Showdown with Doctors

It is outrageous the government and the management at QEH are more concerned with hiding their embarrassment than with making sure that the hospital is safe.
From a government that promised transparency, it seems that they are stuck in the same old culture of secrecy  which is the ideal environment for corruption, leads to the deterioration in services and demoralises and disillusions the workers and the citizens.
The failure of the management at QEH to ensure the safety of Bajans using the hospital is legitimate information for every Bajan to know and any rules or regulations which penalise putting such information into the public domain should be scrapped.
Instead of spending time and resources taking disciplinary action against the doctor, the management at the hospital should be using this time, energy and resources to address the problems that have been highlighted.
Tee White

Since Dr. Maurice Walrond (General Surgeon) went public to voice concerns about how surgeries are being performed at the QEH in a COVID 19 environment, the management of the hospital has been forced to initiate an action that will require Dr. Walrond to defend himself against a charge of a breach of contract.



Page 1 of QEH Letter sent to Walrond Source: Barbados Today


It is regrettable the issue had to be raised in the glare of the public. Of greater concern to the blogmaster is that Walrond and the eleven doctors supporting his position were unable to sit around a table to resolve the issue.  Very unfortunate indeed.

It should not come as a surprise QEH management issued a ‘letter’ to Walrond, this is a standard HR practice to respond to any employee or ‘contractee’ thought to have violated terms and conditions of employment. Walrond being the intelligent person that he must be would have calculated the risk reward as they say of taking a public position. The risk to his contract at the QEH being revoked versus the merit of his argument (and eleven colleagues) that the public health of Barbados is being compromised by the existing QEH protocol to deal with surgeries.

The QEH has a responsibility to follow ‘grievance procedure’ and in all fairness could not be expected to ignore Dr. Walrond’s decision to go public last week with David Ellis on the afternoon show Getting Down to Brasstacks. Can you imagine if Tom, Dick and Harry contracted by the QEH to deliver sensitive services felt unfettered access to the media to air concerns was the best option to resolve problems? Such an approach would compromise the running of the QEH or any organization for that matter.

One suspects Dr. Walrond would have weighed the possible outcomes his bold action would have triggered. He comes from a family  setup where he should have benefited from being around his mother (May She Rest in Peace) AND a father who is a retired surgeon. One suspects there is more to come in this matter. What action will the eleven other doctors take who have reportedly affixed their signature to the letter sent to management supporting Walrond’s concerns? Walrond is only the face of the dispute. Surely they will not throw Walrond under the bus without trying to save him. It is reported Walrond initiated communication with BAMP.

The blogmaster understand the arguments from BOTH sides. The QEH is hamstrung by lack of resources to implement the ideal site to do surgeries in a COVID 19 environment. In such a situation Walrond et al will find good reasons to be critical. In this situation reasonable men charged with protecting the health of Barbadians are encouraged to pursue a path to achieve a balanced (win win) position. Airing this matter in public makes for good ratings for the media but says nothing about our ability as an educated people to satisfactorily resolve conflict.

What a time for the public health sector to become unstable.

Our children are watching and modelling our behaviours.



  • Heard a story about tourism in Greece this morning. Seem as if they will go about it in stages. First it will be for domestic tourism, then they will open it up to some of Europe and then wider Europe.

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  • oops! wrong post

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  • @ David May 25, 2020 9:07 AM

    What else is there left to this “issue” other than human emotions at play?

    It is so stark staring obvious even to “Simple Simon” that the good doctor is indeed in breach of his ‘contract of employment’.

    He has gone to the airwaves without prior ‘official approval’ to express his critical view against the decisions of the QEH management.

    What else is there left to the doctor to explain to his employer?

    The question is what the executive chair and the QEH Board are going to do about it.
    Are they going to through with those militaristic-sounding “charges” and revoke the contract (legally justified and even seen as a dishonourable discharge) because of an obvious breach of breaking his silence in public?

    Or are the politically-appointed SS enforcers going to just ‘discipline’ the doc in order not to lose face in the arena of public opinion as they pursue their silly games of political one-upmanship instead of doing what the sawbones technocrat at the coalface is recommending?


