleges and universities are encouraging Christians to lose their faith is mixed, the anti-Christian humanist bias within academia is relatively clear—both to the disproportionately low number of Christians within the academy and to researchers, like me, who’ve taken the time to study them.

    Given the hostility towards Christians, we’re left asking how Christians should approach higher education. Do they belong in academia at all?

    As a Christian academic, I affirm our place in colleges and universities. The anti-Christian hostility we see comes partly from scholars’ lack of contact with Christians. When more Christians enter into academia, they challenge the anti-Christian stereotypes and myths of some academics. A history of anti-intellectualism within Christianity has long fed into the mistrust of some scholars. At times Christians have been our own worst enemies and have held unwarranted mistrust toward academics and scientists. We should not be surprised when that resentment is shoved back at us.


  • As I’ve posted before here on BU, we are at the END-TIME era, of Almighty God’s linear time table, for planet earth, Beginning, (Genesis) END (Revelation).

    In Jesus’ summary of ‘The Signs of the Times and the End of the Age’ (Matt: 24:3-42), all of the convergent ‘Signs’ outlined by Jesus, are with us, like mankind has NEVER seen or observed before.

    The problems at UWI, Cave Hill, are just symtomatic of the wider chaos that abounds throughout our society, as we ‘Godlessly’ attempt to find solutions WITHOUT HIM!

    the Only answer is ‘REPENTANCE’ to God, and a true heart felt, surrender to The Lord Jesus Christ, as our personal Savior and Lord. There is simply NO other way, as we are literally living IN* the END-TIME era, season.

    Let him/her, who have ears to HEAR, hear!!!


  • Zoe why are you up so early talking END TIMES. this is an article about social issues and the act of seeking solution.
    It is obvious that govts does not have solutions to all of social problems ,However it is always the knee jerk reaction that charges forward in leaps and bounds oblivious of certain remedial actions some of which might be radical to move us forward out of a state of stagnation and decay.
    Along the way some pruning might be done in order for survival and at times the axe might also be necessary to remove those plants whose roots have die and can no longer stand on there own
    Fortunately in the area of Education govt has pruned leaving many areas full rooted and still dependant on govt as the source for survival.


  • @Zoe,

    Sorry Zoe, I cannot let people who have not lived in this era, writing about someone who”supposedly” lived two thousand years ago determine the actions I must presently pursue, so that I may “live” forever; whatever that means or entails.

    Jesus was a member of the Essenes; a religious group, who withdrew to the area of the Dead Sea, and prepared for the “end of days.” He adhered to this philosophy and felt that He was “the Chosen One”; one of the Sons of Light, to battle the Sons of Darkness, in the apocalyptic battle between them in the coming “end of days”. This battle would take place with his Crucifixion.

    That was over two thousand years ago and in every era there is the prediction that it is the end of days. Now is no different.

    It is a head thing.


  • JC et al

    Does UWI track the stats as to where the graduating classes go, what kind of jobs they attain over 3, 6 ,12 months etc broken down by major?

    It seems instructive that Social Sciences has contracted most in terms of enrollment versus other Faculties. Maybe the undergrads discussed outcomes with family and friends, concluding that it was a questionable personal investment if they/ family have to pay up? I certainly agree that those enrolled should have been permitted to finish under existing rules.

    I agree with your point JC, “As has been argued previously, the university experience is not solely about obtaining an official certification for upward social and financial mobility but more so about acquiring improved skills of thinking, argument and expression.” However, in a small open economy which is relatively impoverished, that needs to educate people to play a major role in helping growth for everyone’s benefit, the Policy should probably be erring on the side of emphasising Engineering, Med, Law et al. Naturally, students should be taking Social Science options for a broad education.

    In Singapore, this is what pertains and in my wife’s family they are Engineers, Architects, Cht Accts, Business grads but only one who took Scandanavian Languages and History at UC Berkeley (his mother and family have serious money to burn).


  • Top 10 Reasons the Bible is True.

    Manuscript Evidence.

    There are way more copies of the biblical manuscripts, with remarkable consistency between them, than there are for any of the classics like Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.

    “There is no body of ancient literature in the world which enjoys such a wealth of good textual attestation as the New Testament.” F.F. Bruce, The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?

    Archaeological Evidence.

    Again and again archaeological discoveries have verified the accuracy of the historical and cultural references in the Bible. The more they dig, the more it confirms the Bible.

    “It is important to note that Near Eastern archaeology has demonstrated the historical and geographical reliability of the Bible in many important areas.” E.M. Blaiklock, The New International Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology.

    Eyewitness Accounts.

    The Bible was written by people who witnessed the events it describes; many were persecuted or martyred but never changed their story. Would you die for something you knew was untrue?

    “It is no moderate approbation of Scripture that it has been sealed by the blood of so many witnesses, especially when we reflect that they died to render testimony to the faith …with a firm and constant, yet sober, zeal toward God.” John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion.

    Corroborating Accounts.

    There are plenty of references in non-biblical sources to the events described in the Bible. The Jewish historian Josephus, born in 37 AD, “provide(s) indispensable background material for the student of…New Testament history. In them, we meet many figures well known to us from the New Testament. Some of his writings provide direct commentary on New Testament references.” J.D. Douglas, ed., The New Bible Dictionary.

    Literary Consistency.

    The Bible contains 66 books written over 1,500 years by 40 different writers but it tells one “big story” of God’s plan of salvation that culminated in Jesus Christ. You can’t even pass a secret around a circle of 12 people and get the same message at the end. “There is indeed a wide variety of human authors and themes (in the Bible). Yet behind these…there lies a single divine author with a single unifying theme.” John R.W. Stott, Understanding the Bible.

