It Is Time To Stop Living A Lie

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel


The following article points to the fact that on a global level the majority of Blacks FIRMLY believe in their own INFERIORITY. And even when this inferiority is not acknowledged it still manifests itself in many of the cultural norms that make up Black life today.

Even when they do not go as far as bleaching  the skin many Black women still  believe that God made a mistake when he created Blacks with hair that twines and knots. Because of this mistaken belief they will go to great lengths to recreate themselves in the image of the white woman. And this self despising trend is broadly approved and encouraged by the  men.

If the church is truly in the business of saving  souls should it not be involved in correcting the self-despising legacy of slavery? Should the church not be campaigning against the omnipresent White Jeezus picture that helps to perpetuate white superiority and Black inferiority?

What will God say on judgement day when he looks for the Black  woman that he made and sees her in another image? Will he be able to recognize her in her straightened-hair white wig and her bleached  out skin?

It is time for Black folks to stop living a lie in the name of Jeezus.


By DAVID McFADDEN, Associated Press – Mon Apr 11, 5:58 am ET

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Mikeisha Simpson covers her body in greasy white cream and bundles up in a track suit to avoid the fierce sun of her native Jamaica, but she’s not worried about skin cancer.

The 23-year-old resident of a Kingston ghetto hopes to transform her dark complexion to a cafe-au-lait-color common among Jamaica’s elite and favored by many men in her neighborhood. She believes a fairer skin could be her ticket to a better life. So she spends her meager savings on cheap black-market concoctions that promise to lighten her pigment.

Simpson and her friends ultimately shrug off public health campaigns and reggae hits blasting the reckless practice.

“I hear the people that say bleaching is bad, but I’ll still do it. I won’t stop ’cause I like it and I know how to do it safe,” said Simpson, her young daughter bouncing on her hip.

People around the world often try to alter their skin color, using tanning salons or dyes to darken it or other chemicals to lighten it. In the gritty slums of Jamaica, doctors say the skin lightening phenomenon has reached dangerous proportions.

“I know of one woman who started to bleach her baby. She got very annoyed with me when I told her to stop immediately, and she left my office. I often wonder what became of that baby,” said Neil Persadsingh, a leading Jamaican dermatologist.

Most Jamaican bleachers use over-the-counter creams, many of them knockoffs imported from West Africa. Long-term use of one of the ingredients, hydroquinone, has long been linked to a disfiguring condition called ochronosis that causes a splotchy darkening of the skin. Doctors say abuse of bleaching lotions has also left a web of stretch marks across some Jamaicans’ faces.

In Japan, the European Union, and Australia, hydroquinone has been removed from over-the-counter skin products and substituted with other chemicals due to concerns about health risks. In the U.S., over-the-counter creams containing up to 2 percent hydroquinone are recognized as safe and effective by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A proposed ban by the FDA in 2006 fizzled.

Lightening creams are not effectively regulated in Jamaica, where even roadside vendors sell tubes and plastic bags of powders and ointments from cardboard boxes stacked along sidewalks in market districts.

“Many of the tubes are unlabeled as to their actual ingredients,” said Dr. Richard Desnoes, president of the Dermatology Association of Jamaica.

Hardcore bleachers use illegal ointments smuggled into the Caribbean country that contain toxins like mercury, a metal that blocks production of melanin, which give skin its color, but can also be toxic.

Some impoverished people resort to homemade mixtures of toothpaste or curry powder, which can stain skin with a yellowish tint.

The Jamaican Ministry of Health does not have data on damage caused by skin-bleaching agents, though dermatologists and other health officials say they have been seeing more cases.

Eva Lewis-Fuller, the ministry’s director of health promotion and protection, is redoubling education programs to combat bleaching in this predominantly black island of 2.8 million people, where images of fair-skinned people predominate in commercials for high-end products and in the social pages of newspapers.

“Bleaching has gotten far worse and widespread in recent years,” she said. “(Bleachers) want to be accepted within their circle of society. They want to be attractive to the opposite sex. They want career opportunities. But we are saying there are side effects and risks. It can disfigure your face.”

Health officials are running warnings on local radio stations, putting up posters in schools, holding talks and handing out literature about the dangers. But a similar anti-bleaching campaign in 2007 called “Don’t Kill the Skin” did nothing to slow the craze.