  • @Miller


    There is a risk taken by by anyone if an agreement is violated.



  • Wunna know that i always have a down to earth real-real story.

    When i was a little kid a married mother of 7 became pregnant. Trouble was her husband had been abroad at the time the pregnancy occurred.

    So she had broken her marriage contract right?

    What to do?

    So he sharpened his Collins…

    Wait, wait, wait, his MALE cousin told hm. So when she dead, dead and you have been hanged [back in those days they used to hang fah real, kill at Easter ya dead by Christmas, kill at Christmas ya dead by Easter] who will raise the 7 children that you already have together?

    No murder took place.

    All of the children were raised successfully to adulthood. The couple remained together until death did them part at 80 something. In fact they had some more children together. The “outside” child has been the most successful of all.

    Isn’t that a better outcome that 2 dead people and 7 orphans?


    No wonder the Bible list pride or what we call “saving face” as one of the 7 deadly sine.


  • copied from Barbados Advocate

    Spokesperson on Health for the People’s Partyfor Democracy and Development (PdP) Paul Gibson.

    Mon, 05/25/2020 – 5:45am
    PATIENTS awaiting “public” care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) can be bumped off surgery lists to make room for private patients and the hospital might not benefit financially from these surgeries.

    This was suggested by spokesperson on Health for the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP) Paul Gibson, who charges that Barbados is the only country where this is allowed to happen and it has not been addressed by successive governments.

    During a recent press conference, Gibson recalled that before the COVID-19 pandemic, Barbadians have been lamenting that it was
    virtually impossible to get a timely appointment for life-saving surgical procedures at the QEH.

    “The reason was that the surgical waiting lists were too long. We are replete with incidences where elderly men and women, the sons and daughters of the soil, little boys and girls, are all very ill, are kept without food on surgical lists for what seems like forever. Yes,
    for an eternity. This was because in many instances, private paying patients, were able to jump ahead of the line and have their surgery go ahead of public patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.”

    He explained, “A list is created for the day at the QEH. What happens is you have a lot of private patients in the list, as the day goes
    by… the staff… gets tired, the materials are consumed by the persons doing the surgery, its facilities are used and the end of the
    day comes, those patients that were public are then brought in or are told ‘go back to the ward, your surgery is cancelled’.”

    Gibson, a pharmacist, said in many cases, the patient would have been fasting for the entire day awaiting the surgery.

    Gibson reiterated that the ball was also dropped by previous administrations.

    “Successive governments have failed to unpack, identify the reasons,challenge the process, and fix this cancer in our health care system. The delays in having urgent, necessary surgeries done is one of the reasons for the rising secondary healthcare cost. This is a critical matter.”

    “We need to fix this. I am aware that currently facts and data surrounding this practice is being collected to get a better
    understanding or handle of the reasons for this glaring problem for all these years. There are Barbadians who had they received their
    surgery in a timely fashion would be experiencing a superior quality of life, or may even be alive today to see their children and
    grandchildren grow up,” he stated.





  • @ my fellow Myope and Apostate Dr GP.

    The ongoing problem with these matter is

    1.identifying what their problems are
    2.establishing rules and procedures that address and adequately resolve these problems
    3.implement the agreed rules in a timely fashion and what you have done to evaluate what has worked and what has not worked. Involve a Reputable 3rd Party Entity in your Review

    You would have re quoted a quote from the PdP spokes[person on Health which was

    “…During a recent press conference, Gibson recalled that before the COVID-19 pandemic, Barbadians have been lamenting that it was virtually impossible to get a timely appointment for life-saving surgical procedures at the QEH…”

    De ole man knows that the QEH has a wraith like list that IS NOT FOR THE POOR MAN but for the rich people and fpr people that live in the heights and who like pretending that they are rich.

    So your name can and will disappear from operating lists in a flash. If i get bump off a list today in Murica, by tomorrow i back pun dat list or am first in the next operating schedule.

    But barbados is a Banana Republic so

    All like now the PdP needs to be “showing” the general public Things that it has in its arsenal.

    So that when Paul Gibson is talking to John Public he is waving round what the PdP has already designed as their solution in 2023

    what he and de PdP got to be showing in every one of their news encounters is “props” which his IT people have secured behind their firewall.

