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Open Letter to Barbados Minister of Transport, Works and Maintenance

The plight of Alden BLACKman was carried by Caribbean News 13/03/2019. March 12, 2019 Hon. William Duguid JP, Sir, I write to you as the new Minister of Transport, Works and Maintenance. To informed you, and seek clarification, and rectification of a dangerous situation. Sir, I lived adjacent to a natural watercourse from 1982, and never once saw the course

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Alden BLACKman Continues the Fight Against Government for Justice: Chief Technical Officer of MTW Abuse of Authority

Submitted by Alden Blackman February 15, 2016 Mr. Frank Thornhill Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Ministry Of Transport and Works (MTW) After months of leaving several messages, I finally got the opportunity to have a conversation with you on Wednesday 3rd February 2016, during which you acknowledge there is an illegal private road obstructing the watercourse at Clarke’s Road, Derricks, St.

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