A Policeman’s Cry to the Attorney General

Submitted by Benny
Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite

Mr Brathwaite can you not see that the members of the Royal Barbados Police Force and the wider society is loosing confidence in you. In following the debates on this blog all appeals are being made to the Prime Minister, what is happening is under your portfolio and we the citizens of this country fully know this. We understand our system of government. Had I been in your position I would be seriously concerned that  they are calling for the PM to micro- manage.

I am wondering why your voice is so deafeningly silent on these issues. Why cannot you order an investigation into the whole Derrick Crawford issue? I am  in a trusted position and I will only divulge this much, the COP has refused an offer of technical assistance from other quarters in an effort to solve the issue. Why is he so adamant that he is sticking to his guns and now that the bluff is being called for him to expose the so called information that he said he has he gone sick?

Of interest is that I understand from reliable sources that his cousin, the female sergeant made mention of on this blog had indeed been transferred and she took his lead and reported sick. Is this what we the tax payers of Barbados is paying for?

Do you insist on taking a hands off approach and let that Jackass that Mia unleash on the people of Barbados continue his reign of terror and incompetency? Do you know that your image has been taking a serious beating when Mr Dottin ensured that he went to every division and informed the Force that Mr Morris went to you to have his matter reviewed and that although you spoke to him it will not make a difference? The matter I am speaking of is his refusal to allow Sgt Morris leave to proceed to TnT to complete his studies to be a lawyer. Let me remind you Sgt Morris holds a degree in politics and public sector management with honours, a masters in project management  and LLB in law with honours. Mr Dottin’s beef with him is that he is studying too much. This is the very same Mr Dottin who is now doing his masters in criminology, he is a lawyer and he holds a first degree I believe in history. Is not that the same level and amount of studying?

We may understand his position anyhow by his low mentality. He is offended by the persons in the force who are attempting to improve themself, as he said the academics have a problem with him and do not want to work with him but the more enlightened you are the less likely you would feel satisfied with his incompetency. Even if he has a problem with Mr Morris what is his problem with the other officer who resigned and he is saying that he will not accept his resignation that he want to dismiss him because he left the island before the three months that the resignation was suppose to have  taken effect?

What is more distressing that he has ACP Williams another lawyer supporting him instead of advising him. This is the same ACP that he sent overseas on a six month course without the permission from you or the government.

A similar attempt was made to destroy another attorney Mr Cumberbatch when the same ACP Williams and Mr Dottin wrote Service Commission and the Ministry of the Civil Service asking that the permission granted to Mr Cumberbatch to study in TnT be rescinded and that he be called back to the Force and disciplined because he had left the island before the approval letter was forwarded to him. That is the nature of the beast. So whatever he was successful in convincing you with that Mr Morris should not be allowed to go you should be reviewed.
We in this organisation knows that Mr Morris continued to work and continued to make numerous traffic cases all the while he was studying. His problem started after he was transferred to the Headquarters office to work with the Mini Commissioner the very same mini- Commissioner who former Constable Sergeant also an attorney at law blind with cuss out of frustration before resigning and going into private practice.

However you were fooled, it  is just a testimony of Dottin’s lying deceptive ways. I believe that he should be sent for and evaluation. We must ask what it is that Mr Dottin knows of the powers that be.

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  1. The DLP’s thing has been building a society and not an economy. Building an efficient police force is fundamental to law and order which must underpin a stable society.

  2. What is this confusion about a police officer being denied leave to go on to Law School ? This matter was settled years ago by PEARSON LEACOCK v ATTORNEY GENERAL .

  3. I am having a WTFrance moment.

    All I reading is Lawyer Lawyer Lawyer.

    How about sending to learn to solve crime?

    The concept that a COP should be a Lawyer first and administrator maybe.
    Absolute bovine excrement.

    On another serious note which BU hasn’t mentioned yet. DROUGHT.

    Barbados is surrounded by sea water. How about a couple more DESALINATION PLANTS?

