On a Path of Destruction

We are on a path of national destruction.  Most Barbadians will likely scoff at that analysis, because we have been brainwashed to accept failure as a celebratory achievement.  Any attempt to explain to Barbadians that we can do so much better, is met by emotional pleas that the Ministers are doing their best.  Tragically for us, that may be true.

Anyone questioning their failures is dismissed as being politically motivated.  Barbadians are so politically abused, that they voluntarily submit to re-education strategies of political consultants.

A crack has developed in the re-education of Barbadians.  Ironically, it has come from an independent comparative analysis of national educational systems.  Our educational system was ranked near the bottom of 93 nations [1].  Predictably, we ignore this evidence, to avoid facing the reality that we are being misled.

The purpose of the Ministry of Education is to prepare Barbadians to solve problems.  Secondary school graduates should have a positive outlook that they, or their class, can solve any problem.  Instead, we continue to graduate most persons with low levels of self-esteem, which is the root cause of most of our social problems.


Our graduates become our employers, managers, and politicians.  Their low self-esteem leads them to stifle any innovation they encounter.  We destroy ourselves when we no longer invest in ourselves.  We do not invest in objects.  Rather, we invest in people whom we think will bring us a return.

We no longer invest in our children.  Instead, we politicised their schools, and converted them into daycare centres.  We give them newer toys, to keep them distracted while their parents work.  As expected, political consultants rushed to redefine that as investment.

The sargassum seaweed presented an opportunity for Barbadian innovators to design and build seaweed harvesters, and market them to other countries.  The Government had our research and development funds to invest in us.  However, their low self-esteem guided their investment decisions.

Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Asians can build these simple machines, but never descendants of the enslaved.  The Government gave away our research and innovation funds to another country.  Barbadians marvelled at the crude imported machine, and cheered their own destruction.

Like the seaweed harvester, electric buses are new technology.  All nations are at a similar starting line.  We could have funded a local innovation competition, where winners would need to drive their electric bus around the island, and up Rendezvous, Farley, and Coggins hills.  Each winner would be paid $1M, which is about what the Government invested in other countries for one imported bus.

Once again, low self-esteem guided Government policy.  We accepted that no descendent of enslaved persons could ever be smart enough to design and build an electric bus.  So, the Government simply walked away from the starting line.

We shamelessly and proudly gave away our research and development funds to other countries, and paid their citizens build our buses.  Predictably, Barbadians cheered this failure as a major achievement.

The Government had an opportunity to allow Barbadians to design and build garbage compactor trucks.  The technology is relatively simple.  However, it is far too complex for descendants of enslaved people to figure out, regardless of how qualified we are.


Celebrating failure is now part of Barbadian culture.  We invest our innovation funds in other countries, because we automatically believe that any investment in ourselves will be wasted.  We lost the confidence to manage our insurance company and national bank.  Now we have lost the confidence to manage our airport.  These actions have damaged something within us.

Our enslaved fore-parents actively resisted the slavers most dangerous poison to their self-esteem.  That was the belief that we were intrinsically inferior to other races.  Investing in others over ourselves, demonstrates our surrender to this belief, and completes their re-education.  We can be depended on to loudly react to racial injustice, but embrace our inferiority when it really counts.

It is not too late for us.  All secondary school students can leave school with a profitable business.  All public services can be managed to the international management standard, ISO 9001.  Corruption can be meaningfully addressed by fining both bribe givers and takers, and rewarding whistle-blowers with the full value of the bribes.

Innovation funds can be invested in Barbados, where prototypes can be developed, patented, and licensed.  But none of this is possible if we keep thinking of ourselves as inferior human beings, and that ISO 9001 is unattainable for only us.    Currently, Solutions Barbados stands alone in trying to pull Barbados back from the brink.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

Reference [1] – CEO World Magazine Ltd, 10 May 2020.


  • well, it escapes me what cousin Boris is on and on about while knowing full well that UK and Europe trafficked in helpless humans for centuries to enrich themselves, buying and selling slaves and all the other evil wicked atrocious crimes they practiced on African people in between, but he has nothing to fear as we are going to make absolutely sure that the cousins in the Palace never have to be embarrassed in this nor in future centuries for being slave traders and thieves, by simply making and installing endless monitoring mechanisms, watching them like hawks in observation so that they can no longer repeat those crimes against Africans on the Continent, against the African descended in the Americas and across the Diasporan Caribbean….now how caring is that…..there will never be any need to be ashamed of yall crimes again…and ya can still be the envy of those who do not have the urge nor inclination to enslave and oppress African people… never, ever again…so enuff with the whining already…now all ya gotta do is tell that to ya house negros in the various parliaments in Barbados and the Caribbean….because they are still not getting it…

    and if centuries of rape, genocide, exploiting, oppressing pillaging and plundering is a culture for yall, ya need a new one..

