Governments and Organizations Need to Perform Internet Penetration Testing

Submitted by The Caribbean Cyber Security Center
Governments and Organizations need to take action to secure  their websites and computer networks

Governments and Organizations need to take action to secure their websites and computer networks

Bridgetown Barbados, March 28, 2013:
The Caribbean Cyber Security Centre understands that if regional businesses, governments and organizations do not take action “NOW” to effectively assess the security of their websites and computer networks, serious harm will be done to our key regional offshore finance, banking, tourism and public sectors.

The time has come for ICT leaders of all types to pick up the phone and get an immediate independent internet penetration test of their internet facing systems at a minimum.  The opportunity Caribbean nations have had to get our cyber security houses in order in both the public and private sectors is quickly coming to an end.

The reasons for Caribbean cyber security concerns which are evident in the spike of recent hackings, bank breaches and denial of service attacks across the regional include:

  • Rapid growth in the number of successful cyber-attacks across the region getting more serious with every attack
  • Global cybercrime networks have “now” shifted growing focus to cyber weaknesses in the Caribbean’s key sectors
  • The Caribbean cannot afford losses in investor confidence which will have a major adverse reputation and economic effect for years to come
  • Cyber security awareness across the region is lacking both at home and in the workplace, with many of our youth at risk from cyber predators
  • Limited regional home grown Cyber Security & Information assurance expertise with an over reliance of “office techies” who often lack an enterprise view

To assist the region the Caribbean Cyber Security Center is offering penetration testing support as agreed and approved by participating organizations, businesses and governments.  In just ONE SCAN that takes A FEW HOURS our penetration testing team will use international security best practices, tools, and techniques to identify all internet facing system vulnerabilities and threats.

We will also provide you a report of the identified vulnerabilities by severity level and provide recommendation on how to FIX THEM in language you will understand noting the often complex ways vulnerability and threats exist.

By leveraging this opportunity to have a first class experience and proven penetration testing team assess you network, you could potentially save your organization from major losses in reputation and incident recovery expenses which have been provided as more expensive than a simple “penetration test”.

All you have to do is contact us via our website at, or call Deon Olton Certified Ethical Hacker and Co-founder of the Caribbean Cyber Security Center at 246-232-9009 to discuss your penetrating testing needs.

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  1. Agyeman Kofi
    21 minutes ago ·

    David King Douglas Trotman I have just got confirmation from an international ethical hacker that malware as well as keyloggers can remain deeply embedded in bios even after a complete wipe. Thus its imperative,that the politicians in the Barbados do the right thing and not use those laptops donated by China. This is an issue of National Security. Let common sense prevail, being poor does not mean we have to act poor like citizens in a banana republic.
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    Matthew Murray I thought I was the only one that thought this was a terrible idea . Smh
    18 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    David King Indeed, maybe our trusty media can ask some questions.
    about a minute ago · Like

    Agyeman Kofi If the Chinese would leak the info with us as we cannot get our government to enact FOIA or ITAL I would not have a problem in them using these computers. But the Chinese want to spy for blackmail for their own advantage.

  2. Kofi…………….I love that idea, there must be a way to get the Chinese to share the information with the Bajan public without the ministers being aware, unfortunately I don’t think that’s how they operate, easier for them to manipulate the ministers, the population at large will have too many thinkers for the Chinese to control.

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