Barbados Sinking Under Pile Of Garbage

ban-disposal.jpgWe have forgotten how many tons of garbage Barbados is said to produce daily, but we know that it is a huge amount for an island the relative small size of Barbados. No doubt the tonnage of our garbage will continue to increase given our reliance on tourism, large numbers of tourists equal more garbage. The high level of garbage produced has created a migraine headache for the former government. It created so much of a headache that one of most ignorant decisions made during the Arthur administration was to locate the Greenland Landfill in the Scotland District of Barbados. We can easily go further to say that the just halted Greenland Landfill is located on the most scenic part of the island. How could anyone in good conscience locate a dump which can be surveyed from the beautiful Farley Hill Park by Barbadians and tourists alike in that spot?. The news that the new government has discontinued the Greenland Landfill project has been positively received by Barbadians even if it will cost them 50 million dollars.

Against the challenge of managing the rising garbage problem our energetic new government will have to engineer a solid waste policy in quick time. Reported in the news this week Barbadians were informed that the government will pursue a policy to use waste to generate energy. We welcome this approach which is not a novel idea and has been practiced by the developed world for many years. Garbage management is big money in the developed world. The requirement for Barbadians to separate garbage for pick-up and the retrofitting of the waste treatment system in Barbados will require significant resources from government and a behavioural change from Barbadians. We suspect that the project may require some level of privatization. It is not in our recollection that any concrete waste disposal plan was proposed when this current government was in opposition. We are optimistic that Prime Minister Thompson having made the bold decision to discontinue the construction of Greenland is aware of the void which remains regarding a waste disposal solution for Barbados.

One of our many BU subscribers sent us an article which highlighted the successful manufacturing of biodegradable plastic bags. We believe that the government of Barbados can signal to the whole country that it is serious about the environment by examining a way to partner with the private sector to introduce biodegradable plastic bags to Barbados. It will require some flexible thought because the bio-bags are somewhat more expensive than the normal plastic bag which is so environmentally harmful. We take note that the Cayman Islands, in many ways very similar to Barbados has fired up a pilot project to go ‘green’.

Imagine a shopping bag that looks and feels like a traditional plastic bag that could safely decompose in soil within a month, instead of piling up in garbage dumps and choking lakes and oceans for hundreds of years? snip The reality is, trying to clean up the environment often costs money and usually causes inconvenience for some. There’s no getting around that. But unless we want to continue dumping billions of petroleum-based polyethylene bags into our soil, lakes and oceans every year, we’ve got to get rid of them. Compostable shopping bags seem like a pretty good alternative.

Source: News Winnipeg Sun

Waste disposal is an issue which has been swept under the carpet by successive governments. The two parties when in government over the years have been happy to dig a hole in the ground and dump from paper to computers into it. The time has come for our government to show leadership on the issue of waste disposal.

30 thoughts on “Barbados Sinking Under Pile Of Garbage

  1. Why not? Bajans are as smart as any one. Why cant they be trained to do so…….or FINED HEAVILY?

  2. A lot of Bajans are not environmentally friendly, sad to say. My neighbours cannot see what is wrong with burning plastic, and a man near Castle Grant happily sets fire to tyres on a regular basis, both releasing poisonous gases into the air we breathe.
    In many countries they are recycling ‘bins’ in car parks or other public areas, where you can take, newspapers, plastics, bottles etc for recycling, and most people with a garden have a composter. Our neighbour thought our composter was a water tank.
    The Future Centre in St Thomas is filled with information about helping the environment/composting/recycling, I don’t know if all the schools have outings there or not, but adults need to go as well!

  3. Glad to hear that The Future Centre in St Thomas is still functioning. I thought it folded at the death of Colin Hudson four years ago.

  4. “I will say this, I am going to be looking at what we are going to be doing to get that leachate treatment plant built..” (presumably at Greenland) . Minister Estwick as quoted in the Saturday Sun of 15 March. Interestingly he does not have his hair in corn rows.

  5. We all must learn how to manage our own ‘garbage’ and learn that nothing is ‘waste’. It all has value, unfortunately the Bajan and British Columbian alike have decided that it may be best just to burn the ‘waste’, converting it to energy. This means that ‘garbage’ needs less sorting and no longer needs an area to store it while costs subsidized by the energy burning it creates.

    Municipal composting would help to enrich the nutrient poor soils of Barbados while recycling programs could help boost the local economy.

    “The solution to pollution is NOT dilution.”