    Prophetic Consistency.

    There are over 300 specific prophecies in the Old Testament that are fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

    “The very dimension of the sheer fulfillment of prophecy of the Old Testament Scriptures should be enough to convince anyone that we are dealing with a supernatural piece of literature….God has himself planted within the scriptures an internal consistency that bears witness that this is his Word.” R.C. Sproul, Now That’s a Good Question.

    Expert Scrutiny.

    The early church had extremely high standards for what books were judged to be authentic and therefore included in the Bible. A book had to have been written by an Apostle or someone in their immediate circle, had to conform to basic Christian faith and had to be in widespread use among many churches. This was a careful process of

    “the people of God in many different places, coming to recognize what other believers elsewhere found to be true”; these writings were truly God’s word. G.J. Wenham, J.A. Motyer, D.A. Carson and R.T. France, The New Bible Commentary.

    Leader Acceptance.

    A majority of the greatest leaders and thinkers in history have affirmed the truth and impact of the Bible.

    “I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given man. All the good from the Savior of the world is communicated to us through this book. But for it we could not know right from wrong.” Abraham Lincoln.

    Global Influence.

    The Bible has had a greater influence on the laws, art, ethics, music and literature of world civilization than any other book in history. Can you think of one that even comes close?

    “Christianity”, as set forth in the Bible “is responsible for a disproportionately large number of the humanitarian advances in the history of civilization—in education, medicine, law, the fine arts, working for human rights and even in the natural sciences….” Craig L. Blomberg, in Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith.

    Changed Lives. From St. Augustine to Martin Luther to Joni Eareckson Tada to countless everyday men, women and children, the words of the Bible have transformed lives unmistakably and forever.

    “As unnamed masses of Christians down through the ages have shown us, the Bible is the most reliable place to turn for finding the key to a life of love and good works.” T.M. Moore, The Case for the Bible.


  • The Historic Judeo/Christian Worldview.

    This world view essentially contains claims about reality, which are either TRUE or FALSE.

    Therefore, any World view, must be subjected to, and must sustain (3) test in order to be considered valid.

    1) Logical Consistency
    2) Empirical Adequacy
    3) Experiential Relevancy

    The only religious World view, across comparative difficulties, premised on warranted credible facts and evidence, that meet and sustain all three of these test, is the Historic Judeo/Christian World view.

    Secondly, and intricately connected to the above criteria for validity, every system must also demonstrate and deal with the following questions:

    1) Origin
    2) Meaning
    3) Morality
    4) Destiny

    Again, the theistic Christian World view, is the ONLY one that systematically and convincingly demonstrates and sustains to, the above questions, unparalleled with any other religious World view.

    The structure of Justification in defending any propositional TRUTH claim, IS* coherence, coherence is our sole criteria for TRUTH.

    Coherence IS* found throughout God’s Word, the Bible, from beginning, Genesis, to the end, Revelation.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    There is an unspoken protocol of sorts on these social sites that resembles the practice of a man not coming to The People’s Cathedral and talking about how much he enjoys having oral sex every night of the week, seven days, including Sundays

    It is likened to the situation of us discussing Crime in Barbados and someone constantly harping about the Inner City Statistics of Chicago Crime and how Obama do this and do that and the next…inappropriateness

    So where does that leave the ole man when I come to see what I can learn from “the scholar’s tale”, or “Pow Pow in BIM’ and almost every single one of the recent entries and get a Bible lesson by these religious zealots and fanatics?

    How does this behaviour differ from that of the ISIS radicals when wunna does write “a tome (and ton) of insensitive dribble” about Jesus when one only wants to grapple with the issue of sending our son or daughter to Cave Hill, or speak to the rights of workers, customs officers, NCC employees or BIDC employees?

    Tell me how this high science about being “washed away in Jesus Christ is coming and therefore “be ye not interested in paying your phone bill or light bill cause, in Jesus, we have the Way the truth and the Light” so you dont have to pay Emera. Tell me how that gine help me as a student or as an employee at Cave Hill?

    ” I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem an horrible thing: they commit adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none doth return from his wickedness; they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah.”

    Neither of the two of wunna got anything to say about the aberrations of specific ministers be they BLP or DLP, nor the agency head so recently passed, nor the blatant tiefing of government funds nor anything that would show that you beseech these reprobates to turn away fro evil doings like Jeremiah who wunna does quote and claim to be following.

    But wunna does float heah pun BU like jobby pun de constitution when the shite pits get flood out by flooding behich Jacob’s Ladder.

    There is a time and a place for everything and wunna so called Christians with you pretend prophecies and convenient testimonies need to get stepping.

    Wunna need to understand that when Jesus spoke of “rendering unto Caesar what was Caesar’s and unto God what is GOD’s” the Christ did so mindful of the fact that while His Father Created Everything yet He the Son still had to feed the bodies of his followers with loaves and fish.

    “Inappropriateness” tires people and when you are using the Word of God to distance his fold you act as “the hands of evildoers”

    “Feed my Sheep” not “Fetter my Sheep”

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    A reasonable view and it explains why we stopped posting discovery type blogs about religion. If the idea is to convert heathens or clarify for agnostics, posting the theses a la Zoe and Dictionary is useless. A forum like BU is about sharing ideas, knowledge even when disagreeing we should be able to learn from the experience. How can we be an example for the ignorant if we behave ignorant?