    “Weighing in on the debate Boris Johnson said the UK needs to stop being embarrassed about its history

    Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2020/08/25/boris-says-uk-should-stop-embarrassed-about-history-wades-proms-row-13176057/?ito=cbshare

    I think it’s time we stopped our cringing embarrassment about our history, about our traditions, and about our culture, and we stopped this general fight of self-recrimination and wetness, I wanted to get that off my chest.’ Rule Britannia! – strongly associated with the Royal Navy – is deemed problematic by some because of Britain’s role in the slave trade. It has lyrics such as Britons ‘never shall be slaves’ and that ‘while thou shalt flourish great and free, the dread and envy of them all’. Land Of Hope And Glory features the music of Edward Elgar and the lyrics of Arthur Benson and has lyrics such as ‘Thine Empire shall be strong’ and ‘God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet’


  • Has Trump changed “Make America Great Again”?


  • @ Pachamama August 26, 2020 3:35 AM
    “Are the Hopi prophecies not similar to those of the leading world religions? What”s so unique about the Abrahamic current to preach Armageddon and hell fire? Have we not have mass extinction events on this earth 5 times previouly?
    Pachamama is not alone with this thinking. It happens to be the considered opinion of 98 percent of the top climate scientists on the globe.”

    Pacha, we can see clearly how your acquired “pandemic” knowledge does inform your ‘prescient’ understanding of things to come.

    Anyone who is familiar with the Hopi people’s final prophecy would see the marked similarity between the cataclysmic event as prophesied in the Judeo-Christian ‘final’ book of Revelation and that foretold in the Hopi’s vision.

    It stands to reason that any one- including Donna the budding apostate from the European ‘stolen’ religion- who would wish to dismiss the predictions of the Hopi people must also be prepared to debunk the book of Revelation as recorded in the recent European art of divination called Christianity.


  • In London Town Jah Shaka the Zulu Warrior carries the Crown to mash Babylon down


  • Yes Miller
    And the Hopi had prophecied such long before the fiction writers and plagerists of the bible learnt civilization and were still living in the caves of East Asia or Europe.


  • Not crossing wunna but

    Plea for assistance with funeral



  • Miller,

    The Modern Anglican interpretation of Revelations is?????


    How many times must I tell the Miller that I am not superglued to the fundamentalist or literalist interpretation of the Bible?????

    Steupse. Wuhnuh going senile or what?

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  • New elections for what??? We should all sit idly by and wait for the cataclysmic event. Nothing can be done to change our course anyway! Why play games? We are all doomed, aren’t we?


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Hants at 11:52 AM
    I believe that the spouse is entitled to a funeral grant from the NIS if it received contributions during his working life.

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  • @ Hants

    This is not just a plea for assistance, but it exposes a massive hole in government social security and pensions policies. Here was a working man in poverty; working and elderly poverty are two major problems in Barbados.
    What we need is that ALL working people should have a compulsory pension, or retirement income, plan. It also says something about the employer and their humanity.


  • WURA,

    I too believe that we should be further along in the year 2020. I find it incomprehensible that policemen still behave as they do and often get away with it. We must continue to press for change. That does not mean that we are still where we were a hundred years ago. Most people had no problem with that behaviour then. Most people have the opposite opinion now. That in itself is a change. Minds must change before actions will. You and I have agreed that the young people will change it when they take over.


  • @ Vincent Codrington,

    After helping a cow to graze and get fat for 30 years yuh would expect that this matter would not have left the Lear jet pasture.

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  • If there was a secure website I would gladly donate.


  • One More Plate


  • If he worked with CO Williams his NIS should have been paid.

    I think his estate will get ~$2,500.00 as a refund for any monies paid for a funeral.

    There are funerals and then there are funerals.

    Cheapest plot at Coral Ridge goes for $4,300.00 I was told in 2017.


  • I cannot believe that c o williams would not help this woman after 30 yrs and also dying at work. just out human kindness. Was an autopsy done what killed him was it some chemical at work was it dust from the road construction did the company provide ppe , water stations, rest breaks you would think the govt would want to know


  • @ Lawson

    Nothing surprises me about Barbados. Whatever the cause of death, and the autopsy would decide that, as a log-term employee the employer should have stepped in from day one. It has all the signs of savagery.
    @Lawson, a woman refugee from Uganda just died from hunger in Glasgow and the matter has been brought up in parliament. The First Minister was angry that such a thing could happen in her nation.


  • They were also angry about Windrush.



