On The Brink Of ‘Anarchy’ – Think On These Things Barbados

Flashback to the Dudus Coke tension in Jamaica

All the signs have appeared that a Barbados society which not too long ago had well manicured lawns have become overrun with weeds. The news that several people assembled at the District A Magistrates Court this week – some to show support for those accused of the shooting at Gully Hill, Carrington Village on New Years Day –  is an ominous sign. A parallel can be made to what transpired on Monday  [9/1/2012] to how some Jamaicans reacted during the Dudus Coke affair.

Then there is the temptation to juxtapose what occurred at the Magistrate Courts with the news that a 6-year old impasse between principal Jeff Broomes of the Alexandra School and the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) has flared up. Can anyone guess who is the ‘party’ most affected by what is unfolding? The Children!

At a time when ‘swords’ are being drawn and sides taken in a matter which should have been resolved at a staff meeting so many years ago, what does it tell us? Here is a hint. Barbados is a country which has invested billions of dollars in educating its people and yet our educators are impotent to resolve a disagreement.

What would you say has been the return on the billion dollar investment if we were to judge by the Alexander transaction?

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  1. The Minister of Education and the Ministry of Education have been quite cogent in their pronouncements to date. A date certain for these teachers to return to the classroom must be published without delay and failing compliance, they will be terminated. A return to the status quo ante and careful adherence to the stated grievance procedures is the only way out of this thicket.

  2. the results of the investment indicates that we are bright but not shining.on another note , it calls for more than cogency now that the horse is out of the stable. the festering sore has now become cancerous because of the inaction of those who failed miserably to heal the wound. the big stick approach cannot work because both sides must come out saving face and this is a delicate matter which might even usher in arbitration or resolution by the law courts since the socalled heavy rollers of trade union negotiations in barbados seem to have been rendered impotent and would soon be recognised only for their loquaciousness when talk does not matter. Where is Sir Roy, Mr Bobby Morris, Mr Depeiza, Mr Murrell, Mrs Avril Gollop

  3. Those who speak of fairness, justice, respect for each other and integrity are laughed at and told this is a modern world as if modernity has anything to do with basic “human values.”

    We have now become accustomed to “glibness” nothing seems to matter anymore; it is not what we can do, or should do, it is all the fault of politicians.

  4. It is claimed this is the year to decree it and speak it. This is the new year of the new beginnings. I hope it is towards the positive. So much ‘cleaning up’ to do but if we begin to do it now, the task will not be difficult.

    This is a small island and it can be all fixed with simple common sense and logic. We can get back to peace, harmony, care and love in the way we deal with people, our health, our food….it will take good thinkers and excellent management of the various areas of the cleansing…large boards that take years to make decisions are not one of them…the Ministers perhaps taking matter directly into their own hands, going out to the people, ensuring that action is taken according to those under “great thinkers” and adhering to the directions of those in excellent management, to get the job done and get it right. Transparency of all ’cause technology is a hell of a media and the people are not only speaking up through this but now it looks like they are taking to the streets as well – yes! that photograph could be Jamaica during Dudus and even Vybes Kartel – so someting is wrong.

    When I took a photo of a sign in Wildey that said “We love you Dudus” I put it up on Facebook and said we must take care, Dudus is here….people we are going to have problems. One person said: “Oh that is just one foolish person, probably a Jamaican.”

    When in 1981 I found a man in my bedroom taking my jewellery and chased him…I had been accustomed of leaving the house open all the time, the front door lock was not working and I would even to away on business with not a care in the world I called Jeanette Layne Clarke and told her: “Jeanette there is trouble on the horizon. I think drugs are going to soon determine what will be going on in this island.” At first she did not believe me, within six months she was writing about it. Since then crime has risen into proportions we never thought would be possible.

    When during the CBC news we have porn sounds coming through for the whole island to hear, and it is made national news in a second, with all revealed on the internet…and Facebook so full of people laughing and wanting more…instead of being mortified, you know something wrong.

    When a building that belongs under the umbrella of a heritage site that can be taken away as fast as it was given by UNESCO with one wrong move, has workers on it who when begged to stop systematically destroying the most important parts of same, refuse to do so and…how did they get permission to even begin…one has to know that our sensibilities have gone through the eddoes.