  4. Building a society as well as an economy cost money and bajans balked at the idea of paying any taxes for improvement but would rather settled for second best while at the same time expecting efficiency.and competence like they say “you get what you pay for “

  5. @Hants

    BU has dealt with the topic of water in several blogs although not recently. 40% of our water leaks back to the aquifer. This is a state which has straddled both political parties.

    On the topic of taxes, let the record reflect that Barbados has one of the highest personal income tax bands in the world which also now supports 17.5 VAT (indirect).

  6. @ ac

    I am appealing to you to please spare us of your narrow-mindedness and blinkered approach to all things pertaining to the DEMS. You need to wake up and also to wake up the “sleeping giant” to the deep “doo-doo” in which this country now finds itself. And, yet, only this morning I open the newspaper to see “Minister Sealy is off to Miami for a conference on tourism”. Only the good Lord knows how many will be in the entourage (20 at least?). How will they fly again? First class airline tickets, I presume? Hotel accommodation- Penthouse suites? Per diem allocations? Why do we need such in this the 21st century (is Barbados really in the 21st century as yet?)? Why can’t we have video conferences with real time video of the local people going about their daily routine interspersed with shots of places of interest in the island as part of a working video conference? No, that would spoil the shopping trips to the shopping meccas of the world. Right, ac? Well it serves us right if that is what we intend to tolerate from our elected officials who, by the way, have supposedly been elected to serve the best interests of this country and its people.

    It seems to me that when someone is elected to office in this country they believe that it is now “open season on the accounts of the Treasury” in others words, “lick it to hell out, we ain’t got to care nuttin’, we ain’t wuk fuh um”! Is we time now so leh we kill the”fatted calf” while we can”. What a mentality!! Don’t let us forget the story of what happened to the goose that laid the golden eggs.

    Now, ac, you can prance up and “blind cuss” me all you want it just ain’t gonna change the facts. Facts and truth will always remain facts and truth no matter how one tries to coat them over as something else. Ah lie, ac?

  7. @ David

    Hi Dave. Don’t let us even begin to open that can of worms known as the BWA! David, I know of a certain sugar plantation in this country that each and every year as the canes were being reaped in one particular field that the cane harvester would at some point be almost completely swallowed up. This was as a result of a broken 16 or 18inch water main (not sure which now) that ran through the length of this field. Consider now, not only the cost in downtime to that harvester but to all the equipment involved in retrieving it, plus all the unnecessary repairs that may have had to been undertaken to get that machine operational again.

    Now one would have thought that on being notified about this pipeline being consistently found broken year after year that the BWA would have tried to have it replaced. However, low and behold, by the very next reaping season the main would be found to be broken again and water flooding the ground for a period of time (weeks?months?). I query whether (and this is now lots of years later) if that big main has yet been replaced? And these “officials” now want to tell us that Barbados is a “water scarce” country! If that is the case then why don’t ruptures in the pipes be repaired in a more timely fashion or better still if (as they claim) the network of pipes are old and therefore prone to breakages then why not get the so and so pipes replaced? This does not have have to be done all in one year but a plan can be put into action to replace even one main at a time. Is that not possible in your way of thinking, David? I am not sure as, after all, I was schooled at a place called”Brumley” and only in the months of July/August!! Know wuh ah meaning, Dave?

  8. 40% of our water leaks back to the aquifer.

    Today I read where we need a $Billion to replace leaking pipes.

    You don’t need to do this all at the same time. There are methodologies and equipment that will allow you to replace the pipes over time.

    This should be a 5 to 10 year plan so as to minimise disruptions in service.

  9. @ hood truth is bitter . part of the debt problem is related to unpaid taxes amounting to billion of dollars by major corporations and others plus the million dollar subsides which govt provide Now you complain when govt go to generate business for the tourism industry which re-emphaises the point in my previous post.

  10. @ Hants

    But isn’t it passing strange that everyday people like you and I, and I suppose lots of others, can sit here and realise what should be and CAN be done, a little at a time, and the powers that be can’t get it figured out!! So, how many OFFICIALS does it take to change a light bulb again?? Please, someone, just tell me the answer is not TWELVE, please!!