  • @gopher/wabbit
    😀Why are you looking for a cheap plot.

    I have seen you dig holes that are wider and deeper than any plot. The trick is once you are down there is to stay down in the hole.😀

    More seriously – thanks for the info.


  • Cow only steals from the NIS, it’s been years there were complaints that he does not pay in employee benefits…only know how to dip his hands in the treasury and pension fund to benefit himself…never to benefit the majority population….someone should ask Mia why Cow does not pay NIS benefits for his employees…they are neither his servants nor his slaves…..crook.


  • Got my plot already!!


  • … but it isn’t going to hold me!!


  • You’re Welcome.


  • Yup! They were very angry about the Jamaican man whose mother came over to work as a nurse for decades who had paid taxes and contributions for all his working life, for many decades. This man was diagnosed with cancer and told the treatment would cost tens of thousands of pounds. I think it was the same hospital where his mother had worked. The man lost his job and his apartment and wound up on the streets while suffering from cancer.

    YUP! Teresa May was very angry about that. Oh wait! It was her policy that did it!

    Not savage at all, the British. ONLY BAJANS ARE SAVAGE. IT IS THE BAJAN CONDITION.


  • There are two sides to this story
    Hold wunna limited gun range


  • @Hal Austin August 26, 2020 3:16 PM “…a woman refugee from Uganda just died from hunger in Glasgow.”

    This woman’s death has all the signs of savagery.


  • The amount payable as a Barbados National Insurance funeral grant is $2,185. BDS


  • From Barbados National Insurance website:

    A spouse of 50 years and over and had been married to the deceased for not less than 3 years shall be entitled to a survivors pension for life or until he/she becomes entitled to a pension in his/her own right at a higher rate.

    A spouse of 45 years or over and had been married to the deceased for not less than 3 years at the time of the person’s death, shall qualify for a survivors pension for life or until he/she becomes entitled to a pension in his/ her own right at a higher rate.

    However, Survivors’ Benefit is payable for only (1) year in respect of a marriage contracted after an insured person had been granted an invalidity or old-age contributory pension and 3 years or more before death of the insured person.

    An invalid spouse, below the age of 50 who had been married for not less than three years at the time of the partner’s death, qualifies for a pension during the period of invalidity.

    All other spouses qualify for a pension for one year.

    Payments to survivors cease on marriage, remarriage or cohabitation as man and wife


  • Survivors’ benefit payable to a widow/widower who at the time of the death of the insured was 50 years or over and married for at least 3 years, would be entitled to a pension of one-half (1/2) of the amount which would have been payable as invalidity or old age contributory benefit to the deceased spouse had he/she been alive.

    For spouses 45 years and over, they would be entitled to a pension of one-third (1/3) of the maximum pension available for payment to survivors.


  • “The rate payable in respect of a non-contributory old age pension is currently $230.00 per week, and is the same amount for all persons who qualify for this type of pension.”

    “Survivors’ benefit payable to a widow/widower who at the time of the death of the insured was 50 years or over and married for at least 3 years, would be entitled to a pension of one-half (1/2) of the amount which would have been payable as invalidity or old age contributory benefit to the deceased spouse had he/she been alive.”

    Since the gentleman was working for one company for 30 years and very likely he has many more years in the workforce he would on retirement have been entitled to more that $230 per week. His widow if she is over 50 will receive one half of what would have been his pension for the rest of her life or until she remarries or until she enters a common law union. So she may receive about $200 per week

    If i was this family i would get more quotes and arrange a funeral for less than $10,000. I would arrange for burial in a public cemetery, not an expensive private cemetery. Arrange for NIS to send the $2,185. funeral grant directly to the funeral home, and arrange to pay the funeral home in installments out of the widow’s pension. If there are any working children or step children squeeze them for a contribution to their daddy’s funeral.

    It would be nice if the company as a courtesy offers some assistance with the funeral, but companies are unlikely to start doing so especially now. However for the future employees should unionize and negotiate for better group benefits. The employer perhaps with contributions form the employees should purchase a group life insurance policy to cover just such situations. After all the risk is quite small as employees rarely die on the job


  • “People still continue to submit applications indicating they are seeking employment as bartenders, drivers, teachers, farmers, security officers, to name a few. And some people have actually submitted applications based on the fact that they are in the medical field and are seeking to get integrated into our medical system,”

    Seems as if this is moving towards taking jobs away from ordinary Bajans. You will get money for fees upfront and then people competing on the local job market.

    I suspect PLT is regretting his grand idea.


  • “Through a marketing campaign dubbed Barbados Uh Come From, authorities are seeking to encourage more locals to visit attractions, restaurants and hotels, and take part in other tourism-related activities, in an effort to support the sector which is among those worst-hit by the pandemic.”