    And the above are but a few…remember I said a few… of the small things…remember I said small things….things that fester into big things…some …remember I said some….CLICO, EMERA, BL&P, GMO FOODS, PINE HILL NON-FRESH’ MILK, ANIMALS FED WITH GROWTH HORMONES AND ANTIBIOTICS, ROUNDABOUTS THAT HAVE COST MILLIONS AND DOAN WORK, AN EMBARRASSING TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN BARBADOS SITUATION AT FOUR SEASONS….What is the thought here…to me it spells one thing – THERE HAS TO BE TROUBLE IN PARADISE PEOPLES.

    As a person who loves this country with all her heart, this makes me sad and makes me want to leave and find peace elsewhere…I came home to make a difference because I did not want to see this island not be everything it could be…but open your mouth and people doan like it, then when it all hits the fan…no one wants to believe it. There are so many like myself that are very, very tired. Are we prepared for the loss of those who love the rock to leave it to those who don’t? I hope not.

    I am not a soothsayer…I am not someone who can look into the future and know what it will bring. But I do have a brain. As David King said “I am not dotish!”. I have always been able to see the trees for the forest. Barbados has been systematically made to believe that all is well whilst the ‘eye-diggers’ have had a a field day and now we are in trouble. Oh! Yes! we are. But still, still, still…there are those who close their minds and call people like myself “the troublemakers”, “the frauds”…even “racists”…(perhaps to move away from the truth with negativity???) when all we would want to see for this beautiful island is peace and health and equal opportunity and a good life for all. What saddens me is that is IT IS POSSIBLE.

    May you all have a wonderful day and may we all begin to think and manage this little rock in a better way before it is really too late. Remember the rabbit in Alice “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.” Let that date is now, and it better not pass us allowing worse to befall us. Bless. 🙂

  5. “Jonathan Seagull spent the rest of his days alone, but he flew way out beyond the Far Cliffs. His one sorrow was not solitude, it was that other gulls refused to believe the glory of the flight that awaited then; they refused to open their eyes and see.” Jonathan Livinstone Seagull – a story. Richard Bach.

  6. Change is always difficult to accepted. Barbados like the world is going thru chances ( invoked by progress). so there is no haven, no paradise that is not affected by these international goings ons.

    Talk about flying like gulls in Johathan Seagulls novel ..deserves a bajan stupesss. FLY Away den..Pigeons and other wild fowl will land.

    Hope you find your new paradise.

  7. Keith Howard please do not show us how illiterate you are. Why can’t people like you open up your eyes for a change and listen with your ears instead opening up your rear end to talk!

  8. Many of us who have upheld the present social system now write, speak and complain about the rewards we are reaping. When in the forties through to today people were being disadvantaged, no one was interested because we patiently awaited our “piece of the social and economic pie”. Now young people are carrying on the “good work” devoid of the inherent scull duggery that is very evident in Barbados, we speak, write and complain because alas it has presented itself at our door steps. Whatever we are experiencing is the social monster we have created and the work to make it right begins with all of us. Remember how we fiddle, danced and blew kisses to the old drug lords of Swan Street and the fast food restaurant; the youth watched and learned.

  9. @islandgal246

    Not being personal but…that’s why we got Red Jet

    By the way…why are you all still here ? ….taxis are complaining of not enuf jobs.Kindly lend your support.

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  11. I now see why when some people go on vacation they don’t want any TV,papers and internet in their rooms.Just a week off from the world. After all it will be there when one returns the following week. It will Still be confuse and miserable, with everyone knowing best what to do for the entire world.

  12. To Green Monkey:
    I love the field of philosophy but it always amazes me that we allow our selves to give over our entire capacity to think when some writer of person of import quotes some joker who may have been completely mad at the time his or her rantings collided with the written word. Do you believe that human existence is one enormous morphological sequence? You are very close to those who believe that man is no more than a computer in flesh and blood.

  13. We can philosophise, reflect, intropsect, hurt and grieve over our dear Bimshire, of the good old days, all we want, and yes, it grieves me deeply too, over what we as a nation Island, has become.

    But, until we stop looking at the multiplicity of ‘symptoms’ of our rapidly decaying society, I.e, morality, ethos, etc, etc., and be honest enough to FACE head-on, the CAUSE of such DECAY, we’ll continue seeking solutions, in the wrong places of ‘humanism’ our futile efforts, to restore a FOUNDATION that cannot stand on clay, hay and stubble, because:

    “UNLESS, the LORD builds the house, ( family unit, parish, NATION!) They labour in vain who build IT* UNLESS, the LORD guard the city, The
    watchman stays awake in VAIN.” ( Psa. 127.1) Emphasis added.

