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Former Central Bank Governor Road Map and Action Plan for Renewables a PRIORITY

Is it the fertile imagination of this blogmaster the urgency to implement an aggressive alternative energy strategy has gone off the boil since the Mottley government has taken office? All sensible people are supportive of an aggressive adoption of such a strategy for the several benefits discussed on BU’s pages and elsewhere. What is the latest? According to former Governor

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The RE in RERE

BU commenter sirFuzzy posted the following comment to the blog Prime Minister Mottley Talks Digital @BITT Conference. @BU David, may i suggest a blog on REnewable energy. it is a longer term focus but it is a good “RE” with almost guaranteed payback. With the trade wars between China and US adding pressure plus USA potential backlash on any country buying

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No Backup Generators at the BWA in 2017!

This week a radio commentator made the observation that if there is credit this government has earned it has to be implementing policy to encourage the installation of  photovoltaic systems by the retail and commercial customer. BU agrees with a caveat. Based on observation the biggest consumers of electricity in Barbados must be the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) and

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Expanding the Renewable Energy Rider

Submitted by Tony (kite) Gibbs The rapid deployment of PV in recent times has taken many by surprise. This is because its true potential has been consistently underestimated by policy makers, planners and industry participants alike. But while this is no longer the case, all we can now hope for is that industry stakeholders recognize the major challenges – technological,

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Barbados Renewable Energy Program–A Case of the Tail Wagging the Dog

The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) recently ruled on the motion for review of the billing arrangement and metering option of the Renewable Energy Rider  (RER) – see FTC Order and Decision . The RER is a mechanism established by government to facilitate the sale of surplus electricity to the grid supplied by customers with Renewable Energy (RE)  systems. The government

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