The bleaching trend is sparking a growing public debate. Even dancehall reggae hits celebrate the practice, or condemn it.

The most public proponent of bleaching is singing star Vybz Kartel, whose own complexion has dramatically lightened in recent years. His ‘Look Pon Me’ contains the lines: “Di girl dem love off mi brown cute face, di girl dem love off mi bleach-out face.”

Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, insists that skin bleaching is simply a personal choice like tattooing.

Christopher A.D. Charles, an assistant professor at Monroe College in New York City who has studied the psychology of bleaching, said many young Jamaicans perceive it “as a modern thing, like Botox, to fashion their own body in a unique way.”

Others, however, say it raises awkward questions about identity and race.

“If we really want to control the spread of the skin-bleaching virus, we first have to admit that there’s an epidemic of color prejudice in our society,” said Carolyn Cooper, a professor of literary and cultural studies at the University of the West Indies, writing in The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper.

Felicia James, a 20-year-old resident of the Matthews Lane slum, said skin bleaching just makes her feel special, like she’s walking around in a spotlight. She was taught to bleach by her older sister and her friends.

“It’s just the fashionable thing to do. After I bleach, I’m cris,” she said, using a Jamaican term for cool. “Plus, a lot of the boys are doing it now, too.”

0 thoughts on “It Is Time To Stop Living A Lie

  1. @Ras
    So what words of advice do you have for the blonde white woman who, unhappy with what she see in the mirror goes off to her plastic surgeon gets breast and buttock implants, a face lift and tummy tuck. Then goes off to her hairdresser and has her blonde straight hair curled and dyed another colour. Then off she goes to the sun tanning salon and fries her skin until it’s a nice leathery brown colour.
    Is this another example of the effects of self despising effects of slavery? Or is this just another example of “I don’t like the way I look so regardless of how bad it maybe for me I’m going to do it simply because I can!!!!”

  2. I think that black women must be the saddest and most vain anywhere in the world. I just can’t imagine any other women going to the same ridiculous lengths to try and make themselves look beautiful as black women do. The sad thing is I think that most times, they look far better naturally than after all the crap which they do to themselves!

  3. The black men on this thread castigating black women for being vain and for their questionable beauty choices really need to check their male privilege. How many of you men have ever:
    1. Gushed and fawned secretly or openly over lighter skinned black women with loosely textured hair, or women of other ethnicities (e.g. bi-racial, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, white, etc.) Examples, Rhianna, Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Eva Mendez, Eva Longoria, etc.
    2. Have been in the company of other men who did number one above, and never questioned them on it, choosing instead to say that it is acceptable for men to have these “preferences”?
    2. Have ever once in your lives openly expressed admiration for the beauty of dark-skinned black women with short natural afros and/or traditionally West African features? Would openly date or marry same?
    3. Have laughed or made fun of a black woman’s or girl’s “kitchen” – i.e. the hair at the nape of the neck that gets more curled up and kinky, especially when wet.
    4. Have financially and otherwise supported black male celebrities who routinely use light-skinned women in their music videos, rap songs, films and other works of art, etc.?

    Black women most definitely should not be bleaching their skin or wearing fake hair because they think it is superior to Afro-textured hair. However, let’s not act as though you men are not complicit in the fact that many (not all) black women regard their beauty as inferior. All other races of men celebrate their women’s beauty and elevate them. Black men are the only group of men who routinely promote lighter skinned black women as being the ideal beauty standard.
    So again please, check your male privilege.

  4. Nia

    You are bang on.Why Black brothers must you go for a white or close to white looking woman as your wife once you are climbing the ladder or made it in your profession.

    The tiger woods syndrome I think.

    To me no other women can compare to beautiful black women anywhere in the world.

    Even those in Jamaica lol,although I am really upset with the bleaching skin hang-up the jamaican women are currently having.

  5. Nia, you may be right about the majority of black men complying with your list above. I don’t know, they’d need to speak for themselves. However, I can assure you that I have NEVER fawned over a woman of unnatural ‘beauty’, and regularly BEG my BLACK girlfriend to wear her natural African hair. But, sadly, even she, like most black women, thinks it’s ugly and refuses to. However, I plan on, one of the first things when she moves in with me, is to bin that hairpiece an tell her I’ve lost it. Bit like when I was weaning my babies from their dummies (comforters). So, sorry to disappoint you, but I think you’re just looking for excuses for carrying on in the same vein!