    “If You, LORD, should mark INIQUITIES, O lord, who could stand? ( Psa. 130: 3)

    Iniquities, from the Heb. ‘Avon’ means, ‘Evil, fault, SIN, iniquity, guilt, blame, MORAL ILLNESS, perversion, crookedness, its derivitive ‘Avah’ means to ‘bend’ or ‘distort. Thus, iniquity is the ‘EVIL BENT’ within human beings, or the ‘crooked’ direction or ‘warped’ deeds of sinners.

    Our little nation society, like all other nations, IS filled with such an ‘evil bent’ of iniquity, it knowns NO colour or class distinction, as it permeats from the TOP of our societal class(s) to the lowest, and it stinkes before Almighty God, who Alone has blessed us, and kept us, whom we have TURNED AWAY from, looking to secular materialism, humanisn, moral relativism, etc, etc; any wonder that we are in a free-fall, of decay, morally, spiritually, which WILL destroy us economically!!!

  14. @islandgal246

    Listen to Richard…or better still..buy a Mayan Callendar…..

    You all can’t RUN Anymore…..things coming to a CORK.

    Coming here and telling the islandanders..”whip up or else” …won’t cut it’ when you ran from ur Homeland..where you felt totally helpless and a lotta long talk did’nt work..

    In case you have’nt notice the days of the whip and FEAR are ova.

  15. Barbados has been described as operating above its weight class by many. One of the factors why this occurred is because we made decisions in the best interest of Barbados. Nowadays we are carried along by the latest and greatest which maynot be of our interest..

  16. Keith where you get this from…”when you ran from ur Homeland..where you felt totally helpless and a lotta long talk did’nt work..”

    What do you know about me? My roots are Caribbean more Caribbean than your rear end. At least I can say that I have experienced life in some of the islands and I am better for it.

    This country like many Caribbean islands has encouraged indiscipline in all areas of society and now it has come back to bite them. It is like letting a child do as they like when they are young and when they have grown up to be wayward delinquents people complaining.

  17. Keith you are like so many who are so small minded that reading what you have written comes as no surprise to me. Continue with your fcuking arrogance and keep pumping up your chest, it will blow up one day .

  18. And imagine when the actual trial starts, these same gang members / supporters will attempt to harass persons on the jury or anyone connected to the case.
    I haven’t the slightest clue about how things operate in the courts, but exactly how long were these gang supporters allowed to carry on with their ignorant behaviour in the court yard? Should the general public even have been allowed to be there in the first place?
    A system should be in place that if anyone started any foolishness in the court yard they would be removed immediately and charged with a quickness.

    Of course, this does not solve the deep-rooted societal problems that are at the cause of all this. But I feel that if people in authority have proper systems in places like the court to deal with this type of thing, and show zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour, then it is at least a start and some of these people would think twice before they tried their nonsense.

  19. lemuel wrote
    To Green Monkey:
    I love the field of philosophy but it always amazes me that we allow our selves to give over our entire capacity to think when some writer of person of import quotes some joker who may have been completely mad at the time his or her rantings collided with the written word. Do you believe that human existence is one enormous morphological sequence? You are very close to those who believe that man is no more than a computer in flesh and blood.

    And you, lemuel, sound like you might be one of those jokers that believe that God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna (or whoever) gave mankind a free pass from being subjected to the laws of physics and thermodynamics unlike the rest of our known universe.

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    Why these laws are the way they are is up to anyone’s belief system to explain – God, Allah, Bodh, material reductionism, etc. So you need not feel threatened by them. But they are what they are and they cannot be disputed. They aren’t up for debate.

    And by now you might be wondering … when is he going to get to the point, and what do black holes have to do with economics? Well, when it comes to thermodynamics, a lot actually, because most (all?) mainstream economists have managed to convince themselves of certain principles that violate the laws of thermodynamics. Of course, nothing can do that, not even black holes, at least statistically on a macroscopic scale. Therefore, we must entertain the inevitable conclusion that if we are to continue following these flawed economic principles then we will be encountering some major problems in the near future when the limits of the laws of thermodynamics come knocking. The problem is, just because an economist can write an idea down in a chart on a piece of paper, does not make it genuinely applicable to the real world. This is why the scientific method is important, because it provides you with the obligation to compare your hypothetical idea with the real world and scrutinize its validity. Unfortunately, mainstream economists do not follow the scientific method. Therefore, any of the wonderful “theories” they produce should be received with great suspicion.


