CL Financial Bailout – the Eleventh Commandment

Some of us continue to follow the unraveling of the CL Financial matter in Trinidad and related transactions in the other islands concerning CLICO- the conclusion is the same, what a mess! Trinidad has freedom of information and integrity legislation yet citizen advocate Afra Raymond is being frustrated to access information.

David – Barbados Underground

by AfraRaymond

‘…When we were growing-up, the Ten Commandments were drummed into us, in an effort to impart certain values…the way things are in T&T these days, it looks like we all have to live with the Eleventh Commandment…Thou shalt not be found out!…’ Today is eight weeks after the Appeal Court made its Consent Order on […]

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3 thoughts on “CL Financial Bailout – the Eleventh Commandment

  1. Criminals pretending to be morally upstanding citizens are still alive and still have a lot to hide in these scenariod, they are dragging it along with delays until everyone dies or gets dementia, alzheimers etc…that way no one pays for their crimes or repays any stolen properties, millions or billions.

    ….,…that is a common tactic and practice adopted and successfully used by corrupt, small island societies in the parliamentary and judicial systems…within the last 50 years.

    New laws speeding up the snail pace for imprisonment for those who misuse and abuse the current system causing the delays for their own advantage and for their own benefit should take care of that as it has in larger jurisdictions. …but the fellow corrupt players and their partners with such powers might not have the stomach for change, too many of them will go to prison, making harder for the practice of corruption.

  2. @ David BU
    I hope that you perceive what I am trying to promote . The acceptance of responsibility on the part of the citizens and the authorities to make things happen. Having laws and statutes is one thing. Implementation is another. It is people that make things work. It is always a fight with the principalities.

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