David’s Reason is Silly Season

Submitted by Paula Sealy

There was an old Ellerslie boy,
Whose time on the radio I used to enjoy.
At 65 from Starcom he promptly retired, Just six months later by the PM to get hired.

Fearing the spread of COVID,
Along came a plum job for David.
So now all of his Brasstack candour,
Has been bought by the highest bidder.

We know everyone is not Sir Johnny,
All cannot be fortunate like Farley.
And being on the back bench you see,
Isn’t for every stinging Bee.

Remember the rage,
That had Payne on the front page?
Hinkson didn’t make a sound,
So he hasn’t lost as much ground.

Now if my bed was made in St Thomas,
And Sharon was stop every Christmas.
I’d make time to enjoy my last full parliamentary session,
Before the bell tolls for the next general election.

Cause when the tide goes out,
No matter how hard you holler and shout.
Or if you have not a single doubt,
Some will lose their seats after the count.

It is now common to see,
MPs frequently on CBV TV. But with good reason,
Cause it is the silly season.

Some ain’t able speaking Medic-ally,
To get up and canvass daily. Soon the ones on the Edge,
Or the top of the Hill may lose their privilege.

Santia says she is a lioness.
But Vineyard’s bes’,
Is coming to tes’.
I hope he prays at St. Philip The Less.
His pal from the union in Harmony Hall, Is not one to take a fall. You see Toni is sure to contes’, Whether you call her Moore or Less.

What is a good MP?
That is hard to see.
Since they are not plenty,
Expect more whistles and calls for a penalty.

Last of all I will miss Caswell,
That man always gave them good hell.
By now he must already know,
That soon he’ll be home often to play with Snow.

Blackout at Starcom

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL

Vic Fernandes – CEO Starcom

Even though Thanksgiving here in the US is symbolized by a bird we know as a turkey, somehow on this chilly thanksgiving morning other birds come to mind. Perhaps the Bajan in me comes to the fore anytime the temperature drops, but even so why am I thinking about sitting ducks and yard fowls? Maybe, just maybe it has something to do with The Market Vendor.

This morning the vendor took as his choice of discussion the selective nature of the media here in America. Market you fa real?  Market up to this very moment the Starcom stations have not been notified of the fact that there is a God. They have not been told that Kaymar Jordan [and lets put it nicely] has parted company with the Barbados Nation, their very own subsidiary sister. Perhaps she does not have the stock of a David Ellis, who was force fed contrition after being left by those blowhards and jokers at the BAJ to twist in the wind, so that a public apology sufficed, while she was made to fall on the sword of political immolation, a clear and distinct sign that her usefulness to her masters, and yours had expired. A sitting duck dat.

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Kaymar Jordan Booted

Kaymar Jordan

The departure (dismissal) of Kaymar Jordan from the Nation newspaper broke on BU last night, Kaymar Jordan held the position of Editor in Chief at the Nation newspaper.

A scan of today’s Sunday Sun reveals that Kaymar Jordan’s name has been removed from its Masthead. What BU finds interesting is the silence which surrounds her departure. The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) carried the item last night.

A BU source has informed that Eric Smith is currently in charge – Nation staff has confirmed Jordan’s departure but they remain tight lip when asked to divulge the circumstances which caused her departure. Barbadians recall the recent Nation Talkback forum generated controversy when Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart was scathing in his attack about how the session was organized. Was Jordan set up?

BU will continue to follow this breaking development. Surely there is more in the mortar than the pestle?

Voice of Barbados Parent Launches Gospel Station in T&T

Fred Gollop, Chairman OCM

Just a year ago Starcom Network kicked its Gospel Station 97.5 to the curb. CEO Vic Fernandes explained the move that the programming on 97.5FM will merge with that on VOB92.9.  Starcom Network needed the frequency to operate the newly launched Caribbean Superstation also there was the usual spin about operating efficiency.   The merge generated some negative feedback from a segment of VOB’s fan base but in the end dollars and cents won the argument. With the launch of Christ is the Answer radio station their prayers were eventually answered.