  11. @ ac, Ma’am!

    Why have you completely, COMPLETLEY, missed my whole point?? Go and read over my post again, hopefully your BRAIN would be working before putting fingers to keyboard again! No offense meant, ac.

  12. @Hoodie

    What is happening at the BWA is no different to what is happening in the RBPF. Political interference, school ties, fraternity,incestuous relationships, inept management and the list is long. These problems remain whether B or D. This is our problem, we don’t deal with issues, we are more comfortable with personalities.

  13. @ David

    So tell me then, Dave, why are people complaining about the governance of Barbados? Did the populace not have 5+ years to assess the current administration and the glaring inefficiencies that exist? Or is it a case of being “between a rock and hard place”? Or, damned if we do and damned if we don’t as far as selecting a government is concerned? LOL. We need fellas like GP (people who think) in charge! But we have a catch 22, Dave. I guess some of those who can do a better job of it are too afraid of all the cut-throat politics they would find themselves involved in if they decided to throw their lot into the ling. In other words it is not worth the assassination of their characters if they try to enter public office. Correct, Dave?

    • @Hoodie

      The result of the last election clearly shows that there is a rising disillusionment by Barbadians. The first pass the post gave victory to the DLP and we have to respect the result. We have some deep rooted societal problems which have to be solved but it will involve agitation from a citizenry concerned with issues.

  14. @ David

    Quote from your last comment:- “We have some deep rooted societal problems which have to be solved but it will involve agitation from a citizenry concerned with issues.”

    I guess that is a correct assessment, Dave. So how are our citizens to be motivated as a society to expect better from its leaders? Aren’t those same leaders chosen from amongst our current society (populace). So if the barrel is tainted, Dave, where are we going to go to find a better fruit? Isn’t this a classic example of “the signs of the times”, Dave? Mankind in general seem to have lost sight of proper morals, honesty, and integrity. We all seem to be headed over the precipice with no hope of stopping the train and being allowed to get off! Is this part of what the scripture means about “a wailing and gnashing of teeth”? Maybe, the goodly doc GP could help us here?

  15. @Hants
    Must agree with you.In reading I thought this is no police force anymore this is one big legal brotherhood where everybody wants to be the top dog namely COP,with first degrees.post grad degrees and maybe a doctorate here and there.Are there no more policemen left to maintain law and order anymore?Is this what free education has done?Cheapen essential services and giving rise to frustration in the rank and file?Reminds me of a musician who used to be around Bentley Callender at St Mary’s church named Joseph.He had 4 first degrees,3 masters’ degrees and five doctorates all obtained in the great US of A.The bottom line is we need a focused police force to maintain law and order and put away criminals.No wonder the entire justice system is suspect.Free secondary and tertiary education have given rise to desk bound technocrats!
    @de Hood
    I must state again that the late Nicky Sealy must be turning in his grave.Erskine Sandiford took away the nest egg he had accumulated to replace the old mains back in 1988 and spent every cent on giving senior ranks of the Force and PS’s etc increases in pay and in the process had to go to the IMF cap in hand in 1991 leading to the 8% salary cut.It was nothing to do with devaluation.It was bad management of the taxpayers’ monies.Here we are in 2013 and we hear the cost is now 1 billion dollars.God knows what the final cost will be given that this present administration is replete with con men ,buccaneers and pirates (read dizhonest ignorami)

  16. @Gabriel Tackle | April 3, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    And after having all that information from way back then, the voters have chosen those same henchmen and put them in government for TEN YEARS!!

    Man, DEM deserve to tek wuh DEM get. You agree, Gabs?