    Most black MEN must be full uh shite, if that’s what they do!

  6. Wow…..

    So now it is the black men”s fault?
    By this argument, then the women are doing it to attract black men?…They are bleaching their skin, wearing weave, fake asses, nails , eyelashes, tits, contact lenses……just to have a fair chance at a black man……what a crock!!
    Ras in spot on!
    This problem goes right back to women’s (and men too) own insecurities in themselves. It is the age old inferiority complex that has been ingrained in us for decades, where only the strong willed have gotten over and past this nonsense.
    At primary school, you were licked because the headteacher didn’t think you combed your hair, knowing full well that as soon as the comb passed through,it rolled back up again…..ever wonder why he thought like that as a black man?
    I know many women who want to grow locks but cannot get past the ‘fuzzy start’….never heard so much shite yet.

    Sorry Nia but I can’t see where the black man is responsible for women trying to look white.
    The few blacks that have white women are but a tiny fraction, compared to the many black men who have the fake ass black women on their hip.
    There is nothing in this world more exciting and wonderful as a true Nubian Queen.
    It is time black people (men and women) acknowledge their true natural beauty!

  7. Dont knock the blacks. Every East Indian I know has bleached or is bleaching their skins. They also choose to marry lighter skinned Indians if they cant marry white.

    I told a friend of mine that I can take her two thirty something unmarried daughters to Barbados and fix them up with white husbands from St. John. She said, yeah? I said of course, but these are poor whites. If her educated daughters could not even find a ‘poor’ white here in Canada to marry, as they dont want “Indian husband”, I dont see how they can find a rich one as they dont move in the circles for social interaction with the wealthy.

    They never go in the sun, as they dont want to become tanned, they even use tumeric on their faces as a lightening agent. Sick, sick, sick.

  8. @ Man wiv no name, I never said “fawned over a woman with unnatural beauty”. If you read my comment you will see I clearly say “fawn over light-skinned black women, or women of a different ethnicity”. Not the same thing. Don’t try to twist what I said please.

    @ Technician, I never said it was black men’s fault. Again, read my comment properly. I said black men are COMPLICIT in promoting Eurocentric beauty standards. To be complicit does not mean you are entirely responsible or something it is your fault. But it does not let you off the hook entirely either. And it means you are in no moral position to be passing judgement on a problem when you are actually PART of the problem.

    Most black men might not marry white women. But how many black men will marry a black woman who is darker than he is? Why do you think there was such a celebration of Barack and Michelle Obama? Because they are the EXCEPTION and not the rule among black couples.
    And very seldom will I see a very dark-skinned black man with an equally dark-skinned or darker-skinned black woman as his wife/girl-friend. More often than not, she will be lighter – even if just by a few shades.
    Ask the average black man which female celebrity he considers to be beautiful. He will name someone like Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, etc.
    Yes, much of it has to do with an inferiorty complex, insecurities etc. But much of it has to do with what we openly and deliberate promote within our race as being the standard of beauty. And more often than not, it is a standard that does not look like us.

  9. @ Pat, yes you are absolutely correct. You will find this nonsense going on in some degree or other in ALL non-white races. Black people have to learn to think for themselves though.

  10. @ Nia….

    Maybe what I am not getting from you is the fact that the women too are to blame for this perception…..all I see in your posts are Black men this and black men that and for us to ‘check our male privilege’
    Guess we are in the same book, just different pages….fair enough.

  11. @Technician,
    Yes, women most definitely are to blame for it too, as we have chosen to be colluders in this game to our own demise. That is on us as women, and only us.
    But what I was trying to say is that black men have no place commenting on black women’s problems, until they first admit how they are complicit in said problems too. All the black men came on this thread castigating black women for wanting to “look white”. But not one of these men bothered to point out how black men have a history of preferring lighter-skinned black women, non-black women, or black women with Eurocentric features. That is partly why SOME black women have an inferiority complex when it comes to their looks. They do not feel beautiful or valued by black men.