OCM, the Port of Spain parent of Starcom, announced last week that it made a net profit before tax of USD11.2 million dollars. It was a seven percent increase over the same period in 2011. OCM and LIME will be remembered by BU as two of the large companies operating in Barbados which decided to ditch employees at the start of the recession. The plea from the social partnership to protect jobs fell on deaf ears.

Of interest in the regional news this week, OCM launched a gospel station W107.1FM.

Botsy Theology

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL

Homosexuality has existed from time immemorial

With the state this country finds itself mired in God knows that some sense of levity is necessary, if only for one to maintain a semblance of sanity in these the most oppressive of times. Dennis J and Fireworks to some extent were able to do just that. Then came the monologue from one Peter Wickham on Thursday’s edition of “Brass Tacks. With three times the passion exhibited in defence of a poll that said exactly what all right minded Barbadians say publicly, Peter Wickham called to task the powers that be at Starcom Network. With the gumption of a man firmly grounded on the courage of conviction he brought to the table a subject that for one reason or another has worn the status of “Taboo” if only because hypocrisy, like the broken trident is symbolic of things Bajan.

It was on the aforementioned Brass Tacks that a caller told us that the food fed to the unborn infant created a homosexual. As if to bolster such vapidity the announcer played a nursery rhyme composed by the ANNOUNCER [Calypsonian] which sought to tell us that one could not be brought onto this earth as a person attracted to another of the same sex. Truth be told “BOTSY THEOLOGY” then as it is now, is nothing more than gift wrapped toilet tissue. The wrap and the gift both go in the same direction. Lets look at the blatant hypocrisy that has attached itself to this vapid train of thought.

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Pat Hoyos Forced To Apologize To Minister Kellman After Uttering Unfortunate Remark

Pat Hoyos

Many have been asking what is it Pat Hoyos said on last Sunday’s Brasstacks which caused Minister Denis Kellman to exact an immediate apology. Here is what BU can confirm.

Last Sunday during the airing of the Brass tacks programme, listeners heard Pat Hoyos [moderator] make an apology to Minister Denis Kellman and many wondered what it was that Mr Hoyos had said that caused him to make the apology. It has now been found out. During a break, and unknown to Hoyos and the others appearing on the programme, one of whom was Mr Clyde Mascoll [Barbados Labour Party chief spokesman on economic matters], that the line was still open to Mr Kellman, Hoyos remarked in relation to the Minister Kellman “I give he five minutes and he talking bare shite “. Kellman insisted on an immediate apology before continuing his contribution. The apology immediately came from Hoyos.

Certainly VOB cannot allow this man Hoyos to continue to disrespect persons who do not share his views .

What is his agenda ?

Was Tony Marshall ‘Hoist With His Own Petard’?

Tony Marshall sacked as Chairman of the NIS Board

Up to a few weeks ago retired banker Tony Marshall was the ‘man’ in Barbados. According to the Systematic Survey he was Starcom’s number one talk show host. Until his 2 year term expired as Chairman of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) last week, he occupied one of the most important positions in Barbados. BU agrees with George Payne MP who suggested in his contribution to the Estimates Debate that the NIS ranks in importance with the Central Bank of Barbados and the Barbados Electoral Boundaries Commission and therefore should operate with independence.  One wonders however if the statement was made based on ‘lodge’ loyalty.

So what happened?

A couple weeks ago Starcom’s David Ellis in response to a public query about Tony Marshall’s absence from hosting the talk show Brasstacks, explained that Tony Marshall will not be returning to the show. It is obvious any decision by Starcom to block its most popular talk show host from the airwaves must have been based on a ‘show-stopper’ issue. CEO of Starcom Vic Fernandes is a man who sees dollars first and Marshall’s absence from Brasstacks and its potential impact on advertising dollars would have weighed heavily in the decision to part ways.

So what happened?

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The Day STARCOM Kicked Christians In The Hiney

Vic Fernandes - CEO Starcom

The Christian right (also known as the religious right and the evangelical bloc) is a term used predominantly in the United States of America to describe a spectrum of right-wing Christian political and social movements and organizations characterized by their strong support of conservative…


The Christian Right in the United States is known for its strong lobby to support public policies it views as being social conservative. Remember the name Jerry Falwell? There is also a strong Christian lobby in Australia and recognition of a growing Christian Right in Canada. One cannot help to envy the ease which people organize in those countries to promote common interest.

