STOP RH Littering

Kammie Holder, Advocacy Director, Future Centre Trust

There should be no doubt in the minds of Barbadians that we have a RH littering problem in Barbados.  A look at the embedded video of a recent cleanup effort spearheaded by the Future Centre Trust (FCT) and its Advocacy Director Kammie Holder records a sorry tale.

Clearly Barbadians have to be forced to a Christian understanding the need to be more sensitive to the environment in which they coexist. The evidence of RH garbage in Barbados reaffirms that an F on the litter scorecard is well deserved. A greater effort is required to ensure that a relevant national education program is rolled out,  supported by strict enforcement methods.  Of course there is the bigger issue the country faces by not having a relevant waste management strategy.

Kudos to those concerned for coming up with the RH sign which appears to be resonating with the public.  The use of double entendre is a tried method of exploiting the ambiguity of language. The creators of the campaign suggest the sign should read ‘STOP the Roadside Highway Littering‘ instead many have applied a colloquial interpretation of the sign to mean ‘STOP the Rasshole Littering‘.  The FCT and Kammie Holder must be supported to ensure they are able to convert the noise generated by the effective signage to that of coaxing behavioural change by an insensitive pubic. Given the threat to the health and general well being of the country it is time for the country to wrestle the RH littering and waste management to the ground.

It is worth mentioning that a disappointment to many has been the inability of the relevant ministries of government- especially Denis Lowe’s- to work with the FCT to achieve the common objective -a cleaner Barbados.

NGO Future Centre Trust Criticizes Government’s Lack of Focus on the Environment

Environmentalist Kammie Holder, Advocacy Director of the Future Centre Trust (FCT) has lambasted government’s environmental policy in a 10 minute address released to the media today 28/08/2017.

Future Centre Trust Raises Alarm About ZIKA and ILLEGAL DUMPING

Prepared by Dr Tara A. Inniss, PhD (UWI) MSD (UNSW) BA (York)

futuretrustEnvironmental NGO, the Future Centre Trust (FCT) is concerned about the number of reports of littering and illegal dumping in Barbados. The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) has warned regional Governments about the threat the most recent mosquito-borne infection, the Zika Virus poses to the region. Vector-borne illnesses, such as the Zika virus, can have potentially serious health implications for Barbadians and visitors, especially pregnant women. With a number of travel advisories in place, it is also likely to have a negative impact the island’s fragile tourism-based economy.

The FCT remains vigilant about the incidences of improper waste disposal in the island and illegal dumping, with some areas becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes and rats.

Last week, FCT volunteers documented over 20 illegal dumpsites in St. Michael alone; mostly in the environmentally sensitive Zone 1 Belle Water Catchment Area as well as the populated corridors of Bridgetown. Using the mobile app, volunteers recorded photos and locations of dumpsites. Volunteers found over 10 large discarded appliances in the Belle and over 40 tyres — all harboring water from recent rains.

The FCT urges waste haulers and their clients to work together to ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment for all Barbadians and visitors. The FCT also asks that residents and businesses play their role in reducing waste, finding ways to reuse items before disposing waste and recycling where available. Householders and business owners should also keep their surroundings clean. The environmental organization is also requesting that persons utilize the app to help the FCT and hopefully, policymakers, to monitor sites and prioritize clean ups.

The FCT believes that it is incumbent on the Government of Barbados to provide adequate, affordable, sustainable community-based solutions for waste disposal including the 3Rs — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It also urges Government to increase the monitoring and enforcement of littering and illegal dumping in the island. Current policy direction is proving to be woefully inadequate to deal with the pressures being placed on our economy and environment. Barbados needs an urgent, comprehensive public education programme about safe and sustainable waste disposal.

The Ministries responsible for Health, Environment and Water Resources should re-assess current public health and sanitation policies in the light of recent epidemics and consider how they can work with citizens, the NGO community and the private sector to ensure a clean, healthy, safe environment for all.

Public Service Announcement AGAINST 700 Million Waste-to-Energy Plant

Kammie Holder, Insurance Executive and Advocacy Director Future Centre Trust

Kammie Holder, Insurance Executive and Advocacy Director Future Centre Trust

Advocacy Director of Future Trust Barbados Kammie Holder has requested BU promote the following advertisement, and we do so gladly. We take this opportunity on behalf of the BU household to extend congratulations to Kammie […] Continue reading

Citizen Plan for a Sustainable Barbados

Authored by Professor Paul Connett with Climate Colorado and the Zero Waste Barbados Movement
Zero Waste Logo

Zero Waste Logo

1. Sept meeting organized by the Future Island Trust (before this meeting organizers need to be briefed by Robert on how to organize the brainstorming […] Continue reading

International Community Concerned About Cahill Waste to Energy Project in Barbados

Fruendel Stuart (l) Denis Lowe (r)

Fruendel Stuart (l) Denis Lowe (r)

Support for the Future Trust Centre’s call for the government of Barbados to be transparent about the Cahill Waste to Energy plant has been streaming in from across the globe to support local advocacy. The Town Hall Meetings planned for tonight […] Continue reading