  • Piece

    Man sees, he sees to a certain point; and then his eyesight break down. But exactly where his eyesight breaks down there passes upon him, whether he likes it or not, the perception of the unlimited or the infinite. Brother, beyond, behind, beneath, and within the finite, the infinite is always present to our senses. Old one, just a piece of the metaphysics to chew on because man seems to holds the view that human life evolves exclusively around empirical experience.


  • Piece

    Man seem to disregard religion the vehicle which accesses eternal life because science and human experience invalidates its true existence through the sensory processes.
    But can science teach humankind moral-values? Can science minister to the needs of the human soul old-one? Jesus, the physician of the human soul, implored us to understand the dichotomy between the carnal and the spiritual, but man in his secular wisdom refuses to believe that which he cannot engage with the human binoculars, or that which hasn’t any bearing empirical experience.

    But hasn’t “reason” any fundation for the God who gives us sun for light by day, and the fixed order of the moon and stares for light by night?

    Old one, there is a great and urgent work to be done in the world today, and you and I cannot rest contentedly.

    We need a reverberation of the Christian message today that will summons the society not to rest content with evils of the human life, or with our own personal shortcomings, but to try to correct them. The came from deep within my soul old one.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Jeff Cumberbatch

    I will begin where you ended because, in the economics of those 26 words, you may have come to the solution of what we are faced with.

    So i will quote you “Nevertheless, this state of affairs may yet herald the establishment of an even more commercial campus, one trading in the currency of knowledge and contracted research.”

    The “currency of knowledge and contracted research”

    I will first ask you the question of what does that mean and if you come back to this your column and answer that question, being that it does not fall into the question that Pilate asked of the Christ “What is Truth?” I would hope to get an answer and then de ole man will tell you why I believe that you have encapsulated ALL of our current woes in that parting line…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Ohhhh and so that you don’t go too far from the range let me put in context what is at the centre of my question with this summary report of the University of Yale and a collaboration project (one of thousands) Yale is involved in.



  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Sorry Blogmaster,

    I was trying to get the actual image to paste in the site so forgive the second posting of the URL but the ole man ent know how de granson does get dat do yet


  • Updated it for you ole man 🙂


  • I was believing that this article would have made good honey for the bees, but i guess i was wrong

    “ole man” [ ac can;t say that if not the fiery gates of hell would open up


  • piece

    Old One, you can ignore all you wish, but as the song goes: Silence is golden but my eyes still see. And as the Old Negro Spiritual reminds us: ” Truth crashed to the earth should one day raise again.”


  • David
    I think you have made it abundantly clear to Zoe that it’s time to move on and carry the script somewhere else.Try fooling some other suckers a la red fox and stop insulting my intelligence.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Thanks Venerable Blogmaster, I shall dance at your wedding.

    NO as wunna dun know dat de ole amn ent got much time to wait heah puh Jeff to come back from his substantive Job a the Fear Trading Commission, causing “I ent got tomorrow put down” I gine start de ball rolling

    Now De bright fellows among wunna like Artaxerxes and Money Brain and Lawson gine go right to de crux uh de matter and focus pun de $102M while de environmentalists Kammie Holder, RastaR wid dem locks dem, gine see all de Carbon Footprint data and whu it gine do fuh Mudder Earf and how it really is more of an RE project dan de Cahill Scam of DownLowe en ting but I gine focus pun dat $102M fuh a little bit

    De University Financial Report of 2104 say dat “Yale University finished the year ending June 30, 2014, with strong financial results, including a surplus of $51 million from operations, a solid improvement relative to the small deficit reported in the prior year. The University’s net assets increased to $25.8 billion, $3.3 billion or 15% above the prior year based on the strength of a 20.2% investment return for the Yale Endowment where the University’s long-term results remain in the top tier of institutional investors.”

    Wunna unnerstan’ whu one University doing?

    $25.8 BILLION, $3.3 billion or 15% above the prior year !!!!

    Is dem numbers mekking sense to unna??

    Now leh we get back to whu Jeff say in he cannon over de bow shots like de 73 cannons dat Commodore Perry fire pun de Japanese in the 1800’s.

    I feel dat Jeff Cumberbatch in his inimitable style wrote one thing but really meant to say sotto voce “one trading in the currency of knowledge and contracted research .

    I dun questioning and answering meself heah doah I gine go and see if I can find a body to cuss wid some new words i learn in de Thesaurus did morning when I did supposed to be at Church. (Wunna done know de Madam ovah seas in Murica…till Septembah **)



    This is what we mean when we ask for contributions to add value. This is top draw stuff. The UWI Cave Hill has all that land Eddie Edghill from Dukes plantation gave to them. What does Cave Hill plan on doing with it?


  • piece

    Old one, have you as of yet read Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas, it is a Christian classic? Or perhaps, you have already read Emanuel Kant Critique of Pure Reason? I see that you’re having some difficulty with the Divine Command Theory, these two well written books ought and should shed greater light and inform your narrowly formed religious worldview. Listen now old one: quoting Biblical text does not make one a Christian neither does look at gay pornography makes one a bulla.


  • piece

    Being a Christian has more to do with the Inner- Man old one. Do you remember when someone asked Jesus where was the Kingdom of God located, and Jesus answered him and said that: ” The Kingdom of God resides within you?”

    Old one, have had the experience where you were sitting in your car and for a brief moment you were at one with the universe, and your center of gravity all but gone, but your conscious awareness was intacted. Well, I have been there old one, and many in the hall of academia and some in the pulpits of Christianity are still mesmerized by my account. And one final thing I forgot to add, I felt a sense of pure tranquility old one. What might that be that I experienced that early morning awaiting in my car at work? Could it be a glimmer of heaven old one? Old one, you have all of the answers to all of the questions, so enlighten me with your rare intellectual talent.