Last week in Barbados a raging debate was stoked by the controversial Anglican Reverend Charles Morris who asserted that no where does the bible address the issue of pre-marital sex. The hailstorm of opinions and analyses but moreso condemnation by Christians which followed his comment signalled to many that Barbados is indeed a Christian society, or regards itself to be. The normally taciturn Right Reverend Bishop John Holder was provoked to deliver a rebuke from the pulpit to Reverend Charles. We should expect that Reverend Charles will remain a priest who is unassigned a Church to pastor for a little while longer.

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Is STARCOM Network And Nation Newspaper Abusing Their Dominant Market Position?

Submitted by OLD SCHOOL

My problem with Starcom and the Nation Newspaper is that their coverage lack balance.  I focus on them because no one reads the Advocate, CBC has always been CBC, we look to the Nation and VOB for some unbiased, good journalism.

I have problems with the quality of the Nation and Starcom’s coverage of issues.  In my opinion, their columnists and articles in general provide very little context to the issues they opine on, and  very few facts are introduced into the discussions.

For example, Sanka Price provides a solution to the cost of living by removing some taxes as done in Guyana.  Does Guyana provide the same level of social services as Bim? He makes no reference to the cost of such a solution and seems totally oblivious to any trade offs involved.

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Adrian Loveridge Scheduled Return To The Riverside

Adrian Loveridge - Hotel Owner

In the United States, after the pornographic Hustler magazine satirized the outspoken clergyman Rev. Jerry Falwell, the Supreme Court ruled that a free society must tolerate even “outrageous” speech in order to guarantee robust public debate and discussion. As one justice once wrote, “There is no such thing as a false idea. However pernicious an opinion may seem, we depend for its correction not on the conscience of judges and juries, but on the competition of other ideas. – Media law Handbook 2010

The year 2007 will be remembered by Barbadians for different reasons. BU cannot forget an  incident which occurred at the Voice of Barbados (VoB) radio station. On that occasion Adrian Loveridge – hotel owner and contributor to the blogs – was invited to participate on a talk show which was hosted by David Ellis. Surprisingly he had to agree to sit in a different studio from the main participants. We were subsequently informed by VoB that it was a precondition for Adrian Loveridge’s participation if the station wanted to retain former minister of tourism Barney Lynch for the program.

Some may regard BU’s position as extreme but we still regard it as one of the darkest moments in our democracy. At the time BU was a fledgling concern and if we needed a reason to be motivated it was the decision by the management of STARCOM to accommodate Lynch at the expense of Adrian Loveridge.    The decision represented a threat to freedom of expression any way you looked at it. To his credit, Loveridge shrugged off the obvious embarrassment and participated on the show which will be remembered for the high level of arrogance Lynch demonstrated.

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World Trade Centre 911 Debate Continues

Submitted by BAFBFP

It is so great to have been afforded the opportunity to make some kind of contribution to this blog; a blog that somehow has been able to attract an enviable variety of publicly respected opinion, and me, so often considered to be a lunatic fringe maniac, to have been given this opportunity to at least belch in your presence. I am humbled..! I am humbled..!

Two days ago in the Barbados Today on-line newspaper (I dun buying hard copies, too lazy) I came across a very likkle likkle article (Reuters generated of course) on the outcome of a case brought against the GOUSA involving claims by workers about ailments brought on by clearing the WTC (which stands for the now defunct World Trade Centre) site after the Sep 2001 media event…! Ladies and Gentlemen over nine thousand men and women won this case against the GOUSA… for working on ONE construction site….! Now I have no idea what ailments had been thrown up (talk to GP, he seems to know every damned thing ‘bout here), but of course I have to assume that they were not the usual broken hands and necks that one would expect on a construction site…! Again I implore that you see me as a lunatic, my accustomed disposition.

Now what originally concerned me was the lack of focus (by Starcom Network of course) on the fact that these people were actually taking the GOUSA to court on a winnable case that involved Human Rights… and were able to win… easily!

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