    Mainstream economists are living in a fantasy world. What they need is an understanding of how the real world works – the thermodynamic principles describing our energy systems, and the ecological processes responsible for providing the food on our tables. After all, these are in many ways the most important physical things we can have access to (they pretty much cover the “food, clothing and shelter” side of it). And since providing “food, clothing and shelter” is what economics is all about, you’d think economists should have a pretty good understanding of the underlying principles that actually bring about “food, clothing and shelter”. So why don’t they? It’s baffling.


  20. @ Ms Parkinson
    “When during the CBC news we have porn sounds coming through for the whole island to hear, …”

    Seriously, did this happen? When and how do you prove it.

  21. I say the most effective cosmetic change that could be made in the history of Barbados is to change the name of the Royal Barbados Police Force to something a hell of a lot more appealing and relevant like the Barbados Protection and Policing Service … and so on. Gaining confidence starts with image that is quickly followed corresponding in character action.

  22. I think that the MOE is out of place to tell the teachers to go back to work as a condition of the ministry starting talks with the interested parties. We have been there before. The parties have lost trust in the MOE, Jeff Broomes BSTU,the teachers have all lost faith in the Ministry because of its failure to give corrective long term solutions to the problems in Queeen St.
    There has been wrong on both sides and in the present impasse a lot of ill advised statements have been allowwed to pollute the place under the guise of oneupmanship. The union has no faith in the MInistry to solve this matter. The principal must have complained about it and got no clear response and so in frustration made the damning comment. The Ministry should call in a third party amenable to both sides and thrash out the grievances and make each one of the party agree to its resolution.
    This is a human situation and I do not see the striking teachers being comfortable working with Mr Broomes especially as we have 14 senior members of staff embroiled in this matter. Mr Broomes should go for his own sanity, well being and governance o fthe institution. Think on these things

  23. What is scary is that a decision affecting this matter may well be affected by popular sentiment. It seems parents and students are overwhelmingly pro-Broomes.


  24. @true to form
    Everythime we are comfronted with a situation, are we to sweep it under the carpet, under the old banner, give up your right for peace. This is the 21st century for Christ sake!

  25. @BAFBFP

    Are you being difficult?

    The porn groans were heard during the live presentation of the weather news. This is something you should be able to verify.

  26. @BAFBFP
    Just so it is clear…I did not put up the video.
    Just so it is clear…this happened live on CBC last night during the weather news.
    Just so it is clear…CBC placed an ‘apology’ on their Facebook Page.
    Just so it is clear…My mentioning this was because the whole of Barbados is excited about this faux pas on the side of CBC…it has caused more interest than every other problem we have all put together with many calling for more of the same. CBC Blues is the word. And just so that is also clear, those are NOT my words.
    @Mr. Howard. I am going to even bother. I ent leaving here on purpose. I will enjoy annoying people like you by staying on and continuing the fight. ‘Cause from the 1700s my family have been Bajans. Clergy to be exact as I understand it. Check out St. Joseph’s Church when you pass and let it hurt your silly eye. @Island Gal…you get it and bless your heart.
    @David. You are a very very patient man. What calm you possess. I bow to you and simply will continue to admire you and your work from afar.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone. 🙂

  27. @David
    I think you would be like a pig in shit if everyone was anti Broomes, but this is a democracy and democracy reigns supreme. Let justice prevail.

  28. @Islandgal..

    Keith where you get this from… saying.”when you ran from ur Homeland..where you felt totally helpless and a lotta long talk did’nt work..
    I say..
    Followed by ur tantrum of CURSE WORDS…..(applause)..I know I hit a nerve when I get you cursing…damm it feels good…..

    Something said must be working…..(hehe).

  29. @BAFBFP

    Do you live in Barbados? If you ask anybody who was listening to CBC news last night during the weather report they will confirm it for you. I am one who was listening and heard audio from a porn movie…it was unmistakable.