    BTW, I often tell white people the same thing. Many white people feel they have a right to speak about black people and their “problems”. I tell them to check their white privilege first – because it is racism started by whites that is at the root cause of many of our problems; although black people have colluded in this racism and are responsible for taking our problems to a whole new level amongst ourselves.

  12. @Nia
    Lash them proper girl.
    The truth is that females of every race have their insecurities fostered by the MEDIA and ADVERTISING. Psychology is being used against them. Many are never happy, even the beautiful.

    As a white Bajan man I can assure you that we love the brown sugars, Indian, Chinese etc too. It might surprise many black men that black girls really like certain white men, at least I have had many make it quite clear that my advances would be much appreciated and rewarded.

    All we can conclude is that life is complicated and you have to think your way through the maze. And yes I did not marry a white girl but that was not because I hate myself or my own race, it was just sober circumstantial decision making.

  13. Nia, I’m sorry but a lot or your comment just seems to me like an excuse for not dealing with your own problems! Blame everybody and everything else from slavery to god knows what. Try stopping the blame-game girl and accept responsibility for your actions – try telling that to all of your sisters and brothers too!

    ‘money’, let me stop ur gloating right now, cos, many black and other ethnic beauties r interested in getting involved with white men for one and one reason only, and that’s because THEY ASSUME UV GOT MONEY! Simple as bro, so nuh bodda fool yuhself. Could b for other reasons too but, in my experience, MONEY is usually their no. 1 priority!!

  14. @Man wiv no name:
    My problems? I am amused that you would even dare to think you know anything about me.
    The only problem I get from you is that you seem to have difficulty understanding the English language.

  15. Nia, u seem to b giving all kinds of excuses for why the sisters lighten their skin etc, etc, including, presumably, YOURSELF! what im saying is to please cut all the excuses and accept and appreciate what god gave to you, naturally – YOU AND your sisters/brothers. Me nuh have no problem wid d english, is u who caan onstan it!

  16. I am equally amused that you would assume I lighten my skin. Is that your best attempt at trying to hurt my poor, little feelings? I’m so sorry that self-hating black women are the only women you have ever known in your life. But hey, like attracts like right?

    Oh, and since you know so much about me, please tell me what I’m craving for lunch right now?

    Let’s go over it one more time for the simple-minded, aka Man Wiv No Brain, shall we? Hey it’s Friday, and I’m feeling generous.

    1.To acknowlege that someone is COMPLICIT in something does not mean that you are suggesting they are entirely responsible for it, nor does it mean that the person in the wrong is not to blame for it in some way, nor is it “making excuses” for said wrong behaviour. Got it? No of course you don’t.

    Good luck in continuing to be wilfully ignorant to the reasonable argument I put forward, in order to promote your own selfish agenda and ulterior motives.

    Here’s a thought: This weekend, instead of bashing Jamaicans, trolling and stinking up otherwise reasonable comment threads, and partaking in your bi-monthly circle jerk with your undoubtedly equally crass, juvenile male buddies, may I suggest you take a little time from your busy schedule to get your Basic Reading & Comprehension 101 on?

  17. Nia, ur far more excited by this subject than I am. Congratulations if you think you’re so much cleverer than I. It’s no problem. Can’t be bothered dear. It’s getting late n I’m feeling sleepy. ‘night’!

  18. @Duppy lizard
    It makes a lot of sense. We are just buying into the stereotype that says everything blacks do is to be marked as negative and when Whites do the same or similar it is hip cool and the norm.

  19. David:
    Don’t you see all the current threads are leading in the same direction, perhaps through your guidance, however they inevitably lead to the mind control you, and all true patriots apparently wish to demolish.
    Falling into the age old trap of divide and rule, you miss the big picture.
    Was it Guyanese last year and Jamaicans this, who cares while ever we fight amongst ourselves individual liberties are being stolen, little by little, and your supposedly patriotic call to arms are facilitating the the theft of our sovereignty and independent freedoms.

    Divide and rule……….works, and these recent blogs prove it.

    Trash all our cousins in the hope of currying favour with the yankee dollar.

    Short term thinking with long term consequences.

    Our very existence may soon depend on close co-operation , not this pathetic pissing contest promoted by xenophobic posts.

    • @Straight Talk

      People are entitled to air their views.

      It is only by putting views out there others may challenge.

      It is the nature of things. BU cannot straight jacket people.