    He is not giving way state secrets but strategically indicating to the voting public that they are ready when the bell rings.

    This is a matter that the PdP needs to insert itself in.

    They need to have a meeting with Waldrond and the other 10 doctors and publicize that meeting AND ALL OTHER MEETINGS THAT HAVE THESE COMMON ELEMENTS & JUSTIFIABLE CONCERNS of the common man and woman.

    And he and his party have to be able to give assurances that when they get in power that the concerns of these persons will be met


  • Critical Analyzer

    @GP May 26, 2020 2:00 PM
    The surgery solution is simple. All surgeries must be classified as elective, semi-elective or emergency with each having its own first come first serve list.

    Emergency surgeries list should be empty most of the time since these must be performed immediately or the patient will die.

    A hospital surgery panel will be responsible for classifying all other surgeries as elective or semi-elective surgeries where once classified the patient will only be added at the bottom of the list.

    Surgeries would be performed in the order they were added to the list once all requirements for the procedure have been met. The only reason a patient’s procedure can be delayed is due to a physical limitation i.e. lack of specific blood type, needed medical supplies or equipment for the particular procedure.

    A simple spreadsheet can maintain the lists and treated as an official document to audited by the government’s auditors for compliance.

    Your surgery problem is solved. Any doctor/surgeon that does not want to abide by those rules can take their patient elsewhere to get the procedure done.

    Nobody needs to worry about Dr. Waldrond. He will mostly like get a warning or a brief suspension. If he is under full-time employment and is fired or forced to resign, he will be back at the QEH in a week or two as a consultant.





  • Cuddear….i know you said you use medication for diabetes, could not remember if it was metformin…but if it is….check this out.

    “(Reuters) – The U.S Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday it had found high levels of a possible cancer-causing impurity in some versions of the popular diabetes drug metformin.

    The agency is reaching out to companies whose drugs had N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) over accepted levels and will take appropriate action, a spokesman for the FDA said in an emailed statement.

    Bloomberg, which first reported the FDA’s findings, said that some recalls of metformin were expected as soon as this week, citing a person familiar with the matter.

    Online pharmacy Valisure said in March that its independent tests showed high levels of NDMA in metformin made by 11 companies, including Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc and Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

    In December, the FDA had started an investigation into metformin, a drug is used as an initial treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes.”


  • Well I am a regular blood donor.

    i will have to “study my head” to see what i think about this.

    Maybe some of the fat economic, political, administrative class can become regular donors instead.

    Once they lose 75 pounds or so.



  • Free blood.

    The oil that keeps the “engines” of the hospital rolling over

    And the dollars rolling in to the bank accounts of those who benefit.

    What if there was no free blood?

    What does it cost to buy blood in the beloved free market?

    Maybe one of the economic, political, admnistritive class can tell us.


  • @ Disgusting Lies and Propaganda TV May 22, 2020 11:05 AM “A serious question i have for surgeons though….Isn’t performing surgery in general done in an environment that has to be sanitary and certain precautions being done in the first place? Are not surgeons “exposed” to other viruses in general e.g HIV, Hepatitis etc. What are the extra precautions need for performing surgery on a COVID-19 patient that are vastly unique???”

    You asked, so If eel obligated to answer. I will quote a close relative, may she rest in peace.

    “If i get infected by HIV on the job I may be dead in 20 years. If I get infected [by named hepatitis] I may be dead by next week.

    If a doctor gets infected by COVID19 he or she may also be dead by next week.

    We know that we all gotta die, but most of us would prefer to die 20 years from now, rather than next week. We LOVE LIFE. I trust that you have no problem with that.

    As my old man used to say, “people have a lotta talk, we ALL have the choice to get in the “Die Young” line, or the “Die Old” line. But most people CHOOSE to get into the “Die Old” line. Doctors too. Dr. GP too. John the Quaker too. Baje too. Freedom Crier too.

    I hope that you do not mind, that we lovelife better than we love death.

    It is who we are.

    That’s all.


  • Some people love power, or the access to power, or even the illusion of power, better than they love justice.

    i don’t have to call your names.

    You know who you are.

    We know who you are.


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