  30. This country was in a state of “anarchy” for at least twenty years now.
    A former government administrations created a series of events that allowed disrespect for authority to reign unchecked.in Barbados
    Corruption in the public service where posts were created without the knowledge of Personnel Administration.Public officers unceremoniously removed from posts and political lackeys took their places.Public officers worked in an environment of fear not knowing who will be next to either be made redundant or transfer to another department.Public officers being verbally abused by politicians and threatened.Sexual favours being done for some services from government agencies – Housing,Welfare & Social Transformation.
    One of our former Prime Ministers lied to the people of Barbados indicating he does not have any children but lo & behold a young girl could emerged a little while after and our for Prime Minister indicating to the country that this young lady is his daughter.
    One of our former Prime Ministers sullied the office of Prime Minister by having a relationship with one of his employees who eventually became his wife while still married to his former wife.
    One of our former Prime Ministers admitted that he conspired to break the laws of Barbados by hiring illegal Guyanese to perform work at his private home building cupboards.The Chief Law Maker at that time became the Chief Law Breaker .
    The apparent disregard for law & order,the callous attitude of Barbadians and the moral decline in Barbados have its genesis in the performance & behavior of many of our leaders with the politicians being the major culprits.
    The chaotic situation Barbados finds itself in today is a reflection of our past.This situation can be rectified with strong,decisive leadership from all our major institutions – government,judiciary,church & other institutions.Unfortunately at this juncture,Barbados is saddled with weak leadership in many of our institutions.A Prime Minister who is unwilling or unable to make or take tough decisions.A discredited & corrupt opposition political party that is not in any position to offer any positive hope, if unfortunately,Barbadians have to return to that party for governance.
    I fear for Barbados.

  31. islandgal246 | January 11, 2012 at 9:40 AM |

    This country like many Caribbean islands has encouraged indiscipline in all areas of society and now it has come back to bite them. It is like letting a child do as they like when they are young and when they have grown up to be wayward delinquents people complaining.
    islandgirl . This is something that I have been preaching for the last 30 something years. The bicyclist who we turn a blind eye to ,and allow to ride his bike on the wrong side of the road, on the pavement and through major stops and red lights, grows up to be a Minibus, ZR and even an ordinary car driver and continues the same antics with his newer tools, then we start pulling our hairs out, trying to bring him under control, but its too late. This type of behaviour has now become endemic in all spheres of our lives,and the authorities and public still continue to look the other way.
    The older people were right with some of their sayings. (a) Bend the tree etc etc . (b) A Stitch in time etc etc. But we these days prefer ‘Hard ears ya won’t hear ?etc etc.’ Do you hear those warnings over the media to the public from the GIS or other Government Departments ,concerning some aspect of the law? They all end with, ” …………..either a fine of x dollars or x time in jail or both.” We must now threatened people to comply .
    Wait ! gal, Mr Howard is on your back like a haversack of glue.

  32. David | January 11, 2012 at 3:09 PM |

    Are you being difficult?

    The porn groans were heard during the live presentation of the weather news. This is something you should be able to verify.

    CBC has a valid excuse. Recently an intrepid crew from CBC ,as aired in a recent programme, went exploring the newly discovered tunnels around George Washington House and Bush Hill. The sounds heard during the news last night could have been a delayed effect of the sounds picked up in the Bush Hill area.

  33. Rate This
    BAFBFP | January 11, 2012 at 12:24 PM |
    I say the most effective cosmetic change that could be made in the history of Barbados is to change the name of the Royal Barbados Police Force to something a hell of a lot more appealing and relevant like the Barbados Protection and Policing Service … and so on.
    What’s in a name? Remember some years ago when two communities in Barbados petitioned to have their respective communities rebranded?
    The Pine Housing Area and The BayLAND.
    The Pine Housing Area was renamed PineLAND ,thus adopting the brand thrown away by the Bayville folks.

  34. I,ve been saying for sometime now, Barbados is next in line for some upheavel, I’ve seen,T&T change, then St.Lucia, then little St Kitts. What Barbados need is strong leadership and we are seriously short of that right now. the laid-back attitude of our P.M and the inexperience of his ministers is playing right into the badboys hands. Unless something is done soon this country can become even worse than some of those we read about right now, when we fall, we’re going to fall real hard. We need to arrest the slid NOW.

  35. We have to move away from this partisan politics and let patriotism take over. This IS our country, it don’t belong to any politician or party, we have to return this country to be a place where people are proud to call HOME. Our main money earner is tourism, if tourists get scared of coming here, we’re in big trouble. Let us stand up as true bajans and do our part to save BARBADOS

  36. Who raised this topic though..Island girl Rose maybe…its so lame

    a lotta null points >>>>>going nowhere Fast.