      Incidents will occur and people will air their views. You can conclude that it was orchestrated or they are others who believe some of the incidents represent the exigencies of life.

  20. @TMWNN
    While you are right that some women maybe attracted to any man (including white) because they have money, I trust you are NOT deluding yourself that all women, in this case black females, are so shallow that all they would want a white man for is his money. It is probable that you are thinking that according to the laws of averages she will not consider a white guy due to his perceived inferior endowment…………SHALLOW! Many women prefer a man who is faithful, understanding, romantic, humorous, intelligent et al. Now you know the real reasons you have failed in the past to attract top quality ladies. sure hope the top flight females “DONT HOLD ANYTHING AGAINST YOU” in the future.

  21. ‘money’, u know what iv achieved or failed to achieve in the last yr do u?! lol! anyway, good luck to wunna!!

  22. Some women are attracted to tone size as well. I read in a paper where someone in Jamaica with an eleven inch tone, had written to a pastor asking for prayer to lengthen his hood, to which the pastor wrote back saying that it was long enough and any longer would risk his prick becoming like that of a donkey. It thought ti was funny!

  23. David “People are entitled to air their views.”

    True dat.

    I paid $1.52cad per litre for gasoline today.
    Two weeks ago it was $1.35.
    Food prices rising in North America. I might ha to cook cou cou 3 or 4 times a week. an news it wid tin salmon. At lease uh got winmill peppa sauce so it shud guh down good.

    Barbados in deep doo doo.Wunna betta start digging groun an plantin vegitebbles an fruits yuh.

  24. once and for all.
    blacks were not the only people in slaved in this world.
    check history.!
    here is what you should do.
    don’t use anything invented by the white man.
    i guess you wouldn’t be able to reply to this

    cars,phones,clothes,planes,trains,computers, products.TV,videos,CD,,
    and so on.
    hop on a plain and fly back to mother Africa and live natural in
    the wild.
    other wise stop bitching about how bad the white man is.
    come on make my day!

  25. David:

    I agree with Straight Talk.

    With free speech and airing of views must always come responsibility. Many people wrongly believe that ‘free speech’ means I get to say anything about anybody, anytime, anywhere.
    That is not true, that is not what free speech is about.
    The same way that you won’t yell “Fire” in a crowded theatre (although you have every right to), because you know the possible deadly consequences.
    Some of the comments on that particular ‘Caricom’ thread amounted to nothing more than hate speech and ethnic baiting. It was disgusting and dangerous. There is no place on what I believe is a social justice blog for that type of commentary. It’s not my place to tell anyone how to run their blog, but I read and enjoy this blog because it deals with such important issues. Would you really lose anything by taking control and not allowing hate speech type comments to take the conversation downhill?
    You can still allow free speech, controversial and argumentative issues that challenge your thinking without indulging in hate speech.

    Let’s not forget that in Rwanda, 1994, it was the mainstream media and radio call-in programmes that early o’clock allowed and even encouraged a lot of ethnic-baiting on air and, well, we all know how that Rwanda situation ended up, didn’t we?
    If this situation between Barbados and Jamaica gets any worse, when the history books are written, and all has been analyzed – how much do you bet there will be prominent chapters written on the role that bloggers and the social media played in the conflict?

    We talk about people have a right to air their views. Well if it’s so important for people to air their views which amount to nothing more than hate speech – I would encourage them to hit their Google accounts and start their own blogs, even using their own names, and be prepared to hold themselves accountable for whatever they say. Nobody is stopping them from doing that.
    Just my opinion.

    • @Nia

      Thanks for your comment, truly appreciated.

      Censoring is something we are driven to think about everyday, long and hard.

      Believe it or not BU in the extreme situation does delete a comment or two from time to time.

      In the case of the issue you raised emotions reached boiling point on both sides which was understandable in the circumstances.

      To compare what happened in Rwanda is a bit of a stretch don’t you think?

      As always BU will continue to listen and exercise the best judgement that we can. Of course we will not always get it right!

      Have you noticed some of the people who were warring are now duscussing things in a more satisfactory manner? Why do you think that is?