More Questions for Minister Denis Lowe

Submitted by Kammie Holder, Advocacy Director Future Centre Trust
Kammie Holder, Insurance Executive and Advocacy Director Future Centre Trust

Kammie Holder, Insurance Executive and Advocacy Director Future Centre Trust

Dear Roy Morris and Nation Reporters as guardians of the masses of our fate and members of the fifth estate can you enquire of the government and especially the cantankerous […] Continue reading

A Green Party Beckons in Barbados

The following text was circulated by Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament, Saanich-Gulf Islands, Leader, Green Party of Canada

Elizabeth May MP, Canada Green Party

Elizabeth May MP, Canada Green Party

After seven years as leader of the Green Party of Canada and two and a half years as a Member of Parliament, I do not think of myself as a politician.  I don’t think of myself as someone who yearns for power.  I hope I am not the kind of person who would want to build a new political party for its own sake. Nevertheless, I am more committed than ever to getting a full caucus of Green MPs (at least 12) elected in the next federal election.  The question we should always ask is “why?”  Will working and focusing to elect twelve MPs change anything?  Will we – as so many progressive voices allege – merely “split the vote?”

When I first decided to run for leadership in the Green Party, my primary motivation was to stop Stephen Harper gaining a majority government.   I thought I could prevent his chances of a majority by being in the leaders’ debate, working to keep a focus on issues.  I wanted to blunt what I saw then – and still do today – as the informal alliance between Conservatives and the NDP to destroy the Liberal Party – thus keeping Harper in power.  In 2008, thanks to a huge public outcry, I was in the debates and we held Harper to a minority.  In 2011, when the other party leaders and the networks did a better job of covering their tracks to block Green participation, Harper won his coveted majority.

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Appeal to Roebuck Secondary School formerly Louis Lynch Former Students

Urgent notice do read and repost:

future_centre_trustDid you or any one you know attend the Roebuck Secondary also known as Louis Lynch Secondary? Do you know of anyone who died from cancer,suffering an endocrine disease or any mysterious illness who went to the aforementioned school? Please call the Future Centre Trust at 6252020 and leave your details.

Government MUST be Transparent About the Waste to Energy Plant

Minister of the Environment, Denis Lowe,

Minister of the Environment, Denis Lowe,

Where is the transparency? Two letters to the Minister of Environment Denis Lowe and a full page in September have not even garnered a response from the government. Is this government serious about open government?

Thus can you post the above article from Dr David Suzuki who the Future Centre Trust is hoping along with Nature Conservancy and Greenpeace to  ask for support? Thanks in advance on behalf of the other Environmental NGO’s

Kammie Holder, Advocacy Director, Future Centre Trust

Many urban areas have built or are considering building waste-incineration facilities to generate energy. At first glance, it seems like a win-win. You get rid of “garbage” and acquire a new energy source with fuel that’s almost free. But it’s a problematic solution, and a complicated issue.

Metro Vancouver has a facility in Burnaby and is planning to build another, and Toronto is also looking at the technology, which has been used elsewhere in the region, with a plant in Brampton and another under construction in Clarington. The practice is especially popular in the European Union, where countries including Sweden and Germany now have to import waste to fuel their generators.

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Do You Care About Your Environment? Complete the Survey!

Submitted by Kammie Holder (FCT)

future_centre_trustThe Future Centre Trust (FCT) is currently conducting a survey to measure the public’s perception concerning important environmental issues. Barbadians living on the rock are encouraged to participate.

Follow the link to complete the questionnaire which should take less than 2 minutes.

Future Centre Trust Letters Go Unanswered

Submitted by Kammie Holder (Future Centre Trust)

Click to read a letter from the Future Centre Trust which was hand delivered to the Ministry Of Environment on two occasions during the last 10 weeks as of August 2013 .

Future Trust Asking Government for Transparency About the Waste to Energy Plant

Kammie Holder Advocacy Director Future Centre Trust

Kammie Holder
Advocacy Director
Future Centre Trust

The environmental NGO Future Centre Trust as part of its mandate dispatched a letter on July 3rd 2013 to the Permanent Secretary Ministry Of Environment seeking disclosure on the proposed Waste To Energy Plant.  It’s disingenuous to hear the Governor of the Central Bank and others including the Minister of the Environment  speak  as if this proposed plant is a done deal. Thus   the questions beg why all the secrecy  and lack of disclosure.  Perhaps arrogance has diminished reason.  It’s hoped that good governance  and commonsense will mean something to those mandated to look after our affairs.  The onus of disclosure and public consultation lies in Principle 10 as agreed to by the government of Barbados in 1992 during the Rio conference but never made law.

For the sake of future generations and the possible health risk associated with any breakdown of this Waste To Energy Plant we beg for public consultation and disclosure.  It’s also our intention to seek collective support on the need for disclosure on this plant from, UWI Student Guild, Cancer Society, BAMP and residence of Sandy Lane as well as environs.

We don’t seek confrontation all we seek respectfully is dialogue as enshrined under our constitution.