    Tell me what will all of this waste of reflections bring about >>>>>CHANGE ?

    I know nobody really thinks so.

    Im outta HERE

  37. @ Colonel Buggy |

    Thanx … I now get it …!

    @ David

    I hope that you and that Parkinson memorial woman ain’ talkin’ ’bout me or I might got cause tah buse both ah wunna up in here tonight … 🙂

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    When you switch on the TV and see the music being propelled by some of the world major music stars such as Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, does your TV have the special ability to slow down what you are watching by 90% so that you can see the hidden symbols that are flashing too fast for the human eye to be even aware of? If you were to see these symbols and then go to your local library and see these symbols in books associated with witchcraft and demonology would you simply shrug your shoulders and say its sheer coincidence.

    You see the reason for the release of the Antichrist Identity V is that 98% of the population are living in ignorance. 98% of the population do not have any idea as to what is happening in today’s world. Like sheep they simply do what they are told and accept what they see and hear.

    And I am sure also where you personally have tried to present people with truth or tried to get people to think outside of the box about the real reason that specific events are happening you have been given the cold shoulder, or have been laughed at or looked upon as being someone weird or even been accused of being a possible danger to society.

    The Spirit of the Antichrist!

    You see many people are talking about looking for the Antichrist and I can agree that I do believe that there will be a coming personal Antichrist. However there is also something called the spirit of the Antichrist and whether its politics, economics, music, hollywood, religion, science or the environmental agenda, the spirit of the Antichrist has infiltrated every aspect of society and has in one of the most lethal ways conditioned us to not even be aware of the changes taking place which are propelling us rapidly into the clutches of a one world government.

    What is the Antichrist Identity V?

    The Antichrist Identity V is the final part of a major series in which I will name the names of the people who are supporting this diabolical agenda. Not only names but also the organizations that have been set up specifically to carry us into a one world government dictatorship without people even realizing what is is happening before its too late.

    There is so much information that you need to see that I have had to divide the report into the 5 following parts. Over 350 pages, 300 footnotes and 100 illustrations for what is a fascinating but heart wrenching journey in understanding the relevance of the world government agenda being rolled right now in November 2011.

    So lets take a look now at some examples of the features tackled in the Antichrist Identity V.


    1. Foundation of Global Government (The Political Agenda)

    Why has all of a sudden the European Union suddenly imploded and in economic turmoil? What does this mean for the future of Europe and the world economy? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 66) Click Here for Sneak Preview

    Are you aware that the United States is still controlled by Great Britain and the Crown? Who are the black nobility, who believe they are the descendants of King David? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 37)

    What was leaked as the key objectives of the Bilderberger agenda this year in St Moritz? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 76)

    What is actually happening across the Arab world right now with the overthrow of Gadaffi in Libya, Mubarak in Egypt and revolutions and uprisings in other Arab states. What is the prophetic significance. Does this bode well for world peace? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 85)

    Is it true that many of the new policies signed by Barack Obama share a striking similarity to those policies that were the soul of the Soviet Union before the collapse of communism? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 80)


    2. The Abolition of Privacy (The Privacy Agenda)

    Are you aware that in June 2011 that Barack Obama was given power by the Senate to seize control of parts of the internet and order its complete shutdown? What is the future for free speech on the internet? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 5)

    How could Switzerland, one of the last bastions of banking privacy give into the United States and reveal the names of over 500 individuals in the US with offshore accounts in Switzerland. Why is it that within the next 3 years that offshore banking and banking privacy will be a thing of the past? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 17)

    In August 2011 the US government made a statement that they would scrap the Fairness Doctrine, a policy which could have killed off internet talk radio stations, However why is this a smokescreen which is lulling talk radio stations into a false sense of security? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 23)

    30 of the most common questions regarding the RFID microchip which is being pushed by the PositiveID corporation. i.e. Does the chip implants cause cancer tumors? What information is stored on the chip? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 30)


    3. Super Technology and Dark Genetics (The Science/Paranormal Agenda)

    Why is there so much significance attached to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany’s fascination with the occult and UFO’s? What happened to all of their research and findings after their defeat at the hand of the allies during World War II? (Addressed in Part 3: Page 5)

    Is there such as thing as an inter-dimensional portal or a gateway between the physical realm and the realm of angels? A massive interview with a world authority who was involved with the US government stargate agenda! Addressed in Part 3: Page 36)

    Did Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons really try to create the child of the devil? What is the link between their moonchild ritual, Rosemary’s Baby and Avatar? Addressed in Part 3: Page 87)

    Which particular form of Genetic technology is closely associated with the creation of the Antichrist? Addressed in Part 3: Page 99)


    4. Decoding The Messages (The Media Agenda)

    How could innocent looking movies such as Sherlock Holmes and the Wizard of Oz actually be full of decoded occultic messages?