  26. Here we have the joke(r) of the day, take it away Harry……

    harry | April 17, 2011 at 9:36 AM |

    once and for all.
    blacks were not the only people in slaved in this world.
    check history.!
    here is what you should do.
    don’t use anything invented by the white man.
    i guess you wouldn’t be able to reply to this

    cars,phones,clothes,planes,trains,computers, products.TV,videos,CD,,
    and so on.
    hop on a plain and fly back to mother Africa and live natural in
    the wild.
    other wise stop bitching about how bad the white man is.
    come on make my day!

    More like ruin your day…lmao!!
    I will break my rule and feed this particular troll.
    Do a serious bit of research and see who played major role in the invention of most of your list….it will not be a pleasant surprise!!
    After your research, I challenge you to NOT use anything invented by the black man…..come on..make my day. 😉

  27. @ David, I didn’t realize that things had calmed down in that thread. I stopped reading after the 400th comment or so, ‘cos I found it a bit too much to take. I might go back and continue reading.
    I didn’t mean to necessarily compare this current situation to Rwanda and maybe that was overreacting. But I’m just saying it’s interesting how things can get started. The Tutsis and Hutus always had certain underlying issues with each other(just like Bajans and Jamaicans seem to), but they always lived in relative harmony. It was only after a couple incidents and people taking to the airwaves making irresponsible comments that things got out of hand. Of course a lot of it was orchestrated by the government too, but still…..
    Anyway, nothing surprises me about Caribbean people or Black people in general anymore. I find that as a group we are regressing because we do not understand certain things and we do not know how to solve our problems properly and move forward. Sometimes it only takes an incident or two, and a few ignorant people for things to get out of hand.
    But it’s good to know a truce was reached in that thread.

  28. Dave, now I know how to catch your attention. Become an alluring Jamaican woman with a flair for fine writing. No more need be said!

  29. If there’s a more aimless waste of time, this must be it because, if there’s one thing I’ve discovered over the years, it’s that you can offer advice to black women about any matter under the sun, PROVIDED it’s not about their hair and how they carry themselves because, as far as they’re concerned, they can see the way they look better than we can, can’t they! I deploy the same tactic to fool myself dat I look good too, sometimes!! LOL!!

  30. i researched and all i could find is peanut butter and Jerry curls .
    may be technician could research.
    white man invented all.
    sorry but with it.
    now get off your cell phone.

  31. ‘Ras’, god, the church, slavery or anything else have got nothing to do with it! It’s all about black women’s vanity. They consider they don’t look as beautiful as white women with straight hair. Simple as. They’d be straightening their hair and dying their skin, christianity or no christianity so please stop peddling that deception. It’s all about vanity. I think it’s a pity because, I consider they look far more beautiful NATURALLY than not, but then I’m not a vain black woman!

  32. They’re far more vain than black men, which is why we don’t straighten ours or dye our skin! Don’t tell me, some ‘clever dickie’s’ now gonna jump up n tell me that a few men have started dying their skin in Jamaica, aren’t they! Well, It’s not a general practice among us!

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  34. Do Barbadians really know the origins of the pale skin, blue eye , blonde hair God (Jesus) that they worship every Sunday.
    Africa is the cradle of humanity ( the first humans originated in Africa & they were black people. At this point in history there were no white people on the planet to make up lies about Jesus / other other fictional characters.
    “A team of scientists has tracked down a genetic mutation that leads to blue eyes. The mutation occurred between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago, so before then, there were no blue eyes,” – ,1/31/08 .

    What is the origin of the word Jesus Christ?
    The English “Jesus” actually evolved from the Latin form of “Iesus”.
    Let’s take a look at a few verses from the original 1611 King James version of the Bible.

    Luke 4:1-3 “And Iesus, being full of the holy Ghost, returned from the Iordane, and was led by the spirit into the wildernesse, being fourtie dayes tempted of the deuil…he afterward hungred. And the deuil saide vnto him, if thou be the Sonne of God…”
    Note in the original 1611 version of the King James Version of the Bible there was no “J” letter in this Bible for because it did not exist. James was spelled Iames. Jesus was spelled Iesous/Iesus.
    “Jesus “is derived from the Latin word “Iesus ” which means “Hail Zeus”.
    There was no letter ‘J’ in any language prior to the 14th century in England. The letter did not become widely used until the 17th century.
    Who is Zeus ?
    In 332 BC, the barbarous Greeks invade Ancient Egypt.
    In 320 BC ,Greek Ruler Ptolemy I creates a God called Serapis from an image of himself.
    All persons who resided in lands controlled by the Greeks were forced to worship this man-made European icon/image of Ptolemy I.
    This man-made God also had other names applied to it as follows :
    – the Romans called it Iupiter(Jupiter).
    – citizen of Grece called it Zeus .
    – in 431 AD, at the Council of Ephesus the name Christos / Christ was applied to this icon.
    – In 1245 AD , at the Council of Lyons, in France the name Iesus the Christ was applied to this icon.