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    In the old Bajanism, Mr PUDRYYR Sir, “prezactly”.

    The time has come for a Campus/University that is heavily involved in commercial enterprise….clean energy production, patents, joint ventures…


  • A man does does talk bout his trade.

    Blogmaster!!!!! It does be hard not to pass right by…

    @ David [BU]

    The current cadre at Cave Hill Does not have any idea as to what to do with it AND probably in 10 years time the Paymaster and a group of rocket Scientist lead by the Then Pro Vice Chancellor will come up with an idea to build housing units for rent or sale to University Staff.

    40 Acres, 40 Acres

    Well Sir Hilary spout some uh he manure when he did get de oligarchical gift to silence he Reparations forays when he dis say “The land will be used to establish a Centre for Food Security and Entrepreneurship and, according to principal Sir Hilary Beckles, put Barbados on its way to finally achieving food security and at the same time…”

    So wunna dun know Reparations efforts fuh de one time champion of De Down Trodden Balck Man dun gone up in smoke

    Let me see whu de ole man would do wid 40 acres


    De ole man would tex 2 uh dem acres and reach out to the Global Environmental Fund and get 1,000 of de best of de Solar Hopeful and put 750 uh dem in a testing matrix in a specific configuration to see whu dem output is and get dem ingrunt students dat only wants a job at SLOW FLOW & SLIME LIME tuh collect de metrics of de very best fuh barbados.

    De udder 250 de ole man wud put pun de houses of the very poorest Bajans across de island and do test bed studies uh how dem does wuk in de real wirl

    A nex 5 acres would go to establishing de very best hydroponics systems and green house environment in Bulbados and den de ole man was gine deploy dome uh dem same systems in de back yard us some uh dem Development Housing Areas where de home owners cud do wid some food substitution to reduce dem food bill

    Whey Duke is agin? De ole man did gine get some uh de best wind turbines and put dem pun an acre or so to power all uh de needs uh de said Dukes Plantation and some uh de poor peeples nearby
    De ole man did gine den establish a sargassum weed processing plant to tek all de weeks dat does wash up pun de island and compost it and grow some ting

    De problem Blogmaster is dat it ent dat de Ole Man ent got ideas as to how to mek a diffrunce in dis WC dat we calling BIM it is jes dat (i) at 80 nuff yuh ent got much time (ii) you ent got NO patience wid fools and (iii) dem is not too many peeples wid whom you can seriously discourse

    Wunna evah talk to Edison Alleyne? Man if naming you chile aftah somebody bright does mek dem bright, dem musee name he after dat Edison Brand uh Toilets dat mek out of lead, Dat man is de wussest Acting Permanent Secretary dis island evah has after dat man Barker from de BLP.

    The point dat de ole man did mekking doah befo i get side track by Edison is dat we need to focus on the very best using the very best of our minds and give them a vision that rewards the very best with internships and counterpart programs at Yale and harvard and things that the UWI if them was really thinking with them heads cud do wid de stroke of a pen.


    You get my drift David [BU] ???

    We got alot of BUHKVUNTS running this island into the earth real fast and we paying them to do it.

    I was going ae Domps fuh a picture of him getting bult to put here to exemplify that point of us being screwed royally (and liking it causing he always talking bout it dennnn) but the CoP may only arrest you for seeking to destroy the morals of minors



  • piece

    Kammie, is an environmentalist … oh don’t mek me laugh Piece, so yall those can get on social media an appoint yall selves qualified spoke persons in a given area of academcs? Oh Lord help dem because if dem could only see how backwards they’re. Only Barbadians could render a qualified opinion without the academic credentials to do so.Yall would be the laughingstock in America if yall try that mess over here.

    In any event, a few years ago Kammie was sporting a Ghanaian name; so I guess he was schooled in Ghanaian history? lol

    Now, I know David is going to implore me to be objective, but how can I, on a blog which continually, incessantly and perpetually hurdles disparaging sentiments at the members of a party my maternal and parental grandparents supported, as well as my mother and father who still continues to support.


  • @Pieces and Jeff, two quick points I would make re your excellent submissions.

    Pieces your remarks are on the mark as a extension of Jeff’s comments re “this state of affairs may yet herald the establishment of an even more commercial campus, one trading in the currency of knowledge and contracted research”.

    But of course the question to Jeff and his colleagues is “why has it taken this state of affairs to move the university into an revenue generating consultancy focused model ?”

    Just as surely as other tertiary educational systems world-wide were facing economic peril the wise brains at UWI should have forecasted this day of fee impositions and projected these devastating small enrollment numbers as a result.

    In sum, if the macro and micro economic planners and other deep thinkers there did NOT project a fee increase/imposition then on what basis can there be confidence that they are plugged in to societal issues and the economic hurdles which abound to provide sharp and positive consultancy on strategy and future growth??

    Jef, that is a real very question for you and colleagues. You guys MUST have contemplated and discussed this at meetings in recent years and broadly looked at personal/family scenarios related to the fall out. If not then grave shame and shock, in my view.

    And Pieces, of course you know that as a private institution Yale and those other private colleges are at a completely different level to Jeff and his colleagues at UWI. They may be playing the same game called education (which UWI does as well as most) but that’s where the comparison ends.

    These universities are the English Premier League. UWI is our local Soccer School League. No comparison in terms of generating money (benefactors) and profits from the business operations linked to their endowments and other corporate work.

    I understand your intent with the comparison but I don’t feel its fair to speak of UWI in the same breath on money matters with them.

