Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the one that got away

YouTube video posted by social commentator Agyeman Kofi

Leading up to the last general election (2007/2008) a key platform message for the then David Thompson led Opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP) was to PROMISE Barbadians transparency legislation. Another general election is upon us – five years later – and although the government has hurried the Anti-corruption Bill through parliament, it is yet to be operationalized. Many argue that the more important piece of transparency legislation is the FOIA,  giving ordinary Barbadians access to information. The FOIA languishes in draft.

“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.”

― Bruce Coville

16 thoughts on “Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the one that got away

  1. The ones delaying the passage of these legislations (DLP and BLP) know all of this only too well. It is in their best interest to keep the deceptions alive and well. Their tyranny is very subtle, but it works.

  2. @David
    “Both parties have been focussing on the trivia on the campaign”

    and the people are lapping it up.

    Just Observing

  3. The C.U.P telling what is known , No lies here , People use to lies , drink and dance ,
    Names were called last night to all things, Let see what the PM , AG , MIA , OWEN , COW and Sir Crook will do and say now, F .O. I on the street NOW.

  4. David on February 15, 2013 at 1:40 AM
    On page 82 of the BLP Manifesto there is a promise to enact FOI.
    That is sheer brillance from the BLP. In an 84 page document FOI comes up on page 82 just before the ink and editorial space ran out !

    BTW, why are you blocking the comments of Observing , Onions and Miller about the wonderful contents on page 40 of the Weekend Nation of 15 February, 2013 ?

  5. The biggest GIMMICK of the BLP manifesto of 2013 is found on page 40 of the Weekend Nation of 15 February , 2013 .

    C – clearly
    L – leroy
    I – is
    C – chequeing
    O – owen

    Bang….bang !

  6. – Overheard this afternoon –

    When I was small, there was a donkey dat used ta come round d house. We used ta call it Poochie. Now Poochie was a real ingrunt jackass. And ya know, every time FracturedBLP open he mout, he does remind me of Poochie. Yes. That Fractured is as ingrunt as a bald pooch donkey. I say so today!!!

    And while I am at it let me big up my pal Leroy who’s there in the audience. He has been to every meeting that I have spoken at. He’s come to shake my hand and give me a hug backstage many times because as you know he is always welcome backstage. And yes we have even been seen sipping champagne in a VIP both at the Garrison Savannah. Such is the nature of my esteemable friends who are not lepers……

    And of course, friends share…so I have ensured that Leroy has built a close budding relationship with Hal Gollop, the bosom buddy, advisor and best friend of my mentor and political leader, the Honourable Freundel Jerome Stuart. A man of integrity and who will ensure that I force the FSC to investigate irregularities discovered about CLICO as was recommended by the Judicial Managers which I happily appointed 12-18 months too late.

    Ian has now gone, and of course I will never tell you why, but, such is the nature of politics and life must go on.

    Raise ya hand Hal and Leroy. Love wunna bad bad bad. I like de policy holders too….just not as much…and don’t ask me bout solutions. I ain’t got none of dem at d moment. You really expect me to solve Al Barack, Four Seasons, pay UWI, win back my seat in parliament AND resolve CLICO too?? I look like a muchin to you???

    Just Observing

    P.S. I only heard the voice through the door so I’m not sure who was speaking at the time. wink wink

  7. The biggest GIMMICK of the BLP manifesto of 2013 is found on page 40 of the Weekend Nation of 15 February , 2013 .

    C – clearly
    L – leroy
    I – is
    C – chequeing
    O – owen

    Bang….bang !
    It is clear that the above scenario has caused you to buckle at the knees.

    But it was you the BEEs who gave LIFE and DEATH of CLICO.

    The DEMS were only asked to sing ” The day thou gavest……is now ended ……darkness now cover the land ” in this whole CLICO saga.

    BTW , who is the short man in the photo ?

  8. @ Observing(…) | February 15, 2013 at 3:32 PM |

    We must admit that Leroy “Sonny Poochie Greenverbs” Parris is the most powerful and smartest man in Christendom Barbados.

    He is even able to rope into his beguiling web of con artistry and corruption the camera-shy but dirty-handed Hal the Godhorse Gollop the star boy of public legal education and High Priest of Integrity whose guiding principle is that Morality is the highest law of the Land.

    But as Bob Marley said:

    “… Thank God, we’re pass the worse
    Hypocrites and parasites
    Will come up and take a bite
    And if your night should turn to day
    A lot of people would runaway…”

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