  17. It is back to slavery like days
    Young people only interested in smart phones
    guns, weed, jucking , wukking up etc
    They will become slaves to something or the other

  18. @all of you.
    What a bunch of dissatisfied, ungrateful people. You all live in one of the most beautiful countries in the WORLd; a country with a stable society, a country that despite all that is going on in the world economically, is still growing; by a small amoutnt it is true, but it is GROWING, yOU HAVE EVERYTHING in education, where you can reach the highest level,, you have opportunities to be anything you want to be. A senior policeman is dissatisfied because he is not given study leave (resign and study on your own and then you are not beholden to anyone, nor a drain on the taxpayers) I did it when I was refused study leave; even though I was entitled to it, I resigned from my position, and I am not sorry that I did.. You had an election in 2008 at which the people showed their dissatisfaction with the government party; the BLP, that held office for fourteen years, and replaced it with another party, the DLP.. Despite the venom unleashed on the DLP, from the moment the election 2008, was over, the people returned this party after five years. Yet the venom is unleashed again without waiting and seeing (whether good or bad) the election was less than three months ago, time will tell. We Barbadians are a bunch of whiners and complainers, and can only see bad things ahead. Officials have to travel, you cannot have a teleconference every time a discussion is called for, so don’t get your knickers in a knot because ministers have to travel. See how you can make things better individually and stop whining. The same people you are criticizing for returning the government are the same people that put the other government in power and kept them in power for fourteen years, and the same people you will have to turn to for support when another election is called, so don’t cuss them now.. How is it that all you whiners consider them incompetent now and they were not so, then.Take it from me, the grass is as green on one side as it is on the other. The accusatons of all the things Barbadians complain about are seen on the television news from the BBC, CNN, CNBC, ABC, CTV and all the radio stations. People in Canada have the same weaknesses as people in Barbados.In today’s news in Toronto; Lawyer that was disbarred is facing further charges of going into court to defend clients even though he was disbarred. You want anything more crooked? In toronto, Doctor charged for sexually molesting patients, In Toronto, Pervert to face further charges for sexual molestation of teens (boys) over twenty years ago. Man given time in jail for sexual advances and sex with a teen ge girl placed with him as a foster parent. (He had a child by her)
    Give Bim a break and build a better society TOGETHER..

  19. @Hoodie
    Never a true word said.Bajans deserve the pirates led by the most notorious of them all Captain Kid of Marchfiled Church of God, whom they voted for.30 pieces of silver.

  20. @Alvin
    You would not happen to be one of the “Chipmunks” by any chance, would you? If you are not, you sound very much like one of them. However, nothing wrong with singing for your supper. But just make sure that
    you can maintain ALL the high notes ALL the time. Ok?

  21. @de hood.
    I WORKED hard for my supper for over fifty years. I am independent. I THINK independently and I “don’t rice at anybody.”
    I happen to be an optimist even though as the old people would say “I went through the hornpipe.” Every morning when all you people get up you should give thanks that your eyes open. Give thanks for what you have and work toward what you want. make your home, your street, your district, and your country the best it can be and do what you can to help others. STOP BITCHING so much.And dr. the Honourable, this constant harping to slavery does no good. That is the past, it will never come back, and what you learned about slavery is history. The only conception you would have of slavery is what you would have read. Keep it in the back of your head as a lesson learned and do what you can to enoighten others about today and what can be done today, not i830 or even 1865.Do what you can to get the young people to discard and reject the negaitve elements you spoke about. Educate them positively.Nobody needs to become a “slave” of anything.

  22. @Alvin Cummins,

    People on this blog have been complaining about serious issues.

    I made my suggestion about fixing pipes over 5 to 10 years because I have it is a very serious problem that can be remedied in the medium to long term.

    The situation with regards to the BPF is one that has been festering ever since Durant was parachuted over at least 6 more deserving ACPs and Superintendents.

    Bajans living in Barbados deserves a competent Police Force lead by the COP and the top brass.

    Barbados is a wonderful place to live but that doesn’t mean that its citizens must not demand competence in Government and in the RBPF.

    I hope that the DLP will use this opportunity to fix some of the things that need fixing and work on the things that are easy.