    If you have friends who closely follow many of today’s music stars whether on MTV, American Idol, X Factor etc how do you believe they would react if you were to give them access to the video documentaries which come with this package so they could visually see the seductive dangers pointed out in this report?

    In what way has Hollywood tried to pervert the true history of freemasonry and the Illuminati so that we believe these are simply legends rather than actual fact.

    Kanye West, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce – What is the significance of them including the the symbol of the horned devil, Baphomet and other occult messages in their music videos. Is this sheer coincidence or intelligent design?


    5. Codex Alimentarius, The Green Religion and the Interfaith Agenda (The Religious/Ecology Agenda)

    Why is Codex Alimentarius an incredible plot to wipe out the alternative therapy and alternative supplement market. What role and significance do the big Pharmaceutical cartels have in Congress. (Addressed in Part 5: Page 4) Click Here for Sneak Preview

    The Club Of Rome agenda to reduce the world population and promote Gaia principles has taken on a more aggressive tone over the last few years. Which individuals and companies are forcing its agenda through? Addressed in Part 5: Page 22)

    The big show stopper between Islam and Christianity is the theology of Jesus Christ so how can a one world religion truly emerge or is there an umbilical chord which could possibly unite Islam and Christianity? (Addressed in Part 5: Page 69)

    Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has previously kicked people off its airtime including Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey, yet Joel Osteen who recently stated that Mormons were our Christian brothers is given all the airtime he needs What is actually going on with Paul and Sandra Crouch? (Addressed in Part 5: Page 83)


    What Makes This Report Different From Others!

    Recently I was interviewed about this publication and asked what makes this different from other reports on the topic. My response was that there has literally been no report published this year which tackles the breadth of information in these reports. Many of the reports released this year are mainly focused on 2012 as being the end of the world and simply scare tactics.

    The Antichrist Identity V was written for serious people who don’t want pages of regurgitated junk about how to take your family to some cave out in the desert with tins of imperishable food items and wait for the storm to blow over. This is serious stuff. We are talking here about things that will impact you, your children and grandchildren. We are talking here about the eternal destiny of people being at stake. These are issues we cannot run away from or hide in a cave waiting for it to go away.

    However because I believe 100% whole heartedly that people need to be empowered to do their own research that is why with this report you have over 300 footnotes to follow up on to check the sources of information that has been used to put this research together. It is vital that you understand that the things happening are really and honestly real.

    We cannot prevent bible prophecy from being fulfilled but we can inform people so that they are not deceived by agreeing to things that could impact their eternity, safety, privacy or religious rights.

    Do I Need to Have Read Antichrist Identity I-IV before this 5 Part Report?

    No, there is an introduction report which comes with this package which provides an overview of the Antichrist Identity Part I-III which was released in 2008 and the Antichrist Identity IV (“Holy War”) which was released in 2009. So if this is the first time you are aware of this series you can dive in straight away. The Antichrist Identity V is the closing piece of this series and by far the most critical and relevant yet so you can download it straight away without worrying about missing previous reports in the series.

    A Tribute from Reece Woodstock
    Hi All. My name is Reece Woodstock and I am the Chief Editor for the Global Watch Weekly report which goes out to thousands of people every Friday. I have known Mel Sanger for the last 7 years and I am deeply saddened by the fact that he has had to take early retirement next month because he has been an incredible person to work with. His insights and ability to breakdown and explain the meaning of current events has been simply astonishing at times. He has my full recommendation. I was honored to review a pre release of the Antichrist Identity V and simply could not put the report down, especially Part 3. Our weekly reports are good but they pale in comparison to the level of detail that Sanger provides. A simply amazing piece of work by any standard.

