0 thoughts on “CARIBBEAN STOCK REPORT 05 September to 09 September 2011

  1. I guess I expect the world to be better but we get to the same end point always. nothing going to improve least we do something.

    • Barbadians investors don’t know how to play the game.

      In is not about wealth creation for u s but more making a quick buck.

      In many respects we remain ignorant when it comes to financial management which contradicts our touted education attainment.

      It starts with you and you and you so keep on!

  2. I know very little about the stockmarket. Can someone please enlighten us!

    I don’t have a lot of money but it would be nice if I could still invest a $1000.00 somewhere ……….

  3. One of the interesting things this year has been the strong performance on the junior market (CJSX) led mainly by the jamaican stocks. There have been a number of new listings in the last year or so.

    In the last budget, the requirement for a prospectus was waived for companies listing on the junior market in bim. I wonder if this will be an incentive for some new listings?

  4. JC | September 13, 2011 at 9:48 AM | I know very little about the stockmarket. Can someone please enlighten us! I don’t have a lot of money but it would be nice if I could still invest a $1000.00 somewhere ……….

    Go to this site (http://www.bse.com.bb/), click on brokers, in the menu on the left, and contact any of those listed. The FCIB and BNB brokers are pleasant to deal with – not familiar with the others.

  5. @JC

    Some advice:
    1) If you need those funds within the next year or two, do not put them in the Stock Market
    2) If you can’t afford to lose those funds avoid the Stock Market

    For peace of mind it is far better to put your money into a Bank (never mind the minuscule interest) where it is easily accessible. You could also investigate CDs/GIC’s at the various FI’s ( they may be subject to minimum amounts and term limits)

  6. @JC

    Government Bonds are safe investment. If you are a young man and you dont need the money right away go for government bonds. Normally you receive interest at the rate of 5.50%. FOR example i paid less thant $39 0000 and after five years on maturity i will receive $50 000.

    About 8 years ago, i invested $5 000 inproperty funds with the BNB the value went to about $5200 and now they value less than they had cost. The lass statement with the 3000 shares show value about $4200. Everytime i get a statement i am disgusted because i normally do not take risk like that stupid investment in those property funds.
    Govt invstment is safe, The stock market is a gamble you hit or miss. I hope you get the drift.

  7. government investment is not without some risk as well. just that risk is way lower than every other investment option you have.

  8. Yes, bank deposits and Government bonds are considered safer and should also be utilized, but we did have the failure of BCCI, if I correctly recall the name, and Trade Confirmers. It is riskier to invest in equities; however, there are many success stories as well. I suggest that you talk to a broker and, if you can afford it, allocate a small %age of your monthly savings (even if you have to accumulate it over time) to equities. The earlier you start, the more time you have to learn the market and gradually build your portfolio over time. I started many years ago, sometimes buying a few shares to receive the annual report and other shareholder communications, as well as to gain experience and comfort. Ensure that the broker explains the brokerage fee structure and how to avoid the minimum charge increasing your cost/share.

  9. @David

    I based my advice on the premise that JC was an unsophisticated investor who just wanted to park her money somewhere and earn a few bucks. Some people just want to invest and not have a “voice” in any company, we have just witnessed how much power minority shareholders had in the sale of BL&P to Emera.

    I don’t know what her Investment goals are or what her risk profile is so I went with the KISS rule of investing (Keep it Simple Stupid). Recent events should be an eye opener for anyone interested in investing in the Stock Market.

    Been there, done that, kept my shirt.

  10. Dr. R, are you/your department doing any forward looking work, such as assessing when the characteristics of a listed company and the market may indicate/generate a takeover interest in that company?

  11. In our position we try not to issue investment advice. What we try to do is provide some information that investors and potential investors can use to make judgements.

  12. @Anthony

    Please explain what you mean, govt investment is not without risk, albeit small in light of the fact that govt can always borrow to redeem an issue that is matruring.

    I would also suggest that young persons invest in land early as the value appreciates rapidly, just an example, i bought a piece of land a little over 7000 sq ft @2,25 a sq ft and it is being reslod @25.00 a sq ft. Or better yet buy a property early if u can afford it. In limited liability comapanies, the preference sharholders rank higher than ordianary share holders who can recieve any excess or losses in winding up.

  13. Thanks, by next year March I will have about $6000.00. I know it is not a lot but I wanted to be aware of what I can and cannot do with it. I have 3 mouths to feed but I would still like to invest as the youths would say ……. ever so slight.

  14. @JC

    You are on the right path. A give you this story that was told to me recently. One day an old lady was passing by a lake and she wee wee in the lake and some one asked her if she think her wee wee can help full up the lake and her response was every so little can help.

    Wish you with what ever decision you make.

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