    Scott M. Smith
    BSI Biodegradable Solutions

  6. Dear Barbados,
    Just an update for who are in the world, so you know Naanovo Energy

    We are looking for a local teaming partner/investors that want to be a part of our investments in there regions for our Waste To Energy and Solar Energy, primarily, we take the waste and generate green electricity with no admissions in the environment, Secondary, we produce a lot of other structure opportunities for natural gas, water, building materials for affordable housing projects and so on

  7. Why not take a proven technology that has a zero emission value burn garbage, produce methanol, electricity, and oxygen, while being able to extract metals and produce jobs and tremendous revenue for the government? We can do that and can show off our systems ALREADY in place as well.

  8. @scott W. Wesley… To be clear…

    Burning garbage does not have “zero emission[s]”.

    It might be “carbon emission neutral”, but that won’t help those who live down-wind of the burning.

    BTW, have you ever heard of the term “carbon sequestering”?

  9. We have an international (World Wide) patent on the process! So please, I don’t aim to be rude, but the EPA has already reviewed our system. CCS is something we would love to be able to capture. In fact in our plant in Bokoshe, Oklahoma we “hope” to capture the Co2 from the power companies smoke stack and utilize it to produce methanol. We will run the pipe over our land (9 miles/ 14.5 km in length) to our bio-source plant. We will keep the Co2 from condensing and dissipating in cold tempts. by implementing a tire burning bio-source factory half way between the power company and the bio-source plant. Again, both systems produce zero emissions unless you wish to call steam, an emission, with zero carbon emissions!

    For us Christopher, garbage is easy… burning coal ash, old tires, petroleum waste, is a little more difficult, but not something we are unable to do. Again, Zero Carbon Emissions with garbage too! Being done now by us….

  10. @Scott W. Wesley: “We have an international (World Wide) patent on the process! So please, I don’t aim to be rude, but the EPA has already reviewed our system.

    I also don’t aim to be rude. But I always question what is claimed.

    @SWW: “For us Christopher, garbage is easy… burning coal ash, old tires, petroleum waste, is a little more difficult, but not something we are unable to do. Again, Zero Carbon Emissions with garbage too! Being done now by us….

    Exciting. But do you have any other omissions other than H20?

    And, you claimed above you generated Oxygen. How is that done? Electrolysis?

    (So you know, I ask questions hoping to be proven wrong.)

  11. When or if your involved in the government of Barbados, then you will, like other governmental agencies before you, sign a NDA. Until then, you can research all you want.

    Now, regarding our process, our system uses pyro-gasification. Which heats above thermal scission chemical processing temps. It also creates electricity which can be funneled back into your grid. This of course, is in reference to thermal chemical processing of garbage, sludge, or any other bio-source for that matter, including fly ash. Temps will reach 950 C. Our oxygen is grade 5 or 99.9% pure, not meant for respiratory use. More for industrial usage, but can be dummied down.

    As far as I know, Christopher, you could be from another competing company trying to see what we do, and how we do it. That is ok, because what we have is impossible to mimic for many, many years, and we have a combination of a few patents, that make it impossible to duplicate our whole process.

    I like your responses, but we have already had too many people trying to find out how we do this. Many more will becoming too and we know it. If your with the government of Barbados, I offer my apology, if your not, this is nothing more than a good conversation between two people with some science backgrounds (I am a Science Teacher by trade). I will offer our companies services to the government of Barbados and like I stated, we are willing to fund the project ourselves. How more inviting can one be than that???

  12. @Scott W. Wesley: “When or if your involved in the government of Barbados, then you will, like other governmental agencies before you, sign a NDA.

    Incorrect. I never signed a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).

    I am ***VERY*** comfortable with that.

    Why are you so very comfortable with selling out your soul?

  13. @Scott W. Wesley… What you fail to realize, and you are trying to lie about, is that a patent means you are relieving how you do things with legal protection for a number of years.

    What is your patent number?

    Or are you lying to us?

    It is a bit like 1 + 2 == 3.

    Or 2 + 2 == 9.

  14. humm interesting but like christopher can you post the patent number you holder and the application patents you have pending. Given only brief look at pyro-gasification it sees that it does release some carbon emission. I see that Bokoshe, Oklahoma does have problem with fly ash but not sure of how you company help that situation

  15. Anthony and Christopher, pyro-gasification with some else’s system will always produce carbon emissions, it is how our system functions, that makes it different from others. NOW, finding the patent number is easy gentlemen, just search and you will locate. And… Christopher, I never said you signed an NDA, I said, or meant, “just like the other countries before you, they too had to sign NDAs,” So… what I meant was you would have to sign an NDA if you were with the government of Barbados.

    Yet, as I stated gentlemen, if your with the government, inform me of your status with the government of Barbados, and your official office contacts including email, telephone number, and your supervisor(s) please list 3 of them. If not, then it is my belief that 1+1= two people from another company trying to get information from us, for their own use!