    Translation: Given the hardship brought on by COVID-19, locals are now given the status of ‘honorary tourists’.

    I remember reading that some of those places did not want wunnah around when the going was good.

    Don’t get mad at me, just tell yourself…. Truth, like life, can be a bitch at times


  • “I suspect PLT is regretting his grand idea”

    that is why you do not give the parliament negros any ideas, they twist it into disenfranchising, marginalizing and discriminating against the majority population..they are useless as leaders of their people.

    “However for the future employees should unionize and negotiate for better group benefits. ”

    the trash minorities/slave master wannabes always fight against the Black majority being unionized, the unions are pretty much useless anyway when the sell-out governments help the minorites the power to fight them…all of them should be dragged before world courts for enabling modern day slavery..

    .Mia went to ILO and LIED TO THE WHOLE FORUM, bigging up herself, am glad it returned to bite her on her ass…she loves to promote and elevate tiefing, slave master minorities..


  • Lawson…..check out Rwanda, eat ya heart out…..😂🤣🤣😂😂..ah know ya can’t speak a word of french…outside of biere.


  • This is not even half of the article barbadostoday put out there.

    “by Barbados Today August 27, 2020
    Perhaps the greatest obstacle to successful law enforcement in Barbados is misguided and unwarranted political meddling in the Royal Barbados Police Force. Add to this a deviation from areas of traditional policing, a failure to pursue non-traditional means of criminal detection, questionable recruitments, failure to pursue robustly criminal elements wherever and whoever they might be and a disconnect from the public. And things have fallen apart in Barbados.

    Criminal activity has and will always be with us. It goes hand in hand with human existence. But we have previously stated that Barbados is too small a country and too densely populated for criminal elements – white or blue collar – to thrive with unfettered assurance. Barbadians know who the drug dealers are in their midst. They know who the gunmen are. They also know which politicians keep too close a relationship with both drug dealers and gunmen. Barbadians have their suspicions and/or intel as to who are the individuals working in the customs department, the ports of entry, the police force, the coast guard, the prison service, and elsewhere, who do not give their all towards wrestling crime in Barbados to the ground. So, if we know so much, why is there still a proliferation of drugs and weapons in our dwarf-sized communities – constantly entering and circulating – and seemingly getting worse?

    We are told that there are a number of would-be businessmen who have opened stores, restaurants and other commercial businesses with proceeds directly derived from the drug trade. Our information is that there are individuals working in sensitive, security-oriented agencies whose possessions and lifestyles bear absolutely no resemblance to the government salaries they collect each month. We have had several cases of customs and port officials brought before the courts for their involvement in drug-trafficking. There have been suggestions that drugs, guns and ammunition enter Barbados among legitimate cargo in containers belonging to businessmen. There have been reports of prison officers trafficking drugs in our main prison. There have been coast guard officials brought to public attention as a result of allegations of their involvement in the drug trade. There have been allegations of crime files growing wings and flying unseen out of the Court Prosecutors Office of the police force. But in the midst of all of this, what is the level of detection, arrest and prosecution of individuals involved, that currently obtains in Barbados? It is basically negligible, we dare say.”


  • The topic on FB today is the CRIMINALS AT THE TOP in Barbados and the evil shit the black traitors in the parliament allow them to get away with because it is said they they too are the biggest criminals on the island themselves….yall made primetime FB….ya famous enuff..


  • Ditto to that editorial.


  • I really don’t have the energy. But, many can see the writing on the wall and Mia better shut that corruption shop that they are keeping open to enrich minorities at the expense of the majority, can’t say they were not warned, if they think things are looking shitty now, wait until they see what else is in store for them.

    “Having seen one of the new electric powered buses in the Bus terminal close to Cheapside moments ago, I am left to wonder what kind of government the mass of voters really went and voted in 27 months ago..
    Whilst these additional buses will ease in very marginal ways the poor and unreliable bus service of the Barbados Transport Board, and also ease a little their fleet maintenance issues in the short to medium term, that bus, and no doubt the others like it, is the most obsokee and unendearing vehicle I have seen as part of any Barbados Transport Board bus fleet in so many years…..
    Besides this loud and crashing aesthetically displeasing appearance, they are not ergonomically in order…The passenger carrying capacity is about just under half of the last buses the Board had acquired….with so much unused space in the front and middle and the elevation at the back… at a time when this 65 year old entity needs to carry as many passengers as efficiently as possible…..
    What is also disgusting about the bus I saw, and no doubt the others again, was that there are no windows to provide for fresh air to come through…at a time when in a tropical climate we need to get all the fresh air we can possibly get.
    With so many lights in and on these buses to use up at nights, as well as the motors ever running and airconditioning constantly going, they will be sure to use up so much time charging and a hell of a lot of energy quicker than ought to be..Serious and greater bus scheduling problems as well as electronic cum mechanical issues lie ahead as they get older faster!!!!!
    Indeed, given these faults, what kind of government would really have gone and have brought in such buses?? What? Surely only a jack o lantern government that needs to be put out of office from the time the election bell is rung!!
    The question still remains what are the financial and other arrangements surrounding the importation, use and maintenance of these electric powered buses in Barbados? What??”