    A Tribute from Kerry Davies
    Hey All. I am Kerry and I have known Mel personally for the last 2 years. I also am the administrator support for our members. It was Mel who helped me to understand that some of the programs I was making my kids watch were simply unsuitable. Mel has helped my eyes to be opened. Before I used to think a lot of this information was simply the work of over zealous religious nuts. But over time I am thankful that the scales have been removed from my eyes and I have been able to see the sinister way in which a new world order is being rolled out. In my review of the pre-release, Part 4 was the most relevant because it really gives insight into the power of music and film to influence our youth today. Like Reece I am devastated that Mel his retiring but feel blessed to know him and his great work.

    This is Your Choice!

    There is no beating around the bush or hard sell with this mammoth report. Surely something deep within your soul is aware that something is not right about what we are being fed on the news about the economy. Why is that one week you are told that the economy is experiencing growth and then the next minute you are told that the recession is worsening. The yo yo effect of the media is creating significant fear within the population and it is fear which the global elite feed on.

    Fear of terrorism, fear of the end of the world happening in 2012, fear of lack of employment, fear of not believing that the police will aid you when needed, fear that someone can break into your house and if you injure them the law is not on your side. Yet it is through fear that more electronic surveillance is being installed, it is because of fear why they are seeking to control the internet and blackberry messaging systems. It is because of fear why eventually the population will be convinced that microchip technology will be the new future of crime control.

    We need to wake up so that we can be aware of these things and take a stand for what is right and support those in our political and educational system who are daring to be giants and go against the flow in shining the torch on exposing falsehood and delaying the global elite plans by reconnecting our nations to the importance of true prayer, the family unit, the importance of marriage and positive role models. Take your first step and be one of the 2% of the population who are seeking the alternative truth.

  39. @BAFBFP | January 11, 2012 at 2:35 PM |
    “Are you talking about the back ground groans …(barely audible). This video could be fixed …! Not convinced, sorry”

    as usual ur playing the part of a retard or an ostrich. why would CBC then apologise and order an investigation into something that never took place? stupppppeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss

  40. $40 Million to broadcast porn audio at CBC during prime time weather….CBC now gine start to mek money for d advertisers. Somebody now pull off a master “stroke” and deserve to get a head instead of having heads roll. Everybody gine be glued to TV now whenever the 7 o’ clock news on.

  41. The BSTU is playing on the por administration at the MOE. Since the matter has reached this point, the teachers should be given a date when to return to school or face being FIRED, Mr Broomes should be asked to step aside, and a date chosen to air their complaints and has some dialouge between all the parties. When a decision is made both the teachers and the principal would have to deal with it or accept dismisal. No other principal would be happy with any of these disgruntale teacher being in his/her school. Plus the BSTU has already declared war on the principals for siding with Mr Broomes. Of most importants is for Network Services to work with the students and parents/guardians of the AX school to get them back on track. In the interset of ALL unions Mary Redman should also be asked to step down and the BSTU refrained from behaving in a combative manner. It seem she is ready to declare war on CXC and anyone who tells her the teacher is wrong for submitting the SBA’s late. This woman has a BIG PROBLEM.

  42. @David | January 11, 2012 at 3:09 PM |
    ” @BAFBFP
    Are you being difficult?
    The porn groans were heard during the live presentation of the weather news. This is something you should be able to verify.
    CBC has a valid excuse. Recently an intrepid crew from CBC ,as aired in a recent programme, went exploring the newly discovered tunnels around George Washington House and Bush Hill. The sounds heard during the news last night could have been a delayed effect of the sounds picked up in the Bush Hill area.”
    What has really happened DAVID, is that people have not recognised that FREUNDEL quietly carried out the CABINET RESHUFFLE!

    He removed “Pornville” Inniss from Health and put him in charge of CBC. What we heard on the CBC weather news is the aftermath of the immediate influence of “Pornville” Inniss of ORGASM.COM fame.

    Pornville’s “rubber” has “clit” … OOPS …… I meant “hit” the ground running!

  43. Now that the country’s head is bad the rest of the administrative staff , plus all the others who think they have some clout, are now coming out uncontrolled. Funny thing there are some “badboys” who are going to or is already taking advantage of this situation. This is just another cancer that is hitting this country, unless we start dealking with some of these problems, they will all escalate and suddenly we will become the laughing stock of the region. Wake up bajans let us put our hands and minds together and take back this once beautiful country of ours

  44. negroman- do you think people are so stupid not to realise that your socalled critical analysis is an attack on her m,ajesty’s loyal opposition. you are so disingenuous. mr arthur was not the only fromer prime minister to be guilty of adultery or fornication and if you do not know that then do your research before posting your biased comments.

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