The Back Story on Mia Mottley

Submitted by Mark

Please permit me some space on your blog to share some information regarding the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). It must be made known what damage Mia Mottley is doing to this party. Mia has cast aside the party along with the parliamentary group and now runs the party with a group of people who really have no connection to the party but are her personal friends, most of who are seen as DLP members.

Mia’s chief adviser is Hartley Henry. While Hartley is a professional one can understand why and how this would cause problems for most in the BLP. Her relationship with the MoF is well known, so it does not surprise many when she eases the pressure on her friend, Chris. Anyone who knows Mia Mottley well would tell you her best asset is the loyalty she has for her friends. The likes of Lucille Moe, Debra Hughes, Carol Roberts and Avinash Persaud etc. The look on the MP’s faces was priceless when Avinash entered the room to advise them on Barbados’ economy a few days ago.

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Mottley And Arthur At It Again

Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur (l) Mia Mottley (r)

Owen said no to a private request for a meeting from Mia to discuss the Rawle Eastmond matter,  Mia went public with the request and Owen said no publicly. Political pundits can draw some easy conclusions from what has played out so far. Mia felt obligated to intervene on behalf of sitting Member of Parliament Rawle Eastmond who is a known sympathizer. Mia wants to align herself with the concern by Eastmond that there is ‘padding’ of the membership in St. James North. Mottley has been on the frontline pushing for constitutional reform of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Her act was also symbolic, to let Arthur and cohorts know that as a senior member of the party she will not be treated or ignored like a Johnny come lately.

The simplistic interpretation of events as they are being played out in St. James North: it is an internal party matter which should be left to the branch executive to apply the by laws of the BLP. A deeper understanding must be viewed through a political lens, that is, a public display of the widening fracture in the relationship between Mia and Arthur.

It should be obvious that Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur are not singing from the same hymn book. With a general election on the horizon this cannot be good news for BLPites and the electorate at large. The question being asked by interested observers is what caused the fracture. More importantly, what is preventing the fracture from healing?

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Barbados Labour Party Responds To Mia Mottley’s Charge

Full text of Press Release by the Barbados Labour Party in response to Mia Mottley

Peter Phillips, General Secretary, Barbados Labour Party

It has been reported that charges of disenfranchising party members have been laid against the Barbados Labour Party through the instituting of changes to its Standing Orders for the Party’s upcoming Annual Conference.

Such charges are contained in a letter purportedly signed by Ms Mia Mottley, M.P.

The facts are that under the Party’s Constitution, the Conference Arrangements Committee acts as a Standing Orders Committee and formulated new Standing Orders which have been ratified by the National Executive Committee and these together with the party’s Constitution govern the BLP’s procedures.

Read full Barbados Labour Party Press Statement

Mia Mottley Accuses The Barbados Labour Party Of Reducing The Rights Of Women And Young People And Announces Her Withdrawal From the Race To Contest Chairmanship

Read Mia Mottley’s Letter to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) announcing her withdrawal to contest the post of Chairman

Mia Mottley MP

On May 22rd this year, I announced my intention to contest the post of Chairman of the Barbados Labour Party. I made it clear that I was running on a platform to secure for every member of our Party the right that all Members of Parliament enjoy – to participate and vote at our Annual Conference, our highest decision-making body.

In 1951, the Right Excellent Sir Grantley Adams fought for and won the right for every adult Barbadian to vote. On this 60th anniversary of that momentous victory for Barbadian democracy it is only fitting that his Party, our Party, should enhance our own internal democracy by ensuring that every member has the right to vote. Indeed, this is consistent with section 11 of the BLP Constitution, which states as follows:-

“The purpose of this Constitution is to provide for procedures and practices which are democratic and efficient to the end that all Barbados Labour Party members may participate meaningfully and effectively in the deliberations and activities of THE PARTY.”

Read Full text of Mottley’s letter

It Is Time For Arthur To Cut A Deal With Mamma Mia!

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur (l) Mia Mottley MP (r)

BU has to confess the politics on the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) side at the moment is puzzling. With just over a year to go to a constitutionally due general election the commonsense strategy for both parties is to agree to a competitive slate of candidates and settle any grievances between members – especially if they are prominent – have them resolved quickly.

The recent DLP general conference appears to have Jack and Jill lining up behind Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart. If there was plan to hatch a Chris Sinckler plan it seems to have been placed on the backburner for the moment. What is shaping up to be intriguing is unravelling on the BLP side.

We all recall how Mia Mottley was taken out by the so-called gang of five. It came as a surprise if for no other reason it required George Payne to throw his hat behind Arthur. All kinds of reasons have been floated why Mia Mottley lost the support of parliamentary colleagues – the fear of Mottleyism, concerns about how party funds were being spent, the profile of persons she had following her which crowed out the ‘regulars’, her lifestyle, and the list is long.

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A Stroke Of Genius Or A Major Miscalculation By Owen Arthur?

Submitted by Yardbroom


Leader of the Opposition (l) Former Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley (r)

There are times in the affairs of men – and women – when a decision taken, can alter the course of history.

The decision taken, which engineered the removal from office on the 18th October 2010, of the BLP leader Mia Mottley, had major reverberations on the political landscape of Barbados.  I venture to suggest even now, before the embers are yet cold, that those decisions will be seen in the future, as  defining moments in Barbados’ politics.  Even at this early stage, any discerning neophyte to the political scene in Barbados, can see that since the first flash, when the flint caused the kindling to burst into life, the fire has been gently subsiding.

That suggestion leads to the question, who will rise like the phoenix from the ashes.

The question any reasonable person must ask.  Is why was Mia Mottley removed from the leadership of the BLP?  Is it a question of performance? If it was, surely the ordinary citizen did not notice it.  Was it due to personality?  When elected  leader, she was the same person as she is now, and in the public consciousness that has not changed.  Or were there circumstances and issues, beyond the control of Mia Mottley, over which she could never have an input, which caused her “temporary” demise as leader of the BLP.

With a tentative glance around me, I venture to ask.  Was it opportunism, the lure of power and authority to be regained?  Some politicians are very pragmatic, they will do what is required, often in their own interest.  Opportunities perceived, can often bring enemies together, but when expected outcomes are not realized, does that pragmatic bond still hold.

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