  • Donna…ya should see the whole article..am too exhausted to even read it, so much information…..lawd…

    swing to the left….exposure

    swing to the right…more exposure

    no where to run nor hide..

    ya would think the fowl slaves would be out here defending this morning, cussing and carrying on..


  • Donna…everyone is putting in their 2 cents worth on Barbados’ backward politician, backward ministers, backward lawyers who can’t even arrange a meeting unless it’s filled with controversy….and turn into a public fight in the media….everything they do and say is backward and/or corrupt…now that the FEAR that was only in the depressed communities deliberately kept in poverty by both governments, is starting to climb into the heights and terraces, let’s see what Mia does.

    they are being given the opportunity to do RIGHT BY THE MAJORITY BLACK POPULATION…for once in their corrupt lives, let’s see how they mishandle it…

    “But one of the main sore points is political interference. Politicians think votes first, and all else afterwards. It is for this reason that they seek to ingratiate themselves with drug dealers who have influence on young voters working their various ‘blocks’ which these officials sometimes frequent. It is sending the wrong message. It emboldens young and old thugs when they rub shoulders with ignorant politicians, whether they do so under a tree or inside a kiosk. It is also problematic when politicians influence promotions in the police force, and even more deleterious when they subvert the daily functioning of the police force to facilitate some political whim.”

    Media is complaining about the court system that we have complained about for years, let’s see if any minister has the balls to clean up the backlogs and corruption as they had the balls to interfere in the court process to free a white UK pervert for assaulting a Black woman…

    “The court system is in a mess. We are told that there are upwards of 24 persons currently on bail on murder charges. We are informed that some of these murders were in connection with drug-related assassinations. Yet these perpetrators are walking the streets among us. How can this happen? The court system occasionally finds itself forced to give deviants bail because members of the police force are not producing case files and are getting away with their negligence. This speaks not only to their indifference but to the incompetence of their supervisors who either do not provide proper oversight or because of being placed in positions for which they are ill-suited, they have no idea how to provide direction on the preparation of case files. The end result, as evidenced on a weekly or monthly basis in the magistrates’ courts, is that paperwork remains lost in transition for several years.”


  • As long as the fowl slaves know that despite me saying pretty much most of what is in the article, am not the one responsible for publishing it in barbadostoday, a Barbados newspaper…so if ya coming at me, ya better be well armed…


  • Some countries in Africa are moving forward, Barbados is still stuck in the 1800s..


  • “The court system is in a mess. We are told that there are upwards of 24 persons currently on bail on murder charges. We are informed that some of these murders were in connection with drug-related assassinations. Yet these perpetrators are walking the streets among us. How can this happen? The court system occasionally finds itself forced to give deviants bail because members of the police force are not producing case files and are getting away with their negligence. This speaks not only to their indifference but to the incompetence of their supervisors who either do not provide proper oversight or because of being placed in positions for which they are ill-suited, they have no idea how to provide direction on the preparation of case files. The end result, as evidenced on a weekly or monthly basis in the magistrates’ courts, is that paperwork remains lost in transition for several years.”




  • @Whoever??? “Besides this loud and crashing aesthetically displeasing appearance.”

    My response: I haven’t boarded any of the buses yet, but I’ve seen them on the road and they are actually very good looking buses.

    @Whoever??? “there are no windows to provide for fresh air to come through.”

    Every Tom, Dick and Harry; and every Jane, Jill and Susie wants an air conditioned car, and perhaps an air conditioned house too. So now we have air conditioned buses, and there are complaints? WTF.

    Although mind you in the covid era I am not keen to be shut up in a bus or a building with anybody…but the buses were ordered and shipped pre-covid.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Cuh Dear

    What are you saying? That in an emergency the windows cannot be opened? What the( bad word) you telling me?


  • I see all kinda people on the front page of the daily news sites, all of them. People getting arrested, some charged, some incident and so on. News sites seem really keen on showing their faces.

    Are all of these events reported by the daily news sites? Or are some excluded?


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