    And of course the avg tuition & other costs (BDS$90K – $120K+) at these places make the fees discussed for UWI look like pocket change. That too puts them in a whole different galaxy.

    Alas, it’s what it is!


  • @ Jeff Cumberbatch

    Now we cooking wid gas.

    It would appear like if you are truly practicing the skill of saying one thing and knowing that you are in fact opening an ants nest.

    I am looking at

    “The University of the West Indies has expressed concern over a patent dispute between the dean of its faculty of engineering, Brian Copeland, and the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Research Caribbean has learnt that administrators at other regional research institutions are also re-examining their Intellectual Property (IP) policies and monitoring the developments closely because of its implications for research funding and their relationship with researchers.”

    Now when de ole man read your informed statement about “…the time has come for a Campus/University that is heavily involved in commercial enterprise….clean energy production, patents, joint ventures…” in light of the Dean of the Faculty in contention with the government of T&T that does not encourage you to really believe that dat de University is really ready to engage in any meaningful collaboration when the very relationship among the substantive parties of UWI and dem own government you see how dese peeples ent ready.

    Now mind you there is a stated, much dated, university policy about IP see

    Recipient % of Net Income

    Inventor(s) 50

    Originating Department or Institute 20

    Originating Campus 15

    UWI or its assignee 15

    So the Government of T&T should not even feature in the IP issue but the UWI St Augustine Campus

    Mr. Cumberbatch we ent ready and only when de white people is successful wid killing out we niggers wit de ebola variant of de Black Plague den and only den, when we incarnate again, as white people, will we become part of the ecosystem to exploit IP.

    Until den we is doomed to suffer….


  • Allow me to add my two cents.
    I also graduated from a US university in 1988. Since then I have lived in 5 states and it amazes me that I still continue to get requests to pledge money to the University.

    No matter how well funded some US universities are, they continue to solicit funding from their graduates.

    Perhaps the time has come for UWI to adopt an aggressive policy of asking all graduates for money.


  • Jeff Cumberbatch


    The depth of your research is intriguing, dear Sir, and I strongly suspect that your scarcely concealed attempts at appearing to be at the onset dotage on this blog is just that!

    The dispute to which you refer is one that is likely to occur whenever the inventor is a member of an establishment or has been externally funded. You are right, the T&T government should not be involved but I suspect that they may have funded the study. Moral? Watch where the c money comes from!


  • @ De Ingrunt Word

    In response to what you said just now I would answer this “Husain Bolt is the fastest man in the world!!”

    MY point is this. Professor Cardinal Warde is and has been a tenured professor in those hallowed walls for over 20 years.

    It is not as though we do not have the brain matter to compete, it is not as if we are incapable of performing, but like Rihanna would have been doomed had she remained in our 11×16 serfdoms with our negrocrats and crabs in a barrel like mentalities, we are genetically incapable of doing anything that permits sons or daughters of our soil to shine

    Dance with me just a little longer WORD and take a read of this testimony of our state of un-readiness

    “An important initiative in the current academic year 2013, was the establishment of an Intellectual Property Management Unit in the Office of Research, and the appointment of a Manager of the Unit, based at the Mona Campus. The Manager will be responsible for improving the procedures for managing and commercialising intellectual property at UWI, and for developing the necessary policy frameworks to guide technology Transfer and the establishment of Spin-Off Companies.

    20 PHVCKING 13 is the time that we have established this post for managing and commercialising IP at UWI!!

    We are indeed the “Negrophobes” that Fanon speak of – we are our own worst enemy… not no hunkie or cracker my man

    “It is not hatred of the Negro, however, that motivates them; they lack the courage for that, or they have lost it. Hate is not inborn; it has to be constantly cultivated, to be brought into being,..

    Where we are is a state where this self hate is “constantly cultivated” and we have embraced it as a newborn child embraces the bubby of its mother and now as 49 year old babies CANNOT LEGGO WE MUDDA BREASTS, even though her duds are down to her waist…


  • I don’t understand some people in Barbados who are crying because their have to dig deep in their pockets to pay their own way for their education.

    Well, too bad for them because we have American kids in this country, who are juggling a full time job and are full time students at the same time, as their pay their own way through college.

    It is time we teach these Barbadian kids how to abandon this entitlement mentality, and to look at government as a handup rather than a handout.

    It teaches them the work ethics and a sense of competitiveness that their will need when their get into the business world.

    Yes, I do agree that poor kids will need some form of financial assistance, but not free of cost of course, we have to encourage them to perform community service in order to obtain government assistance, and this ought teach them that there is not free in life, and that everything has to be earned.

    And those same American kids have to pay tuition, room board, and if their have car then there is car-payment and insurance and food and laundry etc.


  • Piece

    The genocidal colonialization of the African people has left a permanent psychological scar, which will take the same four hundred and some odd years that the man and woman of African extraction suffered under the evil institution of slavery to shake off. It is kinda like a battered woman who has suffered serious physical and psychological trauma at the hands of her abuser. Does she every over come such trauma Piece?


  • Piece

    Also remember Piece we were taught to hate ourselves during our enslavement. Claudette Williams in her book called Charcoal and Cinnamon placed great emphasis on this self-hate and nature of its origin. She argues that prior to the European Chattel Slavery, the black race was viewed quite favourably in literature, but after the black enslavement literature started coming out in the Americas and elsewhere depicting black people in animalistic ways. If it is one I recall from her book is this saying: ” The white is for marriage, the mulatto is for sex and the black woman is for work.”


  • What was supposed to be the White woman is for marriage, the Mulatto is for sex, and the Black woman is for work.