  35. Quote:
    From Wikipedia, Human SKIN Colour.

    Genetics of skin color variation:
    Solute carrier family 24 member 5 (SLC24A5) regulates calcium in melanocytes and is important in the process of melanogenesis. The Thr111Ala allele (rs1426654[17]) has been shown to be a major factor in the light skin tone of Europeans in a number of studies.[11][18][19][20] It is virtually non-existent in Asian and African populations and is found in about 99.9% of Europeans.[21] It is believed to represent some 25–40% of the difference in skin tone between Europeans and Africans,[22] and appears to have arisen as recently as within the last 10,000 years.[23]

    Solute carrier family 45 member 2 (SLC45A2 or MATP) aids in the transport and processing of tyrosine, a precursor to melanin. It has also been shown to be a major factor in the skin colour of modern Europeans through its Phe374Leu (rs16891982[24]) variation.[11][15][19][20][25] Like SLC24A5 it is ubiquitous in European populations but extremely rare elsewhere.

    The TYR gene encodes the enzyme tyrosinase which is involved in the production of melanin from tyrosine. It has an allele, Ser192Tyr (rs1042602[26]), found solely in 40–50% of Europeans[27] and linked to light coloured skin in studies of mixed-race populations.[19][28]
    Oculocutaneous albinism II (OCA2) assists in the regulation of pH in melanocytes. The His615Arg (rs1800414[29]) allele has been shown to account for about 8% of the skin tone difference between African and East Asian populations.[30] It is found in 85% of East Asian samples and in non-existent in European and African samples.[31]…..
    Mutations in genes can cause also affect skin colour through oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) – a lack of pigment in the eyes, skin and sometimes hair that occurs occasionally in a very small fraction of the population. The four known types of OCA are caused by mutations of the TYR, OCA2, TYRP1 and SLC45A2 genes.

  36. “….on a global level the majority of Blacks FIRMLY believe in their own INFERIORITY ” . Why is this ? Black people worldwide refuse to research the truth ,instead they prefer to rely on the lies and white supremacist ideology promoted by Hollywood , the mass media & the Church . I will show you some interesting articles taken from a number of scientific journals .

    Europeans Less Genetically Diverse Than Africans
    Amitabh Avasthi
    for National Geographic News
    February 20, 2008.

    European-American populations are less genetically diverse and have more potentially harmful genetic variations (mutations ) than African-American populations, according to an international team of researchers.
    ….. Researchers led by Carlos Bustamante, a geneticist at Cornell University, analyzed data from 10,000 genes in 35 healthy adults.

    Fifteen adults were of African-American origin, and 20 were of European-American origin.

    The team found that compared to African Americans, European-American populations had a higher proportion of potentially harmful mutations than was previously thought.

    Tragedy of girl who died for a golden tan

    by ANDREW LOUDON, Daily Mail.

    An aspiring actress has died at 21 from skin cancer caused by her love of the sun.

    Anna West had the classic pale complexion of an English Rose but she envied the olive-skinned models whose pictures filled the pages of magazines she read as a teenager.

    From the age of 12 she took every opportunity to get a tan, often lying in the sun for hours with little or no protection from creams.

    A year ago Anna noticed a mole on her back had changed shape. It was malignant melanoma and despite a valiant battle against the cancer it claimed her life last week.

    ……….In an interview during her long treatment she said: ‘I have an English Rose complexion and don’t tan easily at all. But I always believed achieving an all-over sexy golden tan is possible for anyone. All it takes is a few afternoons lying in your back garden.

    ‘Sometimes I got so burnt I blistered. I knew there was some connection between the sun and skin cancer but that didn’t stop me.

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