    Keep searching and I do believe you will discover a little more about us. Actually you should, because we offer the opportunity to finance the project ourselves. A great benefit to the people of Barbados, instead of sticking them with a 400 million dollar price tag, which could be used for other purposes, such as schools, medical facilities, police and fire equipment, and more.

  16. Sir requesting patent number is quite simple request. If we where another company we would already have looked at your patents so requesting them does no damage. providing proof of patent number reduces one suspicion that the this is a scam. Just like those Nigerian emails you are promising the world with no information to back it up. Looking for web presence of the company reveal that it just isn’t there

  17. Mr. Anthony, if your real, and working for the government, than you would provide me with the information we requested, am I correct?

    MP BioMass would be more than willing to pay our own way to Barbados, or invite the government over to our site, to show what we can do for Barbados. In fact, the invitation stands to the government, to come and visit our site in Bokoshe, Oklahoma. There we would explain what we do, and how we will help the beautiful island of Barbados.

    Now if your company wants to talk to us about partnering with us… just say so!! Don’t hide behind accusations. If you think we need to help ourselves by getting garbage in Barbados, think about the 1,400 fly ash dumpsites in the USA that we have available to us. We just offered assistance, and your offering resistance. I ask why?

  18. By the way, how do we help the Bokoshe Oklahoma project, by eliminating fly ash, or garbage, eliminating carbon emissions, and by offering up over 100 jobs, by providing tax revenues for the local, state, and federal agencies. Not to mention too, by providing the owners with metal extraction worth millions of dollars and even more so, by providing methanol, oxygen, and electricity to the environment. That is how… we will help Bokoshe. That is how we can help your government! Actually, that is how we can help your company too!!

    Gentlemen, we need to work together, not against each other. Don’t you agree??

  19. We agree. But if i can’t find any information on your company or on your project in Bokoshe Oklahoma and you won’t supply the patent number that your company own what are we to think. We know that up to and past nov last year Bokoshe Oklahoma was a have problem still with fly ash. That plans for new coal power plants where cancelled because of the fly ash concerns to the residents there. If you promise the world you should back it up with news articles, patents that show that it works. If none can be found easily people begin to wonder if the promise is true

  20. @anthony.
    I agree with you! Scott W. Wesley sounds like another Nigerian type scammer.
    Remember the solar water heater project?

  21. We have not completed our project in Bokoshe, Oklahoma. That is clearly pointed out in previous responses. Now, if brought before your government, we will present the patent number and if your from the government and come and visit, we will present the patent, while your in Oklahoma. How does that sound? Plus, if your real you will again tell me your status with the government. Give me your job title and your supervisors, email, phone number and all contact information.

    I am willing to make a bet with you, that your solar water heater people wouldn’t do with you or your government. How about I provide a free dinner at YOUR favorite restaurant, on me, for you and Christopher, if I don’t come with “OUR” / the patent for our system when I come to Barbados? Sound fair enough….? How about you provide me with a FREE DINNER, AT A TOP Restaurant in Barbados, if I do?

    Still don’t believe me… Then sit and complain, sit and say we are not for real. We are ….and you can come to Bokoshe too to find out. “till then… I am tired of fighting those who are non-believers. Yet, willing to talk with the government.

  22. @ Who are the Anunnaki?

    The same ones you know!
    Ask Terence M. Blackett; or Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam.
    Yes I am one of the early “returnees”!

  23. @Scott W. Wesley: “We have not completed our project in Bokoshe, Oklahoma. That is clearly pointed out in previous responses. Now, if brought before your government, we will present the patent number and if your from the government and come and visit, we will present the patent, while your in Oklahoma.

    @SWW… Since you claim to have an international patent, you must know this. But some observers might not…

    A patent is granted for seminal and non-obvious advancement.

    In exchange for publicly revealing all of the details of the advancement, the patent holder is granted exclusive rights to all uses of said patent for several years (19 in many countries).

    Those who hold patents are generally proud to say what patents (read: seminal inventions) they own.

    So, Scott W. Wesley, I ask again: What is (are) your patent number(s)?

    Or are you just lying to us?

  24. And, I ask you, what is your position with the Barbados government? If we stand still, so be it… we either work with the Barbados Government, or we work in the USA and the other countries who have signed NDAs. Barbados can figure out a way to come up with 400 million on their own.

    Mr. Christopher, your being too secretive in your reasons for not identifying your company or organization. If your not with either, wait till we present before the Barbados government and find out then. I am looking forward to a nice Caribbean Meal, on your dime of course! What would you recommend?

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