  • @Dee Word and Piece

    Sir Hilary has done a good job to bring Cave Hill closer to corporate Barbados because he obviously recognized the institution needed to generate a revenue stream to support Capex. He needed to go further. The points made by Piece though exposed the inability of Cave Hill thus far to ‘commercialize’ its stock and trade. Surely one of the outcomes of a learning university is to leverage its intellectual capital to achieve meaningful outcomes.


  • @ David [BU]

    “Follow the money”

    At Monday 31st August of 2015 a review of the UWI Cave Hill Branch (not campus) carries the following item under “OTHER REPORTS – Financial Report & Accounts for the Year ended July 31st, 2010″


    Now anyone with half a brain excluding ** would ask the question of any entity, be it university or corporation, why would I seek to ‘invest” resources in the UWI if I DONT HAVE FINANCIAL RECORDS FOR THE LAST 4 YEARS??

    However in the absence of these documents I would revert to the contents of the one that is available

    “Through the prudent management of our resources, the Campus has sought to implement cost containment measures without endangering the quality of its teaching product or retreating from its obligations to its employees (My ADDITION NO MENTION OF OBLIGATION TO COMMUNITY OR CVNTRY.)

    It continues

    “Among the measures adopted were the temporary

    1 deferral of filling of vacancies,
    2 improved use of technology to reduce travel costs,
    3 energy saving initiatives and
    4 the rescheduling of some construction projects.

    And then the most damning statement of all that shows the true passivity of our Luminati

    “The Campus has also had to en-cash additional investments which had been built up through savings in prior years in order to meet operating expenses. Through these initiatives and the continuing support of our Contributing Governments, the Campus has been able to meet all obligations as they have arisen.”

    Not one word in all of that concentrated dribble of IP commercialization efforts!!

    So you are “en-cashing” the “savings” of the UWI, doing absolutely nothing that is pro-active while contending that this is indeed indicative of the superior “Strategic Planning Skills” of our cvntry’s visionaries and academia!!

    The University is replete with experts in “renaming (of the Alister McIntyre) Building(s)” and adding floors (as long as they do not exceed the height of “The Jobby Stool”

    Another level of expertise that the UWI has acquired is the skill to get loans from commercial banks to build student accommodation.

    Building buildings all over the campus while a legacy of one’s tenure means nothing.

    Sagicor might have build one or two structures (of course making sure that they did not exceed the height of Sir Hilary’s Seat of Power, The Great Stool – not as in jobby) but what they made back in the premiums paid on every enrolled university student far exceeds what those building costed.

    Behold what UWI lauds among their “accomplishments” “the Cave Hill Campus has been lauded for its exemplary efforts in developing best practice in our Student Administrative System which allows students to manage their financial affairs with the Campus including the making of on-line payments”

    ON PHVCKING LINE PAYMENTS!! YOU can believe that “Stool/Jobby/shyte!!”

    This is a summary of that 2010 Report

    Total Budgeted Expenditure: $170,213,581

    Source of Financing:

    Government Contributions $135,627,311
    Tuition Fees $ 30,620,040
    Other Income $ 3,966,230
    Total Income $170,213,581

    You done know that the ole man can’t do de copy and paste or else i wudda copy page three of that sad sad story fuh visual consumption and wunna ultimate constipation

    DEM spending $135M and only getting $3 million in “other Income”

    But hold on a moment sah leh de ole man explain whu dat income comprise SPECIFICALLY Commercial Income – “Commercial Activities represent the operations of the Bookshop and Halls of Residence. In the year under review, there was an improvement in the financial performance of the Halls of Residence as a result of revised rental charges. The Campus Bookshop benefitted from the completion of the first phase of the upgrading of its facilities.

    And then de coup de grace

    Project Income which comprised

    a) Special Projects – Special Project income represents funds received from external donors for research and other specific programmes. During the year, income from these sources totalled $2.3 million (2009 – $2.7 million).

    b) Other Projects – Income from Other Projects totalled $39.5 million (2009 – $24.7 million). This consists of contributions for special initiatives, self financing activities such as the Taught Masters Programmes and the MBBS Programme and funds earned by departments through consultancies.

    Not a ting bout Jeff wise suggestions on “The time has come for a Campus/University that is heavily involved in commercial enterprise….clean energy production, patents, joint ventures…”

    So you see why I feel that when Jeff said “…one trading in the currency of knowledge and contracted research.. ” he was being kind because what he meant to say was “one trading DOWN in PRACTICES THAT ARE ALIEN TO the currency of knowledge and DESIGNED TO UNDERMINE ANY PRACTICES THAT SPEAK TO IMPLEMENTING INCOME GENERATION AS MAY BE EXPERIENCED THROUGH contracted research SERVICES…”

    The CAPS are mine but the rest of the incompetencies are those of the UWI and Sir Hilary…



    Feeling your pain.

    On another front FLOW after dangling the possibility of the Call Centre being located in Barbados have announced, predictably so, in Jamaica.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Venerable BlogMaster,

    On the subject of Pain, my special congratulations go out to you on your recent successes as such relate to the current relief you must be feeling on **

    I was indeed dancing through the house and de lady dat does come twice a week to clean see me jumping bout and laughing and start to frown and look at me strange.

    Well you would know I could not share the news so I sat back down and started chuckling

    She still looking at me strange through the side of her eyes…

    Man, I jes click pun dat “W” below and whaplax eveyting come back wid de ole man gravatar en ting…

    Man it would appear dat de good news bring good tings fuh de ole man too….