    They can steal some of Miller’s ideas and implement them.Adrian Loveridge has some good ones too.

    They don’t have to tief any of mine cause I will always be one ah Dem. Here is one for free. Put $100 million of the stimulus into Agriculture to reduce spending on imported food.
    An another. Spend $100 million installing Solar panels to supply electricity to Schools and other Government owned buildings.

  23. @Alvin Cummins,

    Most of us on this blog have worked just as hard as you but some have been influenced by the concept of “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT” and problem solving.

    It is what we need the young people to embrace so that they would call the BWA when they see a pipe leaking.

    A government minister says it will cost a $billion to replace leaky pipes.
    I saw a picture of children lining up to get water from a tanker but people should not complain.

    • @Hants

      A good last comment.

      There is also another picture in today’s paper where a person has identified a water leak running for SEVEN years.

  24. Why are we so surprised that our water system network is in such shambles, that shortly, we may have to revert to the stand pipe and public baths. We are not known for the good maintenance of anything, especially when its own by the taxpayers, with apologies to our artisans and associates of yesterday) The Transport Board, the Ambulance Service, SSA. Need I go on?
    We spend millions of tax dollars every year producing engineers and the like on the Cave Hill assembly line, yet still we are in a more unfavourable position , than we were 50 or 60 years ago.
    Did we not in 2008, under the late PM Thompson provided a lot of funds and raise the water rates to allow the BWA to change out the old network piping? Where has that money gone, Mr Auditor General?
    Perhaps we will be in a better position if we,after all, privatise the Barbados Water Authority, either that or put Julian Hunte et al in charge.

  25. Alvin Cummings……………grant you all that you have said about the criminal minded lawyers, doctors, politicians, sexual sadists/predators in Canada are true, but these cretins when caught are made to pay or go to jail, we cannot say the same for the same criminals in Bim when all types of nepotism and corruption is involved to see them paying for their crimes…………….I believe the taxpayers deserve much better and should complain on these issues.

    AC……………..not 24 hours yet and you manage to get confused with facts and reality and the nonsense residing in your head……………now what would you call that?

    Water woes………….I don’t know how many remembered the flooding of 1970 in Bim, water gushed out of St. John and literally drowned the areas surrounding the constitution river, now mind you if any government DLP/BLP had started damming that water from back then or even in the 80s, I guarantee you we would not be hearing rubbish about spending a billion dollars of taxpayer dollars now. dennis kellman had parroted a citizen who suggested the idea and swore the DLP would do it in the first five years they had………….HA HA…….do what.

    I spent some time with a friend of mine, an attorney, in Toronto yesterday, after hours of chatting we both came to the same realization……………too many lawyers are involved in politics, most do not know what they are doing, the same can be said of lawyers being COPs………the legal profession is now a walking joke worldwide.

  26. There is an additional problem…………when a water leak is reported to BWA unless you are connected to someone who feels puffed up with importance at that institution, that water leak can and does last for years…………you must be connected into the corruption pipeline to get them to do their jobs, even if it is a simple one.

  27. @WEll! WELL! why don,t you take uh place in line. ac is the boss round here and call the shots and is entitled to say whatever she dam pleases.

  28. There is enough negativity to go around, so let’s not focus on that side of the coin any longer. We ought to be praying to our Heavenly Father for the positive kind of change in Barbados.

  29. ” We ought to be praying to our Heavenly Father for the positive kind of change in Barbados.”

    Lexicon that is the problem with wunna people always leaving it to someone else and hoping that the heavens will open up and take away your problems. Talk about pie in the sky dreams. Show and tell me where this heavenly father has brought about change?

  30. @ Islandgal246
    You’re pretty much free to express your opinion the way you see fit. And I only hope that I haven’t offended in anyway by making reference to my Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

  31. Alvin, the bible points out in clear words that, “Wisdom is too high for a fool.” And I find much “Wisdom” and “Hope” in the few words you’ve conveyed here. Why waste your breath trying to convince others that there is light at the end of the tunnel?

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