General Secretary Caswell Franklyn of Unity Workers Union Accuses BWU of Being Irresponsible in the CBC Strike Matter


Veteran trade unionist and General Secretary of the Unity Workers’ Union, Caswell Franklyn says the Barbados Workers Union only wants to show its might rather than being right.

Mr. Franklyn says there should be no dispute over the increments issue which was negotiated.

He adds that the actions like those being taken by the BWU have hurt the union movement’s image over time, and resulted in some unions continuing to lose members

CBC News Staff Worried About Michelle Arthur Becoming Director of News

Submitted by CBC Staffer
Does Michelle Arthur have the inside track to take over as Director of News ?

Does Michelle Arthur have the inside track to take over as Director of News ?

There could be a strike or some kind of protest at CBC soon. Staff of the news and current affairs department are waiting to see who the board is going to appoint to head the department. Arnon Dyal has  been acting as director of news since Reudon Eversley resigned this year but he is supposed to go on retirement at the end of this month.

Michelle Arthur has been walking about telling people the prime minister promised her the job and the staff are awaiting to see if this will happen. Michelle Arthur is trouble. Few people at CBC like her. She has caused a lot of confusion and problems. The last time she was appointed to act in the position when Reudon Eversley was on study leave, she lasted two days. The staff walked out on her and CBC changed its mind. She walked about telling people it hurt because she was president of the BWU division and fight for staff and the staff did not stand up for her.

Staff have many issues with Michelle Arthur. She is behaving like she is the news director already. Every day now she parks in the yard in the spot for the Director of News and Current Affairs like she is sending a message. Michelle Arthur has created a lot of confusion and strife at CBC. Staff are worried that if she is appointed she will terrorise people because she terrorising people already as assignments editor. If she likes you, you can do what you like like her child father Sean Farrell who came into CBC one day and threatened to lick her up. If she does not like you, she walks over you and tries to make you look small in front of everybody. Shane Sealy can tell you. She has been trying real hard to get him out of CBC. The administrative assistant can tell you about Michelle Arthur and her childish behaviour.

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The Starship Song By Filthy Mouth Nicki Minaj Reported To Have Been Aired On The CBC

Anthony Nelson

It was reported to BU that the controversial Anthony ‘Admiral’ Nelson  played Starship, a popular song by Nicki Minaj at 8:22 AM on the morning of 07 September 2012. The BU family can listen to the lyrics and draw their conclusions. The CBC logs can be verified and hopefully appropriate action taken in the same way it dealt with the employee who allowed ‘heavy breathing’ to go out on air .

If Barbadians are serious about guarding public morals then the same way we reacted to a little boy who was goaded by an adult to gyrate behind a woman in a ‘back-shot’ position (A Picture Sums It Up!), so too we should be concerned by the playing of Starship on public radio. Continue reading

It's a Matter of Perception Even Numbers and Sense

Submitted by Old Onion Bags

Wait how information selective can CBC get?  At first, censorship was so petty, as to voice TOO MUCH RED in their Crop Over festivities band. Give us a break Mr Chairman, red is one of the motive colours of  the CBC logo. How much more petty can you get ? You should let common sense prevail,.. colours do not induce votes, at least, not by themselves.

What about the televised coverage given to the ruling party, with limited, almost none existing, to the opposition? Couple weeks ago, we had to Minister of Health daily romps ‘splashed all over’ the air, every night on the CBC TV 7.00 PM news.  Now, I believe even he has gotten tired as the reason for his diminished presence. It’s called over kill.

Perception sometimes back fires unexpectedly and can expose reality for what it really is. Take for example last night’s news cast Monday 13th. The DLP had two clips one of the Honourable Prime Minister Mr Freundel Stuart, and another of Hon. Minister Sealy in St. James North. One caller on Brass Tacks was quick to point, that the coverage given of the two ruling party’s members included coverage of the audience, close-ups and all. Whereas the coverage of the opposition’s meeting at Prior Park corner was limited to head shots of the two speakers Hon. Owen Arthur and Hon. Sen. Kerri Symnonds …no shots of the massive crowd in attendance. Anyone watching could not help but wonder, why the attendance at the DLP was so small. I made the number 12,… maybe 15 persons at most. Had CBC not been that selective, the obvious to the viewer would not have been bought to the fore. A classic case of PERCEPTION back fired…posing a question, leaving the rest to be imagined.

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How Will The Fruendel Stuart Government Manage Leroy Parris?

Former President of CLICO Holdings Barbados socializing with Minister of Finance on Gold Cup Day at the Garrison Savannah

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. BU will not ascribe any meaning to the picture which appears on the back page of the Nation newspaper today (8 March 2011), other than to suggest it smacks of insensitivity on the part of Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler. No doubt Nation reporter Gercine Carter, credited with the picture, could not believed her luck for what can be surely be described as a ‘kodak moment’.

The CLICO issue has become a concern given its implication for local and regional economies, especially at a recessionary time. We should not forget British American which is owned by CLICO parent CL Financial. CLICO and its figurehead, until recently,  in the personage of Leroy Parris has become one of the most politically charged  discussion ‘pieces’ in recent months. We are where we are because of a lethargy which the Office of Insurance and the political directorate have exercised over CLICO which spans several years. Despite the foregoing the government of the day has the responsibility to manage the CLICO problem with minimum fallout to Barbadians. Who can envy the government at this time!

Of late the concern for BU has morphed to the issue of allowing Leroy Parris to remain as Chairman of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). BU respects Leroy Parris for what he has been able to achieve, big chip on his shoulder not withstanding. In many ways his ‘rags to riches’ story bears a parallel to that of Cyril Duprey, who was able to build  a financial empire which had Colonial Life Insurance at its foundation from a relatively humble beginning. The fact that Parris is still able to command an invitation to Sandy Lane’s Box on Gold Cup Day speaks to how he has position himself on the social ladder in Barbados.

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Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation MCTV Service Or Lack Thereof

Carlisle Best (l) Andrew Mason (r) Photo Credit: Nation

The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is often spared the wrath of BU. It is a media house which has been used as a political football by successive governments. The fact that  Chairman  Leroy Parris and Head of News Reudon Eversley are known political hacks support why it is an entity which is never taken seriously by some. How the CBC could have contrived to jettison the most popular cricket talk show in Barbados and possible the Caribbean Best & Mason remains a talking point around Barbados.  Cricket fans would have breathed a sigh of relief when Voice of Barbados (VoB) gave the show a leg up this week.

On the subject of cricket it remains ridiculous that CBC would take the decision to broadcast cricket featuring Barbados and the West Indies teams on a pay for view basis. Cricket is currently at its lowest ebb in the Caribbean with dwindling spectator support. How is it the management at CBC could fathom that to show cricket on a pay for view basis would be a viable undertaking? Would it not make sense to use the broadcast of first class cricket to spark interest among the young for developmental purposes? In this regard the CBC would not be entirely at fault.

BU family member Mr. Thompson also has a beef with the CBC:

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