  • @ David
    On another front FLOW after dangling the possibility of the Call Centre being located in Barbados have announced, predictably so, in Jamaica.
    A promise is a comfort to a fool.
    One could actually see the forked tongue when that ‘promise’ was dangled for brass bowl consumption.
    How the hell black people – just out from 400 years of slavery under these SAME people.. could hand then back the keys to the old plantations just like that …can only be explained via Bushie’s brass bowl theory of Bajan logic…

    Formally Lime …Only Worse.


  • @ PUDRYR

    Yuh mind sharing dah good news wid muh?


  • @Zoe,


    Analysis of the Books of the Old Testament.

    Twenty two books constitute the books of the Old Testament (King James Version) and record the history of the Hebrew people. The first five books of Moses comprising the Laws and the traditional history from the Birth of Man to the death of the Lawgiver. Two Books that do not appear in the King James Version but are attributed to the Lawgiver, concerns the use of Prayers and mystical signs and incantations. (The so called sixth and seventh Books of Moses.)
    From the death of Moses until the successor to Xerxes as King of Persia, the Prophets subsequent to Moses wrote the history of the events in thirteen books. The remaining four books contain hymns to God and the Prophets.

    This book describes the creation of Heaven and Earth and the early
    history of mankind. It details the lives of the patriarchs; Abraham, Isaac-although scant attention is paid to Isaac’s brother Ishmael, mothered by Abraham’s maid servant.-Jacob and his twelve sons and extended families .

    The Hebrew people are freed from their bondage in Egypt. They reach Mt. Sinai where the Covenant is made with God at Mt. Sinai. The Laws, The Tabernacle and the instructions for worship are set out by Moses.
    Contains Laws and Regulations for worship sacrifices the ordination of Priests and religious festivals. The overall theme is Holiness.
    Begins with the Children of Israel, the name given to the children of Jacob-named Israel after his all night struggle with God at Bethel in the Sinai Desert. It details their forty years of wandering and ends with them on the plains of Moab, about to enter the Promised Land across the River Jordan.
    The important thing here is that “the children of Israel” refers to the “people” and not the land “Israel.” There was no land of Israel
    Contains a series of speeches by Moses to the Hebrews as they prepare to enter the Promised Land. The authoritative law and covenant between God and Moses, and through him the Hebrews, and ends with his death.
    Describes the conquest of Canaan by the Hebrews, under Joshua’s leadership, the division of the land among the tribes, and the renewal of the Covenant at Schechem. Joshua leads the Hebrews over the river Jordan, conquers Jericho and the city of Ai; after massacring the entire population-men, women, children, and even the animals- and journeys to Schechem to build an altar at Mt. Ebul, rather than at Mt. Gerizem, where it was supposed to be in the first place.
    Following the invasion of Canaan, national leaders called Judges were established; just before the establishment of the Monarchy. Most of these judges were military heroes

    The importance of women in the establishment of the new Nation is illustrated by the Book of Ruth. She was a Moabite woman whose loyalty to her mother-in –law Naomi and devotion to God lead her to follow Naomi back to Canaan, after the death of her husband. She finds a new husband, Boaz and eventually becomes the great grand-mother of David.
    SAMUEL: t
    Begins with the circumstances of Samuel’s (the last of the Judges) birth and focuses on the reign of Saul and David, the first two kings of the New Nation. It recounts David’s exploits from the time he learns of Saul’s death to his kingship over Judah and then all Judah, and then on his setbacks and later years.
    Recounts the history of the Israelite Monarchy from the end of David’s reign to the reigns of Jehoshaphat and Ahaziah, from the Prophet Elisha to the fall of Jerusalem and the release of the exiled King Jehoichem from prison.
    Mostly a retelling of the events recorded in Samuel and Kings. They were written to show that despite the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel and Judah, God was still keeping His promises and working out His plan for those who were living in Judah. Another theme was the worship of God and the organization of rituals in the Temple at Jerusalem which was founded by David although it was built by his son Solomon.
    Deal with the return of the Hebrews from Babylon and the starting over; the rebuilding of the Temple and the restoration of true worship. Nehemiah focused on rebuilding the city walls and the carrying out of social reforms.

    The book of Esther makes no mention of God. It concerns the marriage of Esther, a Jew, to a Gentile Persian King- offensive to Conservative Jewish groups. The latter part of the book places great emphasis on retaliation.

    The Poetical books.
    The book of Job deals with the subject or problem of undeserved suffering and disaster, and why good people often experience great adversity. After losing his children and property and being afflicted with a terrible disease, Job struggles to find answers, first from his friends, and then from God himself. Eventually he is rewarded with even more that he previously had
    The Hymn and Prayer Book of the Bible. The Psalms can be divided into a number of contexts.
    The Apostraphe to Zion: This focuses on Jerusalem, invoking blessings on her, affirming defeat of her enemies and looking forward to her salvation and everlasting righteousness.
    Eschatological Hymn and Apostrophe to Judah. Offers praise to God but with an eschatological emphasis. ( with a view to the end of times)
    Jesus’ words on the cross-shortened in most biblical texts- were from Psalm 22: “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from helping me, from the words of my groaning…My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue cleaves to my jaws; and you have brought me into the dust of death. For dogs have surrounded me; the assembly of the wicked have encompassed me. They have pierced my hands and my feet…”. At that time David was fleeing from his own son Absolom and seeking comfort and security in Judea.
    David’s Compositions:
    Hymn to the Creator (Ps.109) draws on cosmic and creation themes from Genesis.
    Plea for Deliverance. Features a prayer for deliverance and appeals to God for forgiveness and protection. Embedded within the prayer are praise and thanksgiving for God’s kindness and faithfulness
    Psalms against Demons (Ps 91) Evokes God’s help and protection against human and physical dangers, this Psalm has been connected with Exorcism of Demonic forces.
    A collection of moral and religious teachings for training in wisdom, prudence and moral character.
    Attributed to Solomon, these are the words of a philosopher who reflected deeply about life, its transitory nature, contradictions and injustices.
    Solomon as the son of David was possessed of great wisdom and wealth. He fell from grace because he allowed his faith to slip, his idolatrous ways to take over and his appetite for hundreds of wives and concubines to get the better of him.
    A collection of love poems, several of which are erotic and romantic. These are attributed to Solomon in his “courtship” of Queen Candace of Ethiopia

