The Violet Beckles Affair, Separating Fact From Fiction Part V

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The Violet Beckles Affair, Separating Fact From Fiction Part IV

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The Violet Beckles Affair, Separating Fact From Fiction Part III

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In the news recently Barbadians learned about a Court battle over the sale of The Farm Plantation. In 2005 a Court approved the sale of the plantation to Timothy Walsh of Nature’s Produce for $1.5 million. And in a recent court order the 135 acre property was approved to be sold to building magnate Bjorn Bjerkhamn for $1.35 million.

The treasure which has caused wars to be fought continues. On BU “Plantation Deeds” continues his online war to expose a matter which he believes is not being given enough airplay by the establishment. Here are some more documents which includes The Farm plantation and the Urban Development Commission (UDC).

Yes we know, BU is not a court of law BUT an online medium which allows the ordinary to give vent to concerns.

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The "G" Virus Continued

Auditor General Leigh Trotman

After reading the  Are VIPs Exempt From Paying VAT? which followed BU’s  The G Virus,  BU remains convinced we have a crisis of governance in Barbados. As election time draws  closer BU will be highlighting examples to show that it does not matter which government is in office, the decadence which permeates our governance system is foreboding.

During the last general election Barbadians listened to several accusations of financial wrongdoings by the then Opposition. With another general election on the horizon Barbadians are hearing the same concerns from the current Opposition. Needless to say many Barbadians have become turned off by the politics being practiced in Barbados.

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Local Politicians, The Modern Day Pharisees

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Take heed that ye do not your alms before men to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

2. Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of man. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

3. But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth.

4. That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

That admonishment which was taken from The Book of Matthew 6: 1 – 4, and attributed to our Lord Jesus Christ is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago when Christ walked the earth in human form. Nowadays, it seems that politicians exploit every situation to give themselves an advantage at the polls. In so doing they pay scant disregard for the feelings of anyone else.

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Director Of UDC Spearheading Effort To Bring Transparency To NUPW Operations

Derek Alleyne, Director of UDC (on leave from NUPW)

Director of the Urban Development Commission (UDC) Derek Alleyne on leave from the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) has circulated the following by email to some fairly influential players in Barbados (minor edits by BU).

In early April after reading the comments of the President, Walter Maloney in the Nation of April 6th 2011 concerning the cell phone charges of over $6500.00 I wrote to the General Secretary inviting him to take action to recover the money that the members paid through the Secretariat to honour those phone charges made on the cell number xxx 2998 which is assigned to Walter Maloney the President.

I view this matter serious and that is why I wrote to the General Secretary. Moreover I thought that enough time had elapsed that if the President had any intention to repay the money some indication of the amount and time period would have been forthcoming. I further view the excuse given about the NUPW not informing him (the President) about which calls her private was unacceptable.

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Malfeasance Coninues At The Rural Development Commission

Submitted by Watchdog

Randolph Outram, Director of the Rural Development Commission

The potential to corrupt state and administrative systems leap to the fore when laws and regulations are ignored with impunity in the departments of government especially in parastatal units such as the UDC and the RDC.  These agencies have always been abused by cunning and crafty political agents.

The establishing of the special funds to address the damage to those housing units that were affected by the passing of  hurricane Tomas allows for such an opportunity. The justification for setting up such funds rested on the intention to have a rapid response to these circumstances, to conduct this effort in an equitable and orderly manner and to quote our Prime Minister ‘ to exercise discipline’.

If the words of our government speak to these virtues, how comes the Director of Rural Development Commission gets the authority to unilaterally make decisions to construct houses in the urban corridor of the country. Isn’t that what the UDC was set up to do?

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Power Failure: Trouble In The Dem's Camp

Submitted by Alex Fergusson

Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development

Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development

The nonsense now occurring, as regards attempts by the UDC to fire those appointed workers from pensionable posts (some with ten or more year’s service) – demonstrates exactly how weak and disconnected from the Barbadians reality, David Thompson is as a leader but more than anything else – it shows just how short on good talent the DLP actually is. But, that the DLP is downsizing at the UDC and elsewhere within the Public Service but seeks to lecture LIME and other private sector companies on the importance of maintaining jobs, is brazen. The Government of Barbados is firing people from the Public Service at will but is doing all in its power to protect the workers at CLICO, which has a $54 million Statutory Fund deficit.

Already PM Thompson has had to reshuffle his extremely weak Cabinet, within ten months of forming the government and even after making four people who did not face the polls, Ministers. This is extremely rear for a party that won 20 seats.

On August 22, the findings of a DLP commissioned/Wickham Poll were made public. It showed that the portfolio of David Thompson is in chaos, prompting Barbadians to say that they are concerned about the economy; cost of living and unemployment – all of which are areas Mr. Thompson has ultimate responsibility for.

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Political Victimization At The UDC Or An Attempt To Depart From The Old Way Of Doing Business?

Submitted as a comment by Enuff

Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development

Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development

There is as much smoke around the UDC affair as the one billowing from LIME, yet the BU fire brigade proceeded with haste to Windsor Lodge and Upton and remains parked at both locations.

I see no need to await details, the government while demanding private sector companies to hold strain on lay-offs is guilty of being even more insulting than that sector. They are firing and hiring at the same time while citing restructuring as the basis for their actions.

The Minister is bungling on this one and falsely accusing persons of being unqualified just to garner public sympathy and further ridicule the staff, a majority (99%) of whom are in fact qualified for their post.

How can someone meet the matriculation requirements for entry into an undergraduate degree at UWI and enrol, but he/she is unqualified for a clerical officer post requiring 4 CXCs?

Yet persons with NO QUALIFICATIONS OR RELEVANT SKILLS at all and bordering on illiterate can remain in posts that pay nearly three times the salary of a clerical officer.

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Minister Denis Lowe Cites Rampant Corruption At Urban Development Commission

Nation Newspaper

Source: Nation Newspaper

We just had a read over at Barbados Free Press and they are hopping mad! It seems that the Nation Newspaper has committed a blatant act of plagiarism. The BFP team appears to be so mad that they forgot to ask the Fontebelle daily for an apology. This is not the first time the Nation newspaper has engaged in unethical journalistic practices directed at BFP and BU and until Executive Editor Roxanne Gibbs and her boss, Publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens are called to account by Barbadians, the Nation newspaper which was proudly published by its founders will continue to sink into the mire. The management of the Nation for sometime has decided to go the path of prostituting itself for the almighty dollar. Today is yet another example of the soft underbelly of our leading daily exposed for the world to scrutinize. In many countries of the world the editor at the Nation who approved the article would have been fired because plagiarism is considered a serious breach in the world of academia. Don’t worry BFP Yahoo has picked up the story!

Now that BFP has designated today as Crap on the Nation Newspaper Day let us also make a little observation. We tried to locate the article featured in the image to the left in the online version. Maybe we got our search string wrong, if any member of the BU family can locate the article please post the link. We are overwhelmed with the technology at times!

Located deep in today’s Nation Newspaper on page 22, on the Community Pages is a summary of a Press Conference which was held by Minister Denis Lowe, who has responsibility for Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development. At the Press Conference some very disturbing accusations were leveled. To the Nation Newspaper credit the intro paragraph begins with the startling revelation: Missing houses, an unlisted property and multiple payouts to contractors for one home. The reality that a Minister of the Crown could level such damaging accusations and our leading daily attempts to suffocate this news on page 22 is concerning.

Does anyone have the email address for OMC’s CEO? Continue reading