    The most important of the Prophets; Important in view of its message of judgment and its comforts, its visions of the end of times and the coming Kingdom of God.
    Jeremiah and Ezekiel:
    Prophets who prophesied the destruction of the Temple.
    Ezekiel was the prophet who pleaded to ‘God to save the lives of Shadrach, Mishak and Abednigo, who chose to serve their God rather than serve King Nebuchadnazer. They chose to enter the den of fire, but through a miracle they were saved. God is then supposed to have remonstrated with Ezekiel for believing that God would have forsaken them


  • Piece uh de Rock Yeah Right

    @ Artaxerxes

    Dat de fellow say he leafing fun good and dat he wife glad, no, not dat he leafing she, dat he leafing heah but wait say it ain’t so, whuloss I taut I taw a puddy cat, dat ent he name I seeing??


  • @ PUDRYR

    Ohhhh, so dah is why some peele singing de “Hallelujuh Chorus.”

    Bon débarras!!


  • @Piece uh de rock…
    I referred, in an earlier blog, to Study Abroad. There are inter-university opportunities available. One only has to take the time to investigate. At present there are exchanges between UWI; I don’t know about Mona and St. Augustine, but it exists at Cave Hill. Of course one has to have good grades if one contemplates places like Harvard and Yale, and be familiar with the American system (Cumulative averages, and ‘grade Point system).


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Mr. Cummins I think that you have missed my point somewhat.

    All of us who at some time attended tertiary institutions whether as students or I have as the night watchman, have a inkling of how we personally can take advantage of the exchange programs that are available.

    While the ole man cannot lay claim to any such collegiate exchanges I can say that I have when in my youth benefitted from the farm hands exchange programme when the ole hands din have arfritis.

    No sir.

    What the ole man is speaking of is structured exchanges of resources

    I shall explain by using the Peace Corps as an example; what I am talking about is a bespoke UWI Equivalent Peace Corps Exchange Programme which looks at strategic swaps of HR and technical assistance (and even equipment which remains here after the exchange)

    We have to stop begging for interventions and give value for money while we rape “them” for their resources AS THEY HAVE RAPED AND CONTINUE TO RAPE US!!


  • “That was over two thousand years ago and in every era there is the prediction that it is the end of days. Now is no different.”

    Can’t fault your reasoning but there must be something about or in the story that after two thousand years it is as relevant now as it was then. Mr Zoe and religious fanatics like him do tend to go overboard sometimes in their efforts to explain the unexplainable but we can’t condemn one for his/her beliefs no matter how ill-founded we perceive them to be because subconsciously we all believe in something.


  • Balance

    Avail the opportunity to impress upon your hearing these few questions regarding our human existence and all that it entails:

    1) Are we cognizant that there is an objective world outside of our own minds?
    2) And can we really perceive a real world apart from ourselves?
    3) And isn’t it a fact that all we perceive is conveyed by our senses and interpreted by our brain?

    Now, you have stated that the idea of God’s existence is no more different than that of the elusive yeti which roams the back woods of the southern part of America.

    But doesn’t reason teaches us that without God, without the Bible and without the Church, what’s to stop you from just doing whatever you want? What keeps Bush Tea from killing, raping and stealing all he wants?

    Also bear in mind that we understand the concept of the Golden Rule, and are cognizant of its want of a categorical-imperative or its lack of a universal application.


  • Balance, since you’re a man infused in scientific-materialism, here is a question which ought to make you stop and think: isn’t it fair to concluded that the Origin, and the End of the world cannot be scientifically apprehended, but ought to be investigated metaphysically?


  • “Dompey September 2, 2015 at 6:34 PM #

    Balance, since you’re a man infused in scientific-materialism, here is a question which ought to make you stop and think: isn’t it fair to concluded that the Origin, and the End of the world cannot be scientifically apprehended, but ought to be investigated metaphysically”

    Mr Dompey, don’t get me wrong. I do believe in the power of nature which I ascribe to God; so I do have a belief in and a fear of God. I shudder to think what the world would be like without this belief and fear in this mystery. The fact that the God in which I believe is a mystery and beyond human understanding means that my understanding of God will change from time to time. My understanding will be influenced by new scientific discoveries, technological developments , social, political and economic changes. in short the practicalities of life. The Christ in his life on earth demonstrated he was a realist; a practical person. Hence his reasoning with reference to the ‘ass in the pit on the Sabbath’- ‘render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s’ – ‘the good Samaritan episode’ “the prodigal son’ – Zaccheus’ and I could go on and on. In my view some of the images of God observed in the Old Testament are not relevant to our time. My understanding of God evolves with the passing of time and cannot in my view not be confined to any one time period but striving in any time period for the goodness associated with ‘ God’ will always be relevant and a course of action to pursue whereas the evil associated with the ‘Devil’ will obviously be a path to be avoided. Choose ye this day which you shall serve.


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